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Progress Deer Park Newspaper Archives Feb 6 1975, Page 4

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Progress Deer Park (Newspaper) - February 6, 1975, Deer Park, Texas Page 4 the Deer pare Progress thursday a Estuary Fri a we god Hupt Piai chamber planning for �?T75 with the banquet feb. 6, the Deer Park chamber of Commerce a new officers will embark on a new year with Hopes of expanding the goals and plans of the previous years officers. From its beginning As an idea of a few businessmen the chamber has grown to a membership of 128 businesses corporations and individuals today. When the chamber was formed in 1958, meetings were held at the place of business of whoever happened to be president. For the past three years the chamber has had offices at 1604 Center St. With an office manager to Aid newcomers and residents with questions about the City. Since the Early Days when a person had to know the directors of the chamber to find any information the chamber has become an Active Force Selling Deer Park to newcomers businesses and even older residents who May not realize everything their City has to offer. Before it was taken Over by the schools the chamber sponsored the football banquet. In 1963, the chamber began the Good sportsmanship award which is still Given at the banquet each year. Four years ago the chamber started the fall festival an annual event to get the people of the City together support the service clubs and allow the businessmen to be seen by the general Public who might not otherwise get to meet the businessmen. The event was held the first year in a 60 by 90 foot tent. For the past two years the festival has been held in the former location of Brockman a with 20,000 persons being in attendance last year. Within recent years the chamber has compiled statistics of the City relating to population and traffic flow. These statistics have been sent to other Chambers and to businesses interested in the area. One service the chamber offers is a Complete selection of out of state maps for persons taking trips. While Many extra services and goals have been established by the chamber since its beginning this years officers and directors have already begun work on activities to make the organization a More integral vibrant Force in the Community. They met feb. 2 to discuss their various Aims and what it would entail for their accomplishment. The chamber has pledged to become an Active voice in the issues that will affect the growth of Deer Park whether it Means soliciting businesses or working with the City on matters concerning the planned growth of the City. With such goals the coming years of the chamber can bring Only More recognition and growth to Deer Park. The chamber serves As the voice of Deer Park to those who Are not familiar with the City. It can do so Only with the continued support of both the businesses and the individuals who make up Deer Park. I 4 editor Deer Park Progress discrimination hurts. It has Hurt me since i was Ery Young. In first Grade i was top in my class for math. Hie Little boy i liked would not speak to me because of this fact. He said that girls were not supposed to know math Only boys needed to know math. In fifth Grade my gym teacher would not let us play Dodge Ball. She said it was too rough and we were too delicate to play a a a boy a when i wanted to take woo shop in Junior High i was not allowed to. That subject was offered Only to boys because the girls did not know How to run the shop. I could not extend my knowledge of How to work with Wood because it was considered a a boys now in High school i am thinking of careers. I have always dreamed of being an astronaut or a High school band director. Because of my vision i have been told i cannot become an astronaut. So i would like to become a band director. It is a very scary feeling to realize that a lifetime dream May never come True. A goal May never be reached because i happen to be a girl. It hurts to be thought of As inferior. It hurts tremendously. Cindy Caudle editor Deer Park Progress i want to extend my great appreciation to Christine Davila for the wonderful Job she did on the article about the meeting held to inform the Public of the dangers of the equal rights amendment. The Public needs to know the truth about the amendment and your article was a great help in letting the Public know. But the author did make one error. She stated that the Church of Christ supported the Era. The Church of Christ As a body does not take a stand pro or con but the individual members exercising their rights As citizens of the United states do. I am 16 years old and i am against the Era and i am fighting All i can to get Texas to rescind its vote. I realize that if the equal rights amendment is ratified my generation and the generations to follow including my future children will be the ones affected. I want to be Able to decide whether to stay Home and rear my children or to go out and work and if the equal rights amendment is ratified i am very much afraid that i wont have the Choice. Thank you very much. Sincerely yours Alicia happen editors note mrs. Davila did not state