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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1849, Page 1

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - July 14, 1849, Pottsville, Pennsylvania pfc to la by actor. -�gj.ujg. I a a Long Gra Lefus or it Ralp Trona a Here Loforte re Eli cd nor anti Onecca a the Cuil a Potts a Lee and he to i a a to Etc Eon Linnra it a pm a Lara opposite Max a we ii e-nbf��lrty3re 3tr�� in the a Romish of a Ott St a veh1 . a�4-Jiriedril a Simonem of Purlar a Jid Cooklar St �qractn2 amp a he of i and apr Pretl Nevles to etf1 to Quot new a adapted it by of Lett coat re ii ithe a improved comply err a faces Amer a in air to Fht Iviry i al ref v?0� a is new Tertus Arne we Noel a considered by those who have tel to it Jarc it Babeljr the very Bergt cooking stows Lext Ira re a a a invented. Ira a with Confidence Calla ski great variety of parlor and Conklu Siove by i the largest of stand chef but a found in tuft Coutv of f a i. J. Lie al�okeepeiituatsa1e a urge varied Stock of Shea Iron to imd War of the wtsni5 5ind in a a fwd a Taopi a a Jfe re connected Slih that Onieu of the Humines a pro it aptly executed to the beat manner Aud tf1509 reasonable Srov swy so stoves he should think seriously be by wedding Day. Yet cd to think less it is that of tho Arturp it f Thero be e Day Day. His face wears a Serif Oso thoughtful expresion tur it it no Index o Bis mind that to Sill reflective acts totally insensible. Appears a passive a a Hia stride scorer of cow a. A nov Kab i of Tail Rord struts m oho Nooy of a yer re la a of Tail a \ ,. ? to his Friend and East he a d the most a legit Assort a Fritt tro Etc of offered in this tim a to Oblie generally that he i i d the a stoves con embracing att the be w pm approved patterns. Or particularly Cal it atii10 Mcfie regolus Patent part of ufarr1 Prum ranked Hie hese a Tore now la a 1 have i. Excl or 01 Quot Lakins a a a a Ove. In 8cho\jlrill-0>anrf1 a. A <7i�t Iron Roll Urf Empire Conklin Quot hour. I but air to Ltd .1,.i�?o it a pcs or cq.i�?T., it a Superior ?1 11 9 a parlor and chef Ltd a a Ltd Soa Toai hers Viii a assortment to purposes All a of Wheeli will r3�?� vol. Xxv. -1-w-�?~ Yueji ?0 ,1crce>t�?~e b01, of a a 811161 Lulu oat Fig Lyle a Wynzor my aim Metal. kill aren5lh to out Hajji All Salar to on at. . A go Jashed every saturday by Benjamin by Nan. Pottsville. A . County a. in Bohand of his Estir is sturdy his body erect and whole deportment Manly but there is something in his manner which worm impress a casual beholder with tic idea that to had Early in tho morning swallowed halfa4doze� firm a and a the Bolc duty of saturday morning july 14, 1849. Furniture 5 Cap Etc. Venitus 11-Ain �?o�ms., to inn. I Esima �oillt3m a Garow bks rect fully Tuno Anci to Ieav a we a a m. Us in. Of Potiuk. Of the Quot a a Tirro Ariden Nerien boyhood tha Thev a f,0pe"td 1 f "8mtuile Wabe Hll a a. A of Quot no re a Quot Otari where Beya c a a Hait h of a and �,,6le eme of farm via to i la it Tki 11 Mot Tohl Unwe Lyles a h ? c 1 by n to their order by uie Orfi makers in our cities. Their Satnek embrace a j9�?T4 in a Rte it Anilleo embraced in . It Hin in plljm�5 either Plair or it Nobe san Var red Teady r iodine in Price Frouz #3 to >30, and All other iii to a of Iuie in promo Itin. Tut in Stock i al it it d u i arse Avnor Meul of w. Lenan run Dearie we i join of the co approx. Eil Par teen. "1>-Ufd with Groat care. Carpet Jun. A cuing and al . pc a it. Ís.? tils coat. Region. I he cumin Iuele be, . tended to the duties ten pay de Apon to feet relative to toe Esspin Sion and Iet it Apon Tundo of out Sibrir not Ute at All. Hazards. A boat they in the menu tune have butt Loeb to Tbs City which will leu iro to Cir Aue Nilon. It be mainly will to of Cestary to it a is Inonu a Ai Quot to up Tawa by tailing on a Ewry lip Picou k Taylor us punch Tsiun a Ruit of clothe amp from them very cheap and fax Blo Abie Buh Beauty and talc on a see anything Ever offered to Bei country. A visit to their Well established Huus u a Moi of Civ Btu a f a heir i Clairvoyance i Tomsk lab. A a a a kc., a Ai a of Quot Levin la Ltd t5,y a a a a a be int tint Lippl Coit hip or ced. Sheba pall m a in f Nutak a to at it al iuit Itro iii to in Birinci it Gnu Rhim Ives. Their a f which will i 1 w Quot a t hey hire and Ai Uejio a Ltd re a a a. Norv a i ,7 Quot a 7 their no a i or tin and Jihu. Arv iw0�?�0r,men,, Var cuu a innies d a Prfu in in i a Ai let a a it in c�l1 a part a in carr>ii.3 out h \ a and Emir Arfet Call the nartitu�1 Cin. Off a al in v spin a. Ulbe articles a in a Ludi he will warrant to a a tin of u want m a , a. , 11 is a a a a a in to pc up All the article of fungi Rall Rodj re Piir. D m , nod the once -1 to or j to y pm so a a of uhf air Ltd in Veu Reli of Ani. Those in vat n a of which a a up Are dec Notuck Thoeun j to at a once tint they can be obtained Eue i Etnere parking and tided. They thro tin All a i -7$ Sheet Iron Ware Yanura Clurid i Rem Lotice al. Of u a a thels prepared to of j Ere. Ally Ltd. V ites to the. It re al of it Lilly d0 Lvi a. A. A a lev 1.1.1. If to in a if a a .1 a. Thrpo i m a v i i -i1 fully i Ovilio Tea and n.ara-1 rho a turn a Quot a . ».tct�4l i tel Lvi a no economist j put Trvll riii11 cooking stove. Fiti Parri tent of the the iii Cal str Psi Civ a it a a of it Iris tue it lir. Tint h. In m Mitty a erred a Patent Riczu Schuy kill i ounts a to manuf actor and Sale a flee new. I admirable a inv a Rami to the ducks county , Jiniv improvements lately introduced in Cinkel a w of nil hand that a Noi Hiis a a Nau let Nin i re iut to and �-�?��ir-imit1 neck ii Arya Riili or Tum . The finish Wuh h it i rez plated. The regularly Villi which Cir it Kiry and baking Iai. A one Ami the Paige my. A id tie email auit Nti v1 con in cd aii Matt erf of Jirise to All who Ltd ail sics it the first ran Kanton ail the . It is Une a o in. I Peculiar Lac lilt f in Oati in of tto features will Best a Tuff those. A who mv�?T5 to no and it wiil Arford the i Indore much plea Kuro Turec Cive satisfy l Inu in a i 1� a a Capa,<.i�iea und perform Aneesy store Quot u�1 be put up thirty Day and if Folind ill e a pc Clatious Ltd buyer or to per form a Tefend it will be taken away without car that re Are three sizes nos. 1,2 and 3�?and to Burn either Wood or Coal. Call Ami examine How ready at then voc Ani Robeet Iron War i Victory of tie sub crier in Centre Street two a Inoc tho Public schools Wilert of also Anju to lib Titi slide of business May be had cd accost Iilda 11 Wiful c.0cltu-Ho St. Gaib. Tel Livia Cluett and or Ciccateri a 5u de k in tue. Karts. By iie7a.il. Ujj Ineil Dot to the minors Dank Celure Street a . Messes. Lurf fac g. ? band in extensive of watches pm hair Arius every style Price and Manu Fairure to it be found in this country among which a May particularly refer to the celebrated Gold Ami Varlev Musof m. I. Tobias co., ans. Johnson Ert Rosk a. Tom. Robinson , of whose the a a ave a splendid collection. Also cold a a Silver Archura and let Pines to which they would tie attention. Also a i arc and Complete As Ort Nihof jewelry and Silver vie emt racing nearly a by article i opt Ray t coniing under Thoie icks in great variety musical instruments and pan. Articles of Evite a Descry poo. Lipai Rizig of clocks t atches jewelry dec Mirou icily attended to. . To unnecessary in adv Rtse set to a numerate their a tuck Mure specifically Usuf a to say that it has i eau Seletti d with much care and. Scr Etiopi and is one of the must p. X Tensive to be found i . Their Long experience Wuthe business rit fully War Rabi Ilu in in a uniting the attention of Urcle vre in the full con hic her that they Are Eila bled n Vellai it. Be pay any other Here or elsewhere. A. In ecl847.51-ly i it. Room ally a h at ii and jewelry Stoke. Wii Erc could and to Ilver watches of every desc Pimp ran be Lead at from ter to to Freener Reni. Less Tun and other in new you k or . who wish to yet a Good watch a Gul Ivd. Would do Well to tall at tie spire of in. It in no me Price of his As with dial of other Valr Kra al the of the ring tick Edingley ini primer a old love re full jewelled be Carat cases >28 00 Silver do do do 12 00 cold Cpru i a Jewe hed in Carat cases s3 00 Oiiver a in d a. 9 co i Vrr s. From $3 00 upward. Sold Pencil Froia 1 0j to $8 to Gold pens with i Silver t.isc-, tin pm a re is attached lor 75 rents. At a a a hid Sonie a or Thieu i of and Fastino Noblr jewelry at prices the usual store prices old Gold and Silver bought or ukr in sex rhanie.jxw1 k ,. A. Ill North second ft., Frond door below rare Philadelphia. April 14. <9. Lily to t this out no cd Brigit Alon you will then be sure to get into the Nyht it la a re. Or a and Ever. A Kelsale end it Quot Philadelphia in cock eni Juk Tarp it a. Of Veffa second Street Turner of , ,�, a a old levers i Carat rates full jewelled go a Nof upward r levers full jewelled 15 a a a Gobi a i on. 1&Quot k i is a jewelled. 25 a a m Silver of led. S a it a Silver la watelo1, 4 to in �5deer mi.�, re in 1&Quot in ,Tea. F5 to my table # a other St Fol . All goods warranted to be a Liat they. cold . / Oil Tantle on Hind Rii urge to Cal of Fine jewelry a Vij Silver Ware. Ale.