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Progress Deer Park Newspaper Archives Jan 30 1975, Page 4

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Progress Deer Park (Newspaper) - January 30, 1975, Deer Park, Texas 1 Mil tymm Hunt jaw Jary a in your Horoscope guide Are equal rights immoral a a in 4 a rib Miff the Rife Al Adam aet Ratel of by it hat Cut Al to tide Toto equal wife a Matthew hairy to quote has ton and alternately by both Aldea concerning the pane of the equal rights amen conent both those who feel that a room proper place ii in the Home with a family and those who Are Active Tai the War note to ratan movement. Like Many Otter quotations from the Bible and from Legal Mutche time Beni to to a wealth of documentations for both View of the amendment although the very Temple wording of the amendment stye Only a banality of rights under the Law shall not be denied or abridftohjr1toe United Stotera or by any state on account of sex. The Congress Shad have the Power to enforce by appropriate legislation the Prev Stona it this article. The amendment shall take effect two Yuan after the Date of ratification propagate of the amendment see it As putting an end to Job discrimination and a a guarantee that a marriage will to a True family partnership. Those fighting against the amendment see it a an immoral Neve Nerving to weaken the american Home and Structure of society. Area Mhd aters were divided in their opinions of the move with some heartily endorsing while others Are Active in the move to suppress the Tonge. Although the United churches of Christ have endorsed the amendment on a nation wide level Glenn Burt with College Park Church of Christ was a personally opposed to it As it is set out citing the wide Range of items covered by the amendment he stated that any Laws involving Equality should to passed on the particular subject concerned. Rev. Fullerton Luedde of St. James United presbyterian Church said he was a Aioo per cent in favor of the amendment he mid a it removed one of the Moat extreme forms of Legal discrimination in the country. Any unnecessary barriers Between people Are concerning the allegations made by persons against the amendment said that families to America have already gone through a major Chaine and Art still changing. He pointed out the nuclear family As it once existed with parents Chilton and grandparents has already changed to exclude the grandparents. His Church sponsored a program on women a liberation last Spring. Said Luedde a i can to age it making much difference in Peoples lives Ullem they make it at though he said he would need to investigate the amen tent further Rev. Maurice Dodson with first Baptist Church said he would a not ase any problem with the he stated a i am very much in favor of the Equality of human beings. Everyone is born College Park Baptist Church recently sent a letter to All of its members asking them to oppose the equal rights amendment said Rev. Larry Smith a i think it is bad. It would not Benefit Thorn who it is toned at benefiting. A lot of things seem to be Good at first but after study Are not a negative View of the proposal came from Rev. An Herndon with Christ redeemer lutheran Church who said Quot i am Assn what against it. It takes away a lot of rights and Protection that women have saying that things might not be m difficult for a new Merton Rev. Herndon pointed out the diff Cultree experienced by Woolen who Tove been married for so to so years won their husbands leave them. He pointed out that in Texas there in no such thing m a Legal separation and that the Persona Are required to divorce which could be financially harmful to an older woman if the amendment pieced. Father Glen Wear Den St. Hyacinth Catholic chuch stated a your country was founded on the principle that All men were created equal. We hold that men and women Are equal in dignity and have equal rights m human beings. The orator however did not create men and women identical in every Way and he did not give the same role and function to each. Women a rights and menus right too must always be based on the unique role that they Are created this feeling would to his basis for approving or disapproving the amendment. He said a if the amendment would not go against this i would not be against while religious reams have been died by those arguing both for end against the measure in have Legal opinions. Recently appointed municipal court judge Mike culling stated his belief that a the objections Are Over exaggerated. But the benefits Are he then quoted the verse speaking As a a Christian rather than a mrs. Dottle Martin qty Secretary said that the City of Deer Park has had no applications for women to fill positions usually thought of m being suited for men. Citing equal employment Opportunity commission guidelines toe mid a we will not discriminate. If we had a qualified applicant we would not hesitate to hire the simple wording of the amendment leads those considering it to wonder at what it would change. Whether it would entail a major