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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 29 1865, Page 2

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 29, 1865, Pottsville, Pennsylvania Sai to def Fife go Pottsville Latu a. A com reforms. The burdens which the Tox Payera. Of 1 sa1firn#Are compelled to Bear in consequence a reckless disregard the Fotr Tofta the Community and the lavish a Maimer in which the Public Money is spent without adequate return Call for Reform. It is useless to look to the party now ruling the county for. Reform when at its. County meeting held the st last june it passed Resolution favouring the repeal Laws fat new protect the tax payers. If that party had the disposition to save the packets our people a from robbery tie county com missioners would have applied As we urged them to do at the last session the Legi lature for a Law to provide a salary for the treasurer in place permitting him to charge and receive 18,000 a year More than four times whats paid to the governor the state. This is in itself a Gross outrage which should receive at the polls to october a next a rebuke from the fleeced tax payers the county it was equally useless for us to a i upon the senator and representatives in the last legislature to Stop this kind work. The senator was too Busy procuring in a quiet manner the. Passage a Bill to i enable him to Purchase in an equally Knob. Trusie manner a slice the choicest parts to the Alina House land while one . The representatives was unable to read a Bill after it was drafted. This Happy combination paid no attention to anything but their own interests and the Treasury suffered in Conse Quence tothe amount stated. There willbe. An equally outrageous charge this year by the county treasurer and the tax ers Are a a a expected to stand this sort thing without murmur. R this is not the Only cause grievance. The affairs the House have been so badly carelessly we might say criminally managed that from $-19,532 67 in 1861, the Quot expenses the institution reached in 1861. $51,689 01. In 1861 the average Cost maintaining each pauper was $64 per Annuli $1864. $148. The report a committee appointed by the court to examine into the. Many Gem it the House is published in another column. Although the committee to make As lenient a report the management As possible and says that much the increase is due to the enhanced Cost articles entering into the consumption the House yet it is compelled to acknowledge after due investigation that there is absence. Of care and Economy in the management the institution. In Plain English tie people Schuylkill county thousands dollars yearly in consequence the incompetency and carelessness the officers the House about the Randall business buy ing at private Sale from the directors part. The poor House land the committee thinks that the Fuh value the land was paid which by the Way is not the Case As parties state who Are acquainted with the. Matter that at the time the a and was sold it would have brought one Hundred dollars acre More than was paid for it but objects to the manner in which the Sale w made that was precisely the ground upon which we entered our protest. It is a bid business when officers placed by the people to take charge Public property undertake quietly and unknown to the people to sell part that property. As a tax payer we object decidedly to that style a a running the machine a and believe that the party which actions such acts is unworthy to manage any part the Economy the county. Quot the state affairs in this county Calls loudly for Reform find it is to be hoped that the tax ers rising above All consider. Tides Mere party will this fall a Lect a re. Form ticket. Upon that ticket should be placed citizens intelligence and responsibility men who in the legislature in the county offices would act singly for the interests the people and with care for the Public finances. We have had such men. Let us again place them in office. The taxpayers this county May rest assured one a tact that if they continue a office the pre sent class men their Taxe be will largely in creased not t rom natural causes Butin consequence carelessness incompetency and dishonesty. We views this sub. Jet not in a party spirit but in the sincere Earnest conviction that the interests the county demand a change. We Hope that the tax payer and voters the county will give this matter the attention which its in. Ortance warrants. Let them resolve to nominate and elect irrespective party a Reform ticket in october. If they have any regard for their pockets in the future such will we Are confident be their action. Cd no a the Cserna ramsted. But the Obj Renolf tells cd the Dagger it Jaq jute out no Mode Jtj escape. Fit Lina up a Wace warning it do not Tell sow to avoid to evil. We propose to show a Complete moans obviating the danger. There in the United states a Large body men their n give southward., who aide As ignorant and As Nedu fitted As the Irish oat Holma but Tucey have re Liei Trof amp Ith tier does Tbs confession dial put them Power any Man any Priesthood. There Are four Lions them almost number thac Thern Are catholics a amp Black All Loyal Aud Gany All protestant. they re Avoir through their feelings unlike the Inah to a Henr a Amis Dezire and Aff Iftode tor Inte improvement. Without any free school a ton whatever their children Are counted to free schools by Tena thousands while in. Iwanah to glow Norfolk Bic Hmoud Newhurn wherever a Quot a philanthropy is willing to Teton thou a Alt Blacks Labouring by Day Tody by night they Are Quot unlike the Catholic Irish. In Bergl Doerfle Aud get the. Their love Jmc their willing obedience their religious Hajn Tatums Are valuable characteristics. In persistency labor for Stern and rugged a mfr the Tripidi Argrea Pear for themore Hest Tirol qualities humanity the Blacks. But the Christian especially notes the fact that the Irish Are 11 Catholic Aii Hoscilo to the Bible All haters prote Sundiam to virile the Blacks have intense desire to read the word Goa re nearly All protestant Andall followers him who Cam Tolet the oppressed go free. R a tto Eye two classes Are the supplement each other. Is to cd in the qualities a Lac Fang in the other. To one. The franchise is granted from his birth after. A temporary residence. The other must Rise from poverty to 1� Worth $250 before can vote in new York., in states West and South new York cannot Quot Rote at Alu now if it is desirable to meet the Posi Nve Gatho lie element in politics religion by one equally positive in another direction we. Have but to with the same Poh tical Power we. Have already Given the True the a Pic the a Jan Jerpi Truro to a re a tall Baton Toje Jet reset by to were wk9.liiep0utoettotiglfoattoco, to be highly favourable a / tie wheaty Phil is i very i mutant the ugh Tulfo Quity a the Grain Iliot quote equal to that last year. It is believed that there Buffi Dency to beet air port deminds who a a prices film it i win in taiga the. The oat is Sac Ltd be appear every , the Beetle al pfc has made its appear foe among the stat est font to withal Ndang recent Wrath a Bero so favourable Tot the Prospect a Good yield is promising a sold ii a desires the Lebanon courier to ask Copperhead Eduora whether they think one southerner can Northern men. 8nndy. to year and seventh after Trinity Day length photo and 24 a v4tf internal Retina . A Wal be found ret none which there can a , will be och interest to oar read is. They Are the a we a eat entente the pm Rappa. We pm Vames in rip with the ii knife car Fligr income the ftenr8to,f to in Emne the year 186of into tinned Affer Dedy Jim to a to amp ret raw a we a Pui ladle Kuddle part. Fort Carbon st. Cd urn met btyto%nasaa3n�?�.?j Geshn Oltof i Berdos. Quote. . _ acky unon Joew. T a Krnato James. Ancona is. Quot Leld Owen. Tebin Erdosi. V to Tjell talc Huras jobs . T-.-. la ebb i a Quot 16 Lela Pant a. Laaby a Stern Levi. Lose Nathl. Fjord Isaac.-. Editors table. New in Nav Horace water no. 481 Broadway new York has published two new pieces music a Only you Aud i a and a a meet the. Dear. they Are Beautiful the music the last named song a by 8tepben c. Fo8ter. Ticks Mafielda. Boston Havn published Ina neat , the National Zvric a . Whittier in the Futon track american Poete the sentiments hta poems touch the heart. To Liege poems in their. Present form should and we believe will have an extensive circulation. Price 50 cents. It. A a Hobbs at August number this interesting family Magazine contains 6 Beautiful illustration a the Church under ground and a Largo number most admirable articles by gifted writers. This Magazine a in bashed voter that a not equally Adverse to an Irish one. Charles Scribner a co., 124 grand Street and the Black voter has these advantage t his new Yolk at 3per. Annul. This Magazine is instincts Are the Side Freedom and pri>-1, destined to obtain a wide circulation for it fills a. .1� a ii a. Dkl Moon a in Milf Lruth Acker John. 52s a atle Nimis Jim. L131. ,.-.