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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1867, Page 3

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - September 7, 1867, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaThe. Mine est it o tub it a. A 8ebtembe.e 7, 1867. , a. Vii Eliav Gepty web 7, is67. Is ion state ticket. I of supreme Jtj Goa a a a a a a fake i Fol clubs of pwt Burgh. I it ion county ticket a. Cr.�?�?�?. Judge of he criminal court David b. Guess of a Ottavius Ai Feciale Jilge. He Charles w. Pitman of Potts Rillo. Slate st a nor cd Tain James r. Cleaver of Ashland. Ahem blk a i in cd Shindel of to amp Mana Liu Feith t. Jones of st. Clair Heiam j. Lewis of Tremont. A a sheriff a it i . Geo. C. Wynkoop of Potterville. Pommie k. Moyer of West Brunswick. Director of he poor. Kip in Hoy of North Manheim. ,. Andlor Thompson of East norwegian. Jar commissioner. A Reed of Potts due. Edito Tai 00ebesp01toeh0e. Independent candidate for Conaty. Treasurer a Conrad Seltzer of norwegian. A Union county standing com in it Pic. A the following Are the a Simca committee with their Post office addresses a a Ottavius a William u. Smith esq., chairman Joseph of. Patterson l. F. Whitney of. B. Wallace . A a a Minera Vule capt 0. A. Brumm. ,. A a a. St. , Johns. V ave land Seth h. Yocum. Gordon John f.,Lewis,. A a. Mahanoy City Edwards. Sillyman. Mahanoy John Beach. ,. Cros sonar Luther r. Keefer. Schuylkill Seyfert Arryl col. Francis denier. I tier us Han Tongoy Peter a knt. A Iii off Rover capt. Peter a. Filbert. A Raigh Burgh Albert g. Hammer. Port carbons Philip Steinbach. A Middleport Eli t. Miller. A Trrman nth Danl. B. Althouse. La wer Mahan Tongoy Lieut. Samuel Swalm. I ranch Dale Robert Weir. Lynn or. Brandt. A Friedensburg Jacuby. Wommer. Anon Rny we. R. Schultz. A new Ringgold Paul Bock. King town John Fenste trache. Tamaqua Geo. W. Cole. A a. A a port Clinton a. B. Berth Lette. Judge Sha Swoob on Legal. Tenders. Ivy Inci from Ilia opinion Ini the Nae of . Troll. A. A a. H0n the whole then i am of opinion that the of Congro a of february 20th, to declaring the notes issued in pursuance of. That to he lawful Money and a Legal tender in i m a r . 4 Quot Titis renders Ith necessary that i should con it a tie other question which has been made As effect special agreement to pay in Silver Money United states. I am i favor of entering judgment for the plaintiff. But As the majority court Are of a different a Pinion judgement for the copied a Philadelphia age of 23d of february i where Theopiliou is Publia Hedin full. A it May also be found in the Legal intelligencer of March 18,18g4,.page 92. A in the same copy age a a carefully prepared Eulogy judge opinion in which is Tho following a a a judge reasons upon and decides the Case As if he were some lofty spirit sitting far Khiav and out contentions and strikes of Ali world.�?�. A a. A. Will not the holders and govern Brut Bonds consider the Julge As quite too elevated and Etli Erial for such earthly honors As a eat on the supreme a much ?. ,. For a convention to Amend the state Constitution we nil the above Banner and intend fighting it a not on tbif5 . A. A a. A we pro Ose in the Constitution increasing the Nam or of to 400. And senators 100, limits Gnu the session to with pay at $6 a Day. The a care Rota Tive to be elected from single districts a Iron Eliot the state. A. A i ifs a All corporations beyond the n arh of India Riund enter riff. And no special Laws. All corporations with an income not exceeding $25,-�hhi, to be granted by the i arts. A for the balance business stated 4u. And in fact 30 Dayt would by sufficient for All the. Legislation the people require. This la the Only plan to break ii. The present corrupt system berao9e Large bodies in Fiort sessions arc but so liable to let a corrupted. A raging in new Orleans is an epidemic. A. A a. A tier. Oal says that is shift less but a Wornat a is not. A a a fight ii of has ceased in Crete and Turkey will Grant reforms. Sex Guve nor reached new y Ork on tuesday from his european tour. A fib at Petroleum Centre on monday night destroyed $100,000 Worth of property j Hon. Jamks a. Mcdoucrai., United states senator from California died in Albany n. On tuesday last. Air it ural Farka out has forwarded to the Navy department an official report of his enthusiastic reception by the russians. A a at or. Desc Riplie of g. A. Be Umeyo Eros safety gun and blasting powder a new invention which has been crowded out will a. Pear in our next. A new monthly paper devoted to Protection to american Industry will shortly be. Commenced by the Industrial league of which or. We. Elder will be the editor. Messes. Luik it a amp Shaw �u0 Arch st., in i Ladelphia Are publishing in this Issue a new Stock of foreign and Domestic Carpel Ings of every variety. Purchasers should give them a Call. Tin republicans of Lancaster have adopted the system of popular nominations known As the a a Crawford county system.1�?T this system it is alleged Breaks up All a a Saleb a factions rings and cliques. A. 1 l a m a instruction a Ealer inward Coa in Cincinnati advertised that11 with each first order a Man will accompany the Coal to the purchasers residences to Light the fire. And. Explain the use a Ticle. A m Uncle Sam is negotiating it is sad to Purchase the islands of st. Thomas st. Croix st. John and others danish colonies in the West indies. Price $8,000,. 000 in Gold. Seward has As great a mania for buying As mrs. Toodles on the principle that worthy lady that a aft will be so useful to have it in the House. A. Brans of Feather parly of rowdies returning from a prize fight the other Day m Indiana indulged in a Row among themselves and some seventeen persons were wounded three of them mortally it is supposed. Among the latter is the name Hon. Judge Folly Date a democratic congressman from Indiana. A. Welcome rate of postage Between the united8tates and England which has heretofore been Twenty four cents for a half ounce letter has been reduced to twelve cents the new arrangement went into effect the Firat of september. This will be very acceptable to Many to whom the High rates heretofore have been an obstacle to writing As often As they desired to to Weir friends in the old meanest things Andrew Johnson has been guilty of . Send Sheridan _ directly to his command in. The West to prevent the ovations with which the people. Would meet him if he came however Andy cannot prevent the Republic cans of us Louis from giving him a glorious reception when he passes through there on his Way West they Are now making pre. Paratinos tor it. A. Hotel Siren of Padus Joly 5lh, 1867. 2 a a amp a a Tykal , located directly opposite the Palace and Garden Tuff eries. Those who knew Paris Twenty years ago would it is Eaid scarcely recognize it now. Whatever maybe Saidof the emperor a government he is certainly Hnz dog up the most magnificent Cir in the world. A Large portion of Che old City has been torn Down and splendid sonic lures erected with wide and Beautiful streets or boulevards extending in every direction a. The balance old City. Flu undergo the process. The government has authorized a comm Mon to carry out the Rojee Fifthe instance pm Pei a. This commission offers Avoir value for the. Property and the owners Are Given ninety dab to vacate the premises the old buildings give Way. To magnificent blocks ranging from five to seven stories High. This property is then sold or rented and it invariably Sells or rents Lor More than the Cost to the government so that the emperor accomplishes two objects he replenishes his Treasury a give the people work and. Toms keeps them ont of mischief. This system is not confined to Paris but the same process is also going Oil at Marseilles. The great seaport of France at Lyons and Rouen the inn Coal duties . The regular population of Paris increases but Little because the policy of Tito emperor seems to be to remove As far. As possible All manufacturing establishments that present an unsightly appearance and employ Many hands outside the City in fact every. Thing is offensive to the Eye even the poorer classes Are discouraged from appearing in the splendid por ton City so that you see Bat few poor., people and you would suppose looking at the surface that there were but few poor people 5n Paris a Friend Quot remarked to a Washerwoman a what Day Paris the replied a it appears Beautiful to you but you know nothing about the thousands of a Hong heart that occupy Garrett and live in places j you do Nfn it see and who. Are deprived of seeing Paris a you see it Quot a Roghe evidently old , because win re there Are so much pomp and splendor in the government and a Large standing army with hosts of Idle people to support there must be poverty. All the new buildings Are constructed of a kind of White Chilk Stone which is quite abundant. And when new is quite As Beautiful in effect As on White Marble Sot so Rich or heavy in appearance bin More Hight and airy. They Are. Erecting a new Imperial a pera House Neak the grand hotel which will seat no Leas than twelve thousand people. Hie present opera House seats less than three thousand we believe. All these together with the magnificent. Gallerie of paintings and sculpture at the Versailles the Palace of inem Burg st. Germaine the Louvres and in fact All Over the City in the Public buildings the cathedrals and churches nearly All Are free to the Public exhibits of Thev policy emperor and that attract the whole world to Paris to enrich her by the Money they spend and to scatter her finer fabrics and Richer productions every where fori Tell you there is no resisting the grand display made in her store and the. Smallest to the largest i lost mrs. B. Almost every hour White passing along through the streets. A to do Stop and let me took it these Beautiful articles i. Done to want to buy Bat i must see them a a and she was scarcely out of one store before she espied another still More Beautiful trap for the ladies which she must see also. Theft tir if you have a Little extra Money in your pocket there is no resisting the temp Tatios that meet Yon at every turn and you can get any thing Yon desire in Paris prices according to Quality. I sat my face like Iii it against being tempted mid i got off two Yock and a few collars which 1 required for i did not find articles As cheap in Paris As 1 had expected. They in May Fiat they Are cheap to the people of France but not to strangers and i think that every visitor who spends a few Days there will make the same discovery. We spent ten Days in Paris arid we found that out pockets grew considerably i. Lighter by the time Well a a. If any person visiting Europe expect to live cheap let us whisper in his ear that lie will find himself mistaken. Unless you live Here some time and become As it were one of them you cannot cheapen expenses for they recognize every person with a foreign accent and. Particularly from the United states and the charges Are accordingly.