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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1849, Page 1

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 6, 1849, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaA a Una of t1 9 a Nice town. D0 1.70 5 Jet a Hana Yud con then Ckon Ana. Plymouth a. A a Tarim out i Mue below a Jorri i pwn or Bridge a part Kennedy a a Ley Fritje pm Oulu in. Rover to Ford Pottstown. Doa Lam True ban Utown a a Cen Reading Ltd mob Revill. Vol Nyrtle in Birg a Nesburg a . Freight a Sigf ammo mus amp Jav Quot a Init proof of a al tho Quot rec0 to of . To Ai Well Ai blot a Quot Ltd Hunott to our amp a ago for to te1 go i 1>� get a living of thou we of a a Hgt one moment . A and cd Cpl Chiloi i pontides for general advertiser. A Rajamin Bannan Pottsville Schuylkill county a. Saturday morning a january a a. Fui phia during k a Ivvie be a amp a a a sex so Frod ,"07o-9 a Ajr pc a Quot i ii u Mon Dafter w i 80 17 1ot a a tuber Jov he amp nagors. Beera tary Hall Jold a a a duly except la a Day Noven 15, the Hub and aft a. A to Jet be its. . Noen is ing train. Wino tue my Siehs a a suitable for loto from 2to Senehi. In 2v of a or 8,?m ens be Boll Era .se�-t�s3�jg&jbe a Morris Tasker 4k Morris 3d and Wain a a a. Prada of1tick of the 8chuyl.kh.ir. Navigation company. I a Toh self h Era Ysl Quot in total Rato iof canal al to i a rec Don to Louis ported on the if a for the year/l3� a a a a a a from Quarle in turning leaves to cock inv my a met with the Ca 8chavrav�r . For Mineral "1 0 clock. Lnu a Nicit leave , in for miners a a a Rem oms of a train. Rysz Traves tract non =.p from serb al a Laven to Minorsville a re a a in Tramont a a a a Minc Revillo to tremor its aii a so of 0wder to Pott a a rail Road Jange of uour3 Ujj Pas a and i poster arrangement. On adj diff wednesday november is Sofij eager4tiu will leave the depot. A in of. A june Street Inglada. Dily except sum a a a a arc Tuff or leaves Buttsville 81, a. Both a rain Wili a nit Way stations. Amp ours of tilt Vaj at_pr1xcipa�� �pl�7ytfi� of Wilda. . A ire a\>�rlstfiwn,h,39jarrivcs ai3ch.3?4h a a Intis v a Joira tran a to i a esaisch.5 port Climan a. Rilie. >3,37 a 9.06 feat liner. A ,57 1�?~oltstowi� j0.43 Phon Lxvi ,31,16 Norristown �?~,1,13 �02.5o Arr free a a a Pocnia Vinc 9.5 a a a , 10.32, a a or Ming a pot Clinton 12,10a i. Haven 12,4�, a a.usvllle, 1250 fare a Pott Vilh anti Philadelphia -s3 ��ii��a3 a pm its vhf. And Rui Adjip $ i Toad 9 i 2� Rapisand Phil Ladelphia. 8? 25 Auto 91 90. No mh�ger9 can enter the cars unless noted a i with tort to. Not of baggage will Bull a a to each Treneer in these lines and passe Ujj expire a prohibited from Takina anything a Baither wearing apparel which will be Erst of. Tharrier. No freight will retaken by these i bests a _ pfc a oct.28,18ia Oil i taif. So 11 Cyr,Kili,r7ncrantr 2s22z 1 ju�ange3tent for the freight and passenger cars on the , Railroad. I 1 in be passenger train leaves port jut in daiy 3uft- t y Days excepted on the arrival of the Mornin Trab it1 Reading Railroad from Philadelphia arriving a Paniaqua in time i Dine. Leaves Tamaqua m half be one of clock.m., in time to connect a main a ton with the afternoon train on the Reading rate read from Pott Villu to Philadelphia. 1 1 Jyle to porn a0ion. �?�5 cents to , i the freight train leaves Tamaqua daily Suci lavs a sep cd no 6 of clock. A. M., and in Rte Clin Ionet 4 cd Ock. I a. A passenger car runs in a the freight train so that passengers for Philadelphia a. A he rann�n6.train of cars on the Readi Grau or . A port Clinton. Fare the same As in the other # uni a r ,. Tamaqna.oct2j.41l a a general agent. Gila Potts Quot Viia Quot Kail Road. A t Neligh ton Mercati an�i7e. On and after april 1st. Is43, Utooun to. Forwe Ned with despatch the following rat., of Rei Gitl a a tween Pottsville and the Points of lot .su.ed, per ton of 2nop Tbs. Return Poustk in eco when potty flu Anu heading. To Orwigsburg Hamburg. Mooreville Althouse Reading Union Lyle. Laurel Gilill. Mount Schuyl kill Carbon. Haven Chi. Per ton. Cd. Per ton. 15 25 35 40 45 65. 55 12 22 32 37 42 52 52 52 52 57 57 57 57 62 62 65 67 72 port Clinton. Cd. Per ton. 13 23 2s 33 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 53 53 58 53 63 a Pottstown Landing. 55 Royersr Ford. 55 Phi Flaxville a 60 Paulding a dam �0 Lumberville go Valley forge go port Kennedy 65 Norristown 65 Congo Hockin 70 Spring Mill 70 a Naymik 75. The loll to Philadelphia will be As follows. A a . Carbon. Sch. Haven. . Clinton. March april and May. 65 cts. 62cu. 53x1 june july and aug . 75 72 03 sept. Oct. Nov. 4s dec. 65 82 73 the Coal shipped from port Carbon to the above Points will be charged one and a half cents per ton More thin said rates. The charge will be made per ton of 2210 lbs., and an allowance of five Pef cent will be made on the we ight shipped to cover wastage. A dec-30�l�ly3 Frederick for Alev president. Jos. Mcmurray a i a Sapre ii Rency arrangements for 1848. 8. Bannan Pottsville sole agent. Oldest and the Bert Estali sub tas Saoe a of Ioe to the a site states the subscriber Respi Coful a begs leave to tender his sincere thanks to his numerous friends and the Public for the very Liberal support he has received for upwards of Twenty years and solicits a continuation of their Confidence. The despatch with which his passengers have been brought out. And the promptness with which hit very numerous draft have been paid the different batiks arc he flutters himself a sufficient guarantee to the Public for the faithful performance of any future contracts entered into with him. A the following Are the regular line of packets which sail punctually on their appointed Days by which passengers will be brought oui without delay or disappointment Viz ? a Davs of Long from . V. Jany. 6 May 6 sept. 6 ski Phi names Patrick Henry Waterloo Sheridan Henry Clay new ship Garrick new world o a Delano , Cornish Nye Hunt Knight John , Rosc tis Ashburton West Point Sid Dotis ships names. Patrick Henry Waterloo Sheridan Henry Clay new ship Garrick new world. John u kiddy Roscius a a Burton. Ivi Point . I Moore. I How latin Wii Allen cob cv7tns. , Cornish Nye 11 2q Feby. 6 a ii 2q March a a a ii a 2g april g a 11 ii a 26 Jure 6 a 11 a a 26 july g a 11 m 26 oct. 0 i a a 26 nov. 6 a ii a 26 Ducr. 6 a 16 31 aug. 6 a 11 a a 26 Days sailing from live Ftp a. A Feby 21 june 21 Ort 21 a a a of july 11 21 mar. 26 11 21 20 april 11 2l a 26 May 11 a 21 26 a aug. U a a 21 sept. Ii a 21 26 a 21 a 26 dec.11 2, a in jan.11 ,21 a 26 tel. 11 1 00 1 10 1 so 14. 