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Prairie City Quint City Labor Day Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1957, Page 8

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Quint-City Labor 's Day (Newspaper) - February 15, 1957, Prairie City, IowaDaily Friday february 15, i957-, Quint City edition published by labor s daily inc., monday through Friday at Bettendorf. Lowa serving Davenport Rock and surrounding communities Alfred maund editor Bob Meroon managing editor Gene Rebelsky advertising manager t. production manager the Little woman beating on innocent children the Illinois legislature is being asked to combat immorality and save state Money at the same time. The proposal designed to accomplish this lofty and Thrifty objective would permit unwed mothers to receive welfare Aid f or Only one child. Any other children these women bore out of wed lock would be ineligible no one can defend promiscuous sexual behaviour but it seer is to us that this purse string method of preserving decorum has several cruel shortcomings. First we cannot imagine. Tibet any woman get herself pregnant solely for the purpose of collecting the few dollars a month the offspring would get from the Statema Drance and poor upbringing Are chiefly to blame not and if the legislators wanted to Cope with the prob Lem they should increase Public health and educational facilities. Second the main sufferer from such a punitive measure would be the children. They did t ask to be born. They certainly have done nothing wrong. Why should they be forced to endure rags and hunger fortunately the courts would throw out this Bill if it passed. A similar Aid to families at a month regardless of the number of children in the declared unconstitutional by the state supreme court recently. So be it in All states. 1dicate. World sichts reserved. A courteous Driver would give a lady the right of Way health for today read the Label giving Star boarders a meal ticket a rather weird bit of legislation has been dropped in the Hopper at pcs monies would reimburse Utility companies for the Cost of relocating facilities because of new Highway construction. This is something like offering to give a. Star Boarder a restaurant meal ticket when the family Cook is sick. As the Iowa aaa motor Cluff Points out Telephone and Power companies have always been permitted to use High Way right of ways free of a Grant amounts not Only to a virtual gift of land it includes grass cutting and other services which simplify the utilities maintenance problems. If the Bill should the Money for paying the companies would come put of the Highway this is like depriving the sick family Cook cof her. Medicine. Sales tax versus income tax the Davenport chamber of Commerce has endorsed the idea of increasing the state sales lax to three per cent on the ground permit an end to the state tax on incomes. Y perhaps it would. But we feel that constantly piling up the tax Burden on retail sales cannot help having Adverse effect on business men s profits earnings. The consumer Dollar naturally shrinks with assessed on it. It strikes us that the. Reverse of the chamber s proposal would Best serve its interests and those of the rest of the Community. Let us have no sales tax at All replacing it with a graduated income tax. We would rather have a High in come to pay taxes on than a Low income with no tax on it. I i it is strange How the recent visits to this country by for eign dignitaries have Saud now stopping off in Spain on his Way Home from Washington is reportedly peeved at the Dulles offer of guarantees to Israel which came soon after his talks with president Eisenhower. In an earlier instance the Eisenhower doctrine for the Middle East which India s Nehru does t like was announced on the heels of his departure from a. Good will stay in this or. Rain feb officials Are country. This sort of thing seems like the International equivalent by w. W. Bauer . Director of health education Jane incan medic no association foods drugs and cosmetics As Well As other consumer articles Are subject in composition or to other modification which May act to the disadvantage of the buyer. The government with the cooperation of honest manufacturers a s established a High degree of Protection for the consumer if the latter will make a habit of one simple act before buying. Read the Jabel. Unless you do the Best efforts of enforcement thwarted regulations governing Labelling declare in general that foods drugs cosmetics and other commodities must Bear on the Label a True statement of principal ingredients except for those products for which there exists a Standard promulgated by. The government. Butter for example is defined therefore a package of butter need merely declare that it is butter without specifying water Salt and colouring matter. A food is mis labelled if it does not comply with the Law. Ole Margarine cannot legally be labelled butter nor can oils be sold As Olive Oil. Accuracy necessary the Label must not contain suggestions that a food is something which it is not either by a Brand name or other implication such As the use of a foreign name when the product is not in fact imported. Mixtures of Canp sugar syrup and Maple syrup cannot legally be called by the name of a locality such As Vermont which is famous for Maple syrup. Nor Maple syrup from another area be attributed to Vermont. This is mis Labelling even if the pro duct is