�?. Even in Germany where tourists could live cheap a. Few yearn ago the prices Are becoming quite As High As elsewhere. It cents me no More in London than in fri no a or Germany. My experience is that it costs a tourist in Europe How quite As much to travel in Gold As it does in currency in the United seems to be a perfect understanding among All the botel keepers on All the routes frequented by tour la s. A a a a. The exposition ii anything but a failure and its surroundings improve almost daily. It would take not less than two months to examine it thoroughly As the heat was rather oppressive and the fatigue very great we. Of pct but three Day s in the enclosure. Our ble Cor respondent having Given on readers Foll description we will Only dwell on one or two Points. A the display. From France is grand embracing neatly on half the. Build log and from the United states it is the most meagre. Americans feel rather chagrined at their exhibit. Altogether to believe there Are Only file Hundred exhibitors Frog the United states a but there is some gratification in the fact that these exhibitors re 1 Cei ved More Gold and other medals and honorable mention in proportion to ,.than from any other country. We understand that from forty to per cent a Fere honoured in Jhu a where else can one contrast the policy or different i nations in fostering their Industrial pursuits As in the exposition. England with her protective policy for a period of one Hundred and fifty years exhibited the my by ponderous and Beautiful machinery. France under the syst pm of Protection inaugurated by the firs Napoleon presents a splendid array of machinery but of a More delicate and lighter description. Belgium under her system of Protection inaugurated some fifteen or Twenty years ago is already Begum of to vie with England in producing cheaper fabrics and we have been in formed that heavy machinery can now be purchased in Belgium cheaper than in England. A 8o with every other country. Their productions corresponds with the amount of Protection extended to their Industrial in Reutita. It seems to As that airy citizen United states who advocates the doctrine of free Trade most either be crazy or ignorant to be suffered to run at Large. There is not a nation. On the face Globe that is not benefited by protecting its Industrial pursuits the reason is simply this by protect ing Industry you increase machinery and substitute it. For Man Power this machinery reduces the prices fabrics produced while at the same time it increases the wages operatives by the Protection it give sin the production of foreleg a fabrics and just in proportion As the prices of these fabrics Are reduced the consumption increases. When wages Are High the All know that labourers produce less by work ing less time than when they Are Low and thus production diminishes while the consumption this prevents a redundancy of manufactures and the demand is generally Short Supply and of Conree All branches of business Are prosperous while the reverse that Sis. Free Trade always reduces wages takes away the ability to consume there is always a Redan Dancy of productions and All branches a re prostrated. There is not a nation on the face Earth in which the wages of. Labor have not increased and the prices of production Diminu Zahed it under Ade Nat Protection. There a not a More important question before the people unless it is the. Impeachment or hanging of Andy Johnson and this is the reason Why we have a endeavoured Goorge it so strongly in these letters. _ a i visited Many places of interest in Paris but the fatigue was so great and the weather so warm that i. Found it necessary to leave this Beautiful City in order to obtain rest. There Wae. No resisting the temptation for sight seeing while in it but of All the places i visited t found none so grand and impressive As the Tomb of Napoleon no potentate is More reverenced in France now than Napoleon the i. Before you can enter you Nast divest yourself of All Ambrolas can is �fcc., which Are of at the Entrance and with hat in hand,1 you approach All that remains Cor Sican lieutenant to whom emperors and Kings bowed in submission fora time and whose descendant the present emperor but a few years ago before the unfortunate affair with my Xico seemed to exercise the same Power for when he. Spoke All the crowned Heads in Europe trembled until he was so awfully a by Bismarck the Toni Stern and ruler 0 Kings and princes in Europe. Now instead of attempting to menace Europe he. Is. Cultivating the Friendship reigning monarchs. Since Bis Darling project or making the Rhine the bin nary of France has failed and he declares . Policy is now peace with . Among the can Robes was notre Dame st. Genevieve or pantheon st. Sulpice st. Chappelle st. Eustache which is the finest finished Church and has the largest Organ in France. We also attended service in la Madeleine a More modern Church and very expensively furnished its outside appearance be very similar to Girard College. The services were extra that Day and a grand procession took place with the. Church., Yfe Law a similar procession with the Eleva lion of. The Host in the streets of Marseilles which waa a grand affair and papal flags were flying from nearly All a greater extent than we. Observe in bar cilia and towns on the fourth of july. It waa one fete Day soothe Church. In Paris these pro. Cessions Are prohibited from taking place in the streets and Ore Jhu Refore confined to the Horcha. A. On the Day the Era ror distributed the awards of prizes or medals to the exhibitors at the Palace of Industry there was a grand procession from the tourer ies through the Champ de Elysses to the Palace mid a 2 immense crowd assembled to witness it. We presume there must have been half a it Ilion of ple to witness it. The sol twin bad a Rived a few Days before and tote anxiety to j see him added largely to to a a we took a position about two and a half , the time in company with the Hon. James a Campbell who is now in Paris when Tiiu crowd was already great Bat the crowd became so dense and the heat so exhaust no causing several ladles to faint that i Couch Index alter waiting two Honre to work my Way the major advised me to hold in but 1 deter Hwd that would notto Maln there aha ther half Hoar Ezeall the crowned Heads in Europe. Prom a position i Only got s glimpse emperor and Empress and the Prince Imperial who Rode in the same Carriage. J had however a Fine View Saltan who is a very respectable looking gent Exnah with a very Fine Black Beard neatly trimmed and wears a cup looked civilized and if Yem met him to the Street with la hat on Yon up Gold hardly distinguish him from amp in Rij Pean. He la the first Saltan that has Ever visited Europe and in order Ito remove some of at his subjects to Bie undertaking the Job Nhy he has and other business is done illegally occasionally Only those who do it partake guilt and they May be chocked or punished As the people May think proper but when government legalizes sock a violation Laws of god and Man the whole people partake . Guilt and the quiet Christian Sabbath which is so Beautiful and Peculiar to the halted states will disappear forever to be followed by greater desecration and More boisterous exhibitions than a amp Ever found in. Earpe Becane there is amp police officer within reach of any noisy Dert Amatin ibid soon quiets it under the penalty of punishment or imprisonment if his orders not immediately obeyed. In the United states Many. Of on police officers would Cann Lve at and be the Aldos and bettors of fancy outrages if the Powers that be should Wink at them. A the news of thai execution of Wurl Milan intense sed Satlan throughout Europe and particularly in France. There was waiting and lamentations to the Palsco toil series bit the 3d of july when Adi Patch confirmed the intelligence. The Empress a amp a almost inconsolable and filled the. Pollee wilh. Her wails and All our readers May judge feelings emperor Napoleon a a whose head Maximilian hailed his Ana then As for his shameful desertion of him. After he had pledged hip support of Bis Empire of course a fetes were a a other Mandy a and the Palace of waa to mourning. Even an Effort was made to postpone the 4tb of july Celebration in Conee induce but this very property failed. A partic Nur Friend emperor made the request to col Forney stating at the time that he was cot commissioned by the emperor to do so Bat that he knew that it would. Be to his feelings it it was postponed. For a i Imit time amp feeling in favor of postponement prevailed but number were determined hot to postpone on the ground Fiat the United states bad nothing to do with the execution of Maximilian but that solely a question Between Mexico and those who sent him there to usurp the government of Juarez who had been elected by the people As president of Mexico and that Maximilian was nothing but a usurper in Meneo and if he felled of Sci nurse be incurred the penalty inflicted i upon Blaby his own acts. There a another Little incident connected with the Celebration 4th. Of july which May As Well be told. Gen. Dix and a a few supporters of Andy Johnson started a Celebration and limited it to merely drinking a few sentiments Wito?01 any remarks giving As amp. Re son that something might be said of speeches were made to wound the feelings emperor. The truth was be was afraid that Tometi Ralpg might be said about Andy Johnson which would place him to rather an awkward situation if he number of americans declared Fiat they1, not be gagged that they were determined to maintain free speech even to prance and very properly started another Celebration. The subscribers to the latter became so Large that the Dix party rescinded their it was too late the blood was up end those to favor of free speech deter mined to go on. V the other fizzled into it j Pic Nic which was to place at the Boto do Bologne on the afternoon of the1 it but the news death of Maximilian put a Damper in it and in con sequence of rain Falong on the morning 4th it was very convenient to postpone it altogether. The other Celebration took place in the magnificent ban quetting room grand botel. It was a grand affair and waa participated to by about three Hundred a Jades and gentle Meh who sat Down to a splendid dinner at of clock. It would have done your heart Good to have seen our glorious Star float log in the grand Timple of tic grand. Hotel to Pari a i within a few blocks Palace emperor where there was wailing and gnashing