1 w and Pella. I in litter lev Stone Ililurnin-1 a a . Sand. Iron Ore 00 i Rodorick. J ,Stona, la to in. A a tar. Pith raw turpentine Marble grind i i ones. Nails spikes scrap f in id pig a . Broken cast a Guan and Poudrette. J = a Iron a -7mrk,ra% Bee ii rid Polt a lumber castings sugar Moy 75 �?�1mes, or Len entree Pota i Nev Salt tire Brimstone i a will Quot nop a pm a to a bbl. Groceries vinegar whls-1 by machinery cheese , rags leather he hide Planta. White h>1 a til red lard Oyster hemp i Fie and Cordage steel i \ Lan and ship a Tuff. J re or Cotton ,cigar�, a a meat fresh fish ods drugs and medicines. A eign liquors wines and Vns a China and Terr poultry Enn-1. Mint by books and Sta &-5 03 iii a spirits turpentine a one arned entree i and Caps Boot and Ltd bonnets Feather ,l.rp�. A pice a Furni re weight. Sgt. So of a tonal cd. Res for Cut a min a ton. Storage or Felt Ivy pfc Ordel Verloe freights any of the company a a a to Quot Tson the line. April 15, 43. 23-tf express line. Livingston Howard amp. Co s express or Pasa Esona trains. Ii attn Polt Tville Philadelphia a a York. Barton in i fms be Ivaa Kinton Buffalo Canada 4 earn a a 1?f r the of the Public we now run an express car every other Day Between a Otisville and 1�?Thiladelphia, in connection with our trunk which run daily for of mercy Andize ate. By arrange meet orders for goods and packages left Abe Ericc in Pottsville will be Exi in tel a and the goods in pits iut iii about 30 or 32 hours. This 1� grit convenience for our merchants and Silver and note Foi warded and Bills collected. orders re Eivid for the any single Ai Liel a Philadelphia. New York or Boston which will be promptly attended to. Goods forwarded which can a a be pm i i for on delivery of the same. A a 1 a doors below Bannano a Book opposite the new episcopal Bookstore Liula Lynta. No. 43, South third a tract. New York no. 6, Wall Street. Boiton no 6, Coart Street. Novl3-46 . Ennis Paraon Iown Enn Ladorthy Skibb Creen. Galway Sligo a 5�on.njr� 8 Rubane Hunt Knight lure Moore a land. . A Cobb june ii oct in a. In addition to the above regular line a number of splendid ships Uch As the Adirondack Marmioli. Rap. Dilia Onnick. Liberty. Sea or. Patrick. Samuel Hicks Columbia Ami Niagara will continue to sail from Liverpool weekly in regular succession thereby preventing the least possibility of delay or detox ton in Liverpool and for the accommodation of persons wishing to remit a my key in la air or , i Hove arranged Hie payments of my draft on the following Hank Fera Claro 1 go a a a Quot Quot Pinion Fermoy coot Billa a a Ridge Drogheda n Omeira Dundalk kill run a Tralee a a a Llmer fek Wexford Bulla Dungannon Londonderry Waterford a Jadown pair ick Monaghan Moughal. Coi Raine Dublin Mallaig Sam. Spooner Ai Wood amp. Co., hankers Lon or. E. 8. . City of glad got Bank and All in a rent Hhd and agencies. Of i �1 a a a a also be engaged from Liverpool to 1 o a Hia Boiton and Baltimore by the regular packet stupa on application being made personally or .jrya-.,r.m�?T Liia a d a Refset of b Bannan Pottsville Mcmurray. Corner of Pine and South �., a a a 5ork. Or or. Geo. Mcmurray no. 117, , lit nine i jjanl8-i4 Liverpool uhf a a Yorlli i Ascaso Agency. A. E. W. Kimchau Tco 84 Ira Jet Street Xci Tiik Dyskin. . A la. ,-l.ivinronl. inform their lend and he stoves stoves stoves a weft Tea is Cometa Solomon of Hoover Corner of . And Railroad strut a Pottsville announces to his friends and Cut Zomeraand the Tutulic generally that be in tax on hand tho most elegant assortment of stoves Ever offered in this com Marty embracing nil the newest titular by Calls a to Tenison of me Ous ate a is a i ukr we1 win Oak ii Hiebo a ,7 for Comfort Economy and health Khz Lam a if a of no kit a a a a a �9�� i Quot cast Iron Gladiator Tefu a a raf Siove a a Peri Quot re or Lac a fur hotel ill air l ight conking 8tov<6, for Wood or Coal a Superior article for families. A or Coal Taylor and chamber stove �f�isu�, 3 n8ao�nient for All purposes All ii Quot a a old unusually Low rates tin and Japan Ned a in int or tin and Japan Ned Ware in very Large and embraces of Quot a Quot ich a a a a a a a a a a iut Kyt bet Rray Goofin Cic spouting. As Ira is or cared in sect the tin roofing and spouting be invited those in to Ftp for iuci1 ttor5,0 him a can. A he pledges himself to do cheaper and better than has Ever Bce done in this place before. Cut no Bas Ever n 3 i i by blot Are respect fit by invite to Call and exam1 a Chis Stock and judge for themselves. Oct Tysl stove to lie Var Vick lei Bigandt a Firrel Tiki try abort Valtr strut Ltd Jim Sosa. The rubs Ribera info i their Friend Public,.hut they now have on ? or i Ond Dame assortment of 8toves, of the newest and Best Nair erns and arc prepared to till any orders with which they May be favored we invite lira attention of the Trade to the follow Lar stove a a a my i ,�?T1 in Quot Quot a comm 1.u.�sion �?�3-�tf�inhs8. To Gelu r Voth the of Nfn in of Misins Granun Eer urea Quot $��1 War turn a.,, /.irrrpuel. Dam a. Ufa to or Ian p�7 Quot i Quot a to w Var Quot Rte a a a a a Ltd a and put Phliip. tii the iii Iai ti-rni5a dr.,&Quot, and Ltd , Ftp any Anjun nit the ilo Jal of ire and and i a Raiti he Tara Days of sailing or the life ulu r a by a or float panel Rio. A fixed upon Are the , tilth 16th Aist and Ziti of every Moith. A tim a a hip til of the Urt fact re a in <1r#, a non. Tax Del i a men of re Acarter Index Prim re. The grab in on Are All tin can be desired in Flint of if Lendor. Comfort and a a a . Stir a Nrnvfar-Nidh-<1 with every do or option of a Torci of the kind proctus Lity in the Days of sailing will be strict Lari a red to. 1. Packet ships Roscius Siddons. Gurreri be rest Fly of the largest Clas and Tbone in Ltd Irous tip Ding out their Friend., cannot a elect finer or safer shins of Sage can be secured the lowest rate. Arts Orleans Lints of packets sail weekly. Korpai age or Fri Ifft apply As abut a. A. E. W. to. Title. Subscriber has been appointed agent for this county. Apply i office in mar file. By n. Wilson. P. By i lie Nuuuli ii i Jne in Schuylkill its a Street Potts via a \ decl in jk.51-iy nub Cri is Haven Ribot a ref tip no Alvr a to , a under firm a co.