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Prairie City Index (Newspaper) - August 25, 1871, Prairie City, IowaPrairie 1ty Dex . Kill Tor Mill proprietor. August j1s71 Republican state ticket. Run c. C. Of Webster. For Matt Knast h. C. Of Wimunc Dick. Foil jitdg15 of st l a Wmk j. G. Of Fremont. oif i Uisu instruct Ion Alonzo j of Crawford. Kep Tut ican platform. That we refer with Pride to the history or the Kequi Halican and congratulate the people of this country upon its Success Ful career. It in Given the poor Man a Home it and established manhood crushed Given vast lines of Continental settled the Doc Trine of the right of maintained the integrity and credit of stir nation. It has vindicated the Monroe doctrine shy pre venting foreign Powers from interfering with governments on this and to perpetuate it in Power is Only sate guaranty for peace and Prosperity in the future. Tie Solann. That we heartily congratulate the country upon the settlement our Vexel and controversies with the government of great and especially the just and Christian spirit and Vianner in which these controversies live been settled. To limit while we cordially Faroe a reasonable Dorree of Protection to All branches of our american Industry against in Jurious foreign we unalterably opposed to any system of legislation which favors one Section of the or one depart ment of Industrial Enterprise at the expense of and therefore advocate such Protection Only As a fairly adjusted Revenue Tariff will afford. Resolved. That we Are in favor of a uniform pm Stem of so that nil property within the limits of the whether of individuals or com for pecuniary shall Bear its just share of the Public burdens. That believing that All corporations do intr business within the limits of this feta to Are rightfully subject to the control of the we Are in favor of so providing by proper legislative enactments As to Eftic Tuaila pre vent monopoly and extortion on the part of rail Road and All other companies. That we Are in favor of extending the blessings of civil and religions Liberty to the human and. Therefore when Ever it shall be made Manifest that the people of san Domingo desire annexation to the United states for the of in f ing the benefits which Shch relation would a Toril we shall favor tha Earnest and intelligent consideration of this question by the treaty making Power of the government. That As agriculture is the basis of the material interests of this we its pre eminent for by Legisla Tion or As May be to secure the full development of our highly favored a Fate. That we Are in favor of Stich a modification of our Revette system As at As Early a Day As relieve the pressure of internal Revenue and As far us the expense of collecting1 these taxes. Resolved. That tvs cordially approve and earnestly endorse the eminently patriotic. And economical administration of president Granc. And heartily ret of Niuma it to the favor Able of the country resolved. That we Are to any sys tem or plan of granting Public to Railroad or other corporations without ample provision being made for securing their speedy Sale at moderate and occupancy upon and Liberal terms by any and All who desire to Pur Chase and s Tilo upon them. That we arc in favor of an economical and judicious management of the affairs of the and with View we endorse the present administration of the state. Sovera ment. Primary election. Whereas. By Call of the chairman of the count v Central committee of Jasper a Lior Intag a Republican primary election to be held in each of the townships of said county on the Day of for the purpose of selecting candidates to be to ted for at the ensuing october there fore notice hereby Piven that the qualified re publican electors of Des Monics township. Tas i nectar the office of j. Hintt. In a Valfrie and at the Public school House at Vandalia in said township. Of saturday. August Between the of 10 a. A. And p. A. Of said Day and cast their ballots for tic following two for one candidate count one candidate for county auditor. One candidate for sheriff. One candidate for county superintendent of common schools. One candidate for county Surrey or. One candidate for one candidate for Conine i Oao cud Date for member of the Board of supervisors. The polls shall lie opened at 10 o clock and closed at 6 o clock r. Of said Day at each respective place above mentioned. Said cd cation shall be and conducted in the manner by the notice by the chairman of the county Central and at the Clos of Llie election the Ami clerks will certify to the returns and hand them to the Contin Queeman of their township on or