�, a of m. J Tobias t map san hum Uci t five there a a the i a a to. X in l�.trri-?, 5. A a 11. Ult out la y and other Superior move Jii ii Xiv toll will he cared in any style a arrange ments have been made with at the air give named to i c a Del rat cd manufacturer of Ensi. I to tur nil hat Short notice any rec tired file of watch which order. Mill be taken Arn the name and re.deike of the person ordering put on if Weiju Esher. J. Con importer of wat Hep. Philae _ a. Fico and a. The arc artist a Jar Alan la tie al vol Ltd a a al al Cas be eau at or. Tracy off to. Iii i a Anict Stritt. clothing his our. Fine French Lack cloth dress Coats. 1 from. F1�umjcl5.m a a it.00 to 13.ik� ku0to 19 00 Quot Nestly i Vilu the who a about a urn or a a a a a go who require audit tonal Mitre fora or their Belv to �1 houses and Thoa. A in give them a Calll it they. A give Ihui any Kius a of a tit out Totcy May a. Cat a Viii of funds. _ a Orin a a Caro a Little Quot pc Martin ?t3%wtiol63ale and retail dealers k dry 6�f� ads a go a it Gles it to As us hrs Cem store on a a Earv Street a ear the Cornee of i Maui Oulu to which the of a it a adv a try i reaper Lilly toll filed. I a a i a John l Little Potter due. Of 23-14j John 3. Cortier Cetuk r. Oc1 it a Strep Potts tue Ana Xiv Torii Leeber. Koidall a a co., a Root. Fil and Ond the Henry Calis Ano. April 7 i5-tf Alexander n1llyma.v. Kisiner Sun hotel Ritts Villa Pevny a. The Linden Lam a respectfully and ounces to the i Tiffus of Schuylkill county and travellers Tus i eral that he Lias old known a Yost a hotel a and lately kept by Hughe at the Cotton Kun or second and Mineu Villu his in the in Orough of in of Taville which he Lias fitted up with special ref to rent to tie Comfort of i hic Altu tray favor lilt Wii i their custom. The Houe is pleasantly located with stalling and a Large Yard attach a eau fluted to accommodate farm person travelling with horses and Carriage. The proprietor inst Hli House Well furnished and will spare to pain or expense to Supply Bis table and bar in a manner which cannot fail to a Furj go neral Satis faction. A a an attentive faithful Hostler Willa Way Beta at Tendance so the it gun Ais tiny Rolv on hat ins their horses properly attn Dudlo. Michael Seltzer. A myl9.49.i a 21-ly a al Antler acute halt san Utah st11ket, mines Villa. A. would respectfully inform his trip Mulsand the Public that by a iri Mcree a to the above to and in hip formerly Kepi a by Rapp where he will be Happy to give every attention to those who May favor him with Call _ sheldrake�?T., in log Luuy House. A. Í�s0 Var it Street above eighth South Side 1 Riidu a a a Psia. Y a this Large Atid spa Midi hotel flt truly had with entire new furniture the �18 air Ilomin is the largest in in if Adelphia. Tiie iga\-�a.pjrl,iiu� and Are entirely from Hie and Bustle to the arrival and departure of the car. The portico Exten Dini tie who it front House afford a co it it re treat in a Quot tent Imp and a splendid View of Hie grate to thorough Faredin the Civ. A a the lodging rooms Dre Well Fin Tiht d. The table a Well provided Toras any other hotel with every at cution of the or Taal ers to Tuake it the in St Horri Sec chants and Ilu Siu men. During thir stay in the City. Thet enu will be one Dollar per Day. Of the arrival of the cars from the West a Porter will be to Adrondam e to convey bag Jaje a to the slut Ltd Xvi Ivy i adjoining tie Depoi. _ feb to 7-c�nm Tiff vat. A 1 or a Etc saw votau. í�31>e�tfl a a Ose Urr a a ,1-t Bas sen glib iils a a xes so run. Past to from London Lutcs Riol Dublin by to fax to or _. Part of the old country to to Yew Yuri Andje at Ade Lyviu. On the must Rean Awe term. Drafts and jail be of Ertha of from i to any amount of the a Toul Bank of i Daod and i branches. The Day of sailing of the re liar line of packets As fixed upon Aro the it ctr uth 10th, 21at, and Cath of every Mouth a these ships Are All of tic Largo class Ault Iare com Xiandi j by Neu it be. The Cabin a Fommo Dat Oil Are 11 that cuu be desired up Fiat of ,.eonifort and . Bev Are Iur-11u hed with every inscription of stores of the bus Klud. In uncut Unity in tho Days of a Ailion will a and. Hie to. A. A packet skips ro.<$iut,,d, Garrick Are to let not the largest class Ami those desirous to bring Quot out their friends cannot select finer or safer a ibid was ice c5u be secured at utter lowest Latcu. Orleans Hub of packets sail weekly. For Jun i Peor freight apply As above. W. a co. The Bikih crier has been appoint d agent this line in in Surv. Apply at his Otiles in to l Street . A Quot a Pelg in is Lye in. M. Wilson. . Llie Sokec. R 1ats a Riyal. It we crib a bating just returned from Eltz a pop a Lohn with the largest Etc pc of Groda a St Axi Eroe Ere l a e in this place can Meta it do it to rat. Groceries Provis Orji up Tea. F riia Colucco and Seara sui amec Lima Capi Uco is a Are to Limp. Bur tog Kisul a a pc Stoke a id Vox Schick of llu no. In norwegian Street below the Art ado. Wiit tre be is prepared to sell of Tutas More fax Ramc to Purcla Iser inn that of any other establishment to by rive a of Lott Stiie. It a? of dry goods embraces Alt the Teri san Bijj sly . Which Are in Rotas and Bra Duful. Men a and boy s Fasli Honable caws Sale 1 so oct. A a a a no can save a least 20&Quot per cent by Purcha nov an.7,i9�?ifi.if. Nov Cliea store. Washington hotel form poly to cry by Samuel a Kab a Schuylkill have. The Suh or tor Amoum i to i Friend and the travelling Public that he has taken he Jaq above mentioned establishment and fitted up a throughout so that it u ill equal any i is Ihli Huiett in the county. a a a do cd near tho. Depot of the 1 Hijii Leuia and la Gadnig u and on the main Street of the Uon Mill Ili table will a lays Lee abundantly supplied with Lam can Brut delicacies of the Hil Niu. I chamber Are Large unil airy and i bedding of the beet kind. The stabling attached to the hotel h Large and commodious and attentive hustlers will always be found in it ten dance. Lie a also drovers it vehicles will always be kept to carry visitor to any part of the county or a nowhere. All a it Tuiai it m Tetine ileum in will give entire Hui Tiou to Alt who find it convenient to sojourn at his ii nut a. Ap.7f4k a 15.u.j John Jones. Boots and shoes at tie sly stand . D. A j. Foster Are now receiving their a Prius supplies of h a a it to pc silos a Quot Mph Ingarr it i . Lowest a a raises cd pet Haft Ami h , Upp a leather Morocco. Calf skin. Lining binding skins shoe. 51.kers tools and a general assortment of sure find offi. An.b.�?hoots4shoestnanufaeturedat-hurtnotice.�? their friends and i tie Public who arts in want of any of he ahoy s articles Ren in a to Leim cull. A a May 8, let has. Tissot Tincani which they no a s or Quot la w Noffert Bot Eagle or retail at the very h it a Purifi a. They have al cum hand trunk 19 Medicin frock pc so i to 9.�x1 14 of 7.00 to 10 00 3.00 to 7.g0 1 Emo to it 3 00 to 3 to to 5.00 ? 00 to 2 00 to 4 00 2 00 to 4.00 Fine Blue cloth a Riding goals a Coates. A Black in Alt cloth sacks a Blacks and fancy Tweed sacks a Black cassimere wants a fancy. Quot a a sat rpm to m a a Satin Vest. Tog Cihy r with a Large assortment of seasonable goods Quot of every variety consisting of pants gets a hiri3, Stock Feu spenders hand kit a chiefs timbre lax 4�c. to bail at the old and favorite stand and at prices will Enn All. A Mjune to forget the number 232 Market Ita a af�2h�?~40�?i-?m Rhi Bis Cio thins of spot. S. A a. Full Ingr or Ilok an11 sitcom its. The Anjou arc s to the Public Cen a i varied assortment try Best material. I finish unsurpassed Hyanlin the Tuntti a r�tatc9 it h an general assortment a it of \ Nung ii or boys from lit experience itt this Une of by Issue she feet a ruled that they Are unequalled in the City. Tent Lention of the citizens of Polis Gilleand Vicinity to respectfully in Ned in his Large Stock of Chuhing. Give him a Call and a Yogi Mcelve before purchasing elsewhere All his goods will be sold cheaper than the cheapest. Cut uus out and being it in your hand., done to forget the store. \ we. B. Taylor i j Vic unit lathing depot. S. W. Car of lock and second ms., la ii Latla. April 14, ic1k in no Smith s Root amp shoe store fresh Supply of Stock very cheap i the Sut it a crib or announce to i numerous customer and the Pulitic. Tour lie p is jut a Ceiva a Attu Boot and �i>�5�?Thoc a xxi dour in. Tic Othef the. Miner a a journal a rr5i Supply a or and he a a of every variety us , mtg is , miners to., toll of which Are nude up of the Best Nutem m a not at and Dura me manner and will be sold 1 Rale to suit Lue inn it Law Avion baud a Supply a of Trun Valise. In be a. Ac.,�?T, Chieti will be a old very Heap. Cali dad a eau i y j ours Lac. Boo and sane to Oft lie Bent Tea Taofil tid aug repaired at i Imit notice. I it Ott Ville june 92trf. Willi am. Smith a Cairns Bright t. Pott 7yav\uallikon store. R uni he and single barrel shot gun a powder flasks shot , pm Lima of is can later pow Der i Ltd us let in Caps. A Rev calving put tfx is. Single and double pistols. The Abo e Are if finc assortment it of English and German pocket cutlery , Ang it a Ltd is a rim a sir tent of the mum . Rope hemp packing Cordage anvils re Hows vices and files blasting tubes wet places in min a safety fuse Long and Short handled shovels made exp Insl us Rownak a. Building materials con i tar of Sticks . I Nee paint. Oil Glass of american German and a Mehsli Nartu