g of Teeth at the. Miserable failure Empire in Mexico and the Moie glorious Triumph friends of a Republican government the United states,.Over the most bloated and debased aristocracy the aristocracy of slavery which was aided and Conni ved at by All the government Powers in Europe except two Russia and when the band struck up Yankee Doodle and the Slat spangled Banner the cheering and Huzzah were so great that we Felt As if the ceiling grand hotel would hive been rent the facts that Only in it foreign land we a precis be a 4thpf Junyce Ebrat Lon. Col. A a prominent business Man whose name has escaped is pre5ided, an Madea Beautiful speech which was followed by the usual National sentiments not forgetting the emperor a Apoleon for granting the privilege for the Celebration in so which speeches were made by two gentlemen from. New York on a commute Sid to the exposition and also by governor Curtin. Col John Wigt Forney judge. Allison and Daniel Dougherty esq., of Philadelphia. And by the officiating Clergyman american Eplero pal Church in Paris. All the speeches excited great enthusiasm and were patriotic and appropriate but the speech of or. Dougherty was the speech evening. Or Dougherty Felt tiie same difficulty that Many other tourists in France have Felt by not understanding the language and he commenced by thanking the worthy chairman for calling upon him because it i was the first Opportunity that had been . I him for exercising tree speech since be had Hcan to France. He convulsed the company by giving his experience. In making a jew needed purchases among i which waa a hat. A afro a considerable difficulty be ascertained the. Price when the seller quietly informed Liim that he would a Harge him sixteen Franca but he would charge a gentle a a Twenty francs and invited All gentlemen present who wanted cheap Hato to. Give Hima Call. We a burst of a Nance and patriotism before it wll Long be remembered by those who heard him and All agreed in ranking him among the first orators in our he was greeted with bursts of applause during its whole delivery and every one was sorry when he took his seat. There waa not much enthusiasm exhibited when Tho health president a amp a drank for it is hard to separate the character miserable traitor who occupies the highest office in the world from the respect we owe to said office but a Hank god while he has succeeded so successfully in disgracing himself add causing the friends of Republican institutions. To hang their Heads in shame at to course and debasing Acta he cannot disgrace the office be hold in the estimation people. Everybody Felt patrol. Otic and we took the Liberty of sending the following Tonti ment up to the chair american ideas of gov Emmentt an emanation from the deity and wafted to the shores of Amer Ira nor lured by. The immortal Washington and firmly established by the no iess.lm-. Mortal Lincoln a May they continue to expand until All nations Are compelled to Bow Down and acknowledge a their simplicity and grandeur. A f Aro Bithe a nests was the Hon. Jato a h. Camp Bell sex minister. To Sweden who will return to the United states in Angust with his family who a re bit a Welland and log a to see their More. We Only take occasion to remark that Secretary Seward in. Reply to the Resolution of Congress did not publish All the correspondence in relation to the Mission to Bogota. Major Campbell positively declined it and requested the Secretary to Send on his successor at Sweden As Boon As possible to relieve him because Hedi agreed with the views government and desired to leave As soon As possible. But we must close this Long and rambling letter otherwise we May bore our. Readers. Add in for the pre. Sent. -. Tub so Sion editor. Work for a Strong Mas a there Isa native of Australia named j e. Evans now in Eagland to establish Bis claim of bang the strongest Manin uie world be cant i said hold four fifty silk Pound weights at Arm s length he Letb a fifty six Pound weight fall about a Yard on his Hare body1 allows Aman to strike him with Aisi Feen Pontod Sledge Hammer draw heavy Stods Etc. If pro Fissori Hercules should visit this country which is not improbable we would suggest that the tax payers off Chi a a Kul county engage him to Ceme Here acid see if he can draw any information from the the pm it Ras to the whereabouts of a a them r ten thous id doubts which they extracted from the county Treasury this year before publishing Ihei May statement and for which they have never accounted from on. Experience so Lar we Are fully convinced that it is work fur a Strong Man. Quot annual election will la a puce on monday he al a correspondent Tristine writing from Augusta in reference to the Oun pain says. The people of Maine will do their duty on the Day of. Election. They done to propose to surrender the Dicaita obtained at the.expen80ofo much blood and Tref Tsure. Tho Boft Metal record the democratic party cannot be wiped out much less forgotten. We know it was the democratic party that struck hands with Southern traitors in their mad attempt to overthrow the government. We know that the sacrifice of.500,0c3 of oar or amp be and Loyal sons daring those terrible Foar Long years of blood was owing to them. We know too that we should not have a country to Day halt. It not been for the. Republican party. They carried the country through the terrible throes of War and brought peace within our distracted Borders. The burdens of taxation May be onerous but should had them in tor the course democratic p arty when the death no Tion government was jeopardy id / a. O or present go vex nor Chamberlain will be re elected and his Copperhead antagonist Pillsbury will be buried beneath As Large a majority proportionately is went a amp inst him last year. The blow lie . Receive averted and All the Pala vering to get him votes is Jafe so much sweetness wasted. Only hold their places of exe Eayre dirty code i Cal 1 wrong from on 8ct of Wuy. We in a . I Wees ending we Lac it stodgy. Better tenant same tron Eleni Cone Patocs my had no. A a or a a and Mede when it becomes Eirl. I Haar or Soma. Win be offered and mean when it becomes Eri Deitt lbs a pm to Earnest have a Coo in Quot or Wales a Ohe Beu a my of Kari Umby near ire to Mac but we most now elem a Lilach ?., it Nuwt Beevi Dent that made Itman Bedortha torpor of driest Eia Wiwi me Are no Leo Deeris tay . Compel male with the Beds corporation can be testing or to on advantage m Hong a it monopolize on Trade a a control our bn-in�8. Corporation Enre iroc imly a it a Aen. And Tbs one is not Only. With Ooi Dema it with ort Sare Foj the a amp Pitsti Tomitz it Wae Ever m busted san w Gene Robab is in he 6m troth by their present txaitlon�?without1money and without work. They know that while on mines me Idle a the regions Are Lactea uffing their ship Meyti Imd taxing tto Capoj amp Jet their product he to the utmost. They know that while we Hare lost nearly a million tons which Aadi hold have sent to a Stet other regions Here rested the Benefit. The a Why and throne he repeat ally been stated cast tide far 186t. Trenton Cost too Pieny. Mott Boa. Mahanoy co., Delano Olneq. Coal company. Raffia in Stearns Ducco. E. 8.8dtbnan Mcneal Coal a Iron company. Knickerbocker Coal company. A Thomas Coal company Wuh Atoa Aheong. Flea motto Talley Coal clasp any. New Boston. V.�. Other shippers. Total. Decrease increase./. .-447 25 614 2,933 2,0ft9 1,204 Loso 91 a �s8 1a90. 10 1ft, 302 9,724 079 total 1,794 .661 10,803 34,810 12,936 2s.4u 73,787 70,005 37,946 22,638 9,027 2,041 14,619 31 a few More Good agents wanted for go eral l. Cd Baker s a a wifi by 8icket incised it Randi it Yir Sqq mental fixed. Address p. ,co., Box 217, Philadelphia a. It a a. A a a Nunn a Gertsb a Moa to Ben six Newi vec Tuuu tons. Of great value to be mules rail pay great profits. Sen disc. And get so pages and ample Gratia. Assents have made $100,000. Ephraim Brown Lowell mass. A -7 317,134 261,119.1 66,014. A Dizh Caal Thule fer is67. For week rating m-8atardav last i Ynar i finns. Bat a amp noi too often reiterate ion. It a Viln to abuse the bet Long Coria a a a Roj Are Leas trader the de English i in j them. Duration its officers Are. _ of Thrif a Offiah constr treats and cannot a Alf they a Daff Xii Otid they afford us re operators. Canal. Hazleton.,Bast Segar. Loaf., a a �?3 us to it. Pleasant Tineil two old English j Jeddo. A would soon relieve them. Therefore we i hurl Jeldi Johnsoh a perfidious Cooee lies to spared the Republican party of Pennsylvania to re Ward exertions. The necessity of giving tim and his a ruinous policy a Stern rebuke at the polls in october is appreciated Aud we anticipate that the vote polled will be full and or. Williams majority one heaviest Ever Given to any candidate in this state the press Saya truly �?�1. A was the critical the conflict Drawe near we got into action bearing the colors nation partying with a the sympathy add prayers whole country and on an Issue Etc oped of All advert in Idns and Section incidents. Coraide ask. For fo6re the e Sandid Atee and the office sink ont of sight to whence ran Ember that we Are fighting Over again the question of Getty sir y and that with is move the holy armies of i dead. It is it Iiams and Bhar Awood no longer a Brit the nation. Did on ticket Bear the names o Sheridan arid John Sori the issues Between is could not be More antagonistic or More d Recti a the Minersville squirt who gave the profound opinion at an inquest he lately held on the body of a a Nan who was gored to. Death by. A Brill that the animal should be offence was in Toton on tuesday Jah Xii us to fill Holahan a place pm i the ticket for director of tie poor when at Jast Pebro i Nate was announced As the Choice standing committee Paul. Made a a a Bee line Jafor borne to mad that on the Road he dislocated. A pair of new continuations he bad on Paul has come to the conclusion in View of his Long and Faill Ifni services in the party that democratic county standing committees a a is ungrateful. V wild Cherry of or. Wist amp a is embalmed in the hearts of thousands whom his Balsam of wild Cherry has cared of can Gas colds consumption or some other form of pulmonary disease. It is now Over forty years since this preparation was brought before the Public and demand for it is constantly increasing. Quot a A. The Cabinet organs a the single House of. Mason amp Hamlin has succeeded in Safar outstrip Ping its rivals that the. Question a who makes the Best Reed or Gaub a is no longer in open one. Of the excellence of these instrument we have for on part become perfectly satisfied by fre quent personal trials Mason amp Hamlin instruments and of various others it is Patent and . Evening Post a we have received from messes. A. D. Amp a