-, i pure of carrying a Ltd a the foundry and a bail the Franklin Wotko port Carbon a in a .o�/,., i a n Brooke Are now Trep red to for Tifft. Ortw a Iho shortest noiic�\,.nin in. . A al machinery of inmost to <r.rip�mm, for mining or Otler ,.j. iad and Drift cars Iron or Brata cuu Iuga a a a a a a or Piltoff a. Are soliilted a Samuel Sillyman amp co. to War Pari of furnish the Colliery and do al by Klu Ronny with shovel of All Ken of if a i Muff Jim in Cen. A Quot Ltd a in panic / a a a a Iota in 1a rfh�vcl9. Order fors Bovey tuft Carrita amp Ohnides. Tii flub cow a Nunnun Casto to pub that he will run an omnibus be tween Tuscarora and a 1 a a on the arrival of the car Tuscarora. Returning leaves tat Aqua every Day 9 o clock a. And ai3. Min time to take the Valley Railroad cars for Pottsville Tuscarora. Parc from Tamaqua to Pottsville and from pot Uville to Tamaqua each Way 50 cents. Tickets to lie had al Jones a a hotel Tamaqua and of the conductor of the Cara Tamaqua nov. 25-1&1 Stephen Jones. Carriage busies was ii. Amp a. A Sun the subscriber would beg Ieav a la is go inform his Friend Sand the Public in Gen crai that he has bought out . Moore the Corner opposite Clemens a Par with despatch we invite lit. Varieties of stove re re feb tic re r Yod a a Coal-6 completo cd via Toa Quot Lull Quot ,. ü0, be 0ven Complete no a Fri , Quot boiler Toland Jwj bark. Ovi n Stowe Keystone for Ovett Oral la Collar on top Shi cry a Cut air tight parlor Wood grave Cannon stoves Hare Cylinder by Nee bases Badr alot<ale3 air tight new pattern Bummer furnaces Gas ovens dec. Stove and Flat Bol torn Tea a velles. Bulged and straight la Ota spiders Long pans to fit nil the Quot a loves. Quot Nuey s Pucka county econ no Ltd a new Patent Flat top Cook stove. R 1 dealers can be supplied with Odd plates grates Cal Indera fire bricks ice. 3 casting of All kind neatly and promptly executed. Dealer Are invited to Call and examine our Stock before purchasing elsewhere As we. Arc prepared to cell on the most reasonable terms i. I i a warn1ck, Leibrandt so. Co. Philadelphia sept. 23, Isis 3y-3mo f in a fare Rire the old adage a take time by that a Forelock a a commend itself to Vervone of by Plain common sense and when w the chill winds of autumn begin to blow ing notice of the approach of Winter every prudent n will once make provision against told weather knowing that the be opt. Of Pottsville have a Quot commendable regard for Comfort convenience and Economy c Jackson have Joti started their new store in Centre Street opposite Trinity Church with an extensive assortment of parlor and cooking stoves among which will be found All the old and approved style am a number of new on a adapted particularly to the wants of the Coal Region. We have he pleasure of introducing to this neighbourhood pierces american air tight cooking stove. With Brick top oven Fhi stove which is of recent invention bid fair to supersede every other kind now in use. During the past year to has go a into Public rapidity. Also stewarts siim5ier and Winter airtight c�ok1ng stove. This stove which is equally adapted to Wood or Coal has received Silver medals the fairs of the american Institute new York of the mechanics Institute Boston of the Franklin Institute Philadelphia and of the mechanics Institute Wilmington Delaware. A number of their stoves Are now in operation in this legion and have Given entire eats fortion. Call and examine our assortment of parlor and Calm Ber stoves they Are of All sorts sizes and prices. A Large splendid assortment of so Cal Iron tin tfx a Japan Ned wore kept constantly on hand. Tin roofing and All work connected with the business executed with neatness Anddew pm a cd. And the. Ble prices _ Long amp Jackson. Stoves stoves the under signed resp Camilly beg leave to inform the Public that they have commenced 3 foundry which is now in full iteration on Coal _ Street to Henry Jenkins wire err can manufactory m Pottsville and known a the Palt Vilu store to ohs Chev would therefore Call the tuntion of stove dealers of this Region and allot Here of their Stock of Steve a they feel confident that they an Supply them on As reasonable teens and sithi Ioven a Fany pattern and equal in Beauty and material to those purchased the Philadelphia foundries. N. kind of castings done to order the Short notice and on in most reasonable terms. A a Hill a Williams a Nettiville stay 2n. 1817 22_ly a Colliery works. Al a v la and Mal hire bops. Car Ibex their old stand Corner Ofra a a a Vand , Are prepared to Man Foj i Loor , steam a a any pm ��1 Arld Caparul for mining and Battin a Coal breaking machines with y incr curated rot let As May be required. A a i Tine and blog cylinders with old ii frs y incr for blast Furnace lot in pipes Ofa a ppr Ord pain a tip and Nail joint and a very be to con Tructien. They Par flt a of Row a and Par a a a k a s Rte. A a a Taw tort of a a a a for Jarl he Mthr. Having Mui Trio Montour to on a,�"1��"�. �?oj5 full fire Pard for this kind a of 4or a Bai of v. Y variety of general machinery Iteck and rat Oral. A a Llano Zintz f and exper end the . he a v "s7htae a a Quot Quot a a Quot a a a Olta Lri be. ,7. J6� _ a its visas Iros vork8. a. Thor Quot Quot works his Norw Fafian a treet where he is Para build Oil to Adios by Odin end 1��, Mann. If ii Road car and machinery of Faitana arty ,.alu a a Hort notice and Only. No a inc l��5 a a i of Road car and machinery of Altaev notice Andoniu. A. Of Trant . Re their ad7jota��io glee him a c i a foil May ii a Ehre. Vines Stram Mill in the rear of the american House where he i prepare in to do All kinds of work in thereat Jii manner. Being himself a practical Carriage maker he Hope to give entire satisfaction this customer. the Arloin Madation of the Coal Trade he intend building Rill Road &.ar�. Drift car and wheel Barrows Ali or which will be built of the beat material. Persons in want of anything in he Une will do Well to give him a tall his charges Are reasonable. June 5.18-17. 23-ly Wistara. Kirk. Blacksmith a Uby crib a announces to his Friend that he has commenced the Blacksmith but Xhu a in connection with his rare Iago a a table Ament and 1 prepared to do nil kind of work in tha inc of business in the Best Ivvle of workmanship a Hort notice and Low rates. removal of Smith in a Boot Jurn shoe Stogie. The subscriber announced to his customer and thu Public in general that he has removed his boat and shoe store next door by of Hannant a Bookstore and immediately opposite the new episcopal Church Centre Street Pottsville where he will always bin hand an extensive Stock of Boot and shoes of v try variety for ladies misses gentlemen Mhlor children a. Amp a. All of which Are made of the met materials and will to sold very Low rate to sin he Lime. Hot cps a noon hand a Large Einart Mentor trunk Vali a to Sec of which to will Dis Pogo Verlow. , shoes Sec made to order of the Best material Aid repaired Short notice. Pori me april if 15 William Smith. Boots and shoes al Ike ol\f4nd, door to . 