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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 20 1849, Page 1

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 20, 1849, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaToua Tuff. Hisbb4�ii.iib and thu int r a a pa8bbngbb Ulab. M 0. Bamos or sours. End after Sonday april 14, the Itoe Wal be run As follow Viz l.-�?-. Leave minor for Saras a 6 and 8 of clock a. My and 4 of clock pm leave Lebov Lull reran for Sinan Ruia at $ before 8 a m., 12 trf., and 0 p. M. Are ,, leave Tremont for and Schuyl kill Haven at 9 o Elo cml of. From Leer Svihra to Schuylkill Baras 15 Eta. A thu Alkih Haven to trombat 60 a us Nervina to. Tremont0 a As Soniba will ran Between Ott Rue and West Wood to connect with the Tremont train leaving Pou Erilla at 2 of clock m., and leaving Westwood in mediately of the arrival of the train irom tremolo. Fare from pot Taville to Westwood 15 Eta. A a baggage at the owners risk. We. T. Clark Fott Ivylle ocrt848.44. A proprietor. Summer arrangement. Phila amp pottst1llb i bail Road. J change of Hobbs , nor run on us a to la Bonimy. April to ims. Oid Euli w�7,<ully, hint no a to. Von Biilly. Nim Jimmi a tit o clock a.m., a inc Pittu Pulm. <0f ,1 10.45 a. , at >11 Way Sultona a formally. Arras Osusky re a Taaim. Waves Philada. Daily sex what Jandaya at ,2.30 3.45 Fotta Towe 4.15 a a r. / 6-oo a 5.45 6.10 leaves pot Volls Dally except sundays it tjo a sub. Cavan. 2,37 a port Clinton 3.00 a Reading. J.50 a polls Towo 4.30 a a 5.00 and Pottsville general advertiser. I will teach Towel of or Kink and Trio oat from the Carera of moan Alaa a fetal which will lira a Coth to oar hand Tad reject All Natara to oar dec Aad . Satura. Published every saturday by Benjamin by Nan Pottsville Schuylkill county a vol. Xxv. Saturday Franklin work. M Reading. _ a port Clinton a , Vamp a a at Potts Llie 6,20larte at slats Road 5.50 the afternoon train will Stop it the above named tation of Vanenger for other Points most therefore a take the morning line. Depot is Philadelphia Corner Broad and a cheats. No passenger can enter the cars unless provided with tickets. pounds of baggage will is allowed to each passenger in their lines and passengers Are a expressly prohibited from taking anything a baggage Bat their wearing apparel which will be at the risk of a As owner. Of freight will retaken by these itunes. By order of the Board of managers. S. Bradford Sec a. A Phoda. Oet.53. 1841 43 "phlla., Reading a Potts lilt the to the nubile that a 1 a Ole proprietor Oft be Franklin works. Port car Bon lately owned by a. O. Brooke where he font in Oes to Mann factors to order at the shortest notice steam engines pumps Coal Breakers a machinery of Almota Nilze or description for mining or other purposes. Also Railroad and Drift cars lion or brass castings of any site or pattern. Oor Debs Are solicited a Samuel Siltman. Tran Elton shovel subscriber a continues to furnish the Colliers and dealers or Schuylkill county with shovels of All kinds att be lowest Philadelphia prices. Attention is particularly called to their Coal shovels. Orders for shovels of any a inc or pattern Prampi a Mart maw port Carbon. July s8.j649 rail Boady Bates of freight on Mercha n Dize. On and after apr lat 1848, Gooda will be forwarded with despatch at the following rate i 2ft i 76 end Reading. I 00 of fraught Between Potterville and the Points below per ton of2000 lbs. Pott Viu 1 bit Wise pet Isih. V a so Klu. A Quot Bitor Aln Ous Coal Sand Iron Ore and bricks. Blooms tinker Stone Botin tar pit a raw turpentine Marble grind atone nails spikes scrap and pig Iron broken cart Ings guano and Poudrette. Bar Iron floor Salt Lead bark raw tobacco Salt beef and pork lumber Grain Iron castings sugary molasses Green Coffee potatoes Salt postre Brimstone and Rye chop flour per bbl. Oil Poe eries vinegar wits key machinery cheese lard tallow rags leather raw hides paints while and red lard oysters hemp a Loe and Cordage steel ran and ship stuff. Baw Cotton and , fresh meat fresh flip. Dry1 n. I 60 u i 9cf ,foreign liquors s and. Teas Glass , and i Queens Are poultry Eon-1. Seti nary books and cts 9 0 2 25 Uon amp by spirits turpentine Elk Sphine burned Coffee Bata arid Caps boots and shoes bonnets feathers Trees bops spices Furni Ture by weight. A a no additional charges for commission storage or a delving or delivering freight sat any of the company so Notson the line. April 15, 48. S9-tf office of the iii Ladelphia 1a Reading rail Road company j dec. 80ih. 148. 7vtotice is hereby Given that the rates of freight and tolls on Coal transported by this company will be As follow from january 1st, im9 -t0 from Carbon.8.1iaven.p.cljnton Richmond until june 1,1849 1 60 i 55 1 35 Philadelphia do a do i 80 1 55 1 35 inclinedplanelaniildec.31tdo.l 70 Nie Etown do 1 70 Germantown r a do 170 Falls of Schuylkill do 1 70 foundry and macu1ne shops. Pm 1 a i l. .l.l. .1j a i. A a a the subscribers at their old stand Corner of Fia Road and Callowhill Utree ave prepared to Man facture to order Matibe shortest notice. Sursaw Elgirus and Nyi of. Any Powei and capacity for mining the purposes but uti is Coal break of Apoc Tass Quot a Olid and perforated rollers As May be required. Also Euriase and Blo Riar Colin dirt with All heres Ary machinery for Blatt fun att. Sot Juir Pitt of a most approved plans. Cap and Ball Jota and its str 7vy sri of the very Best construction. They particularly Viu the attention of Iron masters and parties engaged in the Iron Trade to their Large Stock of patterns for rolling Mill having fately constructed the machinery for two of the largest Mills in the country Mill , the rolling Mill Akibe Montour Iron works. Danville. They Are fully prepared tor this kind of work to Gerbor with every variety of general Mac Behery. Of the Quality of their work and meter Ais it As enough to say that time and sips Isacs the most infallibly costs have amply demonstrated the genuine character of their engines and machinery. Orders Are resp fully solicited and will be promptly attended Haywood a Snyder. Pott Avhlee fan aary 17,1846 3-ly go Aew l partners a up 1 in the transportation and commission business. The undersigned entered into a partnership on the first inst., under the firm of Conrad Carter so co., for the transaction of a transportation and commission business on the beading Railroad and the roads connected therewith and respectfully solicit continuance of the patronage Welsh has been hereto fore so liberally bestowed on the firms to bleh they respectively belonged. We Ere prepared to transport goods of Ell descriptions daily to put Villa also. 19 Tbs following named pares port Carbon,, new Philadelphia Patterson Middleport , new Castle Cataw up blooms Hurt Orangeville Shamokin Danville Sunbury Northumberland Milton Muncy Williamsport mine Iville Tremont a. A goode1 Een to Oor care will be punctually attended to and forwarded with deep . J. , i j. E. Carter i b. Deforest or. Philadelphia i Polt Viu. A it suck. St Man. Joly is. H49. _30-if Blush Boas Victorias and fur Trilb Siapol d. Conen pjs by Murrien would Moat can Uon of All Persona la Wane of any Are Sis the fancy fur business that be Baa now ready a Els Nold Assort ment of the above mentioned articles of every description of fort and in Tea great variety of shapes that Are now fashionable which be of Fusto a Ell at very reasonable of Tofu at Bis fur store. Jye. 52 Afta Assad St. Two Doort Holst a decl al Philadelphia a is Rabants purchasing to sell again would find to considerably to their advantage to Call and exam fans bit Stock and judge for themselves before purchasing elsewhere. Of the full Market Price always Giran for skins of every description. The store is always closed on Btu Rosys. M d. Cohen no. 52n. 2d St., two doors below Arch pm had. Sept. 15,1859. Is Smo fancy furs a Nils Boas and h. Sodi8, / Sneen Sosa to sous Boot Blu importer and manufacturer of every is / description of furs Cut Avi no last returned from Europe with a select a amp Payunk Conte Huneken and Plymouth it. A Tern out 1 mile be a Low Norristown. Not Utown or Bridge a a port \ port Kennedy a Valley forge a pm Exville Royers Ford Potts town Douglasville Baumstown beading. Between Reading and Mohrsville More Rise Hamburg Orwigsburg. Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do 1 to 1 so145 i 40 1 35 1 90 a 1 20 1 20 1 15 1 15 1 16 1 05 1 00 95 75 65 1 65 1 65 1 65 i 65 1 55 1 45 1 45 j 45 i 45 1 35 �?�1-45 1 40 1 3ft r so 1 25 1 1ft a 15 1 10 1 10 1 09 1 00 pm 90 70 60-. 1 30 1 25 i 20, 1 is 1 10 1 00 1 00 i 00 100 95 9ft 90 85 65 65 office of tub �ochuylk1ll navigation company. J _ december 23d,. 1848. To t the is hereby Given that the following Ratee of toll will be charged of Coal Traue ported on the canal and works of the Schuy Tetli navigation company forthe year 1549 a from to Orwig Borg Hamburg. Mohrsville a houses Reading Unionville Laurel Hill mount Schuylkill Carbon. Haven Cut. Per ton. Eta. Per ton. 15 25 3ft 40 4ft it 55. _ we us the freight and Tolla on Coal to a Lehmond and Philadelphia during the months of june Joly Aad August will be a from carboa.s.heven.p.cunton. 1 70 1 6> 14� and on and after sept. It to december just 1849, 1 60 16 -1 6ft by order of the Board of manager. I. Bradford Secretary. Pcc23,�?T48-52� of _ Livingston s �eypre9s Lise 1x7 b Are prepared1 to receive and Forwar Vav daily per passenger train our express car being Alvavi in charge of special messengers Mer a Landize of All descriptions packages bundles specie banknotes be. Also particular att Ottoa paid to collecting Bills draft and accounts. Packages and goods delivered Dally to All intermediate places Between Philadelphia and Potts re. Offices. Croue Street pot Taville no. 43, South the Lodi Street Philadelphia no. 6, Wall Street new York a no 8, court Street boat . 24. 9-tf Livingston. Howard a co. Hudson a Alleis proprietors of the above named Reape fully informs their patrons and the Oblie generally that they have taken the Large building formerly used for the machine shop connected with the sugar loaf Coal works to which they have added a foundry and Are now prepared to build steam engines of every Ait pumps Coal Breakers Railroad and Drift care and to furnish Iron and brass Cas Tnp of every description suitable to the Coal mining or any other most reasonable terms. Repairing of All kinds done with neatness and despatch at the lowest prices. A a All work hrs imbed by them will be warranted to perform Well. They would solid the custom Odiose who May want articles in their line in this Vicinity. A order will meet with lmmedlateandprompta1-� tent on. T _ a v 1�?T March 17.1849. 12-lv l. H. Allen. 12 22 -32 far 42 i 23 i 52 52 52 57 67 57 57 62 62 45 67 72 port Clinton cts per ton. 13 23 28 33 43 43 43 43 48 48 a 49 48 53 53 68 58 63 Pottstown Landing. 55 rny Efi Ford 55 60 Paulding a dam 60 60 Valley forge 60 port Kennedy 65 Norristown 65 cons Obj Ken. 70 a Prog Mill 76 Manayunk 75 the loll to Philadelphia will be As follows i. Carbon. Sch. Haven. It. Clinton March. Apr and May 6ft Els. 62cts 53 cts. June july and Zogut. 75 79 a 63 sept. Oct. Nov. A dec. 85 63. 73 the Coal shipped from port Carbon to the above Points will be charged one and a half Chou per ton More the in a d rates. The charge will be Pertosa of 2340 lbs., end an allowance of five per cent will be on the weight shipped to cover wastage. Dce-30-l-iy Frederick . Jos. My Marraye a passage Agency. Arrangements for 184d. S. Bannan Pottsville sole agent. Our try Ano tub Best established Faraos or rfcs in tub a Bitch states the subscriber respectfully begs leave to tender Hie sincere thanks to his numerous friends end the by Iblis. Stock of Purs is now manufacturing them la very Superior style. And trimming them in the most elegant manner and would invite the attention of merchants and others to i Superior and extensive assortment which As he manufactures As Well a imports be is enabled to offer at such Paras As few houses in the United states can compete Alrh. David h. 80li?, 80 Arch Mulberry Street. 0 doors Benovy cd at. Next to Louden a family Medicine 8tare. Aug. 18. 1849. 34-6ao 1store always closed on bats Davs. A the highest Cash Price paid for 6blppns furs. Fall millinery goods. A a j.c.a w. E. Taber avio a Taxa 2d strut earner of Black Barco Alley. Philadelphia. Beg leave to announce to their custom sri and the Trade in general that they have now j5a to store and Are daily receiving a full ass-5 Orient of fail millinery goods of their own importations comprising the following articles uncut velvets Gro de of Piquet velvets rat tons. Ribbons and Silks with a of a assure men of Bonnet stuffs buckram crowns. Crown linings frames wire ac., and by fkr the choicest assortment of French Sod american Flowers of any Bouse in the Trade or Are to be found in these United 8iates. A p. you done to Call and tee us and look at our goods it is your own Salt and not . 1ft, 1849 33 3mo Ghol jul leery and silk goods. A. C. Cetti j pome Ray Rosenthal a Cetti a. 11, seat 2d a to a but Tea a Hennt and Market Etc. East Side tit 1.aoelpbia,. Begs leave to inform Hie friends and the Public that be has now in store a Complete assortment of every Deseri Pilorz of millinery goods a Ultarte for the fall Busl Nesa he particularly invites the attention of country merchants and milliners to his carefully selected Stock of Bonnett. Cap in Bhone Silks. Velvets flow Ersland feathers All of which will be sold Low and on the most Liberal terms. To country orders punctual attention will be paid and All goods destined a it a the country Are packed and forwarded with the utmost car. A. C com. A it no. 11, South 2d Between Chesnut and Market at Philadelphia september 15, Tallad Elmbla Iho Arning store a i 93 5erk second Street. Tar Kunat mourning exclusively Bessom a son exclusive attention to Moorning goods and would in duo the attention of All Boyera visiting to Newcity to an examination of ther Stock. As the utmost care is taken in importing and selection of their goods keeping a Large assortment at All seasons offering for Sale Only what la Good and of the proper Shade of Black no deception As to make or Quality no deviation in Price and every article sold As Low As Ean be purchased elsewhere a those requiring mourning attire car be Aatifa turny suited with out the trouble fatigue and loss of Lime of proceeding i rum store to store by visiting at once this establishment. Morning ase october 20, 1849. No. 43. Pore fresh god Elver of. Zgta sew and valuable Medicine now Vaud by Tea a medical profession with such astonishing Efficacy a. A a a a Quot Bero Tali to the cure of pulmonary conto Poloi chronic rheumatism gust Ganara is _. Ria Tets of Tea , a amp is prepared liver of the cod our salts. La. Com. Iba medicinal 01 apr tally for ration. Sero Ful is Blotty. Cot spared from fax tact from the Lon a medical journal. I c. J. B. Will Tass d., , 8 profits of of held be id University College London r pm Valeian to the Hospital or consumption to Saya i have Presa bed the of in above four Hundred cases of tuber Eulove disease of the lungs to different stages which have been under care the last Jwo years and a half. In the Largo number of eases 206 out of 231, its use was followed a marked and and equivocal improvement varying la degree in different cases from a temporary retard amp Iton of the Progress of the disease and a mitigation of distressing symptoms tip to a More or leu completa restoration to apparent health. 