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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1849, Page 3

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - November 3, 1849, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaThe miners journal an i Pottsville general advertiser tim ift f the mine us dollars per annul v7 a in Advance to those who reside a a Advance to those who 4 Chun tvs and a Fannaly in Advance to those n into a i of tire Bounty the publisher a scr rms Elf tic right to Chairet 50 per annul. Roca to when put is delayed longer than one year. T to . Raree snpies to one address. Quot i i a i a it i it it. <15 00 1 0 do 10 on do do a 30 of Ollary in Advance will pay for three Yea re sub Ilion to the Jun a hates of advertising Inte Square of a lines 3 Yleras $1 00 j a very subsequent insertion in 4 a i a lines 1 Lime. A 25 of a Iselt sent insertions each Irrie Square 3 months Nutlis up a n fio -1 i ril Thi 3 00 5 00 8 00 3 00 Ltd it Vear. He Iines cards of five lines per Annam curl wants and others advertising by1 the year of inserting Dif in a . Weekly 12 00 i it larger advertisements As per agreement. 1 b. Palmer at air real estate and agencies 4 j Corner of third a Chisnut St reels Phil Delphia , Nassau Street new York to no. 16, state ,, and Ltd i Houth East Corner of Baltimore amp Calvert streets Filitti Marc our agent for receiving subscriptions and for the miners journal. The circuit. Action of the miners journal is greater leu any other in Whir Publ Mcd in Northern Pennsylva. Is nod a nearly double the circulation of any other published la Schuylkill county. It ado circulates largely Ilion capitalists manufacturers Iron and Coal dealers the Atlantic and Eastern plates. Potts Ville. A saturday november 3, 1849. Canada its resources. A a the annexation Oltz Anada to the american Union does not appear to be As unanimous a move i Canada As waa first thought. Quot besides this fact we have yet to learn what the effect of the movement of Ibe people of Canada will have in England whether she will to toe course pursued by the canadians and allow them to be annexed to the Union without a murmur. In the meanwhile it is the duty of All americans and especially the duty of the american press to keep quiet not to irritate the opposition in Canada by unnecessary exultation or to Rouse no the sleeping Pride of the British nation or to exhibit any of the rapacious cupidity of annexing additional territory which characterizes a part of the Community but to receive them when they come peaceably and to wait until they do. The following statistics will be interesting. It ,. The entire population of these provinces num Fyer according to the latest authorities a Little More than 2,000,000, distributed As follows tie Coal Trade for is 19 provinces and Ila Jtb. 750.000 cities. Montreal 50.000 790.000 Quebec <0.000 i. Johns 15,000 240.000 Halifax 20.000 30,1100 Toronto can. 20.000 30.000 King n j\vc�tl5.ono 100.000 a St. Jonns 12.000 2,120,000 the Commerce of the Canadas and its. Pro Pressie increase is somewhat shown by the following arrivals from the Ocean in Ibe River is. Canada West Canada East new Brunswick a Nova of Niia Prince Edwards is., Cape Breton a Newfoundland. Imit Carbon subscriber.5?.owing�?T to the of Mir Carrier in port Carbon to an a impelled intend the journal by mail unt a i be shall have recovered. Or other arrangements made. Should to of or subscribers to receive their papers by tiny arrangement. They will plea get in Orui us and the matter shall at once he remedied. Is map s cuem1cal technology. A tul is a inter Ting and in trip live work of two volume upon a a Fri Nutry As applied to the arts and Matulac our -. Puli in a by Lea a Blanc hid. Philadelphia. It Trca a largely Upo Ralhp of gins a of various k ti.l�. . Alvih and vitriol Elny Ware pottery. A-1 -ac., and is . With Over two 1.ii.�red engravings. Hie work l one of the most to n i t who re the inc Chauvie or Ninn if Sci Tuico could he a a a id As in it is contained a fund of information no 1 doubly repay any one die no count the Hook will mid the time of Jie Ruoi. To persons who Are jute a in the Coalhu-inr.�, a Caryll pen Sal of the a Ork would he of immense Benefit for instance we it a from the preface a in Many Coal Workings of the United state a amhara Rte a a Well is a Llic i incs Are largely Imir it a tinted with Milf Harrt of Iron and the observation i iii id at Page lei. Wal apply until full Force to their a up of waste. Tiie a Tenji iut tefts of being made Muiir Lesof profit is they Rig it he by certain cheap nod arrangements tor Semoni Zinc tho results of t. In decomposition for which instruction is Given to this % no Pitne. Ore now worse Ihnn useless for Sale at Lannan s. in. , s s. In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by William f. Johnson Oor Iason of Tiik said Commonwealth. A. R a proclamation. A Beneficent get a has blessed the people of this Ltd a manii wealth with health and abundance. The in do have it did Bountiful returns to the labors of the Husbandman. The enterprises of the citizens m All branches of Industry have been appropriately Reim Recti. Peace with All nations. Has been Vouhli a Iti d to the country. Civil and religious id erty unit her the institutions of free government have been it cd Bvrd Invidiato Natl the largest measure of earthly happiness has been graciously dispensed by an do Wise Ana merciful Providence. A a hese blessings demand our gratitude to him. In it Hoph Bandeara the issues of life and controls and directs the affairs of will is omnipotent to save or destroy and who mingles in the Justice of uis judgments the attrib pics of. S merry before whose Power nations arc exalted a or Call upon us As one people to unite in solemn to links Ivy in Humble Supi i Nikon. Praise to the int Chiy author of every Woodard perfect a gift for there hts undeserved hts weak and sinful creatures. A i Hoy require the porn Foutin r us Crennes of penitent her Iris. Sensible it Lihe unworthiness of humanity and of me enduring no or of a righteous god. A. A a Chevy no these solemn truths deeply impressed with die duty of devout ado Niton. And Humble prayer in compliance with a venerated custom and the a ii sues of the great Bod of the people i wit Liam a. John so in governor of the of Ivun St Ivan a do hereby appoint and designate. I iii us Day the 2�?~j h Day of november net As a of Naneral Thanik gov aug. Throughout and 1 hereby recommend Anil earnestly invite All the Good people of a his Commonwealth to a inc arc and prayerful Observance of the same. A Iven under qty baud and the Garcal Seal of the tale Ai Harrisburg this Twenty fifth Day of october. In t be year Ltd or lord one thousand eight Hundred and Lorav Nanc and of the Commonwealth the Sev Inu. Fourth. 1 by the governor. Townsend Haines veer rotary of the Commonwealth. Awrence. Year. . Fra rail lv�5 7 i 683 vt8 1630 964 1050 1.15 1297 13u7 1840 1439 15-22 1815 5762 1717 in the last yefii23,000 seamen were employed m these vessel a All the above Aro exclusive of Hose on the lakes Atid the Atlantic coast ports. Remi Kaulf. Cincinnati Gazette n an article contrasting the conduct of a do mocha in Adt Nin tra ion with that of the. Whig states he remarkable full that during the nin6 years he al when 183g and 1815-when the democrats governed Ohio the Sale was increased from Ifor i 604 to tho enormous sum of $20,018 514 1. A arid that the credit Una Ato very Low ebb. Prom March 191.j, to january 1849. Four your that whigs govt red the stats. During this tim the stats debt has been decreased $1,099,662 and the credit of the stole completely comment is Jin necessary. Hopi Smith e -q., of this Borough has been appointed by our government Coor ullo Portugal. Or s. Is Well qualified to discharge tho Utica of tho station and Bis appointment gives general eat firtion. The Quantity sent by rail Road this week. Is 21,535,�?� 10�?by canal 16,060 12�?for the week 37,590 10,. Tons showing a Youlios off since last week of 549, tons about 3000 of which is by Railroad. The tonnage on the canal would be considerably increased provided boots could be obtained they Are now end Liap Beni scarce for several week s past. Freight has advanced by canal to new York to $1 85 and to Philadelphia 85 cents per ton. An not of it Nai sent Over the Philadelphia and rental inc Railroad and Satiu Tikili Navi Matiun lor the week ending ton thursday cd Knitig last p. Carbon. 6,40 19 a Oit Shiue 2.1 i d 17 s. Haven 1l953 07 p Clinton. 2��31 07 Railroad. Week 299.9 7 00 114,125 ii 41g243 Hgt 112.7 12 12 canal. Week. Total. 