9. In. Foster Are now receiving their Rinc supplies of boots scribes in Mari Lunga first Rale l orment. Which they now rat wholesale or retail the very lowest. A. They Vatick carpet Satchel sol and upper leather Morocco Cal in lining and binding skins shoe makers tool%. b shoe find a go. I a n. By Boot shoes manufactured in Wanto Fannof the Aboosa Riecl requested to give then a May 8,1817, 10 Pire i tire. Bemon amp l extraordinary. A be subscribe re having been called a very a Hort notice in Conte of the fire to remove their Greel a of Boot shoes. Trunk uhf pleasure the Public to general and their Menam h particular that they have opened in Sanuel Thompson new four Story Brick building. A off a via Ltd Street where they will be a a a a Cir Tamer Aall kind of Boot shoe a trunk Ana carpet Bug wholesale and re ail upon the Mon treason Bic Eph rd0 sept 48-39- Thos. Foster in co. Music music Etc tue following is a catalogue of new a and popular music just received and Jthn re al by Flannan a cheap Book and Zyrl variety store. A _ song s the bunt Horn by Gen. We. O. Butler Kan Beautiful and admired Melody. The to Lowera Llinat he of som in the Vale Rosa Leo the negro song Sec a pm Pilar scotch Balliol i ii gather summer Flowers come.tin in the song patriotic Quot a she 1� fooling thee from Longfellow hyperion they a in there i a fairy i once n Favorito Ballad Arlam Sony of Erin arise in your might that Cricket on the Hearth. Farewell my fatherland in be left the Snow Clad Hills. The Moonlight Dell a a Turof my soul the Patriot soldiers Farewell. Ill hang a hat on a Willow tree. Romanez float Beautiful Flag ii new National song the ,an admired Fong and must they a German Balla Verburn Cam. Trio by Bellini. The Fala Efriend the orphan Ballad Singer new edition scenes that Are brightest the one we Lovo come come to me Iove. A serenade mis Lucy Val a negro Melody a iii Fri a Llowd a a Lovely fun we a a Ballad. Woman a heart a to Macc my he throb for thee the War Flora a return i How blow of Nam. Noih ingenue to do third edition. Cometo the Loit lire lady love a serenade 3 he Lay of the Chamois Limiter a new Wfong the older Linn not present time music by u. Russell on. Think noise a l love thee a much admired Hallad. My heart m like a Pilunt Lute a Ballad by do Lodi 1 lire and Only thee. The Sailor ploy he son the sea. Lit thee dear girl a serenade 8am of Tennessee. The May Queen of Send me hark to inv native int of love dwell not in a Loyal Halls. Sweet were toy dream of ther a Favri e Ballad the Indi in Hunter music by Henry Russell com i be something Sweet to Xung thee Joy a a Bird translated from tie. Persian. Take Back the Genie you gave me a favorite Long fhe night before the Brid Israel a daughter be wandered in climes. Long Long ago Irene from the Hook of love. The american Flag i me Neil air from Belling a Eop Raof la Norma 1 he Happy joyous hour. To fun sea King a Bride no .t,r3 he Aven Are of framing i i think of thee when morning Light there is a to loner that bloomed a shall by roam my love in tha Twilight Grove the Sailor Bride an admired song when gentle hands its tendrils train. Strike the Harp Columbia a new National song. Single piece of music not on hand obtained order. View Marble Yard a in Pottsville. The and Scriber announced to the pub Lietha he a opened a Marble Yard in norwegian Street a abort distance Back of Fox a Mortimer a hotel where he intends Kec Pingon hand a Large Supply of Monument tombs grave Slones Post ac., a. Of As Good Toni trial a the City of Philadelphia can once. Anil which will be executed in lbs Best Mechan Ira a style and Short notice. A lie invite the builder and other to Call Hla Yard As he intern a keeping a a Uppit of Mamie for House work such a window Sills. Door Sills Steps platform3, ac., of the very Best material both of Marble and Brown Stone. He his also made arrangements with an extensive Marble mantel establishment in Philadelphia to Supply Marble mantels of every style and pattern the lowest cite prices. His terms will be of tend reasonable. March i.l�ls-10-ly Thomas c Moore. New lp5iber Yard a a the leave to inform his Friend and the Public in general that he has opened a Board and Lumbi Yard the Corner of High Street and mount Carbon Railroad in Pottsville above Haywood a Snyder a foundry where he will keep a constant assortment of Oak Hemlock Pine and Poplar lumber. Having three so Rouis running he flatters him Sal that Fie will be enabled to Supply his Friend with an description of lumber for mining or building purpose. On the most reasonable terms and. By the prompt a a Nylon to their orders ensure a continuance of the Evora. £may20 21- we. Stephenson iia Hridoy brot11er8 amp coi manufacturing chemist Ojue to. Id South Prstt Street Philadelphia. Pure parlor White Lead in Miff to Quot al extra ground a i Copperas a 1 m a a in byte sugar of Lead red Lead. acid Letha run. Ifim Edu quor Orange Mineral Llrson liquor. Mastic Black. A the Public their a Mastic Black As an invaluable paint for Timber and Iron particularly when exposed to the weather or in wet or Damp situations. Timber coated with Tai preparation be Home impervious to water and in thu rendered much More endurable. Its Power of re listing moisture a ate r Especial useful As a coating for Post Situ a�4�tt Woodwerd placed in or near water for in Contr Talon with the ground. K a. A a covering of roofs Bridges. Railroad sleepers a car of Wood or Iron Canil locks gite vac. Ae., 1� Nigmy valuable and May a used to to greatest advantage. a paint for vessels a buoy a. u axe Fol not Only for preservative qualities hat presents on the umber when Well coated a Bright Sarto lured surface and resist to a remarkable degree the attacks of Worms and other insects. Por Iron exposed situation. makes an to Lith and prevents rust and corrosion. Tills article will be furnished a Low a free by the cheap hardware a too store the subscriber invited the Atten of builders and others want g>�>tfi�>g5sfe#lo buy cheap to his Large and Well select cd Stock of hardware and Toof i. Son agent or the plates ac., made by e. W. Carpenter of Lancaster la a. Spear a Jacksonv aws imported and selected for retail sales we. Greave a sons and butchers chisels. Fill plane Iron a. Braces and litre squares. Devils ., Beouy a Aadla Avil Kiama Caw steel description building hardware in great variety Buttol rvs screws. Spring . American and imported lout. Latch a and bolts of every description. Mortice and other locks with White knobs a. 8ash weights and Nalls factory in Cen. A All goods Dili ered the depot for of Ekart. Tbone buy for Cash will find to their advantage to Calton a sept23,4fl-29 3mo emf my Mcclure no. 887 Market ., betwee Ajith an a the Phila. Coleman a cheap cutlery stores ads 32aud 33 Arcade and 8 North third Street. Philadelphia. A Fife country merchants Cai jew from loto 15 percent by purchasing the Buovo stores. By importing my own goods paying but Little rent and living economically i Plain lean