-4 Lac Peters. Ods Sedward. a i08lewte 30,863�lewifiwm a. Leib John 1�1�4 m66 a 395 Black a uncultivated and ignorant but to is. Jibe Inah. In All 6ur political debates Tia question we remember to Agni fiend against a Black Testant ism is More susceptible Cultivar Conj and be is not the tool priest Layman. The. Gift franchise to the Black in sores. The Perpet worthily a Niche in our periodical literature which has Long been vacant. A Unity free education and religion in our land. Give the Black Man a vote and every 8outheru. In Loyal every Northern state. Trae to i Freedom. Refuse him the franchise. And the re-1 Bellion will note ended with the generation which gave it by ctr ,. A i ,. Coil and Coil oil�?1 knew Aso pr�9-Isisfi estebpbi8e, a we have been furnished with the report the. Great Kanawha petrolatum Coal and lumber come Huy 3000 acres Coil Oil and Timber lands in West a Virginia Kanawha county and the great Kanawha. River. This company is formed in Schuylkill county and i its members a re some our most influent�l.1 and practical men. The report is interesting and arts Fortis an array facts in a Plain business like and practical manner without any attempts to color exaggerate. It seems evident from the face the statements and the corroborating evidence that this is a legitimate Enterprise As far removed from a Stock a a it a curation As so thing the kind can be. A a a a. A a the land is a coated in the Estoil territory the great Kanawha Quot who re Oil has been produced for the last fifty years from the Salt Wells the celebrated Kanawha Salines which Are in the Vicinity the but it appears that the Val be the Laud does not depend Oil Salt As the entire tract 3000 acres is underplayed with Coal. Fourr teen seams Coal have been developed by weekly almanac 1863 aug 29satuepat,. 30 Boudat. 81 Mondat. 1 tuesday. 9 in it Nimit at. 8 tue Rsie it. 4 fri at. Hts b1sx8 som. Skis 55j7 wit 5717 68 7 6 j7 doom s changes. Full 7 Aua q. 13 new 21, first q. 29 0 33 Evn g 4 46mn�?Tg 2 Slevo g 6 60evpg a if to Justice amp i Bills can be obtained at the store a ban Nap Centre Street.,. Alstadt Francis., Atkins Hanson. Atkins cd amps to oof Milton. Bowen Jas w i. By Boemer Henry. W. Bowman g Bertram John p. A Beck Geo Boyer we. Berner to Berinche s a. Of Nett Rafas a. Birmingham Mulchi be Cotef f a. Bickert Leonard. Buckert Joweph. . Bindley John. Brown John a Bowen Era ebb. Brown Frederick j Brennenman Philip Beck James a. Bock . Brownmiller Nice. Blackmun Enos. Baird mrs dec. Bright George. Bowden. Frederick. Belly Geo i. Borman to. Bannan John. Bartholomew a. Bright Michael. Bishop Joseph. Bright trustee Bartholomew Lin. Borkhart Lewis. Beatty b John Isaac. Boyer Henry. Bickel we. no. Brooke up. Bechtel a a a a a a a a. Brown Beatty e a Bosbyshell Law. Beveridge David. Bannan Beniamin. Barlet Charles. Buckley. John 56 46 / 960 j 10 25 4, /4,000 �8 a a a a x837. Arn Jitsu Britt a a 58 Atu Toto s3 Asban re . Boone Bra shoe. Boye Knoeb. 1s8 boy Trafim o., Ato bail Ludeon Jet Bio ret tuna. aitow., . A Kline John. $ Kern abner.�-, a Keim. Anthony i Toee to Eph. 821 8,110 s254js6 a. 4l 150. 100 266 g42 136. 9429 311 ,434 452 656 a 830 829 68 161 Little Christopher. Nawton . Amiga James. Lindenmath Job. Locker Ambrose. Loeser. Chits. Lather pm. Lamburn Sebeni a. Lauer Fred a. Lauer Geo. Lod Charles.,� Lloyd Jas. Moorhead Alex. to to a a. Madden Henry. Maize we a. Myer Peter. Moyer Isaac. Mule Jas Matz we Moyer John i. Meenan John. Mcc arajs. 688mortimer Geo w. 12,420�morgan8b. 9,797�?~moreton do. 65<martz. Geo. 600 Maginnis John. 2,900 i a hnriice., -9,718 ,632imcc8mant Joel b. 6,920 Moi timer we r. 111 Milller Henry. .807 Mccabe John. 1,490 import Elm. G. 157 Maher Dennis. 2,124 Miller hehry.8 Mcarthur Nich. 702 Miller. Sami. 187�?~mendleson Edw a. 751 Mortimer Wra. 4,604�mcginnes Fieo f. Us Mcclnne ser. 4,935 Miller John. 500 Matz Mary i 131 Mundey Jas h.,. 261 Murray Jas. 4,242 Maize f56,Mei?8e Chas. 1,962 a Mccoll Ough j a. 427 113 1,<60 .5,950 28,255 164 850 1,326 2,105 260 617 1.843 1,000 4,296 23,099 41 275 ,390. 315 1.223 a�?�123. 711 79 51 .429 423. 5t7. 125 9,570 3,1 s3 a .46 16,041 1,106 690 121 183. 81. 1,402 . A a _breui3u�a�?Tbarnscantad� Betti unit amp to. By tons to a Brett Roger Jac. 4./ a Brown Dir id. 1 Brown \vrn.�?~�. V sity Fred. Bum Mcne Bach a. A r blakelyowm�.-. I covely John. A co Dree . Cather John. Carrell Frank.,. Covely win. Craw Shawd Chad Ron a Jno. A Camel Eljas. Cokly div lds. Cowry Cook Thos. Corcoran Edwy a. Coveley Zack. Croxton thoa�.-.� Cable John. Norvelt r col than fat. Carr Donkin Henry. Dawson John. To rms . Davie Henry b. Dunlap jus a. Deturk we a. Daddow Jos. Davenport Jos. Dyer. Sami. Davis Keene. A. Davis Reese. Davidson John. A Davis Liewelyn. Decker Matthias. Daugherty eat ast a st a 1� Lang Lewis Philip. Lewis atm. Lewis Row. Land Ebadi David a Loebe in inst. List Thomaas. Uttley John a. Feikin Martin.�.-. I Kialoa a. Mckenner Patrick Lingle Bernard. Mcatee Patrick. . Mark be. Maj raw Michael Quot. Mcmahon . 7. Melody Mich . Monis we a. Mckeown . Mcgraw Thos. Mcgraw John 7?. Or. preach to Morrow morning Jejer Charles. 19,3ioj Mortimer Asbury. A in Tia in Larch. Tama i a a Ono and evening in the presbyterian. Church Tama qua 7emen the 96th regiment who were in the 93th regiment Bave been mustered out service. The 52d regiment has been lbs to readout. A pm Bell John Bowen Chat Bowen we Boyer Zachariah. P Brown James i. Bradley Dennis. Overlie George. Game e h., d pm. Burlingame Cornu Lieut Oul i a Nenny sep 52ilponn. Regiment i camping b a. Reached his Home in this Boron go this week cuke Wallace. Having been mustered out service. A foul1 a ii a Quot tar career has been eventful and honorable we i Areliz David. We cd him Back to the peaceful to Ruiu civil a Cooney timothy., Cruikshank Geo w. Carr Philip. Conner. James A the Rev. Or. Jennison will preach in the 2d Cumming a in quoth. Presbyterian Church to Morrow morning and cake Joseph a. A evening at.i a. M., and 8 clock p. There Clayton John. Will be service in the name. Place thursday evening August ,3d, at 8 clock by the Rev. Or. Plump a. Sale Sale Otto Hundred government mules will take place in this Borough tuesday next. The Sale will to continued daily the go moan ranging from two to ten feet i until All Are sold the and no is Are in excellent ios Luu Pauth a a jargon void because Uncle Sam thick excellent Coal with an aggregate uc�ba8 no further use Quot for them thickness fifty feet and nearly All above water level. Of this amount two three Are Cannel Coal seams and one them is the celebrated a Peytona Mauuel a which has no Superior. _ _. Practical miners who have examined thi s property pronounce it without exception equal to anything the kind in this country the Coal is Good there Are no faults the i seams Are nearly level cars can run in any direction in the breasts and the water can al be drained without pumping. The Coal can be mined cheaper is a general Rule than the j navigable River and . Carpenter James 9 Carpenter John Ohnsman Jacob. Campbell John. Christian Berio. Clay Geo Cooch Thomas. Chanbers Henry Cadwell Edward. Cochran James a. Cake Alexander. A. Cheatham Adam. Black , by Nna with Black a Job Cohen Israel. Bin was lost tuesday evening last while the do Lison Oliver. Owner was coming fro the water Basin port Dohrman a. Carbon Road to the Union hotel in this Borough. Dolan. Joseph. The finder will receive a suit Able Reward by Leav i drier joen.,.�? ing it with . Lindenmuth at the Union. Davis David w. Davis Jenkins. I Donaldson gym. T the Root the Union Hall will be raised to Dreher Hiram. Day and it is hoped that those who have sub Davis we a. Scribed to the Stock will their balances due As the funds the association Are depleted. Attention to this matter will facilitate the Somple Tion Aud occupation this important Publio improvement. A a a a 7 to be mustered outcompanies f. And a Deviele r 2d Penna. Regime it which have keen station do to 202 1 ,., ,. T de i this Region for some time left Here yesterday afternoon for Tamaqua where Liev wore to Anthracite it is near a a a. La finds try a Bdl station theron to All ports the join the rest the regiment and then proceed nulls to Harrisburg where they would be mustered out lower Ohio Aud Mississippi where the de Bervice. The 202d a a year regiment. Maud for Coal is now very great and rapidly a a increasing. The distance from uie property Fifie pedal new Yte a to Cincinnati is 200 Miles less tired to fifty Cente Are in circulation. The notes As a a Enera thing. A re much worn and the a a Jcsse. Of Imrick Eber. Dornau lucy.,.,-Dmyiicy Maraca. Derr Simon. Guncler Charles. Dickinson a to. Joss. John Dew pcs Francis p. Dei Mjohn a. Dudley Benj f.-. Do fri in Josephs. Delong Nathan. Erd Raan Evans George. Eiler Adam. Evans Nathan. Herbart Julios 352 Miller then. 328tmorris Henry 288 Medler Morgan f. 10.175lmedler.aj 385,Macdonald 800 Morris johns.791 moms Samuel. A a 800 Moore Jas 272 Matthews Jacob. 4 825 Morris Rich . 127 Morrison Edw. .843 Nagle Danu. 479 no Regin Anthony. 542 Noble John a. A a a 47 James. 47 Elcede. 89,648 Nolc hts a Andrew. .100 Oliver jaac3 6.832 Olewine Job. 1.261 Polliard John. 131 Petry j a 4.230�Powers 1,332 Priffer 34ipitmau Chas a. 97 Patterson Ltd Oast. 380 Pott Benji. Zooi Patterson Edw. -18,635 Piersol .,. Leo pm the Ronfred. 33paifmorejam 465�?Tparvin f 153 Patterso Burd. 2l4�?~potu we w,.�. Iti Pott Frank. 51424 Petherick Thos. 2,900 Patterson Geo _ lol Pryor a. 257 Pomroy Benj . 386pott6 Ramsey a. 210.parry e . 1,964 Pollock we. ,280 Parker Hiram.-. 