before Avedon Juday. August 30. Is7i. G. Clements. Primary election. Before Tec go to press again the result of the primary election will be too Laic to affect the result and too Early to lie charged with interested motives try wish to Call attention to the Earnest words we spoke against the sex and Good results claimed for the plan of making nominations by Pri Mary at tic time tie matter being canvassed. We Uicon a of dissension and a incr tacos out of it which impossible in Pic convention Tjit it Engen dered such Strong personal canvass of the merits and of the Candi As to Render cordial support al Nostoc of the that the direct tendency was to Divide the party into lines would remain for Tunas the party and a cow rely every change of either it Cerully Hun not been a figured by the Canvas on the the peo ple have Boen Imp Nowd with constant import unities of one kind or another and drugged Luto hot Aid unnecessary buttons upon merely personal questions not relating to principles or but to questions not growing out of the Public but out of personal strife Between the aspirants for either on their own account or their friends. Plan May succeed fora in county is largely Republican As it would be immediately fatal in one where the majority is Small. The question of in certainly of too importance to run such risks when the questions of such moment Are involved. We were opposed to the primary to be Gin and lure seen nothing so for to justify us in changing our and have seen much to strengthen the Ohe we entertained beforehand. In View i of. Our experience in this it will be strange if our Wise citizens Ami oar Best republicans wish to continue a sys tem of nominations in additon to the inseparable annoyances of when limited to the questions at Issue Between the two parties brings in personalities of the bitterest kind. It is not at Alf certain that we strengthen stir Liber ties when we allow ourselves to descend to personal squabbles in the exercise of the elective franchise and it is Likely that in thus arousing prejudice and exciting enthusiasm on secondary questions we May in a measure lose sight of others of far More vital importance to us. The proper discharge of our duties As and our rights As a whole should have More weight with us than the per Sonal claims of any set of men. Tox Vox Bei. It is difficult to decide whether greater enormities have been committed against the rights of under the false plea of the right of or the equally insane cry of Ultra democracy the voice of the people is the voice of the intelligence of political scientists and men who have sought the Good of their race has led them to con clude that truth and right would be found Between these two extremities of communism on one and old time monarchy on the other. It is not our purpose to enumerate any of the enormities which we find detailed in the his tory of the and which resulted from either of the above false notions while Kings As Well is the people May often be and while it is undoubtedly True that Kings Are not so Apt to be right As an intelligent people where they Are directly interested in their own behalf ail he in it is equally untrue that the people never misjudge As to the proper course to pursue to secure their own rights. To was not our object in writing this article. On the it is our design to Call attention to the very Patent and practical fact that the people Are still misled by having their will assumed to be what it is and being thus in veiled into the sup of measures in the belief that it is the popular they Are made to Swallow them by a deft application of the fallacy that popular will must be the first question should is the As sumption and the the popular will Correct or mistaken naturally follows. The popular judg ment upon any question should be criticized and weighed by every thoughtful person with is much and even More than he would bestow upon the opinion of any one and the latter because the Public judgment vastly More influence upon his rights than an individual judgment. The Assumption that the people think so and so prior to an expression from and the further Assumption that they Are necessarily right Are far from being always even a modified affirmation of the belief the voice of tiie people is the voice of is somewhat remarkable when we review the historical decisions of Mankind in favor of wrong and consider the Wisdom of the almighty As displayed on every hand. V the opinion of Many men is Worth no More in than the opinion of one numbers Call Only for a mom careful consideration before and not for a More Hasty acquiescence. A decision with the Many the