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Pottsville Miners Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 16 1836, Page 3

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Pottsville Miners Journal (Newspaper) - April 16, 1836, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaSo by am of ibis tracts of so id on or before a will coot it to we Oftos Spoor i Bonne so paper la which it tall to Earp 3 Andrew Thomy Jacob amp foil Isaac amp Heitter 4600 Oil ird Stephen dec d 1100 Ajo or Jacob 2000 a Geisenheimer 800 a at we. Hiester a a Boone 400 Bokr George 400 al Samuel 400 by to Andrew 400 co i John -103 her Henry 150 Keihner William.15 at Legried Lusbi a 1900 400 668 100 to 6q0 six a end r Baa Adver lived Sale unless the e second monday in of to publish from Quot completed for or Stu Are later who do not take f Are advertised int 33 91 it 91 24 98 9 40 13 06 311 49 74 48 57 54 34 84 19 64 ii 52 11 59 11 59 9 78 4 65 fb1he Tea dual meet the Ronghua Ata townships in the county of Schuylkill Are respectfully relocated to meat at their Jereral place of Bolding Borough township election of 8s tartar the 16th Day of april neat for the purpose of electing two Delegate to represent them in a county convention to to held Ai the House of Philip Boyer in Schuylkill Haven mint aim township an saturday the 33d Day of april neat for do por peae of nominating a candidate for the Assembly to be top sorted by the freemen of thie county on Satut Day the 30th Day of april 1836. It we. Bosbyshell jus. Henry Guitie Christian Berger Frederick Beck april 9 91-3 standing committee 400 d i Ertho j. Hiester a we Stark 14 69 3 400 i a Orahn rdc 400 Donaldson John 400 of try Samuel 400 Alcan dts George 400 by Peter. 400 Beaty Herman 400 Robinson Alexander 400 berber John 400 st adman William 400 m Neal James it .400 h Twel Joseph 400 b pay Simon c Isles Barrington 5 tracts 370 a it Seraiah Piersoll 400 William Vialon 400 George Ashton. 400 Henry Toland 400 Jphn Friece andean George Lun Exinger Jac. Or. A alter Jac. And Trot than 3 tract Tsoa a Troutman frontman a Cooper 3 tract alter William Hakes Jonathan j. Herring amp co. 7 Itman Charlea 9 Trageta Oyer Henry Oyer Henry now a do. B. Bublic us sub. Pursuant to an ordet of the orphans agreeably to the am cowl of Sehoy Luni county of monday i Tajo us Ltd . 9thdayotmiydsxt,at5 aet a p. M. Tompar Takra Nhy a a a a Lbw Istat Tito Oft female a film Iii a j i footer late of port Carbon decanted Wilt expose i a a cd �?om11?1 to Sale by a Niue Vendor at the Public Barabe of inn Tod id tura has we. Mortimer in the Borough of Pottsville a a Quot m he certain Messuage tenement asm Fot of it Hond 1��? a strata in Lawton had Dilion to port Carbon of 8lr� let a Shay kill Donnly in breadth sixty i a a a up a a a the a Day of Ajmal 1841. 4�mmlilun my. a it Richard willing Jacob a a i Law it c. Dougherty Fittl Svitil. Aa9 / two fifty review of tub j4abkkt. Foot in length or depth one Hundred i _ feet being lot no. 93, in Lawton addition i to port Carbon excepting he Stone fail j Coil that May be on the premises Lato the estate of said de teemed Charlea Ellet 1. A administrator by order of the court Jos. Morgan clerk o. C. Ort Garborg March 30th, 1836. 92-4 1 Hoy it Koch Agler Beniamin Fidow dans Feiker Barbara Filer William Eist Frederick Tirk William Ontman George r John adman William in near junes Aell Joseph Jno Boyer Jac. Hubley i. W. Tryon. Warrantee 7 40 flier Peter be alter Jacob Stevenson ser Isaac us away Joseph toe fer her Ira an Arranterea e we. My person or Heiry blog Frederick lolling 1 w. Jackson j Lindner Daniel f do. Do j in. A do j in Ley Edw. B. La Mith John Imes t. Andrew i Linter Lewi be Benjamin tier John a Aylor William a of William rank it Hunt Zorger Ordecha Piersoll i twi ibid Sis. App Daniel Tot. For Stephen Girar i deceased