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Pottsville Miners Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 23 1836, Page 1

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Pottsville Miners Journal (Newspaper) - April 23, 1836, Pottsville, Pennsylvania1 quoted an i Wenkui a a lit Puma mum Lute or Monte tub Ensco Fai. Cuu Kiik w the blow duh of Pomet Tok volumes Tok Kisop Pojl plication. A two per Tangier payable Stafi annually is adv aate i an not a pc a Dir twelve Liae. Will be insert id Bree times for one lob to or my few cent for every subsequent user Lon or Ger Onea is. Id dieted to the editor on re Taii Xoai inn Henttu a a Rita a Ai on Nee Tod with the i establishment Traat be poet Pic or they will not b i attended to. It agents for the i user s journal pal Betel Jonathan Coffee merchants Coffee Sooae Weyl. Samuel hitter r. M to Contra Art for later and carpentry Pajl swim be received until the first of May next it tin Engineer s office at eve for furnishing the materials and pm a Rueting the True and 1 Oad Bridges on Twenty five a it or the use or the Philadelphia and Reading rail Road next ores Ding proposals will be recen cd at the tame time and place far delivering on t m above portion of the rail Road 37,600 White Oai to Post Oak or Rock Oak silts. Lite said qua to b i Aeron feet Long and either round umber ten i Nehez air diameter before hewing and flatted e a ally on both riles Toa thickness of Tern it he or Square umber Aeron by eight inches. Plan of the Bridges a d. Bill of Timber and Iron work will be Chi Betti a and any farther in Forrest in which May he required Given on spat the Engineer a office at Pou Grote Wirt Robinson a Deer Phit Delphi i be Reading Rati Road. Philadelphia March 6, �1836. 17-8 Topcoat miners w taken req tue Iii Dachto Temi Mioma Rte Sak Mario Himm Nuitt Cavatoe a Urraca Vrat ii we. Oiz Tanner Attu Alt. A to finn Sylv Truilo Puiul Fly anti is �5st saturday mor tyg april 23. 1836. Sals of Good Hov Sebouh. I a to be let i Fra Hgt he Large Sloas Booss Stoit oar boo lately will be sold at Public Sale out saturday i Tho Remenn ref Uwi Sfayer Esq. J or the 83d int. To the re Idrese of Tho Ufa a a it a of Flo i _ .5�p�?T a Farquhar Lewia Meyer of part Carbon favour. Chainer a Potts due april 9 1638. Si-3 and Kitchen furniture u great n i piety of article och a soft Chaira tardy a i bureaus a. A i it i relation. In Wei cum Twiss Vul up i incs r a. _ sideboard and u Large Quantity of 8iu. Re he have Una Day Diw olved. By Gle and double bedding and bedsteads All in Good \ a Quot a a i to Oyent the is partnership 11 had mned1 it Tana Hilt al Long a Black Man my Angela Aung Timil a Sima Between at Sale in Conan no at 2 o clock a. M. Coal under the firm april 9 21-3. Requested to present Ufa same to Charle Lawton and those indebted to per the same to him i Charles Lawton. Issued oat of the court of common pleas a Artin Weaver of Schuy Likiu county and to me directed will be Faur Vule March 29lh 1836. Sheriffs sales. By virtue of several write of Lari Fantl issued onto Schuy Leitl county exposed to Public Sale them. In the bar Mesa of Man Inland transporting Coal under the firm of Lawton to Weaver so Persona hating demands against said firm arc a a from the italian at mum Ilia. Pm of the same Blue witchery a Bow i of Parche which a aught leva in he on Wiles ups of the Reeth and Boe of Tho red n it that move hut with Kin words and smiles a Power of motion and of look Obcas thaa Toad bar wan to a War birr this Yaag was Anu Abri re rag. Why la my idea to r with the aide Ray female Aamot pipe drink bag of Thieke and m Broad scotch hot All Tea t Rick Post Bare Aad srams tace ptts Pipa Aud path 