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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1849, Page 1

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - June 16, 1849, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaFri k. Broomall cheat oarga1k watch and Jet Velry store. Where Gold and Silver watches of every description can be had at from ice to fifteen per go Vincent. Less than any other store in York tto my Rhi Ladelphia. Persons who wish of get Cood a watch to it pm Latch would do Well to Call at the More of the sub Iber and compare the Quality and Price of his watches with that of other stores. Good Eva takes at the Follst Cine exceedingly Loa prices Gold levers foil jewelled 18 Carat cases _ #29 00 Silver do do do a 12 00 Gold a Pines jewelled 18 Carat Case. 23 00 Silver do do a. _ a9 00 Silver verge watches from #3 00 upwards. Gold pencils from #1 00 to #8 00 Gold pens with Silver cases and pencils attached for 73 cents. Also a hand Tomn assortment of and fashionable jewelry at prices far below the usual store prices. Of cold and Silver bought taken in Exchange. Lewis it. Broomall no. Ill North second St., second door Belott race 14?T49. 16-ly Cut this advertisement out and bring it along you will then be sure to pet in to the right store. The mines of calf Formosa watchf.9 and jewelry. A the Diamond City of Philadelphia still ahead Jacob i advil Usa 240 Varicia Etc Etc Cleto eight South a offs a. . Is. Constantly receiving Lymm All the manufacturers o , every style a of Fine Gold a a 8ilvei� we riches. It a a a it read it it out of the paper put in your a Ekit and Call the first Lime you City. Attn he the assortment wll to found v. A v Gold levers 18 k. Cases Mil jewelled Stiver levers full be Wetzl. Gold Pepines 19 k. Case jewelled a Silver in Kolnes jewelled a a Silver Tea spoons equal to Coin set. A a desert Quot a it a tabla a a a Iyow Shif Jewtik splendid assortment of Chaste an k 1j1� decac., a. A. Chains of every variety and pattern at a alight Advance upon the original coat. Examine them by All the Trade will be supplied upon the most Adan. Tadeous terms. J. Ladqmu3, a a no. 516 Market Street below eighth a 14.m9�?16.9m South Side. Philadelphia. And Pottsville general advertiser. . I Bowel Southa Earth and bring out from the amp Micius hmm6 a a a _ published every satur�jxjp�i4seljssm12ssskt�ss��ffil�2m== _ saturday Mornin a Jojne 16, 1849. No. V5. 830 13 23 10 , Myersville and a Tremont passenger line. Few 10 10 13 00 attic cheapest and most splendid assortment of. Watches and jewelry in ph1lada Lewis�ad03ius,. Ya4l 3 a Jireh t Street afro doors above eleventh i North ,. 1 Jijoo has jut received by late arrivals from Ibe pc in most celebrated Marc amp Cturner of Europe a a magnificent and judiciously selected Assort i cd it me to Gold and Silver watches a which he. Will isell cheaper than any other establishment in Luu a it re a,1 states. Among the assortment will be found Gold , i k. Cases full jewelled $30 Silver levers. Full jewelled a Igo Jil Pepin Chi. I k cases jewelled 25 Silver ?~epinrs jewelled w. Cima Rivir wattos1 a a n 1 Silver Tea spoons equal to con per act 4,. St a a a i together with n splendid Assor Mont of cd y grains a Quot Ira Niia a ivies. Froni the test a a Cha mob of hours. On and after monday april 2d. The Hue will be Runas follows Viz a a leave Telners Villor for Schuylkill Haven at 01 and a a a san is o clock a. My a and of clock p. M. A ,. It air i leave Subu Vlku Haven for Mineral the at j before 4 a. v2v i and Fri p. A. T a a _ _ leave Minersville for Tremont at 1 of clock. P. M. Davo Tremont for in Traville Mineff Vius and Schuylkill 3 of clock p. M. F Are. Front Minersville to Schuylkill a Ven 25 Eta. Quot Schuylkill Haven a Traci Sun 50quot Minc Revillo to Tremont 40 an omnibus Tiu run Between Coltsville and Yvo est Wood to connect with the Tremont Tain leaving to Hville at �1 of clock a. And leaving Westwood immediately on the arrival of the train Iron Tremont. Fare from Potts Villen Yyi Astwood. 1 ets. A a All tek a Taf of Mutuc i a a offs a. Qct23jg-4lls. A ittle soil try in. Load. 3ier.cuants transportation li7e,. Via. Piulada., Reading. And Pottsville rail Road. Warehouse in Philadelphia to oct e4st cooker tiling Josd wet wev s7bbcts. A c. Conrad . A go., forwarding and commission merchants Talt a this method of informing their Friend Ana the Public in general that they Are prepared to Forward Mercha Diac package Sand parcels of All descriptions to the following places daily a Schuylkill Haven Moi Reviue. Tau injun and in Alsville a also to la Chweh Lyn. Donalda of Tremont Pink Mirove port Carbon , Philadelphia Middleport. , Tus Caroni Newcastle Ashland. Danville. Northumberland Sun imry Shaynkin. Williamsport Muon Cutta Wissa Bloomsburg Orangeville. Street Mun Vic Aud Eitown Georgetown and Washington. A a a goods for my Uch chunk,.Hazleton, Beaver Meadow Summit Hill cunning Hall if Crick and wide Sarre will be shipped Trio ugly to Tamaqua without the detention heretofore caused by reloading at port Clinton. Osier will be Putic Tusty Attesi Doii to Luc al Renick of Jehu Alkih co. F Salo of Beal i be flrcot�?~71 of county arc Rcd pfc fully a a a. V a a a 1. Invited to a present Parade to for the combats Sonera of Schuylkill Boualy will in in Ltd fourth of jute. The Parade will Bea b to i a and inv it a . A a a Reading on the fourth of july. 1 the Parade will be a grand a fit air and no pains will be a pared to make the trip of their Schuylkill county it lend a possible. Conn one come All. This Barnett. June2m3-2j.3tjchief Marshall. Lake find the Best Ajmeri we it us Partilla lie n 1 i o n Vottie eel Long of Lou rry. A. A win pm Psi. Ner,.i an order Vlf a v v ,. Cannot orb Milf to deliver red the following Loco not Cconrad. In. . a a pjs use pro free this a no 413 Market fit cart Abov Crum North Side. Of Teric Gold and Silver lever it cheaper than the above prices. A. To it a Liberal dict unit made to the Trade. Phila.,apr7 l8-3mo a bad a it al Wott la Lachni Akers and Jet cellars. And is the a Fame by iwo Sesle Kyj it iiz7ii�?T store next Doojin to the miners Bank Centre a treat rott3viut.e. ,. A a. Messes. B. Pc e. Keen an extensive assortment watches cult a bracing Verv style Price and manufacture i isto be found in this country among which 11.v Mav particularly refer to the celebrated Gold and �dss�ivv�?