Jown Nathaniel a Jain Jeremiah torrid Isaac Lackson Edward Oak Idaho thou Pickard John Ighile Robert Tope Israel Yoch Edward Bell Janie 400 i Jtb Mathias 3eo 6o 4oo 19o�i 376 384 42o 399 187 194 419 9oo 9 99 9 99 9 99 9 j9 9 99 9 99 9 99 9 99 9 99 9 92 9 92 9 92 10 60 11 52 a 52 11 52 ii 52 4 20 21 18 1 75 1 02 9 47 1 20 2 40 27 30 5 41 i , 1436. Wll eat Feo i the Load waa worm on it it Day 66 50. Wheat 1 25 per ouse a demand Rye flout 2 28 Par cwt in demand. Buckwheat flunk 2 00 , Rye by the Load 08 coat soy the Bushel a ready chop 67 oat3 51 cent a ready talc potatoes 33 . Corin�?65 cents per Bushel in demand t1moth y 8eed�?62 00 per Bushel. Flaxseed�?61 40 per Ashelin Dat need. Wh1sk�y�?81 Cenia per gallon. Bltl�?Tter�?l6cen taper Pound a Ink leg Aloe Oats eggs . Lard Lucent per Pound. Tallow . Hams 14 cents per Pound. Corn chop 65 cents Peron Shafia demand. Bacon�?11 cents per Pound. Beeswax scent per Pound. Feathers toe Enta per in mud. Common vvooi#�?40 Cental expound. the bbl.no.1.$8 50-no .2.6700 �alt�?62j Perol. Sope Bushel. Plaster a Worth 6650pett-un. °11ay 616 per ton. _ do Willt end Tiu Villa rail Rama company. Poulan Clima april 6,1836. An election for president ten Man Gera treasurer to serve the above company for the ensuing year will be held at the office of the Schuylkill navigation company on monday the 2d Day of May next Between the boars of 4 6 of clock p. M. 8. H. Carpenter. Treason err. April 16__22-3 9 60 16 42, 9 so1 80 9 80 r 19 601 by the Amoco Kate judges sad Cem Mission i a a i Eta m said county of Schuylkill agreeably to the 4lh 1 a a i dec Tina of the eel of the 7th of april. A. D.4880. A list of wholesale dealer amp retailer of foreign merchandise within the county of Schuylkill to i Gether with the different Clamey Antler which they have 8 63 j 6 501 6 so 6 50 6 Ixer Michael Doore Kellog 2 22 7 56 2 77 8 40 2 80 9 78 1 11 08 3 25 3 25 1 45 16 80 11 20 8 40 2 18 8 40 28 00 Joseph Kern 8amuel Thompson Ball j Lewis. James Sulyman or. N. Nathan 4c co. Miller 4c Haggerty a co. John t Hax card t. H j. Beatty gain Moore Samuel Hertz a co. Pollock a weave John 6. Ernst Joseph White a son seventh class. Sousville do do do do do do do de do do do 612 50 12 so 12 50 12 80 12 50 12 so it 50 12 80 it so 13 so 12 80 12 80 Pottsville water Cemp Rwjr. Ati meeting of the Stock Holder. Held at the a a Public House of William Lorumer. On tuesday last the following persons were elected directors of Samuel Sillyman William Mortimer Janet m. Beatty John c. Ernst Benyamin Bannan Jacob Seitzinger Etc a Caleb Parker John j. Shoemaker Andrew Rastel at a Masting of the Board of director a Naan exam w a chosen Prea Deot William Hoe Gurty treasurer of said company. Potia Vilie april 16. 33-3 Alfred Lawton John Ely or. Potter Lite april 9,1836. 91-6 a notice. A a Fahe annual depo Attara in a Vtha b porn Carboy saving fund society will be held on my edgy the 9d Day cd May Perl at the Bouse of pain Autard or. At 9 a a cloth in the at Leroen when an Clu Tiou for seven a managers to Cood bet lift Busineau of said society for the Tum lag twelve months will Lake Plau ii Ted poll i be atoned at 3 of clock p. La dose at 7. By order of the Board. I _ l. Whitney april 9 9l-3 Beer atari caution in. Chi Titan a t the head of the East norwegian rail Road a a Kal immediately adjoining it for Lenly fluff. Quot f in Sylko doct. At Schuylkill haves a a s a Landing at port Caro Ortt for terms other particulars a per to Georoe w. Far Leflar. Pet Sollit april 9 re Lino. Sale a Vood Rose Matt tanillaore.1&Quot. I Pihka old at pm ufos 8fo Owsai today \ a a get 93d the a Amease Oll of >4 is sir st pert . Parlour Chambas Kitchen Odra iqra comprising a great via of article Aochi a Row a chairs info. A As a bid aboard a Obb in Gle Dubuk Tab dding Bidwa Mayall a Goej Alsadei f. U. A 1 april 9 a a Sim. A a