41 Tea of let of cod in most of these cases was very remarkable. Even in a few Days the cough was mitigated the expectoration diminished to Quantity and opacity the night sweats ceased Tea pulse be coma al wet Adof better volume and the appetite flesh and strength Werr gradually improved. A in conclusion i repeat that Tea pure fires Oil Voa the liver of the cod i More beneficial lathe treatment of pulmonary consumption than any agent Medicina Letle or a go Neon that Baa yet bean a a a As a have arrangements to Procura Tea cod liver 01, fresh from head Cartara b can now to bad chemically pure by in single bottle or to boxes of one Tuxen each. A its wonderful eff icy has induced Numero of Spiri one imitations. As its Success depends entirely 00 its purity too mob Cere cannot be used in procuring it Genuina. Eye very bottle having on tour written attn aware May a depended upon As genuine pamphlets containing an analysis of the Oil with notices of it from medical journals will be seat to those who address of fee of Pottage. John c. Baker amp co.,. Wholesale druggist a and chemists Ico North Tobira a tree. Philadelphia. Oct 19, 1649. 43-0mo it no dress goods tout alar a assortment of All kinds of dry goods Ujj required in furnishing a Hoo a May he round at the housekeeping dry goods store. Where Bayeta May so a a themselves Tea trouble usually experienced in Hunting for Euch a Nicini in various phases. In consequence of our giving exclusive attention to this Une 01 business we guarantee our prices to be the lowest in the Market. In Linen goods we Are Able to give full satisfaction from being the oldest established Linen store tasks Etter Tad from having been for More than Twenty years regular importers from Soma of the irelnd. A have also a Large Stock of ail kinds of a a flannels and muslims at the lowest possible i ices also blankets qoilts�8beetlnp.tickings, table cloths and napkins diapers Towe Lings Huck backs Pillow linens table and Plano covers worsted damask and More ens. Embroidered curtains of lace and muslims Dimitres bureaus covers floor cloths. Window shadings Turkey red Cash Marilee furniture plumb a. A. A i As we watch the auction a very Elo eely we always have great bargains on hand. , handsome old White bed spreads Ai i 25 Taeb. John v. Cowell a son Linen and housekeeping dry Gooda store 8. W. Corner Chestnut and seventh St., Phileda. Oct 13. 1849. 42-3roo a Lupin a bomb Zines but Ihu it a Zinc finish alpacas. Ca so nieces silk Cashmere French marinos. Wide Black 8ilks i Pepin a mouse links 1 mourning do a a a Hunt Friant mourning Ghines a 0. Lug shawls Black Tibet do sack flannels Patent English crapes mourning veils collars Fleecy silk Hose. A Joan a gloves a. A. Opening Daffy new Black and half mourning materials from Low priced to the most costly. Whol Sale Cash buyer will find it to \ heir and Van tags to Call. Philada. Rpm 1949. S9-6t_ for the very Liberal support he has received for upwards of Twenty Vears and solicits a continuation of their Mumm in the Borough of Pottsville. 90rme.rly conducted by c. W. Pit Mem. J wre2ff a co respectfully Anne froce to their friends and the Oblie that they have taken this establishment. And respectfully solicit of the Costea of the work. Being practical mechanics they Fly or themselves that their knowledge and experience of the business will enable them to turn oat work that1 will cot ail to give satisfaction to the most fast ious. They Are prepared to manufacture steam engine pumps. Coal Breakers draft care Railroad and other a Ordens Hank Tilly received and promptly executed on the to reasonable terms. John Jun it 1 Thomas Wren James Wren con Denee. The despatch with which Bis passengers have been brought out and the promptness with which hit very numerous drafts have been paid at the different Banks Are he flatters himself a sufficient guarantee to the Public for the faithful performance of any future contracts entered into with him. The following Are the regular line of packets which sail punctually on their appointed Days by which passengers will be brought out without delay or disappointment via ship a Nemea capt a. Pays of Matuso prom h. T. Patrick Henry. Waterloo Sheridan Henry Clay new ship Garrick new world Roscius Ashburton West Point Judd on stirs names. Patrick Henry Waterloo Sbert Dao Henry cloy new ship Garricks new world Rossius Ashburton West Point 8iddons. In addition to the above regular line a number of splendid ships such Astop Adirondack marm Luis. Tappahannock Liberty sea St. Patrick Samuel Hicks Colombia and Niagara i l continue to sat from Liverpool weekly thereby preventing the least possibility of delay or det Eolion in Liverpool and for the accommodation of persons wishing to remit Money to their family or friends i Haven aged the payments of drafts on the following Banks Armagh Clonmel Enniskillen. Omagh Athlone Cavan Ennis Parson town Bandon Fermoy Ennise Orthy Skibb Ereen a Coote Biu Galway Sligo a Kilkenny Strabane Kitrush Tralee Limerick Wexford. Londonderry Waterford april 21st 49�?171 y a Delano. Jay. 6 May 6 sept. 6 for Allen a it a a 11 a a a i Cornish a 26 a a �6 26 Nye. Feby. 6 june 6 Oeter. 6 ii Quot 1 a i i ult a 26 a 26 a 26 Knight. March 6 july 6 a 11 nov. 6 Lufe a 11 a ii Moore a a 26 go 26 a 26 in stand april 6 a 11 to. 6 Deer. 6 Whallen a 11 a 16 Cobb. A a 2ft a a 2ft a 31 c4vtk9. D4yss4iubo Bow Liv Fol. Deurno Feby 21 a 26 june 21 oct 21 f , a 28 a 26 Cornish mar. 11 Joly 11 nov.16 Nye a 2l a 21 a 21 a 26 a 28 a 26 Hunt april 11 a 21 aug. 11 a a 21 uni fat. A 21loee a 26 a 26 a 21 Moure May 1 a 2 8ejrt.ll a 21 Jan. 11 uus land Ltd 21 a 26 26 a 26 Cobb Ijuan ii Oei 11 .11 it Llenin Ved. 6ickkl do Shaw beg leave to inform their numerous customers and the Public generally that Thev save removed their lamp manufactory from no. 35 North fourth Jar. 32 Forth second Street of to Doort above Christ Kurc a where they continue to manuf actus More extensively than Ever Sickels Patent Gas fluid lamp and Tough s Patent Pine Oil lamps neither of which Are manufactured by any other Parsons in the United states. They also Maka and keep for tale All the new and Choice patterns of lard raid and Oil lamps cd amp a Dellera Giro notes Boquet holders pc Hall Lamente. Miniature solar lamps and Chan Deliere the new and various styles. Likewise lamp Wick glasses and globes of Sll descriptions also Dinzil Hereof burning fluid Pina Oil. Ac., a. Poll Adalphia september 15, is43._33�3mo j. Stewart Depuy a t no. 833 North second St. 4 door above jul Noble would respectfully invite big Frimodt and the Public in general who May wish to Purchase to rail and examine his Stock of carpeting window shades a. Venetian carpeting from 6 cts. To 671 per cd. Ingrain a a 16 a #1,60 a three ply v �?�u20 a 1.25 a Brussels a a f.25 al re tapestry a a 1,31 a 1,44 a floor Oil cloths a 771 a 1,25 a and from i to 8 wide wholesale and retail. Sept 22,1&49. 39-3mo Patagonia Llano. T tie subscribers invite the attention of Farmer and dealers to their Supply of this remarkable fertilizer their own importation and selected by an experienced super cargo. Being dry tier the peruvian it is All packed in White Cotton bags but not being like that a government monopoly East afforded at a lower Price. Orders from a distance can be executed either from our stocks Here or at new York. 80utter a broughton35 North wharves Philadelphia. 8ept r 1s49._97 Pascal mow works. Philadelphia. At Elded wrought Iron flues suitable by motives Marine and other steam engine boilers a from 2to 5 inches in diameter. Also pipe for Gar. Fitsam and other purposes extra Strong tube for Fry Mirault presses hell Sec pistons for pumps of Noieam �?��?~fiafi�ea4c i t Morris ta8kf.r a crib. A Warel roses. E. Corner 3d and Walnut sis., Philada. Philada nov. 2sd 1844 j a a Belfast. Banbridge Drogheda Ballymena Dundalk Ballma Dungannon. Cork , Moughal Coleraine Dublin. A Mallow Evla Aav mess. Spooner. Atwood a co., Bankers London end or. E. Fly not Liverpool. Sceuamd-4-the City of Glasgow Bank and All its branches and agencies. A re passages can Alto be engaged from Liverpool to Pilade Iphia Boston and Baltimore by the regular packet ships on application being personally or by letter Post paid addressed to b. Bann Joseph Mcmurray. Corner of Pine and South sis., new or. Geo. Me Murray no. 117, Waterloo ro4d, lure poo Jan&14 Safe from Liverpool. Passages in the Steerage of the first class a Ems packet ship Mary Pleasants Shenandoah san amp Berlin and Europe sailing from Liverpool for the 1st,of every month throughout the rear can be secured on application to v _. 