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Pottsville Miners Journal Newspaper Archives Jan 30 1836, Page 4

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Pottsville Miners Journal (Newspaper) - January 30, 1836, Pottsville, Pennsylvania,. -. A 1 he subscriber respectfully i nor .1 titania ion and Haven paying sri heeding i fri ting act places two Ere Tinga in. A a to no it oct i a four each feet Clu Imp stain Ooary the exit Sutton of to Ful tee of fri Eawy at Siom a. Tet if Uyeta Teeboon for Saab Jde i a Hll or Vitu Rille fort i it in each of i Ceko the of one and or re or a amp cd a gtd a a a tue in Adan a or a Balf. M room a mgl it and fire Early a Pili Colonis d Carbon hot in ornamental to id All kind left if pm a Type. ,. Tjl3lr h , formerly Aasu st. pm Imp a in the 1 sgt a a Kew 9.3 i fun mfr a i a a Ihu a Bajer Tbs re Riri to Trull i red Termi r after Tois Date. Jan 6 wife 1 Tou by Del �?odani1 a al Persone not i Bis account As a Fier contract h in Hui 19-3 Ana lot fit a Sale. Tjie a be Olber Wil be Jat private a left omit it be on a Inge of ,�q9ti i in Schuyl Erin Avenue m Tho Borot git of potty off a. Tbs House in a a a two Story a i Ratee web by Ilu a cd a Ito Ted in tic Centre . L a s. Mil m half Fth it to age Louiw Hiob in i of cultivation and to a Ai therein a d or Wiric Springa Ai Fife int to Supply n a a in. Tho Hoosin o Init tto Uro i y next it will Oile at the Lionso it Pine Salt in sack and bbl. Jar a ale by n. Nathans. Oct 31 �0 a a no. 9.centra st. A. ,. Persons destry a a to information ret i it a by j�n9t8-3 a beading Journa Kand u. S. A 1 Hia insert three to foce an Deborge new Wester g lofted and in i High it to to ,11 picked with a Cice fruit .41 excellent Vater at to a Rutt to amp a solid r Jck and is Dof Teni amp mics in the driest Lis. Sufficiently Large to a Ilea. Not sold by the 1st of feb to. A at Day be offt red at Public i Simon Mackerel. 4rc.�?smoked and pick Quot m. Mortimer at 3 of clock 5s w . 1 amp 3 a Scharck for Sale i _. V u a m of purchasing can receive acting the earn by applying Jamin spa in. &q.,. Agent for j Jan Porter Tolje Philadel ibis o Ohn Clay Bia Friend a 1 hat be in now Ope cent offal and Quot dry rf0c� teas wines Inteveld Ijes co the Public Iliin his of turf of cd a a a Eil fae a ire i Virili i e sold a Heap As tin Tbs Doroug i. Irit by the Sci of barrel. Mackerel and d lied fish Fot m a a Bov 28 a Carp. I Ilin Sinyei a Spakes great a lie Ann Hia particular that by or r to a under the Fen a Ivania Hall in fonts Wale. Hopes from Hia i it reputation of. Keeping a re a potable Eita Iii unsent Aeq Frei daring the sex Perie cof three i ears in Ike Vamp a and by desire to please and App cation to Bonsi be Asibo Merit a Fant nuance of your favor and a Sudi Vitur Quot z 7t a Jefe Cory shall j ave oysters Superior Quality. A al l a a to al Mikov doll. Twyl nth Strain sperm of ii of 3g�qgsatoafo Loiis a fir it. A a Fandl Bri is Alt by Jan 2 =1 0 seek Sliwi red Haa and a in Law a. Jin. Brown and purple Mer utom 1 so a is Liverpool Fine Salt fit Kaslo in Nathans a co. 7 Dee 5 cum elastic gum Elswic Waap Rons for Sale by a Jan 2 7 in it Nathans st ctr Fine Rose , a just received in Sale by b. Bannan. A dec 12 4 and for Pom atom amp. Ant1qee Oil vent Lior articles just received and for a ale Jan 16 b. Banna snipe in by in. By oct 19 4& n. Nathans. No. 9, Centre us Bloe Ruck Viii al a. Blues Blaski Grey a cd Roix a Casaimer , bid Green Yattow and White can Bonfim a Quot. Nils. A. L