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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Oct 6 1849, Page 1

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - October 6, 1849, Pottsville, Pennsylvania\ Anthracite Hall. a to Trust civilly. A. M the subscriber would respectfully l a Tom friends Santl the Public that he has a Maceio to the above named House formerly kept by Rapp where lie will be Happy to give very guru Liouta those who May favor with a a a. Ap.7.�4p-13.if.j Jacob Bam re isling Sun in Cileli a a. A Rott Settle per a a. A the undersigned respect filly Anro traces Trva a to the citizens of Schuylkill county end p 3 travellers in general. That lie has taken that Quot old Esiaba Durd stand know As a lost hotel lately kept or Jeremiah niches at the co amp or second live Osville its in the Borough of rou3vjiie. Which he has Gued up will special ref for Etc to tiie Eom tort of those who May favor . A the Honry is pleasantly located with stabling a urge Van attached calculated to accommodate Farmer did Parsons travelling with horses carriages the proprietor has House Well brn shed will a pare no pains or expense. Turi Supply table bar in a manner which cannot Fain to afford general satisfaction. A an attentive faithful Hostler will always he in attendance. So tint guests May Rev on having their hours g Roji Erly attended to. Michael Seltzer. Maylq/19 _ t1-1? Washington hotel Fonn cult kept by Sac by Bead Schuylkill faces. A Mthr. Subscriber announces to friends the travelling Public that he has taken the no narc mentioned establishment fitted up. Throughout so that it will equal any Stab Dame til in the county. It is located near the depot to the Phil Tephia Reading on the main Street of the Borough. His table will always to abundantly supplied with the choicest delicacies of the a Capon chamber Are Large tend airy bed a Dine of or. He Ulsund. A the stabling attached to the hotel is Large euro Tom Dious attentive hustlers will always be found in has also for Dro. A it vehicles will always be kept to carry visitors to any part of the county or elsewhere. All ies olinits is a trial of House feeling confident lie jux iii give Emir satisfaction to 11 who find it at House. Ap.7/i9-i5.if. A John Jones Philadelphia move works foundry. / v Waurick Leibrandt it pc co. Tiret wharf aha a so Street on the. . on hand on the most Rea a Honable my a Vety Large hand up. And Pottsville a general advertiser. I will teach you to Pierce the bowels of the Earth bring out from the caverns of Moun amp ius metals Nith will glee strength to our bands subject All nature to Nur ase . Johnton. Published every saturday by Benjamin , Schuylkill county a vol. Xxv. Saturday morning october 6, 1849 no. 41. A _ Ukitis amp Bai Fife. In a jj8p%un furniture furniture carpets. Venetian 4 painted blinds dec. Ores Savo a be respectfully announce Ltd the citizens of Pottsville the _. neighbourhood that a hey have opened a. Fubn1ture Ware room. In a Han tango Street a Fea doors from Centre where they Hare on hand a Large fashionable Stock of Funn Ture embracing Tom burst most fashionable styles., All of which a been manufactured to their order by the Best makers in our cities their Stock embraces a general assortment of al the articles embraced in fur in Hing dwellings either Plain or in the most luxurious manner. Bedsteads ranging in Price from #3 tf>450, a All other Angeles of furniture in proportion. In their Stock u Alio Emir Arr a in True assortment of venetian Nii Tidland window 8h a Des of the most approve it i patterns Selitto with erect care. I car putting bedding uphol5tf.rv, Thev have also added to the Stock a of carpeting of the various qualities bedding to which they Call the particular attention of those to want of these a Midez. Quot a it la our design to keep All the articles of Farl tire required in of they in ill county prevent the Neces ity of persons going abroad in search of elegant Arti. Clos of furniture All of which they Are determined some assortment of stores comprising of sell it let prices Fum they can be obtained Rise a where with packing Carriage added. Thev there fore earnestly invite those who Are about furnishing houses those also whore Aire additional fur fixture to give them a Call As Thev flatter themselves they can give them any kind of a fit out they May require at a Groat saving of funds. Henry Giu Esrang. J 15-tfl Alexander . Variety of new Beautiful patterns among which will be found the 4 Sixes Quot following Cookk favorite fur Wood Coal Complete conk. A 0 a air tight comp hate a a a 3 a . In tue >3 a double oven Fuci Ulph Quot a a a Bucks county Mist Patent flu top 3 a James co a a. Forve cos 2 a a a a nine plate to love a a Plain top a Quot i of do do a differ 9 a do -.i., do jog in pm / it 8 a to a do do a a 3 a a. Letvn do do v. It Quot cast Ovi a or hand Box stove 3 Kev Totic stove for oven 2 Quot do do with cd a liar on top a. 2 Franklin Keystone Cannon Tove a. 8 Quot. Bare Cylinder stoves Light or heavy Coli Ducr 8. Bar room stoves a 4 a bases top 8 of Radiator plates. A new York Radiator. A a Hummer t Umbeer a Gas Over a a Hau Manders. 8 a _ , i Stanley or parlor air tight a 4 a Etna do do do do a u a is a Only. Do do Radiator ,. Enia _ do do do. .3 a Lut compute Patent a new Superior Hon vol 5 Ket los. Love no la to Tom i boil res. Round nod Oval. straight pm a sjm-1. . Aso to tit All the stoves. A mkt spout. Iron. Lydian drip Irons amp a. A. A Dexter of applied with Odd pure it grates. Fue bricks. Dee a. Light Ca Einings of Alt neatly i it Roin ulv executed. A 11,11,1 v5/ist? a _ met it a Law a Locsi Siors She�t-ik03i amp tin so Lxi la Acton. A l j vi1iiii m. Lonu. rail Lac ,, lir Fey Gefei Thore received respect fully a Noures to a to the a Lizoria of poits Vilie the hey la riiirmiiiijiii2ti i Init in it he continues v Vii Fum i at the old stand opposite Mai ii White Glorso hotel on Centre Street in Iha Borough of Potts lib. Where he keeps on hand an exit Oostve at Quot carefully selected assortment of parlor Cookin?.- Start eni bracing All the old approved is vies together with a variety of. In a ones admirably adapted to the wants of the Coal re the a a improved Complete of 5 Ian a Pierret Amer Iran air tight with Brick top oven a Quot Stew summer Winter air tight a arc considered Hill Ltd . Probably the very Best j Sini in. Tint inv. Ever been invented. He Villi Comiti device Call at Ouilma to great variety off re in Ami co lung sieves a Tali i iinrutm.iiahly the a arg it. And cheapest to by found in Tucco Nonty of Schuylkill. Tohe al of keep Lune Ait la for Sale a Large varied Stork of Sheet or a tin Japan Ned Ware of the Best Quality a it tint lowest prices. Tin Roft Finci. And All work connected Wenli that Branch of it he. Buttnes.s, will in promptly executed in. A tie be to manner on the most reasonable terms. My Stuj. A a Stovik v Ivov tuft to Comisar Hoover Corner of Avo Reciak a inroad streets . i a to i friends Cus Tomars the a Buldic generally that he i liar on hand the most elegant ass to int of stoves Ever offered in this out Unity embracing All the newest mint Natter. Henar april 7 a Cardlittle a Martin 1 wholesale retail dealer in dry a goods groceries. Teas . Is orc on a Lenire Street near the Corner of a 4, to which the attention of the citizens of Iaun my country is Respet Lully Solbi de. Rattle. Rillo. Get 2s . Polk boots Ano shoes Jit tac wid Eland. Baorto Tae o a crib a of a a a s. . Foster a Are no Ltd receiving their. Spring supplies of boot3 first rate assortment which they How. Aff crat retail attic very lowest prices. They have Ajavon hand trunks \ a passage Troio Liverpool. N passage in the Ste crag of the first class a afr Racket a Blois Mary Pleasants Shenandoah Berlin Europe sailing from Liverpool for Philadelphia on the list of every in Nib throughout the year in be secured on Appu Carloa to Samuel Pleasants. No 37 Walnut Street Philadelphia june 9. 49�?,24-iy. J. A a Carver architect Engineer a. 51 so Orth st7tk Street fila a. Gives or wings specifications of contras is to erect dwellings a. And layout the grounds for country seats or cemeteries together with the arrangement of Trees to give the proper of , churches hospitals prisons Watts works Gas works ice., on the latest Moat approx it importations comprising tiie following articles fall will Iarj goods j. C. Amp w. E. Taber. Al of synth so Street earner of Blaek Boree Alley. leave to announce to their customers i Siu the Trade to Geoerg a Flat they have now la store Are daily receiving a full assortment of fall millinery goods of their of Vii de plans including beating Venilia Tang a. . 24. A we 8b St. John Tartei aha we Calla chill . It \ dealers Cable i makers supplied on libera terms. Patant screw bedsteads on band. A april 740. ly a Reeves agon Patagonia guano. The ii cobers invite the attention of Farmers dealers to their Supply of this remarkable fer till Zero their own selected by an experienced super cargo. Being dry her. The peruvian it is All packed lit White Cotton hag a not being like that a government monopoly can be afforded at a hirer Price. A order from a distance can be sex nested either from our stocks Here rat new York. Nil 8ept 8.t349. Horis amp. Broughton. 