500 Pilling John. 2,329parker Wra-295 Portroy clifford., 5,144 Pusey Chas 21h, Henry. A Quot. Cases the Cypher is much smaller than the other a pjs up Quot figure. A. Evert Benj. Edwards Richard. The Kanawha is less liable to blockage by ice in the Winter and interruption by Low Waters in the summer than the upper Ohio. The seams Are larger and More numerous. Than Thev Are at Pittsburg and the Coal is Piura a i. Totth Side where receives orders for a Custo i Letaba Joseph. Of ii Kiln Mer the Captain is Well known to our a Cut James .t0,01s and better adapted to All the wants Indus a3 an excellent Wco Tukman in his business i Faust Alexs. .308 a Apt. We. J. Winkle. Date the 48th begin ads k. Ment has commenced business again As a Boot est try Daniell. And shoe maker in Market Street near second a i hers Radolph try Atie we Haven doubt that a fair share the. Public patronage will be accorded him. Faust Alexs. a. Fox we. Frantz Flanigan Bernhard Fitzsimmons j a. In addition to this tract is covered with primitive forests valuable Timber mostly White a and Poplar but also Maple Beach Walnut Hickory &c., amp a. In the Kanawha Region who re Salt has been the great production for the past fifty years to ?o�tj�?osa7erai Brave souk in the War ithe entire neglect the Eoal. During its Early we. Bilanti collector the Borough tax Wilt be at the Union hotel every. Wednesday from Foster Thoa. Morning until night and at store Smiley Charles., saturday night to receive Aramimta due the l a Eger Joseph a. Borough the duplicate this year. Or. I ?55i a land is a Soldier the.War\ofl812 lamp nearly a i ferr i cd l 197 i 34 1.198 985 471 11,400. 29 7,823 620 �?�748 374 121 701 299 191 go �?~3,3i>4 3,1s7 40 2,229 4,129 100. A 200 10,203 .3 0. 353 13 3,030 1,142 a 547 70 .692 2,690 a 2884f>s. A 100 25 370 39,877 10.1s� 4,9 293 12,205 2s5 1, 4.509 Quot 405 a Soo 5.180 �?�1,703.1. 960. 1,803 434 1,614 997 209 1,273 26 1.546 690 2u2 ,-718 117 l8s9 28s 990 319 680 1.125 3,120 492 2934 197 devout Emanuel. Diehl Martin., Davis Howell. Davis Howell. Driscoll Davis Thos d Davis Jacob Davis frands. Dever de ups. Evans do Edwin j., Evans Thos a. Evans fun cafe a. By John. Fritz Jphn. Fenel Rstine. L. Flanigan . Forney Jac. Frante Jac. Frant Henry. Fanbachas./. A Frantz Christian. Fox Geo. Fer rebus a cans. Ferry bes Amzi Foley Bartholy Mew Ford Jas. Fern cell thna.,v. Grad Well in Laud a Ron. Grumm Lewis., Griffith John a. Tie re Jacob. Gowen re Chat. Glen i Panl. Gel nut a 3tary Gottshall louis., Gannon Jac. Glut legs we. Gil . Howard Jaimes. Honecker Nich. In Avill Herman. Henderson chasm. In word Benj Hemm Hgray we. A Herbert Edw. It. R Hardy j8sj/. A Honecker Christ. Harris Herbert Holmes John. Hobbs . Hess Constantine. Highton Jas. Hutton John Hopkind Avld. Honecker Jacob. Honecker Nice. I Hall. Peter. Hardy Jas. Harris John a ,. Heaton John. Houseknecht a. Hemmer Christ., Hughes John. Howell Dnniel. A Hilbert Mich. Henighan John .180 -99 1,200 t3 112 191 it to 0t �22 b1. 188 82 39 45 14__________ 1,2<w Mcgow . 182 we. -179 Madara Rellah. 148 Miles Edw. 28 Miles . 144 mayor Nich. F 1 b Morrist John. 825 Mcgraugh Andrew 1,630 Morgan John. 304 Matear Mary. 35 Merrick Anthony. 260 Martin Jashu a. A. 52 March we. 60s Moshe Heln a. 22 Mcgee James. 200 Mccarty s a. 204 Mason we. 1,733 Nichols John. 200 Nagle Jacob. 500 Naylor web. 61 Niederjohn. 42 Neirmann Herman ,71 Nash John. 45 Nash Martin. \6& Omla Francis. A a 33 Omla Wandal. a53 Omla Henry. 510 Neil Danl.82 Neil John. Luoi Ormerd Adam. .26 a pwt Peter a r13l-p6oer we 959 Pressman Joseph. 200iprice Richard. It Post Jos. 8�ploppert Jas. So spilling Harkey. 77 Parker we. Li0 Price Benj 93�pollock John 720 quirk John. 40iquinn Peter a 244 Roxby Jeremiah. 95�rosby John. 466 Roe Rig Demy. 1,319 Richards David a. 139�r�iw� we so file Mark. 223r�>th Jobu a. 199 Richards Shem. 10.richardson few. 129ril�y Mich. 15,465 Rowback Chas. A no Richards wet. 222 Rudd John. 283 Ray John. 40.sntton Lewis. 62 Sullivan John. 742 Shoener Rich a. 95 Smith John a pop Shaefer David. 17 Sherman Jacob. 17, Sheafer Jonathan 174 stocks we. 48 Scholley John.,. 1s5 Sullivan Jos. 744 Stahl g a. R 410stahl Geo. 13 Shelly Jacob. 572 st . John 3s0 Sci Ere Relnart. 90 shun Philip. A �36 sends John. A. 206 Sykes Benj. A 406 Sykes Geo.7405 Saeltzer Peter. 459 sell Mao Solomon 294 Shuster Jos. 51 Sykes Sidney. 119 Stone we. .119 Seligm Nna a 4s4 Stoker Matthias. 32 scan let Jame. -34 the Bra is John a. 30itnrner John. A40 Tope Jas. .6 . 98 Townsend Henry. 9 Turner George. A 180 Thomas John a. .128 Thomas John a. 456 Thomas John. A. 42itucker Nath. 9t-Thome the . 621 Townsend Jos. A 78-Townscnd, jas�?T. La lurch we 125 unit Thos. 33,. .6tfwfttursthos 267 Watkins Edw. In a 50 272 150 is �?��?�12 �3 234 to. -191 a 94254 14 128 14 a .139 238 73 110 50 92 165 55 30 50 494 .739 233 203 304 33 254 252 111 17 so. 260 68 95 123 246 602 90 187423 421. 71 255 go 112 341 181 7 92 226. 8 85 89285 138 948 162 387 a 170 14 �17 a the Griffe a i the meow if Otic prepaid a is located in Poncer got at Indiana near the Little Village Genf Reviue Embo Irereo amid the Majestic a rec by neither head too nor Monument to denote tire sacred Depoto and the place where be re lne be buried a an a frequented locality Coj spare Tivey so a Hort time Befu the Hia death . Pm Coln vote a letter sex preening hib intention to its tithe grave this summer and cause a suitable Inonu Mentor to be erected and in to ii Jat Torlton Friend expressed the Tefet that the Husi nees Taree life Hod so Long compelled him to nost Poue this duty the Fallier and Mother a in no Nln were r members a Baptist Uhn Rob when his Mother died a widow no minister could be obtained to attend the funeral owing to the great. Dis Unce the family from any Church and the difficulty . Travelling at that season the year. A some six months after the funeral however Abraham Lincoln went foot thirty Miles and got a Baptist minister to a and preach his Sermon. Beautiful example filial love and tender regard. Let sons and daughters take note it. Every truly great Man was first an obedient and Loving son. railway. . Quot. Editors Man Kos Jock Nalja Yon Are Correct in your opinions a amp King con Cescil ans to Asp by a mba Ftp that brought the late terrible War and it May bring one even More terrible. There Hare been Many concessions made to the papal Powers. That should never have been submitted to by the people As u waste work political aspirants. A great error was dismissing the Bible front the Public Scuola Oritta Sagret sto Bung Block in the Way the papal Church. Continue these concessions and evil will follow. There is no doubt that there is a fixed idea in the Munda a Pic is that they Are going to role this country. Let. The press be diligent in observing All political movements and warn the people danger a Joa Xeo. Pots Tlle july.26, 1865, f. .7. J p. Hock Pettif uie pts agent for the Sale the. A Wheeler pc Wilsor sewing machines. In Slimy kill county. A number there excellent family machines Are at ways kept band and can be seen in de ration a calling at. His residence in Market Street above 6th, next door to the eng is lutheran Church. / to. A Romeo late persons using these machines a Supply a tache see ills machine Oil and soap Slid Claris s thread to All numbers and colors especially adapted to sewing machine use will be kept band. Thorough instructions for working these machines will be Given to parties purchasing. Orders by mall will receive prompt attention. Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. January 23. A a a Quot Quot . A Schuylkill county. The Sanbe Culber overs for sate the Bonds the. Pm. Plea bail tray Caw Paay sell Alkul Townly. These Bonds and interest Are a first class Security As they Are secured by a first mortgage the railway to the extent that the same is now at any a . 1 a be. Time hereafter maybe constructed. Under and by virtue tha authority vested in the company. A a the Bonds Are for one Hundred dollars cd la a each interest coupons attached payibleev�7 six Montbl. At the rate six per cent Clear All taxes a state county municipal government. I. F. Whitneyt Baaker . F t z a 3 july 15, 1�.�?ss-tt Calre pm pm to la Niue. List and foul. Res stray coifstrayed from the Prem Lees the subscriber residing a red and White spotted cow a her borne turn 1 award she had a sonar Bell marked with the initials k a she for. But three teats. Any information Lead in ibk.�4 will be by x 10 offer Row. Lbs. Elizabeth a 30-3t try \ july 29, 05 general notices. Ils a. Hereby offer myself As a candidate 155a for the lbg18latube at the a Naneng election subject to the decision . The Union county convention. H. , Tremont. July 29, �?�65. So to. Brown Back Short Tail and Belin a neck. About ten years old. The owner will nil jnly29, 6& by Waffle la Suzy st to the premises Lof Scriber one mile North Pinegrove Onset Birday july 9th, three Reales Oes by ack a. A Mare one Brown Mam and one Brown and a a Black horse mels. The owners will Call prove property charge and take them a a a they will be Sok Accord no to Law. 1 july 15. �?�6523-3t George by Vav $2ooo Oue ride about 9 years old. One dark Brown i Blind the right Side about the same age re a Mare mule with thick it log be behind mme whir.1? mixed into orb the Brown Abony 10 11 vet. I 1. The above beam to and t to mates. Or giving information where had. Edwin c. Pass sup. Kafka we Utoy a a a it Kasica Willuam. July 8,1�. Coal co. Atoki Vuk july 1, go. Be bad at Allean gallery tor it 93 26. If revs Disso Artioli pabt1veb Phi whip the firm Alexander grrr co., doing buriness in Rush township scan Alkih co a a have dissolved partnership by ,8r., and Alex. Gray ., Waltl. Ira Wing therefrom and the other two members to with John Hole and 8amnel p. Long Street have formed a new partnership to be carried at same place under the firm name style Homie a Longstreet. Quot Quot Richard Jones. Carter Allen a co., e. J. Frey Oliver Brothers amp co., a. J. Cheeseborough a co William a Scriel Farrington Lennard a Cre Manhot tan Oil co., and Charles s. Fowler Are to present their. Respective claims to Alexander. Gray sr., tor payment All other debt against said firm to settled by Hole a Longstreet Alex. Gray ski a Alex. Gray j�.,. John Hosie a Samuel p. Longstreet. Wilkes Barre Jane 22,1s65. 