w. Smith of Boston manufacturers Asre Nican Boans the first number of a find looking Sheet the size of our own paper entitled a the american it contains valuable information relative to the construction of Reed instruments which All who intend purchasing organs for their Homes or for Public Plaes would do Well to familiarize themselves it contains also a his torn business various improvements and the ideas of leading musical men in regard to Reed instruments which have become so popular for the Homes people As to fairly rival the pianoforte. A Sample copy of this publication will to sent free to any who will address the above named firm a Maes. Be Gist a. A a Tobe of not to be that a the whether to suffer with mental anguish feverish lips cracking pains dyspeptic agonies and nameless bodily suffering or whether with Suddon dash 8eize a bottle of Plantation bitters. Quot. And As Gunther swears to myself a Man again a. Gunter said my eyes were ask flow. My visage Haggard my breath tremendous bad. My disposition troublesome in fact. He gently hinted iritis fast becoming a quite a nuisance. A. A. Four bottles now beneath my Vest have disappeared my food has relish my appetite is keen my Stop elastic Iny and nine pounds avoirdupois is a dded to Iny weight Magnolia delightful toilet article Superior to Cologne and at half the Pricer 36-2t new topic and we world Art wisely if we poet no time in the matter. A. A a if every business Roan in the county would give one tenth of i Worth and every Workingman on tenth of his earnings until we Bilyea Coal transport Rig line to i new York but expressly for carrying heavy freight there would he hut few exceptions to the general role. Of profit in the present Quot my Propec Tulve. It would give a a a of Idle workmen at Winter while it would at _ _ i no poly under which we labor and place us in favourable i Mcneal Competition with other regions. We can never have i Knickerbocker cd c per share Coal Trade and its profits until this is-1 Coal Bon Coal co. A accomplished. A a. pet Caslon ,3d, 18g7 a Bates of tall nil train pm Miyei 2. A a Jonko Isom a a pin Lanxe Ruia Rai Siati. From wkggmi.bj.$217 a do a do port Richmond .�07. Do do 10�drawback off us -. A is Vul action. A prom pot Vineto Pella Teophla .2 of. Do do new York drawback off.____2 is a a a Quot a Otow a venu�8. A a. From Mauch chunk to Philadelphia can Viccia fling unlofldingw.1 is Doto North Penna r. R2 00. I do f to Elizabethport via a. Central r. R.2 03 do to part Johnson. -2 10 do to my dark it .2,65. Do . And Raritan canal .267 do to new York la Morris canal ,. 239 do a a to Hoboken in. Moma and Essex. A. 210 do to new. York. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 2 20. From Elizabethport to. Buffalo via new York Ca a Ual a distance of about �?T450 milesfreights$2 62�?toil, 73cents. 3 40 the shipping expenses at Elizabethport Aigid port a Johnson vary from 25 to 30 cents. A Council Rifine. Buck Mountain. New York amp Lehigh Honey Brook Coal c German a. Goal co Spring my Coal co. . Beaver Meadow. Rath ten old Well co Glendon Coal co. Mahanoy Delano Coal co. H. Meyers. Sum a. Baltimore Coal co. A Auklin. Audenne. A Bieh amp Sash. Co., Iana messits. Wil Kosby Are. Warrior run Forrish a Thomas. Be h. Coaids Nav co Fackey ski or amp of. Other shippers. My Etna. North Mahanoy. Walter Bros. Amp co. N. Jersey coat co John Laibach a co. Trent a n Coal co. Union Coal . Wyoming Coal co. Apison so a amp i total by a. Canal same time last year increase. Decrease a for Sale and to let. Fyk desirable dwelling Bouse on my is Tongo Street above 7th, Potts due a Rosw Sion git a april 1st is�8. For terms a amp cd a pay u _ re a a 80l.ft�rkb, a be. No. 1s2 Centre Street Pou Szulo. September 7th, 1b67. _ get a treatise in dealer , Cee Tien end cancer. Their census end Meins of water Briend speedy Cam sent Bee Send partic Lere to or. Stilwell no. 40 South ctr st . Madam Foy a. Corset skirt sep Porter combines in me garment s a Tot err Rico co Arr and most de Pirame skirt supporter Ever offered the Public it paces the weight of us skirts upon the shoulders instead ups it improve the form without tight Taring gives ease and elegance a approved and recommended by physicians. Mau not cured by d. B. Saunders. .96 summer st., Boston. Faints for Farmers and bluer a company Are now manufacturing the Besl cheap get and most durable paint in use two Coats Well put of mixed with pure linseed of a will last 10 or 15 years it is. Of a Light Brown or Beautiful chocolate color and can be changed to Green Lead Stone Olive drab or Cream to cult the taste consumer. It la valuable for houses barns fences agricultural implements. Carriage and car maker Paite an wooden. Wore. Canvas Metal and Shingle roof tit being fire and water proof Bridges burial cases canal Boato. Ships and ship Bottoms floor Oil clout. One manufacturer having used 6000hbls. The past year and As a eels Usu pawed tor Boay Dura adhesive less. Price $6 per bbl. Q1 Supply a for mar Lor. Years to come. Warranted in All cases As above. Send for a circular which gives full particulars. None genuine uni Ere branded in a Trade Mark Grafton Mineral faint. Address Daniel Bubwell proprietor 254 Pearl so new York. It r juneli�?24-4t the latest news. Yobb wanted look abbe agent and female wanted everywhere to sell the Patxot i a Pool n Ink Rares Voia by which from one to two pages can be written without replenishing with Ink and our fancy and dry goods Xian Clear from 3 to $10 a Day. No capital Price 10 cents with an advertise mement describing an article for Sale in our Dollar Par chasing Agency. Skov foes. amp Kendall. \ a 65 Llanover st., Maas deafness cured the organic Vibrator fits into the ear is not perceptible and enables deaf persons to hear Oleti Nutly at Charch and at Pul Quot assemblies. Send particulars to or. Stilwell 45 South 6th st Williamsburg n. Farms. Majles and Foo Basfor file a Berks sad other Cosa tiea 218 Aero of Limestone land at $120 per acre. 145 Lime Stone fend gravel a trial Mill at. 318,000 6 acres of Tond and Largo grist Milt at.&6ft 62 acted of red soil. 2,600 . 3,100 44 acres of red find. 3.00b 110 Amof Gertrel at $s0 per 37acwaof Lime Stone gravel at $150 per acre. 104 acres of red soil. 4,000 96 acres with a Fine slate Roarty. .30,000 54aoes and grist Mill. 7,000 106m scree of we Stone gravel $t23 per acre31 Seres of Clay laud3,800 90�m acres of Lime Stone gravel $125 per acres. 13 acres of red Soli. 2.000 44 acres of red soil in Schuylkill county. 6.000 a 23abres of gravel. 2,200 90acres.redsoq 3,000 31 acres and Grot Mill. .10.000 46 acres and grist Fiir .14.000 211 acres of Home Stone gravel and. Grist Mill. .13,000 233 gravel �t160 per acre. A 56 acres of Bottom land at $176 per acre. 230 acres of Lime Stone Guarri at $160 per acre so acres of Limestone. 3,200 65serfs of gravel land an grist mid. $,600 172acrcs Reasol a Bottom land $120 per acre. 170 area of Iron Stone land at $s5 per acre. 25acres of re Soli 3,000. 25 acres Lime Stone. 5,000 s3 acres of red soil at $66 per acre. 2 acres with bar Iron forge and Bone Mill 14,000 6 v acres with a to slate Quarry. .26,000 12m acres of Chestnut Timber. 700 14 acres of gravel soil. 2,000 7 acres and grist Mil. 7,000 Lacre and tavern stand. 6,600 20 acres of Chestnut Timber. .300 126 acres of Lime Stone land at $109 per acre 106 acres of Ironstone. 7,000 11,000 acres and forge in Perey county. .43,000 135 area of Iron Stone and forge 9,000 a tavern stand in Schuylkill county. 6,000 34 agree of red soil. 8,000 19 a a u3.000 94 acres of gravel and forge. 19,000 50. Acres of Chestnut Timber. 2,000 37 acres of red Jouand grist Mill. 6,500 180 at.$200 per acre. A 34 red Ell and forge. 4,000. 9 acres of gravel land 3,000. 13 acres 01 gravel land. 1,500 35 acres of red soil. 2,800 125m Lime atone land at $200 per acre. 169 acres of Bottom and gravel laud.,.,.21,000 46 acres of Bottom land and gristmill.15,500 106 acres Limestone gravel land at $100 per acre. 815 acres of Good soil in Illinois at $25 per acre. 23 acres of gravel Laud and a grist Mill .10,000 l000 acres of Timber land in Elk county. 5,000 also a Large number of Bouses and oat lots in the Day of Reading. a Stitzel real estate agents opposite the it House a Quot a a saturday september 7,1867. The Bita Atisa at Washington the my a called Amaat Andy cols Aisig Philadelphia lat Crew Tlam miscellany washing Toni despatched Coo finn the state Menta Ai a Tok having inc Cen de Focht amp War ton in the sole manufacture of by chefs celebrated a Patent a a of a a. We Are coming and will present to any person sending is a club in our great one Price Sale of dry and fancy goods &c., a silk drets pattern piece of sheeting watch ac., 1 free of Cost. Catalogue of goods and Sample sent to i any address free. Address j. S. Hawks a co., 30 Hanover so Boston mass. P. O. Box 6125. New advert self damping hoisting scoop buckets Tea or Lake a the finest. Black Tea in x town. Lac Isles x. White _ Jno. O. Beck. Wanees table Salt Durham Mustang White pm ppr Cayenne Pepper a. sept 7�?36-31 courthouse Reading. A. To bunt a a store room and stable room for three horses 224 Market Street. Ang. 3l 67 35 Jakq. 8hkafbb. M for 9ale.-0oe King inc from30to35 horse Power secondhand 4 foot stroke 123-3.inch bore of Cylinder which has been rebuilt. All in Good running order for running a Coal breaker or. Saw Mui or for hoisting oat of Stope. Can be bought on Good terms at the g rant Iron works the Wren Mahanoy City a. It aug 31�?85 Phi vat Bale of pm erred Finger and Iron hoisting blocks As Well a in the manufacture of a. Iron car Bordeaux Prev is spiced oysters and pears fresh pineapples assorted syr i it a a . A very Superior article of sugar cured dried beef for family use Jno. O. Beck. Milk and Cream crackers egg Ducoit Graham crackers amp a. Jno. 0. Beck. Quot by the Barry or Iron Box a wheelbabbow8, Are prepared to Fili All orders with Prarop Teaa and dispatch. A. A a. A a the sole owners Patent right for the self dumping hoisting scoop bucket and Dock Block we caution All persons against manufacturing or purchasing the same from any except ourselves or agents As we to the utmost limit any infringement on the letters Patent a f re pet fully r a a Addison amp Warren Reading Psi. A guat 31, 66 a a"5-fy a new Barite Coal Lakom for a. uie my. La of few estate in Ebay kill county three Miles from four collieries on the tract and two others partly supplied from it. Whole area nearly 700 acres. De ascription of property sent on application. A a iiarri3 bothers civil engineers a Ottavius. Toly 27, 07�?or. A a s a -30.tf a dig top Gloucester. Hartford. Nin Bani. Hudson a. Latin Maide p amp towage medford.,. Marblehead. Sow York. New Haven. New London. Newport. 