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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 22 1849, Page 1

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 22, 1849, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia stove works and it we Yie foundry. Vassick it pc co. First i wharf Abr Fob to tit on the it Lassare. On hand and Sale on Itic not Rea ��3sonable term a very Large and hand some ask Kent of a love comprising la variety of new and tical Tuimil Pat items among which will be found the Follett in t a. Cooke a fax Otic. For Wood and Coal sizes Complete Cook 5 tight compare 3 in my Coin Peel a. 1849, Aso Dpi Firle oven comply fat. 3 a pucks Cotmil ton minist Patent Flat top 3 m Jam a Cnoc vessel ,8 a vue plate stoves Plain cop. G a to do do bolter a g do do do to b3c� 2 a ten do do 3 a seven do. Do 4 cast oven band Box stove. 3 a stye oven a 2 a do do with Collar on Topi 2 Franklin Keystone i Innon Steve i. G a ii it cd How moves Light heavy evil rider 8 Quot find item slaves i a 4 Atni top / a. 8 a re Diannir Flatmo a 4 a York Radt stunt of furnace4 a Gas Over a /. 3 a Lamander -�5 3 a airtight plates./. 4 Rstanley cast parlor tight a 4 a. Etna do do do do 2 so anti do do Radiator Ejna do do do 3 top Comptche. Patent a new and Superior a store a 5 Tea Kelt leu store and Flat Bottoms English. Bull hrs round and Oval bulged and straight Pota spoil sure. Mig pan a to tit All the stores. Sinks spout Irons. Hydrant drip Irons a the. A the. Let ral Rasit implied with Odd plates bricks 4te. So. Lib rat casting of All descriptions neatly and a of rpt a executed. ?bsf�5,�?Tl540. í5-5ino and Pottsville s general advertiser. 1 will teach you to Pierce the Bow Tda of the Earth and bring out from i be a Averna of a Kuhn aids Metal which Wilt give strength to our hand and subject All nature to oar be and . Ask Usu. A j a. A a published every sat ohday by Benjamin Banyan Pottsville Schuylkill Ujj Antt. 1.vol. Xxv. Saturday morning,.septfcmber 2-2, 1849. .��? furn lure fair prick. Of Titian t Paist Kii blinds a. Gressang is Sim announce to the citizens of pot Uville and the so Tiv Jil otes dec tin manufactory. Jacob m. Long pe2k grateful the libero in Ronase received re pm fitfully announces. The cml Rin of t it Seville and the xyr6urmuniiin�country, he Cuti times a at the old stand opposite Vatz a while horse hotel of Centre Street in the ten Nuch of Potts nowhere he keep constantly on an Ettenne and carefully secried assortment ref parlor and cooking stoves embracing All the old approved styles together with a variety of new it hrs admirably adapted to the wants of the Coal a Uhn proud Complete.nfl848�?T Pierce a american tight yith Brick top oven Quot and a Stew a Rte a Surat and Winter tight a arc considered. Jim those ivc Teit to it Uii eni. Probably the very Best cooking stoves that have Ever Herni invented. Lie with Confidence Calls attention to it great variety of a parlor and hiking stoves which is the largest Best and cheap Cit to to found in Tucco Uuie of i Chiji Likiu. To Anoke is cons Antly a ale a Large and varied to Csc of Sheet Iron tin and Japan Ned Ware of the jest Quality and at the lowest Cash prices. Tin looking and. All work connected Wilt that a Brunch of the Yimsin a will be promptly executed in a the by a i manner mud on the most reasonable terms. Misylo 49. A -2mf s Tov tits St it v p h stoves -. Solomon Hoover Contr of pc Ortzian and Railroad Struett. , i Cesarto is friends and ens timers and the ii Blic generally that he not Abas on hand the most elegant Assort j3. R in of stoves Ever offered in this \ w a Community embracing nil the newest and patterns lie particularly Calls attention to Mcgirk Golly a Patent p i Heater which i pronounced the bes stove now in it onto a Itrat Een Nomy and health. 1 have the exclusive right of making these stoves in Tirohn Alkul county. Also a to As Iron radiators. Empire cooking .stove.�, a Superior Arii Cje hotels. Willis tight conking stoves Wood Coal c Superior article families. Parlor and chamber stoves together with a urge assortment foral purposes All of Whit h will he Ltd at Mim indy Low rates. Tin and Jap Annel tin ted Jupa nod Ware is very Large and embraces nil the articles in a Puree which he will warrant to be of a cum rior . All studs of tin and Sheet Iron Ware manufactured to Otic lit the shortest notice. It Inrig to spouting. Ashe is prepared to of Rente. Tin roofing and spouting lie invites those in want of such work to give him a Call he pledges hims tel to do it cheaper and Bette than it As ver been alone in Tbs place before. The Public Are respect fat by invited to Call and Etam be his a Rock and judge them so Ives. Oct la till f c is co to to Patent tight cooking stove. ».7�?T off a of of the Day. The Suh Reber respectfully informs the Public that he in Ler Eully tired vim a Jiju in a the Patent right Schuylkill county. Ai - tin Tai Mia Ture and Sale of the Neil its tid. A neighbourhood that they have opened a furniture Ware Root invt Street a Fea Dao re from Centre where the have on hand a Large and fashionable Stock of furn Lurt imn bracing the latest and most fashionable style. U which 1,a beet manufactured to their order by the Best makers in our cd Tiff. Their Stock embrace a general assortment of All the article embraced in either Plain in Hie most luxurious manner. Bedstead ranging in Price from. #3 to $50, a and All 6thr articles of furniture in a prop Netlon. In their Stock is a Laree of up Helian Blin ilium window shades of the most approved pattern. Sel Ortea with Ereal care. Carpeting bedding and . They have also added to the Stock a Hgt to of carpeting of the various Quaeth a. Mid bedding to Call the particular attention of tho a in want of these article i. It is nor design to keep All the articles of furniture required in . And prevent the necessity of persons Goj abroad to search of elegant article of furniture All of Are determined to sell at less prices than they can be obtained elsewhere with packing 3�id Carriage added. The therefore earnestly invite those who arc about furnishing houses and those also who require additional furniture to give them a Call As they Batter themselves they can give them any kind of a to out they May require at a great saving of funds. Henry Gressang. April 7 15-tfl Alexander a to Martin who Sale and retail dealer in dry amp goods groceries. Teas . Amp amp a aah store on Gentru Street near the Corner of a Han Tongo to which the attention of the citizens of Fotch Aud country is respect Lully solicited. John. Little. Pottsville oct 28441 John 8. of Liverpool. I passages in the Ste tag a of the first a inst packet ship Mary pleasant Senam Lojah anal Europe sell no from Liverpool Philadelphia on the 1st of every month throughout the year a an be secured on applicant in to 8amuel Pleasants. A no.37 Walnut Street Philadelphia. Jame 9.�?T4?�?-y a Quot j. E. A Sireci architect and engine eth a to. 51 Furta sixth Street Fhi Hydal 1 rules drawings and specifications of contracts to erect dwellings layout the grounds Countis seats Emeteric doge chef with the arrangement of tree to give the proper of a also Char chef in Spital prisons. Water Feci w n jail ukr ibo cooking stove called the a Hicks county among the to inv lately Irir Roduco Ltd in Tom Kinc Sio is it is Mikno vhf Diin a on ran Marpa a this in All the Points requisite and Dursi Rancin Ihui in rest Arv article Economy. The fori Luy Wuh when hit is a Gulite. . Verj of tip get and despatch with which cookery and baking an a done at one and the same the Small i in v a Pon med at it matters of stir twi to All h in have Iru a i. And gives it the first rank among All the . . It Unn , it it set Civ its Peculiar facilities in a oud of is be Turc will Best satisfy those a he a in u t a so make Purchas and if will afford sit it under an i much to re rive Call and Atiz la a in Juir Iea with in a to its Capani ies and . The s Ore will in put up i a thirty Day.-. And if Tutund to the expectations of buyer to per a fori i As re resented it will he taken away without Chorro. There Are three size a nos. 1,2land 3�?�?and to i tin to Burn either Wood Coal. Call and examine >r.e. Omens iuit ready at the stove and Sheet Iron a Ware manufactory of the subscriber in Centre Street two door i love the Public sri mde where also any thing in his line of business May be had on a commode Jar �w.7--in a Bhairam St. Clair. A Anil retail clock Stork. .43s m 4hke 1 Ltd. Above seventh s Infa a m to. we can scarcely estimate the Vilue of rom of really yet by calling at Yjih no Tiv a establishment James Kubeil ��i�?~l�2-�d turn Isle his Friend Ammi a Horn he mrs ids All Olio Delv its Fleene. With a Beautiful and i refer amp jct marking Iti Progress of whose value Thev Caw . Uis extensive Stock on hand inns Lanny cell tonging in Enno Riim to the improvement in table and style of put Ern and work Manshio. In fit leu of and brass counting House. Parlor. Haul. Cirion car and alarm clocks. French and other fancy Myles a Well As Plain which food i extensive connection and correspondence Takii tin Maninfa Currry he find lie can Pul at Uto Lotc rash flu a in in a qua my from one to a thousand. M want Chen will Warren. The accuracy. A it a la irks repaired and warranted. Clock trimmings on h ind. Fail and a t me among , 233 Market St. Philada. Aug. 1&49. -___33ly 4 1 amp tis Liott and Tey Belleus Ksn is is the my by inhtl.e.1lk .