meant to imply that some one it mid limn u claimed i by some to to already made. If Cuch shallow pretences succeed in deciding Tho any or the it this primary it will prove that prejudice still where reason should. It is that men who know better will for the Sake of Success allow popular error to go mire baked. I _ Sunato Bial. There seems to be no end to the amount that can be Eliut subject just now. Several of tiie Veteran Iowa journalists have several times put the question at rest in their but somehow the subject will not Down and stay there at their bidding. It al most immediately Breaks out in a new place and in n More malignant in utter Defiance of theii1 unanswerable Fig ures and logic. The mention of other names in Connic Tion with the office. Tins not tended to b quench the fires already but has added fresh fuel. Some men Are born others grow to be great and Ai few have greatness thrust upon them. These latter Day candidates see i to belong to the latter class so far As anything Visi ble indicates. It is just possible Howe that they May have instrumental in the sudden and widespread mention of their names Vij Elf if a cannot conceive Why the announcements might not have been made in such a manner As to enable people to decide whether the mention of their names is by their authority or consent. a Little Morti to get a Man fairly on the track and then have him go Back on the whole thing with for the Confluence of his friends in his poor almost every Man has a Plain solution of the i he latest emanates from one and for a blushing impudence is not excelled by any we have seen. The Register gives him a severe and Well deserved castigation and it Falls unon him in the right place. For our we favor the re election because we know the Man and regard him As one of Iowa s greatest and Best and we do not know his present principal or. Allison. Because we Are in of or. Hurl an it does not follow that we must abuse and if we cannot urge tiie re election of the former without pursuing Sulci a course we will withdraw and Nek knowledge ourselves to be what All the Brood of Vili Fiers of or. Harlan Cuttle fish who cover up their Uncertain course by evacuating so much dark fluid that they can not be seen. It is a libel upon Ameri can politics that and fair Ness is not used. Among men of honest convictions who Are actuated by what they regard As the the there should be a decision to Stop Polit ical discussion w heaver they Are obliged to descend to the style to be on an Equality with their opponents. We do not ease where we thought such arguments did any Good and must say that in almost every Case i they do harm. We intend to do our let that be much or to. Secure Harlan s re election. We have no word to say against or. Allison. Let him stand on Bis merits. There is Good water in abundance on the grounds. The exhibition Halls and grounds Are shaded by urge Forest with n firm Sod under foot. A flu Shade u al so furn had for Stock. Thouc to attend the fur find comp out will land room and Beautiful grounds within the enclosure. The Premium let has been and Liberal rewards uttered for 1871. Hag teen engaged to deliver in agricultural address during Tho fair. Edward Parbox the world failed has been engaged to during tote and he will make a live mile walk upon the including one half Riih and one mile of ten All to be accomplished within the hour. Those who desire to witness the mar Velous walking of or to hear and see it would be upon the grounds As soon is the morning of the second september there will be no disappointment is to either or. Greeley or both will positively be present during the fair. We expect to Puy every Dollar of Premium that shall be awarded and expenses incurred in weather or info seen misfortunes enly excepted. The railroads leading through pcs monies will carry passengers to and from the fair Jis follows Dos mo1ne9 Valley bail Road. We will carry visitors to the District at pcs sept. And at one and Oxe Fumi fare for the round trip. Implements and Stock sent for exhibit full fare go1xg and he turned frer. Ixo. Supt. A. A. J. P. . P. F. Sec y original notice. State of Jasper county. To Julia a. We. Ii. Bfrtie Kromer and w. A. Heirs and Devisees of Austin deceased you and each of Yon Are hereby Noti fied that there is now on tile in the office of the clerk of the circuit court of ans per the petition of a. D. Administrator of the estate of Austin deceased praying us or Der of said court for the Sale of the Fol lowing described the North half of the South weft Quarter of Section to town ship to. Range to. Twenty one Vres Toth p. For the Pur pose of paying