3 Samuel Pleasants. No. 8 7 Walnut Street Philadelphia. June 9. �?T49�?24-y a v Arran fitment for the freight and passenger cars on the Little a Schuyl kill Railroad. W r Nat 0l of riot ., in time to connect at port Clinton with afternoon train on the Reading Railroad from Fott Ivlue to Philadelphia. Fare a to port clton.75 Cebu to Philadelphia. �3 60. Paper i paper i paper i no. 81 Bank Street Between Market and cakes not and id a a 2d Etc. . The subscriber beg leave to Call the attention of country buyers to their assortment of papers embracing the different varieties of printing hardware. Writing envelope and wrapping papers. Tissue papers White and assorted colors also Bonnet and Box boards a a being engaged in the manufacture of printing papers they solicit orders from printers for any Given size which will be furnished at Short notice and at fair a race a. Market prices either in Eash or Trade paid for rage. Duckett a Knight no. 21 Bank at. A a , 1849._j_37-ly Edwin Hinton wholesale Brush manufacturer to. 38 South by a a i Street. Avg doors above Cua Saor. Wet Side Philada. A Herb merchants and dealers will find stall r v times a Good assortment of All article in line of business no in All their various styles of fashion and finish. My prices Are such that they will by found to the interest of those merchants who will favor with a Call before purchasing elsewhere. Jurij 21,1549.33-3a Oil Oice Poetch. Of i speak hot li8htly of t the past i Obi speak Boltuz Lcuy Oft tent it la a High Aad holy theme 1 nor carelessly behind tree cast its memories its a a Idle dream 1 Bat own its gentle Aad control. And Gravo Tea Lea Soss pm by �01l Tea past of let it Lead thee of to meet the a Tore a Bidden Day. And by its hours forever gone. Be guided in in Leonward Way Aad 1st its dear remembran Petit St a. Obi speak not lightly of the years that from grasp Hare faded All not one of All their Joye Ead fears a Hast Boa the Power to retail merged la the out Back rolling to eternity. 7 of i speak not lightly of Tabasa Days. They throng with memories of Tea dead and though before the mind portrays the loved ones who have Long slate fled a borne of at gods comm and to wait oar coming to their Blissful stare. A 1 Many a bluer tear hath sprang where Joy now lights the deny Eye and Metoye heart with anguish wrung. Hath struggled with the homing sigh that now hath not a thought Ofiaro to Mark the storm that once was there. Then to the holiest spot Boa Hast within the embalm the memory of the put. And taming from the world apart. Each Day pursue its record Over. Till time and life shall be no More. Amusing sketch la. Worn Rath amp son a. 18 sorta fourth Street . Jnv1te town and country dealers to examine their Stock of Coo is which comprises a Fallas a Orient of hosiery and trimmings English and German email Ware. Among our Stock of goods Are while Colton fringes. Woolen comforts ,.a ,. ,. ,. Worsted mitts worsted socks Woolen Roods. invitation at that interesting period to to stoical or worsted Woolen yarns a pitting Cotton threads. By passed by so he thought be would just step in a or widest before 2iarriagb, thereby hangs a u�o1�?� a by 80lita1rb, Walker e celebrated Exchange in Louisville is the favorite retort of the citizens of that Kurgan j its gentlemanly proprietor enjoy a popularity there which would almost elect him governor of the state if be would Bat consent to fan for the office. Stranger of course go to Welkert a Eod he takes them to but sometimes be Pule them oat be Caso of the latter Kiad was related to us the other Day which deserves to be chronicled. A bouffe gentleman arrived in l. About two weeks since on a matrimonial visit end of coarse be donned Bis Best suit to visit Bis duty. He Bis Call arranged All the preliminaries passed a delightful afternoon and evening sipped a bogeyed kiss from the Lipa of bit fair inamorato at parting and started Down to Bis lodgings at the Galt House. The wedding was set for the next Day and the Happy Young dog tripped along so buoyed up by anticipation that you would have guessed to have seen him that be bad Mercury like wings to his he is. On Bis Way Down be observed that the Light was still burning in walkers a end the Large placard at the door of a fresh Opatera in the Abell a was too tempting an Chi Litang affairs tapes pins Needles. Hoeks and eyes a. Alpaca Hose ribbed and Plain. Cashmere Merino hosiery Merino shirt and . Tibet Cashmere a. ,-8iay binding All Width. Cur pet bindings he threads balloons Bik fringes Lould trimmings Ike. Be i 21. 1549._ 39-3mo_ j. E. Carver architect and Engineer to. 51 Morth sixth Street. Philada. Gives drawings and specifications of contracts to erect dwellings Isy out the grounds for country scats or cemeteries together with the arrangement of Trees to give proper of Fecu also churches hospitals prisons Watts works Gas works. Ac., on the latest and Moat approved plans including Healing ventilating a. Philada.. 24. New Virji carpet inst new carpeting Oil cloths window shades a ac., at the cheap store no. 46 Morth second Street first carpet 8torebelojv Arch. Just received by late arrivals at this port and from the Best Fae tones in Tbs country vis ingrain carpeting from tit to 60 ets. Per Yard. Imperial 3 ply 1.00 a i us a Royal twin Jed Venilia. 75 a 90 a a a London damask .621�?T 75 a Plain striped lib 60 a a Oil cloths for floors from to 8 Yards wide from 97 to 75 cents per Square Yard. Also Spanish and Canton matting of All widths and styles just imported and for Sale by Richard Roberts. No 46 n. Second at., first carpet store below Arch 8epiiits49.36-3mocarpeta and of cloth at Eldridges Cuba warehouse Philadelphia. A Perrons who wish to get Good Bartalos to carpets or Oil cloths either wholesale or retail will do Well to Call on the subscriber As Bis sex Oense a in Bis present location Are very Light be is enabled and determined to sell at the lowest Prees in the City. He offers for ibis season an excellent assortment of it v splendid Imperial three ply .1. Beautiful Superior ingrain it Fine and medium do carpets. Entry and Stair of All kinds j i and list. Cotton and Rae j a a and Oil cloths from 2 feet to 24 feet wide for rooms Lalli a. With a great variety of Low priced ingrain carpets from 20 to 50 cents and Biair and in it try carpets from 10to 60 cents per Yard. Also matting rugs floor cloth Stair rods a. U. H. Eldridge no. 41 Strawberry at. One door above cd Trout a near second Philadelphia sept. .1,1s49._ 36-3mo to port clip ion be for Cathl train a a a . 4��jr. A be ended at 6 of cock. A m., and port Clinton at 4 o clock. . A. Passenger car rues in Conn Sion Wmk the freight train a that singers for Phili lbs a can take the to Orieg Trato of care on the up Airon Qunion. ,oct28-44 Gene to agent Iron work Spencer a Mabon. A a sped fully Ana Bencea to the Juhue ill i they Haw Ikea the know As the works on nor Regian Street where they build All kinds of 8teara engines Sanu actor rail Road cars and machinery of almost every description at Tiff abort est notice radon the poet Rheao nails terms. 1 a eve persons Fea abroad in toe Liverpool and cd Voru a a l a Sace Agency. R e. In. Kin ual i a co., f4 fall Street saw took. Dunkin. Kimball a co.,. Respectfully informs their friends and the Public that the have commenced the general shipping and commission Glenr Girsa together with the general passenger business fronting Zerti Fienie of a a a from London Liverpool. Dobin. Belfast or any part of the old country to to Mew York. Boston and Philant Lykia. On the most reasonable terms. Draft end Btl of �1 to any amount on then vul Bank of Lre Ndu and to branches. A the Days of Saline of the regular Lent of Cire Peol petites. As fixed upon Are the let a the 11th, 16tb, -1st, via 26th of every month. These ships Are a of the largest last and Are Eom Mandrid by men of . tie great Chlara store. No. Rig cue8nut Street . Thankful to the a Miens of Pott Vire and in Vicinity for their kind attention to our former advertisements. And their increased custom we would again request the or company to. View our Large end splendid of. China Glass and quekn3ware. Dinner sets tease toilet Seis plate. Dishes in ehrs a. A Glass to newer salts wide. Decanters cd eries. Preserve Dis Bee a. Acio any Quantity to suit purchasers will be sol lower than the same Quality can be obtained for else where in fact at Leas than wholesale Price. 