119 vessels and 71. Boats arrived for week a communicated. The Junior sons of America a the rebel Organ lately published a false statement in reference to the objects and principles of this patriotic order. When asked to make an amende to a number of Young democrats who Are connected with the juniors by publishing the following tent Binl Conr i teens communication the editors refused. We therefore insert it in Justice to the dem a Coralic members order. V Mitra still August 5. Is67, eight it oks Stajn dad a buy Bur Issue of last saturday i noticed an article apparently copied from another Pader which from its injustice and a Ihei Ping to accomplish what designing politicians can. Not i hasten to Correct theartice funded to under the heading of a watch them Quot charges the order or Junior sons of America with being a Treha Sholde in not know nothing ism a and intimates that Tia a inn a Der the confront tit Evena these charges Are known to All who have the least knowledge principles organization to be incorrect because the a were to existence Long before know nothing ism or Ria Dens Stevens were admitted by any persons As Ami Larrr. The Junior sans of America adopt the old Constitution a their guide. So the treasurer Marazas journal a i am pleased to see that Conrad Seltzer has announced himself Independent candidate for county tree surer. I have known him for upwards of Twenty five years during which a time i have had frequent business dealings with him and Bare always found him strictly honest in his transactions. J consider that be is fully competent to fill the position and that the funds county would be i Safo in Bis hand. To should receive the votes of All friends of Reform without regard to party. \ Minersville sell 5,1867. A working an. The Coal Trade Fdl Zirille september .7, 1867. The Quantity sent by Raur cad this week a a 63, �99 17�?by canal 20,797 13�?for the week 84,097 10 tons against .104,482 tons for the corresponding week last year. A there is but Little that is new to not in the Trade. The demand has slightly improved but therein no improvement a prices As the stocks in the Eastern markets Are Large and prices there Are consumption will hardly be increased unless there should be revival in Trade this fall this Ishaq Festiona a Bly an excellent time for persons to Fay in their for they Are political bit further thin that they have i to do with politics or politicians. Amongst i stocks of Coal As prices cannot go lower with of members will be found Young men and i of stopping collieries in which event the tiring firmly to the democratic party and Sotman dip cratic Puao plys. A it a v the american mechanics a a an order established Many Yean ago might As. Well be saddled with the same charge As that to the article alluded to were. It not so Well known that Many of our democratic statesmen Are and have been life Long members taking put in All the doings order without restraint Ora thought of concealing the fact of their connection therewith. Thus it a with the in. A Horsma of America. Their doct Taca Karl been repeatedly and fully published to the world in various papera. That their meetings Are held in secret having signs grips and poem Worda in the same manner As the masons Odd Pel lows a on of Temperance c.,&c is a matter of necessity for the7 preservation of its True beneficial character. They Are a Hati Onai. Order so Are the fenian and Many others and. By doctrines. Similar to the Jon Sora the democratic Benh Liao the United states must be Gover we. It a not adhere to and maintain these principles if its perpetuity As Are Publio be preserved. A Manos. Parre Scott loan. L Valby. _ a a. A a a i Lehigh can Black baud Agair a those who have i Scrant 8th. Re Oil the journal will scarcely have forgotten j per in. Otto Many Noticia of Lack band Iron Ore and by Road its discovery in the Anthracite Coal measures Jwj g h�5 daring Jast Winter and the past Spring i anal Many no doubt have in common parlance a Hamon. Considered like great a a As played int Quot since so Little has been Herald-1 l. V. Co. F j i a r. A i Mia Mcfan de concerning it of late. ,. V Broad Typl we a re not often led away by excitements and Are yery Caus on a Sunset the admission of reports to mislead on readers or weaken their Confidence in the journal. The facts however Are substantially Trae As they have been stated. Recent developments i Aye fully corroborated Alt we Folly stated and the Black band bed is without doubt a reality general Grant revokes one of Andy a of Johnson a pets we of Jyring formerly Pra ident Behan and a Navy agent in Washington and a Delegate to the Philadelphia Johnson wigwam con Verlion was recently appointed by Andy in Perl a pendent Lecoin depot in Washington. But a general Grant Baa revoked the. Appoint a a a 4 i a u1s Bulj cow w i 8 Ummi Tow l use univ Jav Musj my is ment and Georgen Gilbert Sheji reflect Joa paced in to Botna Otto Bobu to. Per intendant will remain. A a a a Travo Limo tree do on Tho a oof Turkey. Lowe Gire this my we heard it end do not told i for i the Ohio and Pennsylvania her Nib. A Pear to be working on similar platforms. In vat Etri tec an american to forcibly in paria of to the former state their leaders take distinct i almost total non Ober Vance or the a Bhatt. A email ground in favor of Reud Laden. ,. 6. The party has fora candidate judge. Shars go a other dare. Redwood who declared from the Bench that on a. A no we Legal tender notes or greenbacks Are Union l or Wotton Ball Quot Stlla tonal and of no binding value. oct the a Alfis a we a a Dinyo Tab tith la us a our people who do riot want to Jose the gov 1 i"1 r a 1 everywhere. Workingmen of toe United emment Bonds or greenbacks they Mariap the Apen to own should not Tot Elfi amp Vot of this in your country. Preserve your 8 by to a repudiating pm Ltd. Tucy or Reet As Yon would your of Billy from Roumian my ii it a i a a it. I land never Naffer these foreign a Ever -jene8algnast�?Tsjietree.-a,Washington Pye from Daisyt god upon eve v a a a try represent Ireon the per peas your mortal enemy j who Wolf vote or advocate the legalizing of any hush despatch to the Preas Gays at although Gurii ral a stae can a Biro to know that a Tonj Cartton of Atid la willing that it Hooie Eju Jned a the Preal Dentham in Lapoe Sereion however a number of a the a letters of a few cd Sertz to Mem by Nutof Aooie Gresa to which the Wittera agree to Rote Aga tart Itaf a pachment in Retura forthe of Sefra tour to Federal offices which it is amp in will Wax two. Yak for recollect if Yon leg Dize one Braidi of bade Cai on the so Hribb raw of a go a Thiol a us Laws would work Unen Luyand ring Drill Alfidi would to the worst Ken doll Toay Obi al in film exp in Tel the Wypy a the Dooh a tar Job a we Fina a fowl open Sirim Kip 6rb<i>&ea of kneed the Taama a 77 a be i �1--�?1 a Supply would be end tailed and prices would Advance. No one should hesitate in this matter in Hope that prices will yet reach lower figures for it is very improbable atthe High rates of. Transport Tion which the Reading Railroad company imposes upon on opera tors and the still he a by expense of. Mining. The Trade sums up this week As follows compared with Lastyk a Coal freights. Ply Richmond Phi lady a. 2 00 new Bedford. 175 .2 co Newbur Ypon t. 2 1ft 2 co Newark. -1 15. 2 co Portsmouth. 20. 2 25 Portland 2 cd 1 3t Pawtucket. 1 75. 2 00 Providence. 1 75 �.2-oo. .quincy.Point. <2 00 t 1 75 koi Bury 2 26 a. 2 15 salem.,. A 2 00 a 50 salepburg.,. 2 40. 2 00 Thon mimed. 2 r�0 v 1 40 Troy-1 40 .,2 00 Wiliiam Sherg. 1 30. 2 00 Aston 130. 2 63 Gowan is Creek. I so 2 00 Norwich. 1 76 a 1-30 Plymouth. 2 25 1 75 us Romersi it. 1 75. 1 70 Amerberg Point. 2 15r 75 Golan Bailer. Superior family flour _ a smaller Quantity guaranteed to give satisfaction a. Jno Beck. P to m p Tell Htam Power and Lland. Pumps of All sizes for mines quarries breweries distilleries factories of All descriptions and for Public or private waterworks &c., amp a. The. Steam ram for feeding. Boilers and steam Siphon for raising water. Atoo air pump Quot 01111 a a kinds of Hydraulic and pen Matt Macb Leiy. Bend for circa Lara to Pelt Adelphia Hydraulic works. No. 247-Bonththird 8k Philadelphia. Fat a. 3c-4t a 8. Collie Otobe a sai7e.�?by.virtne a authority conferred by Section l>3. of july 13th. 1s6c, i will i pee to Public rate at the collectors office in the Borough of . At la of clock. A. M., on the is today of september a. D. 1807. The followingartlcle3, Tolt. 6.900 c1�a�8.one Tot ii a tobacco. Seized for violation internal Revenue and i. Lately to pose estion of heroine Beber 1. Jamesa. Inness coir. 10th dust. In. Collector s office september 7tb, 1sc7. ,-3g-1t Chas w. Schnerr a grocery. A proviso ii Quot a a Florand a thi r t e e n y e a r s. Ago or. Louis of Providence b i., discovered remedies with which he has cored hundreds of cases of paralysis fits and All forms of nervous diseases Send two Stamps for pamphlet and certificate. Afflicted restored i ignorance exposed l fallacies unmasked. Highly pm. Portent to both sexes married or single in health or disease. Or. Larmont a Paris Louden and new York medical adviser and marriage guide 80th edition 400 pages nearly 100 anatomical illustrations upon mental and nervous debility urinary deposits and. Ira Potency affections bladder kidneys Geo to urinary organs Aud their consequences and Anatomy of both sexes a european Hospital practice the and l horns moral legitimate and effectual method of preventing too rapid increase of Fenerly a a s a Netti amp led puris and London treatment a. Mailed free for $150, closely sealed. A. All who would avoid treatment with a Mercury Copaiba injections. Cautery nations quack a specifics antidotes and instruments should own this valuable work or consult the. Doctor personally or by letter. No. 113 Broadway. N y., from 10. A. A. To 6p. Poit office Box 844, n. Y., a also the address required. Consultation advice and medicine.$5., in All. Cases in Advance. A. A we concur with other papers in recommending or. Larmont and his work a a courier Des Etas Unis. German die Reform dispatch stoats. Zeitung Atlas. Medical review a. real estate the undersigned of Fen for Sale the following real estate site Date near the town of Leesport Bern township Berks county on the Reading and Philadelphia rail a Road eight Miles from Reading and eight Miles from Hamburg Viz. No. 1. A two Story Brick tavern 32 by 52 feet with excellent stabling. A a no. 2. A two Story Brick 8tor� House. 22 by 36 feet no. 3. A two Story Frame building is by �?