do do. De i do i Muslin a Ira so Linen Black Glecen plaids in says and negro Blotna. and gloves. Cotton Umb Relus. Ladies and gent Lunana Boskind bearer and gloves. Irish knit and Germantown Bose add Home Gatin and Bombasino pleated and Plain ticks Quot bleached and and Wojton Dru Colum Cord silk and . Do. Crape it Dot Silks Lacea threads tape cd tons blankets Coati i Waddings Cambis is Rispen. Dew ticking English fri Nch and american patterns to. Dec. Groceries. Rio Java Lagoria st. Domingo coffees st. Croix Neis Orleans Havana Sog amp a loaf and lamp a Quot a. New Orleans and Singac Honse Molob ses gun powder Young Hyson soon Bong Ponchon and Bobea team. Prepared Cocoa and Cocoa Shelly chases and Bakers chocolate zealand amp Spanish a do a variegated Palm Brown and yellow Srap Coaum a baits uan kete. Co a Luli Inam Ludm till French and Enoish bomb Axine Boiu Rad net and plaids Kif ,. Monster Paras i att velvets an satins a Denom i a Sand White Dors alb a a. 8alp, tit. Emetic. Rate net and Dis Ida ,. _ a a coloured Whir and fian hels and woolly a hosiery x ticking. Check and Dri Uings j Russia Stetu it Ganddi per a Good assortment inst Linen lawns add diaper r a figured and a Jilin Bobinets Lites edgings. Do do swisse Nabook ufos Lins a Muslin in senies and edgings j. Bishop Slawki and Linen Cambric a leached uni Lina Queen await .hanltrare.ae. And lamp Onia. .�?Tbuter.&c. So. Amp a. A 1 Fornale cheap counter exec i a 1. A for Sale. 100 ton plaster v kit a a 150 bbl Liverpool ground salt1 so lacks do Fine do 40 by la new Mackerel no. 1 and s so half bbl do do l Andis 10 or bbl do do 1-and.s st bbl Rve whip key j. 50 do superfine floors bags Strong the Ted i Erffee a. 5 or casks Lisbon wine h i do Jii Jde run Root Korea Mineral Tbs opt do. Pict regl a a Isom 68 to94 l ,8auhitrp,,b1__ mentioned articles Oge a a general Aasu ment it of Ponti i i a Jan Anderm Oike Lerned to a amp in risk do a or to mans . 10 do do Sweet Melaga Wise. 10 bbl new Bigvand rum a Book binding a Ife wone a Fhy bin to be Botma can have them i three week a nonce by Lee veg the Fox i Anbe elber i. A it a a a b. Bann i did Java Coffi. Id bags prime old Javo coffe Antenor i Arf article for family use for Aale by 1 Doc 19 5 a n. Nathans amp a Quot Good ,.azz4rd% Quot inform ,the4 clix Ensoff us the Pumie in eth Rel that i Hin be ill it Tami Imd gamer of i cited goods co nailing in part of , Brown Olive Grey a Daihai deter 1 mut�1�th�dododpica�aimcrea,do Dono i Ett 1 Rod fellow Green and White fian Nela by get and drab flashing has tip and Genoa Corda a Peter Ternai Canton flannel napped futian for i Lineta it. Al Fedj u. Borax do s. Form in general a Lull assorted listing of Windsor Large and general assortment of fancy Windsor Char my i for Aale by. Joseph White amp son Jane 7 29tf mount Carbon. Coffees.�?40 bags Superior High scented 6y Rio. Old Java and Duguie formic Cas Jan 2 7 \. Whips. Whips i n Bannan Haa Jot revived a fresh sup i Tow ply of whips for Sleigh ing together with i a in assortment of thong a which will be sold i Jan 23 Lus of Core for age be . _ has Juat received amp now offers forsake Albi Astore in Pottsville Rowand s tonic mixture of Vega Teble Febri Fuge. A Spe Crifie and Ashing Purefo Fork store poits Villo sept. 13,1834. 