Tob Klet a the Large state Bouse at port Cahrm Maloly a the it Tidence it Lewie a syst Foa. For text reapply to Geo . Fadua Victr april 91836.j 1-3 it a by Virto of several writ of Latan Buafo. My Ito Oad to the the amut of com Poao. �1 Insl a lot of ground la the Borough of Mil Forque Schuylkill Conatty on which is Eree Jford 4 stack. Smiths Bop Wheelwright shop brim foundry. All Persona Are hereby cautioned it on tree-1 this property wat formerly occupied by j. To c. Peeing on the property of the subscriber i Thoms sed is at present in the dec Pancy of Sito aled on the mount Carbon rail Road in nor-1 Rishard Broce the Ait Matiun is one of the Best in begun Toama hip known by the name of the Sev. Yrtti Noreine for building repairing rail Road to tar five Are tract. A rearward of fifty Douala Cara or for any other mechanical boat fees. of tit i of be Bayleih Leanty to too directed or the will Bazold at Pumi Sale at urn r we. Mortimer in the a Omagh of Fotto a on a Imu tie 26ti of of Tutu Rilk. Of Satartia the 23d Day of ajl int. A Ujj to the Boom of Jodrph Weaver to Kap Iview a firing Good velvet Genoa opening a Ven Large assortment of velvet cards. Be re Rteela of Eakins. By amp to also striped plaid Zig tag fancy cloth 8tnped Bave Naen a new fashionable article for gentlemen Wear at the tote of the subscriber la Centre st. Pottsville. J. 8illyman. Or. April 16 22-tf summer cd tic a in opening at Ike store of the subscriber Potts a Ville a Assof test of Bine. Rack brawn Olive summer cloth now setting ten Low by j Sillyman or. Panl 16 ,. 22mt be paid of detection Convie Tian person or persons found cutting Timber or her i wine an said property. 1 Rob. Wood de a agent of n. A. To Oren. Potts Visei april 9 91-3 Schut kudu wharf lie a Asenct. He Enbe Ribera having two Large Eom Uio Diona wharves on the West tide of the Schuylkill next to the permanent Bridge will receive ship Coal or sell an commission on the most accommodating terms. H. Black1ston son. Philadelphia april 9 1836. It 91-4 n. B. We have constantly on hand a Largos for tent of planter which we will sell at the lowest Market prices. Terras Cash Puto Eskiene will be a Given of the 98d Day of August next Bat the parch user will in the to Foagh of Orwin Gorg in the county if Schuyl Kinfat Tab no clock p. that Tori Tain tract of land Aityata in big Schu Yihia Yal Lay at the head trat Fere of thu big Schuylkill at of a the Schuylkill Valroy Yail la Ead p Tschuy lib font hip a of fifty for i a id beginning at a apr care to land if to now York Toa Calora ceal company theeb Tain tract of a lauding foam Toa Calora to tit Nabbi est 4b Perelie to a store in the said re do Townee by Lauvil of George re her Esq. South 81 degress wt96 per Hub to a atone Cornet North 80 Peri Ocuto in Rion a Forth 9 degrees weat 69 8-�oth Parthay to v 1st of letter8 remaining in the Fust a a a a a a a a land surveyed . Office a Tamaqua apr i 1836, which will Wjt granted to Alice Brown st Nihil we be act to the department is dead Burn if not i Bill hath dated the 18th Day of november 1296, a a Quot North 65 degrees East 69 Steib ii. Oar North 94 Deg Tea West 91 Perche Tori Etc a May next tide indisputable. I. Augustus Leopold Andrew Russel atom Gubera of j. A. Thomas. Apr 9 51-3 taken oat before the Fiat Day of july next. George Allen Margaret Moynet Stephen bitten Bender the Neilton Ann Twal a a a a for ladies dresse8. Proclamation. By virtue of a warrant Fram Ner mall Eswarthy Esq. Speaker of the House of of i he cum won wealth of Pennsylvania Sod to me direct Thos Braning John coup Isaac Dodson John Gamble Andrew Gotshall f. Hager doctor Hunter 9 Jacob Herrington if Liis Day opening o8hr for Sale at Che stare of a the subscriber one Hundred pieces of the later i j. A Moat Fatahi Nahle it get Lemdon French print of Uoss that a a Winaman awl . I a a i iciuwjiv8iub6in w in wow a Ted. Sad tested at Harrisburg the 29ihday of March Alexander Kreamer . 