26-6t period Wood has became comparatively scarce and Timber is consequently valuable. Lumber is for Twenty five dollars per thousand. So our Reizia Lelum ber men have stated that the lumber alone this property is Worth More than the Patriot. He old for the Union and is himself a Sterling go to him and your tax and save Many a legs. The new Coal Yvredthis Enterprise capt a c. Hollinger is now in foil operation. And filter Emeline. Fernsler f d. Fox Foster Jesse. Fox Nicholas promises to be a Success As a Good Coal Yard has i needed in this Borough. The captains gown Franklin b Garrigus up. A a i a placed at some toe Grace John. Value represented by the Stock . Therom a principal stores acid hotels in the Borough for 1 loss Wallace. The reception . Orders which Are already com Glover c f supplies Fin excellent article Coal for Domestic purposes. He Lias boxes placed at some the reception mercing to come in in Gratifying numbers. Pany. ,. Lie great Kanawha Region is one those Rich Southern Vallies. Which have been _ cursed and controlled .fhe. 8lave ma8tere, �a�?��airi0a1>a1 judge Reify this who like a the dog in the Manger have for Borough a the work will be commenced As soon a Quot a a. A. I _ at ,.ann�inna in a Lvi Cine to anal free seffka6e a religious Safe file amp reit is urged that the Black Man has earned citizenship by his bravery and loyalty during the rebellion it is stated that the right to vote should be conferred upon him to preserve the political Equality the North Aud South. A it is thought unjust to make the a Black Man free and yet refuse to acknowledge his full manhood. These. And other phases the question in a political and social Point View Are discussed in Good temper we Are glad to say by the Republican party and although the progressive step May. Not be taken this year we Are be fog prepared through discussion for the Lime when All men in the Republic White Black will be granted the franchise. In fhe meantime free suffrage As a Safe guard to the religious As Well As political lib. Erties the people will attract attention and hasten the event. Romanism is Nistico to. The great free principles upon which the Republic is founded. If it had the Power it would close the Bible and free schools Fth country. The papal Bull issued about a year since culminated against Liberal institutions in the strongest language. That Power As it loses its hold upon eur ppm Hopes to Gam permanent footing this continent. It is yearly increasing by. Immigration and other causes and threatens it there should be no offset to Rule with the Aid oif Copper Heads and the unrepentant rebels the South the country at no Distant Day. This is the great danger that now loom up and which demands attention and action the country will be plunged into a struggle More sanguinary and terrible than that from which we have just emerged. Our great safeguard a against a danger which threatens the perpetuity the Republic lies in free Suffrageon this subject . A we. R Hooper new r York writes to the a a Independent As follows a. The new Tork observer has done and is doing Fin excellent work by showing the Dinger to our Inetti nations from the presence so Large s body catholics in this country. Bound together by the tie a common Faith that allows political and religions headship in All secrets develop Iod through the confessional a a without mental culture they constitute a unit to be worked by one string in the hands the priestly body. It has been the misfortune the Irish catholics to Hare been United not Only against protestantism but against All those ideas free. Dem and Equality that should be the Birthright every american citizen. They have to a Man been in favor slavery they Are now United to a Man in their denial suffrage to the Blacks. The danger a a growing one. The Catholic world informs us that in 1�o08 the catholics were 100.000 to a population six and a half millions a Oue sixty fifth the whole in 1830 they were 450.000 in thirteen millions. Or one Twenty ninth tie whole while in t860 they were 4,400,000 in 81,000,000 one seventh the total porn late . This Quot pm a nation win Eniti inc to grow Forcina i a is pouring her legions into this con Fry faster while the termination the War throws the whole Houth re d the magnificent Poteat Osmi to foreign immigration. The Magni fifty years denied it to Enterprise and knew not How to profit by its immense Mineral wealth themselves. But now that this magnificent Valley is open to free labor capital and Enterprise there is no place More inviting to the adventurous and industrious in All our Broad continent. We do not think we Hay said More this subject than the acts will warrant but those who wish to know More will do Well to Send for a pamphlet and read a for themselves. The office the company is to Pottsville. Notkwe insert the above in the absence the proprietor this paper and without his knowledge. Or. Bannan is interested in the company and True to the principles which have a ways actuated him objects to a a puffy his 0wn, but in Justice to the gentlemen a forming this company and the valuable property they own we feel warranted in giving this favourable Loticejun. De. Gree do old a. Green Rollert c. A a 27ie a Senger Raik Cay to st Clairthe Gluntz Bernhard. Grim Lewis. Gordon Jacob. Geist we . Garretson Theodie Godfrey to. Goldin As the requisite subscriptions to the Stock and Bonds Are made by Tho. Merchants and business men Pottsville. As the Road when completed will be Worth Manv thousands dollars to the a i u a. Trade the Borough nothing but disregard Hen a their True interests will prevent Bua Mebs men grej�6ai a John a promptly subscribing. Quot Cricketat Silver Creek saturday last a match was played Between the first elevens Ana Anthracite clubs that the first named club won with ten a Wickete to the score was miners a 1st inning so 26 Green Wald Jacob. Graham John 3 Gong ads Rae Eler Chas. Hozen Jacob a. Hanssler we. Hoover Solomon. Halic Ustadt a. He Ike Frederick. Spare. 2d, 15 Anthracite 1st innings 21 2d, 19, a game was played saturday 15th in�t., b�1 Novig louis.-. Tween the Tuscarora exc Albior and Tamaqua hang gotta do. Clubs the ground tie latter which resulted. Harris Franklin a Rin favor Tho Excelsior in one inning and eighthelira8�. Runs to spare. The score the toe car a was 29 Tamaqua lbt innings 9 ,2d,12. 3,819 quirk. Taos. 5/>99reinhardt Jos. 51rceser Lewis. 320 Rabo Nean a. 319 roads j o.,�,. So Urahn Chas a. 676reitii la Ryan w a. L�06 Ryan John a. 215 Roth John. 601 Robin san Morris. 1,913 Riland wm.,. 76 Reiff johii141 1,285 Rhoads Sami a. 421 45 Richards Thoss. ,-425 275 Breitb christ632 j l160 Rosengarten Hen 895 a a 70 robeson.181 a 300 Rowbotton Francis 242. 80 Rassul Hen a. 2,9u boo Ruby John 4ita 622 Ryan a a pcs .3,401 .$$7 ranch John. X,918 2,796 Reed Morgan. 69 397. Riley Bernard .617 136 Rich John.934 Russel Taos a. 354 Rohrheimer a. .245 1.871 Russela estate do d 2,Lul 1.871 Roc al a dec a. 6,166 92 Reibman Sami., .221 217 Riland Jerome a. -.77 Rich Job.,.� 2,097 Roehrig Chas 25 re Djerf. .2,74 Riley Isaac. 4,781 Rose Berry John w. 900 Reichman Felix. 55 Rigg Reese 4,270 Ridgway d 500 Shippen John. 6,211 Sill Man Oscar. 648 Sulym in mrs a. 268 Skeen win a .1,196 Sherman j a. 262 Stranch Henry., 1,201, sterner Hen . 6o0 Silliman Charles. 7,706,Snyder Mary a. 754.sterner . 240.shelly Henry 209 Smith David a877lsmith War. 807, cyras�., 1,4m Shippen Samis. 5,174selders Jos 441smith Zebariah. 219 Smith Heher a. Í5ftschilling Adam. 200 a Scham Danl.-, 19jhtone Elijah., 21.720sm1th Angi Istas. L,4slshearer Jas a80 Shiman Jas. 139 Snyder Geo w. 120seideld b. 170, term Cister a. 1,765 Saylor we. 10,818, spoon Amoe. 12 Boener Solomon. 581 ister Oer Benj. 527t8cbrammjohn. -731.sohders.w. 1,010 Shoemaker Jas a. Johns we a. 2g4.512web8rer Johari. Johns George Johns a. John Jonathon Jones Griffith Jones Sami. Jones Joseph a John Thomas. John Lenry. Johnson Thomas.,. Jackson a dam. A a John David. To Jacob goo rare. Jones theodors. Jeremiah David. Jacob Jones Glynn. It Teher Philip. Kirbey Joseph., Roods Jeremiah s. Kline . Kohl. John. Keiter Geo w. Kafir Andrew. Kline Adam. Kimrey Michael. Kerns Thomas.�?T. 959 Watkins David. -2,0s7 wild James. 406iwilner John l,45owilcox we. 61wade Jas. 110 Wasner Jac. 196williams Danl. 302witiinghan Jona. 68�whitfield Jos. 43 Weiss Jos. 99 wet Kius Edw. 49 Watkins. Jac. 73 Williams t r g. 30 Waters Wra. 93 Wagner Joe. A 73 Williams wow. 67 whip fled Roland. 46 Walker Danl. 171 Williams John .12 Williams amp. 81 Wagner Geo a. 1351 Williams we. 950 Wiggans. Thos. 92�?