-3.v/1 hf.7ml St nov next door to the miners Bank Centre a tract a. T . Pro jars. B. It. constantly on hand an Ivr assortment of wat cities pm in amp bin cog evry Tevlo Pincu and manufacture to amp to he found to tins country among which a inv nov particularly refit to the Eek Bra cd Gold and Pivo to i of Verr of my Tobalt a co. Jyh. Johnsont Rohrt Una Kem vim. Robinson. whose Manu. Lair. Have a cd Lull gun. to it ii a.1 Juhr lust. Nil vol ill lil v Livili also Olandt a aug wal., Tinli Rains est Virtu let properly Romine under those Nad it clocks in Salt a at iri to a stand i Alley artful is of try Dot Cristion. Llu aug of clocks Vry Jolo , d c., promptly Airt Dud to . Ii. A it unnecessary in advert so mint t it enumerate Theira Tock More Spect Ficay sul in a to in that it has been select d with much care Ami did it tin i and is Quot in Lext Nive to be round in the country. Their ton experience in the lm�inee8. Will fully warrant them in inviting the attention of purchasers in the full Confidence that they Are enabled to Sella a tapas any other establishment Here elsewhere. A dec list my. Roots shoe i of the Aid Larj , to. Amp j. Faster Are now a calving their of boots a 8 first rate assortment now offer at wholesale retail at the very Lowe Price. They have also on hand trunk y a uses carpet bags and satchels sol and upper leather Morocco calf skins lining Aud binding skins shoe a shoe find nos. ? shoes manufactured at Short Friend and the Public who Are in want of any of he Abov s article an respectfully i Quested to give then Call. May 8,1317. _ snit lib a Root amp shoe , fresh Supply of Stock very cheap the subscriber announce to i numerous cutout to and the Valdic that he a just received at his Boot and _ shoe store next door a below the office of the miners journal a trash Supply of and Shne of every Martely ladies misses gentlemen children miners ac., ac., All of which made up of the Best materials in a neat and durable manner and will be sold at Rales to a it the times on hand a Supply of trunks Valise. Satch ets ac., which will he old very . Call had satisfy yourselves. Hoot and shoes made to order. Not Hebest material mid also repaired at Short nntir�., Potts via up june in pm Smith to Isi a Unis Bright amp Pott town Hall Ikon store. A double and single barrel shot gun _ belts. Iti i Pom s of sister Ovder percu8sion Caps revolving pistols. Single and double . The above Are a Fine a i it mini of English and German inane Arfre. Table. Pocket cutlery scissors and Caz ohs a of the most celebrated makes. Rope hemp packing Cordage anvils Bellows vices and files blasting tubes wet placf.8 in mines fue Long Ami Short handled shovel made express la tor nor own ale. Building materials of i.orkp.latrhe�. Hinge. Paints. Of Glass of american German and Rigli a and steel. A Ilam tiered and rolled Iron Sheet flue Batik and aloof 1rrn�?~ . Blacksmith a ? ers amid aim to m saddlery hardware. A coach i r1mmjng with a varied a of Iron notions i aug. 284<__30 s Llovio 31 As v p a tory. Cagle works Potts ?, a Eit door a cloth the Quot american Liverpool and i on a Ork i Cassase Ratener. T of. Vav. . 4, co., 84 in a steer to saw Yolk. A dunking. Kimball 1 co.,. Respectfully their Friend and the a Metic that they commented the shipping and commission a business together with the general passenger business granting Ifim tes try Pat Page from i non a arts Pool Dohlin Liel fast any part of the old Rountrie Lofe ave Pavai Unstot ant Philadelphia of the mum reasonable term. Drajus and bit of amp Jean be from �1 to any amount of the Boyal Bank of Ireland and in branches. The Day of failing of the regular line of rockets As fixed upon Aru the 1�6th, 1 Ith Lgth it and of the of every Mouth. ship a re Alj of the Large clan. And Are rim Mandrid by inert a Rince. The Rah in Are All that can be demoed in Point of splendor Comfort and . A Bev Are Tiiu lied with every description of Tores of the Best kind. the Day of sailing will be strictly adhered to. A. Pm if Roi Civa a it Lutfi i.sarptr/u�,and stir Riff Are vessels of the largest class and those desirous to bring out their it tends. Cannot select finer safer ship pa#?ag�.�?~ can be secured at the lowest Rafes. Jvn be a Orleans line., of packet Fri weekly. Lorpu Sagior freight a it by As above. C w. Kimball amp co. 65the subscriber has been Ai minted agent till line to Schuylkill county. A ii enry w. Levis Mirie Reviue. Derlgmg-51-Iyl 1 _ jus. Mcmurray a i Cassase Agency. Aurant Emonts 1840. N. Hannan Pottsville. Sole agent. Oldest a3d tub dest passage Otrice to i the cited state the Guys crib re it it filly beg leave to tender his to his numerous Friend and the Public the very Liberal support he has received upward of Twenty years. And solicit a continuation of their Confidence. The despatch with which his passenger have been brought out. And the pm Pine a with which i very numerous draft have been paid at the different Hanks Are he Fiat tors himself a sufficient guarantee to the Public tin faithful performance of any future contracts metered into with him. The following ate the regular line of packets which rail punctually on their appointed which passenger will be brought out without delay disappointment Viz Day of Haimo from V. Jan g May g sept. 1 works Gan work �re., on the latest and Mast Apatov cd plans including Healion ventilating amp a. . ?1. I. In Bedstead factory be 80 St. John to treat above col Lotche la Philadelphia. A a u dealers and cab lei maker supplied on Liberal term. Patent 3crcw Bedstead on hand april 7�?T4�?~j. 134.vj . A Reeves Tigon a fail millinery ,j. C. Feb Yvo. E. Taber .ye.19 5�?Uta id strut Corner of Black ito ite Alky Potla Depula. A. Beg leave to annoy use to their customer Patagonia . The subscribers inv in the attention of i Fanner add do att a to their Supply of this fertilizer heir inti Sruti Jii and selected Ltd Vuu experienced super cargo. A a Rem dry it the peruvian. White Cotton bags but not it by ing like la it a government monopoly Era be afforded at a Lourer Price. U Only from a Dot uncut Ati be from our stocks Here at new York., j Rio utter t Olto Gliton. 33 Nierth wharves Philand Clophia. Sept 8, 1319.i37 1 a noting a my Given a mud at ship n am Patrick Henry Waterloo ser thin Henry Cuy new ship Garry a Jarw world Apt is. Delano , Cuni inh Nye Hunt Knight jiihtir.3klddy.ilm-Roscius, Moore a Thurton Ifo Viand West Point w ii Allen Sii hons in it by ships same . Ii 11 i 2 Fly a 2fi 2/5_ Feby. G g oct. I ii a ii . La 2g m 2fi 26 March 6 july 6 nor. 6 a 11 u Quot 11 a 28 26 Quot 26 april 5 aug. Dec. 6 a 11 11 a 16 1 a 26 v 26 a 3 Davs Sailto Frost Uva up a. Feb 21 june 2 on 21 a 26 a 26 Mari ii july ii a 21 21 a 26 m 26 april 11 aug. 11 a 21 21 a. Of it a of May 11 sept. Ii v 21 a 21 a 26 a 2� june ii oct ii in Aper paper j i a Pei i no Ai a Bank Street. A tire ten ,1/arjket Cut Ca Raniro and 2tf and Ste. Pittl Ladelie a Rivie subscriber beg leave to Call tint rit Elhilon of i Roan try Myers to their assortment of pm per to Bra iii the different varieties of printing hardware. Fri ring. Envelop and wrapping paper to it a tie Papel u Wiite and a so Rte a colours Ulso Bonnet and Box beards . A a 1 a being in Gand in the manufacture of put per Llie Olin a orders from Printer size which will be Niimd at ski yet Noti fair Uris of. Mathew Price either in Cash Trade paid rags. Duckett amp kmgi1t, no. 21 Banks. Sept. A 1349._., 37-ly.acyl Airall t arc Toni new carpeting Oil cloth window shades amp a. �oc., at the go Mai Toru no. 40 Yerta second Street first carpet store Beloit Arch. Just received by late arrivals at this port and from us Bent factories in the country Viz 1 it Grain carpeting from 23 to 86 cd per Yard Imperial 3 ply. a 1,124-�?� Royal willed Bentilan 75 a of Jondon damask 62j a 75 a Imson a griped 12j a 50 a Oil cloth Tlane hmm to.8 Yard the from 37j to 75 cent per Square Yard. Also. Spanish ital Canton Mal Iris of All widths and styles just imported and Sale by f Richard Roberta no 40 Second at., first Carpel store a pow Arch sept 1,1849. 3f>.3iito an be Dade in general that they have now a up amp in Utomi and a re Dally receiving a full As a few Ormiel of Falk millinery Good of their own importations coins resins the following article uncut velvets Gro de Frique velvets satins ribbons and Silks with a fall assortment of b net stuffs que Kaiui croons. Crown linings. Frames. Wire ice., and by the choicest Asom mint of Fren Liand american Flowers of any Bouse in Hie Trade Are to be fond in these United states. P. 3.�?if you Don t Call and see us and look at Pur Good it 1 vault intr fault and not ours. Sept. 13. 