�"4c.xapcs�? a sri re a Roll cd. Proi Inry ,1<r lll0se a. ? a a Arp Varia to mud Cul fan of every a cd Cristion. Repal Rint of Cletay a a Unis Quot a?T2i., Tosaji thai 11� be found to t can Criece in the business psst egg Atchin Leyte i j j Silver Ware a. N0 13 Quot fall Ira pc Moa a Auml a tick o. Jew arum gement Fob the fre Girt and passenger cars on the Little la 8chuylkli.lillallnoal>.rittir a Spsencer train leases port it Linton daily. Sun-1 1 Day excepted on the arrival of the morning train on it ile Admi Railroad from la tul Adelphia arrive meat to so of Quin time to Tamaqua at half Patt one o clock Lime in Eon Neel a c in ion Vilh the if Vernonn Iraln on the rending Railroad from Rota Villa . P,,d,.lohla port Clinton 5 Cenia to Phum Yevuta s3the fresh to to Nln genre to Mantia Duilo. Sum no. Cd Topi a a 6 of. Work. A. A. And port we in a of clock . A passenger car Runa in connexion t Fth the Fri in it train so that a vast car re fit i Hilado Llna can Tak the train of cars in who Neudy nil i Road port Clinton. Tamatitia.octm-40 general agent. Sum incr Ariansen Milit ?5vilte j.,-.-.crf 7 Quot of change of hours. each to a y da1ev. Etc ept Acsay. Ask in lher monday april so �pj. Two tray a will. O run each Way daily Between Philadelphia and pm . Leaves Philadelphia at71 Turlock ., sunday excepted Schread a Tuda Hove Matraj a a formerly. Al leaven pot Laville Dally a a k2.3i i copt sundays at i3 45 a sch. Haven 2.� 45 a a port Clinton 3.00 5.0� Sparling. 3.50 .431 a Poi town. 4.-0 i Phu Nixville 3.00 Arron at state Oad 5.5> a Toad. Aptiupft-16-ly sch. Haven. J. 3sw a. Amp s. Allen a dealers in of # Jeff. 7, South wharves Philadelphia stay e in store and for a de 2p0 barrel Standera i Quot Oil 50d do. Common whale Oil 60ddo. Bleached Winter and Spring whale Oil together with k general Ngi Ormom of Oil and sperm candles a also have constantly on hand a Large Supply a of v Fang Oulu guano jupev49-r23.4t, E. Carver architect and is Lyber an 51 Yorth sixth Street a a Hilda. A pm 2s drawings and specifications of to Contr Cisto a acct dwellings. A. And layout the grounds for country ser to cd euries t together with the arrangement of tree to give the a wort a feet also churches hip Tau prison water works Gay to com a latest and Moat approx de plans including heating a. A a phitada.feh.24, to an pm Tiv a. Public Sale the Follot vans lot Unitive to the Commonwealth of finn a a. I v i a ii. And Row ref Wiliins on the Philadelphia and Gol Ihla Railroad will the sold at Public Sale on tii Quot Dav. June 25.19-10, at 10 o clock precisely on the Columbia rail mad of Broadstreet via Ana a a a a a Visci tinn am. Nut oin Ery Quot at cond class and a a Virginia a and Quot of Hay i kill. 1 tio about Namtaj can be and kept in Good rain Altir order for la put business at a in Iblis a i for Short not aus. They al How a Public Sale . Avion Day Iho Igich Day of july next at the court House in the Borough of far the Pur poas of Felling All such. On tej if toils As Bavo been purchased by Tybera Ott Casura to a Sale agreeably to Lhez act of Assembly Aat have been held by to Bro Oor deemed for years adj upwards a list of a bib i Hereunto annexed a Solo to com Jenco at 10 o clock a. Il.9 on said Day and soot Oue from Day to Day Clil All is sold. Manhein 2 lots. Kapaon amp Toradio. Foundry and machine shops. at their old stand corny a of left in Onil it mining Orus a in it a Pirih a a a it a a Rev 1l Road and Callow Chi erects. to i expense. A no Are wri8p?, Chester facture Morder not we a of a a e,as2hm� a a Eil in Tothy a fish of . And , o anyhow to and capacity for in Gand the purpose Bce find c a scaling arc a Jedi with solid and perforated roller Asma it be required. A4?o engine a cylinders with All necks try machinery for blast Fumar. Hot air Ptim of he most approved plans cup and Nail joints and it Ltd tes , of the very Best construction. attention of Iron masters and parties engaged to the Iron Trade to their Large Slock of patterns for rolling Mills having Macly constructed the machinery for two of the largest Milla in the Cru try via the Wyoming the Kolling Mill at the Montour Iron works. Danvie. They Are fully prepared tor this kind of work together with Verv variety . Oft Zequa to of their work Anix materials it is enough to say that Tine and experience the most infallible cols Havi amply demonstrated the genuine charade Rol their in May in Eia Mineu it me a Voy i county at any Timo preen a to the 16th of . I>tormsca3h.andfalcim�?~reintory. A by order of the Bow of g so a a sly. Sept. Motive Power c. R. George. Bebr1ll. Auctioneer jnpe2�?T19--3rlb _ Tum Avora and Tamat Jaa uric c n on Anil after Llo Mlay May -9th. Thea 3 ice no Scriber will run a coach three twa Day Between the arrival of the car al Tua Carer a. The cars leave Pous Villi it h an a Dock a. M Annj 4 p. M. The coach will be avs of qua at 1 and 11 Ovnick. A. M. And 4 o clock. far>59cenis. To Kew ran be had 1.Jones hotel Tamaqua and of the conductor a a up. June2 40�?13-tf. Jone 1 off Jacob Wetzl i do Wro Braiden i do Good Miler 3 do Johnson Cepp 1 a do Jacob Weigela. Do Robert Lewis a do. M Braiden i do Geo Deoller / 4 wharf Benjamin Deweese 1 a lot Sarnol Brook it amp Potis do turd Pait Etson 2 Ido Abraham Pott i do m Peri spy 1 do Jarry Shi z 1. To John a Flibort 2 do. John Mlaughlin i _ do Abraham Shollenberger l4 do William Potts i do do do a. 6 acre land Joseph Spencer 3 do do a do 40b do do 1. Do. 28 a Abraham Pott junion township .420 acres lan<3 the Imam Jle Esb Cine and machinery _ Ori Iera Actea Permuy will he promptly attended to. Haywood pc Snyder. A Otisville january >1&Quot, 1840 2-ly tautly Putty avd at the he i pric a full apply Silver forks.? t a a / acc of Ali weights and warranted to of my of a of Jet Quot us of the Lyle which he Pili been a alter knives All equal to so ssh amp no a be. With a a a a in Gobi. Stiver Ristell nil to Eccl it Tom. Pm Ete i by italia Ware in set a lived Lireet front the who a a very ent Tell Vantz. A Lari pub a of Ripe plated pouns i Orka &.c. Tuc it Kish a a a Ami a Marlc lpns other arts Letb svy Mii an articles in my line of in ate int item to examine my Stork Kcf a Are pfc my motto i.,- Itpick sales anti Small re a an t k?,?, re Palons a Kwh so of watches and pc Verj a a go gn7�uw�.srt7ri7c j3oht-,.. Full in Welletz in a a gt.1,1 Lattne is k Caes a a a la 1 410 �10jstlvrdiiarliermatche.-, a a , �5� Holt. N it rss a Umlor Bruckm Lortina pools of 15"i g0ld j tut Bee Ley a a a a person ?.