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Prairie City Index Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1871, Page 2

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Prairie City Index (Newspaper) - June 16, 1871, Prairie City, IowaPrairie City Index. In Corn especially in Muina Lead f i i ten j evening of Llic 11 i of pc of no or it la Reform me my named la Uvegi Ami Ami that the examination in j made Stu flu a Throe inches there j. . J-4. M. . A talk a Kation. State of i talk knt Hai. March into the Kif i Poidl annual do Llic of Louii will in1 lit old ill mollies. June it ii o clock a. A. Nominate our fur fio Vornor Candy Iliili for Osif judge of tin supreme i curl one c Anill Dute for of and transaction of such other a1 usually Conio before die annual inc tin the the i Ollosi Iier uni Glicr of Del pales to which Inch county Adah Adams Ala Macc Ailiin Loii Linnlon Hawk it Vince Lurli Quinn j Una Vista ii if Varro hero Kip out it 4 Johnson 4 Lone hark Hay t Tayton Linton raw for Rocker Dave Tel narc j is Moi it Dickinson Kinin to Ravelin Krunklis Fri inuit Uri inc on three Hamilton Hancock ii aril in Harrison Henry Howard Ida join As per 2 it 1- inn ii 7 7 i m ill inn u 7 Marion j Mill .1 Mill hell Al Momma Monroe 3 Montgomery Mii-icatin0 7 o Ltd Iii 11 i Arii m i Alo Alto a Rii in ouch 1 i Oca Liontas 7 i Olk s i i Wool pick King Gold 10 2 Sott s slip lbs 2 Sioux 10 Srov 7 1 Ain a 4 Taylor 0 i lion 4 Van Huron 3 m Arron 4 2 Wayne 5 m Euster r. Avii Meneo 4 Wiki Biira 3 Worthi 1 Wright s 9 total 14 10 11 lie 10 11 11 ii 0 2 2 2 12 s 4 11 2 1 i 0 5 4 10 10 j i 2 9 4 617 All Persone Tran have act Crl the he Palili can Parry in ret forc. Ami arc in full Accord wit i its prinfip1ec now. Arc invited part in Tiiu of Al a crates to this convention. J. Clan s state Central committee. Muir to Chicago. In order to have the trip Fullr under we would just remark that we by rail. Took the cars at Prairi a town situated on the d. V. E. Which beside being surrounded tie Coli Irr around Lias a near the Rej Rion of the heart and has lately had palpitation of that Organ on the pro position to have another. It is by those to whom s in has j i u larger Hulk of it Here in store Ami larger dully receipt than which the possibility of its getting into the of u few who would be enabled to Corner those who had contracted for future deliveries depend ing on Bunyi in Here and compel to pay the Holder s own figures for the Grain to till their contracts. When everybody is afraid of u Corner there is not much Chance for one. Places of amuse except the second class have closed Rcv the season. Manning s minstrels have gone on a country tour and the City is almost deserted by the theatrical troupes As can be seen by the out of Date Bills of last week announcing closing benefits and positively the night of the a big fat one horse circuses and the museums arc giving Muti Neer in the afternoons and at night. The City was on car last Sabbath to hear Falie Kev. Or. Tyng who was dealt with once by his superiors for incipient Apos preach in the pulpit of or. Cheney who Lins been deposed principally through the efforts of for refusing to solemnly declare tie re generation of baptised infants. It is Siil thousands turned away unable to get to hear the celebrated divine. Hav ing been dealt with and thus the Canon officiating with a Clergyman whom the authorities had pronounced was enough to get up a first class sensation. Lie occupied the pulpit despite the warning of Bishop Ali Schouse. We question the right of a minister to thus defy the canons of his Church which he has solemnly vowed to uphold and respect. Such a course would destroy the Unity of any organi and duty would seem to indicate his withdrawal when his conscience would not allow him to say Regene rate and the rowers would not alter or modify the Canon to suit him. Yesterday and to Day we visited