and steel. Hanini Rod and rolled Iron Sheet. Flue band and hoop Iron tools ?,3ft�i saddlers s adult by hardware a. Coach trimming with a variety of Iron notion aug. 28 47 35 Nicholas a a 1�?Tollins, wholesale and retail. Plug gifts and Market air i a fonts Villa re invite the particular attention of inc la Pitt Villa and it Vicinity also l by Iciano la Veteri diary a a a their Large and general of drugs chemicals a family medicines. Their Slock tel Only Embr Acca the Best drugs Aud icings the snark it affords but al fall the in har incr Urical and chemical preparation. Surgical and go in foil. Patent and family medicines Freyli shake re herbs Dye stuff s 1�?Taiou, oils varnish a pure Carphine a a a Putty Anutt he to c a Endi i tobacco and Cigar perfumery brushes every variety of Choice Fatico and Iai Quot cel Lai cum cart iils also that est vent article. Farina the cd and infants diet in fail everything and anything can be found in their Nerat and Well assorted Stock which they offer to id it the lowest cask prices. A i. . A c. Flatter them Civ to a from thu in knowledge and a Foj wince in of them. J 1 pfc it a it Ivul. The subscribe rf�?T-s1 Copartnership the purpose at transit Inga Jug retail business in Iron Gudic Kolbo pro visions a a y. Flo l1 a a and Retro al Ihu Well know a it Ork store to of. Ruts Villi would a Ruly Villi have to say that the. Y a Ulvi to of baud a la rsssl1 in a a a a j Sirh if bar lion of Ull do scrip Tiou ,.?.� a a in 7.,>�v\ Boa Drou of various Sixes suitable to Nisan j Teml Rojc which they. Offer Sale at As Low a Rad As can be had in the county. Also a Freu Stock of g. Oceans Aud provisions constantly on hand at very Low pro Quot Cash. , cast Blister and Kucar flt eel i Nils and spikes Oisiu. Flour i a end ac., All of which that Gay would respectfully solicit an Insp Cioa of by the Public and. Relying As they Burti Ufa a to he Able us All Tiaina to accommodate . I amp son. D. 8.�?tuesah3cr�bcr would take this Opportunity 1% return his sincere thanks the Liberal patronage Jjo a has heretofore Ric led from his Friend and the Public generally and respectfully a thu me the us a firm. Pott Ville March l181s-101 cd a. Yard ale a a Yew and cheap Saddle and a Hilss the subscriber Nunno Mucea to i lii oils and the Public in to Onbas opened a Middle and Bir 1 Ness store in norwegian Street close by tin Railroad a few doors from e. W. Mcgini Inis of a sundry where he niemis to nor a fact urn no hand i it a a Nety of saddlery pull saildl�1, _ _ bridlch.irnes3, whips Collar an trunk of Allic clip Liova travelling bag satchels. 4c., Vucu i. Will sell a. A if not a Litile Lucr than can lie i Ciucht an a Here Clad m this in inn. All kind of Vii re will be All. Pilod Gnu a is Joice porn. Adv of value to Coal add to tuber a and. At sheriff a a s ilk. J by Yirtie of an aim writ of Fieri facial is out a. Of the court of common fleas of the a county of i _ a a churl Milf nud to me directed will be exposed Sale a Tom following Tinea written on the death of. Of Public Vendue at the. House of Jour Wka vex i to and published in the a daily advertisers Ponnay Lovanta Hall Inee Pedr in the to Ruth of Tofu j bal f a an Var it a Beautiful i quote a a a , the Midili ,�?T. A sweep Sot Sheds Sot Bead. Nexhat 3 of clock indy Arter Poon of a Aid Day the nol Kinas undivided one to Btry part of the follow log do ascribed the. J tracts of land a a Quot j this and to be translated every Power no. I. The undivided one third part of a tract of f of mind and spirit kept till life a last breath Ais i a a Quot a a a off a. A a a a Ingland surveyed John Everhart pm the hot eth ,0.,j9 doubt to Cloud the parting soul a Vest and land Survey cd Pimp Moyer on fac Norih j Trace in a Lio Harl and Bope upon tie brow Barbara Artillia and Francis Arii lha re a the i i it a. U j. Whole tract containing-119 acres strict i eater. E Hope filth changing into Aston no. 2. Also the one undivided third part of a tract 1 a ibis Bright world with All it Bloom upon it a i w Quot Quot Quot or Lan a surveyed air Machhi Lille East Philip Laven t�1?�?� erasing Tobe mortal Burg on the West George Miller on the North and Lien i it May Reml cd of of those old departures sri ii 0 "1,0�?~e r it cd a a in Quot Sug j Tbs Codur Csc told in holy will. No. 3. Also the undivided one third part of a tract j word a Mead Vvs not allowed to Darken. / of Laud Soi eyed in the name of Philip Lave Tibuni situate in tue Onwu Stipand county aforesaid adjoin ing d John eve Chart on the East \ Catharine lev Churg on the West and Doratha Lav f Enburg Zuj the Norry a. The whole tract containing 419 Carrit strict measure. No. A. And the us Livi Ilid one Thild Pari of a tract of Jane i tho can Bertig Lavenburg situated in the to of hip and county aforesaid adjoining lands in i rip Lavenburg Oti , Augustus left Verhun on the wet and Catharine crop on the North the a Hole tract contain .1� 439 acre. Strict Tuo Asur. Quot no. 5. Aio the undivided one third part of Quot a tract of lamp surveyed in the a tue of George Grenh jr., a a i Uati it the township and county aforesaid adj Mininc in jiu surveyed John Shomo on the North. Citha Rine Gryth a a the East and Augustus Lav a Borg on the a a a Utho Ibe Wylo e tract containing 4ig acres strict Lucas. A. Urc. 1. To mourn n�.1 Here a urn but the dead Jin. 0. Al to be , in a Jim do in Imp Ciommo a so s 8�. Lut tut pm a al a i by survived George grub or. In the West �asxjgbyaiswar.a.t-sg��,xs&s2e&irrvt2z3�?~ Laver Burg on the South Anna Marin Shamaon the North and Doratha on the East he whole tract Contal Niu 41d acres strict Mensure. No. 7. Also the Oue this do it of a tract of land surveyed in the time of Laven Liuro situated partly Lucas Ami partly in Ontl a .vvnship. La the count y aforesaid and joining lands surveyed air George Miller Oai Weeast Catharine Lmh on the West Jacob Kcal Thuer on the North and Philip ? on the South to the elude conman Iise 449 acres strict measure. . Also the undivided one third part a a a tract land surveyed in the name of George Miller situated partly in crus and partly in Butler townships in said county adjoining lands surveyed tor Philip Moyer of inv Nasi Doratha Laven Lorg a Ltd the West Maria Kek incr of the North and Johp Ever Sharil on the South the whole tract containing 449 acre strict no 9. A othe undivided one third part of a tract of land survived in the name of Philip Moyer b to i ated partly in tvs and Par Tiv in Butler to wish p. In corp in Quot to Uel Stites in Xiv i of any j in. R la ills of Mboi and ale to give Hito a Call and try hit . Yah to on the West. Matthias Little a n the Sori. lha it will be to their of croat Lodoslo. Henry h.m�22r on the Ca a tim we Tojo Trail Cunt am Ilu also annoy that i i ready and prepared to Puitung Ajo a Rcd nth asure do All kind of Goteh trimming a �c., the 1 no. Id aunt it us divided pin the ted part of a tract Hort it notice Aud of Ria Osuald term. Ai to. All of Laud surveyed to tho memo of Marta kind of repairing. June 93 my. Sam a Quot Snyder �?2tj-3ui ated ill it township of Butler cumin in aforesaid adj a Unin lands surveyed George Miller on the South. T. Nicholas . Luv ving yield. Fur several Carss Litif j be amended in tiny Sermol feet of the most responsible offices in England and Paris a the fifth article so that it shall Ciul a it follow both a Rin a Riiser and operative chemist they would judges of Ibe supreme co Jet of Thi s veral coi Fitio Hirou relative to an Jiey Dext 1 a of the Constitution. Resolved by the Senate Ami Inoue of rep Toien to Tivix soothe of p�-nu9\vauia in general Assembly met thai the a a Nisi Quimn of this a. Stoml Fec tue a of of Hicri fore Esparci Friy in solicit the Confidence and Hare i Ommon plea and of such other court of record As o Public p True me a none but genuine drug and a a Are or Hill he it abolished Law shall be elected by Tbs. A,r�.-a-�.i end me. , by tel Attil in . vector. A or u,.i la in. My Quot it j a a Quot a a a a a it j of i a a. A. 1c .,1 . L.t-,1 i whirr on la. A i . To Wil to Jilm of the supreme Kelch Neto Brm Quot jj.1?1 -a,.,.�ble . Arcb3.1-.19-10-l j a font the , ,1 . Of lie co.,i,, atlaide. The Ondzes of the several t ourt taming 119 Aero Ricl Tite amur. I of pm a and of uth Otlmor of record a a a a a 13-ag a Uio to Devi led it Thyrl tort of in Ltd a Are or shall be by Law and nil of l a. Urvey my the name it Thorno situated Iju Jgr. Requin-,1 lobe Ivar cd in the Ute by the Quail partly n. I a a tied partly in i uti a Tost to Ming i fied vhf cd irs of the tricks Oversh cd they fort said a comm sane id Anna Marla arc to part Fiji tir a a a my t hrs be sorbet us fit. I a Jon a of the North i org a re Ihal i. On the South. Jacob Kilch Nementh a a in the whole tract containing 419 Ltd a Hrict tue or. A. U. Alan the undivided tronc third pare of a tract of Laud surveyed to the Namoff Jacob ,.situ-Aiej to the of Buth a county Nauru sail adjoining lands Urvi Yud Maria on the cast. Anna Maria Sluti Jitou Tfir we St Ami Doratha Laven Berg on Riv Spuul the whole tract Coti tailing -149 acres strict measure. No. A a Aisha he one third part of n tract of land. Vur Vevva in tin name of Anna Marin shotto a a to Ald to c pc it partly in Butler townships Sijak Uisok amp co Mamta curing , _ a. 413 14 South frat Street Rhi Ladelphia. A v�?