&Quot Moor Quot it. Juis Del i envy Phi. Rcpt Sund y a a Pheni 4 a a Poitry. A a Spadin port Cluj a0,s0larr ent slate ij?. A the a croon train will Stop at the Hametl. So ports past Micro for other poll re most there be a a team by Hlay in Phil Corner Broad and Vint . Pro passengers tan enter the cars unless provided a order of the a a a Ord Sec v. Quot phiia.,oet.s8,1618 43�?o _ l film ills works. A Fri a. Iyow Rpike lha �elvt5 x "ctlier,.n Judd to the firm Fcj-11?T for the uni not a of carrying on the foundry and at the Franklin work Pori Carton lately owned by a. G Brooke arc now prepared to Ordera Ibe a Hort sent iic8 Bluain to cd no a. Pumps Coal machinery of almost any six mining other purposes. Also Railroad and Drift cars Iron Liras tastings 5vel the flak Ken big Oval subscriber arc now prepared 10 furnish the Gohier and Teal a in of Schuylkill Cottney. With shovel All kind it Theowest Philadelphia prices attend Lon is a it Sci lath railed to their Coal shovels. Orders for shovel of a Tys Ioor pattern promptly attended to. A . Aug. H. M7. 33-1 al la Silia Man pc cd Jsck a . Ill so As Sun Holczl Jutt Vicle Pbyk Jln a. A the re a a pm it Ftp Fly and ounce a a a a a a to late citizens of county and traveller in general that he was a Cen that rat tel known As by of s hotel and Laiel he Jeremiah Hughes at inc Corleh re econ and my in the bowl a of potau ille which he has fitted up with Spe cml ret Forem a to the Comfort of those who May Tavor him Viil la Virci Istman. A a the House is pleasantly located with stabling and a Large Yard Atta-ie., calculated to accommodate parm pm and per Donn Irac Llang with horses nud Carna a. The Oro Rieter has his House we Wuriu Lilied. And will 1 snare no Palma to Supply jus table and bar in n Nunn a fail m Ute bal general Uratis and site live. Rostler will always be in at Lenda Aee. To that cares May rely on a Quot alien cd properly attended to. Mich All la mayl9,49.419 500 500 40d 4u0 00 i0�o 37c 200 4l?0 4ug 7 180 300 400 198 201 420 400 411 19g. 377 400 370 mus Uruci array Scrant of. 8. Saiji of coaches of a Uius eur House end nor of 1 Eon Andiff a c�l����i�s�sts., Dally a Cepi sunday. At of of n re of freight on leu Landize. 1 5 after april ret Ocen pol Turille i anti Reading. I 00 a i 10 ,ort2� a _ a a a ves stoves Quot stoves t Stop Winter to Fivek. Solomo n a a we streets Cerner 1?~ ro-rrsvitti., and cub-an.noum-p to ti�1 a Era Nihat he lome a and 5t top hot mrs it a. Mini in a the of Ferozi Quot a a a a want of Sloyer c a what of cry a Iveel via lil re he Point below tri a Ona and in held. I a Laver Limestone Bitumen l Ondr Coal Sand. Iron orb >2.00 rial Brick Sijo j ,,, 1 . Tar Pill. Raw i turf june u �5 Styf nails spikes scrap a a and pig Ruji broken a ast , Iron flour Salt leads. , to Occas a a it be a. Ait and pork Linberg in. V Iron c.a3tin�,>uear, to j-i.73 res Green cd Joe. Pm a to 1 a Salt pair Brimstone i. A and Rye chop. J. link a a. Oil Crock i Vii g3r,. Key Saehi Tiefry Cut a a be i Low rags leather raw hides paint Whire a and red lard i Vitera hemp i Giuca tvs a Cordage a. Steel i bran and i Bop stuff. J Ilia Cotton acid Wool cigars fresh ii at fresh lab. Dry Good a tucs and Medicine foreign liquors wines and teas glad. China and Queens War poultry n Eta -5 00 Lionard spirits turpentine 1 Cami he Itie burned Coffee. Hats and Caps Bomia she Lois a. Of ashore 1tcv3. Hot a pm. Suit Sci furn i Turey by weight. J not i additional charge a for ctftrnii8 Juji a depots on in line. Lap. A a exp Yebd a. I i aug prepared to receive and of Quot a it a a it a Eaily . Inter Tram our a i itch. Knt Hein to Lav in Henree of of Rerita Cut Emlize Nevil a pack eyes Bundle�.Wcl-. Aho to Pinr att Linn paid to collecting birr. A it age Aanden mid. daily a nil Intel places Between Fhil Adolphia and i Oit Svitic. Street polls his no�3, ?znih third a nil no it. To Vail Street. New y Orka re. Still a a . Hovard pc 3o. Diate Centre i 30 14 1 90 2 35storage Eagle , l5g. in the Ifon Orcil of Poitz sell la. Formerly by c. W. Pitman a. Al a a t b respectfully announce Muiir friends and the Public Liev have he it ii this , and Resperi foil solicit a nut Luanei of the custom of the wu1�o�. Of teens Tacl Lenl a Celianie they Daner Iheme Elva that to Weir Mino let and Canei Foj will enable thee to Tarn oat work at a do not fail to give Itti it a to the Mot fast ton. A. A wit nit clock. A Totne lately on the arrival of Nemor train cars from Philadelphia of lace also Fop. from the a St. Clitee daily except a and by at h Ladock a Diatel on the arrival of the morning train of can from Pottsville. ?~a5r.ngera leaving l pnios.t.? Litiza in this line will be in ume to connect with do Afler Noti Tram of Gars for fonts Lille. A.nm . For , three times n Wei k. From the same office at 7 of Arock. A. .d Friday and three week from Enid Eagle hotel formerly dewy but a clock . Ami at㼻. a coaches have been placed upon Ibert and every attention will be al to the of a Eli ?Tj0hn n. Milti Motie pc p11�?T Reading april 21,. 17-Imol. I Ropwr Tot a Nisi Racite it two a la sect 5is�?����r���y info his Friend and the Public that he hard when a to by Fow k a Sec Ltd re la com All Csokany Mouso. Jyo. J580 Market Street above lag huh of amp sulk a it this Larae Loiel he toj Quot furnished with entire not a i j a h bar room the largest m 1 a Arfell al a is Perl our and Are entirely rated from the noise Ami Bustle of sent Attoh arrival and a Paris ire of the cars up a cooler Dina the whole fro i of the House afford Leo of re treat in warm weather Anda sole did View 01 me 147 13u 3-14 25. 6 56 30 151 3g it inns ig0 100 a Iso 4g0 20ft 1-17 40 to to Job do i do do do. Do do do i do do to do to do do do do do do do. Do do. Do do. Do do do do do do do do do do Dol do do do do Divisi iils of a i -u.,.-.va _ treat to warm Wenmei. Of a a i a a goal trekkers droll Gar Rahro Sii and other Jv. a a Runy null hotel with every a Cus Tirica. 4-efce�?z????zo�?ze�?z, Lent inn of the managers w make it t i hot h let it Mut a a a a it .\1 it Romu Unity it Bra a Quot a a a urn he and Mobil approved. Pit est am it Quot a a a a a Ifa a a hrs of Siliane chives a ? Ahmed is and promptly executed on the most Rea inhale terms. / in air a Thomas to Ren a 10-17-ly 1 okd a Jib Jos. Mcmo Irray a i us Titre a Lucy. Arrangements for Tjio. N , Potts ill sole aget4t. Oto debt Fin get Yat apis tits a Pardoi a fib a nip i tim a Tats. The a of it it full. To 1 leave a it tender Bis sincere thanks to a Liis Nuu Wron Friend Ami the pubic a for Hie very he has received for upward of Twenty Yeara ill Cita a Ute Knetl � Well provided Ler As any Orne. A f Elution of the managers to make it the by i h to merchants and in Mure a men. D tins to Stew a by Ltd the so ii the Terma will be of Dohar per Uay ,.� � depot Ioctl a Cicfro of the a skew a a Quot la Quot right Kuhni Lyhl Gonty. Aha. Cast icon Radiator article for hotels. To .1 Jerree 1, 19 pm -,.u, eriarartirr.,rt.