1649 a 38-3mo Rrt silk goods. A. C. Cetti. Former Rosen a vhf. Ii South 1,1 it., Icett Csc. Chu onut and its., Ira at Ijar to a beg3 leave to inform lit friends and the Public that he has new in Complete ii Morment of every description of a Lull Neuv goods suitable jut the fall Bensine a. He particularly invites the attention of country Merjch Anu and milliners to his carefully selected Eho Koi ribbons Hilk. Velvets Flowers Rand feathers All of which w ill be sold Low Ami on the most Liberal term. To country orders punctual attention will be paid and All goods of tined it it a the country Are packed and forwarded the utmost . C Cetti no. Ii 2d t.,Between Chisnut and Market of Philadelphia sept brr 13, a. No. 39. To Lime burners. The subscribers having purchased several tract of land in this Vicinity containing Limestone wish to rent the qua Friet hire some Lime burners apply to Geo. Peale amp co. A Fleck Chervil the co. 8. I 15. 1819. A 33-lf tre3ii Imi Ollieu u1ben no Black 1 from Jenkins amp a. Tea dealers v j 8. If. Center of Chesnut and twelfth so Crete j . It ill one of our partners having Learned the Tea .1 \ a business of the Chi Nese themselves during a residence of Cven years among them tic pubic May therefore expect of us the full Benefit 01 the knowledge Aud a experience f 1 i to our Ria i leae particularly we wish to Call attention a possessing a degree of strength and Richness a of flavor Seldom equalled. Black teat Are univ serially a used by the chinese who consider the Green fit Cly a Fri foreign Nora. Lui physician also recommend the a Blacks making a More healthful beverage than the a Green. Each Patrace is so secured is to retain the Virtues of the Tea a my time in any climate and contains us , mini it of the Metal mind paper with which it is enveloped. A j. C. Tenths in co. The above warrant a Tea put no in and 1 la package just receive Dand will be kept Sale by the a ii Slaiher j. Whitfield. Nov. 23, i8t8. -146 Viola. By my. Wkly. pct anti <911 Ciotla at 26 nov. M a 21 a 26 a 21 21 Jan. >1 a a 26 . 11 the no so tiber would Call the attention of Coal operators. Merchants and Miner Tex a famine his round and Square Point Oral Dud Gram shovels manufactured by it melt and Rin Desriv the Coal Region warranted to be made of the first Etta Lite and at City Price. Alf order to Hanl Tully received and Puletu ally attended to a. N. repaired. Dec 2-1 a to Henry Porter. , Quot the 11eg8 leave frs by Jar to Call the attention til i friends and rhe up bar to his Stock of carriages it Quot a vol waggons now Oil hand anti Lindy plug. Which he will dispose of Law. I it kind of repairing a trophy attended in. Recollect Corner of unman and Railroad streets Back of the american House. June 3.1817. 23-ly Vista a. Kirkl Tuscarora and Tamaqua use. A on Anil aft a monday May 2�-in, lii _ sch Scriber will run a coach three times a Day. Between tii Searor and tit Mariia a in the arrival of the cars at Tea Arora. Thu car leave Pottsville it 7-i and u of Lork a. M. And 4 a my the coach will Kava Tama qua at and lurid conc to a. M. And 4 of clock p. fare 50 cents. Ticket can he had at Jones hotel to Imamura and of tho conductor of the car. Jijnc2�?~4 i�?13 if _8tepjieh Jon la. B it Iyih c Unton wholesale i d 11 Isif m manufacturer ., Fri Nufa Foft Street. A w Ifo 3 d South fourth Street. The noon to nov a two to Side a. Here Mer Rhama and dealer will find at All trim go la Sori ment of All article line of by inc a. Made up in All their various styles of Fahlor and finish. A. Pm prices ate us la hint they will i found to Othman Terest of ,mis who will favor Ine with a Call before pin Charing elsewhere. A my h. Oti Ooi Fihn. Creyts Vhagin Watcil and Wjk a Velum 8torr. Where Gold and Silver watches of every Mai be had at from ter to fifteen Ier is Enron i. I both a any Oiler store in new y Ork 1 to do a by pm 1 �.1 a i persons who we a to get a Good a watch of. Perfect tyr a Jilin cd would do Well to Cali at to store of the sub Iber and rom part the Qiju Lity and Price of i. Watt-1 with that of other Tores. Good h to Price Gold levers. Fol it jewelled 1 Carat cases. #23 00 Silver do cd a h Gold Pepini ?. Jewelled cases 23 66 Jyi a do Ltd. 9 60 Silver urge watches. Trini ?3 66 upwards. G pm pencils Omni a 6 to 66 Gold pens with Wilver cases and pencils Jitia Ched 75 cents. Also a handsome Ltd rement of Nev and Farid name Joe lev at prices below the usual a Are prices. Let a Gold and a ver bought taken in a Ranee. Lewis. Broomall no 111 North second St., second door Helow rj1 frail . Apr Hill us. It 1 Riidu advertisement out. And bring it along you Avirl Ibn be ure to get into the right and july 21.1319. Tell a rtt it Lilc Yehh. I3iportant to the Coal 11 he committee beg leave to Repon that they caveat tended to Ltd the Dutte Huipo de upon them relative to the suspension and to Nasiat upon standing out their a this �11 All hazards. Should ito a in the mean time have Hurine m the City will Tacq Yirce a heir attention it a certainly will be necessary to appear genteel and rapper table by Callas on mar. amp Taylor nil purr Tsing a Sun of cloth them very Heap and a Hio Pablp which tor Beauty Ond Atule anything a ver offered in his Oun rry. A i it to Thor Well established House Avital mrp than repay them their troth be. Magnetism 1 Vance tii Oid atc., a. _ Are trifles compared to the Exrain Niento that Tavlin re i new of did slave pro died. Sucha fall in maces a they have 111 in led to sell at is a Moi charming the principals the no Elvis. Their object at this time a to Assisi tint Coal operator i carrying out heir porn. ,. Corner Centre and Mah Autong streets Octlf-4�?T2 in Tuvike _ Patrick Henry lid. Waterloo . Allett Sheridan orm it a Henry Ltd Lay nyc new ship Garrick. Hunt new world a Knight John 3kiddy. Line Roscius Moore Ashburton Howland West Ivy int Sid Dulip. A 1 Cobb in addition to the above regular line a number of splendid ships Iirth a i the Adirondack Mannisi. Rap. A Hantack. Liberty he re. Patrhk. iii a Columbia and Niagara u ill rout me to sail from Liverpool weekly in recital ?�tcc.?, Iti Erony preventing the of delay dete Liuti in and the u coi ini ii Guiou of pros nne wishing in remit Nonty by their family Friend. 1 have arranged the payments of mgt draft of the follow ing Bank a Armagh to loin a. I Init kill i. Omagh. Athlone Cavan Kim. , Landon Fermoy a iii amp worthy Skibst Reen a coot Hill a j Lidgey a Cliea Waiuli a Philadelphia. Person s a Leo wish to get Good Barga pets Oil cloths either who Tail will do Well to cull on the Suhy incr Pense in Liis present location Are very Lig lil he 1. and detect Miuca to sell at the lowest Price i the City a Lio offer Thi so icon Ati sex Collott Assort Niento of a splendid Imperial three ply y j Beautiful suit ii it Ingram flue Ami medium do entry arid Stair All kinds Aud . Copilot and rag and Oil cloths from 2 feet to 21 feet wide rooms Halls it With h great variety in Lugn i carpet from 2u to 50 cent and s try carpet Troni 10 to 50 rents per Yard nag rag Fluor cloth Stair Rod amp a. Ii. 11. , no. 41 Strawberry St. One dour above i ii intr near foe mid . Sept. 1. 1319._. Silly to House is in car Esaly reas Hiex carpets. Becj is a iii Rio Calcin d magnesia George Bley . Druggist and chemist Xvi la Vett Cor. Of of third and Fullar . A Bleys calc1n-Ed magnesia i respect Feliy sub matted to medical practitioners. In the Hope that it will to found to Ptim All the properties of a strictly official article which it to nit to be and there lore not it Ulusc Vine their in Nind mice. Kufer laces. . , i Bavo used the Sammie of magnesia you it to kit holy sent me wet Banuch Kati Murton. I consider it fully Seq tel to that prepared by Henry Manchester and husband of this City. A a very respectfully _ John Wilto ans. M. 1 roof Ensor of Oby Teric and uiimuu1 off Wii Toen 1. And children in the feud amp Sylvan a medical cd a legs of . A a 11 n�.191 a cd Street Jujj. 3u, 1819.ila. Hon no , Iki car Sarthe Sample of magnesia you were a ind tto Send me. 1 have used and find it an sex Cellcia article. It p it -9cgsc-Iill the Chancie of Henry a magnesia and cull Ufie Adilor be distinguished Dmn truly your Friend. A a flip Nice .8. Patty son >1. D., Ifor Imi of Materia Medica and therapeutic in mimic in College of Philadelphia. A no. 92 Arch Street feb. 25.1319. Ovnick 27,1849. My Geo Roc Btry. A re Deal. have Given a fair trial to it the. Calcined Maseru you Werc kind Hiil Sonery s Patent boiler. Fatmie tie Ritzou of tho Public acne rally 1? pc a fully invited to this valuable improvement. Experiments which have been during the put year on steamboats. Loth in a Alt and fresh water a those to incr Power purposes on ind have fully vested its Superior qualities a Astean Generator and the Grent Savins of fuel weigh find space occupied Over any boiler now in use. Rollers on this plan May now be seen in operation at the establishment of a Glecker amp others. Flour Muli 201 Cherry St a new a York. A a Iton per amp Root bars 333 Pearl it. Now York. Mott go avre. Foundry foot of 25th 3t, North River. Atlantic Dock. Brooklyn Newyl . Yvo. Met Alf 63 and cd Centro ., not we York. Ridge irco., 41 nud 46du? St. New York U. Starbucks a foundry Troy .w y Ork. It nil is. Curlett. Bali my re. Steamboat a Jonas Heartt a and a Edward inv in foot of Liberty Street. New y Ork and on Hoard the John p. Who toy new Orleans further information apply to. James Montgomery to Samuel Yard. 15 South Wiliam St. New y Quot a k. Orto bf.ll4� Smith third june ,49. °5- above Chestnut Lutila she has pawed ilk a Bird from the print Trucl throng she has gone tithe land where the Lovely belong her Placa 1 bushed by the lovers Side a. Yet his heart i full of his fair Young Bride. The Hope of i spirit Aro crushed and bowed. As he thinks of his love in her Long White shroud a the flagrant sighs other 1 Yvere kissed from iter lips by his rival death. Light As a Bird s were her springing feet. Her heart of joyous her song As Sweet. Yet never again shall that heart to stirred with it glad wild song like singing Bird never again shall the strains be Sung that in swceincs8 Grypp it gtd from her Silver Tongue tim music is Over and deaths cold Dart hath broke the spell of that free glad heart. Oft of Evo when the arc co i still and the Moon a Tara up the Distant Hill a i wander alone mid the summer Bowers and wreathe my jocks with the Sweet wild Flowers. 