that the Church of Christ supported the opposition of the Era. An Index card submitted to and read by mrs. Slovak asked Why the Church of Christ along with two other religious denominations supported the Era if it was immoral. The author is unknown because questions were not taken from the floor but by card Only. Editor Deer Park Progress unfortunately Equality does mean sameness under the Law if the equal rights amendment is ratified. The Yale Law journal april 1971, used by the proponents in the House and the Senate to show the purposes and effects of the Era says a the constitutional mandate must be absolute. The Issue under the equal rights amendment cannot be differ in times this week in the year 1974 waste Hub Carroll receives distinguished service award. Control amendment approved Tor Deer Park Plant. Hts town Plaza expansion to begin. Otis Smith Gary Gibson to chair conference for the advancement of science and mathematics teaching. In qty election slated. Jeff Turner and Tom Renfro Deer put High school football players sign letters of intent for football scholarships with Baylor. 1971 enter St. Dosed for drainage work. Patti French sanity Wiley make All state band. Rudy Wallace Heads Hospital Board. In girl scouts held Parade. Joanna Cathey named Betty Crocker Hom Waltor of tomorrow. Deer Park Church of Christ opens new audit ohm. Bori Kama maned assistant principal of Deepwater Andor ent but equal. Equality of rights Means that sex is not a Factor. This at least is the premise of the equal rights amendment. And this premise should be clearly expressed As the intention of Congress in submitting the amendment to the states for i also suggest that you read a copy of the congressional record on the pro and con debates in the Senate prior to passage of the Era. Senator Sam Ervin tried ten times to Amend this amendment during those debates. What he attempted to do was this prohibit homosexuals from marrying never allowed to come to a vote exempt women from compulsory military service exempt women from service in combat units exempt equal Protection Laws exempt Laws extending Protection to women exempt Laws maintaining father is responsibility exempt Laws securing privacy exempt Laws pertaining to sexual offences. But All of these important additions to the Era were voted Down and so obviously the legislative intent is very Clear. Also it is important to remember that no matter what the states May wish to Reserve in their Laws in these areas they will no longer have the Power to do so. Congress the Federal courts and the supreme court will decide the legislative intent and the states must comply. Are most americans As Well As texans prepared to hand Over this Power to the Federal government i Pray that they Are not. Thank you for the Fine coverage of the program on the Era. You spelled my name wrong but i forgive you mrs. Joseph f. Slovak editor Deer Park Progress i attended the meeting referred to in your Jan. 30 edition and would like to add comments and information. The speakers against the Era used Clever tactics to frighten parents and grandparents with vivid description of a what might be. For information to your readers i would like to Point out two untruths that i have been Able to verify since the meeting. One they claimed endorsed support from the Baptist association for their position for receding the Era. I challenged their claim by written question. I was told that i was wrong. I have written to the editor of the Baptist Standard and have received a response which states that he does no to recall Southern Baptist association making any endorsement regarding Era and that he knows there has been no such endorsement by the Baptist general convention of Texas. I Hope that they will discontinue claiming Baptist along with a flux Nan John Birch society and com a twists As supporting the anti Era has had Ila own Era Tor More than two years now with none of those dreadful conditions occurring that the audience was being warned about and a question was asked regarding Texas Era. Mrs. Slovack responded by saying a the legislative intent of a Law determines its True meaning and the legislative intent of Texas Era was to affirm the 14th amendment therefore it is different from the National Era. The next Day i telephoned the author of Texas Era or. Rex Braun former legislator and asked him. He assured me that the two Bills Are identical and were never meant to be otherwise and that the 14th amendment was never mentioned during the hearings before passage. He gave me permission to use his name and added an interesting bit of information. He said that As he went about the state speaking on Era before it was passed one of the examples of inequality he cited was a Law that stated that a where women worked a Back door must be provided for escape in Case of fire. There was no Law requiring a Back door where men worked. I thought the presentation by mrs. Schultz and mrs. Slovack was the most Savage attack i have Ever listened to. It is unfortunate that so Many Unin formed people regarding Era Are becoming misinformed by hearing them speak. Working at it full time they reach Many people and that is Why there is so much