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Mayo any Fco More in aces modal Ona Are an that can be in a in 0f Etc by variety Manuia tented expressly for i own ral Job look or tide. Hopes la the evening. Order from a distance packed care Fary end test free of porterage to any part of the Cuy. I h. Clark Philada. August 25. 1949. 1 labed with every Devacri prior kind. Punnet Allty in thedae of sailing will be strictly and packet skips i steins. Std oms. Karmeh Are vessels of the largest class and those Dee Irons to bring 001 their Frieada cannot select finer or safer Ebler passage can be secured u the lowest rates. Mea Orleans Iliae or pickets sail weekly. Toupee rorn a . A it the and tribe has bees a Oia cd agent for this Lin in scfcu5,, w mine mall. Puzo Delphiia a frosted factory by 89 5. Eart a uni amp. Mumuni. Dyne a Uit Cable it a a a a boots shoes manufactured / bar b Tobeh a a. Saa mirth Thiru or. Philada. 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And four Stiver medals in the years is44�?1846�?1847 and 1545-All of which May by Een at his place of bassinets. J a a Holce apply of revolving pistols constantly on band. A Stock of guns just received also and assortment of fishing tackle. Aug. 25. 1540 a 35-3m3 in itch states and foreign Patent Agency to. 76 Dock Street opposite the a hangs Quot Raiti peitau is. Xiv. Bullock. Civil Engineer and mechanician v v offers its services for the transaction of All business connected with the Patent office. Models Adawi of Arp neatly and accurately obtained with det Paich. His thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of the mechanical arts. Induces him to May that in al Ceres where be advise an application fore Patent in ease it is not obtained the fees for i services will be returned and he jul Alto guarantee that All patents obtained through Bisoff Iee will be sustained by the courts. Many inventors Are subjected to great delays and loss of time and Money by employing incompetent person to make their specifications and frequently have to Surrenda their Patent and gets re Issue. Invent a at a distance can Send their models and a statement of their claims directed to a. al. Patent Agency no. 75 Dock 8tieei, Abii Adelphia pa., and the strictest secrecy will be observed until the Patent is obtained. Drawings and specification for factories. Mills aet and All kinds of machinery purchased on commit Orion and competent men furnish to put the Sanie in operation in any part of Ibe United Buttes of oath America and the West ladies. A references. Hon. Z 4poca Pratt president of the Mechanic Institute. New York. V messes. Sti Ujdur Aller a co., Novelty works a Perea a Oahu a co., columbian foundry a a no or cock a a Leucott a Danes. Philadelphia be. A ads re a Jravis Pittsburg a. Or. Tito a , Baltimore . Roasar a. Tautoa a Daric Gosa Cincinnati Ohio. A Sltes Botlo Chicago. Lilinau. J. N. Mil lab Savannah a. \ a a. C. Gators Mobile Alan Washington Uto a Thos. , Charleston 8.0. Hay 12._2fl-ly. A to kind Eastern work of All kinds. Gum shoes and a amp of Kotroba. A a j. 91� Rowe. Broosd and wooden Ware store to �,3 Merlh third St. On doer above Krch met Side a f Hilad Eivia manufacturers Aad wholesale peal tre to ill Friada of brooms a nah. Backora a vow were Woytow and French baskets shoe end Well Brno Tea i of Saat Thedac svy. And taste a it Ozea by the via of invigorating his dreams. He entered a dozen was called for served tasted end washed Down with a Glass of the proprietors Choice Maderis. The general Good feeling of the Young stranger was measurably heightened he turned to leave and As be was the last customer the barkeeper followed him to the door to lock it after him. At that moment a Jolly Crown came around the Corner singing a a Picayune Butler s coming to tho barkeeper knowing Tea crowd wee making for is and it Beiring already after Midnight be desired to shut them out to he politely hurried the Young stranger through the door slammed it to locked it Ibe bar across and retreated with Bis lamp up stairs. Presently there waa a tremendous rapping at the front door but the barkeeper satisfied that it Wae the noisy company be had barred out rolled himself up in the Quilla and tamed Over to take Bis a Mike open this door too darn fool i shouted one of a Ibe crowd lungs. �?�1 Ain t no auth fool a grumbled Mike As he polled the covering tighter around him. A a will you open this do orly was yelled again. A i won to that s Flat a growled Mike to himself to answer and off be dropped into the land of dreamt. He slept at it might be sep posed a Soldier would who was listening to the storming of Chapultepec. It an a musing scene was transpiring All this time on the outside. To you Flag stranger in is still passing through the Portal brushed Apone of the tails of his new coat it a a the Batik per in shutting one half the Doof securely fastened the coat Tail in the opening. Supposing of coarse that a would observe it and instantly release him he stood still quietly for a moment and the noisy party surrounded him. Stand aside stranger and 1st us to said the Foremost of the party. A i would Tike to do so gentlemen was the reply a if i could but upon word just al Proa pot i am unable to comply. A Well Well help you Enid another and seizing him by the be Slung him minus the coat jail out opon the pavement Here was 1 Tery Fine opening for t Small fight bul one of the party perceiving the difficulty at a glance interfered with a thousand apologies for Abii impetuous Friend stated test the torn garment Ehold be paid for &e., and offered to lend him its own Cost until the morning. The destruction of the wedding garment was very unfortunate and the Young stranger lost temper St of Bis being so awkward in fastened to the door by tho barkeeper but what was his further horror to find that a package of Money amounting to $500, intended to Bear the expenses of himself and hide to her future Home waa a a the coat Tail pocket and like it fast in the . He did not exactly know whether it was prudent to be the present crowd into a knowledge Oft be fact Hal such an amount waa in the pocket but to get the door open he told them that Ibe marriage certificate was in the wedged up Coal Lail on this announcement All vowed they would Rescue the precious documents or tear the Tail of their combined under garments amp the Effort Aad accordingly they assailed the barred Portal in 1 mass. They were preparing to follow up their Fri ideas Effort of assault with feel and fists by substituting an new Biog Post for a battering ram. When a watchman interfered Inq atred the cause of Siroub be and volunteered to visit the rear of or. Walkers premises and have the rear of the gentleman a wedding Coal released this err Aoge ment was generally agreed to and watery started. To the meantime the outsiders held e email caucus of condolence with the Groom daring which several animated resolves were passed that they would victimised the barkeeper when they got in by keeping him a until Daylight the a saying of the door behind them and the Shock of the bar dosing in the Iron Bisp a rooted their ett Orion but it was too Lite the barkeeper on learning the trouble bad quietly descended opened by door pushed out the coat Tail and fastening the Entrance beat s Retreat again. The outrider stormed Bat it was no a a they therefore concluded to pick up the trophy Beer it along to some Opeo establishment and hold a its Rescue he owner recovered his package of Money ted wished to repeat but they were to no mood to part with him they wished to heal All differences be fore they separated drink the hell la of the lady named in the recaptured document end fill out out to order for e new wedding suit. The strap g r we forced to yield end we need not add that he got Home very Isle the next morning. The Dey had grown old before the victim vat Able to visit big Bride and til coarse she pouted a Little Bat on Bis Promise to assign sufficient eat tee a Weddig the Arrao Gembol Wae allowed to proceed. A he promised to did be fit fully Ribera the above fete cod pledged i forgiving Joan a a bet be voted berate Zjr to a i Feir Tao Cef Edeeb eight sen pm the Volunteer 0t8tb2x. Address of governor Johnston. A a Oak Bcott 7 . Sept. Frh 1849. 