undersell those Purchase their goods Here pay High rent and live Fike princes. Constantly on hand a Large sort mint of pea and pocket knives a Cir sors and razors table knives and Forks in Ivory Stag Buffalo Bouc and Wood handles carvery and Forks steels a. Butcher knives Dirks Ovvie knives revolving and Panfu pistol a. Just received a Large Stork of Rodgers a and to ten Holm Fine pen and Congress knives. Also a Large Assort Merit of Jaccoi demons a. Also Fine English twist and g no Quot Sony m Coleman. Phil la a. »pril9 in Ujj uns guns a Brigi tia Pott 1 town Hall Rubn store.1 double and single barrel shot guns powder flasks. Shot belts 1 a canister powder. Percussion Caps. Revolving pistols single and double pistols. The above Are a Fine assortment of English and Ger Man manufacture. Table. Pocket cutlery scissors and of. ?ini,a,0, a Quot a a Celei Irald make. Kope hemp packing car dab anvils. Bellows Lees and files blasting tubes for wet places in mines safety fuse Long and Short handled shovels made expressly for our own talks. Building materials. Consisting of lock latches hinges paints Oil Glass of american German and English manufacture. A a Iron and steel. Hammered and rolled Iron Sheet fun band and hoop Iron t�ol8,. A arpenter��?Tc5hoemakpr��?T,and saddlery a. ?1��dlery� hardware coach trimming with a variety of Iron notions. Aug. 29 47 35 Quot teas. David Yanken to. 73 Chat nut Street Corner of Bank Street Philadelphia. Offers for Rale a Choice assortment of teas on terms. 500 half Chest pow Bongi Iya 290 do do Jingyong Souchon Tea 100 do do Oblong do i do 100 chests English breakfast Tea i 100 half cheats do a do Quot 50 chests Molina Souchon a a 25 do pow Chomg 25 do Black uhf Tekos do Orange in Choc 10 200 ill. Boxes Superior Ning Vong Tea 250 half chests Young Fly on Tea 125 do do Imperial do 100 do do Gunpowder do i 10 do. Do company Hyson a do oct21-43 i0t tie East India Tea company having opened a Tea warehouse to. 123, Mort third Street next door i old Rotterdam hotel Jvn . V,.for the disposal a their Choice and , latest Ina. Would \ invert respectfully invite Ai Call from country merchants and others visiting our City. Our teas Are or the a nest Quality am very fragrant a ring been selected with the greatest Enre and unusual Low prices. For the country Trade they will he packed in Quarter halt or Pound packages if preferred thus furnishing two advantages 1st to lor in draught. 2dana�snrl mint of teas fora very Small amount of capital. The Ruttei particularly i of advantage to persons of Winouer a to Meen and Boxer of Iho Iti Cleare limited. Our determination is to avoid All unnecessary expense that will have a tendency to increase the Cost of our teat Liener the present course of circular letter to the Trade instead of travelling Agen a practice pursued by some of Mir very Grem exp nac. Quot Toliese agent must be paid whether they make Suica or mgt to. With the advantage we posse of procuring teat ump a Cloe application to business to suy nothing of attending to our own Busi icon. And not entrusting to other must Uhl mutely a tresure a a Here of . A jan.8-2-ly. Tiie c ant�nt�c03ipx� hvv�3 ,337 Market �?__�#2 a treat Philadelphia and greatly increased their arc offering for their fall and Winthie Trade h and Well a decked Sinck of or Kkt and iii tip a a u wholesale and retail packed or Lix Reu teas on Ilie most a Verab a term. To . The packed teas cold this establishment Are warranted to be Oft he mar Init prior Quality and re offered in Large and Small quantities a Liberal discount please Call 33 7market Street second . Below ninth North , and give them a trial. I�?Thilada., oct29,li-9 i44-3�ro Kew grocery of a Ouirt feel and provision store. The subscriber announces to Hie citizen of a a a a a a a Oilville that to has just opened a Pew Groce Larry flour and feed store his old stand where a Arrhe will always keep on hand a Superior Rio Kcf Dionica . Family , Tea Coffee sugar 1 All of which will be be acct Odwith great care and will he bom very Low rates. He flatters hour self that he Cam Mac to the interest of ills Community to Deal with him he there i ure solicits their returns thanks to i numerous a us Tomera for the patronage they bestowed upon him in his other business dec. Ii.�?T47-50i. Is Toener. Watches and Jewert a a a cheaper than Ever. al Tau and retail the Quot Philadelphia Hock and Jamel re Start to. Of Varia second strut Tornero a Arry a Philadel Pau. Gold levers Iscar Alcasas full jewelled a a 930 and upwards. Silver lovers still jewelled u m a a a cold Lepone 19 k cases jew Chad 25 a a a a 8 Ducr Lexinea jewelled 10 u Olver Quatier watches4lo#10 a>02.� a Lual 10 ,Tea. 95 desert �0table315j other Ani Clesia proportion. All goods warranted to be what they Are told for. Constantly on band a Large of Fine Gold jewelry and 8ilver Ware. Also an assorted in of m. J. Tobias a co., e. Snip in Samuel a brother e.3. Yates a co., John Harrison a a. A r. Cesley and other Eupo rior Patent lever movement which will be cased in any style desired. Arrangements have been made with All the above med most England to furnish Short Torteo any required style of watch for which orders will be taken and the name and residents Catbe person ordering put on if request co. O. Conrad importer of watches ,ocl2�?T48-44-ly no. . Second . Rig i and Xvi 5 to 910 1 50 4 50. I 00 and413 Market Street. Philadelphia. The cheapest Anco largest Assor rents of Gold nod Silver watches in Philadelphia. A Gold levers ,18 a rat Case #30 and Over a Gate Var lever full jewelled a a 16 and Over a six by a Lapioes a a. A quartiers a a Gold pc rails a. S Julver Tea spoon equal to coir. Cold Lens Stiver Holder and Pencil a splendid assortment of All kinds of watches Bah Gold and Silver Rich ,4�-e.,. Gold Chain of the Best manufactures and in fact Cret thing in the Vatch and jewelry line much less prices than Cau be bought in this City or elsewhere. I please save this advertisement and Call either i 4. Lewis , no. 413 Market Street above 11th. North Side orto 1 Jacob. , �40 Market ., first store below 8ih, South Side we have Gold and Silver levers a to cheaper than the above prices a Liberal discount made to the Trade. Philadelphia sept. 23, 1818 39 Limo new watch and jewelry Stork. No. To South second Streeta Feto dour Belott Market Evirett a Philadelphia. Thomas Alsop invited the attention of the Public to the handsome Stock of watches. Jewelry Silver and plated Ware spectacles of All kind Britannia a Are a. A. Which he has just opened the above stand. The Stock comprises a full assortment of almost every article in his line and is offered very Low Prce a Lieja not to he undersold by any Onelyn the City Gold lever watches full jewelled 18 Karat cases warranted to keep Goud tithe 933 and upward. Gold i.cihra�, a,55 a iid no Wirdy. Silver lever full jewelled 5 17 a a a. La pics 12 a a a Clear tiers a to 10 a pencils. I 25 m Gold pens Sliver Pencil 100 m with a Large assortment of other articles equal v Low. 5& particular a tuition will in Mia h Tehes will by paid to re Diri in july i 48. 