�im�?~�?�/. Lealiu d a t-0 a Fol re . A Ray i a a a a a no so la Roames who w.� Quot no a a air Rin and Ware a a and of aah cd a inv thir we a a a a in Narow a Immy do purposes Allf which will he n hat uuui�nr&Quot&Quot.1 Lri al take i. �.orin.entuf ten Tkv d j a la n mid arg ?z.i melt i a Pipii tin and Japan a Vare is very Jil embraces Arra Niin be Nice town Serur it town re Falls of Schuy Lelh mgt in vunkc.�#tohocton Ami in leu South Quot i Tam out i mile to Law stir Riston. Nor it rage. 3s and it u i in \ 50 1 15 Arr Donc in ,i?invm�4 toc Llanil exam the Public Are air Wes. >7?� a a i tto Public to fact to a a Monty a among a he Many ?o7� a on a a tit he a a Irav it Fri ated the a Culi Rity tote in Tiluy with we Tali cookery and baked Ier Eeles and Ltd Paro a Hhd aft nw?znd a a May a n to done at one�<matter.of surpre to a riia my off 1 a the first rank among All who have tried a ande Are however the strives act p,-1. Specify ii Peculiar fac Titt Wjt a 1j, ti10ie a not Oft a and will Allord the who May trial log a a a Xci a Calls and a at say undersigned much p1 of a Quot Cut papa cities and Perr Ortu All Init my. A a he it nut up of a dirty Itaya and in Anees. The a Ore will be put a a pm of Hlls Era. to per Plim Niit. Ford Rott flown. Di.?�totvito, , Reading a Between rpm Tang. And Mohrsville met a hrs a it Hamilburg. Ordie Fuste. Do it do do a do Dot ?~ 40 i 35 1 30 \ a to v. 2ft in i it t i� 1-in tjw i 00?~.�5 1 55-i a l f,.% l a i it 1 05 1 a 1 Tai i 40 i a it l 0 25 1 15 i 10 1 10 a i 10. \ 05 i 00 Quot w 70 6 it 1 Xiv it i its i is i 45 \ 35 t 25 j 20 1 15 1 i 00 1 00 i-00 1 00 by .95 90 $i5 05 55 is a Musti room Kand its a Utt Clr Confidence. The ii Una set have Toen brought out a cd the ,?Tv ?~/Njijl� i very i-.�wr�u� draft have Bce a time a at the lit rerun bark Are he flatter lii Iyo Elf n inflict a Anat of a a a the Public for the faithful .�rformar.cvof any future i the my we Aro a a Clatl line of Page ,. A Alliv i x Lim ��t.<�. A/.,y Iruk hint Vlf Ltd i a. Fony. 6 May 4ytrrvmt . A a .-u.-Ndait, a Fri is. Ili try feb l now i of Jarry i now w John. A-.fciu-. A f ast Wirron a Yurt pm a had Doug s nov Nam j Patrick Henry i it a i Waterloo in cry Ciao Toby. F i Ltd a a a 2fi i april 6 i lit. A Jhu it. .l. Kniight sjiiddv?Tltirra i arc Ilia in a Quot in a Fob 1 a a ski. Value of f.alhnj a a Cornish mar. 11nyx a a ship Danick. Now world al. c .11 a it it Alliv b Oil Rcpt. Cut a a n a a a it i Ortr. 5 11 l a a 20 Norr. Of aug. 6 la n a 20 John ii kiddy Roi Cius a Wirt in Point a a Mot Ruul Knight ,. Mimre. Howland. Cobb june apr 11 May 31. _ Travas n. June 21 oct 21 ,2 i a. Of july ii nov a a i of a a so ii aug 21 a 2fi to it. Ii oct to and on and Alicr sch let in december i a so a i2roroie, it it form a v?,53s� of a Weslh Quot a -. Roine Mim no it a a ,,ne., a a a Ohp Public cd Nola a =.� Fly Ai in a a a a a v a nininespecmw., by of tor in Centre Street Ware manufactory a re a a in a go no store ado an thing his a Lia May be had on a commode. ,oct7-11-tf. Aide Alfadl St. Clair. Of Ovca Sile Balinos amp Long a grot.6,1 for tic Liberal patronage Herc of Torogh of Pou Sutti a tar fall a a cd Assort a. In addition to a he nov c Mai pro Ca b o if s. I la v e a p. Hli a to n. A a am Niagara. A to East a a ability of delay dam lion til and for the order nine Ivy i in Nncy to their family ,v1m a. 1. Have a Rran a. The a meat of Ray draft on the Stiltn to in a Hank. Gs01�?T e Ixa Tow. Ftp Ndon Fen my. Eur Akworthy a Kili screen. I ban badge. My ghz a Kike Niit of a Trapano Bally Inena Dundalk. Ifil Rush Tralee. I Jally a Naoto Dun Garvan Liff Firlick of l a a Batllia attn Gagnon Tondt Derry ate Tord a Cork Downpatrick,, Xou Hal. -7i7mcd est Blip in sent Sponica at Woodfy co.,lankers, a a Melon and . E. 8. Flyne Liverpool. Seot�d.-the City of Glagov l Ank Byo ?��arda�f>lajadro.3 cd dce23.i, _ / Luzerne Iron to is near a.Hazleton / Ovink 8yya3� hotel?t of e?T�777?Subflrrttor Hiya leave to inform his Foien a 1-Tain and the Public in Generali Ihal the lib a White Swan hotel and stage office no 108 ? Street formerly kept by In oers amp son. The House being Lar a Zind we Mem a a we Nasife. In melt i23mal_fnrcnrly of Schuylkill Cne a Jav. A a a a Biorck Force but kept by of Mol Beard he ten. A a the subscriber announce to his Friend and the travelling Public that he to taken the above mentioned establishment and fitted up a throughout ? a that.wdtoq-Ial us it Aftab applied Vilh a he ,.qy, ,tc�?~y�1�,n.7. A Asili his cd Aniber Are Large and airy Hal his bed a the la la Ihu aha Quot red to the Lintel i. Large Anil com Nam s w Tiv bar tler a ii alway by found to a Tendance. He to a also for drop Quot be i Quot a i he will always be kept to carry i sitar to a?�c�i���.twiis of a a a do no a feeling a my Dent he Ali give of Nile a Ali it Facton to All who urn it Convenie Iitto sojourn at i House Jones. Ap.7,49?� of a t a ins Bill to 111 i ii t it it Pott Row san hali.1p.on store. At has . And single barrel a Widt Foy Deu flasks shot�-v5slkl83�ej to "1 us powder Peu cession gaps revolving pistols sin Ulf. And pistols. A the ill ave Are it tic assortment i eng Mili am Ger a a a a so Pace s a Cordage Anvi,.,. 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Repairing of All kinds done Vilh ncatae�., and de spa ii Worful furn if map by Quot them will be warranted to Pep Quot a Jsu Osz Zai meet with March a Quot isi9�? h a h. Vixen. Brain Che. An age Nae. J 3> passages Ean also be f and All los engaged from Liverpool to 1u1ilding Siai Briann Iron and . Hammered and boiled inn Sheet. Flue v. fifty of Iron no indoor Oulu. A a Uin Cave Yuliy a a a a Tiff Asi Orient hajni�ttct7�t>, Embra cli of parlor and is min a in a v. Onesto Daft Rable dad plod to he want of the i a a a night a of lot a a Pierce a Amor the a improved Complete Oil a is . Lean air to fax v Witit air tight a Are considered Art s summer and to it a Tau Lua Ery beat by those who have to left Mumm inv try. Be cooking stoves that 1 1>n l0 a a great variety of with Confidence Ca which in unquestionably s kist is ?�ea�,70 Kcf. Re a Cost a i Throat ?T4s.2ss�?��?T,sosss⻻�h maylff4&. __�?ft3- is pso8n s,.fa�gs��5n> of the California Gold Digger. A1�o. 200 Frame a for print. All of we kit we to a few i Eirv Vijh Leiila Pricr a. By the in Niefert. Dozen la a Leaf the stationer s half and . Emporium. Beg. Frost a Quot Market Lrus. J a it pedlar a upped at City Price at i ftb3-5j Deitoro now end Orlum for. Pottsville Iros a works. Erst in ssi. A it it a. Y i a be fkr Spencer pc Mason. Respectfully announced to the Public in they have it Ftp the establishment known a the Potts ii Iron asks. M of a. They?of0prc�?