~26 feel building loto 29 by. Iso feet premises arc All supplied with excellent water kinds of fruit Best Quality May by found place. It is also Oue Best paces for a lumber the All by Foundow the and Coal Yard which business has Leenear Riedo there for a number of years. J a. The property will be sold altogether or to part for. Farther particulars apply to a. A Abraham a Tobias. Leesport August 13, c7. Job Paiik a a valuable tract of . R containing 275 acres set Natch to East Brunswick township Schuylkill county within three mils Little Schuylkill Railroad together with a steam circular saw Mill in Good running order part above land is dear and in Good farming condition whereof Are erected All Tho necessary form buildings. Terms easy apply to e. A Sali Day -82-5t a a new Ringgold Schuylkill Ca,.pa. A feed s t o r. 33 freight from e a new York 60newbnrypora fall river.1 35�?~incw-London.1 20 nswjfort.1 40jpawtncket.a. Boston 1 75tanntbn. Norwich. 1 30 new Haven. 1.00 Providence.140lportsmonthv a Norwalk. Bedford.1 40 Middletown. 1 20 Bridgeport 1 00 Portland. 1 75 Hartford. V11-45. . Hudson. 90 albany90lyim. Avo. 4ii Marlieta 8tr�,et, a Btl Ville Pemba. September 6, 07. Quot36-tf Etters remaining unclaimed in i the Post office at Potterville. State of a a Enns Yiva la on the 6th Day d�sept�mber.18ct. A. To obtain any of these letters the applicant must Call a for a had Pertis a Utterb a give the Date of this list and pay one cent for advertising. A a Mott a they will be sent to the dead letter office. R. Boarding Honse Edmonds Chi a l Murray Anthony 373 Railroad 8t Haroln Thomas Nemble we i Bingham a 4 Regina e i Bowers John Jacobs James i bails an Louisa Lynch Mary Roilens j a Lewis Lillie Cooney Michael Lowe Lizzie Doug by in Thoa Myers Lavina. Clowser Mongomery it Htaylor Daniel. Crogan Kumh Mcconnell bring twi is a Fred Dan Levy al z the am Lonny Ann Weaver George. Delaney Annie a Mccarty Alice. Whytall Richard Davis mrs e. Mendoes Sarafer Walsh ma1. A watch in Var p. Watch Given Gratis to the purchaser of every 100 of Kennedy s Mammoth prize stationery packages the largest in the world. As an inducement to have them Iuro. Diced agents Well the packages As fast As they can reach them ont. 30 dollars per Day can be made she. We have agents that sell on an average 1000 per week. I Price per inn Rcd 15.dollars. Retail at 25 cents.-r1. Auto a watch in the bargain that will retell for $15 �?�More.,. For full particulars of prize package and a other Saleable goods address r. Monroe Kennedy. Cor. 5th and. Wood st. Pittsburgh pay August 31,�?T67. A .35- schools. Principals of academies. Seminaries a should cosh it is in regard to advertising. No charge for information. Geo. P. Rowell amp co., advertising agents n. A / inventors. In you wih to advert re Yon i hold Conant go. Pro Rell amp tx>., 40 Park Row n. A 30 4t gkanx.vi1.�.k.�?lote Furrate in tie a of Grantville Ettna Leon the headwaters of Mill Creek one and a half Miles month of Mahanoy City and immediately a Eton the Tarjie Colliery . A new Boston Coal company. The. Public Road from a Ottavius to Mahanoy City and also from Rockville and Tuscarora passes the Eph the place. A Good water can be bad in abundance. The location is convenient to a number of Joy -terms,�?Tac., apply to ally la i Sheba Knat Neer at the. Foce or . Murphy Potts due. Angst to 07. Ass of Ini Nguc speedy withdrawal or removal of Gran t from the. Cabinet who. Wilt be. His. Successor is not yet certain. The War office goes begging at the Banda of Andrew Johnson. Even a Steedman scr plea to a Cep tit a. A the so called amnesty proclamation will meet with but Little favor when it is made. the president cannot without violating the Law Grant anything beyond the Pardon authorized by the Oono tit Atlon to the Southern rebels As the empowering. Him to Grant amnesty was repealed by the thirty ninth Congress. The of repeal became a Law in january last without his signature and is flow recorded As such on the statute books. A Andy Johnson Wili soon fill the National departments in Philadelphia with employees in order to Aid in carrying the approaching m unit pal election. The mint the Navy Yard a the. Costom hone and wherever Elsa men Cap be temporarily employed on pay for doing nothing Are to be filled with those. Whose votes can be had for such considers tons. The question is has Andy any More. Right to Rob the Public Treasury in this Way. To hire voters and ruffians to control ont elections than he Baa to Iron a Bank or a tradesman still ?. The Republican state Central committed held a meeting in puts org on thursday. And adopted resolutions endorsing Secretary Stanton and declaring that the action a Senate in restoring him will be welcomed. Also approving the course of generals Sheridan. Sickles and Grant. I. A Gen. Sheridan has turned Over the command of his District to Gen. Griffin. In departing be was escorted to the Railroad depot. By the mayor and members City Conn cil and Many citizens. Several gentlemen addressed the general in Brief compliments by terms to which he responded. Just now the cause of Progress is in the ascendant. North Germany has been carried by the liberals. The people of England have fought through their Reform or Bill for representation and Andrew Johnson is rapidly preparing the Public mind for another step Forward m this country general Grant Lias received information that general Canby on assuming the command second military District issued an or Der retaining in Force Allol general Sickles orders which virtually places him on the same footing with Sickles. From this. It seems that president Johnson has not made much by the change. A a. Judge Kinney special commission appointed some months since to Confer wilh the indians a and to inquire into the port Phil. Kearney massacre has returned to washing ton. Two Tho band indians were engaged in the massacre of col. Fetter my a and his 83 men. About g0�oo hostile indians Are now concentrated North of fort. Phil Kearny. The judge held a Council with la of crows who. Pledged assistance to the Whites. A huge water Bennt Over Ono. Hundred feet in diameter crossed the Dola Ware River above new Castle on thursday. Fences and Trees were instantly destroyed by it on touching dust to the value of $80 7,000, arrived a at st. Louis from Montana Quot on wednesday the largest consignment Ever received at Ono time. A a. At grands rapids Wisconsin eighteen principal stores and the Clinton House were destroyed by fire on wednesday night at Davenport Iowa on tuesday morning destroyed property valued at $125,000. -. Brule and Sio tix indians. To of 1800 have left the hostile Camps come to the North Platte and placed themselves under a. The Prate Cllon a government. New York Loop skirt a manufactory. Reader Chirles. st Only Charles. Snyder . Sands Tesac t Saxon Mary sept. 67. Sillyman. Iselli Giorc to Philadelphia. V. .,.�?~�1 40@1 50 a new York. ,v--2 0o@ 2 20 Boston. 2 50@ 2 65. Roff Wobko Fob Nuder signed offers at private Sale the Hoins Pisni for Nice property situated to life High Cut qty 3 toils i from Millerstown a station on the go st Peona. Neil i Road. Belonging to it Are 90 acres of land 50 acres. Of Whicha Host. Farming land. Also a Fine new. Elon Honse 9 tenant boobs nearly All As Good As new a for five teams Coal slide to hold 150 loads of goal new a Bridge House and casting.,House and Macc Smith shop. A a v a a the water Power 1sgood, always water to insure a Strong Glasl a new dam sufficient tor ail purposes waa Bat. Two. Yeara ago water wheel and Bellows As Good As new. The teams and other personal property and also Tho 1 undivided half of a valuable bed of magnetic Iron Ore will also a sold private and at reasonable terms. These works Are Only for making cold blast charcoal Metal which is the Best kind for car wheels and has also been used for army and Navy guns. More Iron has been made at these work per week than at any other works of like size except Toto any adjoining count Jeff. First growth Timber is plenty within a radios of 10 Miles and enough can always be. Had to make a fall blast. Good Hematite Ore a hear enough to Bant with teams. Limestone Are within a Quarter of a mile. A. As much next years by this is a rare cd a be for those wishing to engage this business and is Worth the attention of part i who need charcoal Metal for car wheels. And other i purposes. A farther information will undersigned at a Anngie p. Hampton Furnace. Joy 25, 57 32-2m Possession. As is necessary to prepare tor blast will be Giyen to Chance for those wishing to engage to Frel Anufrom Jgeorge Iowa or Alex Nilcia to Philadelphia. A 25. New York. Boston. 10�2 25 2 60� the Claro markets. Psi�e8 of c0a1bt the 0abq0. we tilt Fob tit it Nenfi journal at Pii Olaiti lf1iia. Torah tech shipments. A r sep. 6 1867. Bohuny Likiu bed Ash prepared. 4 25� 4 50 m ohebtnut.,2 75� 2 90 Whitto Ash Lump. 4 00� st. Boat and broken. 4 00� eve 3 000 4 05. Stove., 3 00�.4.05 Dhu a tent 2 90� Beust it lamp 4 00� 4 15 a a a st. Boat and broken. A 1 00@ 4 15 .�?o.egg,. 4 0o@stove00�.Chestnut. 2 90� 3 00 . 5 26�. St. Boat and broken. 5"25�. Egg a 5 00@. A. A stove. 5 00� a 4�s chef fight in. �?T.4 britj�oft7 i i 75�,4.90 ,.Sra Ciai. Coals. A a a a Hilj Harris Lump. In a a of. Una it and Brol the spec Iasi agent or the Hicker Ingv will offer for Sale Only Choice a ror Treut of pianos of ills justly celebrated Mami. Facture at the Bookstore ofal. A go Bra aues old pianos taken in Exchange. \. All a re invite to examine them. -e.h.osborn,. Sept 7 3g-Tfj. Sedaj agent Chickering &8ons. books at a a a. Lewis Gold j wholesale and retail = hoop skirt no. 31 Market Street Pottsville a. Has constantly on band the latest parts styles of gored hoop skirts. Old skirts made Over to the latest style. Oar repairing department is superintended by a Yonng. Lady thoroughly scan anted with repairing All kinds of skirts. Merchants supplied at popular prices 7, -.the. Unit is Bra ofic Railroad company. St. Boat and broken egg. _ . 4 50�. Cuestnut.,3 50@ 4 40� 4 40� 4 40�. B Ann an amp Ramsey a. Queen a mesh oils Prince Consort. Under two flags Ouida. Draper s civil War in America.