1636,1. Henry Kauai High sheriff of Shay kill i Barney a Coole 1 Ive notice of Tow Freeman of the William a of Foeh Sarah Pierce Elija of Otto Thos toward William Timony Melba Timony Joaeph Javoe Daniel Shutey or. Waco taking mrw Ewh Joaeph Zehner 9 Stepben Loehner also fancy lawns Gingham j. Sillyman. Or. April 16 23-tf Man hum the Waship 12 80 1 54 Smith James Martin Thomas it Eacy John file her William Adams John ease dec a Bidler Daniel Knabb Girard Stephen d ie4d 400 400 13 400 540 409 700 400 a Roberta Jease Walker David Seo Beeker Benjamin Coombs Benjamin Nighola Freney j l Ltd Ridgway Bonington Charley for Gedrge Witryol vix. William Steward a do. Do Boma Rees John my Cully Benj. F. West John my Neal David Rees treat Jacob 4oo Davidson John warrantee. A Doc a. A. Gee j. G. Hehr David Watkins Joaeph Dorfinger Jere Daytona Job k. Fel Nagla Adam Aylor Jacob Kim Rael John Kantner i Trephan Taylor Jamas Giu Ingham Charley w. Clemons Joaeph Whitfield John Marram Moses st Roasa e. 4t e Hammar Joaeph Kamarer Jacob Hunt Tnger or. Leib a Christ so Hall a hash John Snyder Jacob Kaercher Caleb Beelar Paal Barr William Graeff Paal Brand. George n. Eckert Daniel boat or. Wilham j. Moyer Lavac Myera. Samuel Dep i Joseph Matt George Koehler George Maurer John wheat Jacob Kauffman Samuel Berka Samuel Boyer George dry William lagger Albert h. Duel Charlee Coa Samuel Oswald Monu fore Der Jacob Stem Augustus Hoff a co. If 9o i Anthony Stieberger e i Samuel Heilner 1 Abraham Trout Straub a Reha Nyder eighth class. Potta Tua 1 90 1 90 1 90 1 90 13 10 3 40 1 90 1 00 1 90 9 70. 1 90 5 90 15 20 6 1 30 14 16 1 40 22 83 9 7 2o 1 Gol 4 co i y Wayra Treest 7 99 4� Longa George the Coal Trade 111 i. At ril 6 it Holley Mth Ollery Tom Dick a Lowther splendid h amp Helen Ann Elia 5 m Elizabeth Bryan Borov w a Enn a l 0 Williams co c Lawton Del Coal Cut Williams it j Bou amp cd Peilet 48 Beata eat Campaigne Eagle Brand Jan 9 7 a Wilham Payne Slaughter Harris Hudson a act Edward Hughes Joba to Hull Heilner 4t sek Gama d. B. A a co. Abraham Ritter Tamer. Whitney a co. Daniiel Saylor or. Shineberger. William Huntzinger Joaeph a creep a Samuel Bowen . Krebs 8amaal p. Horning Lebbos Chapman Johr Pwu John c. Offerman de do do de do do do do do i. Do do do do do Orwige neg Dodo do do Wayne do Pinegrove de do do do East Brunswick do West Brunswick do do upper Maha Oranga do do lower Mabanta age do a Schuylkill do i do Zofio weal Pean do Barry want norwegian do do do do. Do East norwegian do do do do do do Mahaim do. Do do do do do do do do 610 of 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 w 10 00 look. 10 00 0 00 10 00 10 00 10 of 10 00 10 00 10 of 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 to of 10 00 look 10 00 10 of 10 00 10 00 10 m a 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 look 10 00 10 to 10 00 to of 10 �s0 look 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 10 00 look look look look d 1830, Domestic muslims. A pieces of bleached unbleached 4w Molina for Sale at the score of the subscriber. J. Sillyman. Or. Apr 16. Of Hummer Spring goods. Just opening for Sale by the subscriber a variety of fancy Stipe sad vesting for gentlemen special elect tin will w held in said county of the 80th Day of apr a Aso for the purpose of choosing by ballot one person to represent the county of Schuylkill is the House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania aforesaid to Supply the vacancy occasioned by the Henry w. Coded Esq. Oad that Yueh Wear. April 16 j. Sillyman or. 22-tf election be to Wen in manner form As directed by the Acta of the general Assembly in each cases made provided the Baid election to be conducted by the same judges inspector a that con decked the general