43tf a1 geography Europe. Jal and statistical Chart of Rihino the boundaries extent. Superior Green h Black teas. No powder Imperia renin worry by f4>�h�?o other of Cong mid by in to Tiest find let key that the pot Ovule Hariiet x j b la of far a slowed d a sters per do xes a Fried do do i v nested do do Venison Stoke Pepper p it per bowl Piet f�4 nov 28 43 i cheap Ulber Dell afford in sea. Pow Hon in and eco extra Quality and latest importations. F at Iago May i a a a a a a i a a cloves Mace Lapice Nutmeg Pep Sia Quot 1. Olives Capers Pickle anchovies soy carry and Cyanne Pepper Mustard raisins almonds currants Rice. Cheese cod fish. Mackerel a and pick led Sal to on herring moulded and diet candles sack and , table do 15,900 Spanish cigars from 65 to 325 per m Spanish and common do. Pipes and smoking tobacco. T liquors is w Ines. Champ Raigns Cognac american Brandy. Holland and american Gin. Jamaica spirits . Monongahela and Cornmon wet sky. To Madeira Brown and Pale Sherry wines. Sicily and Marseilles Maderia de Lisbon sirt dry Mataga do Malaga. Muscatel Claret do Champaigne do boots a amp shoes. Gentlemen course and Fine boots and shoo Boya. Do do ladies Gaiter boots gom elastics do Morocco and Seal walking a Boa do Prunell Denmark Satin Sbol a and slippers children and infant shoes and bootees a. A. Crockery China and Olan wart. All of which we will sell at who Loyalle or retail on the Miosi reasonable terms or Exchange for country produce. Store god tavern keeper Are invited to Call. I Dee 5. 10 do common Brandy 10 do. Do Giai Superior old cognate Brandy do Holland join. Josephl c . Dec 11 5tf new goods. Just received and for Sale by , no9, Centre Street a splendid assortment of seasons Ana i a copy letter from Willom l. Hirtes. I attorney at Law a no 63 so a la devout a it. I Philadelphia. A. Lake Ionia. J r Philadelphia february833. Dear Sill a oui Pana Eean has atom polished i a cure so remarkable. That l feel bound Toje Rufy it. My brother lug As about year Ainee. Nil a flannel napped fus Lianfun silk a Encia swaps Down Tum stand a still i Vest a Lar Assort men to fat Iai Pundt go co a bred Jirinzu Aam Kulk of table cloths rus a and. Bird Eye coloured note me Mil Muslin Blackt and Brov n hoi is Drain and. Out a us velvet won Len Yar i Wool a nos us and Cottoni Meiy Tibet Eash m i and Litton shawls cation and silk Handke clip Cal j Sud Bra vets India French and italian a iks flt a , thread Bobbi net and Cotto l Isles a a gigs hmhn8f i1d inserting an Ault Tea Matt of rih adds and Gilloon. Irish linens ten pm afro Linete Yambrick Cambrie Taconet so Pimp and booing French and English m goatees circassian Bombay Elfes ,j9. L x04, li-4,f12-4 ro8c blankets and counter uni a gentlemen Buckskin Beaver and Hoskam hive to. Dies Bee Kin Silken did gloves and to i ladies gentlemen and childrens shoes Aud Hoo Tifi Roarn and bleached Ains Lins carpeting in a a Rel mint if pm try made , Ray Andi or Seal Caps r a a a a a i Quot , it qua Ity ens Isu k 3een6wj 1 visor the Licu Hir i it i v ,1 id 4 i i i b al 1 i 9 j i i yrs a Ngi in part of. Wines cordials Tinch common Gin old Mono Brandy re whiskey barrels and half barrels superfine Jurj Saui bythe barrel Oit ii Brandy Abri and and Tela whiskey i or non a and 2-May Terel Ini. Duir a. My butter Heise and Perial Pecco j a. X Jost received and for sue a april l8 22 j Beatty. New crop Rio co 1,200 Dags of Green Rio part Superior and str double bags just land i splendid prints i Fust received from new Orkand Abdad a a Proa a Large assortment of new goods v Mong which Are. F Lew and Fosby Ona ulc Pettsi a a do Merinous cloths Cassimeris and Satt Netts Cotton and Woollen flannels. Or oct 24 49 to a j.beai1 a Jacob a