7.9 7 11 2.38 13 4.534 03 Lico 05 193 thl 05 6-i.h-o 01 117.320 00 30/j70 ii 21,535 10 oi3t28 13 16,000 12 <fil333 c <04.032 of total by or a can i. 1,318,060 13 to Sucie period last your by Railroad do by can almost of toilers remaining the Post office at Pou svelte a on the 1st of november 1849.s.a ship letter Mel Mihlan e Arch Broft Tims Gannon mrs. Quot Albrrt Daniel Glendon Jas Ammerman Marin Gray Thos a miss u ii tiny Jas. Brain Lames him Rirl Maom Mccoll Mario briton win amp c Han Micheti. Barde we Haase Peter a a re a a Barton Albert Hopkins a Braun Friederich Hill Joseph Brennan Mich Lorl Lingris John Marlin Ifan led Albert blend Samuel i Feirich or e Bready Francis Lurl Yumin 1 Brennan Mich a Sineath Richard Boyle Patrick Hughes David Brenan Taos Harney my Heel Bittle Andrew him Paris Rob. Lurke we Hirleman Michl Orenberg j p ilium Snjohn. Ibid in to Haj 2 Oakwood or Boucher Andrew i Leash Gabriel Connei Jeffory Brady James 3 Beverii Thos Quot Odriscell Andrew Bensinger Ehi Jali Lori ring cars sons Obrien mrs ii o berms we Heek Ferdimand Ohara trios ship both Stock Henry Houser Stephen Ohara Patrick do Burns we a tiny Michael a p. Big tar Wash ton Lummel Geo part Njohn Burns much i. Isaar Jacob Teters Evan Blackman Jacob Hilgemeyer Klein Purcell Patrick Mcevoy Margare. Mcnulty a so shop bes a a Nard Mca Ellke noon John audrion Samuel Naughton Patrick Nenne Michaelr Nicholas Wro a nedl Timothy o Onell Michael ode nil Michael 1,177.829 if 316,272 09 decree or ibis year 115,041 i Lions. 1,463,102 01 Coal Trade. The following 1 the Quantity of Coal sent from the i High Region for the week ending oct. 27�?~181,9. Film Init mine rhyme run Beaver Merion. Tiphine Mountain co. Can Terry Oal co. Hazleton Coal co. Diamond Coal co. Buck Mountain co. Wilkes Bare co to same period last year. Wei k. Tot l. 6.909 if. 239.133 to 2,89u 02 h&Quot.795 17 2.845 06. 60.872 19 3,076 15 87,315 07 1.401 07 25 0��9 14 2.685m0. 76,456 05 376 16 8.782 15 2,714 12 a 70.931 12 930 08. 16,491 10 23,839 12 675,593 01 ci4.702 17 Delaware and Hudson Coal Trade. Sent for. The weekending. Oct.20, 1549. Week. Total 13,428 3cu.3ig to the same period last year 384,310 Kail roads. Transportation on the Kui route in shut a lib a Cotta y. The Foh owing is the Qun tuy of Coal transported Over the different railroads in Schuylkill county for the week ending thursday evening. mine ill land 8. H. R. R. Jille it. R. Re Creek. Do mount Carbonado. Schriv kill Valley do it. Carbon Advt. Carbon do Union a nal do 15, 75 96 536,205 i 3.967 04 14ll.he7 02 6.7n5 16 216,163 03 a 4.317 16 i ell.201 17�/ 9.407 1ft 272 916 �o7a 7,126 01 s jri.101 ii ee9 12 60,932 13 pexxsylv.11si.� legis tire session 1s50. J Senate. X 1 the following is a Complete list of the. New see ale new num a ers marked with a Star Loc focus in , whig in italics 1. Philadelphia City a Benjamin a a. Crabb. A a Phil Idelphia county a thou. S. Mas h Forsyth Pele Quot b Stivery. Montgomery a y. Jones Loco Foco to the Mathias Fernon 3j �.1 5�id. Rvtl4 of a height. To Piisila Delphiia a i p5cts. Per top. To new York 1 63 a rites or Oll a in Tavss Portalios of Railroad for balance of Serif to. From . To Richmond a l hib Idelphia rates1 of i1.l eve Ca 1 b0 1 70 for n from . To a 65 cts. 1 75 1 55 1 f.5 1 45 Ila Kcf. Of Lav a. . S2cls. 73cts. W this remain without change. Haven . Ltd Tremont passenger line. Sixty cents per Day. Be Are rapidly approaching the Buchanan and Lochoro s Landard of wages in this country. From $1 and $1 50 the wages have fallen to go Ementi and if any one can in atm us How our labourers can live comfortably and educate their children As american children should be educated we will yield our protective print sixty cents per Day for american labourers to receive for a hard Day a toil is beyond All Mcaron Ami Justice. But such Are the effects up demo cratic of a principles and we agr co with the Lancaster Union that the Only wonder is that person Are Able to pay even sixty cents a Day to labourers under the a a into of things produced by the Tariff of 1846. The present stagnation in the Iron inter ats of Pennsylvania ban been the consequence of that a an Tecl passed by men who defrauded the pop c of Tifis state into the belief that in voting for Polk and were ruling for the Tariff of 1842v a it is St Imald that upwards or seven million of dollars arc an a dually take from the wage of the Colliers miners fur Nawoj men and other Laborera dependent upon the Iron Trade by the pernicious operation of the Tari it of 1846 pig Iron which waa in de. It Fly in 1845 at $37 per ton. Is now sold at �20 fam at the same Rimo you cannot buy stoves ploughs and hardware any cheaper than you. A Fuld when Iron sold at �40. Railroad Iron which was Worth �67.50 per ton is Noty reduced Mcclow the Price of profitable manufacture and of a necessary Conre Quence a number of the works heretofore engaged in making it have suspended thas throwing out of employment 4�. Chester and Delaware ii. Jones Brooke. 5r Berk a a he a try a. Muhlenberg. Cd Bucks Benjamin malone1 a 7j. Lanca tar and Lebanon Joseph in Ninfi Maehr Daniel Stine k. A. , a a Irbon Schuylkill and Pike Chries frailty ,. 9. Conrad Shimer l a it Lofoco Gaina 10. Sult que Hanno Wayne and Wyoming Frincis b. Streeter.11. Bradford and Tioga Jonq. W. Guernsey. 12. Lycoming i inn Centre and Sullivan a we. F. Factor inc Foco cd in �3. Luzerne and columbian a. A St 14. Nort Burovi ipod and Dauphin a /?.�?T m. Frock. Il5. Cumberland and Perry a. C. Sterrett. �1g. Mifflin Juniata arid Union a a. J. Cun Ham. A _17. York Henry Fulton gain j8. Franklin and Adam a a in. Ii Sadler �?~19. Huntingdon Bedford and Blat re Alexander King. 20. Armstrong Cambria Indiana and Clear i fld Augustus 21. Westmorland and Somerset i. Hugos. 22. Fayette and Green Maxwell my Caslin. 23. Washington g. P. Lawrence. 24. Allegheny and Butler George Daric Wijt Iam h. Has steel # 25. Beaver and Mercer David Sancy. 26. Crawford and Brawley. 27. Erie John h. Walker 29. Warrenj Lefferson Clarion my Kean and Elk Timothy Wes. Total Loco cob if whig a. F��i7�on3�-mt a ch-1.yqe of hours. On Nril to after their Sony tie it or november the train will run As Folb it us Viz j a a Fostve it cd Uyl kill Haien at a to 7 a. For miners Vii 1. Leave Minorsville fat a scam it Alkul Haven at 7i o clock a. M., in to Melo no in it Vilh the Cara fur ulu lada. A afternoon train. A leave Schuylkill Ilia it fur miners of la and tre mom. to of tar the arrival of the Philadelphia train. Reid nine leaves tre taunt at 3 of clock and Minersville at 5 of Tlok p. . From miners Villi to Schavul Kojl Haven 25 its a or Lily kill hawn in to Gumiit j 50 a minor evilly to to Guiont. I 40 tin fats to Pinegrove Omni Tremont will connect with the a Quot fall baggage tithe cow Ncry a risk. A John Nice agent. Pottsville pet 23. 1518. 41 to Dent eld f Brosl Perry Bender win Bery Henry 3 Bany Patrick j Bra yell Mary Brodrick mrs Becker a Bradly Ellen. Beckman Mary l skip tetters. Boucher any Baker Nony Rich Price we stains John say b Hinry Mia Mary a Powell it Herer miss be Beni r Mim l Blouse miss e Ham mrs Mary Luz he Matilda Hammer Mary skip letters. Hopkins win ill key Martin Hughes Bray Jno Josephly Onnin John Barley Fred Erich Hanbery purr c Hannon much i Carter Robert Hendrick John. Mid it he Janies Hedley John win Horn Tina see Samuel Hen Polinc my Chi i cd Ttye John Liggins Mary Phelan Kymn Pauli Edward Pollock log. Penn to Ige no 3 Patterton we a Factor Christian Purde w d Patton Susan letters. Pass Edward Power Michael Phelan Kyran Pear win Polland John Pottmeier Anton Pullet Josephl a a quirk John 1 in tiie court of common pleas of Sebyl a Kilt county. Iaac Hei Miehm Howard j Jio licy r a ii Beil it Nice Xiloj Ikins John Oreily Patrick Fol Houns Thos Huntzinger Geo Rees Stephen cros Iuan. Zenns t a reavely we Carlyon James i Riegor Jolt Calapan a iii harder win Francis g race John Cut Mcaden Janies j. Repplier Geo s a cd urk Henry Jackson f. B 3co a a Johnson Wui it Renand we Jottie Imus or read John Johnson jus m read we Jone Lewis m Reilly Marcaret it Sidon John i Conrd Sarah Nye the ship letters. Cab e Peter care James a Comlin Hugh cattery Michael chapped James a roller j b Cheany chatter Carroll Marrius Caqaj John. Chapman Ralph Conner Mary Mir ship a tiers. Cullen in Airit k Carroll Anthony car Tull Dan Carr James Connor Patrick Carden d Davis we ii Dell err c m Dundas James we d117. M Mandre Ken Jas dirt Coll Dennis Knox tim Daniels Francis Kelly Tims Doughty we Kili Patrick we Dobson m Kemple Thos Dot Rich John a Keenan Lewi Devis 51 r Davis Robert t Joyee Bridget la Jenkins Thomas Raymond Jas policy Richards Fen re k a Skyline we kit Len Thady Kelly Jos Kean Jotin Hinkle Jos Kram Jacob Kane Rob kit Vii ti10� Ket Nan Mich l Knny Jos King cams Bodge is g a a Reilly Jolia 8 Smith Alexander so Venann. Thos Snyder Joseph l 3seltzer we k Spain Gnu a nth Shumaker John suit unions Jas f u summon Michael Sullivan James Jacob Kenny we Smith win Ketcham Ezekiel Kim Elijas Klmle or. Stanton Michel Smith David Sidler Frederick Smith Amon Karshner Susan Shmitt Mathias. A sear Michael Dettinger with Kern miss ony so Mil or a Denman j s. Skip letters. In iii Jas Duffy Patrick be Timph a John Shmyk Johannes Donnelly paid a Shoup Jacob de Wellig John 7 brei Nansun Christopher unt Meier augus Koester Jeremy a Davis Elijah ,. L sind Jacob deny John. Lee John Seifert mrs Downing John u leu is Lohn Smith Martha Darmody John Little avg a it Hgt a letters. Dormer Francis is Knitli tho Darmody Michel Lonergan Mary Davis George ship letters Sheehan Limo Why David j Fenry jul Smyth John dryer Hiram Thos Scott Martin Donohue Patrick Laby John Mew we Down James a Louig fricdcriek8almon Michel. Dougherty Urief t 51 de Hmata t a that no Marsoli John Donna ii Caroline Morgan j Decory Sosan a a a a Dorety m i Adinion Istratov Dorety Mary Deal Eliza Lieth ship letters. Donoughe John Dunne Maurice Dormer Patrick Martin Patrick masters George Moyer Jacob Mullen Thos Merkle Gideon min Rifle in if is Mullowney John Loco Foco majority. Extra Fau tily flour. J the subscriber in jut received a lot1 of Bonann amp. extra i aunt it Rigour a very Superior Arti Clef it a Fatu ity to a a at a fading Froin Thoi Iest White wheat which sett at manufacturers prices # t he also a it in Alt kinds of flour and feed at the manufacturer wh.i1ca�h Price he it Inge agent for viral extensive manufacturer. ,. F a it. U. Sci owner. Pottsville nov 3, 1519. A 45-if pcs Hlor s Zotich Why Given that the oxen prs and Xii Aims a tiled Tiff irrespective Ticino unit of Hie Folt ulving a ontes in urn Reci ter office of is inn inv Tell pc pm qty a Inch accounts have la Een alb it vied by Jno heirs item und will be pret seated to the of Hie orphan it court on monday the 3d div of i Cetoh Ltd i it at i of clock ini the Joi noon for al Vance and a Contr nation when an d Vav there nil inhere a cd Tuny attend if they think proper to wit. 1. The account of Reed administrator of the estate of Barb Ira Reed. Decl cd. As filed by John Mantic k. a it of George it cd. Deceased. 