the Iva ter works and the principal Parks of the City. We find they contain from 5 to 100 and that they Are never Small except from dire necessity. From the number resorting we came to the conclusion that the people enjoy the Parks with More zest than almost i anything else. A place for Public and pleasure resort is positively demanded by every go its citizens can air and show themselves to each other whispered her that she has taken Waltl Soutth. Restraint of More formal As advice and positively refuses to 5etnbhes. It is not enough to have Plen again incur the risks and sorrows of maternity. We Are pained to think that this advice was Given a t such a late Day that we fear the interesting event cannot lie avoided without resort to an opera Tion of doubtful morality. But since our complimentary read via we came by that quiet town. To of Dusty Road at hand and Green Fields Nesip the people want to go where they can Sec each other and where the ladies can indulge their taste for display in dress with perfect Freedom. Ave Al most know All the ladies arc on our Side. After we have the Park there will still be room on the Dusty roads and in the Green owing to a difference of opinion Between Fields for the solitary Birds who prefer the railroads and City in regard walk by themselves and not meet a Union depot arc were told so rigorous that Many of the Heads of bureaus would not pass if required to do so to retain their places. U government clerk should necessarily know the of who the King of Dahomey be Able to Demon Strate the -17th proposition of Euclid or Tell when the next Node of Venus will in order to discharge the routine duties of a is More than we can it la. In it is notorious that men who know about such things Are the poorest clerks. Good sound business would dictate an examination into their ability to perform the duties required. There has been a general exodus of the government Oil vials at Only two members of the clout Well and arc reported As Silil the capital. At first a great horror was expressed at the idea of the president and his Cabinet taking a tour for recreation and to get away from than Everetie chg Importunity of l p to no one has fully shown Why they May not do like other rest when they get tired and recreate when they provided no interest of the country suiters thereby. It is confidently predicted Tunit through the inti i government Well As Duglish tried to enter the lists during our War As a competitor in Cotton will be compelled by our Cotton raisers to retire from business in that line. As Long As High prices the Nii Deit in ing was quite the enor Mous yield of last year in this country gave it a Black there is every Prospect of a Clear Field in the near future for our erring Southern the Lute attempt to discourage and put Down sunday papers signally failed. On the the papers redoubled their efforts to please and As a Conse they very Likely circulate More than Ever. The sunday papers Are and a half Bluit is Iii ensured by the Typo. They Llu in assembled White Brill ire of la Weir p Illic unit they expected to Tell their people tale of Joy when they returned and thai they merely wanted to know what the president wanted of them and intended for them so they would know in future whether they were imposed upon or not. The fact thai they could Pas. Through such Chignone and not Stop to take a Scalp or two ought to convince every one of them of their Pelt be intentions. Situated on the Western Bor Der of Lake whence Havel Lown the editorial Birds of so quickly jus Lilied accuracy of the picture of liar drawn by j. Proctor Knott in Congress last and her importance As a port of Lias become such that the appointment of a Deputy collector of has become Newessa Ary. For our we to live to see the Day when Al the West Ern terminus of our Lake system and an important Point on then. P. K. It. Will More than fill Many of the