~willioms Rich. 368 Williams. Benj. 29s 612 970 Young Peter. Young Thos. Yedwm.i hippie Chascs. Hend Jef a. Haywood Berj. A. Harris Joss. Hytchison David. A Slofman we. A. Herbert Lewis. Hulzinger . Hill Danl. Hunt Zinger Jacob. Homer. Jacob Harper John a. Here Sjon g Hoffman. Daniel. Hodgson we a. Harris Stephen. Bishop Stevens Tho protestant e _. Chirch har issued the following pastoral letter. To the clergy and Xia Ity the diocese beloved in the lord. God Lias removed from us by death our revered and beloved diocesan the it. Rev. Bishopjr to Potter. While we cannot but mourn our irreparable loss it becomes us to Bow with submission to this Berea ving stroke which takes from the. Diocese its faithful acid venerable head. This is not the place to decl re his Many and Noble qual. Cities Nind and heart . To. Recite the manifold Heisler Ali. The 30 Treasury loan is All taken six Blessings which have resulted to this diocese i honk j a. Jiun dred millions Dollare. The general. A Ord his Wor for Christ and his a agent commenced receiving subscriptions to a a Hurch will endure tron tront All generation Nat i a hit the last series three Hundred millions the evidences jus Zeal for every great and . I. ,. Noble scheme Are Tobe found All j Hedder Alex., the 15th Hay and to about ten weeks to and the memorials his Long and Bucce Tefol i Harria Sami o., the tth july disposed about one hun episcopate win be a precion heritage to the t Hellner . Church in Ponnay Lavuia. Hawley is. Died Aud Lnu Lonb a Del Lars an a Twenty Yeara has presided Over the pro i healer we a &t6t36 6�llt�cq Quot a Quot a �11. Oniu Innel ii Erik a Elk a a a in inn in i to Lilly blk i. Dollars per week dollars per Day. The United states g�1 Enod its Corda and strengthened its stakes and i reims Alex p eminent in the history its three thousand 1�o/ spec ted and the Church itself a a tog Power in Hunt Zuni it Sami. The heart Softie people. R Hobart John Jpn a. As a preacher was forcible Clear and Elo I it 6,600�?~smlth Gordon. V Geo a. \ 275 Saylor Chas. 141 Spitzli Igor Frank. 328 Scott g John. 73 sterner David. 13,193 Shearer Leonard r 926�schnm. Jonathan. 2057 Stichter Henry a. a Ard. 91 Smith Rocha i. 125 st Roose Felix. Snyder Geo a. t Saster Henry. Sailer son . 8ch Schloss a. Schertle Danl stoats Jas. A Spencer Fred Scott Sarol Sparks Jabez Stoffregan Lewis. Schrader j a. Short we Stine most a so Slater Geo a. 8ne11 Jasper. Spohn Moncure Strone shas. Shertle Ofiara. Schimpf Geo. Speth w. Schreiner John w. 28 6,870 459 19,737 130 759 8 332 1,765. .703 2.025 1.5391,023 151 �?�550 924 299 1,000 2.305 l840 3.876 215 94 962 823 .68 262 4,917. 59. 161 766 4,153 441.1 479 130 2s7 2.953 �?�180 8,568 368 203 .115 2.397 2,752. 269. 430 169 106 223 400 a 324 142 81 123 29,652 57 992 1122. Is 136 l350 a 2< 32s2- 25 a�128 .8,107 647 a Soo 2,596. 152 1,490. 20 25. 123 265 9,363 a 255 1 316 a 131. 1,861700. 1.429 l497 1.000. 2,616 .624 25 330 2.797 a 153 369 .146 .2,426 326 Koch Louis A. Pori Carbon Alexander John. 200,Lynn Rich Bill a a a a boy cd Jshii Boone Jere a amp Uchman Jac., Beck Geo. Brown g w. Cell la once exec no Ach Eshel Raan b a. Fletcher David Tissier Gei Garns Philip. Guiterman Hen Quot. Gwinner. John. Gordon Jac s. 20 126 51 131 199 40 268 240 a 30. 210 263 79 200 696 1,307 86 13. 295 234 a a 61 i28 a 692 252 195 139 189 332 296 465 631 454 454 137. 602. 616 267 524 159. Ii a 80 19 a a a ass 116 4. 269 t23. 218. 69 67 455 90 362 359 9 73. 66 116. -102 a 245 3. 51 14.984 303 1n5 600 60 9 118 199 593 110. 3 �?�829�?T 260 a 50 143 464127 22 62 97 130 983 495 shattered constitutions restored Hui. Pol i i kxtn.\ctbdcnu. April 65. 14-6m Gray Latr baldness Dandruff any placate the Scalpno Dis cock amp a can com Park with it. It in wot a dry. A. It. A hair color restorer.1�?T i for Sale and to let carbons for. Terms apply to the. Ca Homor town Hiraml. Whitney july a. 0830-3t Charles Vuth Quot a lot Quot at fal Ati Pult Hilti lots von a it undersigned offers for Sale Val Tabb Boll Delacr w. Located in Schuylkill Hare the properly the Boll George Heker dec a. For Tennis. Ac., apply to. _ a a p. July 29 65. Henry Zimmerman Pott Vii �?~london11 �?~�?~loudon1 a Lon done a London a al Cindon London. The a 4 hair color restorer Kobli a a a hair a boat a a hair color restorer. Am say a hair color restorer a a hair color it is. The ohly known restores Cotos and pub rect haib dues6ing Fox irined. Delicately perfumed. 1. It will restore Gray hair to its original color. .2. It will make it grow Bald Heads. 3. It will restore the natural secretions. %4 it Yil remove All Dandruff and itching. B. It will make the hair soft Dosey and flexible. 6 it win preserve the original color to old age. 7 it will prevent the hair from falling off., 8. It will Enre All diseases the Scalp. It is not a Dye. Khair color 4 a London Quot it Don Quot Londo in London a Loti Dyn Quot a London Quot lond a certificate. Quot hair color . Quot hair color hair color \ a hair color a a hair color a hair color a a used Liy most priv simians ant it do. Swayne amp son some six years ago i began to i lose hair an continued to do so until the Scalp. Became As Bai e As the Palm . hand. Troubled Alio a with a disagreeable , and Dand j Niff Small pustules would Fonn quite sore to the touch and to bet la ing portion the hair the Side and i Back head became quite Gray alter using a i number restoratives so called without Success a and Ray head nearly destitute hair i reluctantly commenced using Tho i Lonix n hair color restorer and now Candor and Jas Tice compel to say to All that through its Csc ii now possess a new and Beautiful growth hair com1 Petely restored to its original dark and Glossy appear Anee Aud i venture the assertion the world furnishes 1. No preparation equal to this Aud i do. Conscientiously say to All who Are Gray Bald hair dry Aud Barsh-. falling to use at once this cleanly and delightfully perfumed article. A Isaac l. Marshall s Gohner United states Navy 830 Leon Nhi Street,.Philadelphia Price 75 cents a bottle six bottles $4. Sold by . I Swayne amp son 330 North sixth Street above Vine.Philadelphia. Also by. John g. Bro in amp son druggists Pottsville. Henry Saylor. 7 a a a june-17 65. A _ 24 Elm bold a find extract Bocha is i pleasant in taste and odor free from All injurious pro pm tics and immediate in its action. Aprils 65.14-f>m a engus Bebe a and Colombia Railroad Columbia Only 10th. 1865sealed proposals will be received until saturday july 29th, for the grand nation and masonry the. Line. Of. Road Between the City Lancaster and Hammer Creek Quot Gap eighteen and one half Miles. A bids will be received for the whole any part the work in either the three following forms 1st�. All Cash. Had. Half Cash Jafair in unit mortgage bob<1m, it the Road to 3d All Bonds a . Quot bidders will be careful to state for which the. Terms payment they offer. 7 the Cash be made monthly reserving Twenty per cent Huttl the completion the work in manner. By order it if Bnard directors. We Case president. For details and farther information apply w. Mifflin. Engineer july 15, 65.�? 36-3t Columbia Lancaster co., to. Ars to the citizens Potts a Kay vol Lei and Vicinity. Pottsville 13, 1665. Tho undersigned respectfully informs the citizens Pottsville and Vicinity thut has Ned a Coal Yard. In this Borough. On a lot ground above i Mckim Vns tavern the old Peacock Road and near the mount Carbon Railroad. Will keep constantly hand Coal All kinds and sizes and the Best Quality riot the outcroppings veins arid Hopes to receive a a irs Harc Public patronage. It is unquestionable that s Good Coal Yard has Long been needed. In Pottsville and the undersigned trusts Bat Hisen Temprise will be encouraged and sustained. Coal weighed before delivery. A. A boxes for the reception orders. Which will be promptly attended to,0will be placed at the following rib eat Sale . it hobsb9 and mule. In 33,000 told Darin to. -. In mtg faint. A a in the we the Seyk re , Ohio in4iaiui, Sci aware. Nary land ai�4 sew Jeray and. The a strict Colombia. A. oxi a Saimoto do. In Lar z4, 1s05. I. Wu1 be a old at Pablic is inti a to Ike Highet bidder fit the time sad places named below a a a. New York new York Aud Friday each. We a 200 horses each Iii. Quot hew York City wednesday each week 200 moles each Day j a i 7. A a Elmira tuesday August 8. 200 horses. Elm re to is Day a gust 15, few mules. Albany Friday August 25,500 wednesday August 30 500 mules. A / pen Sylvanin. Philadelphia a thursday each week 200 hones each Day. A. A.Philadelphia wednesday and saturday each week. -. 100 mule each Day. ,. Of Plu Burgh thursday each week 150 mules each a a 7. A a Pottsville tuesday Angusto 200mules. Mifflintown Friday August 5� 200 mules. A g1 the t st i at u i to dec a a re Yolk Friday Angust 4,200 horses. Newville wednesday August 9, too horses. Newrise thursday Angust 10,100 Mulea. A. Reading Friday August 16. 200 horses. Shippens Buige wednesday. August 16,100 Hon i. Erie thursday August 17, 200 horses. Shinpon Bursht thursday August 17. .100 mules a ilium report Friday aug st 18, 200 hones. Roll nuts in the Borough House i american in Fegers hotel Union hotel a a f it g. A Fitz Sanderson a drug store f Centre a reef Saml. Morriss store .1. D. Downey a Barbershop. I. A Browne a store Market Street. James Becky a store Mauch chunk Street rising Sun hotel. Mine Revillo Road. Miller amp Manbeck East norwegian Street. A. A Illi Ungab. July 22, 65. 29,4t wanted. 48�t�ew�s thaw. S7�medlar John. 1.526jmay Philip 205�mattson Levi .36�?~jjmartz Leonard. A 3,500 Newlin Jease. A. A 14ljo�?TNeil alex79s Paul David. 4.760 215 65459 16s Gillespie Jas. Gang Uriah. Gorman Thos. Garrigan Jere. Holder Geo. Heubner Abraham Hoffman we Hadesty John a. Hide eth a. Horen bar Rihard. Jenkins a. Krebs Jac. Knit tie Danl. A Lime John a. Pott Abraham a. Rows site Lindsey. Reed Obadiah. Riley Bernard Reiter j a. 10.6ksreedy Jac. 4l be Singer . 12�sefw�lngerj a. 102 Stevens a a. 33liscanlan Michael 7,800, g w. 92iseftzinger Saint. 23lsands we. 1,418 Steinbach Philip. 42thomp��ri Eli . A 340itnmer Jesse. 163jwilliams David,., a �?�2451 Wentz Jac a. 390,Wickstead Jas 84 Huson Geo a. 346 359 ,. A 100 195 1,530 345 17.s96 1,065 .211 352 i39 196 a .133 86 a a 4 Quot 59 100 120 1.51 402 272 96 a 225 72 800 a 9. 1,323 141 310. 