2. The account of George Reed one of the admin Una hrs of Jolin Reed late of the Borough of f a Vevig Sture deceased As died by. John Manheck of George Reed Decea cd. 3. The 4th account of Dan to f Berger Joseph Berger Ami William Borget. He Cutura of the Wilt and Testa evil of Ludwig Berger late of North Man being township . 4. The account of a Milter. Administrator of the estate of John Bamberger Hue of Porter town dip deceased. A 5. The account of Robert Woodside administrator if the Amati of Wijt amt. Epting. Late of Ibe Boro of la Otts Vjra. Deceased. Of a. Tio count of Benjamin Delong administrator of the estate of Christiana Mottz late of the Borough of to Schuylkill Haven deceased Registe 1 s office. I wigs it Dan l k a erg her Burg. Nov 3,1349. Y 45-51 Register. Dunstan a Ninny Moyer Samuel Dierst tii Chris to no offer Jacob Italy Patrick Mardis James Dulius Edward Murray a a dough Rrth path a medium e w 2 al Moniti Hannah Kean Daniel a Moore John Ernest drum Meyer John in dirty d 2 morn we a knt Frederick a Mil hafe in att Kvalo 4 Hughes Murray Patrick Eacil in lla Hurc Martn John Kph in Jan pc moby win Edward to strip Mackin John Moo nov Thos Mitchell John Moore joint Murphy Patrick Mudaro Clias Tsmith Bernard Sheriden t Ternes Edt Vord Thompson John thin a Stissia Tucker John Turney hymn Titomas Cornelia skip letters. A Thompson Richard Tiern Jas a Terno Rjohn Tromper Paul thamas Tobiya j Tiki Epson Jeffry Ulmer Christian or excl Jacob. A Varee or to Wright we r 2 Venn to Valentine Wolfinger Wei Hsii ii Thos Wyo Roop Geo g wanders Geo f operations thousands of hands. Effect of apathy. The result of the late rec la on in this state a was produced by the apathy of some of the a a hates they caused the defeat of their party. The whig vote for Fuller is 31.183 let a than the Vole for Middleswarth for the same office,ml848. This Orefici enuf added to Fuller a total vote would have elected him triumphantly. It in plainly to be seen that if the whigs had properly turned out the re a ult would have been different and More to our whig of Pennsylvania did not take into consideration to importance of the election of a canal Commisa Ioner which is unfortunately or Loo a often tho cases they feet unwilling to appreciate he precious right of thinking that one officer in the canal Board would to of Little Orail they Taur fit to stay Ai Home caring Little whether the state did Back to . A More suicidal policy could not be Pura Oedy and uni Era the whigs of Pennsylvania Manifest a greater desire on future occasions to keep of the party Organiza Tisne a thing which can Only be done by adhering to the party. And toting for it on All occasions they will find them rises in the minority in this state from which it will be difficult to a trick the tho party. Those whigs who remained at Homo to those Only a due the credit of the Victory Over which the Are now rejoicing if a Victory it can to Caltry. After tho cause of this defeat has been made Manifest the whig of the state should a Var allow the repetition of such a result. They have the Power to avoid it and let them use it a whig should do. A a full whig Voto is 0 whig Victory is a Truo saying and let to whig of the state in future election Bear Thi in mind and they will a ave the party from the mortification of defeat. Two he a did hogs were drow fied it of a. New York 00 the s3tb ult. J House of representatives. Ajamy a Daniel m Smyer i Allegheny Jonas r. My Clintock. William. Epcy. John Milter h. C. Walker j Armstrong a Quot in s. Rhey a tend Ford Chas. Stoc Kurji Jas. C. Powell i bad Ford a Ihry sem Sny Nul re it big a for very John auts Nti we. Smith. A Jerk so Dinieri Zerbey win. Obj liner Alex. A Feather John u. Evan. / Blair Chas. E. Kick end. J Mullet d. H. B. Brutzer a a m icks a. A. Williams jus. Home or Edward Nicholson. Crawford Benj. B David ans i Leonard. Centre and Clef Riv lds John b. Meek Vav m. J. Hemphill. A a a Chester David j. Bent John Acker. John a. Bower. A i Colombia Benjamin a Furtney. \ Cumberland Henry Chirch t. C. Scouler. A Cumbria a Williim a. A Stilli. 1 Delaware James j Lewis. Dip he ii j d Ralhf Rford Thos. Duncan f dried James c. Kril it furl hurl. M Franklin we. Baker a it in item Jiyu sex. Downer just pm e. Gifu it i or end Lewi Robert. Uniti a done augustas k. Cyr Uyn. Indian�?4vm. Evans a Alfornon Clarion and Venango John s. My Calmont John has inc Quot. Lebanon John w. Killinger. Lehigh and carbons Botieri Khz Samuel m Ira. Luzerne a. N. Conyngham Andrew by a Anont. A Andrew Wndy Laris Harford a Herf Baldwin Jacob a Vas a a. Scott Ewing. Lvon Ming Clinton and a Briers we. Brindle we. Dutin. M filing Alexander Gibboney. -. Mont convry a Dintel Evans we. T. Morrison we. Henry. Mercer John Hoge Morris Leech. Northumberland John a Packer. Northampton and Moniben Jame m. Porter Michael my Ere John d. Morris. Porys David Steward. J Phi a Ohphia City Thomas c. Steele. George ii. Hart Charles o Meill Jesse r. Burden Croag Biddle. 1 Philadelphia county Thov k. File pcs Fayette Pierson Joseph c. Motley washing on j. Jackson Richard St Spoti William a Sou Der. Henry Cridland. , we. I. Dobbin. Somerset Henry Little. A it Susquehann and Wyoming Sidney u Wells Etc kill Mowry. _ Tioga Jeror Niah Black. Washington a Jonathan d. Leet to of on. We to re Ndu Harrison a Laird John f. My Colench Joseph Guffey Warren and sly can a Wayne and Pika Thom or. Grier. / Union and Juniata Jef Slifer j. A laugh Lin a a a i York Edmund Trone Jacob s. Halje Mao al Cramler a. A Curdy. Splendid cd in books. Is the a Ltd a on of gift is approach Riig Tient Inry is inv of d to a in re it it assortment of Aplon hid a Ltd of jul a pith i limit hint hate for presents among which Are tile read is female ports of t elect it by a Vii not portrait print re on Beautiful White paper Ami hound in a Rich and unique a Type. To Uteri a proverbial Rittle Sophy smart inn to. Ete Canty printed on Puey a Whit paper nine try teil and Plin it idly of memory an illuminated. Annual for l�5d splendidly Ilu a rated with 12 Essra Xinau and by the hrs Artst and bound in the in out it per style. The know Flake a Holiday a it for 1850 ele cantle Pii Nied. Richly Enito Ilist d with,1. Mezz dint my i. By Sasiain tit tho Hiz Tiest style of the nil. Ufier de ten Ltd by the Niort european artist and bound 111 , Gilt it life. A a 1 Lliel Somas Illo som and new years wre ath for 1850 richly with 6 Fri Graviner by , splendidly bound in Nin tin. Cult and Eilt Edcel. A to cd ther with a Larse. Non River of other Benet a till pre Senri Lian Iio a Krand a Geh Cral a to in enl a it of juvenile Putillo nation. Inter Urive and Atou rms came for Clyl re re no it received and for , at. Pc Banna Upa. Book Aud variety store. Nov3,l�19. 45 f fer put Quot time Farrell dry ant Fox Alexander fran1 la Eier. Fox John Morgan Ezekiel a ii a John finnican 8 4t co Moran Eliza Heo. Farro be Moritz Mary yet lei amp a Cha Fenly Patt Maloy Mim Wolf Ifni Ricu Killrian Joni amp Miller Mary Ann wat be Joseph. Co ship a otters. Weak am Edward Folk hard John Morgan Morgana Wood mrs Mary Fisher Harriet Monell in Conj wide Margaret ship letters. Milner rent yveifcr8nssq finnic a Michel matter Geo Williams Mary Frnk to thou much Thos. Ann Fallan Marg eaten Peter skip letter. Ann 5ic he Tilliam Jor Eph g Mcnulty John Wol Youngpaul yet a Lian Mich Fajos Wagner Johan. Valentine Muralt or we a. Nicks gain tar Rio hard Man Autong match to vats Thoa -. Gnu Asher Ewward Njohn Good John s Mccort a a la ii ird Val a win Golin Marlin my Williams Hugh Wicks Thos Geier go made Tuot Matth we clan a tia ring Gibbs John Etc a y Gilsdorf Jacob Mcmammon de Yos Geo git Linni j w War Young Samuel or rite Edward Mcgovern tho it Lairy Jotin Meki Narey Job Geiber John b Mcdonnell or 2 Cem additional will in charged for Alt adv tired l.etetr�. La eff i for it Lori on this list will please say a. N. B. The Inland postage a in All foreign letter must be pre paid at this office. Fc1 Andrew Mortimer p. Nov 3, 1s19. 