extravagant predictions of late Hon. J p. Lie would do Well to buy sonic Corner lots. Local. John Castle sold his farm to c. 11. Huc Kidger for we Are authorized to announce the name of j. P. Of Maluku town ship As a candidate Tor the Ollice of rep subject to the decision of the coining primary election. We Are authorized to announce the name of Elijah of pcs mores As a candidate for the Olliee of county superintendent subject to tie decision of tie Republican primary elec Tion. To Are authorized to announce the name of Ira e. Draper of Monics More attractive in matter they township As a candidate for the Olfie of contain than the same Are during the subject to the decision week and the first thing one hears is the j of Republican primary election. Newsboys Long nasal Etc. Liei Reading is a Little on the Days j buyers to the Large list or lands offered be would Call the attention of land style. To legislation will reach such an evil while the Public to to Calls for such for Sale by Williams Clements As found in another column. They desire to give Reading. History ought to teach every that they will not take the Agency thinker that it is an utter impossibility of Tolu any to legislate morals into people. Such in Prairie City. Efforts have been and always will be fun from the simple fact that the Laws j would have to be inline into in number. J c. it in ii Uit Oun in. July w. Ii. Koi imps Dulei Idan state of coi it. I to the nomm e mimed defendant. You arc he Ruhr notified there is now on in Ihu a Levu of Rourk of 11 if tir to ult court of Jasper tie pc Litzou of c. Foi in. Claiming you tic Mizii of l Iwu Hundred Lars us justly duo from you on your note find on Mill asking a and to Hii Icuss though wore Lull Anil to and Dis Itose of prop erty mid collect debug Tom you. And make inc tips and and a urn of Uttmi Liuigi in Lias and aulos you appear on or injure Yoou of tic Sermol Ilay of Hie next term of circuit court to com us i Cril on the third monday in a. The same living Llic kill Day of said month and and to said your will be Ehl rred a judg ment and a Tiree rom Lintl against you As prayed Lor in ail costs of Sun. Williams att is Lor plaintiff. Prairie City Mills. Arc in Llic Market to Liiv i Licat it full till tie 1 the ure Hanyi Iii we i1 it to to Nir nil Ive lit ii we i a i Only Siml no mail it cil civility. Al ter we a Jive Sto Taok. To one Olio weirs to i Choc wheat Irilli so 1 us have mum. Williams ii Al tto dem Smth of port cite. Iowa. inn ii in ill Riml Rul Lavt air nah i by. Asti i to. I a. M t tin1 Villi Mitlin Liu Civ in us full Una. Ii Jar Lloil Lii Thiol Ivel no a Jav improved farms. I to res i i Rall la Cut. Ii 10 nil nun i Aiice i Anil Ivull Lii re n 1uki Iri i son i Iii. 1juu 1.11 in. Carolil Lii Init Liing unit i i it of Eicy 1 1 i m i 4ii 00 in . A Rale till in in birr pm qty. I la of. Urn. La Tun Lunue Volais ill 10 to acre s nil i l in dil 1 Nirk City Aivil a r j Oil Fri Icv la Wres ii miso. 7 Mill s n. W of to mud Wii italia it in Ivelli Illuri t.1. I i3 a u1. All Iii it l Cioli Vatinia. Iio Uku inn -.l.ilik-. I la Fin in in Oil. Pii Fil i ital i Cik a Tinl lamp. Ii in in iii4.00u. To All Init it r Anil t Osco. A i Iii Iii my mile Olsi Lii Hil Anil i rain 1 per acre. Acres under cultic at inn nil Fui foil. M Ai it. Liin life. One Stoft Lii Insi. 4 ii Vii iou owls Iriri o i far Lilun Liurni. Urls and sunk us ii r. Of Mill Nolor 1 Hairic City or Pur Aero. 14o acres All Lenvil i Story with jrrovi1 it. In. Good vill Culli Vatch. Of j rairii1 t in i Ricc acre. 80 All Sci ipod and a int a Ruilt Iliili it find Mil and pm Well Nind is water. 