27-ly. A a Martin wholes ale and retail dealer in goods groceries teas . Awl orc on Centre react near the Corner of a Amongo 10 which the attention of the citizen of Toa 1 and Chantry . John l. . Pottsville,ocl29-41j. John 8. C. Martin. Saw firm. The this Day entered into �1 Copartnership for the purpose of transacting a _ general wholesale and retail Busine in Iron ,,and feed the Well known York store in the Borough of poits Ville would Nina tree dec fully in Uteave to say that icy have now on band a Large and Well selected Stock of bar Iron of nit descriptions also Flat bar Ard rail Road Iron of various Sixes suitable for drifts and Aernt roads which they offer for bile Low a rate As cab be had in the county. Also fresh a lock of groceries and provisions Cufr stantly on hand very Low prices for Cash. Also Call a Treier and Fin car steel nails and Spike Oil. Flour feed ac., All of which they would respectfully solicit in inspect i of by the Public and re dying As they do upon a Sli attention to business to be Able All limes to accommodate their customer a a a. Yardley a son. P. 8.�? the subscriber would take this Opportunity to return his sincere thank for the Liberal patronage he a Horeb orc received from i friends and the Public 80lici.a continuance of the Edw. Yardley. Same for the new firm. Pottsville. March 1,18-18-101 steam Iron railing manufactory and War rooms. To Wolfl set ��?�ft�.,,l,. The undersigned manufacture Iron style verandas Gates. Pedestals arbours bedsteads descriptions of ornamental and architectural Iron work in the Best manner reduced prices always on hand a Supply of fins proof door and shutters a heavy Stock and common Hincks Shailor bout More room Dalis arid All descriptions of builder ironwork. -&.-. 1 t�?T8labr a Anent by far the most extensive of the kind in competent workmen possesses hip advantages of steam Power and suitable machinery and is under the personal supervision of the proprietors Are practical men of Long experience afford tits nations the Gnan Antee that their orders a ill be properly Andron aptly executed. Phila,Octu-42-iy 1 Heins a Adamson by bit Tauy amp a Loov Quot a m atchma�cr8 Ami jewellers. And Deleas in the save \ by wholesale and / arc next door to the miners Bank Coutret Roet Ottav talc. A messes. I. A e. Keep constantly on hand a a. In extensive assortment of watchers pm a a every a a. Price and manufacture oat to be round in this country among which they May particularly refer to the cold and Silver of m. Tobias 4 l Jos. Johnson Robert Rosin a we. Robinson ac., or whose manufacture they have a splendid collection. Also Gold Ati a Silver Anchor and let would invite attn thou also a Large and Complete Assort a Menzof jewelry and Silver Ware embracing nearly every article properly coming uniter those clock in great variety fancy article of every description repairing of clock watches jewelry of cd a promptly attended to. Messes. B. A e. Deem unnecessary in advertise Merit to enumerate a heir Stock More specifically suffice to say that selected with much care aft 4 a iia Relio?., and is one to be found in tie country their Long experience in the business writ fully warrant them in inviting the attention no , iii the a till Confidence that they Are enable m �4 Cain a any other Stabl Rehmel Here or Elk a where. Delft �-51-ly Victory Victory Etc tout William f. Johnston. The Roll lab Wilio candidate Fob Cotero amp a triumphant sit Den restoration of conf knee in Trade. Five Hundred hands wanted immediately to make the new style Winter coat a Liili for elegance and appearance surpasses anything 0/ the Kiml Ever presented 10 a he citizen of this.�mi.ry a pattern coat tan be seen the immense and Miriall clothing establishment of lipping to a Taylor Corner of Centre and Mahan Fongo Street. Pottsville. Also a Large assortment of Lasto a Phat. And figured reaver cintes French Doc ski is. Mid English. French american and far Ouy Tanh .1 Dhu of that finest fabric and Man fac tar tog. Liter with a great Van by or c Urit Norrs an , pah other novelties for tin ten Ping sen on. # a mi. Large of Rich and Cle iia pm i in Ltd which must to be s in to be appreciated and a px�6ml an invitation to our numerous customers and the Public generally to favor us with a Call in order to sati by Ulicni Ilves of the size of his Well assorted Stock. Fill shirt drawers neckerchief Suspender globes la. Coysh Fermi oium me clothing of the latest make and Famh. Lippincott a Taylor Corner Centre and a Barlongo streets Ocm-42. Pottsville. He qty and Choice perfumery a. For a a a be grease put in Potemko Phil charcoal paste a new article for White Long 1 and preserving the Teeth a Odo Tinc or Bose tooth paste a Superb article for the Teeth and purifying the breath Bose lip Salve fur the pocket. Rose vegetable tooth paste charcoal Dent Rifici Fot the Teeth and guru Meen fun the Chines skin powder for restoring and beautifying the complexion Fanner pomade divine Abr chapped band. Line 8cjlds, bruises ac., a Standard article. Treble extract for the and kerchiefs a Choice article to Ossello a amandine for chapped band rims Cip . Etc iolent Sapo Naseous paste skin. Pomplum Sticks for giving the hair a Glossy floating Sand so map a new and excellent article Jones italian chemical soap a article for removing freckles eruption of the skin a. To ussom s Almond soap Otto Frose soap. Circus a Ian soap. Orange and Lemon s oxygenated floating Lilly soap. Olive Oil soap sperm Aceti soap for softening the skin a. Roussel a vegetable cosmetic softening tho skin. Much Aux a freckle Wash a Complete remedy for freckles Otto of Rose in in talus for drawers Glenn s roman Karl Der. Curling fluid for Ibi. Hair Roux sell s Shiv aug Cream Taylor a and Glenn a Sapo a Naseous file Oving compounds and Windsor Sha. Vitug soaps brushes a double distilled Bay water Best Cologne in bottles and on draft Florida water eau la Strale for the hair. Disinfecting fluids for cholera time chinese depilatory powder Rouge. I Wheeler a Teaberry tooth Wash for caring this a ache and purifying the breath Odon Talmic Toothache d Ops Ortho eur of Toothache Rincy Toilette bottles and other fancy bottles a together with All new and Choice articles of perfumery for inc Toilette. All the perfumery sold by Iho subscriber genuine and not the Worth lose