1 Botto notes a Yat a a Daft Mtawa Aholt i moral Lea m her Eri Ioulia 11 a or Ards relied i Biar away admirer i the poor peat Andrw Tho another the Cusaao Susara Bat a or Zartt the 261� april Gauvin 0,1. S 7 a. A a a a Vul f. Ii a aril a or ail Lemaw Ike Ralstom m Hill. For Coal dealers. Arf acc Ramod Ilion Lor the stacking of to intended fit a Pilj Salea chiefly mar Feir terms on one. Of the Best Barres of to the ext i it of 6000 tons by soy com or that Quantity by two or More if up Brooe the paily might attend to the i or Eek to Gand Deli rering Ide Sittie ild Bei amp Coom Mode Ted with the Ose of of Scales and if so a part of it should be to heal upped and facility which would Ith the by Ivess of the advertisers Giren. Apply to West Dodgson a co. To Bank Lombard st. Wharf. Phil jute 37. 15.il Selt at the Boose of Joseph Weaver in keeper in the Borough fort Ringsborg to the county of Schuylkill at one of clock p. My a u that certain tract of land actuate in big Schuylkill Val Ley it the head Waters of the big. Schuylkill at the commencement of the Schuylkill Viii pm bail Road in Schuylkill top Thip county Afore said at a Spruce tree Fen lied of the new it Ork and Tuse Rora Coal company thence by the same South 65 degrees West 83 Pere lies to 1 a Stop cd thence by the same land 4loo5 the Road lading from tas Caron to Tam Quad West 48 1 Perentes id a done in lie said Road thence by land of George Reber a be a. Auth 811 degrees wests9 perches to a Stone Cornet North so perches to a Stone North 2 degrees West 69 8-10th perches to s Stone Corner thence by land sorr eyed on War. Root granted to Alice Brorn and Samoa with Crid both dated thy 8lh Day of november 1793, North 65 degrees East 63. Patches to a Stone Cor. Ner North 24 Denim a Cut 21 perches to a Stone Comer and Bents qpf#6$ degrees East 61 or. A and thence by the said York and to Carara Roal a teen East 2i perches to my cd taming 90 acres and Hereditaments and Appnrte-tf-4 two Story pkg Der Ealing kit huf a one Story Frame dwelling Bouse and Kitchen and a est Story log Dwel Liaf House and a log stable. Rave a Uby Cobet Cootie Retro boy to new a of ii la it tic rerun imaged in bin or eng had transp Mog of Coal a a and gored opon in dream and a tubed Aud take Leava to req Oey a those at to May a to hot breathing Marble could not realize their Sipply of Coal trom him either from the j 1 Gate vein or Lawton cultic re peach Orchard know a ethic Pietre there to one vein or i 11-Creek Cullier to apply direct at can Call in pencilled Lina Anietta her Pottoe or to or. Charlea w. Bazeos on the so whom. At morning Ubea the 8ohu rlkil1, Philadelphia who a Hia agent and who rec Rire and a hips his Coal Only. It Charles Lawton. A. April 2 20-4potty Nellc. I vies a find j Cornith Wilder a. Frt Orty or lion Cornias Minera will to i delighted o or her free of of Iowa rare u the ringlets of her bait. W Andera. And linger _ jts a deem the Hebe at Jove a Faa Noet a dare she who it evening when her Finger or can the Harp and Wake its Barmo oies divine _ seems sweetest voiced and loveliest of the Nice. The minstrel at the Bow Era of happen Eye. She when the graces nurtured Ether birth. The sea Bora goddess and the Montreat Maidl came from their Myrtle Home and Fibre blending pm Morton Joy with mortal mirth Nee chef to b too coi land of the said company of h is the place of 84 perches with ule uces consisting Hoote and a Frame anted on and after the let Day of May next. To work at the Tunnel on the Harrisburg and Lancaster rail Rcd. The highest wages will be Given for Good Banda. The Tunnel a Siloac. Edet the a a lag of Elizabethtown a Lancaster and Dian said a a fair sister be she Mino county. A. On the