~�?�?os?z7d Maeh Iury of almost Etc"ion7.d.hao , notice and on the most reasonable terms. Of steam engines sly to to so a a i a a k a fax end aging Elic where May a piss ii mos works. Push Mph amp Vbk a ror Aid , by the regular Yva Terlot Ruad Vur Pool pm a sol Fri i ivc Pool. Pas3age3 mho Steerage of the fits class packet ships Marv Tea sans lieu Audoyan Berlin and Europe a Aihong from la a Philadelphia on the is of every month throughout the year Ean be eee ured on a pm Jim no a Eis ants. It no. 37 Walnut Street Philadelphia. June 0. My my a1 Snyder Edgar amp Barlon boat builders. Esp town. Co fitly tfx a a Nhia county pa., she to we hive on _ a. J a a a. A a non Nares w a i Rio a a in Ukia i Guniy m., a Diu a a a a hand a Are Iliof Staj uned lumber and Are pfcpai5, build and 4elw�i a ave of lat amp cart cd ask far ito canal Elk Here cheaper Trapany others a inn acted in our Trade and built in tho most a Uby to in tia tand durable , a a huner40-i3-6m Clie Rohlic. Late a Zivata a to Suto Cribar having jul returned from largest Stock of goods my Driver offered for Ulo in we Placo a a Quot Quot a Quot us a Orv �ood3. Groceries. Provisions Felices. Fruitful. Tobacco and a cars. Summer Hal. A a a a a Ware. 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A do Marco Caufman 4 a acres Geo Ruth a do John Houltz do Panl Brand i a do cos a Snyder j do Jacob Heber Hng 4 do Jobo starely do Francis White do Jos Ben to go a do Filbert amp Grenawalt t do to Snyder 6c Kemps i do Jacob Seibert \ do Chas Snyder \ do do Dodo chess a Snyder a do France White a do Henry Daubert i do Ley Seltzer Holmes amp co i do Francis s paid scr Ond lha heirs of. Geo Seltzer Samael Hain Fertig Reed amp Strubhar Peter Filbert a. Paul Brand Hain 6c Kock Fredrick w Conrad Arnold 6c Caufman de Bickel Fred w Conrad. Greenawalt Georce 6c co Ley Drenko a so Greenawalt estate of Zimmernan Peter Zimmer nmn a Tato of bin Switz John Houtz. A a Franci spa Sizer 113 oct is amp u6 per. O Neal 6c co a Ellis Hughes 1? Chas Hick John Vav paiton we Lehman David Keim amp drink a Lsimon Ulm in Mori z Heil ter a Lewis a noun. Isiac Betz a we. Fjun., commissioners. Al our Doc Vij. A mothers prayer. Of heavenly father by that Tomo a Yah lab thou Hast a Besen even above those which thy boundless poor Rodlam that Sam Cor mercy and of Floc. Yyi hich bids us All our wishes speak. Oar woes part our wants declare let me address i co now and seek to utter thus a Mother s prayer. Grant heavenly father to May child a heart submissive to thy will thankful lor Good and reconciled it 3y love to every seeming ill. Still May it feel and understand. A that All alike thy love declare the cheering smile the chastening hand of answer Thusa Mother s prayer. A guide heavenly father Gaido its feet a far from ambitions dangerous height the throne where virtue keeps her scat be this a homage and Delight. Preserve its step youth. From pleasure s Plawer concealed snare a direct them to the path of of uth in answer to a Mother sprayer. Keep heavenly father keep its heart pure Humble Quot and sincere. Teaching the band when to impart the Eye to shed the pitying tear with virtuous fortitude supplied und azaled by the tins eled Glare a of fashion Folly and of Pride. Of answer thu a mothers prayer. Spared heavenly father May i to. To Mak awhile it rising Sun. If of it Shemeth Good to Hec i. If not thy will be done. This then the Only Boon i crave t a Grant that Roy child these gifts May a Bare a and thank thee on a mothers grave a a for answering a Mother a prayer. A is to its Resi shape ufos err Gaiton and enjoy mini of a i Viies a a of right to Quot benefits irom which other Are a trained either by Force cd extern win items Che of by tho Irown Recto to and delicacy of feeling Evon Iho newsboy that Mila the Peony jail to Aseet find Meso. Ltd olay to aristocrat on Sutz Days mornings by Booling Teir louder Obb the cd Torch door., n As to inter rep tho clergymen and annoy tho col?owokari.tocray Las Little toil Long to do in that Connery a Silt a Dillon 10 a octet with riches. Ono May be a Crantos and a sybarite m Lour yet be Moust Ante gentle unit loss considerate and in him there b no Arial Cracy on there bar hand to Rothert. Aristocracy May to found a comp it by it it of in a and ragged Osckel cow hrs a shoe a duly face and Unco bed hair with the coarsest taste a Dtho rudest manners. A As it is not uncommon to find Guni Lerao i to workshops a gentle Man m Leel g end a Porf Mcnol however Plain and homely May be their food and clothing and habitations so too most ari4to<ra in habits on3 assumptions my. Seen even in Iho lowest Jinks of those who favorite the to of abase and angry discos ion is the imagined a a aristocracy Ifsich As merely Salt leave to enjoy in a quiet Unolt Tusic Inoff Kasiye Way such pleas Mes and pursuits a is lie within the come pass of their Fine sat and inclination invading meanwhile Ijiro other Mca a privileges right and practically recipe citing All Otherine s tastes wishes and convenience?commercial advertiser May 16�. 1 a Tigi nol poetry. A so Ltd. For tho mine journal the xjgi1t winds. I. Do d. O. My a own a i. Raoul Folly tha night winds alg when al the Lowera Tajo gone to rest. A Evhen in the any. And darkness reign a of to nature breast this away Earth with a Mournful Lay a Oft Asan on Gem voice wild Kiwi to the at Dawn of Day that Cato each a Mil 0 rejoice. A to sad to listen o their found a alone beside some murmuring Rill and Bear their music echoing round tie format Tome Distant flu the a bring to memory scenes Long past of Trow a tear of a Dye that where too by by to last Hopes Long dead for Joany year t of Lyes when Alli Hose Felon Bright Loi dark Vorher con it Atli a Are gone and not one Ray of Light in seen la All the darken1 air in the to sad hour to Hearth ton of ight wind As they murmur by and a now on Earth you stand alone hoi fit that hour for Ulm Todie ?�tlsfoncy.yct in be the Breeze that a Pawn my head was 1 rom some Distant futo brought i a a by a plus of the mighty Toad and Liko those spirit that arise i Quot. At j uni Mere Sivc they away. A into their native skip Ilc a a Scarth her away i arc they rest till nigh Ohio More 1 alls them from their Wrelve Bowers 0 cup again Earth a Suritte Over. And sigh again amongst a to Coll once More the of cycled brain. To pm again the bursting i jest. Agar you and j Rei to a to Biff the weary Hope again and never despair Llis life Leport 4 j june Itji 1&19. 1 i _. 