3 to Sec Surot in xxiv f. Jour ares a Toemer and command or in a his a fir a Tbs remarks we bad the pleasure to Bear coincide so impressively with our own views to reference to the Volunteer system of Pennsylva die bit we Ere induced to Eolist e copy for publication in the belief that their will be productive Ogrea terries to tree Yea end the Tato. We Ere gratified to Beve Seq Able and fearless so advocate on our tide of the question Eod have no doubt the patriotic and substantial Edzena of the state will sustain Ell measure Sod log to the Eleve too Tod amelioration of the uniformed militia. Var every truly s. We. H. Kim. Major gen.j�mb8 Freeland it Jol 8amuel s1ite3. It iral.  -8am0el l. Young. . A b. Har9hberger, Jot. D. L. Hoffman. Geo. C. Wynkoop Cpl Franklin Pott. . Lautenschlager gel Etc Turiy sax by ? Harrisburg oct. 1st, 1849. 5 gentlemen a i acknowledge the receipt of your Polit note of the s7tb Alt requesting e copy of remarks to the volunteers assembled at the Encampment recently held at Gnatstown to this county. Tho remarks Are at your service. You will remember however the Tibey were extempore end while to far a they go they speak sentiment much which would have been proper in relation to the subject was omitted. If As Yoti seem to think they will be productive of service to the system they were not a. Vain. I Beve the boor to remain Dost truly. Your Friend. A w. F. Johnston. Governor Johnston a address. Crri i said idea a Afore bidding you Farewell permit to return sincere thanks As Well for the kind invitation to visit this Encampment As for the courteous reception Given end the hospitable and gentlemanly manner of entertainment during the stay i have in this Vicinity end in your society. I a Ball cherish the remembrance of this Days eve site among the happiest incidents of life and in future Shell refer to them with gratification and Delight. This review being the second which i have attended since election to tho executive office end among the first instances of an Encampment of the uniformed volunteers under the lately revised Gailitis Laws of this Commonwealth it May not be deemed impertinent to the occasion should i address a few words to the officers and soldiers Here also bled. 1 it has Ever been the policy of our government to rely upon the peaceful Avo Calious of her citizens for her continued happiness and Prosperity. To us a stale of War is an unnatural condition of society to be endured Only when the National Honor is insulted or the lives or property of our citizens Are endangered or wantonly of outraged. We Are warned by the history of the set in the rapid Progress of the a a a Lioa the happiness ind the enlightened end Jar acne of the people the influence of our National character and the respect of foreign governments and the Fate of earlier Boie downfall immediately billowed their love of military achievement that the arts of peace should be Ebert bed and Cullivan de. The founders of our Republic believed these truths while at the same time they bad an abiding Confidence that the safety of the country might be Well reposed in the intelligence the bravery and patriotism of the citizens. Tho Maziot Ensco of Large Sta tiding armies was deemed by the fathers of the government As inimical to the growth of Libers principles dangerous to the permanency of Republican and eminently calculated at some unguarded moment to be the instrument in the band of despots wifi demagogues to hurl this Temple of Buxiao Freedom which was reared by the valor Wisdom had blood of the revolution Talo destruction and annihilation. This just dread of standing armies did not however divert attention from the necessary defences of the country. An Tousnt nation breaking the Servile Chain which had bound her to the Dominion of e tyrant and rearing for herself a government which extended human Liberty beyond the slavish dogmas of hereditary monarchy must anticipate the hatred of those rulers whose prerogative were derided and their opposition to the practice of Republican Liberty and must carefully secure by reliable defences to sacred blessings it has chosen to perpetuate. To these ends a sure Confidence was reposed to the citizen soldiery of the country the men whose Hearthstone were to be defended whose families were to be protected whose rights were to by maintained. It was believed that to troops Thos influenced to defend the right a government of the people might safely entrust its destinies. A it could ool be desirable that our entire population should be exc cited in the arts of War and hence the propriety of fostering and encouraging by Liberal legislation the system of uniformed Volunteer that while the masses were relieved from the senseless mockery of parades destitute of the Means of instruction a select body of Choice troops might be at Allt mrs a armed and equipped ready to obey the rail of their country in any sudden emergency. The events of the past have demonstrated in this particular As in every other instance where time has tested the Experiment of free government the Wisdom of the founders of our. Political institutions. The War of 1812, and a Slid Diang. Ibe Laie contest with Mexico have shown that the citizen Soldier the uniformed Volunteer of the country is equally efficient in defending the firesides of his countrymen and in carrying the War into an enemy s territory. No Battle Field of Mexico has failed to give indubitable evidence of the unsurpassed bravery the enduring Energy and admirable discipline of the volunteers. Oar own beloved Commonwealth had a full share in these desperately contested and bloody struggles and although connected with armies composed of heroes and in no instance did the Volunteer of Pennsylvania fail in a comparison with tho Best of Veteran troop. These events have proved hat the Independent citizen leaving at Bis country s Call the avocations of peaceful Hie. Eari become to his enemy in the Battle Field terrible a the Angel of a be traction although mild and Geol a the Maiden when the excitement of the conflict has departed. The militia system which was repealed by the Law of the lost session of the legislature was to All preset test purposes except that part Whiteb related to the volunteers a dead letter. No body of citizen Soldier wee armed end equipped fur the common defence. The annual trainings answered to beneficial purpose whatever and were in Many parts of the a a Tate productive of serious evil there May be occasions where the body of the people will be called on to stand Forth in defence of the government a possibility too Remote to be to nude an object of solicitude Bat should it Ever happen the unarmed citizens will not be invoked in vain. He will be ready and willing to meet the foe from whatever a arts be May come and will be found quil As efficient inthe Day of Tritsas though be a i attended fur years those annual Muster and reviews which were Practised under the former present Law by its encouragement to volunteers abolishes the former trainings with All the evils which were incident thereto. It abolishes also the a Seles and pernicious expense arising from that system which coat the people annually a earn of not lets3 than to amp Enty five thousand dollars a amount which in the Cood Trion of the Fiona need and tie Burthen of taxation May be deemed confide Rabi a. Citizen soldiers a your admirable d Tsei