33 North wharves Philadelphia 37 Fresu 3 the to fire it i Boot s ��o�5s tics carpet bag in do Atchu sol upper leather Morocco calf Atkins. Lining att binding skins Edina makers tools o Hhaux fed Tig. A 1 a j n. it Hoe manufactured at Short notice.�?. Thei 1 Friend the Public who arc in want of any of j lie boy a Artie 1., Ai c rp fully requested to give their Cal. Mavy is�7,. Smith s Boot is. Sloe store fresh Supply of Stock very cheap the 3ubi Rief announces _. To a numerous Chi it unmet that a up Dir. Tint he a g jul i received at i Boot hoi Mori. Ult al Dor Hub r ii Miner journal a tre a Supply of Lioe of Vry variety for Lidies misses Geni Leuieu. To ii Lydien. Miners ice. Sit., All of which ate Onde up of the be to . In a no it durable manner will he sold at rates to Sun the times always on hand a Supply of trunks Valise satchels. See which Aill be sold very cheap. Call satisfy yourselves. Boots shoes made to order of the Best materials also repaired at Short notice. Poit Vale. . William Smith Klin i Guilli Bright a Pott. Town ii ally Ron store. Double single barrel shot guns a Der flasks. Shot belts. Dih us s can later powder percussion Caps. Revolving pistols a. Single an d double pistols. The above Are n Fine Assort nent of English German manufacture table. Pocket cutlery scissors ra7.�?~�ns a of the most celebrated makes. Rol�?Tciiemp, packing Cordage anvils Bellows vices files a a blasting tubes for wet places in mine safety fuse Long Short he idled shovels made our own s Iles. A a building materials. of american. Ikon steel. ,. Hammered rolled Iron Sheet flue band Honpor. N ? tools. Barks ? saddlers s saddlery. Hardware so coach trimming with a a variety of Iron notions i aug. 23 4j 35 six Ovet a n . Teaplo Worls Croft a pottsvili., it est door Helov the a Lamertean haunt. R would Call the attention of Liverpool Iuka div Vorlik. Vanase a enc. E. In. Kimball amp. Co., 84 Wall Street new Yolk. I Dunkin Kimball amp co.,, i. Respectfully informs their ii ends is. The Public that Thev have commenced the to Side general shipping commission �?�sss3-bcsiness. Together with be general passenger business Ras is eerie Josfa me Tage from Condon Liverpool Dublin Belfast or any part of the old eau airy to to a a cd York suites Philadelphia on the most reasonable terms. A draft Bilu of or chantre from �1 to any amount on the Royal Bank of Ireland its Bane he. The Daf of sailing of the regular Fine of Liverpool kete. As fix d upon arc the , ill ,2ist, Irith of every Mouth. These ships arc All 0 the largest class Are commanded by men of re Acarter experience. The Cabin accommodations Are All that can be desired in Point of splendor Comfort convenience. Thev Are for Niit hed with every description of store of the heat kind. in the Days of sailing will be strictly adhered to. A Quot packet skip Rotelue Siddons. Sheridan amp Garrick arc Vea Aela of the largest data Andl those desirous to bring out Iligir friends cannot select finer or safer ships a Asago can be secured at the lowest rates. Vew Orleans line of packets sail weekly. Far Sage or freight apply As above. E w. Kimball amp co. T othe subscriber has been appointed agent for thu line in Schuylkill county. A / Henry w. Lewi3, Minem Villo. Deolg�?T4k-51-iy c Jos a a hcs Lihota it no Iuna a Agency arrangements for 1849.b. 3annan, Pottsville sole agent. Oldest Hhd the Oest passage cd Lisull 4/iirpcl in Orrice is the states. To new carpeting Oil cloths. Window shades the subscriber respect Billy begs see te., Ai the cheap by arc no. 4g Forth second leave to tender sincere thanks to 1 a Rcd first carpet store in inv Arch. Just received numerous Friend the Public by Lute arrivals it this port from be Best Facto fur the very Liberal support he has re to it in git Cpin try Viz uncut velvets Gro de Afi ques velvets hating silk with a fati Asin rement of bonded Bedstead factory j buckram crowns Crown linings Frame. Ifo 8��c. A a intr us Ltd i n7hkiti i la re. To of it a choicest assortment of Frens i american Flowers of any Honse in the Trade or Are to be found in these Sites. It a p. 8.�?if you done to Call see us look at our goods. It is your own fault not ours. J3upt. 15, 1849_ a 3s-3mo a 3uuincrj silk goods. A. C. Betti Fott Mem a Rosenthal k tvs. Ii sofa 2d St. Between Chesnut Juar Kel its., a East Side a Piilo Adelphia deg.3 leave to inform friends the Public that he has now 111 store a Complete assortment of every description of Milli paper paper paper i a no. 31 Bank Street. Between Market Chet nut old 2d and3dii. Philadelphia. The Stix Inbi is beg leave to Call the attention of country buyers to their no or tent of papers embracing the different varieties of printing hardware wiring envelop . Wrapping papers queue pasers Wii iro assorted colors Alio Bonnet Box inwards ice. A. V being engaged in the manufacture of p inting pipers. They solicit orders from printers for any Given size which will Short nut co at fair s. Sgt a Market prices either in rny a or Trade paid for Ravesi Duckett so Knight no. 21 Bank St. Sept. 8, 1819. ,37-1 v a pfc . Try merchants milliners to Aglet cd 8iockt f ribbon. Silks. Velvets i our i ers a anti feathers All of which will a sold Low on the roat Liberal terms.�?T. To it country orders punctual attention will be paid All goods destined of Mac country Are packed forwarded with the utmost care. A of. A. C Cetti no. Ii. South 2j 1 Between Chisnut Market St Philadelphia september 13iot _ 17. The Cleator of Branch tp., will bold their election As Uleie Totore at the Bouse now occupied by Philip Kehres. In the town of Llewellyn 18. The electors of East norwegian tp., win bold their election at Tbs poit Carbon House in Tbs town of por Carbon. 19. The township of norwegian will hereafter form a separate election District the electors thereof bold their election at the Public House of Oralake at Deer Park in said Ltd. 20. The electors of Blythe to. Trill bold their election at the House of Joseph Balist in the town of Maddt Purl. 51. The elector of Tremont tp., will hold their election al the House of Samuel hippie in the town of Tremont. 22. All tho electors of the southward in the Borough of pot 1stille, of norwegian St a Hall both their election at the Public a House of we. Muz in said Borough. 23. The North Ward in the Borough of Potts Lilc lying Street shall be called the Quot North East Ward the qualified electors thereof shall hold their elections att House of , in said Borough. 24 the North Ward in the Borough of Pottsville. Lying Westward of Centre Street shall be caused the Pijo Joe Vii. The broken seemed to love Ber her Youthful Cheek wore for a while the transient loom of Joy j her heart throbbed nub Hopes the could oat a Cligh new the ecstacy i. He won that heart in its simplicity a ail undisguised in its Young tenderness. And smiling Taw that he Only be. Had Power to wound it or to Blest. A / she gave to innocent affect Luo the warm feelings of her guileless breast j from the Stormson Lifshe sought proc Stoa in dear Lovo her Home of earthly rest a in this Sweet Trust her opening Days were Blest 60 cts. Per Yard 1,12�?� 1 90 a Cei Ved for upwards of Twenty years. And solicits a continuation of their Confidence. The Jle Patch with which ins passenger brought out the promptness with which very numerous drafts have been Jwied at tho different Bank arc he Flat turn himself a sufficient guarantee to ,. The Public fur the faithful performance of any future to 75 cents per a tire Yard contract Enre imn with . A j also Spanish Canton Maui Sof All widths the Fulling Are the regular line of pack styles just imported fur Sale by its. Which a Ait punt Tualin 011 their appointed Day by a Richard Roberts which passengers will by brought out without delay or it no 40 n. Seron St first Carpel store Helenw Arch disappointment Viz a 8eit i s19. Quot a is a 11�?T�?T Mes Cait is. Days of Salli Ico Bov if. To i a a la Ley a Superior calcined lla Gneda a Parra Oen re. I j George Bley or. Druggist chemist. Cor. Of nerd a Poplar . A a s calcined magnesia is respectfully submitted to medical . In the that it will be found to puss pm All the properties of a strictly official article which it claim to be tand there fore Confidence heference8.a Miti Geo. Clov a it or a i have used the Sample of Mautu Sia Yon so. Kindly sent we web much Satish Setio n. I Cor Sider it fully equal to that prepared by Ilenin of 3anche�tcr husband of this City. Very respectfully it Jon Wiltbank. M/d., prof vast a of obstetrics diseases of Tomeh children in the 1�?Tennsylvania medical College of , / 1 no. I9f Arch air it get Jan. 39,1619.a. And joyously a by hailed her coming years t Ward the there j. A there would kind hand to dry her tears. He left h in Andin tru Blu sho Wuko a front her Young dream of Blits but murmur not Over her silent sufferings nor spoke to any one upon her cruel lot. A 5 you would have deemed that he bad Boen forgot or thought her bosom callous to the stroke but in her Cheek there was on hectic spot twas Little but it tul i her heart was Good suitable for the fall Busl in North West warn Ana me quantum sectors Mere a a hints half Voln a of Diteresi lie particularly invite so attention of Conn of shill bold their election Allie Bouse now occupied or Well she knew that even indu a by Samuel a Mills. L a a a a 25. Theeler Torg of Cass tp., will hold their election at the House now occupied by Abraham Hoch is said township. It i 26. The electors of butter township will hold their election at tic a que now occupied by Isaac A jails in said Toweh toj a a _ 27. The electors of Fralley tp., will hold their election Atli Ehulse lately occupied by Charles Burrows in the town of door Teton m said to. 2s. The electors of North Man Ctm to. Will hold j their election at tho Public House known As the a Llali i Way Houie a now occupied by Susannah Moj or in i said township. 