election in october 1835. The poll the be opened at 9 of clock in before Eben of Fedaj Day. Silks. A splendid Tori Bidmon Bia Duple Tod Fig ured so a a to a lad Tel i yrs together withal Tai did Monnieur of the Utec Fiu Hion of silk shawls now open Ink sad of find Farnk by a gel Panl 16 Sillyman or. Whiskey. Ail bbl8 liquor for Saleby pvt Fott store Centre so Potts a. Sillyman or. 22-tf Viitel. April 16 my Goyim or mikes. The in Oliea my Loti. Situ . Ing the 2d brigade Bih Divi Atun p. I will commence Conti tru the Spring trainings a Tot lows 53d regiment commended by Gol. Alexander h. Witman whole regiment of monday the 9th Day of May 1836, at Reading. Ii la regiment commanded by col. Saf Cual d. Jacob�?2d Bata Donjon tuesday the 10th Day of May next la Bull Day of May Ruil 77tb regiment c der�?2d battalion c May next�?1st Bali of May next. I an wednesday the ugh handed or col Isaae Ycu tuesday the 12th Day of lion it Friday the 13th Day lit regiment commanded by col. Abraham Saig Fried let battalion on saturday the 14th Day of May next�?2d battalion of monday the 16th Day of May next. 30th regiment commanded by col. John m bickel�?1st battalion on tuesday the 17lh Day of May next�?2d battalion on wednesday the 18th Day of May next. Commanders of companies adjutant of regiments Ora strictly enjoined to Here their enrolments ready on battalion Days agreeably to Law. By order of a Jeremiah Shappell. Inspector 2d Brig. 6th div. P. M. Brig. Inspector s office j Windsor apr 9, 1836. It _ 21-4 n. H. It is particularly desired that every one should provide bime Ell with sufficient letter a a Archabal Atkinson. Ismea Moore Jyh Eph Cheater will Ian my Grath Wlliam Gordon Jan Eph Richardton inti my Hight Ferb. Williams p. M. Tolna april. 21-3 Corner thence North 65 degrees eaa<6lper. Ches to e eth to Corner thence land of the Mfd new York Theca Fohy tax to i com poly Aoah 75 degree cat i9l i the ply be of a Wintring cout i 104 Pernee the Ker Edito 1 Nantes con Bittig Dou trip i Bouse a Frame Kitchen a i dwelling House Kitchen mid i dwelling Hohto 2nd a fog stable. Atixhe a onetime i that certain Plantation two t Mejdi Huhg Tacl Bland Rit Oate lying a a in Schuylkill teen Sig Tonty. A bounded daa crib a i a Loert bog Inong at Friona i. Fiche no by land of Edward b. Harlry l end. North 66 degrees East 61 perches Sci t 94 Degi a tra Isk Laroue. Hurth Greet wet 28 Din Shii he to do a signed Hart this by Diazo led by Mutual consent Tbs co Parthenhop retire in them in the Boe inese of my log trek porting Cool Onder the firm of Luton if Weaver All a sri Tot i Toee intact to. Ofom. Weri 86 Perche to. Tow North 89 is into. Martin Weaver Pottsville March s9th 1836_. Percha to a. Atone thence by the same land of Benjamin r. Moloah eat. Nonh 66 Dewprew cur�52 per Ches to a Pine Corner North 61 Degaeto East 37 i perches to a Stone North 99�?~dleie4, went s3. I perches the a atone it truth 61 degree East 99 i Perche to a Satorie North 30 s6 i Merthae to a at Doe thence by Lata Parton the tar Orwigsburg. The Electora of Weot Brunswick township will bold their election it the court House in the Borough of Ottaw by Saywich to whip Wil Hokl 1 the boons of Henry i Mlih la town i of my Kenny hmm. Perche to Lafone north69 in Teaa East 109 him to u Phat thence by fahd surveyed Fiir Lewie Audenried Ca. North 30 de. Groet c4t 32 Percha 70 u a tone to Bercs by Lata afoot wanker 4t go. A out 56 a tear waat.251 Perchen to a stake in circe by Lydof Tafea la ave to req of Tho rho May wih j a note al of George Saer a a. Euth94 their Supply of Coal Iram him Eit Bartrom tl�it�?ok�?o2li Perczek to a a Proa tree Raynar. Peack Orchard Galt vein Boa. _ _ the Electra of Pinegrove township will hew their i am tinned the Bainto of min a doth 4 Sree Watss Petchko to n Mota. Riecy Goa at Tbs homed the Utah oui Barr now was-1 transporting