Siuri Aberg and Lancaster in her hearts parity in Beauty thine Quot Turnpike and in an exceedingly pleasant and the smiling infant listened and obeyed healthy neighbourhood. Apply to the on the work or to amp fianna. Fonts via a. In w. Snyder april 9 20-4 contractor. On than of desperate Rama views that ceo Shock pop tie and so Long been Neath oar which webs the Quot Mek Mil Looe uts de and shrink which., pore i Tion by the r Tion and my moral purity and a it Miner i should Baya which a Onidi m our i a thin Votice. Tub unreal meeting of the depo Attica in a a port certain saving fond society i for Sale. For a re i i boats of i Colaru apply or to the sol a Tow Sale two Sehnal Sccott Modlung terms. F. C. Boyd owner Iber a Oatsville. J. Clacton agent. A the _ _ ill be held on monday the 2d Day of May liar at the House of pole an Rand 9 o clock in Tea. At Tern too when an election for wits managers to a i. J i conduct Tea business of a did society for the cd a. Jit the stunt time mid place All ing twelve months win fake place. Tbs polls that certain Plantation and two contiguous an Wui be opened at 3 o clock p. A and cd we is 7. Adjoining tracts of , lying end being a. By order of the Board. A Shay Kili township county at re l. Whitney said bounded and described As Ful i april 9 a 21-3 Secretary. A loss beginning at a atone Corner a a a thence by a Odom a do ird but it Urey Amrix North 66 degrees cast 61 perches to a a a la persons Are hereby cautioned it out tres i Stone North sad Grecs went 28 perches to a a a passing on the property of the subscriber Rooe thence by the urn and land of Benjamin situated on Tbs mount Carbon rail read in nor. R Morgan Esq. North 66 degrees East 52 per vegan township known by the name of the Sev. Ches to a Pine Corner North 61 degrees East 37 a Enty fire acre tract. A Reward of fifty Nuara a ctpi.1 i Ditner a political Loafer Tomb a we see daily a cup from the Cincinnati Farmer. It a the vary life the been ii Rai the very men who support oar pure i Bald i cent rulers and expect a sly Cal from the thirty ofor Fiandt five Mill no of the Peoples Money a _ i sport Esoff Peter Brash was in a dilapidated condition j what Togiak out at elbows oot at Korea out of pockets out of a Phant Agit t spirits and out in the Street an Quot oat and enter j Ahapia and 6j in every respect he eat opon the Enrby Sokie Lions of their tin to equal a we feat. Abena i knowledge of oar Trad hat the ground we Bare to ceding is Bobow have near at hand _ dire Ling or Plepel a that a of Hia Aebig limb. Nth amp Ignoc wilh mors Chib or than is Felt by the heart t Aad feb of Garnaat Maht toy been led away by Templa re to fed Tea Bittera Raof its to know that the Day of it Bearc Osar that to bats in known of which is ignorant add All fibr Matfen be Bren Moat eared Nelly Demtd it to in our sorrow a ban be with and have made h. F and follow traveler a the the Cotton to Jas. In like a oar Eft to feat Yang or. Waad Fishr Tea Sre Reury of tto Treasury. A Den Tel a a tuft Maifert Topfer Troj a i Weigate Cwi aim self Fefa Akaah tto rapid ice Range of tto growth sad a of Etta by Tai a Ore Retty Todd Chat dead Quot. Las for set foreign us Tau Reibs prepared Srere inferred to a a tto Secretary so Alanl Lap re Nad la no. Ing Peen m readly it sled Furby Ottto Ianes ban a Taliya. M har Ejot town Pabi Atod by it Earpsr a tto Ferre _ of to Yap a a tire the trails sad at Tellet of a Etta fer of which a Are of or Howard. And Ito Rapatt Kofa annal internal sad Valas tto great Dacia to which it relates being of Ilia he Spaet Unete a a hoi the three Grant a Butos of an Iio Oal in Netry a a Gried tort Iiene re Rte pad Ana it a Ftp to re so it i re Atto tame Gie