1 will think of the Olnie when rim lingered them with her wild clue eyes and her Long fit in hair 1 will treasure her name in my bosoms Core. But my Luicart i Sud a an sing no More. After monday next when i shall come and pts 700 a Farewell visit but in Ibe meantime i wish you and your daughter Ceri Ouhy to Connerth proposal i am Teboul to to Najj to to Apt and. Once co amp Iotti i am aware Bat Toto fico Fimie of cd Patipan of my time by pro onal anti a Cord me no Leisure to accomplish what i Deal if by tho Mere Ordinary course of attention and wifi citation my anti receipts amount to and i pm acute Jon my wide Avny character i generally known to the Public so t Bat you May rpt Fily ask certain what it is t hate seen in your Saagh Lef a tender and Alec Lionte child anew aids Boa and careful horse and a go Halo and Ladylike member , such a person must Beau that a Burband coaids covet and i offer my Jeand and Fortune her acceptance. \0n monday when i Call i shall except your determination lot i really a have not time the routine of courtship a so much frankness and propriety Ofili Nieno Ott and speech certainly deserved to bad re Eany ended. The was saved Alf the nonsense of perhaps Dif simulating courtship and the lady Tala wooed and won in Tua course of Ber filial dues the Union proved a Happy our in every reject and a the example 0 Imp. Good pity Simian bore to Candor at least i worthy of All imitate to / a from Thoj a rth american ,. North Brascon Casap messes editors cd from a perusal of your in. Valuable journal i am led to believe that the Extension of the North Branch canal Frodo pit too in Ibe Wyoming Valley of a great North Anthracite Coal Field of this state Willu portly be it commenced and i am persuaded from Ibe known necessity an improvement that if it shall to once begun it will be prosecuted to f completion without further procrastination and delay. -. F. Ai pm Well assured from what i Hava seen sad know of the inhabitants of tho Wyoming Vau a tha Tafler receiving the Good nows of these prop Otio run red by Law the Extension of the North Branch canal having been Nada and Ibe i Prospect of its speedy application their Heartl a were filled with gratitude thou of who have sex f Low i Ricus and Eti aug mat a it Mena. Galway Islic _ Uii Isaik Kilaru a ,. , Wexford. , j ondi rry a birr Ford re , Yuu Gatial. In Leraitis. Dublin. ,. . Up Nam a Atwood it co., banker London mid . 8. Fljnr., Liverpool. A City of Glasgow Bank and All its Brantlie mid a Searles a it la Asiaf fits ran Alan be Enfa Jed trom Liverpool to Pilad Labia. Boston and balt Winorr. By the regular packet ships on. Application being made porn Ronall it by letter Pool a to addressed to b. B a Quot a j Rishi h of pm South to. New York . Geo. Mcmurray Jav 117. Walkerton Road Liverpool Jjanls-14 office of the Schuylkill 1 ��?�5lv-Yrrrrrrfc navigation c��m1 any. J a tember id u1s. A o Chi in hereby Eivy i that the fid Gnu ing rates of in to Gnu wifi on Coal transported Ott the in nil and work of thu Schuylkill navigation com pan the year 1si9 from a i Hurcil i Quot a Largo and a tithes. Fancy i i ment ion j inc.-, a skies. Ali Civ dui Icsel wholesale of Willow Aux Wobbs Pareto. It a ouija Alco cd it. Between Market and arum Sis. Under j Sidney Jorns carpet warehouse two doors a Tiu cd in. As on hand and 1 cont airily receive extensive assortment of Combs a it gtd of Ever let ii iii a i too i tim Roli look in j us is s it i built us no my Dugauy. It. Couches clip Ira amp a. 1 1. Brooms 1 i Shaker Wisp Anda Unity Ufi room win. Rih Vrzal no &Quot\v�7� ton a Kiil Avi Ilow 01 every , All of a amp inti will be a Oil Low Cash City uti Trume. I Mercle Diu would save the Micle much Liscand trouble by calling and examining my think bet Oreper Cuba Bellg. A a i a in. glasses arc tia Rcd against breakage to All parts i the unum. 1 Barge. August 23, 1519. Ujj Fino mount Gorbon Schuylkill Haven. Orwin Gahura Hau Burx Mohrsville Auto disc Reading Unionville Lurel,illi1. I Orrstown Landing. 55 cd per ton. It. Per ton. 15 25 35 40 43 55 12 22. 32 37 42 52 52 52 52 57 67 57 57 g2 62 63 67 fort 1 Clinton . Per ton. 13 23 28 33 43 43 1 43 143 48 4s 48. 48 53 53 j 58 58. �?�63 boys nil children s clothing. 1 be Hibbs Reiher a on hand a Complete assortment 1 of Hutaine id anti a to the suited buys of three Jar tra y our a Gebiil Jeronen of Suu in. Any person Purcy ism to thing Jit tin Stab can have the privilege of returning them if Taliej in not suit. It it. A a Jaq pm qut St . In Ollada to a. Hoyt. Royer a Ford. 55 pc Nixville. 66 Paulding dam 66 Lumberville a 66 Valier forge 60 port Kennedy 65 Norristown 65 Canso Horkin 70 Spring Mill 70 Mutiny Ink 75 thu toll in Philadelphia Wiff be a follow a it. Carbon. Sch. Have ii. It. Clinton. March. April and May. A5 it. Fliers. Quot 53cls. august.73 72 63 4pt. Oct. dec. 55 a 82 73 the Coal stripped from port Carbon to the above Point will he charged one and a half cent Pur ton More the his Ilmet the Chat go Mirto per ton of 2216 it�?., and an Llott Macc of five per cent. Tajh he made in the weight to Rover wastage. A dec-30-l�ly Frederick Fraley president. Vat Coles and jewelry Cliea Werthan Ever. P a Rita Sale and retail at the a Phil Delphi a Fatah Jean Len store 00 Earth second Street Jaa a in nerf Quarry a put get a in. God lever i8cif ?,full jewelled a % 1 $311 and upward. A i 5silver lever full jewelled 15 a "7oil Lupine i k cases , 25 a. ,-itv.-r i Epi ims. Jewelled. Hilt to Var Guarnier watches. Tokio Sriver spoons equal to . $3 desert it of Oiher articles in proportion ,. a ril Dumbe what they arc add . Ftp. A a in i univ on Hind a Large no orment of Fine go he jewelry and 81lvkr shark. A a. A Ltd it of m. J. Tobias k. Co., a san be , is Yates a John Barri a byte Ley and other a in Trina Patent lever my a Ven ii Ftp who h will he cased in any style tired Arr Inge nent have inert made with All the above. A him cd lii i Iccie United of England to to ital. A Hurt notice any requited sly of Walsh. For u Inch re re will be Lake And Ibe name and residents of to a let in ordering put on if Roque Ueno. A o a Conrad in Portch ?, f Phi pm to oct2-y 18-44-1 y no. 9g Fec oud Rrt. Vii Zavill you suffer a Rio Isanda of bottle fihs american Chi poum. I have to o Oid our into the Pastar. And a never fill in curing in a Days the worst Case i tilt i-ii�e.8ihiin it weakness and All ii be of the in inv organs. Persons Arl ried a la luvs m. .1 til by at i Reinero so rry inc la in. In . In Tury Tiki i. Dri if. to Liley lei Quot �?o.�.,11�?~jmjv very Aje condition. H h it. I. Known flour alb White Fema complaint i a with which Lun usand i suffer Wilhau us no cd Are inert. This celebrated Ryrne of in urn private practice of a physician j�?. a using nunely Tolm of e in a few Days. Around each bottle Are Plain and Ruli cd the american com Pound and per Ehase Ltd in Oft be agent. per bottle. J. G. Brown and j a. C. Martin agent Kernp on a gent it. Carbon. _ Hep Ijoma term. Yvo Ellsi attorney at Law. Minersville of county i. Rotili Foj Pottsville cloth Junti Emporium. The undersigned desire to inform tin Public he has Ukon the old a tat i had of . B. T Civ door above , la Nyrl a Rnic Tercel . Voln i lie ins just opened pm Audij Slock of Good. Coins Riehs. For urk Bymum. It nor Ira a 1 Ciolll of every color Aud of . T a and Deir illion. Summer Rutins. Habit cloths a Tenter Kotfis. Bom Bazinas Barkand Colorado Cash Archt Codington Rolih to veed a. A�c., to. Post Altos a Buck French in i Meres and Rotov skin French fancy Ond mixed Casi Inere Tiiu Rino can sin Ieiri All color and qualities shite and fancy Linen drilling new Derigne Cord and Verteenes of a very talc and Quality to Vii Saiti nets. All Shade a pm Qun Luie. Estios a Superior Mark Sarins and Cashmere venting splendid fancy Quot ilk vesting he w deign. A _ n�014x11 fits to co n.,,a�sor� _. A. Ski. . Oihi Nahir i. Ixa Itu soy amp co. Manufacturing Phemis Herf. Of face a to. Ill 1-2 South Frant Street. Philadelphia. Pure parlor thu it Lead extra grow no do a no i a i Pyron Gnetti acid red lend red liquor lit Hargo Iron liquor. Orange Mastic Black a sugar of lend a metallic fire proof paint. Metallic fire proof paint. This extraordinary substance is Fin and it a strata of formation. When taken from the mine it re pm fecs i nope franc the a nest indigo and is about the consistence of Cobi tallow hut on exposure try the atmosphere in a Short time Tures la Stone slate. Genio Cist who have seen it Aro of the impression that this substance when in a liquid stale Baa been eff used through Afi asure fired up this Basin formation in the Rock. It has been found upon Anzly nation by . Chilton of new Vori to tto Neul of 8 Lica 54 of. Alumina. 