~j�?ot-hci7ri of Quot tax re cd tet Vive d5 to ict77vvnvhh b Ihry a Forcia id adj Oming lain a Sarve. Pure parlor Wuite Lead Alum a round a Dierf j if Pri re Jinx .1c1 Ahja a Ign and the Asao Cut judg-1 of the North Grenh i extra ground no. A red Lead i thai a Orange Mineral sugar of Lead j cd Topera i _ put to Liguz of acid in Chi liquor a Iron liquor. Mastic thai i metallic fire proof paint. A a of tho court of common Ali a by the qualified Elk i to inf in Louii Tiofil re spi iii Cly. The it judge of the super Vii court shall hold their offous the let of fifteen years if they a Hall. A Long behave themselves metallic paint. This Mihi Totice of to Utill a a Trot to 0� . A a in ii rms turn. We flu Law a a Folu the mine it re vat to heu Niiles in Uppa Nam e the fu.�-t indigo and i it at it t to. I oui to i Cerf a old tallow hut Oil Export ii a to tue iii it of pliers Iua Kletl it turns to Stone of win have a Een it. Are of the ii into Aon that his tub Taute. When la a ii a Lale Bis Oren off did la a a sure Ana filled up that Basu format i vul 1 tie to us. \ it h is b. I a found Upo a anal it Zal Muly or. Chillon of new York to club it of silk a a atomic ii i it oxide of Iron Lime Well in Bret to the allotment hereinafter Prev led . Buhs Topini to lha to ele tinn tiny presi Cunt wild to it of the �vfr.rito.irts of common pleas and of Lime. Magnesia Carbon bulb of water loss a eur ill 51 of 24 2 12 05 i 31 2 3i 0 48 1 50 0 11 5 co 0 41 a 100 00 to let ii i ground to powder mixed with Oil Ami applied with Bruria the same a paint in Wood Iron uri.7inc,canvass p Iper Are. . Which in a Sli Uit time turn to Sione which is itis Pari i it u i \ adapted Rof Orbiiildingsteatn-bn.t 4iul car , l bii.lae�, Fence. . Of. Re a of coated with his a title is equal tut be u sly of slate at a v.-Yavit if of Tipeti a. Every variety of ir. Vork weather will be Prev new <1 a it it a rust or Miro ion. As u brins a t of a ple e a i Verdug. A school Quot Lutes Are Nitsuh from ill by tiny met Lue trp Ipp r. A it ii Jolt rep Ible of ii Bosn put a i bit iras been tie to it great Jivu us. By a Arrige painters ill c b�-., Mak. I it Harilson. Burcl Here a a. Co. April 82 17-tfj. No -3� Sou b front St Rollada. R Cotrit of record a Are or shall be by , of ill other Jules required a a be Lea cd j la the Law shall hold Hull tor the term often. I year if Lime a Hull to Long Brit ave then selves Well. The Assoc Itu jul lev of the courts of a autumn1 plea Nhill hold their Ellice the five year if. They a Hall so Long Hechav themselves veil All of whom bail by d by the govenor but any aide Raul of Whit h nut lie Stull sent Ornu in of , the governor shall remove any of them i the Cid i est of a in thirds of a Chat Inch of the legislature. The first election Hull take Plarea the general t Eftimi of tins common each next Afier the adoption of Ihil an it a tin commission of All lha judge who May be then in a sue to a the to mum cd rom her the terms of the new judges shall . The persons who shall then by letter judges of the supreme Nuutt shall. Hold fun Limra Neof Benj thru year. Oneff or in years one nine a eur Une tor Tweit years and one fifteen years the term of each to be a a let a tied by lot by the sax judges a noon Aller the a convenient us the result certified by them. To tho go Vernor trial the Tom mision May in a ind Alicr thereto. The judge whose i Sass Atic Irani a a Iuno. Passage in the Steerage of tin first Cju packet ship Mary pleasant Shenandoah 3fr-o-Berlin and f.ur<>pi�?~, bailing Tiroui Liverpool or on the 1st of every i it my throughout lit year Cao be secured on to Samuel Pleasants. No. 3t Walnut sect Piht Idelphia june 9. �?T49�?24-y 13. Vav. a a a a a re -3 the 5-js�-<-Rtb�-ranioninc< s to j23 i., a in grand a v4y of clothing made of the very mul it and in the make style fint boys in Ltd a Lite it Irene a col Ting la opal.�-g4 cd sit of Street Shifa Delphiia. The had in Jas in the manuf Ory of boys a and children Ijiro a Lhing Ano Tinc a to the it Taxons of Potts a . Lylle nne to sur Rodius town and country . A Jet to a tar and rated no sort ment of ready made Rio thing Youn gentlemen Mado of very Jornod , Ami ii Tih. Mintesi. And of lbs Annable a Ryle at Way of hand. Ii would 81>ect-Jully invite us of Potts ipe a to Aye Jim a Mil when they lit the City Aud exp nime i. Beautiful Stock Ali fits Lvcas and be satisfied with a depot is Lio place to pc Well suited in children Quot clo think in make fit Ste or finish. Feb. 7, -49. A 7-ly 11 of a. Hoyt. No. Í2g 4 Jie snit fit. Below trn tii. Polluda. Potts itis cloth Juns Cape Ruibi. _ to the Undin Iguera d. Stereo in tit front the Public "�3 that it a taken the old a table thed clothing il3i staud of . Is. T. To jew a Fow door Ahova a if j Hnz al. Street it its Volle where he hns just pwned a splendid Stock of goods comprising a i a French . of every Tylor and Ivette it film Laid of i and ii it option. , Umra a it Lothy rom a �7jnes, Black uni coir cd Carlin arc coding ion Croton cloths Twells a. Pstai.oo5t Idasek Fri nah Capri in Rea and d.wmn�, Nncy and mixed tvs note Reju Merino i Irue tev All colors and qualities White and fancy Luen designs Cord and Beaver Tesij of every style Ami Quality with . All Shade nod qualities omit thus a Fiu Ettor Black Satlof and Cashmere be Ting�,>pjc.iitii fancy silk pcs Tings new design White a along Marr Rill a a True assortment with a general Variet if Gnu id adapted to mens air a Hoys Wear t. Which to Atli Ntim a t of his friends and oilers. Wishing a Good a of -.�hs, is invited. Kean a Mao Siim tin a coals. Cloth Cote of All que hit pants Vust hifts4ntsi>� nderi.-4ockv, Oil Cravat a. Is a. At tho Verv lowest Gash races. I a pet isl Martz. 1� m-Ivit-19 �?22-tf a jul i publish Bannan a. Law and mice Vaneous stores dark volumes suppl to a. Junyk a fit 87 Quot Aso a a Vel 3�axlfactouy. A a Earlc work in Centre Street , unit door Lelota the american Laue. The f in crib or would Call tiny attention of Coal operator. Merchant and mixer. To pm a Amine Iris round and Square Point cd Ian and Grain shovels. Maatifa it tured by himself and of pros Lyford the Mai Region in warranted to be made of the first Quality materials and at City prices. Ril received and up Catt Irviv att enied to a n. repaired. Dec. 2-49-tf a Henry Porter. Xot a Day but All time. C. T. Be Stox a Challenge. Latr King. This article is Evien Irivin by used in Pennsylvania and new York Undot my be Ald with truth that ii is Superior to arty Lucr. It affords a Beautiful Pojo a doe., not injure the leather but on Ilter Wiitra re. Who a re in Nelv applied preserves it in fact it can a a recommended As the very Best Tbs a has Ever it a a a to presented in this or any other country having to serf it several Yea ii. We speak from experience. Piep red by c. T. Heston a brother Rich Bof nigh Bucks co. To. It it a Sale a How Evaie and retail by _ j. C. C. Hughes and curtail druggist and chemist. F-hj0 7-Cmo , a iid Porfi vol. S cd and Sale at a Varrs. To it a so it of Vaiuso room x. R. Cuino Jan 6 May 6 sept. 6 f . 11 11 i re Oraibi. A 26 a a 26 a a 26 Nye Feby 6 Jure 6 oct. It a i 11 a 11 Hunt a 25 a a 26 26 Knight March 6 july it intr. 6 in Ltd a 11 11 a a ii it let old a a 26 26 a a 26 Lin land. April 6 and. It Deer 6 w ii alb a it a 11 a a 16 Cohl 26 a 26 a at Days sail Otto mom lev a Are. C a 111 1 aft is. The Fiuri crier begs leave / toral the attention of his friends and a a the Public to his Stork of carriages Light nag Gondi now Ulhand and Tinisha a which he dispose a if Low. Waii pc this of repairing or minty attended of. Ree Orect Corner of Union and Halland streets bark of the american Ioas a. June 3, 117. 23-ly Wist a a. Kirk Tuscarora Matt Taniana . And trailer monday May 2>th. The /yyv�?~>�c�5hb.-rr>ber will Tun a coach three times a d a Between Tuscarora Ami i Lyv Tupi an on the arrival of the cars at ,. The tars leave Pottsville Ai 7� and u of Olock a. M. Air i 4 p. M. To Ltd coach will Leava Tama que it to and in nor Nch. A m. And 4 of clock t. fare 50 cent. Kirkeli can be had 1 Joneas hotel ,7i.i�j7a, and of rite conductor of the in ars. June2�?T49�?13-tf. J gtd Pokh Jones. Summer Arrau Semont of v. Of. Mail 11x13 up coaches a Reading. For Hau Robburt leaves the Man Ilia be Coiner of pm and fifth a daily except Fiu nday it 10j or clock. A m. Or to Nibe arrival of the Tigtig train of Gary froth Philadelphia also. For Lancaster from the Pamn Oiler 1 a i Vily exr Epi Fiu nday Ai 9 of clock a. Imine m a lately on tho arrival of the morning train of Cara j. From Pou Svihel. leaving Lancaster or a papa Imaghi where they invite the attendance find Litizia this line will a time to rom with the Patr Nanae of till Public. Anti Nitim Tram of car in mtg vue. Lee Walker having purchased the entire Slock also Easton three Tiia a a week from of goo. Evil big who a declined business non now to. He Mutiri a Fil As Siso Agency. Arrangements roil l 49. 5. Ban Nan . Sole agent. i a me a rit a 3t�blisntv Van Coz or rect i thu i a ted Brattli the a ii he rry be re3-p.