45-3t Thom a Biddle. An Jarae w. Pan land James it Bunker with notice to i guardian Eliza a bight. Bunker and the following named per Annm institution claiming under inv bin a Hill Hpe or dirt of cased whether As heirs or . James Woodward John far num and Warner Justice executors of the Juliu twin and testament of Churchill Houston det Ltd a Edt Susannah Louisa Houston Mary Hon tan Louisa a. Davis Mary Ann Gib a a by Mir or Vaow Clere c. Houston Vancleve Jno. Vancleve we. C. Houston Eliza Este Houston Mary Houston Geo. H. Brown Wro. C. Ii. Brown american sunday school Union the Rbt Ludo a. Orphans r Asylum the indigent widows and single woman a society the Pennsylvania Bible society the Philadelphia Home missionary society. The Union benevolent society the Pennsylvania anti slavery society the Pennsylvania institution for the deaf ind dumb the Foel saving society of the City and liberties of Philadel. Pula the american Bible society the Northern soup society of Philadelphia in the Northern liberties and the Southwark soup society with notice to All Aud every person. Corporation or. Institution Clausin Gunder the said Churchill Houston deceased whether As heirs or Devisees or in any any whatever. June term 1349.f�s. Breve de by virtue of an order of Sale made in the above stated action of partition to me directed will be exposed to Public Sale or Vendue on tuesday november 27th, i84d, at 10 of clock in the Forenoon at the Pennsylvania Hall in the Borough of Potts Vinje county aft resale the following described premises Viz al that certain Furnace. Forgo and tract of land situate in the Borough of Pottsville and norwegian township Schuylkill county Pennsylvania begin Ninga a Spruce tree marked for a Corner and standing on the East Side of the canal and also a it River Schuylkill thence running partly Down along the Schuylkill and ultimate cry crossing to North is degree West 46 perched to a up nit tree in he West Side it it of the River Schuy Kril at the Waters Edge thence by land late of Alex and John Young min Alfed cartoon Olill tract along the several crosses and Iliano Down there rid River a3out in perches to a pot thence by he Western and Northern Lino of the a Aid cartoon Hill tract to land formerly of Abni Haim and William Pott new or late of Aiters and Milfer Root Clience by Landfa it Rmer a or said Young s now or lat of Thomas Allamen to n Inge a Lite Oak tree Cor her by a Public Road now cat erf norwegian Street the epic alone the same South 21 degrees West 17 j perches South 40 degree West 63 perches South 5 Detree. West 41 perches to the Corner Jwia to of ilo Jer so lot and by the same and the last course continued 120feel More making in All 43 Perche and to inches to a poor thence Aero a norwegian St., by lot no 102, South 20 degrees cart 299 feet to a Post Nougie 54 degree West 09 Icet to n Post thence by lot no 101, South 30 degree till 139 feet South 54 of Grees Well 230 feet to a Wiist Clience by lot no 106, Nooth 09 degrees West 173 feet 3 inches to a Post on the out a de Alley Hue of the old town of Pottsville thence by land late of Benjamin Pott and land of the new yuck Coal company South 32 degree e it 3t�2 feet to a Post at no of Avigian Creek Tierce Down the 3tne to u Birch tree correr at tho Confluence of the norwegian Creek and River Schuylkill thence Smith Sori Egues West 12 a relies to a Post South 17 Negreen each 36 porches to a across the same North 70 degrees East 6 perches to a Post. Standing at so Leuyl kill thence up the a ame and along tie line of rub t. A and Lawrence Lewi Mortti 2 degree West 6 Perche to a a tone North 7q . East 8 pin Hes to a Ali it Corner Mand Itig on the canal thence up along the towing path of the paid canal nortb�?T22 Deicers East 52 perches to a ont North 19 decree. East 8 perches to a Post north�?T71 degrees eat 20 perches to n Prtt. North 39 decree. Ejot to 11 Perche to a Post north25 Degney a a it 3i perches to a Post North t degree eat 22 perches to a por norths degrees cast 18y.perches to the place of beginning containing 97 acres and 151 perches More or less. Including a part of the a a a id premises the piece of land called Hie Island of the foregoing boundaries these eleven lots of ground bounded by Washington to. Jefferson to. Ural or. Aud Centre ft., a lot of ground bounded by Coni is Schuylkill it. And two 20 feel wide alleys owned by the Schuj kill navigation company All that lot or piece bounded by Schuylkill Street the Basin and tho Eastern line of the lot now occupied by George Lauer the lots no 2 and 11 on a Ehui la a Street and the lots nos 3,7, 13 and 16 on norwegian Street atan 3 certain lots situate in the Nurm Inhof Pou Svich aforesaid on 1 he East Side of norwegian Street fronting on the same 12ofeet, and extending in length it it a depth Back 20 feet Ami Smrke a in Hie general plan of said town nos 100 and 101 a a1�n, a certain lot of ground ate in tie Borough of of Ottsville aforesaid bound cd and described As follows beginning at a Post thence along an Alley in the town of Pottsville parallel to tile lot marked m the p to of tie said town. No 41 Nihil 42, South 40 degrees East 122 feet to a Post thence by bind formerly of John i Ott North 30 degrees East 129 feet to a Post thence by land lort Nerly of the said John Tott North 30 degrees w Cost 123 feet to a port and Clience al orig land formerly of the said John poit South fat a degrees West Ico feet in the place of beginning subject to tile claim of the mount Carbon Railroad company fur so much of the said lot or piece of ground As the said company May or can lawfully claim for the use of the Ald Road. Afro nit that certain lot or piece of ground situate on the North Westerly Side of norwegian Street and the South Wardly Side of Coal Street in the Borough of Pottsville. Aforesaid beginning at the Northwest Wardly of the Comer of Ibe Aiu norwegian Street and Coal Street thence along the said Coal Street Tiona 36 degrees West 196 feet j Luches thence by ground of Jacob alter South co degree West 150 feet Clience North 20 degrees West 7 feet there South co degrees West 30 feet to a 49 feet wide Street. A widened by the said Jacob alter from a 20 feet wide Alley now called rail Toad Street thence along the said. Railroad Street. A och 30 degree East 225 feet 9 in Fie. To the northwesterly Corner Railroad Street and norwegian Street thence a gang said , North 54 Legree can irs feet to the place of beginning also All the interest which was Jacob alter in. And to the strip of ground lying in front of the above described lot of ground thrown out by the said Jacob Alberto old Rte the afo isaid 20 feel wide Alley to a 40 Fet wide Street nov called Railroad Street. Also All that piece or parcel of ground situate in the Borough of put Tsviri. beginning at a Post near the Side of the Norwell . Thence North 32 degrees West 210 feet to lbs Cas Wardly Side of the mount Carbon Railroad Kheirie Down along the Side of the s Ime Louth i7 degrees East 90 feel South 221 degrees East 175 feel to a put Lih Euce Froin said Road Teros Sab Creek North 44 degrees East ,5 feet to the beginning with the Mills a Liidi Iiga. Basin Kun Ilromi and appurtenance belonging and appertaining to All the above Are known As the Greenwood estate of the same four undivided fifth part of the store or for a a Coal and the right of mining for and removing lie same that May be found upon tie said premise and also excepting any lots that May have been sold heretofore and not above ipe Chaliy exec plod wit i the appurtenances. Sheriffs office or wigs Ujj. T. Werner sheriff. Lear tobacco. A grids. Maryville Sta Para . A wit wrappers 23 Hhd. Maryland wrappers 25cases Fine Connecticut seed wrapper 20 Case Fine filler cheap. Ciff irs. Manufacturers want find it to their advantage to Calla Tolfe Large cheap twin re of yvm.s., 5 59 North 2d St a Opp ite the Golden Lanb n for fall supplies will please Call. I have a forge lot of All kinds of chewing and smoking tobacco 590,000 Large common cigars 500.000 of Oaken to amp of Spanish cigars 500,000 Tine cigars of various brands together with Largo Quantity of pipes,&c., which i Wilt sell at the lowest Price. All Bills Over $20, per cent off for Cash. 27 1949. 44-Jmo toys toys a our Large and general assortment of toys dolls and fancy articles fancy and travelling baskets slates and Pencil marbles. Segar cases Ami , snuff boxes Narmir Milcas and a variety of other Art a Clos can Alwast be found wholesale and retail at the new toy Ray and fancy Horr. A Jun doll. No. 90 North 2d St., below Arch and race Philida. Oct 29, 1549. 43-3 a Daft Iilo Robes the subscribers offer for a ale 200 sales of Buffalo rubes received direct from St. Louis which will be sold reasonable in lots to suit purchasers. Womrath amp son fur manufactory. John hor3chel, manufacturer and Imp ter of fins a of All kinds Mich As my ff3,b0a3jt.f wholesale and Lunil. No. Sett in Sicone ft., Earl Side Philadelphia. N. B. Fens repaired of Dangcil and cleaned in the neatest manner. 8ept 29, �?T49�?40 3m. Furs furl fun of. Nessel. No. 98 North third 6t.,Philada., a manufacturer if furry of All kinds such As Muff. Boas Victor Ines. Gloves Cla ropes a. Also Buffalo Robes ail of which May be bad at the lowest Cash prices at wholesale and retail. A. done at the shortest notice., oct 6, 15-49. 