8 Miles i rum run Iris c ily. Per acre. To a r -.11 i enrol. Lioi Isu. 2 i hams. Primary. Land nut ill Hada mile of 3 i car on Miles Soulli cast of Ity. I Ricc. Ii oho. 8o All fenced and under wit i 5 acre. Limber Good House and Sra id indic. It Ovid Lai in. Trood Oili Ard. Of All kinds to Lur Miles from l it. To All Vinced Ritli to tort All under cultivation. Liou Ennd other Nice Nii Ipie about Lio it a and ii ice hell ii Ixl never i ii liner Sii Rinir of t40.00 under nil 1 inti Iris of nil taken to done in neat to. nitty on Iii i. Ilia Ersnt of i order Eil on Norire. To suit the i ivies. M or t in evil Oiver a Call Iivori Over i of of lice. .1. Villi never i Lili Nir sir Init of rain water on till a Bat Ivain. 1 1-4 East of brain c ily. I Rii a. acre. I 117 a scr a arcs under cultivation j of Nice grow Good Liurni Sam i wat Orvn Faini. I Uii Liin mile. From i Ramirio cite. Ink a Norelli to in 10. 1 rat. Iii in. I Louii. in j end. Itch acre in to. I Elk county silos month a Ost . At Riv Icrea a . Nikii ainu water w Ai m id Init it. I Pur u and in year. Tit 1-2 acres All a iicc.1. Under living water and Jimd lain. A i we a of i Rairie i Rieuf Vail Jiecai re. A 1 c Lily t i k a i. 0 Niilus Iii la i Roku beside this Law should and must within certain Bounds and conscience must do the rest. At .1 june to in regard to Orr Jim an Aji Rii ii viral society on the we. Vaughan i Prairie City d. G. Avin Chell is i elected president Ami i. L. I Secretary c. Of. It. papers Are now Laden with in j Mats of tie opening of tie various a m in for tie f Olla Rizig first Jno. J. Tearing places where City folks Ami o. P. In in. Do most congregate during the summer k g a Eom to regain get married Mittic no aft of tiie or anything to indulge emm cd souls m a Matins Jim 17f in l. Soc y. Pc i t. In a sensation. Every ear the number of watering places and the number who resort thither increases. No one in his sober senses does not know that in nine eases out of Home would j be the pleasantest place during the heat coming fourth should be Active and let of summer had not american aristocracy i nothing be left undone will add to the committee arrangements for the decreed otherwise. The interest of the occasion. The Coni the Bridge lies Idle with the and Llic ferry still Plica the Beer founts in from Shore in such a con our Gonna test As this the railroads generally win posed and it is questionable whether the and the there fore. Likely be a Law can be enforced. If sunday is to fee simple Grant by the City to the roads get instead of a lease of the grounds upon j lation certainly which to build. For from the bust information we could gather thu about the matter in dispute. The crops look very Fine every win re. The Winter wheat Down toward Keokuk ill do to Cut by the 20th inst. It looks Well As we Ever saw it look in is clean and very live we note that or. Rumsch Wing of ol1 correspondence Hope to be legation at has fur i to procure Gowl Sik Akers who will wished the department of suite with a Mijc announced soon. If a general invite of the Supi Josed discovery of a Ilion to sabbat i Sci urls on i certain cure for cancers and other Dis italic am a11 would Altel lil u Wilki Chicago is making an Effort to dry similar nature. It is claimed i meeting very interesting. The their neighbors. Mini son sunday. Of course that the Wood of accruing tree when Boa committee meet next saturday and thin an fellow Are of ten and steeped in a Tea cup we Hope to Soe a Lar arc with of the decoction being a Ikon Favora Lilc reports. And will cure Etc. It when to tilt in what direction i r it Isakk unite proved s. Is c. 17. A North of i Rairie and i. Mitc Heivilin. lamp. Acres Norelli West 1 to Sec. A. 7 j in. For Sale i Ikuji. N. Brood Mike of j 1o1 acres land in i Olk in 7 la i. Within 1 Mienl i Coal Tilk Raml Simou. Balance in year. Houses Aud lots. And lot on Sorci t. North West of i rain to ily. Itk-4 st4irii-. 4 Simns Ami a Ilesi Atile location to i lot in North West part of i own ii a i -1 v. A kill Hen Attavio cd. Locati in. I Ricc. . V lots and Marioa Street. I ouse Norelli West of in Ely . Well and Anil nicely and in Linda in one of the i Riff. F i Utju. ill Alonse and 2 in hons with Well. Small St Piile. Fenced and in from i Trice. 