24 20 pro oxide of Iron 42 05. Lime 42 31 Lime 2 31 a magnesia 0 42 Carbon 4 50 Sulphur Oil water �9 los. 9 41. 100 00 use it is ground to powder mix fail with linseed Oil and applied with a Brush the. Same As paint to it worn Iron tin Zinc canvass paper &c., which in a n Boit Lime turn to Stone which i fire proof 1 ills particularly adapted roof of building steam a boil and Gar deck Railroad Bridge Fence it. T amp a. A roof coated wit Tiri article is equal tothe Bent i of slate at a vat saving of expense. A. J every variety of Iren work expose to weather will be prevented front rat a Orroson a it form a com a Plell Slone Yovu ring Sci Mil slates Are made from it 1 by covering Hoard paper. A As it is susceptible of a it Iohp Hoph it bus been no to great advantage by la Arr lag painters and Cabinet Maki to Lauu factors of pocket Ionics to. Jas. Abcs nut Street abuse second. i it ii subscribe a cd Lirles i Lille attention to i Superior and tasteful Stock of a Orect la it oks. gases. Bill bunk. Dres intr curd no a re. Port Mon a 1,-8, in urses pin Kcal k hive hit other Fine cutlery. Gobi Fen and a punch i Fezar <.�?T�?�?, cd toss men. Gaius re no Wrd a Fiarino ten. Fit uis a Sorl mull coi its of lie tim Slub Lona ble Hud modern style often finest work Naii Hin embracing every desirable Janey pattern a bib he will at All times be prepared 10 exhibit and furnish wholesale retail on pleasing terms. A a j 1. Purchaser who Delro to Supply Wilt article inf the Best Quality will consult Ihu in Inie Tesi by calling at hits establishment 1. A f h Smith pocket Rook ,5�?~ij com Imit Street. August 25, a 19_ i i j 35 6mo Ballad manufactory h. Clark s be y1tian Blind m a n of Stu of the Jylden Fugle to. 13 i Ond 143 South second to. Belou Dot . F keeps always on hand a Large and Eort Mentor wide and narrow Slat windows Blind manufactured in the Best manner of Heel material and at f a my put in having refitted nil enlarged his Esta prepared to Complete orders to any shortest pro free. J f. T constantly on band an a Rtin ent o a mahogany furniture of every variety Manisa Ciurro expressly i own sub us pure Maiors m in therefore rely on Good Arti be. A i it open in . 1. A orders Felt it my a distance packed and sent facture of he it a name a b prices it tiring it. Be is amount of the Fri of porterage to and part of the cd . August 25, i3�9. H. Clark. R.-1 v Vesta shirt5 Nis Pemba a. St i Asci Peter 8 Martz -22-Jf Wear to which the attention by he ads and others Irina a Good it of cloth to invited. sack Coal Runth Coats of a i Qunel Rizic. Pant Vesta Birt a h a ilk Eikvar. .ce., pc a y.1&Quot a Rice. May 49 a Coal Skipp Tny a come us Sion mar Liani. Daniel j. Hlf Ivay having leased the Suhui kill Aam Gat Jon company a Landing at mount Carbon 8rhuylkill.7.unty,Wil attend a it Pic a hip Ping of red White Ami Cray Ash Coal 911/ Cape alive on the my. Carbon Rall a. A cause of Coal. ,. Nav inc been engaged of a a Nam Lar of years in the mining business tie ins a thorough Noble is of the different Coal in Tom Chu it Lori to a Sion and will attend to the pit Edrase and shipping of Coal dealer abroad at a moderate Commin Satin. 6> Hatifi Ivory references Given Wlton required. March 10. Itt 19. A triv. 51, y swim Ray so a pc Siiling shop. Beatta a Row Norv egg and 81ulet, vat Licille. A. A la kind of Lead Bros Cork up Flor Anlo Bull tub. 8ho, Batin hydrant., Hyde it Hoar. Houbler and so nil Artunc Kepi on Liand and War Kitchen sink Matetu order neat and durable and 01. Kinds of i Imohl Nung Domain the Heit Era nor pc sportsmen take. Ouch a John Kui Deil Yor beast earner of la naut and second its. Phili Dkl Hills a Quot keep in no tautly on bind Fhi own manufacture and imported a Romerb in assortment of rifles. Shot guns pistol8, &c., will Ali be warrants of the Best Quality represented to which he respectfully invites the attention of ?. He 1? also prepared to Supply powder flasks 8nnt bag game bar flu per of in Owdy a. Gun Cotton Ivr vul Siou Caps shot Buriel mud Tidball in<4 i2iawtc Catrair tic and �11 material gun makers. 8ports-M�n. Ateon Erin is Low As any other in the United stale. Jne iii us by of Bis skill As a Franklin Institute awarded to him two conf cate in the year and j8�o. And four Silver medal intake Vars 1841�?1m0�?1m7 and 1s1&�?allof which May be so ii at his plate of Liu in a. Of Choice a Sipply of revolving pistols Phi stantly ont tand. A a of con. Just Ltd aun and a�5anmont of fishing tackle. Aug. 25, 1840. Fancy fun. Full., Nitoiu tippets. I David 11. Sons Sre Tusson to Kolis. Into Titan importer and 31 of Evert db8t�?Trlption of having just returned from euro pkg with n select Slock of furs is now manufacturing them inn very a Perlor style., and trimming them in the most elegant manner and would tho attention of merchants and others to his a peril it a and extensive assortment which As he ? As Well a imports he in enabled to offer at sue ii rate a few houses in the United state can compere with. Daylle i. Sul18, 8g a Rich Mulberry Street 6 Durrs below 3d it. Next to Louden amp family Medicine Eltore. Aug. 18. 1819. $t-6mostore always closed on san raw. _ the highest Cash piece paid shipping .Iolin of Onnolly i i Rosr of Donnelly Sulu right safety glazed a capsules matches / Ajio a jolted sex tvs Ott up to Hla Kiso to. 83 Vurta third Street Philadelphia. These match s Are justly anti slurred the beat a the United state they Are Frod front unpleasant smell and can be introduced with perfect safety inti All store and dwellings. Warranted to keep 10 years. The blacking is of Superior Quality and free from any in sri the Luther. A country dealers and shipper will edit to their in Teregis to a All and Sec Assort in of matches a of various Newyl Ork manufacturers. Matches in to ind Wood bops a also packed in Large of Small tin cases Jap a lip to any part of tin world Joffs Tonnelly. Lute of 30 Bankst now 83 North third so. 3larch 2t,lh8 ___________43 a fresh teas fresh it As ivoud8ide a Kerr wholesale and retail Tea dealers. F and growers to. 409 Vieiro at. For doors Afore Erre tat. Vortik fide. And first grocery store Barloa Leonard s Laek Horre Quot tavern , i. -sbt3cv keep c just to try it hand a Large and Stock of teas and groceries com Juji rinsing in part extra Fine Young Hyson Impe to irial and Etc fou Flavoured Row pc Chular Uvrl Inq Tea in six and nine ounce pipers suitable fit a country Trade. Also extra Fino doling. Ning Untig Smirk gang. And Orange Peco Toas All a of Wilt i will to it. A old cheap by the Box. Prime old dutch government Java Strong Fri. Prism Maranho and to Domingo ? refined and brei we sugars Rock ground and film Salt kit Oil Moluse 8ric��, ac., i-e., All of which will he sold retail. ,. A a ? and storekeeper Are invited to can Naitil Jesamine Burstok. And co Pafe our Price with those of any other in that City a we Aru Dot mined not to by undersold. I _ woops pc Kerr. August 25, 1819. 1 35-Jmo 35-3 m3 a j. Foster of dealers in Boot and 8h> t a leather,aoi�?T8hoe finding?.r?,Pott b p Fsrptlfl-i&47 a w. K j. M. no ooh last Woods Wabb Stobe ,vo03 third to. Cur Duhr Tiore a Rcd eat in ii. Pill Wool Oslo Stefni Quot kind of llmnm., . Buckrtj./-- Ware Willow Ami of Forli . Stion and Wall it Nijher a crack. mat blot coins a aeon Maic Wood it a Ware of every 4c-� lbs owefc4 i . A cd cd Aih paid Broom Coin at the factory. Enough to furnish in Able and certain Prezia u a ill be it la Treiva m ils prep Arnliot. Professor of Srhir Lphr College no. 1 North Eluvin iii i Livirt it one of vice Matt i a car 1 Hope led Foi it our rare arid Industry your truly. 1 ji.ut�?T? .mcc�?Tu.vtocj, m. And practice of surgery in the of Medicine a. Titrent. 1 con 1iler�?~jrt.fiy� in band ? Henry a i i v tue and worthy of a Cioli it a axe to a it a Aqunt to an film Knibb Arkle Fame tiie conf Denre of the median inner. H. J. Ito Vas mid. Ptitladn., Jao 16, 1 �19, no. 570 Third a i. . Oks by a re a i Havo frequently the Macho a prepared by you Ulm consider it fully no Una n Jim . Fiunlat., Ati vul Post . Jno. K have Osar ,.froth i my practice Ned in my family Bley 1 Cakl cd a Tco Esin. And feel warranted in saying from Cuy a Impi to u Stipe ring to any other of i have Over in a with Sale by Tom Principa Drugg its them Ighut the Uniti it tates by. Pc lit g. Uro Wii. General agent in a pc i Feitli is and tug sinn. 36 3mo a list of letters remaining in tho Pnat once at Potts Viii a. On tin 1st of september. 