controversial today Over a Law that will simply provide that a Equality of rights under the Law shall not be denied on account of sex. Sincerely signed mrs. Roy Barnes editor Deer Park Progress there is a a special thank you to Christine Davila for writing a very informative article on the equal rights amendment meeting that was held Jan. 23 in the Der Park civic Center. Hie main reason in a against the . Is because from that i have read from knowledgeable people i Ain thoroughly convinced that we women will gain nothing from the . Because we already have Laws insuring equal Job opportunities equal pay Etc. As i see it we have nothing to gain and much to lose. One of my main concerns is the drafting of girls and the possibility of drafting women with children if their number is called before their husbands number. Here we would have a woman in Viet Nam fighting a War and carrying a gun around and a Man Back Home trying to change diapers and caring for children. Mrs. Schultz quoted from a pamphlet from the league of women voters a a that chances of women serving in combat were slim because in 1971 Only five percent of our men were actually inducted into services and that less than one percent was assigned to i strongly agree with mrs. Schultz when she stated. A a that a like saying Only 45,937 american men were killed Only 383,622 of our american boys were wounded and mutilated in Viet Nam and that a like saying Only 55,000 were killed in the korean a we know How our american were treated at the hands of the Viet Cong and the terrible tortures they suffered. I wonder How much worse it would be for women what do you suppose the tortures would have been for our women prisoners of War a i do want to encourage the readers of the Deer Park Progress to investigate the . What would the . Represent to us As homemakers to our daughters and grand ies homemakers would lose Era a. A what it Means to them editor Deer Park Progress thank you for coverage of Jne of the most important issues in our nation. That of passage of the equal rights amendment a the women a liberation movement. I refer both to your editorial and also to Story on mrs. Schultz. I also am opposed to the Era for moral reasons but also because it is completely unnecessary As even your paper pointed out in quoting qty sect a of Deer Park stating that Leoc guidelines forbid sex discrimination. There Are four Federal Laws and four executive orders prohibiting sex discrimination and guaranteeing equal pay for equal work and these Laws Are being enforced. I have copies of newspaper articles showing that judgements Are handed Down under there various Laws to protect women. In the last few years women have been awarded millions in Back pay Etc. Concerning women being touted True Congress has always had the Power to Toft women but it also has had the Power to exempt them and has done so in the past but under the Era the Congress will have a constitutional duty to impose the very same military obligations on women As it does on men whatever it May Are Many National organizations in opposition to the Era and or women a lib. Also Many state groups including the committee to restore women a rights women who want to be women a wow How women activated to rescind War. On the National level the National Council of Catholic women Southern Baptist conv., daughters of american revolution Young americans for Freedom Texas farm Bureau Louisiana farm Bureau Missouri farm Bureau Oklahoma farm Bureau Florida farm Bureau National association of orthodox rabbis Illinois Congress of parents and teachers John Birch society Virginia federation of women a dubs Illinois federation of women a clubs and Many Many More too numerous to mention. Concerning your editorial the question should not be whether equal rights Are immoral but whether the equal rights amendments consequences will be immoral and whether or not the women a liberation movement is immoral. And remember equal men Are not free and free men Are not equal. Think about it. Your editorial cites the a simple wording of the amendment. That is the problem. The wording is too simple too Broad. It leaves the door open to too Many dangerous consequences by women for the nation. If indeed an amendment is Nec Essary at All then the wording should be exact As to what it will accomplish. Another objection to Many is the second part of the amendment which gives Congress the Power to enforce it. This is Mother mockery of our so called states rights and gives More Power to the Federal government even Over such simple things As property settlements divorce Etc. The Era will just be one More Sledge Hammer coming out of Washington . And we already have too Many of those now. Concerning your editorial and the various stands of the churches most individuals i have talked with done to care what their particular Church stand is they Are opposed to it because of what the Bible says is Correct for men and women. Chief Justice Felix Frankfurter stated that a there Are both psychological and physical differences Between the sexes and for that reason any nation when fashioning its institutions or making its Laws that ignores these differences is woefully lacking in that