Lioe soldierly bearing and gentlemanly conduct daring the pro Send review Ezmee your pros Toucy in the a of the Soldier exp Bathe Wisdom of giving encouragement to the Volunteer system god most Render you a tillable Aurdia a in the hour of foreign War or Domestic disturbance f that your Intercourse with each other May be Friendly your improvement id military Taetle perfect end when Yon retire to Yoot Home that your condition May be prosperous and Happy is is Ards i def fallow his wet Minth tamp Beautiful plot Abb. Another teaching her child to prey Uso object tones the most Sublime. Sod tender tho Imog Westton can conceive. Elevated above Earth a by things she seems like Ose of those guardian a of gals the companion of oar earthly pilgrimage through whose Munh Tretina Are Ere Toci coed to do Good end turn from evil. The key of death. To the collection of curiosities preserved in the erases it Venice there it a key of which tho following singular tied Isoo the related Abou ube year 1690 one of those Deio Georae Seo in whom extraordinary Talent is Only Tea fearful Tolarce of crime Sod wickedness beyond that of Ordinary Meo came to establish himself As a merchant Jor trader in Venice. The stranger whose name a Quot a Tebaldo became enamoured of the daughter of to Focient Bouse already affianced to soother. He demanded bar in marriage end of co area we rejected. To raged at this be studied How to be re verged. Profoundly skill Fuiyin the Cleoio arte be allowed himself 00 rest anti he bad invested the most formidable weapon which could be imagined. This a Ras a key of Large size the Beadle of which wee so coast a it could be Tara de round with difficulty when turned it disclosed a Spring a on pressure the other Eod a Needle or lancet of such Subtle a nones that it entered into the flesh arid buried itself there without la Avion toy extern Trace. Tube do waited in disguise it the door of the Church in which the Maiden whom be loved we about to receive the nuptial Benediction. The Ess Essin event the steel the breast of the Groom. Tho wounded Man had 00 suspicion of injury but seized with a sudden end a Harp Pata in the midst of the ceremony be fainted end was carried to Bis Hoote amid the lamentation of the bridal party vain wee the a kill of the Phy Aceiana who could not divine the cause of tia strange la Loewe a few Days be died Quot Tebaldo then again demanded the Hood of the Maiden of her parents Eod received a second refusal they too perished miserably in a few Days. The Maiden thus cruelly orphaned bad passed the first month of her mourning in a Convent when Tebaldo hoping to Bend her to Bis will entreated to speak wifi her at the Gate. Tits she refuted. Tebaldo beside himself with rage determined to wound her in Roab the grate and at last succeeded. Tho obscurity of the place prevented his movements from being observed. The Ysidoo soon Felt e pain a her Brent and uncovering it she found it spotted with a single drop of blood. The Paio gradually increased and the surgeons who hastened to her assistance taught by 1 the past wasted 00 time in conjecture but in Inedia Tely cutting deep into the wounded part sex i a rated the Needle before any mischief bad com to eucled and thus saved the life of the Young Udy. Tho appearance of Tebaldo at the Convent caused suspicion to fall heavily upon him. Accordingly Bis dwelling waa carefully searched and the in Velton was found in Bis Possession. Tebaldo subsequently perished on the Gibbet. Harried and single Ken. A Coteron Orraj very sensibly remarks that there should be some Means of distinguishing single from married Man. Unmarried females Are known by the prefix of mias to their Namer but All men Are styled or How much unnecessary trouble and solicitude might be spared to the ask Iowa mothers of Marriageable girls could they Mike hit distinction. How very annoying to a Mother and Bevy of girls after laying Ibum solve out to please some a Nice Young Man a to hear him Dently allude to Hie wife tia subject really demands attention and we think test the girls should suggest Kime plan by which this disappointment might be obviated. We Tiok there already exists a in which single men Cao easily be distinguished from married ones by ladies of discernment it is by paying a Little attention to the conversation and manners of gentlemen. There is an ease and Grace in the manners of married men % Senai Bleness and want of flutter in their conversation which enable be readily distinguished to a mixed company unmarried men May be distinguished by a general a greenness a a certain frivolous of conversation and a Peculiar flutter deportment that nothing but Matrimony can entirely cure it Sunset. A. It i a glorious Prospect the sight b magnificent indeed and Well calculated to Call Forth the devout admiration of every beholder in when to consider there wonderous exhibitions of the almighty in. The heavens we Are ready to excl so whal a Man that thou dual re gird him 1 thou who bait set by glory in tho heavens 1�?� a who would not fear thee Thon King of Samu a a who Marketh Bis Angels spirits and hit ministers a flame of fire a a. A fast object in signature is More imposing grand and Beautiful than a Calm Goe Geoul Luminous Sunset thu i it when the spirits of the just quit this world for a happier brighter one above. How u the Shadow of the Vale of death which so Many can Sijats dread lighted up by the Suo of righteous when we Are called to pass through it to life a Sweet Paradise what glory beams around the dying hour of the Good Man who a Ball sketch the glorious scene Angel bands May not portray the Beauty and splendor of his path who a passing a from glory to he Facea on Golden Pinion from the it Hgt of time to thy undid Miahel splendours of an eternal Day for there to a world where the Sun Elway. Shines a there is no night dark Nepe is forever fled and the sunlight of eternity Breaks Forth never to fade again behind the delectable Mountain of immortality. There of there a the Noontide of glory eternally Reigna Quot a Christian advocate and journal. % to a. 1 a a a i Sase . Jim. Myua. A Anmei. Tanta a to a a ans amp to . A tut a a a a it a net of Tempe at Talf Ecta a a but it Oto Autt lat a birth pfc of Dell Naif Unata a a sat it far Orar Mosat Aal Leaf. a Quot Lia Blaa Jaep i Tara cd Atao a a Dtta fat 1 Cut cat of 1 Quot Quot Toa to Asa we a i Eio Efla use Tori a a Fri a Folenta Foy Batik 3 for thax Wuehr Caa amp of die speak t thou of to answer toe through life a Ritz a a where be Aad the Var the Esse red of 0 enough to know i Given j. Clo Adf Woods end sum their put it thu thine if tel trait in in oof Wohlfe he deep Low. Tos t time Foo tag. At Tibok aot�<9. Iaea enlarged and Strong mind for a Osa oat make soc be Joc a in a weak Goa of that it chess capable of Loving Bat because to hit More resource. It certainly to the most up verbal passion of the Tood $ and when Beretto. Cot the capability of other pors Uiti it Ore engross a and destroys. To die for Iove is do proof of use a erne but a Tepi Dity of Miod and obstinacy of temper. The narrower the mind the More Ilia liable to be destroyed by whatever predominates Oyer it. If there were Saab a Tapere bandages of. Tend Rue that like itself most be the Foffo of Ilia wounds it would appear new on other Ocetek tons Bat to tee people dying for love who have not docility enough to keep of a com Moa Pergament. I and Why do they die 1 Benacre they have not docility enough to a omit to the correction of disappointment in violent Mindi love will be a violent Pheaton like the Reft a a violent Rogove Busbie love shows the Fary Flot tho tenderness of the dispose Iilo. A furious Man loves furiously he Eta be tres by Bear tie object oat of Hie tight and a when be area aah ther enjoy that attention which be would himself engross. But in the midst of Bis passion be think less of cherishing the object Oil it than of a Retif tog himself. He Woald not forego Hie tote though the misery of it object should entire nor Bee be Eny idea of giving a happiness of which he Moat not Ottto Lic Pate. _. 