1319. A a o mde Onnell Juch Arthu Ryum Farman 1�?~atrlck, 2mcmann b a Cerminn Henry Gnu Una James m Donel might Andeenn ? John mag Nam to bad Alexander to Garmany a Mede Imatt Chas Andre Mon ditch Rie err in ter j me k Ron tho Alt Mon Joseph if. ,2 a coup Bridget 4� gang i Mccormick Mary Brennan August inn Prev Van. Ship letters dressier h giver John n Hugh use Lileth Gibbon Patrick Mullen be Luke Tabert j tarty Jame mrs Mingmin John Brennan James Ibert Mcculloch Yum brads James grf Fin Julia Mcnulty Jame tho Gillen Catharinem it Zahuran peril Becic to Shine ton Jawien brr to a. Slain Mccarthy Slich Blair Samuel a Gerber i la policy his Tate men a times ii blabber to he invite Triin John Bun Franr amp so Licorey in ii Jas , Bart Brandy Francis Blex fac vat by rum b p Nieder Heinrich Noll siem Jesse Heister Jos Neligh Robert b Ellis Callann. P no Ruhr a i so of a Jolt re v. 31�rtmr� july 21, Hia Luitte St a los. Ami Foito a text Agency vol. 25 Dock s Vav Nelv Busl High in namoi to a �?Trf1kt, opposite the Exchange , a. tin Traola Actium of Flat Atli tie Patent office. aio Piui Kimation Jinde of Parent obtain Ltd Alfh a tilt Nheru tical and practical lii Inocal aris induces him to say e he advises in Opplt cation u it out joined the fee i ,.and be will also Guerra Nice Ned through Bis office will be. Amp a slay inventor flit subjected 10 Ofancie Ami Money 4�y-.enqiloyiug to make their it Pecini motions and iurrende�?~7 their Patent Onil get u ran Send to lifer models and a rim Psi. But.lock.u-75 1> a edit Jeff Philadelphia t secrecy will be observed until the i fiction factories. Mills winery Pundi ased in uni Umit ion Yuri you to put lire sane in opera he United states South America be Alt and a Murari Des Pilch. I tie knowledge of Tai that in All care we Patent in cast in 1? vice writ be Retner that nil pay ends ohm i died by the anti str delay and in person frequently have to re i it Suo. Inventor Ai a did sin rement ochre inc s. Patch Agency a. No Ibe Lutc Pali tit Obi aimed. Drawings Neil spi and All kinds of Mai Hiltl a iii Pequi men Tion in any in it of and the West indie j 1 references Hon. Zidock pal err president of the the. New Nyrl. Me9?8rill>j�nt a Lex so co., Novelty a Vokt n a York. I a pm str Montt so co., columbian foundry new York. J a. A a Coult Sicott to Davies Philadelphia a. Quot of it in a Virv a Pilj Borg a. . . , Baltimore my. A Roq Ort a. . Of. Silei in Sec Cincinnati. Ohio. A a Tea a Zutl j. N. Mili . A us. C. Gaia. J Turks Del a Titos. J. Karu May 12. A Chicago Illinois it a Annalt min a Charleston . 20-til Piu Tern a Homie subscriber 1 lie Gist ire tin Ibe Corner of can of Earr Vitug on tie win lbs Yob Wet lie business Perferi but experienced i turning and Mill 011 the most Ai order grated cd to Giitl to a iii. Would respectfully inform the pub just Rani peered an a at land tic print streets w Ith the View above in Ines extensively. . tin place to us Lefstad by. Is Foreman of the shop and mine and will be. Employed. Pull turns. Gearing of every description and made term. Ally received and Punsti Friy talc cd A. . 37-61 Reading sept 8i 1819. To liars Xci store a. In. Comen of tire Fth an a Market. Streets. Till. . 1ur invite thai Marti Rilat attention Nimir country a j Friend to Bur now Virv Large Stock Ufeu la and Winter goods. Having a if de of at addition tothe Sizer of our store be Are now prep Jred in show an a Gorum ent a Brac no Collu Cassimero vesting and Bizys Var Ria in qts. In a very a Utility and color. Flannel re d. White and All other Cojanis Mcmilon flannels. Clocks tick inks bagging milk Strai nering. Cotton table diapers a. A. Silks luaus it butt and Cash Aeres. L Mantilla a Silks All win ii 5. Y dross Silks neat style do. A Ataa orment of the Best French and . A a in new Fyt of Long and Square my Merino shawls a Plain and Gay a materials. A ill los Slu Slish. Silins to our cd loners at wholesale an Haft any Quality Width Price but i a it re.trg�. A sets. . Ety size and Quality from 75 Cesta to of common and very Superior makes a Black dress anew St Jiefang a marinas in and English Mal alpacas All Blanket. Wrucha a talc. Cloak and a we Side our 31 Price.?, and they As our Oso Sorim Blan Diane Etc of it #12,00. Counterpane Allsip. A Linen furnish casing table 7 and Towill incl win Nogin Samuel Hilbart John Nero its Job pm Harney Johnk in excl Andreas hey tan win Ladin Prosr Naita Boyer be Erdman hut Reri Heinrich Nailon Patrick do Bradford Albert ill Milton Geo. O Burkhart f a no to Jet be 1 Odonnel Pat v Beall rift Jacob if Rutlieb my Chi a Barry John Hanin Patrick Ohry of amp Joseph Britton Hartune Joshua Geo Burk Edward Fieri George. Ohora in at Frk Booth Jonathan Hill w h ship letters. Down re Baril Horan John Ohora Michael Banc Linum David Hill Isaac. Odonnel a Stephen Broderick we Orl Natvey pm Nikiti of Arr Ltd Jim a Larne ton writ Ochss mens Pune Martin Henry Emanuel in brads run cd Fecher Iel pm John ii Bourke Gurrell a hire Martin Pratt Geo w Black win Hammer Geo pay a we e i Luuga Frei try Haupt ,po1rypetep� Anton 2 Brigt it Jeremiah 8hendrick Park Voiiso James Tierye a mar Paine a my m a by Jinn Reese Jan Tipfer Muhln Isaf he my As Eliza Brunin trios in Uey miss Sarah Beth by up 8 a Hughe Matilda Pott mix Robert Royle Edward Hughe Sarah Phalem miss Burn Patrick ship letters. Ship letter. Bartholamew k�?Tn�77en��. t pollen Joseph. In la rvs famil Tuii Geo Phelan John Bork go a doff Everon Philips Philip Rev tho. Bradly in Ynelia Donn la Jelm Price Jurj 1 birr get Anne Howell Taos brow Ernand i shall win a 11 by Foley Margaret. J Ranich Faldin 1 Bourks. Bridget Jones a Oreilly Bernard a John. , 3 Brian Anna i Jining Jalm Kvin Teunas ?.le.v we Nader Jonathan hard thana Bio Deriek b to Noah stud try Patrick Irinner Iniz Jenkin Walter Richards j o h ship letters Jones John hip Rig Han James Browne Ann James we do so True a Bandit Elleu Jordan deity do Robin we Bradley ate James g of policy Reynold by Rolan Patrick k. A Ettington Mic by a Blackman i Clad Knorr Benjamin reavely Thomas Burke James Kuchar James rare Jame Bergen Fin Tori Knowle Geo Kedy we in Many Robert Blake Patrick in Rhea amp san Rich Job Renan cd a Snelius Kameen Thomas Russell Peter Bryan Peter Kirk Jqhn Ryan capt Michel Bre Neji a non Kinnear Edward Rowley mrs Bohan Malahy i Cuttle Jycob Roe John ship Bong John Kwh Philip Roxby Jeremy a do Bennett Edward knowl thu Rojer Martin do Uek Linjer Conrad Keevy Bernard height. Policy c Kolne win lither David do Call Aglian John s a tub y Mihael Kelly Mirhel to Birls James to raze we. ,2 in Lono John Steger Henry Cavanagh John Kris Edward a shall 2vm h Chambers pouty Snjohn Cylc James i we Carlyon Jane k noddy Owen Congdon same a 3kemy Crosby dry nil King Michael f Cooney Timothy Karrier Chav d ii Dunn John Kline Samuel Knox Thomas o e d i t ii Gray tin . V a is Lumens like dream of poetry that May not be a written told exceedingly of Mother j Are the amp a diamonds really met a sold Eulith Gray As she flew to tho Mit ror to a Miro their flashing Light amid her dark ringlets it and never surely did tin Iron reflect a lovelier face Otid figure with without adornment la us kind was this of papa a suddenly she slopped while a Bright flush flitted Over her Rhorek. Her Mother looked roiling by St her. And said shall 1 interpret ush you edit ? a you is thinking of Mhz Hugh and wondering if Yogi would a Trucl his Atu Nutkin at the Bali to night the color deepened in Edith Creek and her Beautiful eyes were veiled byj their Long lashes As she replied you Are right Mamma a i conic be Fri Cin Afes me. Whit a Nubelo he has what speaking eyes and Stop. Edith said Hor Mother a i think you Are More than half in love already with your acquaintance of half a week a surely Mother it does not need months year to fired out whether a Man is handsome laughingly rest tied her Mother then rising and kissing her forehead sho and to Varo Edith have a Caro of your heart till you know whether be is to by of it. Used through Elion of ibis Sion of tho a in to his Eicr to to bust will cause All a and Toboso Joy tiling that Elrod their energies to get tho Bill p the legislature authorizing the com very necessary Public work and do ate improve Manl the commencement of tho Che North i3r�nch canal will prove in f Lory of the but ital Wyoming yall remembered tho increased Ami Ness it will produce it certainly the business energies of its inhabit an Are not Small to be exerted beyond a. _ has Ever taken place under the construction of a state improvement heretofore Ned Ujj in i amp Noayl Maui in any other state of to Union. And Well May it do so and Well May to people rejoice when it is considered what Ard fighting with pen and Tongue what Morfy and weft time have been expended to convince the Oppi cents 10 Tbs completion of this great work of inv Justice of