imit3tinni which Are hawked Over tia country by Perl cars ac., which is purchased half the Price of the Genuino articles. Call . Bannano a. Cheap perfumery and fancy store decl6-5i Potts Viuf Octant presents tor the Lloyl Days. Phe subscriber announces to his numerous 4 customer and friends that he has just received in addition to those already published one of the most elegant assortments of books and fancy articles Ever offered in this place embracing a much larger assortment than can be found any one in the cities All of which will unusually Low Rales. The inflowing embrace but a portion of the assortment the women of the Bible splendidly illustrated Era bossed sheep Gilt a splendid gift Book Book of pearls fins steel engraving Goat extra Gilt sacred poets cloth extra gift the Bonk of Poi Moa i Ayer. Antique scripture parables. Do. Friendship a offering for 1s19, arabesque Gilt the Opal illustrative steel engravings goal extra Gilt a he Amaram i Goat extra Gilt a Wreath of Friendship cloth extra Giu thu Christian Yea Gilt tic Torget me not for 1849, cloth vat Gill Christma Roc cloth extra Gilt lady s annual for 1919, a leaflets of memory illuminated a a juvenile scrap Book Eloth extra Gill evenings Home a do do Holiday hours do do a fairy gift cloth embossed a a fairy tal Cioth. In let of de extra gift girl a and boys a Mcellany cloth embossed. Tie Gem doth Gilt together with a number of a mall a works of poetry and prose variously bound an elegant assortment of albums toy Book and card historical and scientific games and a Large collection of Hincy article intended tor present in the coming season of gift. Jirva received and fur Sale less than City prices a l Bannano a Decuir a Quot a in Loite i poetry. 16-51 cheap and variety store. Diaries la Arll Shion Able hair cutting and shaving Saloon. A Yeary a porn or of Centre and Market streets Diirr Feville. Keeps Conmy a try of hand and for Sale the following a lick to f a Largo and redid a orment of coloured by lip Hundred a a Tunny a off fish a Kong and toy souks in great or by the dozen am books. Letter writers. Spelling Rooks primers. Kuci Sony Cobbs Reader Cony and pay a Lonks. A comic and other almanacs single or by the dozen steel tens and Holder a pocket Book. Playing card in Minoe conversation Fortune telling and courting cards shaving Cream and soap Wash balls Sand soap and a other fancy soap extracts ac., Jules Hauelt a genuine heart a Oil of marrow Curling fluid and Cologne water single or by the dozen tooth shaving hair and Cloi bps Bius Huj Are sifting pocket and Fine tooth comb nne a Ami Frank Miner s Waier proof Oil blacking stocks collars and suspenders. Razors and razor Strops. A Large assortment of ladies urls fax of a i Doue in the Best manner. A has also on hand Duranso a or Ball room guide. Shaving. Hair cutting ac., performed in the most approved style of razors done the shortest notice. Dec23,Mh-52-1y Purs. A by ii rawer runs Foa Lilter a was. Charles Oakford furrier to. 104 Cavern of Street a a door above third a Piula Delphi fia.45�a\ Yould invite the ladies to Call and exam re in a Malinc his Superior flock of muffs flows 1�t25swtippets,&c., of every variety consisting a Ai a a of Rich Russia Sable i Ludwing a Bay Martin Nvart by Martin Mink Sables Baum Martin re to be Star tin. Ermine Fitch Lynx. Ac., a these skins have been selected with great care and Are Marie by the Best in Kmen in the country. Ladies May rest assured that no article will be offered for Sale in tills establishment that a not perfect in every rep . Sept23,�?T48-39 Moj Charles Oakford. 101 Chesti i fit.,a few doors above 3d. Philadelphia. A al i the a be a fes Ifrat a a White House . Minerly Jacob gris Sci to Corner of Centre and Mahan Iango streets Pottsville. William Matz. Announces to the Public and his no serous friends that he has taken the hotel where he will be Happy to see All the Fanner cos Torgers of the establishment Bis friends and tho Public in general. The Bouse has recently been fitted in the Best manner and be flatters himself that by unremitting attention on Bis Parr that to can give entire satisfaction to the travelling Public. His stabling is extensive and he has a Large Yard which will accommodate any Quantity of vehicles and which can be closed night. June 10. �?T48. A 24-tf plumbing and coppers thu subscriber announces to the Public that to la commenced the plumbing and Coppersmith business in a lots branches Yir in the Borough be Hap-7 to receive the patronage of the Public. Lie flatters self that the work he hat performed while in the employ of others Baa been such of to give entire satisfaction and will secure to him their partiality and favor which he will Endeavor to Merit by strict attention "1 business and reduced rates of charges a ohls shop is in second Street near or. Grecian a Cabinet making shop where to will to pleased to receive All orders in fal3 line of bus incest. A dcc16�?T48l5i. Becker. Manufacturers their Laboratory kem�nmnfl. a to Santa a veits. Ih�w80w. 8bot hers a co. A a their office to. Id Santa Veit or. Philae ha8�w�?om Polis Delphi apriss if a a shovel manufactory. Eagle works Centra sir a ,��ifd�br4�ioid tif. A a of a Tricia Faass a a a tub Aub Scriber would Call the attention of Coal operators merchants and miners to examine his hound and Square Point co Afatia Grain shovels by bios Elf and Fartha Coal Region a warranted 10 be made 01 tha first Quality materials and Ai received and by ctn. A Ipi shovel repaired Quot. Henry for Keath Kusi 12j to 45 cents per , wholesale and retail. Frederick g. Frazier upon Lster and general furnished to. 413 Market . Above Ida North Side opposite Girard Row , �$57 where May Fie had Alt times a general <j�rjb-r-as8oritnrn of bed and matter nose a curled hair and feathers chairs tables bed leads and looking Gla ii a together with Alt in the Bov Clineff business tin very lowest Cash prices. a goods warranted to give satisfaction. ,oci.7ii93 4i-3m�?~ Salamas Oer fire a d thief a a. Proof chests fire.