140 91 161 to purify enrich the Boorin Aud beautify the complexion use Hio uly concen j Obj Lteif Kun ii extract ,. One bottle equals in gallon the syrup decoction. April s.6�?T�. / 14-6m. Old a yen made Newa pamphlet directing Bow to speedily restore sight and give up spectacles without Aid doctor Medicine. Sent by mail free receipt 10 cents. Address a b. Foote D. Feb. 4, 655-6m 1130 Broadway new York a Clear smooth skin Ond Beautiful complexion fou Ovis the ase s concentrated fluid extract Sarsaparilla. It removes Black spots pimples and All Ern polous the skin. A Quot april 8, 65. 7 A 14-6m. Not a few the worst disorders that afflict Mankind arise from captions the. Blood. Helmbold�?~6 extract Sarsaparilla is a remedy the utmost value april 8 65. 14-gm i. _. Indiana monday August 21,200. Horse Chambersburg wednesday August 23, 100 Homo. Chumbes Reburg thursday. Aug st 24, too mules. Milton Friday August 5, 200 horses. Carlisle wednesday. August 30, 100 horses. Car�o8le,,-August 31,100 mules. Ohio. 1. Columbiana tuesday August 1,100 horses. Salem wednesday August 100 horses Alliance thursday August 3, 200 horses Canton saturday August 5/200 horses. A Cleveland tuesday August 8, l,0o0 mules. Maesil Lont tuesday August 15,.200 horses. Crestline thursday,.August-17, 500 mules. A Cleveland monday,.Auguat 22,200 horses. Indian . Fort Wayne thursday,1.Auguat 24,1,000 Mulea. Delaware. -. Wilmington tuesday each Yeek 200 horses each Day. Quot \. Wilmington tuesday each week 200 mules each Day a a a a r Wilmington Friday each week 200 mules each Day. A a a a a ,. New. A Deraey a Trenton thursday August 10, 200 mules. -. A Maryland a 1 a Baltimore wednesday August 9, and wednesday each week thereafter. 200 horses each Day. Quot. to do a each week Day 200 males. A 1 a. Oieu Boron do c. Each week Day except wednesday. 200 horses. 7 to Purchase a Superior class by. Die Aua Arub animals at far less a is now offered i.the Public. A though the majority them Are sound and st vie. Able they Are no longer required in the and mud be the moles were bought in Tho beginning the Warr when Young accompanied the rain in All their marches and Camps and Are thoroughly balt in hardened by exercise gentle and familiar from being. So Long sorrow used by the soldiers. Animals will be sold singly. Sales to commence at 10a. Terms Cash in United states currency. 1 a. James a. Ekin. Brev. Brig. Gen. In charge july 29, >6530-lt. 1st q. G. 0. For Salea House and lot in Norw Giaisi Street second House East Centre a a a South Side. Inquire the premises. July 22, 05. Quot. A a 293t a Barb Opportunity for Sale state and pm rights for the Patent Cam Pillion carpet universally acknowledged to by Success the. Age., for cheapness and Wantedtwo male teachers to take charge i durable hey it is without a rival. The. Demand for thu. Of Tho grammar schools port Carbon. Term article is unlimited and can be manufactured at a very .9 months commencing the first monday in sept i a Nail outlay capital. For further Irti Cultra and Sacii Ooyd teacher wants an engagement. Has been teaching one sch it for fifteen years governor s Island. . Address Xvi by 819 8onth Street Brooklyn n. Y. July 29, 65. _. ,. 3q.2t notice a the county sup Riri tredent will hold an examination for teachers in tie Mont August 10th. 1865, at 9 clock a. Eight schools in Tho township. Official. W. Crothers Prin. Of schools. A july 29, 65. \ a.30-31 ix7ant male and eight female teach t Ere to take charge the Public schools in Ashland Lor a term nine months to commence in september. An examination to cambers will beheld in the Brick school Honse tuesday August st 1sc5. Commencing at 8 clock a. June 29, 6530 , so qty. Wantedby the East it. Laffee Coal co., 2 engineers 1 Blacksmith arid Carpenter. For further particulars apply to Thos. T. Jones it. Luffee. J. Of Neil Pottsville july 22, 65. 29-lt Wantedan Active energetic business Man i take the Agency for. This county a first. I than their True value class liar insure anon company boa2224p.Only 22, 65. It. Address.Philadelphia 29-4t 7. Tichay Bill township. Andy Sannel 333 Kelroy Patrick millions debt is an exception to All rules governing the financial matters and it proves j that the amount the debt has not yet j touched the National credit and that ufos sex nuent As a legislator was by go Dous Jford farsighted executive a to Premjit Active and unfaltering As ,� was Emi Fth Money does More in the de-1 Netty wisc. Conservative Aud efficient sea than .1.� Man rat. To was Nobie in mind and body is a citizens Loyal and patriotic Ara Christian Humble god j Hughes Francis w 41,t49 Torrey to. J by Sconye ration spot Lees in life resting atone Telman Fly rain. 100 Troutman it. _ i am pumps. A a raw Lon in . A it a. A a t Christ for Pardon and peace. It was his privilege to a a us the and carry out Zelop Merit the National resources to elevate the Standard Public credit than Quot amount the debt does to depress it. Some the causes the successful negotiation l Many admirable a demos Fifthe proper develop Mav be found first in the great wealth ment a the to peat ional and eco. A a 7 meats the Church and Hia prudence and for resources Theu Mied states second inf a a a a a a a the patriotism the people to maintain their country whole and perfect at whatever Cost and third the Happy thought blending the two powerful incentives by popularizing the loan through the Power the press. A. By ave full own a big injun. A a Mcyr Strouse the great representative in Congress this District in a published letter j log asking to excused from attending a Celebration the democracy at. Harrisburg signs himself a Democrat and it big thing a now that is Over when Hitt Danl . Huntzinger we a huntzh>�6r Jas Hpe Hec j cz7. Hof Taan Johnp. Helena Jacob a .43 205 174 --54 1,032 264 700 a 355 7 451 275 1,267 180 250 250 a 1/87t 930 Sheafer p we 56,613 7s0 300 21s 197 1 154 197 Stoffregan Fred. Sefrie John. Schaffner Henry. Sparks John a Tonssaint loner. Town Flint Theo. Tribley j h./.7 Taylor by no t trough Jacob. Troubl son g t., Thompson l a. Thomp Ori l c agent estate. 139 434 800 93. 734 573 69 1.692 1000 273 9,368 Albrighton Thos. Atkinson tomes. Albright John. Aug Stane John. By scr Samuel. Boyer William. Boy Lemichael. Byra Mannas Bradbury Peck a. Boyle John. Buckelman Fred. Bossier Jacob. Beech am Josiah. Beck Matthias Blacker Jacob, Cavenangh John. Corby. John Cooper William. Comp8on William. Crooks we. Darts the Ophilus. Doucherty Neal. David Thomas. . Enterline ,Thomas Fife Geo., Gibson Wra.-. Graber Thomas Gregory Elijah. / Gregory Richard. Grimes Edward. A go Nley John Hauser. Israel . Heisler Elijah. .7. Hobbit John. Horan Thomas. Him retry John /.�. Hoff Tenn John. Haggerty Cornelius John Frederick. Johnson George a Kenady Peter Kocker. a reuer Jacii. A Keehner Daniel. Kelp Matthias. 104, Keehner Jacob. 295 Rcuben William. 671 Lauri Adam. $4�lambert we. A 917-Little we .,., 1,400 Mccauley Hugh. 167mnndy 38 Macklow Jos 5g1 Marine we. 226 Markle solnmon./. 98 Mcgee Columbus. 17 Miller Ell. 268 Meally Dennis. 228 Mccall Condy. 32, Mcintyre Patrick. 115,Morder Jacob. 223 Morder Philip. A 117.nortbn11 John a. / 777 Nuttall John. 27s Neyer Philip. 3 Ogden John. 166o Neil Mich. 47�prqbeart Chas. 392�pumell Geo. 64�ringer Stephen.,/t,500rhine Jos-472 113 Reynolds Jenkins. 47 Smith Thos j657 Slat Tery John. 3s3 Seward Allen Quot. 95 Schick Jacob. 45 Stine Danl. 36 Stoker we. 174 Singley John. A 103�sdnlfing Jos. 599 Summa re John. Is st vets Jac. 6238ingley Geo .124 Wood Giro. 40 Wagner Philip. .18 Weller Benj a 6l w atts Wigley. 145 Wendene Adam. 4lyostdanl.t 13syost. Abraham. 213 Yost Nathamel. 182 Zimmerman we. 65s370 154 s317 153 40 ,80 38 479 421 158 156. S5 633 417 65 183 Quot 287 too 196 116 23 23 thu. A a 47 21196205. -.�?�.33610062 750 236 843 95. S a. 66 147 61 169 61. 200 212iso 258 166 69 notices. A. 1734 Baptist Church 3d near Callow Hill Sireetpreaching lords Day morning and evening at 10�, a. M., and 7p. A a a lecture and prayer meeting wednesday evening at 7?� clock. ,. Sunday school at 2 clock lord Day afternoon.,. R. H. Austin pastor. Residence Maha Tongo above ,7th Street. V Cre Runau reformed can Rob Market Street Rev C. Bucuk pastor. Regular services alternately in the German and English languages every Sabbath Day at 10 a. Amp tit p. Prayer meeting arid lecture every wednesday evening at 1la p. A july 16th and 30th, English in the Morai Gand German evening. A. Only 9th and 2d, German in the morning and eng Lish in the evening.�3t her Ricer at Trinity episcopal Church sunday morning at a put 10. Sunday evening at a past7 a -. 7 a t3t pint Church Corner a Han Tongo and third streets. Rev. Isaac Riley pastor. Senders sunday 10# a.,m. And 7#p. A except the 3d sunday every month when the second service will be held at 3# p. Lecture thursday evening at 7#. Sabbath school 2 p. Prayer meeting Quarter before 10, sunday morning. Eve Union. Prayer heeling every sunday morning from 8# to 9# clock in the Frame Church second Streep Between Market and norwegian its. All Are invited. Kare to Ngelica Church Callowhill Rev. Same a g. Ruo Aiby pastor will preach German every sunday morning at 10 clock Aad English in the evening at 7 Cloce. R9itlcthodist e. Church second Street above Market. Rev. J. A Mccullough pastor. Services Sabbath at 10, a. M., and 7, p. Rayer meeting , at 7#.clock. Then re lutheran Church Market Square. Rev. L. .koohs, pastor. Preaching every sunday morning and evening at 10#, a m., and 7, p. �? i tember. Salary $50 per month. By order the Board. J. H. Reiter. Por Carbon july 18, 65. A a. 29-2t. Agents wanted in every county inthe state to canvass for the history tie Pennsylva Nia reserves a Book which will be wanted by All the Pennsylvania soldiers and their friends. Most Liberal terms will be Given to agents and ener a Getic canvassers will be sure to make Large wages. 