of Colu heretofore 765 li48 Pia Hieu to a Diin the elector of Wayne Onwu Phlp will bold their elects it the Waw oreo Una Boll Inanc Efow to us town of f Riedez Storf. A the electors of upper Maha Taofo township will bold their election is the Bouse of Stonel Mowrer in said township. V the electors of Berry township including the boast Uther occupied by Michael bout now or. Brwn will noid their election st the Bouse of Henry said township the electors of lower top ship will hold their in Neil election st the Bouse of Huip a mss in Asid township. The electors of West Penn town rip Wal hold their election at the Houe now occupied by Moritz Waider in Sikl township v the electors of Union Erti election st the boost township. \. The electors of Rush township fwu bold Tbs a Geta Ermi Cle cuon at to but of Jobo Brzust innkeeper in said township. Quot a their is of John Eisenhower in their Gen said Gale Mem or by psych Orch cd vein or Miu greek Colliery a it Spalj direct at Post Grille or to or Charlee w. Bad Oao amp the 8cboylkill, Philadelphia who in his agent end who receives ships his Coal Only. Lcharles Lawton Apfei 2 20-4 a put Tovik. Corniuk miners. Urty or fifty Cornish miners wid he Quot wanted on after the lot Day of May next to work at the Tuchel pm the Harris Borg Hod Lancaster rail Road. The hug hot wages kill be Given for Good bands Theja Spoel. U situated at the Vul age of Celhabe thrown Lancaster county a. On the Harris big kid Lancaster Turnpike arid is a exceedingly Plemp ant a healthy neighbourhood. Apply Ftp the subscriber Ali that pert of Nen Regian the county i on the mfg or to b. Bofsch Uyllus lying Weston the following line to with i the Point of miserae Coo of the want i Branch of the Novier Schu Luli Manheim township i a thence up the East Skie of the West Branch of the Chuyu Ulfo it intersection with Barty township shall be Aeu Arate election data tact the elector there i of shall hold their general elect a at the Bouie of Joseph Mill in the Borough of in said township. The qualified voter rending in the nor Seriau Scha mad in the Cota Oty of Schuylkill i wit Tun the following described bound balt hereafter i april 2 20-4 contract air. A turn me we owing Moi my Noe Youit Oei Seuer i Quot a r ,. Be a sep rate election District pm begin Tang of the j soap Suda the Cork leg a round my u skipped by Garber Tina 20 do 40 he bags 49 s b Reeve is co. 60 go co do do do do do Wotier 10 boats 10 do 10 2 3 3 do do do do co so 00 80 60 21 470 500 5u0 100 148 in to Ranace of al act of the 7th april a. The Aeb briber the a Ocate judge 41 the court of common Flea of Schuylkill county together with the county Codnia Leionen of said county met caused the Dide Reut retailer of brei a Merchan Dix in the co my Afore id in the manner set Forth in the fore going list that it contain the names of All the retail a within our knowledge. Witness our hands april 1st, 1836. U. Kau8h. _ f . Daniel Yost j Amo Amu John bkau8. John butene a or. Chiup Osman. County commissioner. Panl 18.1638 22-3 the Day of Appeal will be held on wednesday the 20th Day of apr instant at i of Deek . For All such who feel themselves aggrieved by the abets cd Atli Caniba in to Coogias Mooers office at Lowig Huig for Asad county. Ira to in 2304 win Eliof the Siugery go Triine article for Sale by n. Nathans 4 cts notice. Filhe Stoe Beldare of the Davill Bridge 150 a. Company a a b�rtl�7 thou will beheld al the Boom of William Heune. In Danville of monday the 2d Day of May next for the Porphee of electing office to Rioa Daet us Tarim 81 a to cars tvs pm Beert tary log april 9 1-4 Saju Ull n. Leik 1nfukm8 the citizens of pot Ville Vicinity that be Hoe com minced the halting Busineau. 