to claim upon the tro Saury by the citizens of Northern Fean Sylvan funds to com thence to carry on and Complete it. A work which must prove i a will not Sny us Itiat by a Vento ally not As soon a done but As Oon As be cd fam it a need not Only a priv Aiu Benefit to a Large into a it Rity of the citizen of to is slate who arc located upon <nerc6lcd in Lai is contiguous to its route and in. Tho mercantile pursuits of tho country but of the increased it will produce it w?.l be a lasting and Public Benefit to Tbs stale at Large and will do much a reducing tho Public debt of Pennsylvania. It Jsck Witk which As a i can see can possibly a Ove of no so Rio a injury either collectively any of Ibe citizens of this state p vivid i ,.to, and it will Imp prove not impair the business Etc Lilios of lbs adjoining Sitts a Ami these fact a Are admitted by Many intelligent persons what f Are altogether disinterested As As regards an y direct advantage to be reaped by them from Ihloff work from a knowledge of its locality alone in congratulating the inhabitants of Luzerne especially of Wyoming a on tho great Victory the have achieved in which right a go a in to might Bai evict Ilsi Mojher said Edilh. A a Ith if arc nrnli1f-»Ian a . a the room Schaje Sturline John Evv pen James Sealy we Arntt Martin Jolia. Hlili intr Cha Simon of arson it Anua s-Ittcrfiei e a 1 inn per Fusai Tanh Honeter Adam Muir Leo Amanda Salmon Michael Killian Ann Smith win letters share Cikach King we in milk Konnerth Michael a k no Riv tho Skally purer a Fitich we Sim Job Hua fully tho Shoemaker Peter. Kalny Patrick Slie tan Michel Coburn Smy a Caprez jermn7 in Smith tho of Grove Mary Kucher Sebastian ship letters. A Ltd Seriff Rirl Joslin a k Convill i at k Smith Arica a . i.itrick we Sewel Thomas jno8cinl?n John o Lee Thomas Simpson we h.eacy Daniel venue Sophia Landsrath Henry Fleig Frier i i Renee Henry St Cher a f Lavan Mary Ann Slick John Lethlean mrs m Flchmelr. John Alley mrs Michael can John a Tirail v a Carnigan John Clark Orsan Carah John Ca Ufi path a Quot alien Mirica we Copius Peter Carlyon James Cass Sylvester crag re Lavina com Tom John Cougar Ian tho Currie i Clark Jame Chapman John d Dewald p 8 dim Onil Jolt Dolan Mouhlas do Barr b a Light step Eho Obiji Ideal from can he nut guilt to future. Take a Peep Withine into the Ball room fair Reader. Tho is Adeti with the perfume of countless Flowers Oft Eves look route to eyes that speak again fairy forms and gliding feel keep time with to voluptuous it we j of music while amid 11 id a to of Light tho o trac Liou of ail a it arid heart our Lovely Edith. Her Eye need not the aul of Diamond to night while Ber Raven lock fell Over a neck that to a cos her snowy Rube. ?,.avjllla figure faultless Teo burps and a manner perfected by Intercourse with the Best society in his own and foreign cout flutes added to a voice of Sweet Ness and Power was he hot a dangerous acquaintance our Lovely Tarm hearted Friend v no guide Mere i Goj help by. Trusting heart Edith and now her Lori cate Waist is encircled by Hiarm in the Giddy Waltz i warm breath i upon her Beek. While murmurs of admiration a get heard on All Sidon a How Lovely Bow sur past in Gly Beau Irful a fair j Reader do Yogi c�0 that Low roofed cottage atm oct concealed by luxuriant elms�?rit3 Side Cut cred with clinging roads and Honey Euckley y of May Well look up that Small window b8 you pump a and turn away but look again Ait that Lovely picture. -1 there not Beauty in that femildhftad1 look at the Rich Black hair waiving Over the polished forehead the lips of Vermilion and the Large Lustrous eyes. Dot see a tear is Spir Klifto there and How it lies like arrid the clustering culs of that fat a boy whose arms encircle her neck yet she is a Mother with no More Trace of age than the child who Nestle in her bosom it Mother Bill not a wife god help Bur look again a she she sees a not her tears fall thicker and faster tho boy with i tiny hand tries to wipe them away and now and then a jets up his pouting lips to kiss her. The Mother gazes at him through Ber tears parts the hair from his Broad forehead,.and murmurs a to like his Faizur a and Tiren in an agony of tears clasps him to her breast and weeps till she a Rio More tears to shed. 1�?Toor Edith so nun go so Beautiful so trusting so wretched so ruined hut look again night has. Come on the holy 6tar? Are keeping watch alike Over Saint and Binnert the .Crry Birds have hashed their songs and Mucins is heard but the Distant cry of the whippoorwill of be ing Bis melancholy us cased be Grid lit deep the Friend of Iha wretched i Loolu now at these dreamer in be the production of which a great and new miracl will to opened in North iii Sylvinia ii the North Pait of York Laio Dosithe Lake a embracing an Arena of iof Square Miled Over which the Coal of tho Norm anther Cito Rigi of will be used in their extensive Sextor Ksn in i roil making in the cd a numerous manufactories a on their rail Roulst navigating Thoj lakes and of. A it Neitie purpose Fri Here Wood which a in getting St Arce is alone used fit fuel which tho a la have Buen mide from the \ Youmg Cost Region i to min i a he it a Fly Otto Quot to Ftp a Are at the present Lime mined Ojst average a i lower rates than Coal is being mined in either of the other two great in Thracie formations of Pennsylvania. Many of the Coal veins Ore Flat of nearly so and in consequence of the flit a attire. Of the strata my Pari of the Workings either in tho tire3s�?T.s_or gangways May to approached and the Doat loaded into wagons and Railroad cars at Noce trom the mine. In sumo of thou mine teems Are a opt oyed of cart to Coal from he Minea direct to navigation. A j. The Coil crops in Many Placas through the re Gions. Are exposed ion the surface of beg round a and to Coal Ibue rendered very accessible to commence and pursue the operations of mining at economical Rales and Mth a Small outlay of capital and this reason the True coh Vicat Structure of the Coal Valley of Wyoming appoint to be but Little understood As Wiltes from the fact Many of he owners of Pines Are Farmers who own. The soil and Ibe soil of to Valley Beij of so Tich and productive a. Nature an exception tothe generality of Coil Fiell their attention in almost wholly taken updo Sio dying the Best and and most prof liable Mode of cd ovation and Little if any Tirol i allowed to study the Natura and character with to inclination and Range of the Coal and its accompanying so okla of to Coal Region in , Aro located Jar even that which their own farms Commini and on reside. A i. Another reason Why to of Wyoming Valley is not properly understood is this that in coned Qunce of the nver Susquehanna flowing through the Centre thereof about thirty Miles and having varied it Courso from time ion time Many Sand and grave Hin sire deposited about 1 the Valley which completely diver Over and hide from View the rocks fall shale in places to a great extent thus rendering the tracing of of the Coal strata somewhat Uncertain especially to those who Are the real Causa of their disappearance and i have no doubt from examinations 1 Havo made with state f boys arms Are thrown about i Mother a neck meets of othere that Raitzy erroneous ideas Are Dunovan Michel Sli lev Martha bit other Ahra Hani no Good a Linen sheeting Pillow . A kilns Tot is Juh Ami gotten fable covers. Club ratings. Auction clip rings Nurt Canton Huttinga in the usual Vari to at vary Low prices. A together with a full variety of All articles i fatty kept in a dry Joud store. A storekeepers. ?. Prepared to Mil shy of our Stock at Eai i a Neej. Ba1ly t brother f. W. P0r, 12th Ami Market it. 1 a 37-3mo Yvelt a re alway tha lowest a Kaeti pet flts49. Removed. S1cusi? amp. A Talvi a flex leave to inform their nun Eros in town is and the Public Cane Ralty that they have removed Tea tar lamp manufactory a from no. 35 North . 32 Worth second Street Antis do it ors Obuck Christ Church a where they continue to Moro sex Lensi Cly than Ever Sickels i agent a 1�?~ Ltd Liing and Lough a Patent me Oil lamps neither of Wilh a Are manufactured by Shiv other Par in in the United state. Trey also make and keep Sale All the net and Choice patterns of lard. Fluid and old lamps chandelier Limu dolls Boquet holders j-q., Hall us crib. Miniature Folk to lamps and Chan Delier of All the new and various styles a liki Viso lamp Wie. Glasses and globes All descriptions also distillers of burning fluid Tine Oil a to a 4f. a potember . 3o-3mo. S. Lawrence a agent Fri the Sale of sol tii Yvo Otill manufacturing cons j writing paper. Hair Eft a ave 3 Winpar strict. Philadelphia. 