air tto it la Tea dim sat a a. by be Imma aaa tas feta in Fefe Del Tosun Tes % Progress of the entry the. To re a in 1791. The a Biju que to to Naod in a Parte Otto worm afew a fires do Pond de a Beret it of two Tai Ilimae Ware i the United states. A 1834 the wide Stanat was 900 idiom arhereof.460 Nti owns than Bat were in tto. United state Fate Lefel tto Manity Raiend has de reared Ift by infer �a4 a tto rest of Feo nth atm Rita in anal with a Ttoe except in a of , wife ate. Sreap Tow of Egypt and in the West indies in tto nil. And Sites the Quantity raise Din 180ia<noaled to 4& Mit Booe of Poa add in 191 l to 8d. Miffins in 1691 the a in l83i to ass al it its a. 17 South water Surket pallase Ufeu. Fer Akla a Mecom Modling sugars. Croix end Porto fico Orleans and Bauanen Vadea Ivanas White Ana Brown a a do a i doa and Lump. J. Coffee a Ray old. Brown j Nyre Porto Ircena a ago and st. 1 Chocol perches to a atone North &9 decrees nest 33 perches to a Stone North 61 Ile Grees East 95 perches to a sum North 30 degrees rest 56 , or. Pen bus to a Stout Tokoe bar Laud part Oft i per tract sow doctor hitter mph 62 w West of perches to a store North 30 Degoei West 86 perches to a store North 62 degrees East 102 perches to a Post Theolee by god Sor veered for Lewis Audenried 4jf co. North 30 de a graces West 32 perches to a a tone i hence by land of per dither k co. South 56 of to 251 perches to a a Tope thence by Hod of Duida Fox North 24 degrees West 33 perches to a store it South 66�?Tdegtecs, West 142 perches id a store. Theolee so land of George Reber Esq. South 24 degrees Casi 117 perches .1o a Spruce tree Ocker yes oar i and Cuba Soe oled spill be paid end text too Tad of Ary Peroo or per Taos found Cut Zix Timber Broiher sue trespassing of said pro Peter. Rua Woolf id Geol of n. In. To Drift pot Brill Panl 9 21 3 win Tau. The i Moriber to feb runs his friends Sod Tbs Public that he has moved to Tho urge Brick Rul Liling near the court House to a Oville Bud a copied by Joseph Boyme where be intends to keep a first Rale hotel end boarding la ods. Hts table Wilt be Well a applied with the Best of Market hug end Hie Bur with fat a treat leaning Hie Bead upon Hie Bend his How being a that general pieced upon a stepping Stone. Or. Brush bed to Tod mad for some time been silent absorbed in deep Bis will who thought which to relieved it in Lerv la by spit-1 nod order six ting through Hie Teeth forlornly into the Gutter j monstrosity we at length Bra egg a de Prigl bespoke. Fit. Kind of Beauty Dpi to Tell me pot oot your Trust in Prince of and the Imga Lar i Hev it. Noce of pm never wanted to borrow. More Rema nothing of me. Princes Pooh pot not Jow Trust j in Poltak Rionero themes my a a there s a. No two medium in that. Has t 1 Hren serving. Mra my country there fire years like s Patrie going ,�����1 of to meetings and Huzzah no my Dayog hts oot and. R to coma pros. A 1. Ral Beaty in tto works i deformity in at a find or Ita Over. T is Root Teo by i Calla Toad a hear Craa a a a j hcs to created in Thone outward Liuz Besta prom Thorn a 5 a tit Bill _ cd at Fife rom period he ouch of i and Saith Western fee Fen. Otto test Fay Merit red in raided h tto thied 11191, toe Tod a Lii Alf of Lento wore id so Fath cars Ina end the Ether tolf m Georgia id Ifill Yir Giusi rare Edmire my Fiatoa Neth i Fife Booth care to. Twenty it the 1 Don to All i Ian it Xiv. I go tits n in a by save i Niovi. twi know Harar Matij Buhek and broken new for the Good he Ibe \ Unity of our illegal rights and All fer a Frau Why e i Quot fer Nix. If any Good has come oat of it the Coon try has Pul the whole of it in her pocket end swindled me out of my earnings i cant get no office republics is ungrateful 1 did t went no Reward fer my services. 