-Cir�Iij beg 1 Leve to tender Liis Ein Fere thanks to a a it Nhut t a fran in and the Public. Nix Fifthe very Libent support he a re a Elvil upwards of Tiv enly year and sol Irli Lunt ideation or their Confidence. The do up to h with which i pay a i Gers have been brought out and Hie prom plane with which Hix very numerous or Art hive been paid at the different Bank Are he flatter Khu self a a urfa sent guarantee in the Public the fit Binl of any future contract Erie re a into Puli him. 1 the follow Inga re the regular line of packets which Mil inn. Inalle on their App ninth a which passengers w ii he brought out without delay or . Sll Jurt Natch a a Patrick Henry Waterloo Sheridan Henry Clay new ship Garrick new world John Roscius Quot Ashburton West Point fish Lois smrs1 it. Capt is. I Atrill Hury Waterloo fib Rilan la Rory Clay new ship Garrick new world John Ufi kiddy 1 Rii Shiuh. Ashburton. Wist Point Slid nuts. In addition to the above regular line a number of splendid ship such a the ail Row dark Matin. Tappahannock Liberty Kea fit. Patrick. Tiamu a Hicks Columbia and Niagara will continue to sail from Liverpool weekly thereby preventing the least possibility of delay or detention in Liverpool Ami the accommodation of person wishing to remit Money to their family or friends i have arranged the pay Menta of Tny draft on the following Banks Armagh Clonmel Enniskillen of Nib i at Lone Carat Ennis person town ,. Fiti by Enkiri worthy new fast a Norhill Galway filingo Banbridge Drogheda Kilkenny fit Rabenne Biritz i tia Dundalk al lit i Tralee. Limerick Wexford. 1 Ballma Dungannon Londonderry Waterford Fork , Moughal Coleraine. Dublin Mallow . Zip inner Atwood amp. Oo., hankers London and or. E 8. Flynn Liverpool. City of Glasgow Hank and Hll its Branche and agencies. Is Par Saeth ran also be engaged bom Liverpool to . Pm a Aston Ond a Attimore by tin regular packet ships on application being made per orally or u. Ua.\Nan, Joseph or Murray to amp or it it a Pine a a Mouth i. New York or Geo. Macmu Ujlaky no. 117. Waterloo . Liverpool to a Jantrit 1 Dedino Feby 21 Jmc 21 oct is . Allen 26 a 26 a 2ft Cornish . 11 july 11 nov. 16 Nye 21 26 21 26 a 21 26 Hunt april u aug ii pee 11 Knight 21 a 21 a a 21 a 26 a a 26 a a 21 Moore May 11 kept 11 Jan 11 ilm Ian. 2 a 21 a a 21 a a 26 a a 2ft a a 26 Conj in Utino 11 oct 11 f 1 Vicc amp Walker successors to Geo. Will Luj a a have removed their Are a of Murte musical . To the new Ami �fvpictou-0 store Foft a Waini s building no. 1 32 cities nut Burcet Helow be Vucih. Tie Eanie office at 7 of clock a. . Monday. Wedgie Day a cd Friday find three tin it Era week from enix Eagle hotel formerly sch tyr a at 5vcluck, a. M. Viz tit Zadny thursday and Fiat urday. have been placed upon the lines and every mention will be paid to tho Comfort of traveller John n. Altti Momb k Nephew Reading april 21, 49. A if we proprietor. The Wiedo tract cd Meta Init Quot Hij measure. Alls in j and taken into exc Colsh a tin estate of George d. B. Klim Ami to be sold by. Sheriffs office or wigs it j. T. Werner sheriff. Bur a Juno 22, isl j. J 20.13 a Public Sci tool Lilac Rich of Potts Villi notice to tax payers. Extract Fromann a of t in general Sliwi a lor the it a Lalion acid of a system of Educ Tiou by common schools Passi doth of april Isth. Sic. 76. On the Reed it of the said our Ruhl and Duplis als thei fiatau t trea in i give at l ast thirty Davs noise by not levs than or Pri tied and ver Tisei nth. To it be Pul the to it it it Public place in the dts Tritt. Tint he will a a tit no atthe usual place of holding. To a ii hip Ward or Borough a Day to be Nuh a in iid adwrtlcmcnt.,. For he purpose of collerian and receiving tin Bohnn tax said did trip to and find receive the same giving re Peipu thereof in All Case v. Hen required by the Pei Sumpay ing thei Atup and As a the treasurer shall receive two per a Cut. Fur All Moncri so a collected. Sec. 27. In Case any tax shall remain unpaid it period of sixty Day from and after the Day on which the District treasurer shall have attended the purpose of receiving the same As aforesaid in shall be the duly of the District treasurer to Muu his warrant with a schedule of All such unpaid school tar and the will tir a expire shall be a hut Justice during i term h3� a of1jir p to is respectively to whom the same and Rii re it Job it neg whose shall first a a charged to the pro per duplicate,.directed to the con Ltd Ira shall in turn be to e chief Justice and. If iwo or Gialde of the Inq it or Ward township or Borough , is shall the same Dav. The duty it to in Ruby , to receive the Jilg s them shall decide by iut is Inch Hall lie in a a a a a dn-.k�. Art it Ltd d. Alb re ii Tion. Or Oiher Hvisc. In any of Ihu said courts shall in filled by appointment the governor to confine till the to monday of december succeeding them it Curral a i a lion. The judges of the 8u a reme court and the president of the a veral court a it com limn leu As a Hall at slated receive their Ervi. Is Jet a a t in it <oujpcn.iriuii, to Quot to fixed by Law win h a i Ali not be. Din. M is lied during thu in Cociu Tuaau mls requiring hit to in Mand and receive pm Niobe person named in Llie said St Het Lule. The Quot sum with which the Are therein charged with live per cent. On the amount there of which per Cenine Stilt in Alt cases be Cutie a tej Ami retained by such Constable Fin iut coir pm not anon in Ca Enny person so charged with school tax fail m pay the amount together Puli the percentage , Days Afi Artlie demand made therefor by said Constable the Tonii ahle May Levy the same a Gay distress and Sale of. But hey shall i Ciui to or . The goods and cd Iaulus of a Aid delinquent giving ten it office not a bold any of profit udder this Day a notice by to lug no or printed Adver a Muon wealth. Or under the government of the uni Tisei ent and in such cae Sard Constable shall in 8ui.-4. Quot or any other finale of this Union. Tile a i Quot a chins or ,w allowed to judges of that a Fiu Prem a curl during 1 in in cot to nuance i entitled 10 retain out of the proceeds of such Sale in Utrice shall res the within this to and a a lll-ucun2 school tax and the percentage Tny other judge a during their a it flick Hall. Of urea Ard rite same Fps Are now Illonal Bylan to Reric tvs bin the District Urco tity they cons it los Levy and Sale upon a writ of execution. The school tax payers a of the Borough of potuvhlr., Are hereby notified. That he will attend at matzo sho tul 011 monday Ih�-�?~25lti of Juvva no a to at Mills hotel on tuesday ilo 2 he and us Dorfi Inzero a hotel on went Day the 27th of Bald month to. Receive the school tax in compliance with the Law. Jle also sics that in will re Reivo the tax at his time previous to tho expiration of the t9 Days. A Robert wood51de, treasurer of tho in Altaville school District. Jirim 23, is 19. Quot 20-41 Emporium prc59and Democrat copy3umc9, and charge 8ch��ol directory e re inc Tivel i toe died. William f. Packer a speaker if the House of us prot a Iati Vei. Ged. Mabsie speaker of die Senate. A in the Senate March 1, 119. Bess ted that this Resolution 21, nays 8. Extract from Ibe journal. I Samuel w. Fe.v1lson, clerk. A the Ileus of representatives april 2. 1819. Rest Cej that this Resolution Pas .�?yea�58, nay �38. Extract from the . Jack clerk. A a Secretary a a fact. Filed april 5, 1819. A. L rus8ell, . Of the come wealth. Seiz Eutry s Oft. Fenffsyi.v45u� is a. I do certify that the above and foregoing i a True and Correct copy of the original Resolution of the general ass int a. Ent tied a to action Rul Anve to an Amend Merit of the Cesli ution a a As the same remains on file in this office. In testimony whereof i have Hereunto it my Hanzl and caused to be Effii cd or Airlie Seal of the sorry rare Fri Ficat intr ii lure a i eleventh Day of june Anno Domini one thousand eight Hundred and forty nine. A Townsend Haines Fig. Orth to a my ire Alth. Quot Jot Runal or Senate. A Resolution no 38, entitled a Neso ii Tonji a an Amin Anent of the .�institution,1 was read a lii re a i /v, Nam in a a a a Lime. On the question will the the we and Utip in dilution 1 the 1 no a Vord liken life. Iiron it nil in in Imp in Wir to kick m any 61y to the con Titus in a and were , Viz Sci Mike. P n tm.,� a yeast messes. Sloas. Brawk a com Cunningham i i ? a a l to f Quot a Quot a a tim in a a a Forsyth. Hocus Johnson. Lawrence Levis Mason a a a to of 1 a gum Perl me of a rid u or a Matthias my Yaslin Rich. Richard. Badler. Sankey a gun exc rot a finvers Natl Smyser Fate Brett and Fitine-21. I Quot much and a Vries and its dec cd tor. A prop a h s a nay a mess so Best drum. In Tirk Ives. King to Superior Suhrit Ute lire eur called and Darsie speak cry a. T 2. Re al .�.-�?��. A Sci a a file it the question wan determine m the Allie Matevc f Cree tho Genuth a in set a gtd a a a journal of tue House of represent a up a Gebour a ludic a a tiffs r a Gumpert s wine of us a by rry 1�?Tuilad.i.�?