1a a Case of the Ahova Superior papers now in la store. And Trade at tho Loy Rast milk fat Price c insisting in part office thick flt Caps 42 11, 15 and 16 lbs., Blue and White. Of a Aperfine m White. Extra super White Plain an superfine tar and ruled., _ extra super 1 Rinen note papers Plain and grit. Superfine and Fine Bill papers. Ion and Broad. Line an j Fine count Ling Iione Cape and posts Idini and Piini writings Btu and and superfine Folio posts Blue and i ruled. Smerdal posts Blue and while Plain Blu a extra super ruled Blue Aud extras Iper it sep Fine 8�p, id a extras Perl ruled. Euro deed lax yet a it Grek Caps nud letters Plain is Caps and letters Gilt. A non Caps an i pos. A it line a i Thill i in tour. >ath.l03ts, Blue Aud White Plain and ind envelopes. A chief paper. A Pup Cohner Ai d Fino Caps and posts rated and Plain Blue and White Vor Pii qualities and ppr ill of a i Ilius we we Nondas noted shoo papers 1. Tall Davia Henry a Ati ie7�pr�. Sli Hon tim _ Dowling Richard we a 4nhe, Dungan John in Tex win Surner tho Demmins Joseph Leo Mici Moi a Shin Gnu Mars rare to Durkan Mici Mcl Lamb George. Sterling Sarah decl Serfli ? Syth mis Mary Doran Lawrence Loefler Michael Sheba a mis a fairy Deere Myrtee John m iwyeas.mi�? mail die Jofin Moyer Samuel k Shevli mrs Davis Benjamin Murray Patrick Saip letters. Dennison Bow Miller David re Huid Fred a Man amp co. Ili Rtin a Solero Stewart Unity. Duffey Barney Markle h Sharp Chas Donnetia Jas d Martin Mick Rock Maria re thin Jolt Mosser Jolt Shaw this Jamea t Dusch Marv Duncan Thomas Samuel Down James ? per to Tunney John Imor. In Dye do Minier John Tiki wan math s j �?oow/.1 up a the a dts a. Dillon George Manatu by Lodge Tower Whert de Witle of ted a no 214 Tolly Frau Geo Doyle mrs Mary Martin Pete to Ltd skin John _ skip letters. Mann Samuel Toole Anthony Doherty Ann Manx Joseph Thompson Isaac ill Peter is m Mullen Michael Thomas we Dougherty pal mature re Geo Dean Andrew Quot Manighan path a Tanner la has. Ship Day a Patrick Mathew Jacob Thomas David do Dimler in haul Moyer jct a Thomas Edw 3 do e Martin Titch. U it Eicholz e b a. Co motrin san Geo urn Anthony enter Lino Amos Murry Patrick Ulmer Christian Elliott Patrick May tech Heinrich v Evert genre. Marts James Vaughn Thomas erint ton Jun Mirten Marie to _ Elliott Aler Marne John Walsh a cents j Wink 1 Augustus Evans Benj do Moser Heinrich i mayor Henry f Metz Cool Jacb Temer Fred a Fletcher Peter Moran Michael welliver Phinnie . Mathew Cathy Finley Patrick Morgan Hannah Wiliiams Aiex. Franklin encamp Moore mra Anna Wal it we no put ship utters. Wales nos inf Cetz in a wrench main Jam Wii Uyen we a 11,n,. Williams a1�x Wii Man a k was a Patriek watch Jolt Walesa Samson Bonnet boxed Ping envelope pers hard Vam papers a July.7, 1819. White and no text tissue Tea wrap assorted a d Blue medium Cap wrap. 2s-6mo who say i 1. Jacob m. Mijong would n a tiny his friends and ., Meroa Trontz that he is fully prepared to tarnish Kino of Gaff fixtures such As chandeliers pendent a brackets a to. Inc. Of a Superior Yuri Lily and fit i by pall work done by him still to warranted Quot and must pass inspection of tho to up Erin item Dot. Cel1 at his store Aud examine is fixtures. A a it 1, 1819, a 46-� mull hair Pat Mone Michael Mayjor Janie Michael we Manga a we Koly Jeremiah Flanagan path a fare gliomas Frank Peter Faulkin John Finlay Jolt Farrer tons trafic John Floyd we Finan Bridget a eol Jiff Mclaur Yuhara Wirg amp and Johanna Faust mrs Julia a Rhael Wunsun ?,2 if even in keep he feared to lie ported from her his lil let Cheek is que hed and glowing. As it rests upon her breast she. With a tear nil a littering upon to a Long dark. Tye a he her lips slightly parted her Rich hair floating like a veil about her face and figure. Ire by his Side. But look again i she throw those while arms restlessly about and those puled bps mud tour the holy name of a Mother a. J 1 Edith a thou Hast no longer a Mother but a Gre y hairs have gone Down with sorrow to tho Gray . But still in her Rejin it drip is an innocent child. Her fathoms Carca it ing Hind is hid with a Blessing upon those clustering site a arid Brothers throng about her making the Marica with their Many shout. I Oor Edith and will tit i lerp befriend Theel. So Wircs wildly from her Pillow gazes at those holy stars whose quiet Beauty seem but to mock her agonizing misery., shrouds her face pure a Light and Fulling on her Juncos Fly her child sobs a convulsively god pity me god to merciful to sinner Fly the Eye this to never slumbers of sleeps looks it in upon thee Edith the ear that is never Dearlo the cry of a breaking heart hears i he hand that is always outside Chad to save the penitent is sex funded to thee. Daughter i Hutsin i forgiven thee. Go am Ain no More. With a prayer , Ond a kiss her Baile Edith Lay calmly Down to a deep but Hift was an Eye above that slumbered not. Formed of the value of Cool properties in the Region some of which Are said to embrace Coal strata which have been swept others not to contain Coal that tally Are valuable. Since the publication of my new map of to first and second Anthracite regions of Pennsyl Vania the citizens and own Cra of Coal land in tho a of Teton it a Biog tho arsons interested a Northern Wyoming Coa value of. Such a map to properties in the Coal regions it embraces very desirous that i should Wyoming and Lack Bwana will show the Lioun drits 1 in if a with streams River More especially the sit until a Bleb of tho Jeli Region which the various estate a oils railroads and n of the mines tho Mash Rati Owen Wagner George amp Macdonald James Wingert Julia c Mathews win Yvo Mier Catl finc Moran Subhy ship lemurs. A ii Wallace dears j a Ycu Rhyd passed. Two Young men medical students Vic re sauntering along one our principal St scr by the Way said one we shill have a splendid Subj t Fot a Section to Day a Beautiful creature who has k Beer Biri Rayed and diverted by some scoundrel. She died at the Bop rial of a broken heart and not a Friend to claim her. La Jove she is Beautiful. Como in and Sec her Edith s Lee was uncovered and with one Groin of agony Fitzhugh fell la Felest to the d�83ecting,j room Flor his blood sporting Over the lifeless body of his innocent victim. Ives Genii co is mine. I will repay Saith the Lori a skip Tarter. Menai Peter Farrell Bridget Murthy we Flanigan Law rented i a tvs Adam Fox John 2 Mafray Feier a Fry Michael met ale Patrick Nhy Edward Mctee James wonders Henry Woolfenden Jas Watkins win Wartow we Welch Patrick Rusov Cox Varvi of voc pm fort dad Jerem 3 will be advertised loiter persons aped no Jotters on this list will a the Trind Portafe fun All foreign letters must Heire . 9,1bi9. 37-3. _ singular courtship. It is related of the celebrated and rather Etc cd Trie Abernathy of England that he never thought of marrying until he was called upon to attend a sick lady Whoso Young daughter nurse and in whom to observed those admirable qualities of heart and mind which he Juif de necessary to tender the married state Happy an hat he Dot rms Yetk finally to propose to hand o the affair daughter. Accordingly on saturday when taking leave of Hie patient he addressed i 1 a he following Ftp orc a t you Are now so Well that i need not see Yoo Range of the Outcrop of the a Oal veins and every thing of a geographical Chi racier calculated to i Rymko it a Uii Ful cd Valu ibo map not Only to Hosoi residing within the big prs of to a afield but to strangers and people a distance. This i Hare acceded to and am Jutow miking the no pcs Spry surveys and Euch pure Poe and hip it from the Ltd tabla assistance ready rendered and promised main this under taking by the surveyors and engineers of Yaj Lucs Barro and its Vicki a that shall be enabled ?1 a Complete the map publication this Falb As win be Shurre is centrally situated in the. Coal Field and Tain give county seat it is my intention to make it Ray general stopping place. A order to facile Talo As much of ,4he Progress 1 of the. Imp i shall feel deeply indebted to All who May favor me with by information hey May possess this purpose As regards the ownership and a Sundarie to of properties developments Joi Coal and Iron Ore strata peculiarities and irregular a ties in the working a variations if any in to character and thickness of the Coal veins a in tho Samo working in adjoining working a sections Ond situation of bore holes shifts Ond tunnels so that i May be enabled by putting these facts a proper form and place to arrive at the True geological character of Iho cd Albasin which alone will cons flute the value of the map. A the map of in o Ivy Noii a Sod licks Aana North Anthracite Region is intended to show tho geological Ond topographical features of the Coal formation of the v hey embracing elect inc across the Coal held Point which will not Only show tho undulations of the surface but to situs Tion and Placo of the several axes of the Coal strata of which the Field is composed As Well As the dip Basl Ning and saddling of i Exoa vein with the thickness and character of the intervening strata of rocks Ard Shales. \. 6 As i proceed in it my examination of the it a to Mioff goal Region i Pali take pleasure in noting its geological and topographical features and from Lime to time and her do Cri Punini thereof foe publication in on p.- we f. How at. Practical and Engineer of mine. Vitken Barre luwriq.co., to. -. Ele tember 3d, 1149. V
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