1 413100 ri1 muffs Boas Victorias and fur trimmings. D. Cohen f.9.ycy , a baht Wol la a most re5pcctfully Call Therien pc anon of All persons in want of any article a of in the Sasa it fancy fur. Business that to has now ready a splendid assortment of the above mentioned article mail of every description of furs and in the great variety of shapes that Are now fashionable. Whirf��?~,1hc offer to sell at very reasonable profits at his fur store Jav i. 32 Vuria second St. Tors Dawrs Belott Arch is Philadelphia. Merchants purchasing to sell a gain would find it considerably to their advantage to Call and examine i Stock and judge fur themselves before purchasing chem there. _ oth full Market Arfee always Given fur skins of every description. The store is always closed on saturdays. A m d. Cohen. No. 52 n. 2d St., two doors below Arch in triad. Hept. 15, ihi�9. 38-3mo Caney finn mulls Boas and v tippets., f David ii. , Sec Cassutt to in Lis Noo Tiern importer and of every description of furs having just returned from Europe with a select v amp Tock of furs 1 now manufacturing them inn very in the most elegant manner and would invite the attention of merchants and her to his Superior and extensive assortment whirl. A it v. Manufactures a Well a imports be of enabled to offer at Sacii mice As Feu houses in the muted state can compete Cirii. David h. 80l18, 8g Street to do re below 3d St. Next to Louden St cos family med Rioe a lore. 1819. ,3l-6mo a or Here always cuts Cal of Satu Lav ,. The Price paid for shipping furs. Toys toys George Dollis. 100 of trek id Street. Alcoa rare. Pbtl�dblrhtl7lhas just rec led a Large a Sarinn it toys doll of All sizes dolt a he jus Mariin Bodie toy Slu boxes harmonic a pm Phi a a Gar faces snuff boxes marbles Jewa harps Slot in and Pencil dominoes cards Cane. Rattles a Penny toys with a Laryce variety of other fancy articles of thu lowest prices. Wholesale and retail. Call and see at no 100, North 2d so Philadelphia. _. Sept 29, 1819. �-40-3m prompt a a correspond estimates the forty millions Standard value seated by comp product of the to hard a dumb lowing the disco 1500 to 1000, w or $090,000,00 Ding 1700, al according to boots and shoes manufactured by n. Low b he. 333 North third St pin Lala. Always on Viand do holc and get sole Boott and 8h a is sewed and i for Iron works and Coal in its. Boys coarse Bolt us and Mourne. , calf boots sewed and pegged. Bojt a boots and brogans women boo Ami shoes of All kind Eastern work of All kinds. Gum shoes and Buffalo will fill order a Heap for Cash or approved paper. August 4, 1849. 32-3mo Kew York dry Good store lord Taylor amp co., twi 208 cake shut Street Philadelphia have How on hand just received direct from the manufacturers a foil assortment of Silks Cashmere a cringes. Do lain., shawl. Ac., a. R the color and design being of their own a circling and Catt Rev theirs. Luicus hosiery Haberdashery and All the different make of Domestic goods constantly on hand wet Nee. Safe and retail. L. T. A go. Never deviate from first Price. Get it Yve Are daily receiving Good from tile new York Hurt bus. In Budr 21 49 40-2q� Blind >3amifac Ory in. Clark. Ven1t1an Blind manufacturer. Steno fake Vaniden Plagie ay�.139 and 143 it Saith second al. Betonio j Ock it it i . Keep8�?Talway on hand �1 Large and fashionable amp a Mitt Rentof wide Ami narrow Slat window a lands in tip Best manner of the Best materials and at i lie lowest Cash prices. Having or fit ted Ami enlarged his he is prepared to rom Pete orders to any amount at Ibe shortest uni ice. A cd ont Quity on hand an assortment of Mah of \ n y f v r n1ttt re of every variety manufactured exp essay for i own Pyrc lasers May Iber fire rely on. Good Artille. Quot a open in the from a distance packed carefully and sent free of porterage to any part of the cite. A 1 ii. Clark. Fhi Lnda. August 25, 1s40. 35-1 y for he Supply of Gold it of London times resent year s Supply at and the in bastion of the f Gold Wilt soon be present writers. The entire Meriden mines according Wildt for the Century Fol cry of America say for tort As �138,000,000 Sterling i and lor the Century cn-1 �00,000.000. He same eminent writer Thoj average Supply of the precious metals from America a Quot Quot Quot to 1500, $250, $3,000.000 for 000,000 from is As follows from 149, 3 100 from 1500 to 1550, i 1550 to 1000, 811,- icon to 1700, eie.oocr-000 f of 170� to 1750. $22,500,500 a from 1750 to 1303, 835,300,000. Whereas at this moment to have a Supply from the filial and Siberia mines sources unknown in the last Century an annual sup ply of $20,000000 and from american mines excluding California 820,000,000. The Supply from the California mines it is estimate by Many will be a like sum. If the Molieri the supplies of Coin during the Lgth and 1 7th centuries contributed to add so mater ally to the prices of merchandise what will be the result of tho immense yield of 1810 and 1850 t Blake s Patent fro Proul paint a from Ohio. Tits amp subscribe have jut received a further a apply of ii to Ursular and substance. If. Be Woi Ratu amp son 15 a Quot Arth fourth Street Rollad Truia. New Lylall carpeting n new carpeting Oil it dub. Window shades a ac., Ai the cheap store no. 40 a Yerta second Street first arpct.8tore below Arch. Just Here Ivul by late arrival at Artri port and from tho be a factories in to lib country Viz. I Graiff Cari eting from 25 to 89 its. Per Yard imperials ply 1,00 a 1,12 a. Royal willed veni iian 75 a 99 a a London damask 62 a a 75 a a Plain 8trtpnd, 12 a 50 a a of cloths for hours from i to 8 Yard wide from 37 to 75 Cunt per Square Yard. A a also Spanish and Canton matting of All widths and styles just , and for a ale by. Richard Roberts no 40 n. Second at first Carpel store below Arch sept 1, 1849. A 3fi-3mo carpets and Oil Collis at Eluid get a cheap warehouse a Philadelphia. Persons who wish to get Good bargain in or Oil cloths either wholesale or retail will do Well to Call it Ltd the subscriber a i cd lenses in i present location Are very Light he i enabled and determine jul to sell at the lowest Price to the City lie offer for Thiau season an excellent As Ort Pic amp to of Hal ended Imperial three ply Beautiful Superior ingrain i Fine and medi Iyo do carpets. Entry and Stair Cfall kind j and list. Cotton arid rag j. And Oil cloths from 2 feet to 24 feet wide for rooms. Halls a. With a great variety of Low priced ingrain carpets fran 2�>to 59 Stair and entry carpet from 10 to 50 cent per Yard. Aug matting. Rug floor cloth Stair Rel. Sec. Ii. Ii. Aldridge no. 41�?� Strawberry at. One door above Chesnut a near second Piir Adelphia. Sept. 1. Is 49. A a 36-3ihoinvite town and country dealer to examine their a lock of cods which comprises a Fullas a Riu Peiu of hosiery and trimmings in slash and German Small Ware. Among our Stock of Good Are White Cotton fringes. Wooten Comfort worsted mitts. Worsted Yockir Yvo Coleii Honda Zephyr worsted. Wooten yarns knitting Cotton threads. Tnpet4�?Tin, no Reilles honks and eyes a. Alpaca Hose ribbed and Plain Cashmere Merino hosiery Merino tit Iris , e. A. Stay binding nil Width. Carpet binding shoe thread a Collona in i a fringes fluid trimming a. Sept 22, 1819.__3j-3�io.j. K. Carver architect and Engineer an. 51 a Rita Suth Street pm Thida. Gives drawings and specifications of a contract to erect dwelling a. And layout tie ground for country seats or comr term together with the arrangement of tree to give me proper of , churches Hospital prisons wat a a works Gas works. Ac., on the latest and mosta prov de Plana including heating ventilating a. . 24, addition to the Choc Date or Brown use. And so much add i Princl Palnure Tox de of Iron who Palisz oily Nicor two former to Siam latter acting a a cd Aud make a tim an for Nfn it i or inc with n a nil it the ii and of Tite for Roiff of in Railroad Bridge Fen article in equal to on pen Ltd. Quot Scimens May in her. April 22. 1813, lor try a Beautiful resembling the Sand , in a lied for the front of a Dipenta Are Ghica Alumina and Prrry Lin the. Opinion of scientific non tips for ii fire proof a Furty tjo being Zient tii bind the whole together1- i durable paint. It with linseed Oil anti applied a me a Ordinary paint to Wood Iron tin Zinc canvass. Paper a. It Harden Gradus of proo f. In is Patiic Lirly Silra of Ding St Vamp int and ear deck bar a ooh Caird will tlj4< a of slate Atli vast i Vung of Exideen at the office of the Cher a it to it of t. A. Ilal Lumen Brothers a i Quot i. 43j a Nuila front si., la Hilda. I or x acre Good farm lands for a. Avo icing men. Ale to settler in a Rar to of from 50 to 190 for iii $1.7.o� to $2 per acre for rash or part a to i Wyoming and Sullivan Cou Uii. A65 Miles North of polls Villa. By Way of Blo Otna Burg. 2� families have cleared alums 50� Norm. A saw Mill i it erected Mot a gift Mill in preparation. Inquire further of Jaro a Gillingham poit Ville or Ltd of the proprietor a Gen. Anthony g. A Frick esq., or a a ii. Bellas Miu Bary. Nov 3 1819.__�?�__15-41 Hla Ulicia ghz 30 South second Street . Offers for a ale a Large and Well selected assortment of % furs. Import d and of i own manufacture such fast Laden Muff and trimmings travelling comforter Riff it ii in Sable Black end Silver Foy Martin Isabella Bear. Lynx Janet As Prarar and no kind or Purs. N Bloate and retail on the most reason Mafe terms. 