As Good or better than Vermont syrup. If anything has been taken away or added to a foodstuff the Label must so declare. The declaration must be Clear and easy to under stand and readily legible. Flash Light and magnifying Glass Are not required shopping a food and drug administration Booklet remarks tartly. Imitations must be plainly labelled too. Artificial Vanilla May be just As Good As the product derived from the bean that is not the Point. The customer is entitled to know what he is get Ting in return for his Money. Food Labelling is designed As of text health but it has definite health implications nonetheless. A person with allergies for example has a right to know whether Sar dines Are packed in Olive Oil to which he is not allergic or Cotton seed Oil to which he is allergic there is nothing unwholesome about cottonseed Oil but the use should know what he is using. The diabetic who must be care Ful about sugar has a right t know whether fruit or other pre pared food has. Been canned in syrup or water. Persons who rms avoid excessive Salt should be Abl to ascertain from the Label Whethe has been used in the prepare Tiosh. The necessity for Poison Label on certain drugs is obvious. By honest identification of any Dru essential. Among the most Flag rant abuses practice upon the american people has been the Sal of Ordinary drugs under fanciful names and with exaggerated claim which would no on if the Label had been the user had troubled to read i drugs be avoided i certain circumstances laxative when there is abdominal pain of example must Bear a Warnin Label to that effect. King features Syndicate inc fables foibles by Eugene Feldman How will i Ever forget the old me parties we used Back Hen a boy. What fun we had those Days and we did t Ven. Have the Benefit of to High i or. The dip. I lived in this o n d e r ully Small own of Green Eaf. Wis. We a n e r a 1 1 y arted our so Cial activities ight after the upper cd i s to e s vere finished. Goodness knows we. Ever ate dinner. The meal diner started after we moved to the Sigrer City so we came to our Friend s House in 7 o clock and we were late. Everyone seemed to be there Al. Eady. And 1 noticed that now a Days if you come one minute he Ore Midnight they ask you to go Lohie and come Back at 2 in the morning. You come at to . You Are among the Early lords. But we began at 7 and what fun be did have too we All sat around n a Circle and played parlor games. Now a Days you Don t even have a . We played spin the that was Wheir you turned the bottle around and if it stopped at you then you had to sing a song or do something extra Nice. How will i forget the Joy we had playing fruit Basket no the younger generation does t know How to play this fascinating game. Somehow the knowledge of it has been lost in the grand race for the new car the new 30 Inch to set and the 500 mile an hour air plane. Now the Way to play it is to have 10 chairs for 11 people. have one less than there Are people. The guests go around the Circle of chairs and music plays. When the music stops the guests scramble for a seat. person will be without one. Now take away still another seat. Have another round of music and then will be with out a chair. It goes on and on that Way until person remains in the game. This then is the win Ner. Give me the Good old Days when you did t Wake up in the morning after a party and find some stranger who claims to have been your guests asleep on your Couch. Quint City comment of gossiping about your guests once they have left the party much to Safe turd to pro editor labor s daily the Rock Island county chapter of the Illinois heart association wishes to express its appreciation for the splendid publicity Given our nutrition and weight control project in Rock Island county by labor s daily. May i again ask that in listing the agencies which Are co sponsor ing this program you also list the other agencies which have worked for the Success of this program namely the Northwestern Region department of Public health the Rock Island county Home economics Extension service and the Dairy Council of the Quad cities. In the last few news releases these names have been omitted and 1 feel that it must he an oversight on your part. May we again say thank you for your cooperation. Mrs. Brendon r. Dudley chairman nutrition and weight control program 1630 5th ave., Moline Iii. C3 editor labor s daily l. E. Frost in your latest tues Day Issue questions sunday Sabbath and a Day. He questions apostolic authority and usage in the Early churches. To is not a of opinion. Matter of difference it becomes a most serious matter of personal Faith n a , and a godly fear in respect to things holy. To use Sabbath As a Day of rest is Good from other than a purely religious aspect. But it is definitely a Basic Law in judo Chirst Ian culture. To reject its essential Quality is to decry god in human Progress and defy his authority in Law and custom. No civilization can endure which in not grounded on moral sanctions. This is part of the time honoured vision without which a people perish. The course of Temperance is not always aided by our enthusiasts. Much has been demanded by self interest from some in religious garb. But let us Honor above All else the risen Christ whose Power and glory and presence in human life we recall on each week Day revered As the Day h. W. Monster 2345 12th St. Rock Island

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