1 j 29. Thu township of South Here after form a separate of Jenion District the qualified det Operand More deep the painful flush daily became yet All distress s eco cd Over. Tyler i proof. Hall hurts iter my Hitler a Titial a it a 3atb a when the life blood Jive a , Patrick Lenry Delano Jany. 6 May 0 sept. 6 Waterloo , 11 al a m Sii Olidan. Cornish 26 a a 26 a a 26 Tenry Clay a Nyek by. 6 Jure 0 ctr. 6 now ship 1 a 11 a i i Garrick Hunt Quot 26 a a 262rt new world lii vat March 6 july 6 not. 6 John , a it a ii a ii Rossius Moore Quot 26 a a 26 m 20 aii Horton Howland april 6 aug. 6 Deer. 6 West Point Whallen 11 a h a 16 Siddon. Cobb 26 a 26, a 3 ships Quot varies. Cae is. Oaks from . Patrick Henry Delitno Ecby 21 june 21 oct 21 Waterloo k , 26 a 26 a 26 Sheridan Cornish mar. 11 any 11 nov.16 Henry Clay Nye 21 a 21 a a 21 new ship Quot 26 a a 26 26 Garrick. Hunt april it aug. 11 new world Knight 21 aio John u skid ii line. A a 26 "26 a 21 Roscius Moure May 11 sept. 11 Jan. 11 As Vurion Howland a a 21 a 21 a 21 wot Point a a 26 a 26 a 26 Sij Jorier Cobb a Juno in oct it feb.11 ingrain carpeting from 25 Imperial 3 ply 1.0u Royal willed be Titian 75 London damask 62 striped. 124 chit is fur floors from i to 6 Yards wide from 374 a a. Of Ottic Nev sir the Sample of a a a. A magnesia you were so kind to a end a. 1 have used find it an excellent article. It possesses All the character of Henry s Magnet Eia could folic daily be distinguished from it. Truly your Friend ult try 8. Fat Tarsus m. D.,. Ppm visor of Materia median to lib re pc Utica m the Tenn Sylvania medical Collige of Philadelphia. No. 92 Arch Street feb. 25,1349. 35-3iuo carpet Oil cloth at Eldridge s cheap warehouse i Philadelphia. Persons who wish to get Good bargains in carpets or Oil cloths either wholesale or retail will jul Well to Call on the subscribers expense in present Lucas Len Are very Light lie is enabled determined to Sajdl at the lowest prices in the City. He utters fur this season an excellent assortment of j Hal Emilid Imperial three ply by a Uii Lui Superior ingrain Fine arid medium do entry Stair Ltd All kinds. And ,. Cotton tag a j u licloth8, from 2 feet to 24 feet a ride for rooms. Lists Etc. With u great variety of Low priced lug Jiin carpet from 2u to 50 cents state Enj try carpets from 10 to 50 cents per Yard �?Tala6, matting. Rugs Fluor cloth , a 11. I. Kldr1dge, no. 41 Strawberry at. One door above Chisnut near second Deiphis. Sept. 1. Is 19.35-.<inn Philadelphia March 27, a. Oconor Bley. A re dear have 1 i a it Carr arpet8. In addition to the Borer regular Hite a number of pie Tidis ships Surh As the Adirondack Marni Iun. Rap. 1 Pahau Nock Liberty sea St. La Airick Samuel Hicks j Columbia Niagara will continue to sail from Liv or Pond weekly preventing i the least of detention in Liverpool i for the Arconti Dation of persons wishing to remit. Money to their family or friends. I have arranged the of lock. Latches. Hinges. In Ait it. Oil Glass j Tayim its due my drafts on the follow my Banks an, English manufacture. Armagh a Clonmel Enniskillen. Omagh. A Ati Ilone a a Bam Lotf Belfast. Banbridge Ballymena a Torr al Kirg stove a Superior article for hotels. Vital air tight cooking stoves fur Wood or Coal a Superior article for families. Paior it a i let Nib r stoves with al.ir-ge is or Mont purposes All which will he m at Nijiu Ulah Low tates. Tin Assn Ltd int of tin Lind Ware is Verv Large embraces a Alt the n Ricl in families which he will warrant to be of a Superior it tall to. I Sheet Iron Ware manufactured j to order it the Short nil notice j roofing a rpolt1n.g. Aside is prepared to of Forte tin roofing Mir pout ii tif he invite those in Wigint of Surh work to give a Call a he pledges a Nim self i tin it cheaper better than it As ver. Been does in thl place heft re. It the Public Are invited meat exam lock und Tudge for themselves. Ff>ct7-41 to prices. All urd Erst Han Tully received Puatu ally attended to. A. repaired. _ d.c.2 19-tfl Henry Porter. Or carriages a the subscriber leave Call the attention Oft is friends tin Public to St a Ltd of carriages Light waggons now 011 hand a Tini Ehing which he Ivill dispose of Low. Oai1 Kirulis of repairing promptly attended to. Rei collect Corner of Union Railroad streets Back of the Amer tran House. June 5. 1847. 23-iv Wistar Tuscarora Tama tia a inc. A on after monday May 29th. The s Suli Arribere Wilbrun a coach Tinee. Timb9 a Day. By Iwucz Tuscarora arid Tamaqua. On the arrival of the cars at 1 Tuscarora. Tin Rar leave Pottsville at 74 11 o�?T-1 of irk a. M. And 4.p m. The each will Leava Tania qua Ai 7j am 11 n re Ock a. M. And of clock p. fare 50 cent. Tire is ran be had to Jones hotel . And of the conductor of the cars ij�?zn2�?T4i�13 tf.1 al i ep11e1i Jones i 0=v i 1 whole Sale Rel fail clock store of a. S3r Mart vet let. Above seat tii us a �1 if i i. Artiuh i in i in it nor to estimate the in of i i me Rommert Safiy vet by Rillma at . Can he in Hunt James Barker a iii f in Salon u����s�t1l Furnh i Friend an of whom he in i wholesale Rusit manufacturer i not a ill who Dull ,rr4te its Fletner with a a \ f to. Of South Fon to Street. �utir.it arid rfe-1 Fader for marking ill Progress of give noon Ahoff Che it. Wish sine pin lady. Wii i value i by Cun judge. A i Niehe merchant Dot a tiers will find at Alt 1 flu Exie univ a it re on hand changing in a a v time a Pood i sort ment of All articles in my Nepf unit to the improvement in t Isle style of line of i it on of made up in All t heir Varro St les 01 a a Tun Ami Worku iii it it. Mun of nig of div fashion Ami Fin i. lira a coniing a Kyu be. A Ahlstr it a my Prirca an such dial they will b a found to the full. Ii Lulu a my al us Click. French Fileie i of Hunt merr Unis who will favor me Willi a on to my a Tyler a Well a pl1 m. Wii re i All lot fore non h is iii elsewhere. 1� ,<xtf., Lente july 21.1�tu. 30-3n 1 an put the Loir a. 11 to to a the using. Re i n in be on i i a it Rath a we. M in nmn tits i of who a i he b w Vera n. I a it re in a cd. By tax or warranted. A clock trimming a a hand. A Call Ace me hindi g in get a. ? a i me Sbarber 233 Market it. Philada. Aug. 23, 1619 35-ly a a Elliott a it Atiim Akers , Ami Bumcrot it tim same b y ii Duj . 5tr� next doot to the miners Dank Centre Street Rotts . ices. 13ipoi�t a it to tub Coal Region. I he committee beg ea>f1o report that they Havett to nle.1 to Doro Miro de upon them relative to Theuvpnsuuiami insist upon standing out Fox tin in ii Glnn at nil Hazard. So mild they re the Nean time have Ioir to tie a in tic a try which will left litre a heir attention it cervix fitly a will be necessary la it up Pear Gente a respect Ilc by railing on messes. Lippi Ott pc Taylor per closing a suit of clothes from Liera very cheap Ami in i Ronalde. Which for Beauty pud style1 our a. Any thing Ever offered in . A visit to Tenor w Ell established House ill More than rep in them their tro Ahli Cavan Jermov i ool Ehin Drogheda Dundalk Enni Parson town Ennis worthy Skibbie Galway 8iigo, Kilkenny 8trahann, ,. Kitrush Tralee Limerick Wexford. Rollma Dungannon Londonderry Waterford Cork , Moughal. Coleraine Dublin Mallow a a j2nrla�d-�? messes. Spooner Aiwood so co., Bankers London und or. Is. Flytir., Liverpool City of Glasgow Bank All in brunches agencies. To passages can also be engaged Tofu Liverpool to Philadelphia Boston nod Baltimore by the regular packet ships on application being Jade personally or by Levi Erport paid addressed to ii. Ban Joseph Mcmurray. Corner of Pine South its. New York or off Geo. Mcmurray no. 117. Waterloo Road Liverpool. _ jan1t-h office of the Schuylkill 7 navigation company. I december i84s. A o i ice is he Trehy Given that the following rates of la Tullow Iube charge la a on Coal irn sported on the canal work inf the Schuylkill navigation company for the year 1649 a front r 1 Orwigsburg. Hinburg. Mohrsville Alton Urcyl 1 heading of a Unionville Laurel mount 3chuyk�i _ Carbon. Haven. To. Per Tun. Cts. Sefton. 15 55 35 40 45 55 55 Potts Man Landing. 