-. Famous americans of recess times Parton the jumping Frog Mark Twain. American amp family in Germany Brown. Five editions of Dickey is editions opt Thackeray s wonks. Muhlbach novels translated Tom Lye German. Diamond Longfellow. A Diamond . The open Polar sea Globe edition bully Era a novels. Across the continent Bowles. Women War prank Moore. ,. The Mountain City Cook our repairing department is superintended by a Young. Y thoroughly acquaint i most �?T67._ of Betings amp a. L e Edo m amp Shaw a. and oxtail. A. Carpet warehouse a. No. 910 Arch st. Above Init ill , a won id respectfully Call the attention of carpet buyers a a to their new Stock of Foreich via Domestic carpet his their first mortgage Bonds As an investment. Rather Morry disposition of operate in stocks but prices were unsettled. Flour was. Dull find lower. Wheat Dull Aud 5� 10 cents per Bose lower. Bye Corn and Oata a were unchanged. Or every Sittl and Tablett. The rapid Progress Union Pacific Railroad now building West from Omaha Nebraska Quot and form tug with. Its Western connections an unbroken line across the continent attracts attention to the value first mortgage Bonds which the offer to the Public. The first question asked by prudent investors is a Are these Bonds secure of Quot a a it a Are they a profitable investment to Quot. To reply in Brief 1st. The Early completion whole great line to the Pacific is As certain As any future business event can be. The government Grant of Over Twenty million acres of land and fifty million dollars in its own Bonds. Practically guarantees it. One fourth to rfcs so a. Ready done and the to be Laid atthe a rate of two Melee a Day., 2d. The Union Pacific Railroad Bonds Are issued of on what promises to he one most profitable lines of Railroad in the country. For Many years it most be the thai Toby a new move this week Andrew Johnson issued a effect of which is practically j Parender the fiction or the commanders in a Der the reconstruction Laws subject to interference. By injunctions from the courts find amenable to constant sails from parties who May be disposed to resist their policy. The spirit and letter proclamation Are a Defiance of Congress and the wishes of Tho. Loyal masses an attack upon the authority of interest of sworn to execute the Laws he is doing All a can to thwart it to defeat reconstruction on the congressional plan. In. The proclamation he intimates that he is prepared to no say the army to compel submission to the Orden and decrees courts. This indirect threat to use military Force to punish refractory commander a to nullify the action of Congress and. To use the machinery of tha Law to defeat the Law itself should warn Tho p eople that this desperately bad mania ready to Plango the country into a bloody War to serve his traitorous purpose. A. In Washington the excitement is great and a rupture Between Johnson and. General Grant seems imminent. Let Grant Closa hands with the Loyal millions country and they will Bear him Forward to a glorious Victory of right truth and Justice Ovet wrong error and treason. The following is a despatch to the press. A. A Wash notch sept 4,1867. Tho political situation to night has resumed the tar Blence of last week As it has transpired that to viev indirect attack on Grant in the presidents proclamation of this morning an outright rupture has occurred Between them which i am assured will result in Grants leaving the Cabinet before the end of tui week. Later an interview occurred Between the president and general Grant to Day during which wami words passed regarding reconstruction matters Bronitt up by the former a proclamation. Run a. There is no doubt now but what the rupture Between them is at last so open that a reconciliation is impossible. It is Onder stood that during the interview general Grant plainly told the president that he considered his opposition to. The congressional policy of reconstruction As fort Nate to the country a for said be a if it had not been ter Yon the Southern states would have adopted the con.-, Stit National amendment. Their admission to congressional representation would have followed and to would have had ten enemy in the shape of Sovereign. 8tates, to the government in its councils whereas a now they will be obliged to come in As it la Well known that Gen Sickles acted by and with tha advice of gun Grant and consequently the latter cannot but consider the proclamation As a direct attack on. Balks. Rth following prices Are for shipments East of Stoutin pod conn., by Chas. And a. A a a Burnside. Broken. .4 75�. A a. Igg.,.4r. ±.75�. Stove.,.4.75� a. Nut.-.-. 3 50�. .2 75� Lorberry Coal. 4 25� 4 50 Franklin Lykens Valley p a. Or All coals desired to be reported As ?.al, will he put head provided the quotations Ara far pahed l The parties interested. Ivow opening for fall september 7, a it. 3fi-3m1f general a notices. la to notify the Public a a _ that bit monday last i reached Potts due and on bending Down to the Reading Railroad depot my Check for my Valise the company ref Orad to deliver it until late in the aider soon. Thereby interfering seriously with my business., such treatment a travelling Public is most outrageous., we a Steckol. Sept 7, -07�?3mi 27mnrray8t.,new York. A i not i t t Censner me Prikis Mali Yum i. Yunita. The Only line connecting the Atlantic and Pacific and i a a amp a infant most offensive character. The being without Competition it can maintain Rem nera i president As usual refuses information to the repro tvo rates. Race Tatica Loyal press but some of his con Fly 3d.425 Miles of his Road be finished 4 equipped with depots locomotives cars amp cd a and two i his intention to displace Gran try a Force him to Learis trains Are daily run Milne each Way. The materials for i the Cabinet by repetitions of Roeh in alte and Thelca Viia my he re Ftp 09 Thiim nip Ham of Toft in Civ l statements Are confirmed by similar assertions from a the remaining 92 Miles to the Eastern h Mcm bar 0f the Cabinet made in my presence to night. Mountains Are on band and it is under contract to to j j0 one has been definitely selected As Grants Succes i done in september a i Sor but i can say that general Steedman has not yet a 4th.the net earning Section already finished f Miro fri a rept Lul it wow Yolk sep. 5. 1867. 1566. 1867. 71,294 33,188 46,604 40,512 23,261 10,020 2w74. .1,064 42,435 15,108 .1,428 1,c7� a Quot i3ss .�?�5,569 313,703 268,698 65,060 2,697,683 921,691 1,303 345 -636,749 707,276 231,116 $13,708 16 678 863,840 293,437 .67 4� 884,046 a 8t,478 �3,246 .30,20? 32,060 178,628 8,722,032 8,013,366 .678,677 week 6s,900 20,798 47,607 ,2876 .244197 12,256 �8,712 m 66,n2 6414. 672 4,4c4 4,949 268,663 to amp Pawai i 2,191,198 d506,390 631.464 1,372,013 63mu 1.868,028. 281,348 535,817 19,824 �?�83248 0290,127 ,688 d 72,388 160,75$ a it 8i6.u0 Df-1,849 d 29.78$ 195,078 d03,s69 -18133 9 44356 310,819 d78,226 .80,137 d. 7.341 46,716 d 16,682 41,242 69,h8 156,397 04355 4,080 37,652 16122,231 mining the general dullness in the Coa Trade a notice that some of on Coal a companies Are still making extensive improvements Ca&u-.,. I. Xiu late a to increase there Bow less. Though Hie fri than to Lamitra a the Soto i a a not the time t0 pree8 c0al np0n am or 8choy.fiul Chi Flea. _. Market or to increase on shipments those Black Bana ont crops Are Meme a who have Iheme Anazand the Confidence May is thadest toil ads style for Fantore. Eco Timmy in mining Satki Carbon aeons Iron ores Coal measures wherever found. It is difficult to Bifid a precast our in its nature i sometimes Large and olten Janell and exp no a. A develop but nevertheless is debt ii a to Rev Plu Kmito the business. Of this Region a due time. A the nominating convention a Titch met fifi we a by hav a even worst than the one wifi Rhad Here. Lately the same elem that ruled Here to had fall Way under that King of rioters al big Jilin. A a a Tea amp a pm in arc by Vanly Gnu fund no _ in which b Man find boy were Heb a a Ici fit a Gatlon Una pfc his Fly be Frissi out. Respectable democrats Are this driven it to Par tin vote in october next with the party of liw order and Detz a Cyl a in Union. A a a a it it a a a a Iten tim in Colorado a of a a Index a writing fio can Ficari City Solo a of in . I a Rii Maya a a a a. The code treason tor and producing since the. Time must _ come when Anua cite Coal Wulber As a a Good As others is the st. Nicholas Coal company whose mines Are join fixed in the Mahanoy Region about one mile refit of Var Asio City an who Aresi Ninga Spe i Thetta Imroth. Two .60 horse Power engines a re new i Plamon the news be which is air Fidy st Labont 20 a. Quot a �?T1 1 this company. Shipped last Yea 76,000 tons of Coal and the present Impre vein fit ought Job crease capacity Largety. They arrangement of fort Clinton,.by which i a saving of 22 menu Perton to Vii a Arete but a in comparison my be saved a pay. V a j a Quot i Vul a my. F. B. Loons of new ltmdofig�tum., Leteir has purchased the pm a mount in 0olhir4 8ehuylkill red aah by boat Load to 5 7j@ -. A a a 4 25� a a. A a a frito Aan a amp a a 6 a a a 8team boat and broken. 5.00�. A a a ekk. A a a 5 25� 5 50. A a stove Quot Quot. Quot. 6 25� 5 50 �?T�1-&Quot oheatnnf.oo�. Is Lehigh Whiteash Lump. -------5 50� a a Steamboat and broken. 5.37�. _ a a egg a. 5 25� 5 37. It via save i a a . �5 �25ffl 63t to ,.i.i____j a it 2teugh Cealius Eli Abetha it let no a a a. His cargo. 5 5g�. St. Boat and broken a a a a a .55�. _ Enn 1 5 25� 5 50 Toro. A .0 a a. 5 25� 5 50 Mere it a a. 4 75�. A Quot Sun alb cd al �elibbe�>1r��fc Lump Anco Tion prices. 3 Steamer a 8-�. Orate a a a a a a. 3 90� egg a a j3ia by stove a a. A a a a. 4 Oso a Sheet no to. A i. 3 35� at private silo 25 to 40 cents a ton Ady Anoe r. Freight to new York co Centa per ton. In. coat at Newtow glib lamp Ancon prices. Y -. A st. Boat and broken a a egg. A. A it. 4 2&s store j4 37@. R Bra . gtd a a a at private Gale 23 to 40 cents a ton Advance. \ freight to new York 70xents per ton. -. Pel. Radon Levi Doal of Boan Doal. Arcolar prices for angst and ,18�7.j Larnov. A a a a a a Grater. A. B of be extant. A a from round Taitts Yew York 70 Cento a. Ton freight a a at Bate my. A a. V-1. I a a. A sep. 6, 186?� a sat Tessa Quot Quot m a a a Iff Kenaya Gedrge Towfiq a. 4,25&g 60 pli4�me c�h�tra4e fer l86t� 1-�?T a a tiring the loot month new Aoi Crft. Nov feb. V 12,757 12 Ltd t4jc6 14 Good a Pron go 3.895 05 w83 Ltd in sofa Caseb Allred. 16,67 itw838-17. A new first class Flat top Cook stove with All the late a one Ineat and beat stoves a the Market. Manafe conred by f Simon Deer /. It a a 7at his stove works.,. No. 70 a 79 Cor. Norwen Iii amp Georg e six a pott3vh i a. Is sold at a lower Price than the a am Clerga of stoves not manufactured Here can behold for in to pm Market. J Algo v Large Peteck a of other co tag a fri heating stoves Heaters for Church Eft and private dwell me Hanger Fml cd ran sinks also a full a amp of amp i ment of tin Ware tin roofing and Sheet Trota work al6airoa railing water pipes Wash Ket ties and a variety of work done in the. Found by. To which special attention a paid. Allta want of stoves Gir Oldbear in mind that those manufactured by me pin he kept in repairs at Lees be More promptly. Attended to him such As Are brought Here i Ftp Otho up Lacefi which Iti Many cases when ont of order Matt be Gold is old Iron owing to the difficulty \ of obtaining the necessary Partab unwanted. A Twenty year s practical experience in this in Vinesa j Ankothe Radiante is. Enables Anft to aau flt theve by 1 lowest Price. A a a Simon Derr -septeinber74 67 it 36 al re flt of a Bright amp cd Ash-1 land has this Day been dissolved by the withdrawal of j. C. Bright. The Baeta Essof the late t settled by Peter at Ashland a who will carry on the business As heretofore. 