Jmel let Pis Tewia Vang j Arefi ised the it entire interest of jct Henry a in re Bert Neligh in the Tere at the so oth wet Corner Titre and Market a Treitlein the term ugh of. Pot Takiue for Marly Knoten a and conducted uni Tho firm of Nee a a co. Act pc fully inform their Ablie general a a a sin seat the a Ligh Lewis Frie fid and Theta a oni inning the the Firmatu a a where they i and former or lowest rated. Tucay ire , More Guidise gym Eynes i Joec sware. Cloths Cassline a. Caner than that they intend old stand under Job Bull be Happ teis Lork Wip a. Opening Large and sex Laul ipg Piniera woes hires i so gloves a fool st co. Imply their friends Cre Handtke 1 at the addition to their to Western adventurers. Mitchells travellers guide throughout the United states. Do. Pocket maps of Ohio do. Do. Indiana do. Do. Illinois do. Do. Michigan also pocket mops of Pennsylvania and other in to received and amp Sale at this office. Sept28 miners wanted tan 1 news from the Lead mines in the North of England or from Cornwall will find Good was afflicted with a score attack of Siscro filfus Ilis Bead was completely covered with ulcers so thick and close that they grew one Verthe other and his face and body were covered Ateo with numerous to raft he was under Iho Noet judicial Buck Ikia Cassimeris ass once colors 1 Medieth treatment Gray steel Iri it. Lava Der and Blue Stamets least amendment get wig voter Ferdaite in fit a two Petersham Draband Bearskin coating i variety of remedy a was. Used according to uie red. White Green and Scarlet flannels a i regular practice of Medicine. It was upon e Totne Blue Canton do _ Ibeh be was looked upon As incurable Lam tit few solved to pro Euroy or Fen Scemla for him the amp a. Wilbou Uny change of his cult Miry diet three bottles and Urbont one Balf iof the fourth restorer hug. To Berfect health. It is Dow two years since be was jeered he Remidis Well and is and re bust As any boy of Iaac in this City. Asifo prs respectfully \ Swain the following letter from cd eminent Mcrury character wifi Schyo a it Ebow the estimate in which Swaim s Panacea is held in Europe. Extract letter from major general son of the British army to wihiaro.8w Booi Joira Sua Sluja june a my dear sir Usu must Ettril it solely to the effects of indisposition occasioned by a at tack of Erysipelas my not having sooner com Whf Klimp we a a a Vougill Mccoull a up ble goods consisting. # Superior Black Blue and Oxford mixed cloths do Virv Maibie Orcen Olive Claret and dab do do. Blue Blade striped a a id Milt cat Meres do a Buckskin cassimere assorted Colora do do do a a a in a a a do do do woe Canton do a sheeting shirting ticking. ,4e. Also. Fall prints fashion ble patterns. Gingham. 0ks, French and English Merino a Cross barred Muslin Foi ladies capes linens lawns and Linen . Embroidered Crape worsted find fancy shawls al8� ,500 pairs Phi Ladera. Manuf cofoed boots and shoes amp ladies Pru Nelfo and Denmark Teton shoe a ssh opera do. To Sibug Sprine do do Morocco walking do do Seal Skindo a do j do Gaiter boots. Do gum elastic shoes. Do fined end furred do childrens Goat skin boots la fonts kid i do gentlemen calf am Sealskin do. Do coarse water do men and Boyo Boom a. A. A., also a fresh Alao Rupent or Gre cd Rirs consisting of Imperial inn i Boarder Youing Hyson pour Bongard Souchon Teab. A a a Porto Rico. New Orleans st. Croix and Havana sugars loaf and in Sprat 1 my a Toffee new Orleans and sugar Hon so molts Sei scented pot of in �?