� blown a Fri Pitt o,�1 tim a Pic in Ltd a tvs Wero a in the Glass and the outside wrapper has the writ a i . And Are As , Vit a i hss247�?o.ii Price 51 per bottle or 5 g bottles. . Brown Pottsville and Jas. I. Fall Minersville. April�?10 Ihn. Cum per n pure a Xuy concentrated. Wine of wild Cheruy the cure of Tiri Bing principally from a relaxed or Dehil Buind of Tato of the system As dyspepsia with palpitation of the heart of inf appetite Cleart Hartr head ache. Finn belching i a ass of Colour pain . Nervous debility cholera morbu8, Dot so Zitery night sweats colds �iug1i. Influenza and the try Jub Ltd of cough of old age and As a preventive a bracing the by to a to fever and age in lii Timi and nervous fever it has no equal. A Thi preparation of wild Cherry possesses a marked superiority All other articles As syrups Bakamus or extracts of wild Cherry a Boin prepared by Proco amp whim en.uros a concentrated and a fit it it article All the a a Ltd la know goo i in Alibi of the medics in and warranted free from All other drugs Especial lid Plum and it plea rations or any other Nar pro if. The taste a of ten rail Ine of wild Char a fyn Yuliy is it the most delicate stomach. Tilt will be found much cheaper than the More common article sold tinder the name of wild Cherry a a and Enoch walked with god Ami he Xmas not. For god had taken a and he was not a a not on the Earth where he had walked so Long a Many years As each Yeai shines in Days but lost to human Eye sight disappearing within the alien where he walks forever. When Bratts Prophet he Thrift was its Chariot and horseman Felt that his last hour was come Liis last help we a fiery car and steeds of fire Ufa fervid spirit snatched away. It was not so with her. No troubled sky Json slip Cosof terrible Beauty broke the Calm. Bav le5t lutr Sweet translation from the world. From the Washington Cortum. T Quot to tiie old House and you no wife. A True 8tqky. Eds ion gusts were spurting 01 the Hills Ond the a vah fyn sent up their murmurs to the cat. A thousands Birds of every Hult i and song chirping to the sombre Woods. A Cha Rollo Charlotte slip of your Bonnet and go along with me this afternoon a said or. Beil. And in thirty minutes they were haunting slowly and pleasantly along the Road. A Ivow and then a tho Clear and Silver laugh of Charlotto ran sweetly through the Wood. The doctor cracked a joke or two and talked wih a Volu Bilty which was rare to him. A a How would you like to live in such a House As that a said he pointing to Ai lowly Hovel near the Road. A. Charlotte Cind a furtive go co in Iho direction of the hut and would have doubted that it contained a human being had she r of seen the smoke Curling Lucily from its rouf. A Samo miserable drunkard or prowling thief i it re say makes that his Homo to screen him front the eyes of honest men a said Charlotte in a Cpl. A Well see a thought or. Bel. And they travelled air 1 hour had not elapsed when the doctor remarked a i perceive my Are to Havo to Little min and May be caught before we can reach Charloite looked Hick towards the West and Duc overed that heavy Clouds were rur iring wildly up the heavens. At in it no irent n do ironing peal of Thunder a battled her. A i be doctor turned the head of his Steed homewards. It was a fun it Mai scene that not presented in self to the trembling Charlotte. Tolfe approaching 8 orm was in full View nud the Cloud themselves like bloody giants in the by to sad to and it Volty tho a form breath of the the elect Etc fluid shot Forth in had flame. And the land was s Ili in the throws of digestion a a pts at Esse and composure Aro but spas a failure a and in his redoubled a fort. He to his Pale Cheeky a hectic flush Thich is is Cir Noralu Ottury faces be and As he fan Cie a their Rini tar eyes upon his troubled coun Tenan a Quot Quot he h Swec his by Man a his Modic Calls crepe a variety of emotions Tsirer Sham and neither the capacity Nur the will to think a of future Bliss throng upon. wish so under find Ond shape les yet of sensible and vivid an impression of responsibility that a kind of a. A civil War rages in i mind and he is mentally incapacitated that Clescri profi of thought which should per aft to associated with so serian Inder taking of Boatfi Pony. The Brido labors under a similar kid al agitation but hers i tinged with q tim Idy and a Coy Reluct Moc. Wlsh be King Relief in tear lend a parity to her demean aur and a or migration and comm and that support and Consolation during the trying ordeal of which her failing courage stands to much in need. A Ness is considered charming a son she pays to the innate modesty of of her future lord affords food mint thud Light laughter. The Battle of life her bashful of debt which her sex that amusing com. A a or ital. Deep Thunder Shook the Earth swept furiously through the h the leaves darkened tie Light came a Calm and big drops of plied the i if and before the in its fury he arrived at tho lit1 had before called the attention As Tivey of glided from the Carr the rain flt la or. Ija Yrra no Bell bad n us fault lie would go to Boston three Mouth and be away from Home a week. And somehow it a in h s absence old Chroni disease and Rheu Ignatic pains would Clinch Ibe tighter. But what took him inc Rel a lab there i the As a Bel off to this Public grief however or. Bell Bdl Many very Many Virtues. He was kind to the poor. The needy had often ?e to bless the Bounty cd hand. Where sorrow Ami sickness were there was he of his the one and lobbing tho other of its patios. He was i1 1 Fijoj Angel of Many a heavy heart and the fret of infancy grew Lahler m his a piece nip. Indeed he was a very a Ida Fiig of a Manana it Puzzie the wins of Alt to say which loved hint to to the acne rally Ras Lrons or the amiable Young i Csc of this Rutiri town. His parents Yvere Long a inc dead but the doctor hts a lived in the quaint old Hoin Etu and. It was an ancient pile n , Dincy looking pile both out and to. Its dormitories with lights of even by nine its a Sartre door of Oak its Low Broad chimneys is flattened roof scarcely fifteen feet from a Mother Earth a and other unmistakable Marks evidenced that it thus u House of the old cd Timon a punian Structure a Mottu moot of Oil a and More Hunt al Day. And the doctor really and truly loved that homely Dingy Bouc. Quot the Little Village of a a arose from in break fast table it it re morning and found itself in commotion. A Vhal could it in run 1. Why o Painter was then at work on old building of or. Lawrence Bell the carpet were sure relied upon the Garden paling arid the waiting maid was dusting and washing and cleansing re Grything Buforo to scr. Conjecture mounted her Steed Ond al w Irum door to door and that most innocent of All innocence Village gos in flail Nojd by in her Many coloured rubes to Static rapture is re know ail a about it Iho doctor was aboutt0 leave Boson or tho Fortieth Lime and de red 0 have Liti cot Fogo renovated whilst away that he might avoid the Unno sauces which us lend such an operation. Well the doctor went of Boston. A week rolled by Aad so did amp Dainty Litile Carriage and reined up a Hort at the doctor s Huus. Many on Eye followed it lint ii it stopped eager to discover what it might a contain. Tho Blacksmith poised lii Hammer in his hand crowded tho windows tho team Star halted his oxen the merchant left his counter and tho clerk his Quill All ail Nix by a to Seo what to seen. The doctor align few am the next thing a presented was a neat Little loot in a g10-Sy Hulo Gaite pressing 1 10 6tcp of that neat Little Carriage Hen Cutie u i Odout Little hand encased in a Lustrous Little Glove of which the doctor raided us a Possession next a Loe coloured Bonnet plumed and 0$ Gay As a Bird of Paradise a then a fish Iona Etc shawl with As Many hues a a Peacock s Tail and finally half a web of amp Atin containing a woman a. True the doctor had thus unceremoniously taken himself a wife. And a vory Beauty sho was Loo w no roguish big Black eyes and Cherry lips which when Partch displayed two rows of Teeth 0# White 03 Ceylon a Ivory. A Shower of Glossy ringlets deluged her snowy neck a a a Ami Diana a Grace was in her Ste Appollos a music in her she was in the very Spring of life and Severus the Sun unfold a lovelier Blossom. A your future Home my it waa All tho doctor said As he hair did her into the Lilile parlor of twelve by fourteen. Charlotte Bell was not Thunder struck by any Means but slightly she looked and probably Felt Liko a newly caged Canary Bird. There were the windows with Small ridged lights Ond uncouth Sah. There Wero mirrors tut barely Ling enough to reflect her pretty face Ond not in can re in Gold at that. The drooping ceiling Hung above her w no an up paling lowness and Hugo eight clock of old As the a a lust inhabitant a a Landing Toloue in the Turner with a full noon face web ticking the pulsation of time As regut atly is if no one was exec rating it at the robbing wind. Wing wonks and f heuvt�?