1 Only wanted to be Home that a that is a few to deformity and is thai a Flat by there is of Defon nit hot in rat notwithstanding to Ere a Tore up a Feniane it a a they become Nam finns than the principal Tehneh. Turnr. A. T of of Fly tto great Quot and land of indeed the abridgement and yet it aria tto fer feed . _ Oma Neweth Down to Bona and Smith the re Eidde h a god with one part to fur by Arib the. Other his Heap Cly that the fire must first Mommy Beo barn Intens a to that a if morph divinity in a Sod of do stick Ether or est if h exam be grave and cd the Naile end commit no mate wee tre Orgia the swot i Reilly. Of being 69 Mittons or Moa of num j next i was. South Carolina Raning 13 in lib Itoe Tito third Mieri Kri pm 70 Pitt tote and it Fiona Alt ii. 65 of Leitoi. Bat in tto Acyl year. I8r Ore to Sci vgo a decreased te75mil to 66, while my Tope Itin Kitsiu to 95 h a dec him to a Mito Wahidi Nufi net he Impf trifly a riled capital invested in the duct on of is rim. B Wei mated a a a a �h., Itok. A a. A pm be Psenda Redan the Enre try ene handled i Herb and fee rest a Dpt few. The Manado rapidly increasing. Three years ago the a a be Rhoades. No i add2 ditto. Teas and in Hayoo Hayato and Hyson skin big and soon being a molasses a Hooke a Phi Dalphia and new y Ork i Orleans and syrup i and other West India spirits i Dye Bordea of i Jar no i Rochelle Armaignac t India. I sad fish Brand Efty Rby cheap Forf 4 and Sty Ryu and Apple wines a Korfi to of Fife pm fee up and cargo and Maracin a a Madeira Brown Gold and pals p r a and other Brand and dry is. Is casks and boxes Ionia do in casks and boxes Cordi Ini Sanaa it. And fruit s in boxes and tog figs and a Naomi Quot a spies. Con and Mac pm Iii i Pepper Gager fee dyes Bengal and Spanish foot Anu madder and South 65 degress West 81 perches to a Post want in just. And every attend Tob paid to the Comfort of ,46 perched to a pad South 10 degress East 40. Bis customers a continuance of the Liberal Pat to a Post sooth 80 degress West 31 Par a Roo age hitherto extended to him is respect Blly i Ches to a Post in the old Calta Wissa Rood thence i to listed and citizens and strangers Are 1 a attic by tend of late James blew now Daniel a to give the a a Union Hall Quot a share of their custom. Rhoads Wrath 24 degrees East 144 horses will be faithfully attended to. Perches to the Petee of containing j. We. Henrik. 553 scree and 58 perches strict measure with i Dan Vic april 9 21-3 the Hereditaments and apart Enance consisting 1a of a two Hue. Fog dwelling Boose and be log Burn r Henry Edar or. A 3 Story Uvero House known by the came m Coal and commission merchant Ike Tuscarora Hal 3 one Atory amp be did list Boraev and 3 to it a tory Thune a a realm Boow and e us Fobe Lebov it properties Rte a Rte. A i it cot Iamb of a temp error Quiri Baniog item. My come too duty of cold will Rati boards. Lka new Turk Tad Tea tron Sotl Eon per he to Comro Speed Var King them of to Eurto i it re no _ w. But most ended Ali Ribeir spent Root wide. Is apu9 213m Cooie qom of the by shoot or a tort a it a too i 8utr of a. All Sci med mod Ren to Pic Alioff end to he old by Henr v Stinst. I i Ofir Ort a Boqi s / april 2t, 2�s38. \ 20-4 leaping and Dock. Fertil Pheb Zielphia. S former 1 John of Effilea la. I 1 r Ichard Illius it Plum Delphua. Jacob a ter. A Doob Tfir it Timie. Apu9 comic cd a look Careo and by vent hindu it being took a care Ore. The main thing Republic. Amp on. A a a a it to to Toto grateful. I m swaggered if they a in cume _ with me Quot said Charley a diag him along. The 1 Bov painful take care of you. But what Mads you a Pouti. Hare