7ellas Barr amp co july 22, 6529-Lmj no. 6 East King st. Lancaster. Two teachers wanted in the Public schools Pottsville Schuylkill Coa Tyr pa., by the 28th August 1865. One female principal for a primary male graded school. Sulan from $240 to $300 a year according to experience arid qualifications payable monthly Calen Dar for the . School open to months. No. Of pupils about 60.,.one coloured female principal for primary coloured mixed arid ungraded school. Salary from 3&l to $25 by the Calendar month for the time taught. No. Of pupils about,30. �?�.,. A experienced teachers preferred the Law requires the parties so 4riploy it to be. Provided with current a certificates either state county applications in person by letter accompanied with testimonials &c., received by the undersigned to wednesday 16th . A Atthe male tracker. Origin re advertised for has Christopher Little Only 22, 65. \ amp co no. 602 Arch st., 2d Story.Philadelphia. Ale government been elected Only 15, 65. Secretary Board directors. A 2s3t a a team engines Wantedthe oni de reigned wishes to Purchase 3 second hand steam engines 20 30 horse Power each. Address. Jabez Sparks Pottsville a., May 7 64. A. A 19-tf wanted to borrow Bond a and Hiort Gage secured Une cum Breed real estate in. The Borough Pottsville Worth three times the amount six thousand dollars. Apply to W. Matchin Pottsville a. Jmie Quot june 24, 65 25-tf Drums All sizes and. Boilers any size. The High Mulli at the United states will sell at Public auction at Washington Street wharf. In tile City i Philadelphia wednesday july 26,. 1865, at 1� clock .,. Oye Sci liked 100 3hees. T also saturday july 29, 1865, at 10 clock a.m., a. A 0se full a dred 100 Hules 7. These animals a re sold Only Mant it Tad. A Are ready for inspection. .1 buyers Are invited to examine them at any time prior j to the ale and ample facilities willbe provided the r sales taking place under Roomy Sheds so ast protect \ both purchases and animal from san and rain. Further information can be obtained Captain a. S. Ashmead a. Q1 m., no. 721 Market Street. Philadelphia. / Quot terms Cash in government funds. ,. James a. Ekin. 1 a by. . In charge 1st dlv., q. M., g. O. Only 22, 65. It. 292t machinery for Sale the stir bar has now in hand and for Sale the following lot old machinery Aone 60 horse steam engine 15 Inch Cylinder 4 Fecit stroke with a 9 foot hoisting drum pump Shaft and wheel. Very heavy one 20 horse engine. In Inch Cylinder 2 foot stroke 12 foot Fly wheel. Suitable for a Mill a breaker. One 12 horse engine 8# Inch Cylinder 30 Lack stroke. A also one Short stroke engine suitable for driving i saw Mill fun 12 Inch Cylinder 14 . Also two steam engines 4 horse Power each. Also several heavy pump shafts Ana wheels Vari Ous sizes. 77 a a three Good second band boilers with fronts and steam water pipes. Also one 2 foot hoisting drum suitable for a plane at a breaker. Also a lot Fine sharing and pulleys. Jabez Sparks goal Street to Turtle. July 22, 65. R 7. 29-,_ Abiell All marriage notices must be accompanied isifa/26 Cerritos to appear in Theja . 1 Fly Tchern Dyer to to st. Clair the 24th inst by. The Rev. G. T. Barr . Edward Flktti Ike to mrs. Rachel Dye st. Clair Schuylkill co., a. A Farlese Brawl for a the 11th inm., by Rev. D. Washburn at the reside Rice the brides parents. Or d. W. Fikse Orwigsburg to miss til lib a amp Azieb Pottsville. 7. Heilner�?Savageon sunday evening. July 23d, at the lutheran parsonage mine Revillo pa., by i the Rev. H. C. Stindle . Samuel Huilt Kab to miss a okla. Savage Baltimore . Baltimore papers please copy.7 Hendley Williams the 13th july by John Cconrad esa.. Ezra Hon dry to miss la stir Williams a a Pottsville.-,. / died. Simple announcements deaths free those accompanied Woith notice cfre., must 6e paid Jot at tits rate 10 cents per Ato. A a est Cash Price will be paid for the same by. Wren a brother Coal 8l, Pottsville. Apri l.6ft, 7. 13tf wanted a situation by Aye ung Man a Grad i a a Riate Crittenden a commercial Golly be As clerk j Book keeper. Having several years experience in clerking in the Coal Region Best references for ability Ana integrity Given. Please address a a bookkeeper at this office. March 11,765�?10-tf Legal notices. In the orphans court much non kill Uonatyin the matter the account Franklin b Gowen admin Trutor Dennis har Kin Deceasedthe undersigned auditor appointed to distribute the Money be hands the administrator to these entitled to the same hereby give notice that be will attend to the duties his appointment at his office in the Borough Pomaville. On Monda the 14th Day August a. A. 1865, at 10 a Dock i m., when Ana where All parties interested Are notify la a to attend. A a David b. Green auditor. A july 29, 65.Quot 803t a stove steam engine a for Sale a Large room and cattle by Bich a ?.pbann-an. To it a Ai it a to., re1xtthe under a. Signed offers for Sale .rent a doable Fram Hoase us d lot 60 feet front by 80 deep. The i House is located Centre Street Ashland and is suitable tor a store and farther particular apply to Barnard so Hradek. Ashland june it 1s66. 21-tm for 8ax�e Small farm situate about two Miles from . Carbon along the tumbling Linn in North Manhel Iri township Schuylkill county and. Joining property the Schuylkill navigation company and Jacob Hunt Zinger. Jr.,1 containing a one tonn dred acres Twenty five which Are Clef find in . Liere is a two Story Etone dwelling House the premises eur Uund red by Choice fruit Trees. Also a log barn and other Cessaro improvements. For further particulars i mrs. A icky Moc Unadkat it. Carlim. B. Bannan Pottsville. Or to to ion. Feb. 18. 100,Tower a f bight and rare executive talents were speedily Manifest in All the internal management and Workings this great diocese. ,. A it was sad for a that died far away from his Horn a and his diocese but it was gods order tog and beloved Bishop found the Golden Shore the Pacific a near to heaven As to coast the Atlantic. A. We have received As yet no record his last hours but Bis life had been such a living testimony for Christ and his Church that we heed no do chg testimony to assure us Liat died in the in re and that be was one those saints whose Deatti is precious in the sight god a. It becomes is As the Spint Nal children who his fatherly oversight to. Remember Kim with love and. Reverence his Nie Myrv memory a just Man and is blessed Quot and the dior to will Ever place next to a the venerable William White,.the name and Fame a his distinguished successor Alonzo Potter i recommend that the prayer for persons in . Fiction be read in All the churches the Bun Quot Day after the receipt this letter in behalf his sorrowing household children and Dio Wash Toglou Yeager this Borough. The company went but Vii thong the a myer. He ,.not be tog Able to a see. myer evidently thinks with the renowned i. Cese and that the Chancy la thes Everil Cli urch Cardinal that. A the Penis mightier than the a a Quot quoth sword Quot and remained at Home to. Bravely Wield Tho former. Akk Hoart-.aiied Narron James a �3 yrs tide a Book to Vii it i cite Hla character May write a bit the cd not cd Nioce Many lat is a not ask re at traitor Torii Eov Miry As Jett a Day a and the Whoie rebel. Cry to. J a 7 is by draped in Monr nigh is that Milf Law which most Toncy every Churchman a a Hest i the diocese pop a Sylram Ian f will Yon Bear with a , when i View Puthe increased Caresani duties which devote no i but earnestly Mak an , that the Greit Heid foe ctar<4 Ray Alfil vols up Ronnise to Supply fonts accords onto ther chm his Glary f3hrist Jens So in b i commend Iii Yon to the god aha fort nth a to the lore the and to the holy Gatot remain r Yery Trow you a. A a a Bacon. Sra arts. Mouca j it. Jeu Klos. To our Quot James Geo Jenkins d. A Ohristo a James Jour. Jones dad Johnston James Rich. Johnson John. Jackson Jose. Jung Kwort e f. A Jenkins Quot wed. Ken Tiekyj. Kline joob. Kline Ifa Iab. In Hymyer. Kaei Cerf a. Kane Walter. Lineas. Keehner Donl. Kroll Andrew. f. Kohler Jacob. Klahr Benj. Keim Deb frug. Tee a. Keig. . Kempel John a Kennedy thou. Refi Roland. .7. Sufi Adaui. / Keeoka Noueri Kuenzle John j4. Kennedy John.,. Kra old Eros Kuhn Hennan. Kirkley Geo.,.-. Msas5eif. . A a Ywe kick a Lloyd �?� 830troxel1 Jas a. Csc Terry ,.v 74 is Strega John. 3,825 a Ulmer 70 Ulrich Nicholas. Soj Vatine Lewis. 184 a Wingert John. S6b Whitney. Frank. 100�welsh Nicholas. 45�wetheri3i John 621walker thosh.�, Quot lasiwbitney.a 60 Whitney Sami. A. 463� Weaver Robt. 98iwbl��ey wm., 475jw�l8 we b. 297�wacbter fran Cluj 8>5?8wolff wow to a Wetzel no than. L525jwheeler . .71 Williams Thoa. 30 Williams David. 442 White Jeremiah w 120 Wriddle we a. 666 Ward Isaac Wolff Wallace a. 1.s8t Werner John to. 4,291 a bitter a. A 339 we plums War. A 879 Weston us. Wallace feb. A 485 Walt Neyle. 81 a. 226 we ber Wra.,. 665 Woollen Jos. Ben Slorer Chas. A a Burke Corby Walter. Crowe Cornelius. Corby. Eustace Easton Hobt. Felt Tjohn Green John. Hubert Philip /., Heve Fick Peter. Uell Nerny. Hart Johb. Herman we. Hol fight re j a. Jennings Thoa. Kievan Peter. Knit Plechas -. Frantz John. Kleckne Rwm. 74kock Geo. 112 520. Cd Dell Thos/., Bossier Christ. Bent we. Benld Allew. Beddall Jos. 2.4001 Clark we. 2.492j. Conley this Crosby Neil-.-.