a what the Era is exactly lacking in rationality. Your paper is to be commended for giving so much coverage to such an mrs. Matthew he Bonky their credit cards because businesses could not risk that your husband is willing to pay your Bills. We need to look into this . And voice our objections to it by writing to our state representative de Watson and let him know the majority of the people in Deer Park believe the . Would have too Many harmful effects and that As our representative we would like to see it red ded in Texas. You la probably be asking this question a if the . Is reminded in Texas will women be relegated to lesser positions and less pay no the civil rights act of 1964, the equal Opportunity act of 1972 and other insure the rights of women in the Job Market. As homemakers we can do the Best Job at Home raising our children to be responsive citizens to guide them in the paths of righteousness to uphold the Law and the Law authorities to show respect to their school teachers and to be Able to teach them that god has two distinct roles for men and women. One role is not any More important than the other but together its a powerful exploding Beautiful relationship. The first marriage set a pattern for All the sons and daughters of Adam. Be it remembered that Adam was created first and for him eve was made. The husband is therefore head provider and protector in the family. Be it also remembered that eve was made from Adam himself. She was not taken from his foot that he might trample upon her. She was taken from his Side to stand by him in All that life offers. She was taken from under his Arm that he might protect and provide for her. She was taken from near his heart that he should love and cherish her As his own body. The so called women a liberation does not speak for me nor the majority of women i know. I particularly resent their efforts to Force the equal rights amendment upon me and the women of Texas a and the United states. Sincerely yours Mary Myers editor Deer Park Progress re letter of a. Caudle she mentioned a tactics of the opposition of the our tactics Are education and truth is our Only weapon. But much More interesting is the a a tactics used by is. Caudle and Sigi porters of the Era which were in attendance. This included obtaining a list of names of those attending. The hat was obtained under false pretensions and it was actually stolen out of the meeting Hall and caused quite a commotion. At the time i told the Aud Quot once that this was a Good Cample of the a dishonest Rotten tactics being used by those supporting the those same a a dishonest persons also tried very hard to break up the meeting. A vote taken showed Thwe Ware very much in the minority. Those attending the meeting supporting Era were Only Between 15 and 20, while those in opposition were nearly too. Is. Caudle May not think she is a a libber a but she is certainly standing for and supporting everything they support. I never said that All who support the Era Are homosexuals prostitutes or communists. However i agree with state representative Louise Johnson a statement that a fall homosexuals prostitutes and communists Are in favor of the Why else is every known Gay group in the coun try working so hard for passage of the Era. Is. Caudle mentions legislative intent. This what scares me. It was a clearly the legislative intent that women have the same military obligations the men y have and that there would be possibilities of women losing rights to privacy and support because the protective riders that would have prohibited u these things happening were voted Down. I have been opposed to the Era if the Hayden modifier had been left in which clearly gave certain a protections to women. But you see the Broad wording of the amendment is extremely dangerous especially with the court rulings we Are seeing today. Our Texas legislature ratified the Federal Era Only eight Days after it passed Congress. This is proof that there was very Little study done and virtually no debate and since a grave doubts have Arisen in the minds of Many legislature As to the As to Texas voters voting for a state Era four to one just try to find one who even remembers voting for it much less what it meant. I have Tab in Many polls and when i finally find a person who remembers voting for it he says a thought i was voting for equal pay for equal work or he says a i thought it was just something Uke the 1964 Ovil rights not very Many say they would have voted women the same military obligations with men or to Lessen a Many a financial responsibility to his family or to weaken labor protections for women Etc. The speaker of the Howe Nebraska Richard proud stated a the Era cannot stand the full ought of Day it cannot take close scrutiny became its ramifications Are definitely detrimental to May i thank the Deer Park Ogress for allowing me to shed a Little ought of Day on tho equal rights amendment which should be More aptly called a the Loos of rights amendment for women a or the enormously Rotten amendment your very truly Wanda Schultz is. A i am president and chairman of happiness of womanhood inc., Texas

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