55 Royers Pord 55 Phinix Vale. 61 Paulding dam 6rt Lumberville Valier forge port Kennedy Norristown Conshohocken Spring Mil m . Fill 65 65 70 70 a 75 12 22 32 37 43 52 53 52 52 57 57 63 63 65 67 72 Pori Clinton cts. Per ton. La 23 28 33 43 43 43 43 43 �?T48 43 49 53 5s 58 c3 1, Lellis juill�?~9, 4wholesale a manufacturer of Willow wooden Wake to. 11� of ohm i h St. Between Market Arch Sis. Under j Ridney inc no a Carpel Wardhouse. Two doors heir a Christ Church Pill amp Tell has on Liam is constantly receiving Large extensive assortment of Combs unities. Fancy j Good Funt cry too iii Vernii to a minion i looking Hasse of Gilt und mahogany Baines baskets i coaches chairs 4cc. A ,4�?. Brooms. A a Spialter s Wisp country brooms. Win i Dove blinds do it it a .matz.tuhs, Siuki a churns a Vaal to in Dju a fact Goodau Willow Novare of every description al Ufa which will be sold Low fur Cash or City acceptance. C 1 a Mer Chams would save themselves much tim Atid trouble by calling examining tuy stuck Buiu recur chasing. A n. Gla a a a Are insured against breakage to All Patso the Union charge. A August 25 1949. Is Dino in Suntic ii a Orvol i of dict bo�ok3, it a. Mi4 a is no a a True Abs Joe second. A Philadelphia. A a r. Tub Stibr riot res Persfull sol Irita Public talc tinn to Superior tasteful stuck of pocket books banker Sam a a. Bill Bonks dressing c4e. Card a macs port Muu aies purses pocket knives a pm other Fine cutlery Gold inns in Ltd pencils a Cujar Case.�, 1 ii Meir bark Gaiman i buds Dominus a pc. A. Lit Cor.-. Of the most Lashio enable modern Typ a of the finest Quality Ami excellent , embracing every desirable fancy a pattern which he will at All time be prepared to exhibit Ami Furni Fli wholesale or retail on the most pleasing terms. J a a it Purchi a erf who desire to Supply Thern Sclavi a with articles of the Host Quality will consult their interests by calling at this suld Ishmul. A ,. F. Ii. Smith pocket Book mnmifinclurer�52i Chestnut of Greet. August 25, a to a 35 Limo a tim toll m Philadelphia wit he a follow 1. A . . Haven. I Clinton. March april May. 65 of. 63cts 53 cts. June july August. 75 72 63. Ept. Oct. dec. 95 82 73 / the Coal shipped from port Carbon to thu above Points will lit charged one a Pur ton More thin Xay Dratos the change will be made per ton of 2240 lbs., an allowance of five per cent will be made on the weight a hipped to cover wastage. Dec-30-i.ly Frederick . Hakim in of Brothers amp co. Man ciiem18ts,� office to. 43.3 South front Street Philadelphia. Pure parlor Wiliie Lead incr Sial a i Copperas mefsr5�. al keep constantly on hand magnetism Clairvoyance to Tom thumb an extensive of watches eni ,. Fee., ike., ire., every style Price manufacture j Are to the excitement that Lippincott Glix Cio How found in this nit by Amone which it pfc to Flor s Neil Good have or named. Sucha fall rhe in it portico lately refer to the celebrated Gold i a in Biff a a have mgt rigged to sell at i almost a Ilver levers of m 1. Tobias or co. To. Johnson no inn no to Pruni Cipas iherr.iel�?T�?��?�. To no in Quot Bert at Robert Loike l Woi Robinson pc c of a me marm i tune. Tsi it it i a a Billie Coalo a raters in carrying out Ltd a t ure the have a splendid cd election. Also Gold tit air present Sii spen Loo to Crew a fun. A of a Taylor a extra ground no. I a red Lead a lit Harge Orange Mineral thug or of Lead id Dover Anchor let Pine. To which they would n vile an nil inn also a Large a a Ort ment of jewel re Silver Ware Einn rare on arly a every article pop Ray under those 1 a Jor i in great v n net you a Ira i i it rut enl Kan or article ofe Verv ile trip . Repairing of Lurk a watches jewel a pro nip by attended to. Mem la so k deem it Umie Cess iry in advertise. Mienl to Tai comerate Ihu in Toek Mote Peri rally a of. In r t o a v a b i 11 a tire 11 select d with tin Meh a i re a 11 1 .�?~i-.-�?~t�mi. And in a one of the Una extent ive to he found in the coir it their Long experience in the but Ines Amil fully warrant in min inviting the attend on of j p i rehab or. In the full Confidence a at 1 hey Are Emht re of Ellus est no is any Oiler a a Tahlik a not to re or a be. A where. A f dec 194751 a. Centre Macau Tungon streets Nnh-12 a a Pottsville 12 09 23 00 9 90 a n. Broom air a re.ltblug.us watch so a 1 jewelry store. A. Inn Whynn Gold Silver watches of every 1 it it a a can be had at from to fifteen per a Jjo a it. I a than store in new y Ork or. Jyi<5 pi.il-i.llj�tiii or re sans who wish to get a Good Irli. Perfect i v t Gula toj would do Well to rail al the i of Ujj ,. Subs Lier, compare the Quality Anda Nee of watch s with that of other a Terr. A Slop d take a the Fol Orang 11 tit Ling by to v. Prices a a old levers Fri Jewell a 13 Carat cases #28 09 a Ilver d it by do i old Lupine jewelled 19 Carat Case Odvar do do. Trover verge h Atric. From ��3 6a upwards. Pencil 0� 1-. F 0 a Gold pens with it Der Taser a id jul Fri. . For 75 merits. To. A inn dome a a air Imant Nfn Ltd a i Nina blk Prue fir the us ual store Price f 1 Glt it to Silver Hui Ugat or Keo in exr Hanae. Lewis it. Leto Small a no 111 North second ft., a Jeremt it i our Biow rare. Lular Delphi i. J Apil 11. 49.16-ly fun t this adv this Cmunt out. A of bring it along you Quill when he or Ltd in get in a t he tight f town. Of watches a Elvil or Cheu eur than Ever. It the a Philadelphia flair storr.,�?� a a. Oil Anta second Street a a. Earner Iff it Ilvo Elpas x Gold levers is Carat cases Fuji cd which so a my Mere no a it Liivik. I he mini fiber on h m i a re Splete Nesner tomcat a Belling pied to a i a a Eann. Suited for boys of three it ear of age. To Young gentlemen of iii in. No i it of Ori porch cog at this Esla Bli a a Nten Uhi e Liu privilege of it lining them if they of no suit. In. 7, a. Lvj A. Ii Oyt. No. If it 4 Idle Ernut is. A Tow Tetil. In Mlada it a. J. Plaj ibis s Flop. A beat a Jiri Row norwegian Street Pott Ivil e. To a. A \ la kind of Lead pipe Sheet . Bra a Cocks a Superior an Clr Bath thus Shower laths . Hydrant Len let double single acting pump. Sec. Kept on hand for pm lieu a link order a it an 1 durable al kind done in the Best manner. V iraqi i Tail Lible. Only 50 cents z Mik subscriber has Jit received Supply of it it Spyro igneous acid red liquor Iron liquor. I Mastic Black Imei Allic fire proof paint. Metal a fire proof paint. This extraordinary found to a strata of Rock of a Basin formation. When taken from the mine it resembles in appearance the finest indigo is about the consistence of cold tallow but on exposure to the atmosphere in a Short time turns to Stone or slate. Goolo i i who have seen Are of the impressing that that . When in a a quid slate has been eff used through a in tire Anu filled up this Basin formation in lint a \ i found upon 1�y or. Chilton of Neil York to consist of a a a Silica Alumina pro oxide of Iron Lime Lime magnesia garb Sulphur water. Loss 54 do 34 20 12 05 12 31 s 31 0 42 1 50 0 ii 5 fat 0 41 100 00 for use it is ground to powder to feed with Oil end applied with a Brush the same As paint to Wood Iron tin. Zinc canvass paper amp a. Dec., which in Short time turn to atone which i fire proof it i particularly adapted for roofs of build Tigs Steamboat Gar Dock Railroad Bridges fences fitc., a. A roof Coa de with this article is equal lot he beat of slate at a Insl saving of _ every variety of Iron Kovork exposed to weather will Gautry Burud Gilt pocket Good print a be Jire vented from rut or corrosion As it torpid a com Papor. W Bich he tan sell a fhe linux Watly Low rate plete Stone covering. School state Are inn Dextrom it t of 50 cent a a or Rupa s Low As 50 ctr to a sept. 1 in a a to. School . Eadi at a bannan�?T8 in who a ale retail books tones. By covering boat or paper. As it is susceptible of a a High polish it has been used to great advantage by a Carriage painters Cabinet make to. Harrison. Brothers so 22 17-tfl no 3 South front St a Leilada. R a a silo Rusinen take olice a it xxx p lick ill i brother a j01isl Kii Iden \ taxi no 0.�, it uni , yen haul re Fri of la strand Sis. It 1 Philadelphia Nave now a Good Supply aft Kcjr War 1 i Gnu Ltd set nil. 1 ranted pure White Lead those Cus tonies Wito i constant la a Lund of Bis own manufacture imported a cuke Pucie assortment of Iules. Shot gins. Pistols Joe. Uli Ihl . H. Clark venit1 an r 1.1 n i m a n u f a it u r A it a of Ike Golden Fuigle a. T 30 143 j. South second al. Below docket. A . A a a keeps always on hand a Wargn fashionable a wide nod narrow t win Dow blinds Manfrini tired in the. Butt Muhlner of the Best material at tie lowest Cash prices. Having refitted enlarged jiu he is prepared to Complete orders to any amount at tho shortest notice.�?T. Constantly on band an assortment of a i mahogany furniture a a of every variety manufactured expressly tor disown purchasers Nav therefore rely on a Good article. A r. A Cro Penin the evening. Orders from of Disunno packed carefully sent fret of porterage to any part of the City. A. . Plit lada. August 25, 1819. It la la fancy fur hulls Boas tippet.