1 Fura of ill kinds leaned manufactured altered or repaired iii a be neatest Maimer nov 3 1849. 45-2mo g. Xiv. Merlin nth a celebrated v car Cung Olu n. A41-u Burg. Oct. 27, 1819. Orphans to dirt Sale. Persu Antulio an order of the orphans Conr of r county appointed by the Trauten of the a Aid court to make Sale of thu real estate of Jacob Goehring. Late of the Borough of Pottsville. Deceased. Will expose to a ale by Public 17th Day of november 1849, at ten of clock in the e Forenoon at the Exchange hotel in the Boron Giro Pottsville aforesaid nil that certain Messuage and lot of ground marked number there. And situate on port Carbon Ayenul in Young a addition to to the plan or plot of said addition containing in front on said Avenne 50 feet and running Hack on one Side Rybout 90 feel in depth. Until it,btrikc3 the Bou Maryj Lino of a Nunez a i Indin a in the other Side about i15 fret until it strikes on said Boundary tins with i two Story dwelling House thereon erected late the estate of rite said deceased. Attendance will be Given and the conditions of Alc made known at the time and platen the Sale by. John j w inn Ell trustee. Danif.fekaeuc11er, clerk. Oct 13, 18-19. Carpal intr and fur. Psi Ling . The subscriber would to Tiff his friends and the Public. That be has opened a carpeting bedding a furnishing Wake room. Of no 83 froth second it. Phun Delphia nearly opposite Tom Bank of Pennsylvania where he Intro in a keeping for a ale on assortment of the following articles Carpel. Rags Ami door mitts hair Moss and come Luik mattresses pal a term count cranes comfortable Blan Keti a trends. Sheet and Pillow Case. Counting House chair and cushions Camp 8tool. Was stands pm and every variety of mahogany and Maple bedsteads a. Dell Noblit or. Oct 6, 1s19. 41-2mo,. Patagonia guano. The sub Menbere invite the attention of Farmer. And dealer 4n Tbs re a Supply of this remarkable fertilizer their own in Kirt ution Ami selected a Jap experienced super cargo. Being dry like the peruvian it i All packed in White Cotton bag a but not being like thai a government monopoly can be afforded at a loser Price. A order from a distance can be exc cled either from our stocks Here or at new York. Soutter a Rod Gujin. 38 North wharves . Septs 1549. 37 6i sportsmen take notice 99 John kr1der,. Yort Hast Corner of la al us ind second its. A Rill Deli Uii. Keeps constantly on Liand of his own mantis picture and imported n Complete assortment of. Rifles. Shot guns pistols ac., which tie warrants of the in St Quality a represented to which he respectfully invite the attention of Pur Chaser. He a a also prepared to Supply powder flasks. Shot bag. Game bag Superior powder gun Coton. Percussion Cape shot. Bullet Mould Ball and Blank cartridges and nil for gun maker. Sportsmen ac., on terms As Low As any other in the United states. In testimony of his a kill a a manufacturer the fran Klitin Lusi Tiute awarded to him two certificate in tie year Istl and 842, and four Silver medal in tho years i trill is 10�?1817 and 1848�?All of which May be teen at i place of business. Of Choice Supply of revolving pistols con tartly on hand. A Stock of guns just received also and assortment of i hmm tackle. A aug. 25, 1s10. 3h-3tns Small prow an it i Quick pfc it on. A a. 15 Jav rat Strejc no Street. Corner of Jones Alley ,1 Are now Iligir full assortment of 1 new St i les fall Good. Which have been a voted with great can and at tin. Lowest Cash Price and for Branty stiff a i runes of style Bey defy compe Theofi. On store we Imp so arranged that u now five different i Artmen. Viz shawl room �1 Lankert room silk room main store and basement where we hate aria briged every variety of dlr goods and m which Are solicit the attention of shawl room contains some 1500 Long and Square shawls of nearly every description such a Blanket pm old Tiro a Thiret cart Nero cd Repter Kerri celebrate 1 Quot Nlay state Long and situate shawls a shirks by and other varieties of shawls from $1 to a a i Liepp. 1 in Oliu Blanket room a we have Arron glad 5<>0 pair ribbon bound Bash who Nej fancy end a Wool Cradle. Crib ironing Tyml for it a blankets from $1 to $10 per pair. We he pc natio or tango de in our Blanket room 5casd��?~ nerf cd Tup Forl. Why in size from 0-lto and mixer our engl be counterpane 4-l of the Lancaster. Maidli Eide he qualities prices from to $11wat Clies great inducement of a go Lewis n to. 110 a oath having re w Gold and Silver v a from Lindou i Portia Tiona is nov Lee to article at a Price of the same Quality and of it Waichus. 4 to persons in want id watch. Room Abl , Ved Oddilia my in Potje of Fot Rhea of every do or option Espoo and in prepared loan Rufeh tin very below any Ever top red of Irh cannot to undersold by any other More in lii Lack Elphia or elsewhere. Every Ray regulated und warranted ted. No Low prices 1, 18 Karat cases Only $28.00 12,00 Karat Case 22,09 8,00 no. Or Fries Anil Rul Talo Robe. The. Subscriber would respectfully invite country merr Hinis and other san iii a i Perior Stork of fancy fur. Muff i. Boat Tippet a. A. And a Large Quantity of Robes at be 93 Yorth. 7 air ii Sfirri. Opposite Cherry a so a re a a . Feel 29�?T49-40-71 James Reisky. Ladles Beaver in it a acts. Charles , no. 10 mates Ali r Street in impel iii. It has Jun opened m Superb Assort Cut of Foadie it a. Mis and children Beaver hat a among which will lie found mouse coloured Black and every Yarley of hats of the latest style for children swear. A the usual assortment of gentlemen Hals and Caps of the most fashionable style can also be found at Thi establishment. A Large and handsome variety of Fruch canes and umbrellas of unique patterns on band to which Especial attention is railed Charles Oakford it 151 Chesnut 6trcct, Philadelphia nor 3, Kip. 45-3m�� rec capitulation. I Senate Houe Loco majority a joint Laliot 19. Roco. Whig. 17 a 10 59 41 _. A 76 67 Thwe in Bat one conceit in the Penitentiary of teide. Lip Vyvae convict cd of stealing tattle in favotto to Katy. Fur it furs furs n of that cold weather is approaching the ladles Are beginning to want their furs. Charles Oakford no. 104 Chesnut Street . Hasop ened Forth season a new and magnificent assortment of furs will be four .1 to Fame. Hudson a Bav Martin beam Martin Rigione Martin Mink , Chinchilla Ermine Lynx. Squirrel ac., ac., of very Superior Quality. _ m ourjil2igshatvib-a handsome assortment of Black Loos and quare shawls for Sale by t t j. Beatty a co. No i 1810. A d Mica is a so a �7nirrr�Fri family feb rotation for diseases of the human flesh. Time not fax Nonenn a fully proved that this uni Vel total a not it equal on tie list of a Pular in thu ii a having been More than 14 a Var before the Public. Test Nanny of the mom disinterested character of its Wpm Erful Offe Cison the a Nituna Economy is almost daily or it Enid to. The proprietor. A Young Man in the town of Weifenn. Whose clothes were Burnt off of him. Was restored without suffer inc by tie timely use of t i Oil. A numerous Are tie Kummli Rocil statement of patients the cml Lver. And other who have used the Oil. Of Cari a which in the us clues appear a remarkable that were Hoyat All interested in a Peculiar Point they could hardly have been credited tin following it he end cd Are among Many others in tie cure of which Liis Oil has been completely successful and in which other Hud entirely failed a. Gavin Sweeny ringtone Wiki Gallol poll evil. Calls no. Cracked Herts galls of All kinds. Lameness fresh wound sprain bruises Sand crack. Foun do red fret scratches or grease. Mange. Rheumatism bites of animals. External poion3, painful nervous affection. Frost bites boils corns. and to cafe. Chilblains a hoped hands,-cramp,1 contraction of the Muscles swellings weakness of the joints hiked breasts ac., a. Caution to Purcy tasers. Beware of , a my be sure the name of the sole proprietor George w. Merchant. Lork Porf n. A is blown in the Side of the in Hix baud n voting Over the Cork. Done to be pursue ded to take anything else with the Promise it is justas Good ac., a. I things practice by those unprincipled dealers whose conscience will Streich like India rubber arid who Are of a Kindred spirit of thus in our Largi cities whose nefarious practice shave so recently been exposed to tin action of Congress. A to Lilac who attempt to counterfeit this article Are referred to the Law of new York of my 1845byyvhich it writhe Snen that every tenon meddling in these counterfeits is subject to indictment a a a a a a person Selling out of mis state will a be liable to arrest when in the state arut also to be yield As a wit-tics-aguiii8t those he fought of or sold for. All orders add cod to the proprietor will be promptly responded to. A f get a pamphlet of the agent and pee what wonders Are accomplished by the use of this Medicine sold by respectable dealers generally in the United states nud Canada. Also by j. C. Hughe potty Grilc e. J. Fri Tamaqua c. Farricy Simon rail fora it Kenzey Eavion Lewis Smith co., Allentown u. Matter Sunbury b. J. Sheafer Milton , a. Mccoy Northumberland or. N. w. Atthony a co., White Haven c. A a s. Williams Bear of Erk m. Elect Mauch chunk Bullet t Jones Tunkl Bannock Frederick Kletl a co., wholesale age la lii Ladelphia. Nov 3., 1849. 