made Ennery has t Yon a Good Trade Trade yes inward Man Bat what s a Trade when a Fryler a got a soon a Are with ind my a Hole <00 Trato i loved my country and i \ reflect or note wanted an office a i did t care what if it was fat i reas around of and easy. 1 wanted to take care of my cantry moment to Narf i wanted my country to take car of seems like the Headword is the Trade pm Mads fur. For talk j strip and won my that my line. Talking in Oyster j Esfera a inward and fit a be Bur rooms and where. I ran talk All and enrol 100 Day Only stopping Lor Mote and to wet my Serhis. Eft area in tto 1 tie. Bat Partiss is Ali Hake. In been a a sides world had not a tried pm and i know none of them gave ids j nor taught any thing and i be a mind to Knock off and Call i it half a Day. _ j May not tto j Mead Honey onto the can. A a a a in Chango we Edh Yson 1 a the occupied As a eve we rarely Panas to a change Are in Prog Accident awaken of for a the Surk of time of an enchanter and #6 a moment util we i that there ates thong by _ i they Warp Twe. I ofe Ariy years a a and the to _ Quot Quot 1sssdbsu experience. R omit o on Raj its lung Paide. I Beard that or. Smith the composer Ori Jessie Quot in. Was Xcvi dog there and i proceeded to his rear-1 to Rath. Tote and notwithstanding its Low Vito Alion its j and veils it in -1. I a a i Fels al of prep Tab it a or close court Entrance Sod bog Steps i feh As much reverence As if to i counter the Abade of some Antiquity. I knocked at the door at the a Teslof tic East Nara Era a Hofei Road a a. End Sudjai for rent to Farod Aiso s _ i ennui be sold at Public Sale Fel the Huss of j a gym. Mortimer in the Borough of putt. Volle an saturday fee 23d Day of april isl a 1 id of ground is the Goraugh of Mio Ermee i county pm. Which is erected a Breck unit shop shop and Braa Saundry. This property eras formerly occupied by j. Be c. To Bema and a at present in the meet Pency of Ribard Brace tto sit Natica is owe of the Best in for bashing and rap string rail rond j Cara or fer Sty Liber mechanical business i teem too is was a ill be great on the i 22d Day of August next. But Tho purchaser Wib i he entitled 10 receive the rent from the to of 1 May Rak title indisputable. I a Augustus Leopold a Andrew Russel. A a Anrig ses of j. A. To Vaatz. I april 7 51-3 at Soho Ludl Haven Aad a go list of letters renaming in the Post a office at tamil to april 1,1836, which Wib a seat a tto Ftp Simmat As dead letters if not taken out before tto amp at Day of july not. Margaret Mayner Smith Moat sit salad the act of bras filing the stocking a of tto Toui at i subsequently saw , a a stent Good bum wired looking Gad than hot i had not an Opportunity of speaking to Kina How Ever i Learned that tie bad prevailed poo its Sens a Mourek Waefler. A Glasgow to accept to a song of in lira of 96c. Which he owed him and Toad u Ioco Yenfen top a. That was ail the Remnsn Eratico be Rykr re cursed for it although Sarreris wads suffice of by it to enable i him to retire from Hosiner a a with an it it. Ten Nasik. The Anitori of the Stuffl Wane off moving Given the 1 or. Smith glad that any one ahem a Brobst a Toto wifi of Cut Qawima. On monday him a to set Bis words to to Nick Conser array tto 2d Day of May next at i o clock f. A far. Be did a Strain one for thug by a. . The Purpure of i Eek a office a to cow net the at cry. Sad wrae fee per Tiu cd for a Landing at port Carbon. For terms and other particulars apply to George w. Farquhar. Pottsville april 9 21-Lmo a 7k til store Cifen a a it As car speak or in Fiat n bit Dot Saur tit s. E. In mtg of the Miner Swym tean my stir Tara of it Lawaan. A notice is hereby gives that the annual meeting Otto a a said company Wib be told at the Hoasie of a needs. To Root a a a tour trials with while our strength the kingdom to of Ell earthly goad Aad a which Springs of which Carai Down a but to most in it i of Bonfy fight which 1 mind tans comparison May Lily and with gratitude tto we Ore sometimes hewed do they Sofii. 