off the indebtedness of said estate and for further you Are referred to said petition and unless you appear and defend on or before own of the second Day of die october term of the said circuit to be commenced on the id Day of a. D. Your default will be entered and an order rendered As prayed in said petition. J. W. Attorney for Plain Tiff. Announcements. Own Hook or bringing one faction old or Laas incr such Wrt Lily to a Coo Promise of men who otherwise would stand no 11 Shis c As Vass has not in stifled predictions and we fail u. If there b More More of in the let 9omc one Point u out who is ate to Sec it if the goo i the Gocel of the Mirty in and not one investigation u be but not otherwise. We Hare abundant proof that at in tic Power of tic cry the peo ple arouse Premji Hatice and Cotor up the real issues is still Strong. The As sumption that the majority is the a twin fallacy and to a Mikl assertion that the minority is not posed of people As Well. The Only right of majorities is to which is Nuques but that they arc even usually the state Board of equalization in its report places Voltl Jasper High up among the wealthy there Are Only twelve counties in the state More weal tin. Jasper is placed at almost six Mil Lions and since the tax is two it follows that our share of the state tax will Only be about or not much Over fifty cents to Ench inhabitant. Who will a fuss at this Small amount and make a big drive against the legis lature on account of High taxes when this tax can Only be increased one half and when every school Board can Levy ten times is much tax the people of Jasper county spend several times More Money for circuses and tobacco every year than on entire state tax and pay a ten times As much for local and county purposes As for the state. People Are Apt to throw the whole blame upon the legislature for High and raise a great Hue and cry about it when they assessment of largely Over one half their while a great Deal might be and profitably on this and might save eur present candidates from being asked for silly we can All agree in feeling a reasonable Pride tii Tonly twelve coun ties stand Hilter on the list for wealth than Jasper. Be announce the name of x. Howe a candidate for the office of drainage sch act to the decision of the Republican primary election. By right u unquestionably any Man of Ordinary penetration can How adroitly the lingering of Here in the Tox Tox doctrine has been to Blind people to the real questions at Issue during Theca Tass just vow closing. The transition from the of a that tiie people should be allowed to decide wow they in the Assumption that their wish was and when that was the try to question to be settled. If the peo ple had Why have a primary ail the pathetic talk about the pc pro regarding themselves the and Only asking to decide it. If a result satisfactory people is More Likely to be reach who their Golf Rihms Rikh rid was the District fair. The twelfth annual fair of the District agricultural will be held at pcs on tote Park grounds on Ami september an4 tiie grounds Are delightfully and Nat rally adapted to tic very purpose Tor which Are they Are in and neatly and amply fitted no with horse and cattle sheep and hog Ami an elegant and co Aramli of Fine and Floral Hie Hall is clix War in with feet ail kinds of Domestic household Garden and farm products will find am ple room Ami Protection. On the grounds is a Good half mile Well an gel to test live it Ami style of the horse. A Large am theatre commands a full View of entire track and stand. We Are authorized to announce the name of e. Ii. For re election to the office of county st inject to the decision of the Republican primary election. We Are authorized to announce the name of w. G. Of Newton town for the office of county superintendent of Public subject to the decision of the Republican Pri Inary election. We arc authorized to announce the name of m. W. Atwood of Palo Alto for the office of representative subject to the decision of the lie publican primary election. We Are to announce the name of p. Of Kellogg town As a candidate fur the office of county subject to the decision of the be publican primary elec Tion. We Are authorized to announce the name of w. C. Hawk for no a lotion to the office of to the decision of the Republican primary election. We Are authorized to announce the name l. Of monies fort lie office of to tie Ite publican primary elec Tion. I we am authorized to announce the name of j. P. Of Malaka ton n 5liip As a candidate Tor tie office of rep subject to derision of the coming primary election. We Are authorized to announce the