�fdvcha�?op6"e Brand of ship Charlesi wet of Der us Tutsi Ara As a amass so we ssh a guv crackers sperm Reh and can Ibin Oil together Witzl a variety of articles which he Leiu self whole so to and retail s Mot a for each or Countey produce. A ��1� always on hand a Ernst at Euph of Opl off bloating poleder and i a Pool s . So Penof is so t i a fan highest Price Given to talk fori of nutty ,.j---. A i i i. A f. Tbs Liras Jom to entry merchants a Fiji find it their in Ernst to Cal As they cat be furnished Frith Moat Irti Cua Kay a no a of nil Good to Ntim Vas it they Cottle Iro Eurt Froin Philadel Peiyi Ort i 48lf consume Jon cubed Indian 8&Quot of Fhi or a it Itira Wipt sons Pic a i Hiott sept 19 44 Isop i a i a wbarton1 a. _ f inf port Clinton foundry also in store a fall and extensive be tut enters i Fonn the inhabitants of Poos Ruffne team. Sugar Mol asset spice i al uie and its Vicinity indigo Gin spirit Ranty to no a no in font Ramon. be glad to fac. A ,. For Sale do accommodating John Harding or. Grocer 17 South water Between Market i and Csc sent Street Philadelphia. Oet3l 50-Fimo 1 cab wheels axles acir any other Ltd Stinski White they Promise the execute1 it promptly . Parke Ati Krs. November 3,1837 a 51-Lv 95 the foundry will to in blast every other Day. ainu us a a a a a s i cannot close this Short letter without assuring Yon Thal Tew More fully appreciate Ilir a. Of a Tono Pindari Niakan Joys anti Dyr peptic elixir 7t fall find Winter foods. John Clayton thankful for pm of tenors i Safe and expedited a cure for indigestion or Boft lie in and use Ptlq-11<�dy�pcpgjsthi� Medicine my Lio in that be by Jast received a offered to the Poblic. And general abort Kieril offal and Winter Good a it prepared by a ,jno.3s so ref i 1 Phi Ladelthia. Pin Adelphia. A i v1 Abco Tonying the Medicine. of the Discasey with directions a. The pamphlet a delivered no in to every pc Rama 11 ice. One do its per of consisting in part of Blue a Foo steel mixed Green Blaek and in sible Gre in olo lbs. A Blue Black town and Osney Buckskin Henssi ube w1j�?z Meres and Rose blankets i a Supply Eft be above ingrain a Cotton carpet i ranch a English me a for Ajege _ b. Bann an. Rinses. A. To j i Blue brawn drab a mixed be Kikm Cassinette a ung.�?, a 5. Green White yellow and red flannels Cotton flan Encura ment to go South to work m the Gold Green a time of North Carolina. A they it Tell to employ. November 29 8-tf Nels my a a a a a a a i in Yusui a a it a a a jul a a. I Buckskin Bever Teeps in Rev and Lyon Skio cloth live assortment of us to work by contract and engage mints a vile i part Otic Goate Hare Camlet and Camlet plaids i either for 3.6 or 12 Rah Fluhs. The mine 43�?T4ia< gcto1,n Bod Irish linens Tell Are in a healthy i covers Tibie diaper a u land we be granted free bleached and Brown checks. H As have families capable of prints French Cut Mai printed Mer poes _. V t a, wait items Tielu nos Silks Sal -. Kerchiefs velvet.,. Marlind ,1 re Sioni Vest thread Cotton. Lawns wifi diff Blan 1 a. A. A a or rip lag lir ups by Croix Newt a loaf and jump. Hew or mrs Anil Sui. Gnu Law Der Yonng i pin shop and Rohey to chocolate id spices Brown i id yellow Soho cloves j Aee hut Mega i wow pm we a re end Keg rain Corripio him Rice. Cheese Odfie a Mack Moulds id diet handle. Seek a pm by Salt files six smoking Tel Spanish half Spongh r a re liquors a i is is Tettoni us and Eor Mont old Iri in wbk key am. Kab gland rom Anc Lisbon Maneini port a Assort Dettlof of it. Creeks