�. A David ii. , Eccl a a or to Eoltan Nilu Tiik m of every desc Riphin ofjfilk., having jut returned from Eunite with a select Stork of furs i now tii Nunfat Turing them inn very Superior style trimming them in t tie most elegant manner would Wavue the attention of merchants others. To stip prior extensive assortment. Which As As Welt As import.�, he is enabled to offer at at Cit Miesz As few houses in the �tatc3,can compete h. 8�old,. 80 Arch Mulberry a treet b doom below 3d St. Next to Louden pc cps family Medicine store. Aug. 18. 1919. 36mo &8t>re always closed on saturday. 1 a the highest Cash i ire paid for shipping furs. 3iuipi, Koas Victorias Pur Todd minus. M i. Coi Ihn fancy , most respectfully Call the Atten flab Botton of All persons in want of any panicle in i How i a 1 lbs a a fancy fur Busine that he has a inv ready a splendid attorn Mentz of the above Nizeul Ioina a article mad of Evory description of furs in the great variety of shapes that Are now fashionable which he offers to sell at very reasonable profit it a fur store Ivy. F3 Vorra second St. Two doors be lout arg is Philadelphia. I merchants purchasing to sell again would it to their nov snug to Call examine i Stock judge tor before purchasing elsewhere. A a oth full Market Price always Given for skin of every description. 1 the store i always closed on saturdays. M. Cohen. No. 52 n. 2d St., two doors below Arch Phi iad. Sept. 15. In a to. 39-3mosjs19. _ a fair trial to calcined magnesia you we of enough to fur Rich i. 1 find it one of the most agreeable Cert in prepare tints l Ever Ein played. 1 Hope >011 n ill he Well Reward Cattoi your Cave a cd Industry in its preparation. Yours truly. J4mts , m. Professor of Priori Pesaud practice of surgery in the Phila Deiphis College of no. I North eleventh Street. A. 1 r.nn�id$r,<ni.�y.� 0lctm n Max arsts equal to. Husband or hurry a san admirable article for. Fame torn tag Lions at the Public House now occupied by George j Cher. A a 30. The amp electors of the Borough of Tamaqua. Will hold Ihetu a lec Iio at the school House in said Borough. 31. The electors of tie Sorou Giro Schuylkill Haven. Will hold their election it the House now occupied by John Jones in said Borough. At which time places Are to be elected by the freemen of the county of Schuylkill. person Forcinal . Oae person to re present the senatorial distinct composed of the counties of Schuylkill Carbon pit a in the Senate of Penney you. Two person for Assembly. A one person for sheriff. One person fur county treasurer. One Perst for county commissioner. O3e person for auditor. A one person lor director of tho pour. A the general election o. Be opened Between the hour of 8 10 o clock in the Forenoon shall Contorno without interruption or adjournment uiitil7 o clock in the even Ujj. When tho polls shall the closed. ,1 a i Irr pursuance of a act of to general Assembly of the cumin in Elijh of , a an act relating to the elections of this common wealth a passed the31 Day of july . 18-9, notice is hereby that the inspectors judges chosen As aforesaid shall meet at the re it Active places appointed fur holding the election in the do tricks to which j then trembled into silence As by we. 1 at once too proud too Humble to deplore a she bowed i a head in quietness she knew Quot Quot her revive no narc yet site was Calm for she had he Awn in View. She loved she forgave in dying. She asked a Messing on i future years so the a meekly relying Upo that Tower Shaun face All tears a her simple turf the Spring flowered wears. And the Pate Primrose grows opon her Tomb. And when tho storm its simple blossoms tears it bows ilk beads an Emblem other doom Wjk curious 0torn. Croft Hafl la Vienna from out stands i ground Vith a h r country adorned Tvito no Pec the Jarrod re Fitle of their Dot fights no Battles which revive 1 Bel Wiar Salia to Ovici i build up a fliers Wilh their Runa to the Kings at to a Jim Iuso font of a a qu1 Anilla a in Nuuja. An air of silence envelops r washing i tons to acts in Vevly As if few Ling that the Liberty of the future Tajo Sta bands Adf a Raul of Compro it. This hero Ota n race Mao Agea Tod directs not he own Desty no a but those of country he does not allow himself to toy with what is not i Frj profound to Roi Lity what bal Lipty new b births Forth Tratar the Woods a be for washing mrs sword flashed t6�?~ the Light what Wilk Yorr morses 1 no t a world Washin few Hai Jhai the Styslo As e trophy of Pis a aft be 1 _ Bonaparte Rio trait to com too with it the grave Calm he noisily 00 an old try of action to fold country he think Only of building up Bis own a Fame take charge Only of own destiny Yno sem to know that by Mission Skoryi that tho torrent which Falls from such a Bough Aywill Oij july be is bloated to hasten to enjoy a in Ahu of Power like % quickly fleeing loftily be hornets gods he Long to reach id extremity of tho world in four a tops. He it a pm be on cry there hastily in ice bus it it name on the records of. Every nation a to rows Crown end soldiers he is in i monuments Bis Laws end i Over the world with one band he ovo Lurn skin a with the other crushes the giant revolution Blit in overcoming anarchy he stifles Liberty end finally uses own on Bis last Field of Battle. A a Eich u rewarded Accord Injo to jecs Evvah in ton raises e nation to Independence a Asgis Trato in the repose of Domestic life he f us Alee pm beneath own Roo amidst the regrets of fellow countrymen end the veneration 1 f nations. Bonaparte rubs a nation of it in depends Nee t fallen emperor to i cast Forth a Nib exile where the terror of nations still 1 it of upon is a sufi a gently imprisoned even under the guard of Ocean. He expires the news published at the 1 Fate of the Palace before which the conqueror cause Csc Many deaths to to proclaimed neither Arreslie n in us she married in january 184-, i won a Pamenter on Board the Washington hound to now Turk ther were i other amongst them a lady named a a. She was an English woman but had a rid an j american a merchant of new Turk. Though neither handsome nor accomplished she thais yet a very agreeable woman she had Good san so 1 a. 1.1. Lil or in use. And worthy or .? Confluence or the Medica . 11. J. Bbown m. Vol Latty Jan. 10, 1819, no 570 n. Third it. A. Go once 0i.ey, or �?8irt�?Ti have frequently pro a it led tho Masne a prepared by you am consider it fully equal to any now in use. Fount St., above . Jao. K . Have cod. in my practice in my family Bley i fall died 5iacii<sih. Feci warranted in say me Iruin my i Spern ure it in Superior Iio Tny other prep ant ion of magnesia i Hove Ever met with Quot be by the principal drug in to throughout the. A a Quot Ray agent for1 p a. It a., a it a a a a a cd a a a a Quot Umu a a us us a kudu sense Anu they raspe Cuveli belong before nine o Chick in the cd _. He it. _ a 1. 1 r of he in october. In Rich ?"011, ally ouch Turro a. of every year each of said inspectors shall a. Point one clerk vrho shall be a qualified voter of j such District. 1. _ j. A in Csc of the1 person who shall have received a the second highest number of votes Fui inspector a Hall not attest Iurii the Day of. Electron then the per j Sony Whit of chill have rec lived the a Conrid what the French Call in her.matine�, it was in Pinciu de with coarseness or Ward Csc. Her children accompanied her two Fine healthy buys Whoie Garbou al forded Atutis to Neil to All . As a matter of. Cour.$, Ira where by it a j0 the acc highest. A a Ai number of votes Lur judge at the next preceding a Hing in tit air Pawer i onto the irksome election Ali ail eel As inspector in place. And j nes a of their Suun tin. Mighty arc Teir efforts in Case the pc Sun who shall have received the High m a 1 a a it it a Joics for inspector Shail not St Enid the Peri he Cut a cd judge shall appoint an inspector it kill Lidio on All ides with All kit Ives Pond to lib a a a uil Hun but inv a. Jun visit it 81 110�, by Jehu 0. Ill oxen general agent furn b>s7placc 111 Rase the person elected judge in Oatsville a a a in a a a tic at go mens to Heisl Vry Saud shall not attend then tie inspector who recen de the do will John s. I. Martins drug stores july 21, isun �/3ii.o not he killed by hem us i though he be. The Flash the Btry Nerti of her Culiz san prime. Evhen they i Hattik they have. Huq f.,, of told Are Abdul to it dim in a he c Tup do it Grace a escapes i Wyrn to no in it tide nod laughs them to room. A on Board the Washington As on Hoard other vessel the paid Imerti s talked a great Deal und on highest number of votes shall appoint a judge in iii Pinch if aay vacancy shall continue in the t Board fur the the space of one hour alter cite tune j fixed by tho Law fur me opening of the election Type 1 qualified voice of of the township Ward or District for 1 which such officers shall have been elected present ,. 1. Who place of Csc Ixion shall elec one of their num. Quot a 1. One Day the Ceua a her to fill such vacancy. J Linn turning on median its Pinr miners f a a Rushall be the duty of said . A ked mrs a a Whit she thought of Husejn t in. To attend at the Placo of holding every general a new Turk a a a a 1 a special or township election during tho whole time by she replies. 