00. . Lot in 5nnth part of i Rairie. Cult . . I i room and Lut on Jefferson for Vii. I 11 Lesii mile e. J j. .1. Task a j Vii Rator i House and two lots in Butters hosso1v jills. Co i i nicely Ami Mihaile i Rees. Well and hoi Isi for tic Martin by oif . I Anners ill Well to Call or Send and Elf i i Rees. Well and House in kept constant Trice. 47.vjco. And j Corner Madison and sixth House 1-Jv-m Small learn. On Shade Slints Iier of All lots will pc iced. Trice. To Faiuu w Down Holmu a 9 h. H. Jag sob. W ton. 10 a v a this i i n it via i Pun Tho Vilk cite Mak Kkt. And 2 in. Finishing -1ii.uo hilarity on the part of f. Or our part we cannot see Why an or Froni the Wood in order to Poison him after to Vandalia to at u picnic. i Derly busing earned on bunday is not. Contrary to her expectations he got Well. Vij Andalia there is a line is much More violently and Cist crossly Brocku. Almost ready to Cut and there every j to night we arc to have a Sermon on from of an Abuu-1 the sullen an eminent slant Yii id All around. Through 10-11. Lilinau the night we could Leli not i notes. About the crops but Saloon or Garden j the supposed Panacea u spa dad where of the Sabbath 1 crime its now to lest the of ils arc Worth. A a Liral Imnel have decided Ash re arc almost universally Faroe there is something Sublime in idea of lir int Cirlor of Mic who Lead to Virgo Lily Ali in a Century Back for tic coming into the merchant s the Means to try a Tel lick tire he Pic c from Rwy Quarter of Ziejlo All Over Pic arc Verv favourable and Hulo in to and Sicre men. Wuss von ill. In a Nonh to the was s. F. B. to Hie for of Luis of he haul War. One Shihi 5s for in to assist thic a a sols in i of Art Advance in i Over enrol or j growing Tine of Ojer Liat it no 1 finishing of Mio Achi it. And under -25.00 to m. 4.t5 Ijiro 3.23 tic ii inv Alc Lor .-.dc. 00 too w Down balance portion of the real w a Clements. Prairie City sheeting Joist 2. B discoverable by chemical Tesfil Tot the the inks acid value of the Faroe j testimony is too full and circumstantial a to permit stopping Short of a trial were sorry to notice of ils meals. It or mainly to hop that it w ill do Al. That claim drop a Torr rust on for it. Liat Inith is stranger than of Ajjie car. Helion finds Contin Saliou in he Case of a Julic Corn or Var be birr for the customers j his ground in new York awl 1 a Cool million for his Cairn Uicon to it the old Story. . H Wlinich if who Lia j it was some Leal half a mile of j an Jils at the grocery store of is fill a Sroc As there is Noli in re is in a old of will a Pic of How Cov j from i3ie Pirn a ered uie Meijy. In Taraine Ica cd it for a Gowl mum and Irr. U j Marion never Liametz Aini afford. Tie Mudi and we Fin i which Are a very Unver one Ean Al Home in Liam of Wrner of in jj3c place or. Liim self a son of who was a Well As of Pic of lights up infliction Llic Iii Wenj a Juji inc to Irneli Jar of mrs. My nos Ami to his Kcal mar win. To derive her 01. if or from others or would a most air Mic rare of or pop Jar and lady or fated tic a Abler was a ant Jar re n Plantf j for All. Mph inti mail was our att Jet. Air Hiigli Pic Grove and Vii uric my Kuon ilia9 Spring a Jioio a to c. P. Jew Tiff w nil few pc Vert a fall Liimol wad tin Llic would Hanley out Inion for i san Rhing Al 1-- _ _ f at at it upon t my Down in daily a and form a Trlla in Senomi Haljon dots Nolde Prokl up own them smart of oif of Xci As Well As of opponents were sorry for Umo Pic family to if Uick forc Pic Are not it irs to millions which was find Hal. We intend at no Llic firm i Distant Day to renew our visit Ami be lion r it Tor a trill Torl Lek s reapers. Kehy it Ladin Mowitt Fror t n in priv Nurr. Having Ailt idl largely Irr arc prepared of All Vin-3- Villi neatness Anil Bill cheapest
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