1 a i the love very rationally and Tab plenty of time to consider whether everything to profitable and advisable before they allow Theo selves to feel the warm emotion and when at length they bed gently and duly up to beef to kinds to be in love it is Ewey with such put Deli Reserve that in Cue of soy mishap they Eood recover Aad Ere ready to love Gosia be Rel Lonu Eod a coolly a Ever. J the selfish end mean have a their Iov Estand love with a Tbs fund Soute fug ii and atral Agemme id May readily Ibe supposed that those people would be Apo appeased by a Good Auntuie forthe toes of the pol oved Obj eel. The volatile and fickle will love most merrily thousand limes aloud laugh themselves oot of it without remembering one for whom they Fuiava or ghee. Toe sensual love a great of buteo Oft forget they have have no Friendship in their love by ease they have no mental Intercourse. The morose love and sometimes for Man is exquisitely various forge tall their natural gloom and become harmonized and tame Oay Eom Timea ride curiously elated t but nature generally Retarn Tad after manage a the Gar plumage fades. Jwo eur e Man of Diu pation loves it la often More iban Ordinary tender eat and delicacy he a Caisse it must be Home thing very exalted that Cea Cali Boma his wild imagination and concent a a those few Linge to much accustomed to and this a the Resaor for which the reformed re a is kid to make to Best husband. A t a men of business pave generally Little a aliment ini love. They often marry to make their boat Colma Ortelle and secure and therefore the Miod of the lady is often considered. Feho has a tolerable Fortune they fancy that they Bare do just such a bargain a they wished for anal consider it with nearly the same emotion a they consider Ecy other matter to the Way . The melancholy Aake the most romantic lovers and use All quaint conceit of valuing trifle by a Quot i Oft ii love end Ere Tedio Ariy f smallest concern relative to which a always insipid acid they love end despair Eod love till they love despair itself end fancy them selves ten time to e in love than they really if Bat this Miltn error to Moo to Sll Lover a. The is Nguyne lot e very Bouali fully. They tre not Only Liberal of to Weir affection but they 4gen�� rally Escribe Perferi Tum to the selected object. There is a Conti Nuti animation in their passion and those Are the people who will quarrel end a forgive e thousand time. The import us a ily of their emotion to Ever Render them the victims of be Aloway and tho sub they love deeply they Are it lobe troublesome roles they meet with mind As Imossi iced a their own. Yet they Besu Tiff theft tenderness with Meheen timeout for they have an High in opinion of the object they love or rather adore test they Ibok they never address her too highly or show her Tou much Obr Servante. _ longing to the object interested boat the the Esme divinity ridiculous to other. This world hse a and to e great Dei is Bright above us though we Ere aug and Alren Gib end a it the festive Board am voice of mirth end out their grief heart of each j streets and by ring amusement christianity. What a Mij Esly there is in the Christian death a what a glory in Hie Hope As the Rivers run the smoothest the nearer they approach the Ocean As the Rose a Melle the sweetest whose dying As the son appears most glorious when setting to with the christians death. The first marriage. Marriage be of Date prior to sin itself the Only Relie of a Paradise that is left for Oso one smile that god left fall on the worlds innocence lingering end playing still Opoka ite sacred visage. Tho first marriage was celebrated before god himself who filled in his own person the of Iees of guest witness and priest. There stood the two god like forms of innocence fresh in the Beauty of their unstained nature. The hallowed shades of the Garden end the Green carpeted Earth smiled to look on to divine e pair. The Crystal Waters flowed by pure and transparent As they. The unblemished Flowers breathed incense on the sacred air,.answering to their upright love. To Artl cts Joy from All the vocal natures waa Tfaye hymn e spontaneous nuptial Harmony such Tija world in tue might yield Ere discord was invented religion blessed her two children thus sad led them Forth into life to begin her wondrous history. The first religious a Cene they knew. Was their own marriage before the Ltd god. They Learned to love him the interpreter end sealer of their love to each other end if they had Coho tinged in their uprightness life would Beve been a form of wedded worship a sacred mystery of spiritual oneness end communication. They did not continue. Curiosity triumphed Over ninth Cecee. They lasted a and knew it in theft fall Man is changed Many a heart and woman heart Are no Tosser what they first were. Beauty is blemished love is debased. Sorrow end Tara Are in the world s cop. Sin has swept away jell paradises Suer. And the world in bowed under its care. 8iil Ofle thing remained it was. God mercifully spared one Token of the innocent world and that Ibe driest to be a Eyrtal forever of the primeval lore and this is marriage. Tia one Flower of Paradise is grooming Jit la the deter of . Or. Bush until Cost Yeung Man , Yoon men of the Fey to the Bali Tuey or billiard Joom with a a Cigar in your Modtland Wilh a in a pm a at to lor a Indbjo top do Irma a re Job Ali a pm Tab of i a. I a a c a Hor list. Life a sorry i and goal fort. Termed e Vale of tears it in so. Though the sky the Earth a fair and Lovely under by the work of Art to end though a Bear a i to the Hall of gaiety the. A Easore there Are none with some sorrows prey upon the eng through Oor Bay. Find. Ahtie of Gabion 1 Amu yemeni. Pot one Liea Down upon i coat Jbf without being visited with ofal reflections and heaving a Ethyo remembrance of some heavy misfortune or tip bereaved Fletr How Many Are the Homes wrap qwerty creates in pit foul end in tie where the with affection blighted weep id Loi lines where the Rick tan Guilah of bed of paid and the stricken in hts al mourn that death bar snatched from their Embree the Dearest object of Jabeir affect Foo. How Many Are the unkindness a and Wroga and Decca Uoss which All encounter How May the and hardships and u i certainties of Borio Esa Hof Many the a cadent i and Reveraa against which a a foresight however p Dent Ean guard. Sych is life. It is a Valley of Zorro was Btl dark As this Valley i a it a not wholly Oterah Dow de with Clouds. There Are not Only pct Stob glimpses of sunlight Bieh is Bevel a gloom bal the stars of Faith and hops Are Ever gilding h Ith theft Bright Bee Nso indeed with All it agog rows life has Many Esnaola Tiosav when Veety with the Labora of Ihu Day Itie a Congo Latina to reflect that night will give repose when deceived by one in whom we confided it in a Consolation to know that we have a Friend who will is yes deceive when disappointed to the Pursuit of wealth it in a Congo Taxon to feel Mored that we Shell never ask in vain for that wealth which la perishable when crippled and enervated by by disease it is a Consolation to know Hitt death coma to our Relief. Temper. The or seat plague to ufos is a bad temper it a a great waste Oft to Eom Plain of other Peoples the Best thing 11 to Emend Oor own x and the next Best Quality if to learn to Bear with but we meet in others. A had temper will al Wajs Dre itself oot if it find re one to repeat it and this very knowledge is a Voth a in very to Bea Ith sad so in fact in every morbid indulgence of oar inferior cat Are. Log spirits melancholy diffidence did inclination by Ordinary duties disc intent fre falness a Sadowy to mental Lan lode i Dole Nee or do Spair or 2 to Imirea to eme Ymer t in be and ,rfp3�2? Effort Vernid be Cut them a a to a a what and look into tho trots of Mug iii utom thing win in till Tutu to Bosun Mortl Joe Piatty and Oit Mola amp to of Eros. J a Hautt. A a Nttah to a iii a a mfg a
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