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Pulaski Times Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Times Journal (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Pulaski, Virginia Inside this morning bad talk the cd radio craze has produced some unanticipated problems ranging from women talking filthy to soliciting advertising Over the both Are Schroder has the Page death sentence area lawyers and judges generally agree that capital punishment is a necessary deterrent in the Legal most feel potential murderers will think twice when they Enow their own jives Are at Karen Cox Page inside in not a two headed says Renee see Page 6 for 198 3 a new River Valley newspaper serving the Valley area August 1976 weather partly Cloud today with highs in the mid to upper fair tonight with lows in the Chance of rain is 10 per cent 15 cents 25 cents sunday fire cripples ship toxic fumes feared up fire erupted below decks aboard a 700foot freighter in the Mississippi River saturday and spread through much of the a potentially poisonous chemical cargo prevented fire men from fighting the flames with the vessel is reported to be carrying the chemical fer said coast guard spokesman Ken this chemical is reported to produce toxic fumes when it comes in Contact with most of the crewmen abandoned the which showed Black smoke and flames above and were rescued by ferry boats and other vessels in the a Small squad of officers and crewmen remained aboard to fight the but no one knew immediately what technique to use because of the authorities said two crewmen were but no other injuries were freeze identified the ship As the freighter Green he said it was anchored toward the Bank of the River near Destrehan 25 Miles upriver from new the coast guard Rescue coordination Center in new Orleans has been in Contact with the National response Center in and there trying to come up with an effective method to fight this freeze As of right now they on the Job cabbies Arent in it for Money by David Riddle staff writer they say that driving a cab is alot like gambling you never know who youre going to pick up the cabbies at the deluxe cab company in Radford Treyve had Good experiences Treyve had bad experiences Treyve even had a terrible but they All enjoy driving and they enjoy being a sometimes its Boring but not All the Brightwell and Robinson being a cabbie is like sometimes it really gets says Veteran Driver Stanley Buck fellow Drivers Bob Robinson and Herb Brightwell agree that meeting and working with the Public is the Best part of being a among the three of the Drivers have logged Well Over 90 years of driving sex and the stories they can i remember one Sutphin sifts through his the conductor threw this Guy off the train for being drunk and he said he was we sobered him up and gave him a hot meal and darn if after dinner he didst take off this cock leg and there were just bundles of Money there Are several requirements for being a Good not unlike the bigger you have to be a Good be and use a bit of psychology in dealing with customers which Means knowing when to be a Good talker and when to be a Good to hear Robinson Tell i guess Ive heard about every kind of sob Story there but weve got one boy Here who tells them his riders All his they must think they have no troubles at All when they get out of his other things you have to watch out for Are getting in and out of a most people walk behind the cab so you cant Back up right away but wait until there Well away from the watch people getting into a car to figure out if they can pay for the trip where they want to listen to the Way people close a door to make sure its still another trick of the Trade is to double up on rides carry several customers on one trip so youll be free to get the next Cal much since Drivers get a commission see Page 2 dont pump any water onto local authorities working from ferry boats at the scene said the fire May have been set off by an explosion in the ships engine they called in experts from a nearby Shell Oil refinery to help decide the Type of chemical to smother the freeze said if the chemical contained a High concentration of it could also produce toxic fumes when Martian j soils tested War atmosphere tension mounts South Korea up North Korea accused the United states saturday of committing a Large scale military provocation by Send ing a heavily armed Force into the Panmunjom truce Village to Cut Down the where two army officers were killed earlier this the accusation carried by the official korean Central news Agency came As the 7th Fleet aircraft Carrier accompanied by a missile Cruiser and four was reported steaming from Japan toward korean two squadrons of fighter bombers already have arrived in South the communist Agency said the action involved about 700 men and a creating a terrible War Atmos the in a report intended for the North korean Domestic said the United states helicopter flew Over communist and accused1 the of trying to Start a new korean according to monitors in the attack wednesday came As a fireman work escorted by and South korean Security tried to prune a tree in the demilitarized zone near pan 35 Miles North of North korean guards tried to Block the according to the United nations then attacked with pikes and axes hacking to death Arthur of new and 1st Mark of up Viking 1s Lander scoop dropped a fresh Sample of red Martian dust in a test chamber for scientists waiting saturday to learn if Carbon essential to any life Are present on it was the second test in the robots organic molecule Analy the first one was a final decision was to be made shortly on a Landing site for Viking the spacecraft was photographing Mars from its Polar a tentative decision had been made earlier to put the second robot Down in the Utopia Region in the Northern one of three possible the new soil Sample was the first full Load of red dust to go into the test the Gas chromatograph mass spec an earlier attempt managed to get Only a tiny bit of matter into the the unit tests for Complex Carbon molecules which Are the building blocks of All life forms on the first test findings a disappointment to project a spokesman said at the it did not indicate there was no organic matter on but that none was found at the level of one part per the Sample was compared to soil from one Region of the the soil was to be baked at 350 degrees centigrade to Carbon compounds indicating the presence of Complex mole Cules would be the data from the analysis was expected a project spokesman data from other biology instruments in the Lander gave scientists new Hope that life of some kind would be found on the cold a control Experiment with sterilized soil proved that surprising results from an earlier test could have been biological Hal head of the biology scientists said initially the first results appeared to be indicative of life but later said they probably were chemical biology seems to have survived if not gained some advantage Over chemical read Gilbert a member of the biology team Jwj photo by ont gallon hard steel against the the Geometric triangles and rectangles appear to be waiting in anticipation of the cranes unmerciful the a lesson in geometry Complex Metal giant has been erected at Lynchburg foundry in Radford As part of the expansion project Bay acid spill said no problem up a gallon spill of sul uric acid into the Chesapeake Bay apparently will not cause any major environmental officials said there were no signs of a fish kill any other Marine life damage from the acid which drained into the Bay Friday from a capsized Barge owned by Allied chemical the coast guard it could have been a lot of but apparently it wont a coast guard spokesman we dont think there will be any Long term or any with the possible exception of the Marine life where the acid the 150foot Barge capsized wednesday and As a precautionary evacuated he 600 residents of this seashore town until the vessel was towed further out to sea the following a Check of the Barge Friday showed the tanks were secure and still filled with Salvage with the Aid of three tugboats and two Navy managed to right the Barge Friday night and were stunned that the acid was no longer its said coast guard spokesman John there is no Trace of the coast guard said it would launch an investigation monday into How the acid leaked we have no idea at this time what happened to said coast guard spokesman Tom there was no indication of any but that what apparently Hap Allied employees stunned Richmond i up two employees of Allied chemical stunned by the firms no contest pleas to charges of polluting the James River with the pesticide want a delay in their trial for related District court judge Robert Merhige requested five week Post but said he May Grant a weeks attorneys for Gerald Wil Liams and Frank Piguet told Merhige their clients cases were intertwined with Allied

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