1 Lotic to cites. The Pitnu tesness is utterly ir�pistiwfr43� i Moa a a in. Alan Eon to conceive of of an atom. \ a is commis toners office Orwigg bar june 9. 1848 24 it ice Cream Saloon. Phe subscriber spec to Billy a Nufi Riuz the Public l Cene Rully that he i prepared at his Saloon in Centre a treat a have Market which i admirably arranged with record to Comfort by his Superior a com Roo Dallons to serve up every variety 01 Retro a it uni Enid of the rho rest kinds in the most agreeable manner. His ice Cream the refreshment in the warm season in smoothness and delicacy of flavor cannot be sur picnic .d other parties. Hotel and families sup4 plied with Fonh. Confection Aries and refreshments of All kind promptly and la a Hie in it terms Frederick c. Ept1ng. June 9, is it. 24- Iccy re ii i the subscriber is heretofore will continue the manufacture of ice Cream. � order 10 Supply to Flem and during the coming Senna ire Cream All Savory of the beat Quality alway on hand. Partle and fall Busg supplied at the a Hartest notice with ice Cream. Confection Aries of every Quality and for Sale wholesale and , by H?TWeber, one door North of the miners a banh and nearly oppor in a a a Hall. A May 12, a 20.011� Farn Leturc 1 Forit Hurc s carpet. Ven Lllan pc tainted bunds acc. Gressang amp Sill Mas a a respectfully announce to the citizens no a Otisville and the it Tajii neighbourhood that they Pter nature Wabe Roos. Ufa Hanlang a Street a fete Jfe it is from Centre v Here Bey have on band a Large Ond of Amijo amp la Stock of i you lure tenth racing the latest and Roost styles. All of which has been to their order 07-the Best makers in our rifles. Their Stock embrace a general assortment of All the article embraced in Lar no Riding dwellings either Plain m the manner. Bedsteads ranging in Price from 53 to 35 y a and Alt other articles of furniture in proportion. In their Stock a Alao embraced a Large assortment 0. Venetian Blind and Yvo Johnv Shade of the. Morta prov. De patterns selected a tto pret arc. Carpeting bedding and upholster a. Bev have also added to rhe Stock a lot of carpet my of the various qualities and bedding to which they Call the of those in want of Luese a,1c��ijr design 10 keep All of furl Turc required in the necessity of persons going abroad in search of elegant articles of furniture All of which they Are determined to sell at Lew Price than they can be obtained elsewhere who packing and Carling added. They therefore Earne Siw invite those who Are about fumigant no Hong a and those al of wlm require additional Furni Turc to give them a Call is Thev flatter them Silvea they con give them any kind of a fit out they May require at a great saving of funds. Henry gre8sano. April 7 15-if Alexander . Co do do do do lid do do. Do do do do do do Schuylkill in urn Borough Wall Papcin i. The Mia Scriber have in hand the largest assortment of Walc paces in the City of Philadel Hla. Who Toaland retail Conr Sung of every a Leiy suitable for Parlours. Entries dining rooms Chambers feet which Fourqu Alliv Ond style cannot be surpassed. Doing a Cash brain use we arc to sell a better article at a min ii lower rate. Thin any store doing a Trade business. On hand a Large assortment of vide Fapp a for Portal no fire prints Borders fcc., which for Casto paper hang Lavdone in the City n b?dealer Are invited to Call and examine their a Tock before purchasing amp Burton no. 14�3 Antni the by South Side ap -10-3m.j Phila Deihla. Cheap China Glass and Queens Ware. A being desirous of enlarging our business with the citizen of its Vicinity we Are induced to Lay before them the claims of our Housetop their patronage. Having the target and Mast Complete a Yockin tins country we can offer great inducements both in Superior Quality and Price in Venca English German and Canton China the real Iron its no China the strongest Ware made Stone. Liverpool Asa Grams Irarra. Plain. Moulded and Cut Blass. A we win sell for Cne a to any person a Din n set Tea set chamber Ora piece for less Moner than any wholesale retail al Oruro can because the wholesale houses must necessarily sell on credit which we do not and retail houses do Bat a a mall business in comparison with ours. To All a Stich Ait nation is no 319 Chesnut Street a orc seventh. Philadelphia feb. 2l mo._9-y Axtel Dei wrought Don flue suitable far Loco from Sto 5 in Liei in ills ctr. Aug 1 ipes lor a. Bruton. 4-c. A a Quot it vat Tamler pc mdp1118were Hontros. loj Walnut ,t8. Phroda Plin add ffof.9ms�d dentistry removal. Moron age a. Alb Gwinn dentist has removed to no. 3�3 prot Street two doors below tenth a Elladel film Ramon per opined in the most a proved March id. Js49, a to Tannum a 4b hat a dead greedy and dry Cir una� 8 Rales of Cali to Tilich will to end in lot to a in lid sooth wharves pm Irdelphia. In store to Bales Madras coat s6,n slay in of zoo a cd grocery Flo i. And provision store. A Rove Lviv tub Suhsen Ribor announces tote ,11. A a a he has Jost Oreneda a acc la Ipp ssh yttri�?m?~ Uez nov surgeon dentist office to Damp a a a six a a de ply a doer ahoy. A Citra wllso.?Ts Oriesa web bec9 leave a to Call the attention of his a a a a a a the our ii to i Stock of Cau Ulaula Light waggons now on band Ond finishing which he a Jueil to fall kind of repairing promptly a a a Najj recollect Corner of Unoo and Raury a Street Back of the american . Tanir june � 1847. W-1v Xvi Tab a. Kirk. 141 too 100 300 90 96. 27 127 60 8 392 190 8 283 Noo 177 i 80 150 143 10 10 133 lot Quot a Robert Jonca do go h Sichler do 8 Brook amp s j Potts do it Samuel Bowento John Christian upper Mahan Lango 550 acres Samuel Keim Palt Svic Borough lot Peter Reinhrt Maha tango acres a we Hoch a do Cha Werner. A John Jolly a t�amu/1 Hain a 1 do a Geo Heck a do John retd. Do Philip Hin Tingem w a John kdn9flman do som Motet Kimmel. Do 1 Nicholas Flozier a do a Fitol Hei Zjuan to Mary Mckeit . Does Tnuett it Orael / Porter township a do Quot Joseph Zerby a. Do mgr off a do a Jacob Kimmel amp co do. A Jacob Chrowl a. Do a we Zimmerman do John Haber do John Brown of Peier do John Brown of Philip a do Lay Drenkle George to Green a away. A a v a a a Lee amp Walker. Successors to Geo. Will1g, have removed their to roof most if gland musical instruments loth and a�sp.yrioo� store in Siva Imp a building. No. J mrs Chesnut Street below seventh Philadelphia where they invite the attendance and patronage of the pm i Vic. A Leaf Walker have to purchased the entire it oct of Geo. Villig. Who Uay do Clinch a hns Are now prepared to execute All orders in Belr line.1 fac iras a it Ramentol music and musical lost Mineni a extensive of that of any Oiler Stabli fitment in the coup a Whf it in seeking Loaa certain lhoactu9l Force bearing an a significance of the horrible events that Aig Alizes the past a ref in Thi City should fail to include among their immediate Caus of decided feeling of hostility to wha Taf Juriy called tho Loracy. Would shoot of wide of the Mark a a physician who in a undying out thepaut Sand Natzio of i patient so , should no attention whatever la the a in nth a habits in the matter of eating and drinking. A Thorn is no doubt that notional prejudice bad something Lojo with Iho Ileal no Active and hateful Imp ubo by who h the mind of some hundreds thousands were swayed but we entertain no doubt that Sci thru in this rat in the extra vagal All Armeni of i Fol j lower to . Forrest can anything like a com 1 Pieto and Satir factory moving Ciuc of tho Excita i ,�.