45-y_ watch sold will be Perfi c to or a Good a repressor a tribe at the follow Gold , full Jereme Witiver do do do old Lepe pcs jewelled Silver do do the l. R. Broomall gild ten a eur Perior article in Ilver Calt a with Pencil and warranted $t.50 Gold for $1.00. And upward Gold men Litas and locket for Dagner Eolyne like Iier a a a. A a Ohl chains. Gold Ami hair Bracelet breast pin. Fir hinge. Finger rings and a of every description of jewelry at unusual Harknett amp Sony a clothing store no. 12 Market Street. The Southeast earner Ltd fou Rijk Poulan Clarnia n. By Lookout for tho five 8tor7 building 128. I this l escrve�i1y popular establishment a train. Tait Jed for the last Twenty Yenry a reputation for the vice them a and cheap no of clothing unit to Lnell by any other House in the Trade in consideration of dip immense amount of Public patronage be towed on them the proprietor have spared neither pains nor expense in securing the services of cutters of und obied ability and for the fall Trade of 1849, they offer such a Stock of Superior ready made clothing As they Are confident cannot be equalled in Philadelphia or elsewhere. Every article of clothing manufactured by them is of the Best materials and workmanship and from the Superior facilities they possess in the Purchase of their Good they Are enabled to Supply the Public at the lowest rate. Thust who have not yet visited this Emporium of fashion by examining the style and Quantity of their clothing will be Santl spied that it la their interest to Purchase of hark Chat so to Anions this immense assortment of goods win a Fundic Legent double stitched overcoat of the latest style from $9 00 to $15. Old elsewhere at $15 00 to $20 03i Superior Black dress and frock coat from $7 00 10 $12 00, Worth Don blk tho Money fancy and Black cassimere pants. $3 00 Rich and Black Sattin Vest $2 50,and a magnificent lot of cloak it $1000, such As cannot be bought it other store fore a Triau $15 00 All other articles it corresponding Low rate. N. garment a old at Liis House is warranted a it fit with eau and elegance. Harkness a son ?. E. and Market Street. In. c. Harkness be son Are the Only agents in Philadelphia Fot the Sale of r. Heinisch a Premium tailor Shear Ladics scissors a. A a oct 13, 1849. 42-Tfmo Royse anti cli Ildren a clothing. I Mie subscriber in on hand a Complete a or Menf 1 of clothing adapted to the season suited for Hoys of three year of age to Young gentlemen of sixteen any person purchasing clothing it Thi establishment can have the privilege of returning them if they Uon Otsui. _ feb .7, -40. 7-ly of a a. Hoyt. No. 361 Chesnut St below tenth. Koilada fall Muu Ncry goods. .7. C. A Awe. Taker a South 2d Street Corner of a Hack Jorse Alley ,. Romla Dirma. Beg leave to an Nonni to their customers land tie Trade in Ger Vernl that they have now in store and ure daily receiving a full am is a Oroliu enrol fall millinery cd tide of their own importations comprising tins following uncut velvets or a de Anriques velvets Gullins ribbons and Silks with a fait assortment of met stuffs re crams Crown. Crown lining. Frame. Wire ac., and by far the choicest assortment of French Aud american Flowers of my House in the Are to be found in these United a tales. P. you done to Call and see us and took at our 6�ods, it is your own Rauh and no Tours. R a a 8ept. 5, 1819. 38-3m<> 7to mar a a. 1� a us to 7m, to a Jaree assortment of Ever a fend for by in Ila bks Viz a silk full color do very Richado a in next Figi Ireri ,. Ped Glace silk Beautiful. A. In a to _ do very Good. 1 _ Plain Chati Geahr Ture a Atinay these me like vey Best kind of Sriwil it it Wear. Figurell to Hanae Alde to arc i3.1tln�?gicso Art Tiff Handset heat Goorji imported. 1icii Black file so a. A Gant Black hulks. W Ithan Rieli i Strati. In All Width from Lviv Tolk Yards Wilfo loge her wih plaid striped and fancy Sjo is in great vanity fiom�s7j to a $1 50 Perry no re. R proc Luduig from thence to the 1 j main Stithe. May be found in a Nimoy rom id it so Rich nne Fuiz it and Superior Jall lulls. R fre Feii Merimus in every desirable color q 6 4 Fin Ali Ca a 8uptr�r and $1 it or Yard la Laid it griped 4-4. 3-4 and t mouse Lin Rich and Neni per Yard. De in Rich Satin a i Cashmere in cent per Yard. Chin we have Abu f 3 al to Supe cent. Gloves Jyh Vays in set Piga. I men car inc and 8llk Lara belts and neck cloth /ca�8lmenc�-�atlnet.ff. i Ca?6�mere8 i a pain. Striped and i Laid. Do. I i Fai Tinette in and plaid from vesti n get Kentucky no 110�?~nortli second Philadelphia. A m. A Broom and to oc3mrlk third it. Pint manufacturers kinds of bin my i Willow and French in scrubs dusters. Mats 1 in it Price. Evash pad for Roo n Corn at the factory. Rowe a ides Ware store one door above Arch East Side Xor Puia. And wholesale dealers in All Rush bucket. Cedar Ware is shoe and Wall brushes inc King Eastern Mulc Wnm Hion jfc., at the lowest Murk 2wis r. Broomall St., second door below april 14, 49. Lily a Cono fur Rud Dinen a new article Mech approved in new pm land Phil Delp Bla. Finale Bys. M Beatty a co. Nor. 3, 18 9. A a a parc fresh cod liver Oil. Tins new and value it in Medicine now used by the medical profession with such Amoni Bing Efficacy in the cure of pulmonary consumption a Cro Fula. Chronic rheumatism gout general debility com plaints of the kidney. Ac., ac., is prepared from the liver of the Coit Fuh flt r medicinal use expressly for our Sale. Fax treat from the won Clon medical journal. J c. J. B. Williams. Of. R. Of. Professor of Medicine in University Coltre London consulting physician to the for consumption. A says i have prescribed the til in non be four Hundred cases of Tubu Culotta Disen Sec of the . In stages which have been under my care the last two years and a half. In like Large number of cases 206 out of 231, its use was followed by marked and unequivocal improvement varying in de grip in different cares from a temporary the Progress of the disease and a mitigation of do re Fiji symptoms up to a More or less Complete restoration to apparent health. J a a a a the effect of cod liver of in most Oft Bese cases was very remarkable j even in a few Days the cough was mitigated the expectoration diminished Fiji to and opacity tho night sweats ceased the pulse become a lower and of hotter volume and the appetite fish and strength were gradually improved. A in con Cimon i repeat that the pure fresh Oil from the liver of the cod ii More beneficial in tie treat Mentor pulmonary consumption than any agent medicinal diet in or regimental that has yet been As we have made arrangements to procure the cod liver Oil Freida from head Quarter it can now be had chemically pure Bly the single bottle or in boxy of gone do zen each. A its wonderful Efficacy has induced numerous Spur tie great Clifena store no. 2j9 Chesnut Street. Piiilat>kl1 Hia. Thankful to tho citizens of Forb Vic and its Vicinity for their kind attention to on former advertisement and their increased would again request their company to View our Large and splendid assortment of China glas3 and Queens Are. Dinner sets. Tea sets toilet set Pines. Dishes Titch is a. A Glass tumblers salts wine a decanters. Celi Erle. Tres Rve dish a. A. In any Quant it y to suit purchasers will to sol lower than the name Quality can be obtained for else when rvs in fact al les than wholesale Price. A splendid assortment of Amoric Nnami English new Britannia Metal Ware. Of very Many styles Atul at All prices a a were never ii fore offered for a ale in tins City a a a a i it. Fancy China in great variety very cheap.?-b>we hereby extend an invitation to Runy person from Pottsville or its neighbourhood to nun red us Andi hey will at least be pleased to walk around our Beautiful store Ami look Over the finest Stock in the country considered one of tie lion of the City. Very respectfully. \ _ tyndale a Phildan. Feb 24, �?T40. A e. Nicks Jones Wool kale dealer a manufacturer of Willow and wooden Ware Jyo. 18 for tit second St. Between Market and Arch its. Under j it Taney Joens a carpet warehouse two door below Christ Church. Pin Ladelma ,. As on hand and is constantly receiving Large and extensive assortment of Combs uru Hes. Fancy Goode Nevery description too numerous to mention looking glasses of Gilt and mahogany frames baskets coaches charts a. J a. A brooms. Blink cry Eastern Wisp and country brooms window blinds door Matt. Tubs buckets churn Wash boards in fact wooden and Willow were Fewry description All of which will be sold Low for Cash or cite acceptance. Merchants would eave themselves much Timland trouble by calling Aud examining my Slock begot eur chasing. A a an. glasses Are insured against breakage in All part of the Union who Textra charge. B>ugu�t23, 1849. 