0ul a mongol them serve Ifor Cairn a Patent Agency a a ? to. 5 Dock Street opposite the Etc Kanoc a pii1 la a a. Y a to jul look. Stvil Engineer mechanician. A j offers i Jjo a the transaction of All in Sim Davitt the office. Munkirs dra i of so neatly Talent obtained writ despatch flip thorough Jhew re Ca practical. Know led a of the mechanical Art induces Tiosav us d Cletion i kept open for the in Roofie of giving r a b a. .1 a a a or if that in Altare where he , a a Letlon fore for minion to he injector end cell a of whom it it a Quot a a a. Die fee. Or id or de 0n in reel too to the Rich Loran per san assessed 1�?o� Quot to. Pul la Elk Leer l�dr.fb-, a native s.e�?~7.7a�?Tl is a ,"�m?7. A a my Quot a a i jn1o� >leot.ehelee.,,, Ltd Baltimore tho , who end. Ratineri by the cur. Many inventor Are subjected Toa Quot a a delay lure of tune Metier he employing purr on to make their a Serif in Talonn Nind frequently have to sur Cne i Ribeir patents set . A Ainger la in at a did Tynce can a end their models a. Statement of their claim i or cd to we. Ul�?Tllucit.s. Patent a fairy no. 75 do re sties This Adelphi pa., the Emrict to secrecy Wilt lie observed until the Patent i a ,. A drawing .sper.iflraiinusfor factories Muir a Cand nil kind of Macl Ncry pair hard in. Comm Sajiun compete it men Furni Ith to put. The sane in opera. Tion in 1111 it a part of the untied status South America be West . Hon. Zadour Piatr Troi ident of he mechanics Institute. New York. Messes. 8ttlman.a.lcni& co., Novelty w6rks, new York. R a a Peter Mobil so co., columbian foundry new York. A a Golly Ellicott at Davies Philadelphia a. A Ada he to jul Uva Pitta Hurt pair. Trio maj a. , ral Timoc my. A Rubet a . M a a a i vote a goes i mucin Nati lilo. A a Walter Btl he Chicago Llinus. J. N. , Savannah a a. T a we i tit cos Mobile Ala. A r. T. To , we min j j a . Kerr Charleston 8ic. May 12. A 2fl-tf i a Sci ii flt Kin turning. Tiie Mthr Cri Ier in nut a respectfully inform the pub i lie that he Lias gift Annir acted an at the Corner of Oan Afono Chesnut the View it the Thuve a ii Ine a Etienn sively. Or. Win Boyden Well known Irr Thi pm ice to understand the a Liu Imp so per i a try. In Foreman of the shop none but i hands will Lee employed. Pattern Mill hearing of every Deserio ion on the must reasonable terms. A All order gratefully received punctually attended to a. T. M. Of Brien. Ices in relation to the assessment of voters As the said inspectors or judge or either of them shall from tune to time required. Quot thai i Perron Rhall be per mind to vote a any election As to Foresaid other than a White Freeman of tho age of Twenty one years or More who shall have resided a Tivitt the state at least one year in the election District where he offers to vote at least Days immediately preceding such election within two years paid a state or county tat which shall have been assessed al least Days before the election. But a citizen of the states who had previously been a qualified voter of this Nate removed therefrom returned who shall have resided in the election District paid taxes As Afore tid shall he entitled to a Vole after residing in this Ente six months provided that the White freemen Cuzen of the state who had Previn by been a qualified voter a this stau. And Lemo cd therefrom returned . Who shall have recited in tho election District paid taxes As aforesaid shall be entitled to vote alter residing to ibis since is months provided that the White Freeman citizen of the un. state Between to Hodges of Twenty Ltd Twenty two years having resided in this slate one year in the Elc Conui District Days aforesaid shall be entitled to vote although they shall not have Page a taxes. Quot no person shall be permitted to vote Whoie name a is mgt to contained to the list it a Axam by tho cd it Nisi ion Erss aforesaid unless first he produces a receipt for tiie payment within two years of a slate or comity tax assessed agree ably to the Constitution 516 satisfactory Chi a Dence either on own affirmation Ufano then he comm Ericco a pm org Eric of or b-&Quot-1 a a i which would have be Ltd appropriate1 enough if bestowed in a Sydenham but on n body else amused at Faer Watib jokingly Rera Ark Vej i a doubt can or. A a a a a a a a gee Fryou to become a widow. You would marry this or. P. A a a of whom you Peak so highly a i a i become a widow a sho exclaimed a what an idea Why my is Only thirty five year of age a Remir Kahlyn Hest by min Job never had a Day illness in is Lito \ a possibly nut i a but remarkably healthy men Are often Cut off especially in the states where tho climate being always in extremes is unfavourable to health with that the Conversa Iione a ended. The Washington was a Clipper in Twenty five Days after leaving tho port of Liverpool she entered that of new York. There tie passengers separated 0.110 went to Canada sume to the far West others a was one a them to new Orleans. I bad been in that City Acme seven or eight week a when one Day a i a Reading tho now vote Herald in the Coffeo room of the hotel the following announcement met my Eye Quot died yesterday of of the fixate 1� fila 35ib year or. Robert a a m reliant of thj3 City. Lie Reading sept 8 1s49. A 37-cl her. Huhe a paid it Nch a or or on fat lure to i 1 m loft Nevi Iota a my children to Deplorhl. Lot., produce a receipt shall Mike Oah to the payment vhf a a a a a Mic pc it a Thi be pro b thereof or second of he Glatma a right to ote by Beni f or a he Jay j a a new 00 being an elector Between the Ages of Twenty one a. And Twenty two. Y6ars he shall depose of oath o \ he it it Abington. Surely not school kltiok8 stationary. A Mim a a in tiber in Vic the attention of nil in wan x of Sci a ill but Mph stationary to a. Vor unlit a Call. Having had can ii a a a Fhy dirt in setting up Var end kind Liitt lips Cluj use a of a i to such a Chin iut i inn. No feel in ii drawing looks. La con of Heri Tatini t in idol piece Bonks. Copy cyp Liering Bonk Gli Arter. Pap a see. See. Also a up Erin Quality of Ink by the gallon or in Buttle of various 5ize#. T. E. Chapman. I Toner no. 1 South 5th St. In lii . Sept 22 is ill. 30 3mo Fiir motion that Quot he a resided in the stale al a Toas j soon however i was compelled of Ali int div one year next before application make trently fur fun sgd nne Reading a second to my of such proof of rest Enco in the District As is re the Ubil Usry in tie Herald that Cher particular a Raj a this act. 1ted he docs Veril bohe.eh�?zoin-w3, up cube to mrs. . Hue the saving a in the midst of life we Are in death. Proclamation. File Craft. In a Ulfik an Art of tho general a eff ,111 a. 2al. A a Cic Tudi a a Job nun Sipio u .,id.-, me a Flora the account that 1let. Of the age. A ,1 a j,1 or cook.�, tor the a fur Csato a. And give such other evidence As is a equiv. A. ,. A. A it it j Yac j j we Cru to no t he name of the person the midst of life we Are i to to vote shall be inserted in the Alpha Bencal by the inspectors a Nhuc m Ulo opposite thereto by a Intaj the word a a tax a if be shall to admitted to a vote in account of age in a ther Case the reason of such vote shall be called out to the clerks who shall Mark it in the list of voters kept by them. A in All Casca where the name of the person claiming to vote is not found on the Ltd to furnished by the i a comm it Omner a assessor or right to Voic a fond the Rotin or net. Iol, to by any Hom ,h0 a a a Sketl. Fly of the of port Sylvanin. In tif Iod Quot an Art electrons within this c Jmst de the 2j a it of july a. A. a a it a main duty of sheriff of every in unto to give Jublle Natica of such election lobe hidden to Mako known in such notice Whit Ufal Cern tire Tom Picc ii a her fore Iju in Were n or High sheriff of of Schuylkill do Moke known Vihl adv tit Semont to the elector of a stat he he. Resided with a the Din rat of Day of october next at tho seven districts the col More than i s next preceding said As follows to wit i also himself swear that Bona a 1. The electors of the Borough , will Fixie residence in pursuance of lawful calling is mild Ihir in a fiction at the ourt ii Uko in to Romigh a with the. District that to did not remove in of . 439 vat Vida. Var la vorp. Toll jct Villod 15 a Grid , 1 k in i a Vic a 25 a Quot a Ilver I.Cpliicj�Nvp cd 1g a a a or <4u Art tor watches it to #40 Silv a a Pons equal to eoin.pcrsett.. 35 desert. 3 in Tam s5 proportion. Argoud we a rat Tod to he that they Are sold fur in Santiv on hand a Large assortment of Fine Gold jewelry Quot Silver Ware. _ Quot an in Artmen of m. J. Tobias at co., e Pimp a on Sutner a Hunt Hirv it co. John Ofarri Pun g. So u. Itefu y other Superior Patent Lover movement Quot a Lou win be cased it any style desired. Arrangement Fiauu tar Phi made with al h6 above named Uio ens to fur. Nil a lint untie any required style of watch tor be taken the name residence of the Perron ordering put on if requested a a o. Conrad importer of watches Phil. Octas-44�iyl no. 90 . To. A. Iarj Tyno dentist Offir i a Markov heir a Sheet a a have been sparingly supplied in of a on the a tide Hall now Henvit Fiete orders filled. In known rub?taiicfp.