>�� w mint that prevailed Fri m monday to thursday a of space and a Raj we Homo discovered. A Long existing and Ranco Roin but most erring haired of what of Faleck called the aristocratic efts iks entered much More largely. Into tto Oul Brenk than Many arc prepared of perhaps willing to adroit. We. Need not p>�e to re Toimi tha Reader How per eve ring a and basely this Mitra blk feeling of haired a we Beuie fed 3iimuatrd and pm Ndem ril to by in Riouz i journals under Leno motive mid Mother Suine Yirava from cupidity sometimes merely in a Epi ril of Wanton mischief not through. Persona pique and often for no other end by lei reason that because a sneer cd a thu codfish Arintoc re Cyl a a cheap a amp i a am telling theme for a paragraph an article. Yet of Oil Thiol a in the world there is no greater mistake than ih�3 popular notion about aristocracy. To do not say in the spirit and manner of the usual com non place Dii relation on this topic that ice Hove no aristocracy in this country that aristocratic join Stiop Are unknown under a Republican government and Republican institutions. This vie do not say because it k utterly untrue but we do say and we shall show before Thi article is ended that the real Amirto Craig Aro not they against whom popular odium a directed and to whom the name is to subtly Given of a title of reproach j that it really belongs to and ought to be worn by quite a different portion of our View Corva Acety. A. Let a Gist inquire what an aristocrat is in 1 what tho sin of aristocracy consists. An aristocrat i we conceive is one who either by operation of. Law by the Force and effect Cucus Tcori Ond social Tobim self and enjoys some privilege right Benefit not attainable by others by the Mas of the people and who is exempt from some Oil of tho restriction imposed Oft tha people generally. Under ibis Trio definition it will at once be seen that the Possession and enjoyment of wealth and of Iho pleasures that wealth commands have nothing whatever to do with the formation of amp a aristocrat supposo./ in stance a Roan with an income of a thousand dollars a year by some mom to enjoy on exemption from fire Maui a duty jury duty while i neighbor with ien Twenty thousand a year in subject to both has an aristocratic privilege and is to that sex int an air Socrat. Compared with his neighbor though the latter May cat Venison and drink Champagne while to i Fain to Content himself with Fried liver .d Smalt Beer. To popular sense judgment is a wrong in connecting a Manth Ibiza luxuries pleasures with aristocracy. Thyrsa things arc Mere matters of taste expediency convenience ability. If one Man tails pleasure in hearing a tragedy Miloj couely chanted ung in tho italian language and another delights in hearing ii Shoales by a robust tragedian in eng Tob the one i neither More nor Fosa an Fri Lornt than Iho Tobor because of this preference you my a say if you please that the taste of one is artificial unnatural effeminate anything also you Pleane impeaching applauding his Good sense his judgment but aristocracy is of much out of to question of tho Cherokee alphabet. So one Man May find Bisti Leasure in a Large and richly furnished haute in Tosy carriages costly pictures Marble statuary exotic shrubs and Flowers Ond the other usual accompaniments of wealth in our City while Anibor gives i affections to a by Reo that can do his three Miles a minute on the Avenue to the wonderful dog Billy that kills thirty rank in one minutes one rat in thirty minutes we Aro not quite certain which but one of these men is just As much and jut As Lille of an aristocrat a tho other so far As taste .d habits Are concerned a Ondy Luther of them is no i a a and a o More an prot of rat than a third who he his enjoyment in a Blacl pipe and o Glass of raw whiskey than s fourth who a goes iut for a quart of peanuts and a seat in the pit of the bowery theatre. Each buys Hio in pleasure with his own Money a a Jyi it in. Is he has a pee fort right to in not As the re a of any , fro Rrt which of hrs Are restricted by operation of Law social arrangement and admits the per oct right of Oil the other to find Ai Syhavo their pleasure also in he same kind in Jtb himself if the cd a mean and inclination of dip a pm them. In Jedi this in Noy part of it there is not a Partido Quot of Ariar Cracy. Be have said however that sheif Sorisi Cracy in our country but that it i not to be looked for of creation. \ Quot mind says Daw. The Almo it infinite minuteness Ogle Grain of Gold for instance Nimicht to beaten out to Asli cover o a quire foot of space and yet Jure Havo not of preached its reduction to atom. I an Odra a Rable a last ration by deeper May m Gijon. Reduce n cubic Inch of Sulphur to Fine Provder and you May cover with it an area of six Square and los. Take one Groin of this a jew to Najid tri Turate it thoroughly with ninety nine rain i of Curie of Mik on Dit presence Xoum ii it Cir Tab a in every Eroin of tho a Kindred. Toko w Groin of Tai and treat it if the a Ama was Mith a a bar ninety nine Grams of. Sugar of milk. Cru so on. To a third dilution As Ero May Call it Iio powder thou resulting from cubic Sulphur Wou i cover two Square Miles of area at the Frith the Empire of Austria at the sixth tho whole of Asia and Africa at the ninth it would Clover the anti be surface of the san with Oil its planto Ond All their stat elite. And., Yot although in every Grahn of Thi powder tho Fiu thur was found of to the spies tit we had not reduced it to atoms. Again it a Well know i Ihal of putrid a voter under certain circumstancp/3, contain a millions of animal Coho in visible except to High Powers of tho every a one of these a is a highly organized being having at least something Anala Gous to q so Tozian