�, i Crosby Owen. -Dovcy-Daly mice. Ennis. Lawrence. A ans Owen. Elliott . Gilli John. Griffith Nath. Green Way a Noah. Hodgson head. John. Jerkins Jhun. Kerns f b/./�, Kelly Margaret. Kirk James Middleport. A. $ s7s, a. 726 Lorenz Lewis. 2.997 b0425. 518 it 290 2,220 16 6s a 454 a 500 a 82 4,0171 a 212 1.2071 1,857. 731 815. 028 Wren Thomas. 600 Wren James t 76l Weber. John a. 206 Weber. Henry a. 120 work Moody. -2o Yost Danl a 350 Yuen Guog d g. A 40,594 Yaen finc cbas/ ,295 Young 293 Zwy forum. Ital to in a tax a it a a a a 252 zeriur.�/�.� 452 665 a tender e w a. 287 17 Zwy Cable. m \ 174 4,400 822 510 253. 94 227 a 394 702 9201 264 804 9400 .401 288 a 9,401,339 a 138 112 2,919 2,720 a Quot 222 382 339127 72s8 .56 Mohrbach Jos. 884 Medler l./.�. 339 Miller Jos a293 Murphy Alex a 156 Mccormick we. 243 Mcardle pat7.�. 91 Morganroth la. 220 Martin Lorenz. A _460jnollboch Geo. 323 Neil ,3�?Trltterd 1.430 scbr�d1�y and. 282shape7banl 100 a sept Tebos. 192 j Swain wm.-. 20tstephens Jas. 66 Weber e a. 69 70 A a. Blythe township. A Andrew David. 21 Miller Eli t.$,4,400 Marcha Chas. 83 Logan Barney. "7 124 Mackey Chas. .7. 1 /1t2�?Tmorrlw>ri Christ. 306 Morgan Sami. 588 Mner Chas. 40�moreh lol j Mannel Elisha 65�?~prilchardthos/, 12i,55sjpriichardjos. Lh2 Pugh John.,.44lpuch we. 876-Oqlnn . 408lrooneymicb.,/. 1731 Robinson and. / 30olreee John. Lloyd John., a a a a Miles Chas. New Castle. Township 7390. 889 173 612 116 212 218 187 99 650i a a bin so Geo. Richards. John a. Raw linger Jas Smith Josh. Staple ton . Shields Schwind Philip. White Bruise a Barnett d a. 931. 54 113 120 433. 191. 39 959 143 32 45. 17. 30 95 176 543 ,101 81573 56 a a 874 752 142 156 7 2 297-�?� 2 a 29j a. 100 $76 167 / w 510 292 1,107 10,055 139 618 112 Quot a is 338 77 99 189 771 83 wife John Cooper Caiper iter age 51 years 6mos. 1 Bert late North Manheim township Quot and 2 Days. A comity deceased have been granted to the subscriber therelattves�nd�ri�nd8 there icily Are respect a a fully invited to attend the funeral. Rom the residence her husband. Coal Street Between Callowhill and non Eglan Street to Morrow sunday afternoon at 2 clock. Drumhelleron the 12th july at Landing Brown Brown Butte James. Brach a James ofbqtu.tomas131 boy Percival. 1 officer a a Ord a. . Fones thi a 4.740 Madara Jas., 45 ,-./. ¿46 32 clips Robt 23s Phillips Ephr finl / al Heese R a ,777 Rogers .j.155 14 Slone Joseph./. R a _ ./.tt�smltl�bllaa. Jones Thomas. 43 Stone Saul. -. 109 Titus a n a a �.�. Cwi items pc to Watera Danl. Miles Mark Rry a \54l / v 300 a 800 t35 execctob8�?T not ice. Of Admani fration the. Estate whereas letters Maria Dei byte Register a notice is hereby Given to All those indebted to said estate to make payment and those having claims will present them for settlement. William Deibert executor. July 22, 65. = 29t< vile Bobeeta Calvin son Daniel and Annetta Drumheler aged 1 year 7 months arid 25 Days. / fritzinger.-- the 6th inst. In Tamaqua Herr by aged 20 years. 7 Kitchenon the 19th inst., in this Borough mrs. Julia Ann Kitchen aged 84 years c Otha and 23 days�?T- A. r. Teale a the 18th july in very suddenly a dubs Prale late North Mau Helm township Schuylkill county in the 62djcarof his age. Hia remains were brought to Potter Fie and. is hereby Jeiven thac. notice notice. _ e to a signed has Beca appointed by the Register Schuylkill county. Adminis Trator Debonis non Jacob dits late .tiatat. Clair Schuylkill county deceased. / Alt persons Inderl. De to said estate will in immediately make payment and those having. Claim against the estate will present them fortsettler6ent to Lewis Reesor. Administrator Benoni sum the estate Jacob Butz deceased / a pot relic july 22, 6529-6t Coal Lbassi the a scribe a it Hare. Determined to a Akse it Cral leases their prop erty known As the Kentucky Para at situated us schu5rlkill county and in the immediate Vicinity tuscan Goa. The ground has been fully developed and those desiring a first rate Colliery can obtain one with out making any furtherexplor$tj<>&8 the same. None make application Uniesee capable erecting All the improvements. Apply to Gidron Bast 8chnylkiu Haven. Schuylkill county to Davis Pearson 2u7 Wal at Street . A 7. Jau aary 7, 65. 7. tf in 1 a by Hank court mobs al kill county b1 a Quot 1tbe 1. State William Taylor Deceasetbd undersigned auditor appointed by the court to restate and. Resettle the account Terrez in the presbyterian cemetery the 2xst Iii st. Weller the 18th july at the big Spring hotel in new Castle. Tow Risbin. Emma Rebecca. Daughter Thomas and Lydia Weller aged Limos and 5 Days. J de for the purpose a a his appointment Friday Yohe a the 6th july at new mines in refi August la Tai Osga at it 9 a. A this officanly township Hannah you aged 79 years 2 months Han forgo Streep opposite Post flt Potte Vihn. Elizabeth Golden late Elizabeth Taylor executrix Milliam Taylor will meet the. Parties interest and 25 Days. Obituary a Jularia is 9pheri Ulfik auditor. At a stated meeting Jones division no. 544 sons Temperance held in their Hall st. Clair Friday evening july 21st, a is65 the following preamble and rest la Fioris were unanimously adopted it has pleased almighty god in his All _ reigned notice is hereby Given to All those indebted a Lii provide Rice to remove from this world our exam a i. A thereof a administration the estate Oscai Romano Krauth late the 103. Nyx vols t emissary masters general Hartsuff is staff at re the rebut Var deceased have been granted to the Mersl a ted and beloved member James. Johnson Hardy and whereas in Bis death we have sustained a deplorable and lamentable loss whereby our hearts Are bereaved at the untimely demise one so generally admired for his Sterling integrity his untiring Energy and Persever i Ance in the canse Temperance therefore be it Ruso Ltd that in the death one Somich / endeared to the mar Accra this division and his unswerving principles .1temperance,�?T we cannot refrain tro pub Llly acknowledging the intense sorrow manifested by 1 the division Iii general. A a a. A. ,. / resolved that we mingle our sympathies and Sor-1 rows with the bereaved Frmily. the deceased in View 1 the and express with deep sorrow the loss Ofa virtuous officer amp Poire Patriot in the cause 1 Good Christian a rid a respected citizen his led that the chatter emblems Apa regalia i the div Slon Bedr Pediri mourning for the term thirer Days As a Token i our respect for the lament Denlow 1. Ref a a =.it1 a , th�6a copy the a Rren Letlon Protr. By att ii a cd to Tew to the. Family out deceased Bro bet. Dalma to tract Ittem without Flea to Juuls Khz Haht a pot Taffie a july 14,166fi. And now Viny is 1865, the cd a ort order and direct the treas for end collector Blythe twp Arhip to receive no Ordeta for the payments Road taxes tor the year 1865, in Blythe township except Thoro orders drawn and issued in 1869, for the current expenses the Yaar t88�. June 8, 652z-6m = by the court. Towt the above preamble and Resolution bettered Quad. On minute Book. And in the Borough Pottsville where a is prepared to furnish grocers s pure article wholesale which will warrant to be equal i not Superior to a article1n Tho Market for pickling table use and All purposes for which vinegar is used at the lowest Market prices. All we ask is for Deacre to give us a trial. i a a a. To f a b. bids 83iokin Tobac wholesale Ami retail at in Bil. In Jor Razai. A Typo All qualities a f. Of a so us a Quot. Add Tala prices by Gustav Wol Tufi g. T. By tags committee. A entreat Pottsville next door to the Union hotel. T. Golobi do Nelo a a. A Yahu Abby at fri a vate 8al<eone-twentieth interest in the tract Coal land in new Esstle township Schuylkill county. Known As the putt amp Bannan tract contain i. Tag about 420 acres. A r. A tract 220 acres coals and Timber land. In Folly township. K la tan cd no Street Between norwegian and Manca chunk streets Pottsville. Desirable Sites fur warehouses manufactories amp. Three building lots land cd Street. At bomber building luts Coal Norweg ire. Railroad and Washington streets Quot greenwooddltion.&Quot. Apply to Henry a fetus ski licensed Beal estate at. Corner 2nd and Imah Stoa go sts., Pottsville a. A a Juna 1u, -�o929-tl is ,>8 perfumery Pipesfancy French Clay pipes warranty to color. Fancy Clay Segar tubes also a Coth Quot big Tehada Wiermaa Clay pipe. In great variety for Sale at.Philadelphia Lmh Portay whole we prices by a. Gustav Woetje wholesale and retail tobacconist Centre st. Obs door to the Union hotel Pottsville. .tje.n, june 16. _ do. Beese Union Uriel pm Rille cures epilepsy 8t. Vitus dance. No Walgis. General debility paralysis a. A. Ole Ohba mutism and dyspepsia by electrical application adj Tama inflame Honor Ctm Gellon brain Ltd ugh other vital organs a few application. A billions Colic. Diarrhoea. flux cured re one application without a tip suffering a. Electricity for. In riots be Nib complaints cannot too highly recommended. It will stand to Tietel who _ other remedies prove a failure. Diseases tout Are Able and incurable with medicines Cun be Aud arc c by the various painless applications wishing to obtain knowledge As totem Ltd a applying electricity tor. Various Dreca is. Rau w delve Lustre colons by applying to a. Kek a amp july.1, 6526 J�a��jmuacnesfflyjmtrr tsp lived an assortment Toemagneslumpen, is said to be very Dora bks lasting As Long common pen and is. Anti corrosive. It it ramen Derby Jay Cooke Aco. And a a a a a a a so to reliable hankers. Fur Sale a Boreale Muire i so a in. Bannan r Bee store Centre st. Pouv
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