36-3mo millinery and silk goods a. C. Cetti. Formerly Rosenthal a Cetti tvs 1south id St. Bet ten Chesnut and Market sts., cast Side,, begs leave to inform a his friends and the Public that lie has now in a Torea Complete assortment Ltd every description of Mill Neuy goods suitable for the fall business. Lie particularly invites tire attention of country merchants and milliners to his carefully is arct a Stock of ribbons Silks velvets Flowers and Feather All of which will be sold Low and on the Mot Liberal terms. To country orders a punctual attention will be Pabl and All Good destined for the country Are packed and forwarded with the utmost care. A. C Cetti. No. 1. South 2d St.,Between Chesnut and Market of september 15,�? lot a Quot no do less coops a but a a Large assortment of All kinds of dry goods required in furnishing a mire May ii found at the housekeeping dry goods Tore where Hutti in theirs in lives hip trouble usually experienced m Hunting for such Arti Fei in Var my place in pm sequence of our giving exclusive attention to this line of business we guarantee our Price to be the lowest in the Market. In Linen goods. We arc Able to give full satisfaction from being the oldest established Linen store in Tike Yiyi and irom having been for More than Twenty Yew regular importers from some of the Best in Ireland. We have also a Large Stock of All kind of ? flannels and musijn3 it tire lowest possible prices. A. Also. Blankets quilts sheeting. Ticking damask table cloths and napkins , Hub a backs in Ritow linens table and Plano cover worsted i Ama is Andimo cens curtains of lace and Muslin Dit Nitle Bureau covers floor cloths window shadings tur Itcy red Cai marines furn ure Plush a. A. It a a we watch tie very closely we always have great bargain on hand. A it a a St opened Quot handsome 11-1 White bed spreads al a 25-Cjcb. John v. Cowell a son Linen and he in Cuce Pine Day Good store a 8. W. Corner Chestnut and seventh sts., Philada. Oct 13. 1849. 1 a 42-3mo it Mipe rior Blacks 87 to a 50 a r in Rietz Mark bf9v, my turf staff Leif 31 i t to 8�-1-2 tii of. Every variety. Jeans i Rrt 37 1-2cents flannels-flann5f>�. Our Stock of Iju Lannell is very err a in it cd in in Tiff in White of d Unertle. Gauze. willed 4-4, a rid shrouding flannels Froin 12 1 3 to 5 cent. A a a Scarlet and yellow flannels Plain Rod i innels from 12 to 75 cell 4. Willed Ido a do from 25 of 50 rent.-. Yellow flannel from i a to 50 Cem. For an and Cherry h we then Tak embroidered flannels. , a by amino article Gray fifties cd flannel. into where to a a 8heeting.�ind bed ticking Cotton Trillin his Ere and piir.ininttii�. Cheap Black Alpaca Foo ref Cis. To ind figured Alpaca. T worked Woofer i Manly. In 1sines am figured de lain is fomt2 a a it 75 it if ill Plain and Foncy High colors. Heil de Laine. A fury variety of style from i5j to off it 7��-pr�\�3caucoe��. A Price j re fit Rie Yard at 37 handkerchiefs. A / a full a Ortmei of Tiong. A lock a Rible inns a upend or. Cravat. A. A. Cal Fasli Honable Rylor. Fotr a spent d a Large Stock ind Well is sorted of Birring , from to 3 Yard w Ide. Shirting scrip. Blue and la Iowa �1 Click a Cotton Flani ill. Crash and Uri Uin ii Ixko Canion i a Anairis. Tram aim diaper Stowe Long. Linen arid Cotton to Etc dial cry Manchester g Ogham fee. Country Ena Are invited to Call mid examine our Guild. We Refl cheap. Our Terni our net of Ltd. _ a Bert. I t. Marter a son no. 13 North s �?~cniiffst.,above Market. Philada. Of Liber 2"j 89.u-�1 a to erson.s Coiner West. Guiff in rough Hie United by nor. Al a. Map of fir or Tlam Stul nth very Ilmira Blo aftidr.3 for persons going West i Aln cheap a at a Hannans Jiovo 3 1819. Cheap Book and stationary wore. Nus imitations. As 1 its purity too much a it genuine. A every Gottfr having be depend Cal upon us ceded depends entirely on ire cannot be used in procuring pamphlets in Statni notices of it from or the fee who addres no oct 13. 1849. On it our written a Igna Turc Quay leu incan Anani Lysis of the Oil. With dial Jurj Inlo will be sent to free of postage. John c. Baker a co., whole Jile Dpi Goisis and chemist too s Orth Tuire it Ceu Philadelphia. A Lekse re Ivd by nov 3d 1819, 4u0o is Choice Dairy cd desc Jill r . Beatty a co.45 manufactory of in of Rooks a. Jefe. 52 a car nut Street o5�es second. A 1-Lulauelrilu. The us pro uni Sidic Ria Public a Flection to i Superior and tasteful stuck of Tucke t books banker cases. Bill books dressing cases. Curd cases port Mold ales purses pocket knives and Otter Fine cutlery old pens and pencils lie Gar cases chess Mon Back Gammon Hoard. Dominos an. A. Uis assortment Cun sifts of the Roost fashionable and modern a Tyler Fifo Guinea Quality and excellent work Inan hts pm bracing every desirable fancy a intern which he will at till times be prepared to exhibit and furnish wholesale of retail on the most pleasing terms. J to Aurclia hrs who it desire to Supply write articles of the inst Quality will Consoli to lies interests Liy calling at this establishment. A t of h. 8mitii, Pockl Book Che Tittl St cel. Al Lault so 18� 3j-6tnn the Large sew store a. A. Corner of tire Lelh bad Market streets . We Zuj Rita the part Lulai not Minn of our country of feuds to our now very larg stuck of fall and Winter Good. A having made great audit Jan to the size of Nur store ive arc now prepared m a Bow an assortment cloths Cassi mercy vesting and buys Wear a a tin etts in Mcvety Quality and Coler. Flannels Rod White and All other colors. Canton flannels check.�, tick inks bagging milk Stral Gerhig Cotton table diapers a. A a silts Mous de. Saint and Cashmere. Black dress and Mantilla a litre All widths new Sty i. Fancy dress Silks neat style do. _ Merino re a great assortment of the Best French and and English makes. A alpacas All the new style of Long and he Firic Blanket Brocha and Merino shawls in Plain and Guy a Tyles. \ cloak and sack materials. It i Muslin so met Sling. We sell Nur muslims to our customers of wholesale Price and they tan have any Quality Width or Price As Mir assortment is very Large. Blankets. Counterpane. _ blankets of Evcic size and Quality from 75 cents to $12. 10. I counterpane of common and very Superior makes All tried. I a Linen furnishing Quot goods Linen sheeting to flow casing table Lim?, towels and towelling cloth and Cotton table covers carpeting. Ancylon carpet inc. And Canto matting in me usual variety at very Low prices. Together with o full variety of All articles Uso airy kept in a Ufa Good store. _ a a a. To 8turekeeperh we Are Ahvay prepared to sell any of our St Ock at h. 11r0tiiea> f w. Cor of Pill and Market is 8epl8,ls13. 3t-,3tno greatest Ulstro Virv Ollie Iso i1 i b. To bask a. _ , \ is Curtis i it of Ali. Rain t t . Tie Mno i inbred lob an ulum Reily Itic. Met it faithless Are of believe in the Power and virtue of this great . It in universally admitted to he the most wonderful combi Naylor known to tie world for the Immon Dufur Relief of did a Alejand pain. A it never foils while Titei amp. Restore a natural and Benet he action to the capillary a a body and equalize the circulation of be Here re Nina sufficient life to vessels of Tuv-ifvn., a. V.,------- a blood. Jbf till inean3 a controlling Power i Gaffert Over the most malignant forms of disease which Ciu not be obtained from any ohm Rumi ii. Such i the Power of i combination that it penetrate to every portion of the inn Nfn ame a very Bone and Murcie vein and Hinr Light i made sensible of its purifying and if Ealing influence hence it conies it top As fed Dily Werli internal As external diseases. If Lalni Lata i if i Rico by hns Rorsi that the no f Roduco an i t instances Are on record where this run ored he a he to patient of near tho or to it powerful internal Ren Redles Faile Tot a of jul a Uch has the mis of the Beirels. No Natii Nile yrs need die with tilts disease where magnetic ulment can be obtained. That danger epidemic xxi Evn As the. Putrid , a add always be i Redby tin remedy. Of Oft amatory Rheum Tufit die most Complete remedy prepared. In 99 Cut is out of 100 n Uhli afford entire Relief to the a wore Casc of a 1yer Rouk la Tadashi. A Ain thirty minute. For this a cml by is of iininni1 a value. A affect to n of the spa he ihhmati5trr?-Iamrnfltivr-Raies��Reri Arnath. Brohr itis pleurisy a roup Hills. Blu a or id he nil scr Fula till re Cuoq or it i Raj cholera in it Tyrbus ague in the face or breast Mumin blamed Eye of fever sores. Spa will be immediately re. Live d by he use of this re no a by. 1 a a for Furt Ler and testimonial see al w the each i and 40ccnts per bottle. For Sale by ,. John g. Brow n also for Alojz a no agent in each town in late. A Epi we 849. I-40-ly to Lucarora and Tama it Ina . On and after monday May 28th, tho by Saba Culber Wilt Ruu a coach three times a Day Between Tufe Arora Anil a Tamaqua. On the arrival of tie cays Ai Tuscarora. Tie cars leave Pottsville at 7 and to Loek a. And 4 p. The coach will Icahn Tama qua at7 and 11 of clock a. And 4 of clock p. fare 50 cents. Tickets can be had at Jones hotel Tamaqua and of the conductor of theft a.jane2�?T49-13-tf. 0tepi1eu Jones. Lunier Yard at Subu Jukl. A Haven. Ali. To Ger in Erner 11, mat no car Ltd i nip Nini Ltd a a seasoned Susquehanna lumber a a a Quot and suitable for Lull Dong purposes alright ,i14�?� joint Ajja up swing by a. Ail of wbb a w�1 f1 Tite Diode it or to a All a wire re. Sept a beg leave to in fora i ust nacre and the Pii bib of so but kill 1, that to has a Large and dirt Isicc Aloe pfc
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