capable of action of pursuing of retreating of attack tend do Fence. The globules of the Wood of on elephant Are perceivable Only with a Microscope and yet the so animal Cule must have blood old that blood must consist of similar globules. In too Moro v tho Bov Iata Gigantes a species of most Root to the a pm a of twelve hours shoots up from a sir sly Perce Priblo germ to a Planta foot in diameter every Inch of in �arfar� contains three Hundred Ond thirty six minion of cell every cell with their six sides is divided from those Jound it by filaments of far Moro Complex Thap an atom of Pokosh amr yet we have not got a glimpse even of the atom of which the too composed. He would confess inquiries such a Whoso inspired by him with but one feeling Fearl it was a if he were taken by some profound of Monomer far amongst tho world that people Infinito space and he was ready to cry out for some of Nelfo Lead him Back to solid ground once More. Opt thing Only Gava him Comfort he knew of something higher deeper than Tacto facies it was the idea. These were after ally Only tho letters in which the infinite idea Zisblatt one. Heft to a fid the dec though ted Paschal when he exclaimed that although the Universo Wera to Cruz he bid to foam Velill feel himself greater than the How it Ivaa isl a no Wuu us a a a a a a a a a universe for he knew that Ana ids him. A Bead Todd extract the Independent order of Odd Fellows boast of a Peculiar philosophy1. But which a nothing More than Christian Benevolence under another name of is Plain from the following elegant and glowing description of it taken from the oration of a brother of tho order a hero is a Ca Raj Sweet realm. Here Oro Rao Green pasture�,1 lend the still watch her a the ways of pleasantness and the paths of Garden which Febe tills is to human Bent and the seeds which he scatters will Bear their Frait in heaven?her1 Are not the a pomp of science the splendor of Coli iut the Tufer of woo lib the might of Gruici Wilh her pole Finger she Poreau to tho ennals of a pm a. Quot no a the "1 become bul As chaff upon the Hosom of thou wind. Yet she Stop not Here. A so ski a he now in order of tone a solemn is a Midna Gnu Bell of Iho nothing be. Of human Grestner i and 3 Shau hear her Clarion a Vico aloes that human Vino never lies the shallows of Fie sch upon Ona Benj and a to his of tho Wop a upon Iho other to Leach How Fol i individual us Hiiop. And Bow Rolesa the love of self took a Gam and of shall to Hoij her Ilia end pc upon her Angel opinions of a a love and Charity Ltd go her a. Euro human family their Imp a fold. Com raise now in Iho shape of a hdm by 1 philosopher worn cod Bent with the years. To. To Neomea Noain in tho shape of a ministering Onge. Via smiles of Quot ted tears of pity to the Bodo of want and the in mesh of death a a x powekfuj?T Moraz. Agent. . Of clean of ph�0��n accepting tho presidency of the am. Sunday so Sool Union say a if we Dein our country but that n i. Nor 10 be Roost a i it Quot i Rico to make rur no ion truly great and to Iran a in tho class Section portion of society unit 10 to Tyrity b in insist wins in their Primitivo whose door tho sin of aristocracy is pm Raily lain. Simplicity Ond log i a Vire must imbue Iho minds of Eta no Fortes from various Welt known and approx now in a Tore and will be constantly offered for Sale. O county dealer a applied on very Fenson Anlo terms. Feb 10 -7-6010. Tiew Spring Good in Philada Townsend 8h.1rples8 4c sons 33 South. Second ?rim-0a.,have received by their own importation and care Ful selections it Large and Well a elected Stock which comprises every desirable kind af1 a Staple pc fancy goods. Drus Lus tres Chint Zes linens and All tho now Fabrica far spline i a a a?��.�?T . Canton Crape Tibet. Broche plaid eng1i�h Cassirer a Ond Seal Teklu. A Friendly and neat figured foods of a kind Pialo shawls aii Rifa Plain Rufous hint a a afcan / a a cloths cns8�merefi,dril11n2,, Itu Romer Studli a a attn so and youths for Faia . W2ris� ,mhnto.8heoifag�.ltnens,,,. Sioe Maiert , Gahona laces face. Philada. March 31.1849 a tho truth is that our real Anzio cats Brj a a a to found generally among Faw inc it it a ae3, sir socratic pretensions i 5ercett and Moat noisy run Quot x ii Quot a so York Farl starch. A. T amp a Quot so a Siam ask a a so amp is piled at York pile nujlm�-51-tf c f. Norton age to. Tho genl Emit a a a. Sigr Tato the to Quot fester of certain . Instead of enjoying exclude. Pm Leges is restricted by Bis sense of propriety his regard for the welfare and convenience of Othery mid h a a a ten4c�e�.oflfec.nk l.utio0r ,.ml.m,. Croc knows hide of these he Noisom tho atmosphere which others have to breath of with by Tab Taco smoke in matter whether it join a Railroad car of the Quarterdeck Ofa steam Hoit a thronged ride walk in a concert room he carries on loud and perhaps. Ribald convey Saviori no a her who May to annoyed by Thein Guption he Tansy be Ari omnibus Driver and that Case indulges Hia aristocratic feelings by racing with some brother whip regardless of the lives and limbs he puts in peril of to Law he violate to May be a Street vender of fib and indulges Bis Atis Toerock by blowing a born As loud it As be can without a moments cessation under the window of the pick and tho dying. In a thousand forma your aristocracy display itself. Youth with Thich shall in fluid know of no Rnear tins result As like a to Tbs go nil Minior lilith tin convict Atins of n ill for and elevated morality no la her wifi be live. And a a it Livell civic Laud to pro Duee a re Batoh Clito it a a a of our Donn to it a to tit arts e hols 1 Arti. Recommended by the dry pc Impvirtanca?� a. Public . Extract Praia a supjitoutot1 0 an Orr Floatee. Entitled a an Ori Linanel rejulit0? Public exp till non to the Boron ugh of Odtis Villa passed May l m9. A be it enacted Auu ordained to the town cd Nicin the Borough of it a a hereby enacted by the authority of Abe same. \ / a a _ see. L that from Amu tar Iho passag Amator Dion acc no concert musical Retert aliment in 00 held within � limit of Tbs Sarong for afo Casald. Without a License of Romiche . First body a obtained. And the granting of any a a Foch tool sum to to paid there boreas to a hold Loc any such concert Mutlaq entertain rent with but to Cense flirt had and gained and in other no in no�reanl.,l provisions of Thoj ordinance of which this 1 As Opplt Cor pm a a a of to Council. Enacted and ordained Liy be town Connell of Rio Borough of Roth vile. Hay to al. 1910. A Sotl j a a Fiok Olno. Town �7 a Ali i Quot
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