~11. Then rain. Tho doctor a storm burst Forth be hut to a birth he of i wife. Here ago to seek shelter floods a High Strau Down the smiling Wiley a gentle sigh of arc exp wafting happiness Over the face of nature and of tho sound from it it their Beds to it of Earth myriads of things of Beauty Wake into existence a Meadow anti Plain and hit Lido Glisten in fairest verdure Flowers fling their fragrance on the Gale Gately Trees wave their Foisaga to the passing Winly while Stream a beneath dance on a Ward to hot Ocean and tho Dro Juko bum thirty flu tho air and swell in chorus to tho Arch of heat no to a of the Blooming ironic indent pleasure of life. A what o glorious Earth has Man a habit Trion what seems Urr Oun l Hirn to ennoble the Eoula Whai examples to id Vuu Ond incite the mind to Irive tho goal of happiness that goal alas How Distant and hard 0 reach Isdr is hedge ho1 Road the aspiring one would tread and weeds Spring rank and choking to la pathway or often when the seeming height is wort the pm cd enc fades to a common level and happiness is of Distant ast ver but the bul must toil although its labor is fru Halfss Lacrois a higher pow a controlling the a Lions of i mafia guiding i impulses and passions and Girj Dir him the conflict around him Ond. To bin him to struggle tint is Cha al it sir waging tho Battle of a a quo Quot a he a Sweet is Fame even now to ingus s there dwell some Naim Sylls ble is o Haruf Chr Tiung to to Adait Nuu. Ucic a a Pirn who use fires have eng Bents Lith wrong nud malice rises al Superior to ills and j Gas a Psi al nut rho in i it us ii lion of i i Nii there u w from the lauded Field i a recess the to to goof u grateful to 1a Zinsli vetch. That Elam cd not the a cd winds but with Ari arrows and unwavering Rush dashed bussing earthward a Jln Herc indeed in that Wocl Cid Hovel were objects of melancholy interest in Lia Loric who was already drenched with ram arid a his crag with cold Law neither i her pre conceived instead of a bloated and cowering thief a r in Cir Wurr. Mother in Rumle in a tour a he i Hll tar l .1t v to Quot of a Quot 1�?oum a Vonlil in to he a ,11.cor, floor to lab Only dry pct in that Fri i tenement. I the a a Quot in Cirl was Recai Ruglin Sweet and Plain Foll Tiv tones our lord s Pray or the Heads of tho or t. Others were severally reclined a m that Ruth try a Djiji Lap. As she gazed. Up i or or div Iiona her to that of Chi Felt it of a Tuv , a and erect sym Paichit Syfor her Bitio Onclo audit saintly sri ii and Klimt in Rositi Caiiou beamed from her half Scarf do eyes. Curl Stu stood fora a no moot in the door of that Sanctuary j unnoticed by the inmates cud it a a Ingle glance., saw i hair put Ful Deri Stutton of the co Lotu of i a Eft life. In one Corner was 3 sad apology a bed. Close to the head of. Which stood a Plain uncovered to inf supporting a Well thumbed not u thread of Carpel a amps to be seen. A half quenched fire was life upon the Oil and Home la cupboard without doors exhibited 0 to ogre outre of knives Forks and Jashes. Recognizing or. Bell the widow sprang towards him and clasped his hands in herbs with face wins Akin to Coltun. Churi Uff a a a but a Imie a in unit Ticu tax such a reception but tic poor woman at onre took her by tho latin Atid led her to the chair which a Boh Dju to it. A you Are Welcome my dear Nadara to such a holler As the god of the Dahl Verless has provided lor me. But you Are cold a and the hid her hand upon Jhai lolled a shawl. T a Vest a Little i am but a a unon Mea if a a those every iri Frion. Here Uhi on to Salt Sha Ople or Rome Di-chis�7? o a d in a pc Cnoc. To of Fortune their praises till they Rozo a tween Blind Blind a yeas me or a. Gideon j. Bill David j. Bent. Craig a Riddle Fate re Bloom David m Rule thus. K Hull. A Jacob Cut it it John h decl in. Null nned a Elliott Jon Mph a Etc by David . , Fiji incl freely Joseph w furl . Hrnry m Fuller a Thomas Gre pc by a Hurt h amp on a corp i , this mrs herring Jose Jde Higgins Charle Hortz a x fully invited to this valuable improve Lieut. A Joseph 11 rower in Herl Kliolz Harr Sotir a nerd j a Rimp nth which have been Mil during to in a i a y. A 1 Abraham Lewi a James we nig arts Monnts. Both in Salt and ire i water a. Ai a a a Jac in my err Nev. John f Tulloch. Hugh my Kee John Rhode in Jirs Power purposes on Lam have fully m Laughlin. A Lam Martin Fin must Man John c. Tested its Superior qualities As a steam Generator am Jlon it Koi Ncry s Pai eat a Oiler. Rpike attention of the Public generally 13 a spa Myers Edward my Kluson fit Ewart , James purer. Henry c Pratt Alonzo Robb George Ruji by a to Mon Tore Lyman us ruano s Fichorn novel a i a Seibert. John Sharp Christian c. A Sti it. Jan Mia b limb is. Jot j Stutzman Hall a Samuel Taggart George t Thorn Nicholas Thorn Arennah Wattles hamue.1 we Irish a Alonzo 1 Wilcox Daniel a thy and William f Packer ,-54.1 a nays me rry. Atigna Lus k Cornyn David m court. Noy. David , Henry s Evans John Fenlon John a George Thomas Gore pie John b Gordon. Ivy. Henry James j Kirk Joseph lao bar. Rohert r lit a tie John i Mac Almont a Ibn my key win. My Sherry a Josiah Muier win. T Morrison John a. Otto. Win by Roberts John or Nweberry John b Ruthir it a Rundle Hmoih. John ferny to John Shurler George a Walter and David f williams�?25. A so tho question was determined in the affirmative.�?�. sold he l Harrisburg june 15, ib49. J , is Len certify that the above and fire a a copy of the on on the amendment. Tame apr a p,.arson soft Hetvin hoites of the general Assembly of this compion wealth. For the shf.3inn if itri9i a Quot a a i term my hand and the Seal of said office Llie Fil prepared to eve cute nil order in their Tine. Beiras a Orient no music and musical Lynx Trumont. Is sex Tensive of Thame any other in the coun Tennih Day of june one thousand eight Hundred and by. V i forty Nice. A Towsend haine8,. Piano torte from Var Loub Well known and approx /. A so cd by of the Commonwealth de manuf Riorita new in store and Ivill be Cortani i june 23,1819. 2&-3mo it Couf itry dealers by Puad on very in winnable j ti75i b. Yves is attorney a Law miners Iffe terms. A 7-0ro6. 8<-�?T Foctu-42 \ the Greet saving of fuel weight spice Quot occupied Over any boiler now in use. Boi Tyrion this plan May now be seen in operation it it the establishment of 1 Iacch or a Brothers. Ehmer Mills 201 Cherry St., new i i of. A too per brother 373p��ari St. New York. Mott amp Aorta. Foundry foot of 25ih St., North River. Atlantic Dock Brooklyn new York. A a. W. Metcalf 53 and 65 Centre it. New York. D. D. Badger amp. Co4 and 46dunne at. New York. N. B. Stashu a a foundry Troy new York Frimith a Curlott. Bali Marc. Steamboats a Jonas c. Ii ant and a Edward put a soil a foot of Liberty Street. New York and on Board the a John p. Whimsy a new Orleans. For further information apply to James Montgomery a Samuel Ward. 15 South William St., new York. Orto Bell 45 . June 16,49. �?o5lyjabove cities nut Paulada at Pine Grove. The undersigned respectfully let leg leave to inform their custom Carfl and the Schuj Likit co. In Cen Crabl that they have of hand now and offer a Large and extensive Stock of seasoned lumber building. Cabinet making had Charm Akridg purpose which they will sell cheaper thin it can a purchased from any other place. Having 8 wheel on the different Railroad they afre enabled to deliver lumber from pipe Grove to most any other place in the a Natl Region at reasonable term. A 1 May 12, 26-3mt�l Molly. Smith pc 00. Oil.�?3000 gals. Mine Oil a just received an will be sold Low to the Trade by Jan 30, 19-271 8ch05 n or a Norton weeks a i Monthe Jissi eel ple mantly . Thi 1 .l Efin i a a. It Erc a doctor Udry Ucil tho even Tenor of i. i ll0,lil to a blur it a a a a a a ing the Siek. And spreading Iho of a a Cit its Quot a Quot it its it a s ��1? a a a. I just before leaving Charlotte slipped half an lows a ind and , a you shall hear Horn Nin they were soon on their Way Home the doctor Stuj Hubby avoiding any allusion to tho scene they had just witness Vej. That be was a Little proud Jurt a Little a a no Printle recalling to he Nentl is Naa uttered or in Honfi he a a does urged since the to set out. A her. He helped her rom the Carriage Loler room she Ness around the al of poverty. Charlotte who j. T was accounted a Belle in tho City got along Brave Cis 0 no a. A by in her new position. Her visitors were kindly treated Ond her hop a Lity was tho theme of general Praise. Ali they could say about her Wuy Quot and this was uttered or whup dance to friends alone. A the doctor was a quiet Man. If he raid Little to thought a great Deal in Ibe common parlance of the Village he know a thir a or Charlotte was sly and cunning As a a a to the Little rogue end began to hint to hit about a Fine Brick House with Marble front Ond folding doors Crown Glass windows and full length por traits Brussels carpet and mahogany chairs Rov Wooi tables and yielding divans it Cetera it a Tiara. Sho a served thin with a dish of to boo in simple style Athirst but As he symptoms became More favourable increased the do a until the doctor Felt him blk ready to cry cd acct Ond yield at discretion. ,. Weeks and months passed by and poor Chari Otte was a grinning. To despair of realizing her pleas Ltd cams. She would look at times a Little a id to Cdr. I Ell. Tia Cven taid the doctor once a up Rcd her in it a al of tears but sho was always kind and gentle and on Ingen Orous thought towards him were treason in her breast. She loved him with her Young heart a Best and purest love and seemed to live upon his tui Iles cd when atone she could not help contrasting die rough and in seemingly House in which she lived with the stately mansion of her father in which a he parsed her former year. A this wont do a thought or. Bell a i must school that gentle heart fori know the soil is there to grow the choicest Flowers Flowers whose rag Ranco will cheer the dullest hours of her life add swed Toefil and to her being and yield their Rich perfume wherever she May her and tho doctor Drew on his second Glove. There a a peculiarity in tho climate of the old Bay state. A Nativo cart Sii Uff tho or and though there be cloudless sky Tell within on hour of. The Timo of rain. In Ira sober Golden after Nova in autumn. Sli ired by the