Tichina gum rtt Tenox. Sans Estle run i test to g port reall of leh Wilberd Lse or in Ereki Ngo for ctr in its Titt Prfu Ite a a i dec 70 a s3 Tiv. In Fain by onto vol Iduix a be by to try it of dry goods Feas China Glass a 7�?o innels muslims a yarns prints is a bawls band is bikes fringes coatings plaids Downs fam1l y m in i Civ eve i of his tend Cine has bees found of refit Efficacy by i amp Thoa Binde in flew to glad and elsewhere oct i Ike itt Thaap Ait to Kim Hafif Lydan <a11m Rita inn. Tii Eftem reaped oven liner bul a he a a. Friends could have Antici Steid a my constr Turon i received such a Shock from Meyere a Wui grids and a exposure to different climates Mirit probably i rendered me Piore susceptible to suffering As tin pm Case of my acid set from my wit i me and crossing myi leg which had previously been injured by two severe gun shot wound end 1 have Ite hesitation in say my that to the effects of your. Panacea in which Ihne every Confidence i Myr attribute my speedy restoration to Are several people at Cheltenham anxiously inquiring Efler you a. A in a. In a in a in intone Wil Kivel Nantt. Juip Jiwu is Asa ass Tojim. L valuable qualities of your Ines Mablo. Up Nazca i fran my Elfi j 1 remain my dear air truly yours l t. Pearson. To or. William swum Swaims a Panacea mor toy hotel Trafalgar so paid London. In gratitude to my by be hindi idly Jar Giza to Rqn a Freeman of to atty a of Lane Aeter. .--vjewidpi7t�,. I a Occum Ponpug. A ii bottle of the Spedick pointing out in manner All the symptoms in the different stage of these dist ves song diseases also particular fire Ottona respect ting regimen a Are to conduct through every Ete a until health is re stored for Vail and a a mesh 0� prescriptions of the Ahl ratio Psi Carmi with the us it st put re or Folk and us a Iii. Jie Dicmas it the direction aare pot Faite Skuy Edl terotto. A a the Pohlie Are info Roett a a a Persona have Beete Tekev a Eforo proffer suit of Tenc Aoto ,._d in toe most de Rato i Tew of Coas Pip lib some or wich in Radeta do i birr company ing each a a Supply of the a it a _. Itt ceased and i for . A March 21. A a pm a it a Hite 8�bs�ribera received a Large k and general a Star intent of in hah and satan 1 dry-,�6&��s,.i .\-.,v a i a hardware. A a Glass a Queena Ware powder Iton Grid stones 1 a. I -. Flmr7plartw.c.dte j j t addition to their Render re a a Teri men termite a us rom Deto. All of which Aro offered formate whole Salomor retail at amen run Neil no Tom fit ish rip in for will kit in a Wyiss win we a Sheet six a gratitude to my Bene Ferij re in Cju i Price for Cash or in Exchange for factors As Well Asfor the Benefit of Teany suffer-1 country prod us a a v j. 1 ing afflicted fellow beings in st Jur Cire Mitan i the highest Price Giyen in a Ghifor Alt kinds Ces i deem Ita Dutto certify Tara Thaye been i of country pro knee a afflicted for Bont thi Ricen years Svith site Fulvous ulcer or what was called ring a evil. I had Many tune ones on different paita of my Hod. Jotch White a. Son Dee 27% a Ufal Boi it Glenn a compound a Reosti. A Foj this comp Pond we be found be for the use of such improving the q editor of Liia paper get 24 p a pods snap m new a dig ainu Ana Eil Etnere k tha cur of ail those disorders called bilious dispel Sia. Ague Costi Aeneas Lon of appetite affection of i Heximer. Bowel comp Luzj r Aney prims r rain a Quot a a r a a. I. Fancy Marino shawls and ii bets veils tees and i edging. A i notice 9 Uci a Yogi Unpi Liioi for