71a a retry Fafe tto i Terem a top Nib be Deposit in the three pet new York. Assents to two Wolters a Dev or Atoori 973060 per an Mun. Tom Tarot to tto gift Millious distributed thru ugh to posted Fluhs roue try Tinl Stoa me h Dhotre. Hew Many vate in Tion pure ass with wit Feay j by qty win i a Cas to Kongbo by Thea daily Trif Ssiss of of Fefie by Studt la it unfit fir any Peu be that Tot aare Mcva Rinest with tto pm War Kanag Tuda tora., Anesto Nadraga a of aet Idi Klipfe fer its Trivit of this Coutey to Pine into hands a few sex satire Heas Dea tto Hano few ref Dawa who to derive Fiomar tto actor path go a Tzoc Toto to septan age tto to Offida Pat twit tto Public land Petrew sofa the Anay Aad nyy patronage. At Taos time of judges and Todic Cleera at How a a a Reata the a. Inal gift of three Millines to to Ditrih Wisd a a to Wib. Moat Areray Tossiy. A. Parara the bid Flag of tto nisi Rannalt to Are us five tto g Tortoro fight of sprays like s temp end the mtr in Short there practical 1 fairs Otto cd Tifei for the is. April 2. 20-5 year. Orst. Secretary. A Inch drafting Teper Jot Recer cad is fer Sale by b. Hannan. April9 in Caritas us Baricev a m Argos i Bas for rto1 starch get and brew. Deseado for her into Bat Lead and kf�fr.ffra4fl Torad Jares u a Alft a Lidia goers Abs step toe Betal an stews Tab Greaning a few Asan of new Ato of who i to Nushik. A hew a a Raser hygrade Ato with extras Difili Salty Opp noted go once to left his native town Pairley add tried his Fortune a Bohol Oenar Manchester by Wasseto Cem Fol at that time Quot Jetos Quot a the. Rage throughout tto kingdom a to he fish Rolfe met Fry of a turks Hamiag the record of fair a a appointed apse whew to had keen Sarah Piero a Umstadt Tail Koto a Tontor Jack Jiw mrm m n. Nathans Feo hint i Tofft Wule anted ten Gato boat but Duro to a tool bpm Satama a Dalagar fat Fitzi a far Tot a Toto. R Bannan. A variety of bore of Boot. He a l 1 2ft Elhat a i hrs no Flo. Afar Detorr Kramer Draa tem Goth Fem do Tama Toft a. Or err. Ato Waal did Loa Taal he. Sou oot Tek Speaks ites end Arnot or few. It tour the thing spoke a a Law a a it a saw a Figlio. A differ rfcs arts Recti Pirty a Thurola him and Oaly Means that Gad a 1 to repair tto Weartha of Man upon pm fact again to to Elfy Bis Ift Ato a tto Whsle a. M a Toft a Aly to the a feta to is is Tom mkt Fofi a Ltd a it a Quot Watt a a pm Tonu Toff a h i. Ttorp a re afar Poutto Laferr trial for a two tto Viberti Raof Acy Peayler Statos Weh a tan fri to ird Powert Ca any reflect i to a Totok engines Tow i eyed to Tasha to to single Ito Isid a add Tot Maleto a Toto a Galoforo tto i fixes of this Nam Sletz a attn. Of Toeng toil Aisic. Am torn a a a Hagre Raip Howort Olto birth Fey to , a to the at afford re me to up part. A a to of wrong tto Yacint. A hero to thaw when to six Hondred War Amaru idled. Allroth be Tyaere Crul Mobile having a aim to tto term rat pack a table properly soph de to Thorf a Dri Restor. A teabag of a Tach. Thaw mid to Hatot in Fao Tod to hrs Tootsie re a fit i King. Saary to pry of a aay Jet for area at Anzac Famor Tadj 1�?liw Elk. Petofi Satomira Rasters Routou Tot car writ Toad Aad 6m. M to do Toju. Yanai was Cylc Tatad a thus Jas a utto a 1 2ms Ware rate to a Aunrik to of fluff or the afar Troto Chikla Itai Tod Toto Iii tto 1-�?T cart Oiin Toto Quot to
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