>�#e8-c> hush an beautifying a desirable in a paint to a equal extent with unadulterated to Vii Elcead hence an in r \ Awa i admixture materials Only Tara its value. A a Roxana it he it were been ate Ody aim of the fur . To Supply to the Public a perfectly Pur White Lead the unr�3?ii g demand for the article i proof lat it i mat with favor. It i de Onon Elmul Wetherill amp Alq theurin fit an. On the other warranted pare All in Rod sex Terji. A Rich Ufa to w gibe # offic first Dorr ahoy a nit Pennsylvania a Hrutkai College ninth Street. Below Locust. . R1 of pc Salon of 1849-�� will lot Cufie in the new i Colley building Zucati Dij Abug on monday october 15 i. A. by we. Darrach. My. Obstetric. John Wiltbank m. Wutch be. W of the Best represented to which tie invite the attention of Pur Chi Era. A a he in flu prepared to in Only powder flasks shot il�5�, Cir much pm of Superior powder gun Cotton per run a ion Cape shot Bullet Moulds Bali in it Blank cartridges All materials tor gun . Sports my. Seen term As Low As any other establishment in the state a. A 4nto#tiniony of skill As a Franklin Prtrt Louie awarded to imn two in tho a car Lutio a a in 1912, four Silver met Ali in the years i9-�1�?1816�?1847 184sall of which May he eee Ai Lisp Toteff Bulnes. Ltd a / of it revolving pistols cog Sta Lynn liar us. A a a muck of Guys vat race Ikid also of Fri inc tactic. A a a. To aq2-25, 1849. 3s-3m3-. Hungry David Gilbert m. O03/t.wk .1rck,,tn�. Of a Lipini Virv Atlee m d a . A i a a of Forth a Ralit it of wholesale. A a a a t�1 a ii to rl�i90 03, or a1a on to och profit or Grazos a of kinds of brm.m., Brush Buckels. Cedar Vore. Siloro. Jor further info Misoo toll Willen and1 Baikos. Bhot und Ivall bijshc., a scrubs dusters Mil blacking Eastern made wooden Tareef Ewry a at the lowest Mark it press. A Cash paid for Broom com at the Raster. A re Gist or. Ali but . 92 Arch , a after onto Beital at the co Uge by Lodini a Henry 8. Patterson m. A. Ref Totra. 1 of set. 15, ip4?. A j 5� a ile moved. 8ickel amp Shaw Dej leave to inform their numerous ii towers the Public Genen Tlly that Fiey Hae removed their Lamia manufactory ,. ,. From no. 35 North fourth Street to a a or. 32 North 5�?Tecojid Street a few do Ore above Christ Church a . Yet Fere they Coli inuit to tuns crore exp a Retif Velv than Ever j slake to Gay fluid lamp Tough s Oil lamps neither of which Are manufactured by any other per in in the states. They also make keep fora ale. A the. New Choice Patter i of lard. Fluid 0/ lamp chandelier Gironde Boquet holders �fe., he lamer. Miniature Seslar lamps Chan defies of Alt the new various styles.,likewise la Jpn Wick Glass Frand globes of nil descriptions also distiller of buining fluid Pine ojl.itc., ice. H a Phil Adolphia get Cher i5.i s49 a 3s-3n?q who says 6as1 Jacob m. Long Wnm to via Ify Hll friends former Patro is that s fully prepared to furnish All kinds of Flad fixtures such As chandeliers Pendents. Brackets to. Pc. Of a Superior Quality finish All work done by my will to or ranted Ami must pass inspection of the superin of taint. Call a i Sture examine fax Soreff. Semi �j9. I 45-tf a. Boots build Slioch manufactured Ibsh b. U1wbeb, 7. 1. �133 North third . -a�.way3 on band mensa double so get sole boots Simes sewed end Peg for Cuautla Loyl coarse boots motirop.,. Wisok Raff boots towed pegged inv so bootsra4 a a a a Quot All kind Eastern work of ail Kirin. On shoes Buffalo Robest a �>1 Wui Oil beders Chaap fire a a or by Broosd paper. A fort 4,149. I 2. That electors of All that part of West Brunswick township lying Tsuiji East of the following line commencing a Tom Sand Imthun the bark a nutty line thence by a straight Tine to the Bonne b Media including the same thence to a he farm of William May a excluding the same thence to the farm of Gen. Mengel. Now occupied by i Eter Miller including the same thence to the House of Jacob Petre including the Nice thence by a Itri ight Jinn passing near Abraham Foust san the my Helm township line a Hill hereafter form a a Paris to election District i. N. J. A l it i the qualified voter residing therein shall hold their c yith in the execution of duty or shall months Page so ii on i was still living in new Orleans when an event Ciure it i me in leave it sooner than i Hal intended that event was my illness in july,484-, it flow of a or always pro Valint in that month so than us ual al a More Tola. In former years the proportion of deaths to the was of Uno i to five in this As one i to four i was one of Boio a Quot ply it struck ii qualified citizen it Hall be the duty of the in spec j in me. Lora fortnight the tors to examine such person on oath of to qua a in my veins death seems i inevitable Yel i re a Hficitions. if he claims to have resided7wtthin j covered. How 13y As i verily believe drink that state for one year or More shall be suf it ing common Stod Oil a bottle thereof Lav on a i Cint proof Hereof bul be make proof by k j a de Bouril in my room. ,dirio�?z3 i veiled a a Elj least one competent witness who shall to a no lift. 3a a.1. T. Drank off the Cotenia from that moment the Tover began to Abate but although i bad trl ump bed Over the enemy i bad suffered in the Coti fact my hollow Cheeks Auen Yazied limbs testified lots severely. My doctor said was cursor attire nod advised my immediate return to England. I acted upon advice. Air Hilj me once More in n. Turk that Greal graphic Gyc Tacij. A co of bxv49t. Napoleon Andavis Hington. From Mam air of chateaubriand by to a Salfu it Washington docs not like Bonapa re belong to tho Susji Mardof Bomson Meo serement a Dihins amazinjr1 is attached Thi person he is not placed on a i theatre of a lion i out engaged in Terr Jolo combat with the generals tha Arch of Lime dues not Frasle Ull Speed Frota a Idiz to Moscow he nut of citizens in a Sitiar Defabrity within b Estic hearths. He the Triumph of an cum no thrones to to dues not by most powerful Moo. Tynia Hes the p3iscrt>y. Wal had the ito Rel Washington a Republic still exists 0 Empire has fallen to the ground. W Bonaparte were both nursed in the Mccrary Bath born of Liberty the one Ful to her the other betrayed her a Washington was the represent Auve of idea intelligence opinions of i seconded instead of opposing the to remt the Public to Neq he willed what to w9js Hilo will he thing to which he was Cali the coherence perpetuity of woman not striking Bucauto in Bis just Pioppi mingled existence with that of he co Fame is the Patrimony of Cintli Zaldin Nown stands like one of those Public Jane cos 9 it a Artel times Honts of duty Ienco this to psf try i Kis re lories whence flows a fertilizing inexhaustible sir ism Buna Atic had equally in Power to tho common Domain to had As male Isu hands the Mast intelligent the bravest ant most Brilliant nation . What would not now be rank in the estimation Revere men bad to added magnanimity to the qualities he a Porte in one he had named Liberty the us Legatee of fume a but Thi giant did not link Deal line the Seine he Gem i be to a Mudi in see i ambition to in Ancien to saw not that the Miracle of life oui the value of a Din Ltd. And that Thi gothic would ill suit Bis head. Sometimes cup tidied Elf on the future at others be on the whether going against o the Stream of the age Drew Wajih or re the Waves by a highly i it a Rengh. Men w Bis ryes but a it. A teams to Power no syr be a happiness am to had pc to deliver them he of Enerud them he it Himik u from them lha y became estrange the King of Egypt built their funeral Enid it not am gtd to it Dnn Fields but amidst pain of Sand a these vast turns tie like in sgt a let Ute Sun pile followed their e in erecting the Monument of renown. I a Fla it ocl Liln Mou ruling sic. .57�, 5�?~a South second Street near Chen Moranino re by a my a of Alt so Ock Sclee at All of tha. A a. Oge of a tinny Diode Vintin in Price every Artl be sold a by As Cap be pure biased else Liere a trip Secquer ins mourning attire rat. Lie Fatis factory suite with out lit to Millie. Fatigue loss of time of pro eed inf irom nature to store by a a iting al once this eat Ibl Iab ment. A. Cd pin it bpm Lazy nes a alpacas Plain a As Lunert a n n exclusive attention to inc Good am we built i Viro the attune it buyer visiting i tie r ity. To in exp Nunu not lies a the it mint can. A taken in importing Tion of their Good keep ii a Large Asa Bruneo Send a it ii offering tor Axle Only Wilnita Pood prop Shade of Black no deception As to n Igoa of de. Faith vants Orich in Nee of. Heroin Bona Versal Ith longed one shone of req e pre i Back r with wised in in path Misad stated 1 from Pyra. Blk role Zrnity amnio mourn Itig Shintze a ? Long sha1. Black Tibet to sack flannels i / Cashmere French Merino. Wide Black 9ilks, s Mousci Urs mourning do a Unpi Triana. A opening daily new Black dial Moarnin tial from inv priced la of the most costly. Fat Whoie Shle Cash Diuver will Nad to to Ihei Tage to All. nil of Cut 23. Is 19. 