these dil forent complaints it is recommend Rantt speedy euro recommendations snot Ribera having made a free use of we the the subscriber grateful for psst favors re aspect Folly informs a friends and the pub lie coffees. Ufos angers. Do Loose i Cassia and herring. Common Segar Ines. Jamaica Spirita r Hick a by the bbl id Malaga wines shoes. Ware. Ground of or. John Hughes rom we cd bib a Feid pipes into Bis brewery for the Taining a fri a water watch will enable him to Supply his former Tieps Ardai Lihme we May favor him with their a Bottom Beer ale and Porter a barrel or Hali barrel of the Best que fity at g. Yuengling. Jan2 to. I 7-3� a port Carbon. Naring fund society i or she port Carbon saving Futty set piety is i now Raery Dey Twete s te3 Orio Katl the Offlee count and Deposit for tee Purl 1 pose of receiving deposits to Ely amount pot ex-1 i eee Diug 3500, from Nyong fan Intieri of4 per cent us and no want a but to intent will he allowed on. Us Parte a a rhe whole or enl part May by drawn ont on giving a win to tool four weeks at the office on mondays the. Business of ius so a a Ety will if flowing office a Tiff manager Raj of jul the my j Bobiney Jackonette and car bricks Blaek and Foncy sinks. A Cotton laps wadding fur and hair gum and lived Over shoes coarse a a arid boots of every size looking glosses of Laita a sir a it my i in Mure. Vic Ulii Etc Jilch uis Jcu w Uio cure v i in tins nerf ,4 the Diana act we afro believe it t win Eft us a ors Gro Rit Queaa Exeen eat Medicine for fat a a Debilio books god Ftnat Sontry. To pm Flat ordeal Aniag Patata fora Neh a it amp a who a of see a theut up acc a ithe patient a though taken frequent but for eat a or exc tinge proof be. I the stomach re. A proper Tony by Mauning the dig a Otisville oct. 2fi835. A 4b-tt Ilion and thereby a a so sting the a ppm to done to forget the number three dome be Low Tho stage office inc Onfre Street. Portica Lurly on my a Bek shoulders ride Jud Knees which broke out info Large hides those in my neck and Teroz twice so bid until was with Titues diff Salty i could Swallow my food and Dirik As it would frequently Rak. Tut of the it let in imy no Elk. I likewise had Large j Hole or ulcers on my Sho Aldera in pcs arid sides of the bodes a Neom Ueli As i was unable to walk of do any thiring whatever and was confined to Roy bed top greater part of the time i Vris obliged to pin bed As. I could Nat lie for fear of Buffo cd Uon. I had a arresting arid a a a a be Ping Tho in a Pleat and j rendition Swee lining the breath re Moyie ter and Tel a Yin Imin aus cd Cari i it is conf dry by reroute ended to fhe a it. K . A with great de Vintage to the Attis. Same time Leavtey Ori agree Able Iran Tim in the a a a a Quot Quot a a omit to in raid Iri this a vate m any .3. Luuri Conenna Peculiar in amp Vij 10 Remote Oora Tio tin the Sunna Chad Bowel and in coring of. I _ in. a. If .�?~js.kreido. ��1 i a tied hoi weaken of Aiu Tuaau utry Iron toi Ouy Jiu Nui Bijj i bid Bomor. We Belg ave it Wal adapted to die cure a a. 1 a Quot a a a a. 1 a a a a 4�? it a b. Amuse is banns a has Ontl Recey a i tee Fidlow Irig a nosing singers Magazine monthly pails Book of Matrimony ,.boo of Cottret shop. A .1 Book of Iveys c fray to few vhf Plant la Tep a a s Shiek Bif songbook a journal do of Apo the a Book "file.&Quot,a a in a nerdier sheer Fol Amui Emente. I Supply of j each .12 do 12 it Laj pm a a. Daniel Burroughs. A a a a. Goa a. 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