change in a Way of life completely changing the family Structure and financial world or whether it would be merely a change insuring equal pay for equal work is largely a matter of conjecture. There is a wealth of information available on the equal rights amendment that gives All facets of the possible change. Before formulating m opinion it would be Wise to consider the opinions of both Legal and religious experts. Letters to the editor dear path prays last tuesday morning i awoke As usual thankful to to living in a foes and democratic country. Nothing had happened to change the fact that i live in a democratic country nor even in a democratic City but i we saddened to open the Houston poet and find that i a till live in a school District where a plea for True democracy we ignored by its governing body. I a also disappointed because until that moment i still had Faith in five men with whom i have disagreed at times on some issues but respected for Many reasons. I truly believed that they would consider the indisputable fact that More people voted against three of our present Board members than voted for them and would thus give the voters the right to place in office the persons representing the dear majority. Yes it would coat Tbs taxpayers Money for a run off a Lection but democracy would be served. I cannot believe that Money we the concern of any one of them men who have previously approved payments of a pans of two or Morr door numbers Toast sad ism togs to us vegas san Francisco Miami and Calgary Canada designed for principals and other administrators where the District was already Well represented by those persons responsible for the areas covered in such meetings. I think it is sad to have six people or perhaps one person with five voices whichever the Case May be control the Freedom of an electorate to choose its representatives by majority Rule. I read the definitions of the words a a totalitarian and a a totalitarianism in the dictionary and it frightens me it is Airn sad when four of the Board members representatives of the people refuse to state to the people through the Only local newspaper their views on a subject of interest to the patrons. Most Public figures do not hesitate to elate their pm evictions if they arc proud of diem. Tax won Stanley and Bill Hasto i Watt to Bipram my gratitude for smarting to Moc racy. To five other members of the Board i want to express gratitude for their Lime and Effort and ask just Mot More that they examine their Myric Thooe mid vote with to to gab Tot Toty Toa ram is. Mene gathering information from More than one source. Are there others in our District who fed strongly enough about this subject to share their views sincerely mrs. Patricia c. Deckert editor Deer Park Progress please extend my thanks to whomever or whatever organization we responsible for inviting Wanda Schultz to speak at the civic Center last thursday night. Becaum of mrs. Schultz a Inna curate statements and illogical analogies i in now More convinced than Ever to actively support Era. Linda Miller i must comment on the tactic of the opposition who attempts to discredit the equal rights amendment by discrediting its supporters. I am a wife Mother Grant Pottor a Wall As president of the league of we move Tosef Deer Park who Tatoo Mamme a Tamara Sot from Toto part of an in Gaing Fem Fly. I ase no Cut oct to Tomb being a wife. And a Mother and also being constitutionally recognized As a person on equal footing with other persons before a court of Law. In Texas supporters of the equal rights amendment come from All walks of life men and women wives mothers career women volunteers Church women and businessmen. Few of us Call ourselves a women a few people realize that equal Dos not mean sameness. Equal Means a of equal the opponents of the equal rights amendment rarely Deal with the intent of the amendment. The intent is important for this reason if there would Ever by a question once the mend Cut has been ratified regarding the purpose of the mend Cut the courts would refer to the intent of the proponents for interpretation. For example the courts would have no trouble Decer Ning that the equal rights amen tent is not addressed to restrooms or life styles hut rather to the equal trash Cunt under the Law. The courts would have a Toto Deal of knowledge and documentation with which to refer because the equal rights amendment was thoroughly studied Over a period of several years at the Federal level the Senate committee hearings contain a great Deal of thoughtful research. I urge those who have questions to consult the Senate hearing records m we As the majority report. They define what the equal rights Amend met is supposed to to and won it is ratified what it will be. The equal rights amendment to the Texas Constitution passed by the voters by a four to one and went into effect Tai january 1972. The Texas Era we written to conform to the National Era and is not just an affirmation of the 14th amendment a the opponents aim. The legislation written tones 1972 in Texas to conform to the Era has been in Effort several years to we already Ara benefiting from to. Mrs. Richard cantos a a a Navran league of comm voters to dear Tat Deer paric Progress Quot the official voice of Deer Fork Smet 1957�?