39-6tl Patent King in her mourning veil Coriam it secy bilk Hosit ii Jotis gloves a c tic great China store. No. Aio Chesnut Street v Philadelphia. A a to Pisan amp full to the citizens of Pottsville 1 Vicinity tor their kind attention to our to to . And their increased rut up of again request their company to View our it splendid of i China Olas Queens War dinner set a Teaset toilet sets Julat Quot Dihci,. Tit Clit a c. Amp of Glass tummers Faith wines decanters. Cell cries. Preserve a. In any Quantity to suit Purcla a Erst a a Ives than lie Samo que Atiim can be obtained we crop Infanta Lesa bag wholesale prices. A splendid assortment Otann Ricon Engrish new \ Britannia Metal Ware of very Many Tyte at null Price.�, Sueb never Hefner offered for a ale to the City. 1 fancy a Liuna i i grit variety very cheat. Owe to re by to Viita Tion Loani Persis from poits Rifie or it neighbourhood to Cal an they will at Iez it be pleased to walk Are a Beautiful More Liok Over he finest Stec Donn tif considered one of tin Ilii of the cil a very respectfully. A a amp Mito Ell pm Friada. Feb 24, 40,. A or y a Mer would re Ond , be sold or else 11##ut, und our x in t 0 the 8.1 id District for the purpose of voting therein every person qualified As aforesaid who shall make Dud proof if required of residence payment of taxes As aforesaid shall be permitted to the township War or dial net to which be f City the Liverpool of the states Derith shall reside. J re Ong j0 be its Lindoo. The iou Nev from a if any person shall proven or attempt to prevent no n t a i t a r a. J w re us any Ofierr of an election under Liwa act from hold j Ivo 0�l�ans, Inland i aligning even to the ing such election or use or threaten any violence to a. The any such officer or Aba interrupt or improperly in general Etc tonns at the Public House of St Purl boy a in the to in Iff port Clinton to said . 3 thu electors of u St Brunswig not included in the above Bou Ularie will hold their general Clfiton As heretofore at the court House int be of unit Genf Orwigsburg. A a a a 4. Tha a Lector of East Brunswig township will hold their election it the Huuson of Josh a Boyer m tha town of Mckeansburg. Block up in a Ali ii it to Bluck the window it it a Avn to i to any window where the a me May by Holden Ort i or shall nip ugly disturb the peace at Ucb election by la a j Shad Uso or practice any intimidation. Threats Force a i or violence with design Point Lenci. Unduly overage. Any elector a or in prevent from but tag or m re Strain the free duty of Choice such person on Contic a j tio Viall he fined it Day sum nol exceeding five Huff 5. The a Lector of Pine Grove township Wijt hold do to dollars be it Prii Ned fur any time not less at the i of in of Philip or of Hajj. In the Han nor Muro than to Welt months. Aud if it �h1?l1bc, to till court where he a Rel of a i offence shall to had that the person so offend rag was no it arc8�jcni of the City Ward dirt act or toxin Chipi where the said offence was commuted nol anti rough of Pine Grov amelious a. A 1 it 6. Thu Etoch hrs of Wayne to will hold their Etc. Lion at the a mute of Leonard Hool a keeper in the two of Frood Cne Hurt. 7. Tiie elector of Porter tp., wifi hold their election at the House of Jacob Hub crying jr., in said to 8. Tho electors of lower a Tun tango to. Will hold their election at the House of a a a. U. said town sep. A a a 1 9. The electors of upper mabantomrotp., will bold their elections at the Hom d of John w. , in said to. Tho electors of the new township of Eldret will vote As herein Forat the House of Joho w. Henley in upper Mahan Annjo. 19. The elect As of Bau tp., including the House pc Upton by j. G. Woolison will hold the ejecting at tint to aft of Francia Den tor to said to. A ii. The electors tenntp., it la Liott election at tho House now occupied by Jacob Schwartz to said to. J 1 \ 1 ?. The electors of Union to will hold a by in ele.tjon at the House of Job Etc Purmer is i Ltd to. 13. The elector of Rush t., vib Hal of Weir election at tbe>4t�use Nowoc Apted by Vokt up innkeeper a Slid township. A h a14. The electors of the Borong Hof Minersville will hold their election at the Boate Norv occupied by Mich l Weaver in Siw Borough. J 15. The electors of . Will Haldri her election at the Honse of widow Bensinger to said to. 16. The electors of new Caauw tp., will hold their a Lee 0d.sttbepiib1tehmie9 of was Shifton re key tie in to town of new tie to therein Hen of Runvik Ciuti he shall be Genic acid to a Fine of not less Titan one Hundred dollars be imprisoned not loss than is months nor m ire years. A a. Quot if nov person or Perjons shall make any arct or Wager upon the Venott of any Electron within this offer to make any such by get or Wager either by verbal proc Amavion thereof or by any written or printed advertisement Thali Engoor invite any person or persons to Nike any a atom bet or Wager upon conviction the Poi he or they shall for fit three times the a Thornt 90 bet or o feed to Bebe a a the judges arc u make to Bey a Lurna for the county of Schuylkill at the court a Pec to on i Quot Bur of Friday the 10th May Owoc Toto a. T. 1849.�?� Given under Seal att Esb a a office Orwigg Liuro dated sep Toiner. A Thia. Of oar Lora one thousand eight Hundred forty nine of Yah a a a dependence of t&6 Dpi find Stainb of America. A a 4 god save the conman Wezum. A a John Werner sheriff. Orwin 1 Burg ffsp1.15,1819. S i. Its v a i a j. Stewart ite Puy i at so 333 North second St. 4 Doil nob1.e, a Mitt an i Fri Noble would a Uhll in or Neial. Why wifi to pure Call examine Stock it carib King shades 4tc. F \ q a. A \ 1 \ ii pc Titian carpeting frnm�?~6 Cia. To f7j por it ingrain a a is a #1,00 r a a Oliree try a a a �tl.20 a l.25\ a a butt Useto a a j45 a j.37j s. Tapestry a a a a 1.4� p floor of cloths a 37j a 1,25 i w from j to it wide wholesale re 3sept 22, 151s. 20-3too Vin Raip t m Strong a Tome to inv to it was kill Intro a i cd so a ii the Day. After. My , Bat f dec ipod a Gtna sending for a physician. Pc Ohe Cutini what m #. A a had said in Patio of or i sent he came i found info it the Paragon mrs. A a a had represented Biro a a physician of More than of Dairy abilities. And i very Good manners with al. After prescribing rec riving tho i toe of two Bulut to was about to leave the room when Law in s from me nailed to the Poi. They we Iber apr it doctor is mrs. A a til in new Turk a he Polo red a a Ign Iyo la oked first at Roe Thi at Bull so at length said a she in in i in Ray Pusc we Weru married month v. A a j i was thunderstruck a True word spoken in of tit there is in All places Uii interest of tho that govern another of foots Bat Ere gov., or paid nay a Moti i Here there is an interest of quid men that to lerp Only whal Hoy apr another of it i who Desiro of Are the a what they Havi no . By violent they Ca oat by it eff paean svy a sir Wii Lidl Tampu. Joltn c. comic found fluid extract c Saks Apa Rill Athis article is employed with Crest Suee Inland by a the most eminent in Litsi Ciakis of this Cit a a cure of the following i enc a her Fula or King s evil rheumatism c Odisea or syphilitic affections to fitter White Kwe Liutas or tic Dol cancer goitre or broach Iceie. Dweller cock Dis ase of tho lungs Tolt duct the dust Mcilvey Mercury Jan do Portri Ropley or enlarge it of the heart f�1 try mailing to tiie Region of die Liaa Tanksl the buns joints or i Gamin a a the various lii. ask of Tiu Shin such is re riles p i Ingle carbuncles. six liver. Complaints nervous affect Tom Skull swelling. Cd in a tut Ltd al i orders a from an impure Stato of the it Atli eur fluid of the body is limit All disc Fuji Rita size of the system i required fruit 5i lii Tilv. I Fry need on a by tie proprietors John u. , is. Co. Wholesale Dru. No. 1�oo North to it. Len tace top inters Ami Oboh dle do Avert in Ghenic a. Pate i joined icing a Peiffe theries. Role with tie Ciaio Nufi a a was Worth. If Hoss a i shall excite envy if u a by \ let be known i shill thereby Btung an Milf Init Runton. , faint a Luff nil window filers Tsoa a ctr und artu.of ini it on of j Jato Glass al Abouli. The Price of eng Itoh of Fri Nch Platea affy to a a rate pc. Rel of Runny 10.1si9. That extract of Hars Poji a in in Bytyci mans Sci or Van. Foi Tevi a . Loci Ler Quot to Rhon James Fau ers Rifie. I. A Rel Juary 10. Jsj9. 7- y Sicy 3tlnic new England. In y Llomo Over the so a8ty Harg in no beep Unstrung a a the Blue Juniata Mary Belthe Robin a by Elisa cow tie Shower of pearls. Athe Philadelphia Linns anew comic Sony souvenir de Philada in Jia a Talliant Pufka bar Gur if Quot a be or Beil polka it Valentin a Waltz a r a a a Virginia do. Fresco. Do. A i Patrny you Navy grand March to Mutis nol on hand obtained to or Teyf be As j retell coh Xaiz ii al sept 251813. 38 a Pes As. G mate adv amp a a s above ads cd. Ii 5 h for i Uii to neoame ulcers it Treux spine of pier i. Hy->1 in Alioth Macb is. A Lap Tetter a a ppr drop disc a of Obero a to. Peg Ilaoa. Diriart i org thai Quot a i. Dye a a period one fifth size to
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