name of George Ledy Attl As a candidate for re-elccu0n to the office of to the decision of the Republican primary we Are authorial to Annm Inre the name of Elijaki of mores a for the of Ouiatt to the Riff com of the Republican primary Ela Tion. Are to announce the name of in k. It Raper of k to the Wasion of the Republican primary election. We arc authorizes to announce the name of c. For Law of rep subject to 33te decision of the a Frimark election. Cd o cd o co ct5 b cd o2 cd o w cd b i Hal a state fro Don Tail of Tat Rit auck cd f t tto buy Hihl sell Vul Ottato. U Lound Tinitali to u will Tuituu Iliou of buyers i Tow ii or Nuil Crft to tvs in Vav in petted farms. All under Good Ouidio Well improved Irous a Stogie Jill nil Koa i ump of Gimli im14j farm term Tutor lit four Large Oroli in ult food Well mid to truck a Luix Iii to Milen in the of Fraier. Ric . J5 per Quirt on time if 8o acres. S Miles of 1 Iii rec Ute. I Ami Iurii Gwit Well Ami st Iek Iwu tur of Deiure no tiie fit i. 05 acres Unuer cultivation. A Chat Hmil with in u mile of Irti i. Small fruit in of Roc no a. B-15.00 per awry. One Liali 1 Anil 2 at per cent. 14o afros under . All fenced Uitti Iro Oti Fence. Ana a half stories Felei till land and a rare pin i leu. Nonh West of i Walrie City. Tri o in one half balance i year at 10 per 24o acres. To under cultivation Ami nil with i Twil rail Iii cd incl partitioned off with to final fences. 30 acres Sii Elimia House 12 Roo 12 rooms i total cellar Good hearing Orchard Nurl Truus in ubom Lunue. 4 South of Prairie Gity. A Fai Mii Xvi a rare Hii Grin. 00 acre. F2.uuu.00 Dom n Ami a rears at in per cent. 17o acres Vairie cite acres under cultivation. 10 acres Good Timber All new in Hood and Well there is Apple trios on iwo Kari big. Louy vines Oji ten Yearby Blak Lanu. Also Sciull Ivi it of description on farm in Pei cd of hurried Stone on fro Oil awl Tood Bam. U rare bargain and the. Guest farm in Jas per county. Ii re. A. Balance two and three years Atli Ujj 8o acres nil Fei cod Good Board 65 under 7 k. W. Of i Nirie City and a rare bargain. Down by Haiku in two years with interest All under Good two Good and other farm Good Plank an i Mil Fence and Good four Miles from or Fri . To All under cultivation and Story and a House within okie mile of school and two Miles few i Prairie City. 00 per Ucic. Acres Alt Good Story hoit9o with Large it. Stabling on Good owl und Well 4 South of Prairie City. Per acre. 8o acres fenced and under House a if barn and Good Well and 2 Miles from i Rairie City. Prjce5 acre. So acres Good 10xs4 2 stories 2 18x20 Ami Glrst rate land ail l bargain can mile -3 year old on i inns. Good water. 5 Miles so Uch Cukic of Prairie 3 000. All -fe.ice-1 and tied of Vituj to acres Timber Good House aul by Iii. Good running water i Brood on Hird. Jyh Nibber of kinds a 3 Miles from Prairie City. Per in. Re. So All fenced with Good Enco. A All tinder Rood House a granary and Nice give unit Good veil Ami with new failing Spring of Runn i Xirui Onti 11-4 mile oust of 1 Rairick City. Pri Job. -t4u.ui per 117 acres 115 acres under cultivation All fenced. 5 acres of Nice on farm iiou5c running Oil Fann. Scho-4 within t from and g North of f33.00 por acre. Balance in car. Acres in Camp to. Polk conty. 19 i West of Prairie 100 Lenud a 11 Good running Ond 60 food Tim Iier. Per aa4 in year. 58 1-3 acres All under cultivation Iro Sod living Tutor of a Zuirle City. Fs5.00 Zwir acre. Us improved la5d. Mlet s. Sec. 17. To. 79. 21. North West of Prairie Milo m pc acres Glrst rate Laius. 80 x. W. X .fecc.32. To. Lund within two Mace of 33-1oo land in Polk lows. In Sec. 5. To. 711. Liance within 1 Nilu of Timber and Stone. Balance in year. To fuss a5d lots. F House and lot on Mdunn North Prairie 10x1-4 stoics. 4 Trouit ail a Ami pop crts at lot in North part of town new. 1 4 Nam if with Kitchen attach Nice Trice. And Corner filth and Marion streets. in North West part of nicely Good Well and and House nicely Finis had in a Fern on one of the lots. 1.000 Down bal Ance in year. House 2 lots in addition. 15x24. I trot a sols Noil Mii Ait stame. Fenced Ami in o i i it Trice. Cash. And lot in Foniah part of Trifie two one i air c. 00. Cash place. House and two lets in addition. St Iris. Lots nicely and Shudt Trees. Well Ami in Good Howie Ami 9 Corner Madison and sits. Hoar 14x34. Fond Small on Shade Trees and of All kinds. Well pc col. Down balance in year. The Ali re a portion of real tale we have for s hands and harrs a in in Imp All Call Antl me win the Finkle and Lyon sewing the a perfect Madame ran jets
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