� mme a my i Fearm a a Sam Mem , Dot foot Lasby pos. A los Moo a. Jack in Oom. Couts a a Avila. Boyau. Avo Ottmo i clash too Avo annoy mama Job a a a a a a a a Rammai smut Norv we Mem semm eams Elfr k me we Vukeli Aimoto to warn pm. Image Ami Ematz Ami my Ai Aena Tom a set Vii. Obs. Maestos Mea we pm Yew a Asa Asee m aaa Ceca by. Cim pea year b a a Neoama a my team Mea aaa Alana. Aaa a my Artesian aaa h a Tow Texas press of a 1975 association amb March to to april a afro Altos Matol nato Dac Toona about your or romantic Evo Ryota appears Toto giving advice. Asem it carefully Rotor than becoming resentful. Your Magn tim attracts social Fen. Taurus april in May m aim Thane ase Totoa a Call an your pedal Manti in try a Emethist new now. Succio appears assured. Dont to boastful or Mug about your improved finances. Something that Todne to work in the past could succeed new. Take advice. Comini May to to m a Abe Golm Aace adut a a totally unexpected Grant will require that you to adaptable. Take action along differ wit paths won your Way is blocked. Avoid sullen displays to temper. Think clearly and carefully a thin act in open honest Way. Cancer Janell to toy s a Ake Caster Aace adut a be realistic in your evaluations. Set your goals and make a list of stops to be taken. Done to to discouraged a aim High. Done to make promises to people on the Sjur of the moment which you could later regret and be committed to fulfil. Leo toy a to a sgt 8 a aim Loo Asce adapt a there la a Chance that an investment May increase in value and this May to the time to your work Mea is accented in a favourable Way. Things flow monthly and you Are working toward an advancement of status. Virgo ahm to Topi b a aim Virgo Asce adapt a an unusual Parson May come into your life who to hard for you to unto stand. Be very realistic regarding finances and budget spend Only for no cd item Teton tone Callo and Conra Poydence involve a new project Star the atonal Pam Fry Gina Cento Nawe service from the peat May reappear. Acct service in Yow career and us Mitotic approach. Good Luck abounds. Scorpio out b to Nev. To Akra Scorpio acc nut a lot others Toke the limelight now a accent to on others Mats partners Assoc toss. Things started last August Are nearing completion now. Apply your efforts productively. Combine Buto Nim with pleasure. Sagittarius Nev. 8 to dec. A Atoe Sagett Arias a be adapt an Active week when you to Koukl to up told at a in. Efforts toward Home redecoration beautification Are rewarding. There to a potato faulty of change of residence a marriage May be part of your picture. Capricorn Dee. 8 to Jot. M a Atoe Caprice i a t a you could to a my decision now m t of a latter you receive. Your present Job to not especially challenging and you feel Raat Fem. Opportune Stoa for work paring More Money coma to you. Aquarius Jot. 8 to a m aha a trim Saconia catch your breath t my do Lettla routine to Aga around tin Bourn. Pay Tattoo ton to or atonal appearance get out and Onrada. Rate tires Ara helpful now. Guard important papers Wallet credit Cadi against torn or k theft. A Pisces feb. M to Mack 8 Atoe pieces a Ada financial opportune Ottob Are accented now with tho to fou Bood of substantial gain. Your worry about Money could evidence in a a stingy action. Which faring ridicule opon you. Upgrade your skins with More training. Yea Fen is had Mao 4 a Capa to Aveia Fato. Of dipole Toekelt to toyed to Yea Totev time Date Toee and thee of birth. Cheered Yea a Elf Aud ethers totter. Futo to Matten write Yea Horn a cepe Goth deploy nows service to care to tide new in times past this week in the year 1174 Hub Carroll receives distil sept 8 to oct. 8 a Atoe Libra ascendent a waking with higher upe could now prove very helpful to your Hun no Miccum and a romantic interest garbage pick up decreased gute hed service award. 1972 Shell on strike. Maurice Dodson comes to first Baptist Church. Wayne Slovacek receives distinguished service award. 1972 j. B. Masterson receives distinguished serried award. Larry Power named Progress Puu Toher. Everett Hartnett named administrative assistant. 1971 Ken Gage named outstanding citizen. W. R. Koym named president South East Texas association for identification and investigation. Hearing aet on Tolar zoning request. My planning and zoning denies rezoning request for pizza in services total for in. Chloe Dunn. Harlem globetrotters come to Deer Park. City curfew Law. Harrell Kes tenon Leonard Cain file for mayor. This week Center stage the senior Glass of Deer Park High school proudly presents the wizard of of a ghz egg a kr9 a pc a 9 Mem Mai Hutto january 30 a february i amp 2 Gaines y. Mason auditorium fac i Hyko Mmel of Kwh of Ilion did 1 of Deerpark me Gator St. Tour Community Bonk a if Tetor Pritoni rsm Quot of

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