2nd doot above Samuel Harl a a store _ mediately oppo Aita Jacob Kline a a �?T�7ern, tax Ere be Inte to Khz Turrif Rin the Buri Nea in All its various branches pledges himself that All the hat Muaia cared by h a Ball be of the very beat Quality therefore solicit a share of Public Patna be which be will Endeavor to Merit by a tact Alteo Ike to Blaina a Supply of bulk Hala Caps Ilc. Conato Nuy kept on Hood for Aale cheap fog Cash mar 9619-4f Hoe Between the township. Of norwegian Man Beim from thence a straight Lim to the House Hoar occupied by John Penman including the a me from thence of the norwegian chum in of town thence to it the farm House off. B. Nighola. Esq. Including the semen fori from thence a straight be to the line Between the township of norwegian Bony from thence following the Low Niino line of Barry Ruth eastward to a Point a from Thesee a straight Tine Southard i the Middle Post school Bouse including the same from thence a straight line to the division line of Brunswick a Schey Likiu Fordi hip to Beonce following the township line of Brunswick Alan a hum Westward to the place of beginning excluding the town of new Cassie. And that the qualified electors i rating within the before described Branda shall hereafter hold their election at the port carbs a House it the town of port Carbon.77� elector of the Borough of Potttville. the Jse Tiee the school Foi Eguee. Muahe several Delegate cd Oman by the school director of the Cauty of Are hereby requited to meet at the court. House in the Borough of Orwigsburg of the first monday in May next for the purpose of determining whether a school Tux stall be levied it got. By order of the . Elijah Hammer april 9 _ 21a chlorine Teeth Wash the Well known qualities of to Ghione Obe do in purify Inge Maeroy have induced utile Auto Liana meet to prepare a , in which it forms on import knt ingredient. As general Cleanser of the Tomb Uta gome it Hie be equal. It Tuv Eoto be a Moi to Boruh by due my my mat tar in the Teeth prevents an unpleasant breath. One great Quality use article up Mem a Over every Pra Pugliesi Jer Tea same purpose is that it Heepe the Toetz Trueb Cielen while in use. A Price 37 cents per tattle. Just received for a air by b. Bannan. 7atechisms�?josl ree Rived jay15 b. Bannan. No Catholic a flow ring books. 1 Reeves droll eries or the a slap up Clemita Tai Cadeloro containing the. Fth Nieset of the funny uns Proee 12 1,. I the Yankee st iry to Dir s of an Book Annc Gre lecture a Price 19. The Book of comic songs a Usu Inch Sakey a Price 12. Fisher s recite spotter a Peyket books Price 18j. If do we Ginny Nigga Rosier arid mis Rippl screamer song books Price 19 nuts to crack arid repository Prita 12and. Tea comic scrap Sheet Price 95 cents together with a variety of acting Ziaya och As Uncle Sam Tom Cringle John Joses the to finish d grat Emoo inn Tang Turtle the Gulden far Tocie amp cd a Jost receive Kond for Mje by. April 9 21 by Bannan. Remaining part of norwegian a eth to of that part of maa Haia township lying 6etwr Jenyl Kydland the West Branch Meloee not u the 8e&uyuuu a need District win bold too at the hatae now occupied by George the Borough of Pottsville. The electors of the township of Schuylkill Efcy it Tompert which la a sexed to the fart cardio selection in tract hold their general election at the Taupe of Frederick Beno Ingar township. Tea electors of the Borough Otts Mosqua Whf Lutold their Electie st the in said Bote that the electors of that part of mus heirs to tying Soethe Ait of the four Wing hoc a comment nisi the township line if Wayne mandarin Tow Tajn on the sums Sredl to Beonce Afong the summer Hill one twi Gabaig Reed to Tea Bouse of widow a racier Tad Tea Boos of John Dewalt Etc lading the same Brace to int Meier hence of the House of John Saibert at the estate it rapids Thane to Tea Bouse of Jobe bust thence in the House of Fhi he Rock Thesee to the Bou of Jehu Bane. 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