1 ,. A Bright a Potterville Angust 31,�?T�?T67portere. Buck. Returning thanks for the past. Of on friends we shall Attu Timea Begly Dihel others and Hope by a strict attention to a newness 3 or. In Knel or Ltd ii my a Kail gift ply a a i offered. He now holds an exceedingly lucrative office in now Orleans which he is not disposed to Chango. For the doubtful Honor of a few weeks administration. I War office he will return to new Orleans w i Goon As Tho yellow fever abates. In conclusion i Ven Ture be prediction that Gen. Grant will be returned to l his legitimate duty As commander of Tho army before the Lotta stand and in the meantime the Poolle May expect a most explicit statement from him regarding a his opinion political situation w the Hon. Bur. Toad Loofe of Illinois general Schenck of Ohio. And. A 0j in in add fail prices for the Brit article will Merit a continuance of their favors. A Peter k. Buck. Ashland Angast 31, 1s67- Eliut r bga�gjrer.-1 hereby offer my Nate nil an Independent candidate for the of al Cerf tuba surer of ski Alkul county. Conrad Seltzer i norwegian towns tap angst so 67 a. ?-,35-6tv a a a Saifi Boll Temh of c6, 1the.co-l to fore exist aug in detained in the Gro very provision flour and feed business under the firm name of Bohannan amp Schnerr was this Day Dos solved by. Mutual cont a y Tho amp i a Kware several times greater than the Gold interest upon i Tolje first mortgage Bonds upon such sections and if not another mile Road were built. The part al i. Ready completed would not Only pay interest and expenses but be profitable to Tho company. 5th. The Union Pacific rail Ofui Bonds Ceu be issued i a Only a the Road progresses and therefore can never be Market unless they represent a non. A tar pro. T Petty it a. A a a. a y re. 1 a let ii 6 the. Their amount is strictly limited by Law Possum i con Lyonil sex Cotta committee have hid inter Liberal Ratronsge-1 Einai to what is granted by the u. S. Government and views with him during which they demanded on by Reg Ltd toys to Serand w a its a amp pc i amount opon the Flat 617 Miles West from Omaha Obj pc the roast decided terms Asa conf nned badica1, Only $16,000. Per mile a la and gave the delegation a Aurance that he was willing a Tab to a feet that Beu. 8. Government Conan do a Ai make his views on bloc whenever opportune by is of a the Road a Girad investment and that gome of Tho a Hond Era country a i ter before the Public. General Shanks and have already a to it a go upon the Stock us tjw in interviews yesterday and Nasrat Schenck which them a third be my kelp inspire co fit a u m. L Dan cd fit a a rat Lleni �?o1 y a of a the editor. Of the feb Ila a mph. 8th. Al hot to Riata that there can be any a a. Europe on thurs better securities than governments there Are parties i a a a Quot re a a a who a is Der a fits in a Reg ii a a to rach a property a this the cml to in tto a world and who sell r theiral Mem mints to re la vet in these Bonds those been eng a a to interest. A a a 91b As tiie Union a pacifier abroad Bonds a re offered i for the present at 90 cents in the Dollar and accrued in i Terest they the a heaviest Security inthe Market by Ito. It Nensa up Nav we of rai1rradi, st 1m7< the following is the Quantity of Coal transport Edo the for the week ending on Tamsi Day evening Aat a r. A a a a a. V a. A a a xxx total Job Nehin. 20.320 14. 981,1� a Bachny kill Valier. 9,744 03 449,771 80 je56sibo�ir�.�&Quot.v. ,. -l.887-.05 Malm in Hitt ujj.��<1 Blaj Urband Ibon orb.1 sent Over die Mill Creek bail Brad forthe Ink Ctol Ngum ,&Quot a week�?zya.,y-f--�?��?��?� 13 to . total. A. A a 3,264-13 Munap. Craic. A port Cobon. Fits file a a Minto Shayen. My. 91,93519 a �,239 00 a �?~898 19 fi.i4,8181s a 9,96815a 9,109 00 1 1,413 10 9,318 03 1 _-�.t6tol Ite wisc. 168,899-11 ,45,9jhf 20,79713 a total. To reme time Lart year. A. %191,198 08 -�697,53i14 631,464 06 991,190 17 i lrjsi8l6f. A a a Oil a owl i a a we s i c n i f i cant. Tiie new system of add Olaing adopted by of Oise f Rowe a co., advertlb�ng.,ag�nti�?T so to Park i Row Newyork i Battraw the following extract Fioz a a speech delivered before the n. A state. Edit re a so convention. at Penn Yan by a prominent advert Lse no agent of a newness will be conducted at the old stand. Market Street by the and 4signed who solicits a continuance patronage extended to the it late firm. C. W. Schnh Rry a angust24,-67. V a 84-?, i Diho olb Tiok of co Itah to _ is the of partnership heretofore existing Between the an. Irwdeiras#4jot� be al sch Are Ealy Tercel and Lutyi i a Dayl Aat. Potts . Corrected weakly a a of brutal. Betom Trathan i6 per cent Lee that u. S. Stocks i lug al at the current rate of Premium on Gold they pay Over Fife per cent Fate rest. Wheat floor est family per bans. Do do .-.do. Do per cwt. Do a do extra a do do super he Rye flour. \. Do Job Tiesi a no a of Cut me to be a a cd Ira a in new York by Ifie vhf a a a Bir a fit a bbl Rry a a Vedi new York by w . Bertfjr., and those indebted dry will make l Cro Man a name Sac Btu in no. In Mit. A payment to the game. A Jacob a it jail Clatk Dodia amp cd Basra in a noe61 we list j Moa Jim it a it ova not tm7 j i Jose j. Cisco 8ok, bamb8y no., 33 Wall st., --1 8dmylkfll Haven aug. 19,1967. A. 83.m ,1 and bankbr3 generally through heretofore j Oak Theun Ltee tit Atee of fico script Levi Kyel 9 bit the co partner amp Nerer Giorei gig Mutual business will be continued by i malt from the , no. 20 Nassau Street a Gimp Beans its advantages. A. A ,. A Ashland aug. 3.-8t. M jul fam tor the rats d�llve�7 1 Oora. Wojtick to hereby give Niiha toe a Pait j from Jamestown. N. J., Joo Mol of August 9d, edited j by of k. Biau6r, chairman of committee on an j Laj Isina a Mattay a a a a v.,1 of. Utteg a i spoke in opposition to that p from the finnus Ihrke a stand Point along. He showed. The . System of contracting they j. The business Wilber Walter n rate to Stan they gave by a re Ang. 5, to i in Ris Silti Iii Firis Nellit a Mnew a fat mini a i a a a a 1 a 1 John i. Cisco tr�as., heretofore a existing twee amp a r. Boone and g. W. Kelter Borough of ski air. Hidei the name of Boone amp Kemter be Thladayffia-1� yet a _ a. _. A of in it in rental the in Stanesa of said form tto a a a a a h��medbyb.?ne a a ser. A a y the Bibl no a will hereafter by continued at the old. A r. Boone. 324tf a he Fie a re tax a a Poirot Sere equally a prompt and Good Ltd run re him it a in st nil in thit to Iraq Selling one1. Post Iobe of their a i paper Tobe a used to compete with Aud under old the j Oleer owner of her. Apace thu Asod could come right amp beat the publisher s prices j and take his. Hus Lancsa. Away from him that if uie \ pull Fishera Folly understanding this still. Wahed to. Cont Oue up a irregular and Malm Sinefis Talfie a sjftemh1 fettle Iii Coq. Should of course cease at their in Sclar rat an a lnto�?�1lie other system otou�trartlng-1 is. Wiira it Whick Fie could st Indef al Flint Era Coll Tia pm of a go is deed 1�\ i Over a a a .30tick is to All whom it _ May concern not to interfere with the two a mules us a la Possession of win. Disc nip As Thev bc-1 Long to me. Quot. We. A Kasimer. Schuyl kill Haven. Jnly.l9, 67 a 29 a a tiny heretofore exp bras to sting Between the undersigned is this Day Dos Aloyed by Iratoff consent j Watts a a th08.c.pahbh, new York july 10, 1887a should beef Hind qr.-. Fount a a a a Hatton. Pork a a 1 al 1.2ftvealr a sugar Cuba a a sugar House a a Porto Rico a a White crashed a n. O. Syrup a a who in is. 281 22 2& so 20 16 if a i h 20 la 1� to. 10 1� 20 25 18 16 13 14 13 a 1� to a having removed his Clamp and the new blare to the band a Between opt. and a due rps jewelry store. Centre a Preeti West aide and. Thankful to his we ods do the Poblic for Pas fun asks a con to finance of Tho same and inform them a a Hera Nosb new a Durstock Oto flex Oda to Hoo line which win be said a the lowest Market steal a is Jet. A x t s j Phis by Klar Gai Aston Pinals we saw. A april 13,-� a a a ism I it i a. Smith a merchant tailor. A Chi tax atm Pottsville a. Quot awful a 144� Ihu a a Fety on the account of newspapers is on a cd Dedla a. ?.wflteh Woald j 2�.th��is�?Telkepherryjhmwpld to arid not prefer to up delve Adl amp trompe on Thea state fray a on All Stra Meiji in we or that u , when is Fuy Elf a Tbs a generally i beneficial to my parties. Con if a cent cd to by Lnla fed in the least by a her to hog we Khz neg be hid Agns it by interested parties. A a Vert ears should Send for a circular giving foil sex. H. K. We ston j agent for the Bale of rope. In lubricate Pawoh. T rails Sheet bbl a. I a or i Ralpd Hay wire bore a. Office Centre 8t, the so Haerlen agents for floor Silliman a building Entrance next door to a Rock Quot Bibby a co.-8j-Jiw Nichar a. Jnlyl3,�?Tst-23-3m. A a a steel Fand Chaio Oai i a a 7.--�?-r�?o for toes Sikl told Ater cd a Lei been Tofal and enable. All Aires. Derrict Jand a also Osl at Bright a cons Pottsville. flu club 3tud�l�ld, sperm. Fee Supe standing rigging. Ajr . . To surf Ocrel a to. 1 23. A a Quot. Bright.o0.,, mrs Raitt hair a Quot pm theaman at my office id Coal e�?�ss.5ssf v they Tana Eeme Frt a me the Ose i Mitae Turin Ami Isth a first data school fog boys. At i october 4.1887.for 1 fri a a �?T5.7. _ we a finn get to. B0ok, Tuu atthe nasal . There Metal Ofano Pyonk l�sllflntdae5s�ers,end,�#� Tbs tog new engine Midbo for putting a a Pacey Ean eee tae where i have it a my it Imeln stated ,�.�?T� i a he a a a ten _ _ _ a al Cerf theft in 1l��nf>ot�ri�g a of f a it a Ujj pc Quot to of a Affif Weths the and a Stock constantly of Ord.Sra filled Kwh dust _ for further particulars Rato weight w0rtd.1ms�&f� 1 it a a Broadway. N. A Sant fac Tobye no of sask ire entered into for the tim Pray of mans factoring Brick and an prepared to Tarsish Pattea with a Good Art Teto la. Large. It Aarau Quant Tweeto Salt a Mazuera Beky situated in tha mine Hill Wai Drosd. Weare pm Pareto am Tai Point. John Henby , a july Isam. Knees Shis Tob Smyer . A. Ujj. J.-r a j.1 1 is. Fat tfx Lulli m. D. R . located Lithia place. Office at mrs Jones North a any b r i 0 h t e o., Mimi. Faibian a a e 8 of Are desc Ramons. A of haad a i Narek smrt tree. A a 3ttf tyei%t1t pals one tickets or admission to the comfy prison. Tweedon Tho so cold and Roui Nwator each a Tiff Iteana swishing the visit the prison should a Tho red not str sets jul Nothe Given at any a George who in com Miaw. A Edward a kens. J a Masc is Jse aug. 3� 87, 2n�31 Mac Etiore _ �?�sbras1 of a no Era office. 1 a Isis suss Quot 87�iit
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