sultry Breeze lbs yellow Leaf potted in melancholy eloquence. Or 1 of the am told dec i a a a d to Cama to i Van Charlottes mind that the poor Wornan too Eva cold with her Plain and unseasonable dress and it were cruel in her to complain in her presence. Charlotto looked her full in Ibe face. Never had she seen such beams of . There was to meting heavenly in her a yes which awakened the Moat Vainiu then p the countenance of her children Ibero was a Sweet a Arnesa which Here sick at heart. She asked of them their several names Ond was promptly but modestly answered. After some time was spent in broken conversation the storm began to Abate and it was not Long till tho Clouds disappeared from the face of heaven. Tho doctor stepped omit to prepare leaving Ltd As if to Aluizo Llie Opportunity the widow poured into Charloite Vears a Strain of eloquent Ond enthusiastic Praise of her husband rap i and full of to Ching such As Alie had not expected to hear. A Good kind creature a she added a the never permits me to thank him As i should. Of hers generous indeed you know not Bow much we own him the amount of happiness to Haye of \ 1 a a by what Means May a enquire hns he secur cd so Large a claim Upari your gratitude a a. A Many by his constant and untiring labors around the Couch of my poor dead husband by his attention to my Mon i pres ing wants when a Bra it theduis Las by Lis regular visits Ricc his decease and he Congo latin in he has of Indra from his words of kindness by the most sub Slang Ial evidence of his Goodne a of Pieart in leaving me the Means of sub is Cnoc from Day to Day until i was Able to provide myself by a no More no More a interrupted Charlotte a a How can you live in Cuch a House of Liis a a a Job you know nut How Happy i am Here with god my father and he hand and these dear children to Livo . I am taught in that by cased Book to a the of Good cheer a and i know he is aide a a to provide tor me according to my wants. These very storms prepare rny heart to enjoy the sweetness of the Cairn that this was a strange Pirt of the philosophy of living of Charlottes mind. She by cams engrossed with what she Hod Hoard and seen. She Felt that to �908 m the presence of u Supetr nature and covcrj.1 y stand Aluli upon the pin Nash tie eager Crow Fla Echo by their Success Guj upward 1 i a the Rugg Der a a that lie i he height they Covel a ads around Dum in the same great Plain Blesi and bleeding rom their vain attempt Linh Iho d a Zzz ing sleep or Happy Ina it by a sphere. A h had they a cry trial lofty mind on the chill erday of adversity with naught but obstacles re Hiyi. Who knew that was upon menus lips Ulit to tut pc of and a yet heard hta Wijt Iff jiu slandered or false Znaj Recreant and so High Purpo Iea Lead Bent Boru the storm to raise unbroken they would patriots try Ala even his rewards a Thor or Barda Bip iri the Camp Ullh nigh la a told lows closing . And Jii Pillow his Hea a five the of till cult catch or raid to Bitile it rage or on the ensa Guined Field strewn Olio. .>.-.1. Jur Jjo t Lviv nil Katf of plei Sint to their eyes As that sex milling Warrior and they watched the student the Siagh Long years jilt re Daren poring Over tho mlis to tames ill stars puled before tho Day i Vijh fevered brow aching Ertah fill a with str dog Hopes that it a shall dish to Earth though fit Imp a last was. Lined to fulfil tho a Uvea a Wroligh Uljua car a Hub hardly Given to the Wor to tho car with is of fire to i Houglin Hor Uejo son tho Light Gas Shah tho Shadow that no longer vanishes n won a such a Cost would close theiry Luo a the Philby Ophir Bland Une Nytcz though pro Incret a a a i. Firn judge too often by Outt Vard show. Tho Gli ter hides the dross which hos beneath to ,1 peasant would seek happiness in Palace the Rich Chance see pleasure a the poor Alt err Ca uselessly de Pond place Cor circumstance lie can make Lile Happy there is no Lako with Astly winds Unrur Lloja no 6caby Billows always even so is it with Man. How by Noble minds ate crushed he Neath adversity d Pules that or while Carmeil Wilh a Kindred in to Kindred energies thro1 a sorrow d bereavement 1�?How Meny Jcarl that loved loved of How fondly Aro doomed alas to live d live alone 1�?How Many bathing beings toil add Travail on to gain wherewith they May drag oat Quot Exir Ianco How Many Lou that look tho Higl Ricsy arc fraught with bile most woo and Bill the strife goes on still tho throng heaves and swells tumultuous by As Waves that Surgo against the rocks which bind Ond o a Tufa ceasing current flows turbulent by on vat bearing1 Visith it to juy and sorrows the Hopes and pop Sions of o world Onward Ever to tho Irac Kuss Omijean of Bler nity. Abut Field Are Green and Flowers there is v no Iva fare on tho Hill nor in the Groves nor on tie Plains the elements Brcik in fearful Gran Dijour above tho sij�3ons Ennid and go yet Sun Shino follows storms As Day Thi night and Winter Yii lds to Spring. No murmur is heard save that which trembles through the air of rippling ctr amb s alb Tirgg leaves and songs of sweetest music acid the work of nature Brand Forth in Majestic Harmody pit moved by the striving around them regardless a alike of the fears and longings the Griefs and tumults raging in the breasts of men Sereno and Placid do Sputo the cont tim a the throws of a tho Ham s Magazine. \ the society St and at peace though Battle of life a Gra of women. Was almost paralysed with cold. The tray Wisun wig in chaffing. There wan a warm room and a warm fire blazing the Hearth. The windows and mirrors baked larger than when she left them the ceiling appeared higher the carpet Felt As soft and Rich As any Brussels her Little loot had Ever pressed and even the foce of the old clock was transformed Tveith pleasant a Miles. In a Chart everything stood opt in luxuriant Relief com lining comport with Utility. Tears of Gudne a really stoic into her Eye. A few Days afterwards the Doc lord and Charlotte no society is Moro profitable because Nono Inore refining Ami provocative of .virtu1, than that of refined and Sposi iii a Vurnen. God enshrined Peculiar goodness in the form of woman that her Beauty might win her gentle Vuic i invite Ond tho desire of her favor or Suidt men s sterner souls t it leave tho path by sinful strife the ways of pleasantness and peace. But when women Falls from this Blest Eminence Arul sinks tiie guardian a and Quot the Cher Lucr o pure a fid enjoyment in tho Cut a a a a demand littered idolater of. A Idle a Hon she is Uri worthy of an honorable Many a love or u a Enst Bie mme a adm ration Beauty to then but Quot a. A a a try , a % a it i Quot i we the Chin robs deference which is paid in our and to proves that our men know How to reaped or Irlue and pure offer toil and that our Art worthy of such respect. Yet women Mould be something Moro. Than Mere vul Muti to win up to their society. To be our companion they Elj uld to fitted to be our friends to Rule our hearts a they should to a scr Vang Hift approbation of our minds. There Oro Sov Ucb and Klimt there Are no Moio is father were sitting together id their i tic parlor. The a the fou it or own sex a an heir own aul de a winds were howling mournfully around the hour a i Spile All the unmanly. Candau that Havo been arid a cheerful fire crackling on the Barth. A Huju thrown upon them in prose and Verso they would a Felt that tho was surrounded with every conceive rather in tho rational conversation of men a Bla Comfort. A in the course of the in Mug Spring a a j of a Enst than Heton to tho silly compliments of a Aid doctor Bel a live vill Jay the Saundi Idoft of Yoou and a Man Dishonour them As Well a Ilia. A new House my dear what do you 6ay to it ii graces himself when he a Cess their Circle Idoft. A i think doctor the foundation. Has been j pastime and not the improvement of i raid already Laid a Onset to Charlotte picking her j and the Elevation of his merchant s Maga Wajid upon her heart and smiling a switch jangly on her delighted but band a your House is Good enough Amft nay i never wont o belter one. The doctor s a Lowers were i Fuit Moom a bed Ding att in Fant res incas about Bis heart -. a excellence is never granted Fornan but of the Reward of labor. It argues indeed no a tall air length of mind to persevere in tho habits of Industry without the pleasure of perceiving to a advantages which like tho band of a clock Whilt they make hourly approaches to their Point yet proceed a it lowly As to escape sir Jishnu Reynolds. Hint to says that the Best season digging is when you Aro in thu vein. A. How Barren jux Trio is he that lives and a Prea Sand cumbers the leaves no Niv fed not one Good work met in Erato him i know All cannot lie alike yet Ali May leave something answering Ihu in Prip nov it a their kind. To do an ill action to base to do a Good one which involves you in no danger ii nothing More than common but it in the properly of r Good Man to Foo Grost Good ibiflo5� risk cvmihing1 by it. A Quot tsp a Bright and u Hope it comes to us the darkness Ond sings the Sweet Cit song when our spirits Are Saddest end when the Lone soul is weary and Longs to pass away it warbles us a up no Cri notes and tag hens age to the slender fibres of our hearts that grief has Beers tearing away. A
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