-Nof d0o1s for bunks and stores Seal und let ter copying presses Patent slate lined refrigerators water Riviera Patent portable Tyvaier clo a fets intended for the Sirk and infirm. Evans a Watson 70 to so .., opus Milf the Phada. Exchange a manufacture and keep to coi stantly on hand a Large a a orment of the above articles Gelber Wilh their Patent in a a Salamander fire proof fax a a a Are so constructed Quot eve Faa 10 Sel 01 rc8t 3,1 manner of j�hzzl5>�g�pdoubt a a to their being strictly that they will resist or Vxft-&-eris5 the fire of any building. The ,ul8 a these safes Are made of boiler Iron the inside Case Olson Ione and Between the outer can a Ami inner Case i of Tome three inches thick and is filled in with material to As to make on to Burn any of the contents inside of the test. These soapstone salamanders we arc prepare and do Challenge the world to produce any article in the shape of Book safes that will stand As much heat and we hold of Reives ready All times to have them fairly tested by Public Bonfire. We aug continue to manufacture a Large and general assortment of our pro mum air tight fire proof safes of which there Are Over 80ttnow in use and in every instance they have Given entire satisfaction to the purchasers of which we will refer be Public to a few gentlemen have them in use. A. Haj Vood a Fiat Der poit Vuic Joseph g. Lawton Pottsville or. Villiam Carr. Doyle Stovin a. . Taylor 129 North 3d . A.wrl- a a Coli new Vine . A liar Alexander Carol conveyancer Corner of Filbert and 9th Sis. John 51. Ford 32 North 3d . Myers Buse,20 North 3d . James a. Paul 101 South 4th . Or David Jayne 8 Saih 3d or. Matthew. Miller 20 South 3d . And we could name some hundreds of . Now we invite the attention of the Public and particularly those to want office proof safes to Call our store before purchasing elsewhere and we can satisfy them that they will get a better and cheaper article our Sanro than any other establishment in the City. We Niso manufacture the Ordinary fire proof bust a very Low prices cheaper than they can be bought any other store in Philadelphia. A cav Laid books. precedents on inditnneni., adapted to tha Usta of the court o tha United states and those of the several elated together with notes and criminal pleading and practice embracing the English and american authorities go Nen Tilv by Francis Wharton. Pardon s digest seventh edition a Dunlop a a Law of Pennsylvania 1700 to 1816. Hood on executors Duane on the luvs of roads highways Bridges and ferries in Pennsylvania binns1 magistrates daily companion Mckinney a Pennsylvania just thu a Graydon a forms Roberts digest of British statutes a Bristol on incl tvr of costs Smith on contracts cd itly Lallar Ksionek. Darr s reporte co Splete As far As published a Getzs and Dunlop a forms. Just received Ard fur Sale by tho subscriber. Fall i in books not obtained to order publishers prices a dcc23-52 bannan�?T8 cheap Law and miscellaneous bookstores. Outlier an Aud reformed hymn books. Pipe subscriber has just received and till 1 hereafter constantly Krep on hand a Supply of the following books which he will wholesale and retail publishers prices German and English reformed hymn books. German and English lutheran hymn books. Union German hymn books Gorman psalter Aud testaments. A German mid English lutheran catechisms. German and English reformed catechisms. Stark sprayer Book. Nichodemus and sprayer Book. German family bibles the Peoples Bible testaments Abc books Acac. Alt of which will be sold very cheap Hannans dec23-52 cheap wholesale and retail bookstores. Purr White Lead we thai ill brother manufacturers to g3, North if Street Philadelphia Imre now a Good Supply of their warranted pure White Lead and those customers have been sparingly supplied in consequence of a run on the article shall now have their orders filled. No known beautifying properties so desirable in a paint tor an count extent with unadulterated while Lead hence any admixture of other materials Only Marx its value. has therefore been the steady aim of the manufacturers for Many years to Supply to the Public a perfectly pure White Lead and the unceasing demand for the article la proof hat has met with favor. is cd no one head wet Leroll a brother in full and on the other warranted pure All in red letters. Thehe�?T3 room enough por air. What need of All this fas and strife each warring with his brother f Why should we. In the crowd of life keep trampling Down each other a is there no goal that can be won without a squeeze to Galo 7 no other Way of Ettington a but cram Blasg to obtain i of fellow Meo hear Wisdom then. In Friendly warning Calls Quot your claims Divide the world is wide there a room enough for ail a what if the Swarthy peasant find no Fields for honest labor need not idly Stop behind. To thrust aside his neighbor. There is Aland with Shuy skies which Gold for toil is giving. Where every Brawny had that tries. strength can grasp living. Oli. Fellow Mon remember then a befall a a 1 tie world is wide where those abide i there a room enough Fornall from poisoned Airye great to to court and typhus tainted alleys a Goforth and dwell where health resorts in Fertile Bills and valleys. Where every Arm that clears a Bough finds plenty in attendance. And every Furrow of the plough a a a a. A step to Independence. Of Basten then from fevered Den and Gln cramped and Small tho world is wide in land beside there a room enough for All in this fair Toglou far Way will Labner find employment a a fair Days work a fair Days pay. And toil will earn enjoyment. A a what need then of this daily strife. Where each wars with his brother 1 Why need we through the crowd of ufos keep trampling Down each other 1-from rags and crime that Distant clime will a Thrall Tako fortunes tide the world so wide a miss room enough for All mothers Mary to her Mother. By a Cameron. Brightest and Best of ail the ties. That formed in Nat re earliest hours Yvo Henshue first lighted from tho skies twine round the Hearth like Woven lower Cutler in the Summers Moonlight Bowers and fresh with Dew front heaven above i til to Blest one a mothers lot. A in be Felt so in earliest time. In childhood when athwart the Lawn. With feeling Tike a persian clime. Fragrant and warm mornings Dawn i bounded Forward 39 a Fawn to hot tic mannered Sun above mide Happy in a mothers Lovo. 1 fell in the Noontide hours when wandering by the Forest Stream she led me to some Leafy Bower a to screen me find the sultry beam. And singing me to sweetest dream in which i walked through land Borc fit ill guided by a mothers love. I Felt in the evening Timon when tho soft music of tie Rill Camellie a Sweet , a Anri Sun lingered on the Hill a though to list that music still pm angled Oftie Dove i Felt then a mothers love. Quot i be. I now when i behold thee my dear Parent fond thy maternal arms enfold a in warm embrace thy Loving child. By love of lightest care beguiled put Eastha dreams that flow i Usu Rocky founts through Vales below Noly As Angels thoughts above is that Blest Ouer a Mother s love. She pulpit. National . A a As Irmok preached in the Sullivan m. E. Church Bank Selvina Day,november23,1849�?by rey. D. . Text �?1"rigkleeusnet exal Teth a nation i a six Tea reproach to any prov. 14,34. Phi1aseptg.48-37-Lyl David j2vans, joaanne8 Watson. Attention i. Military store. The subscriber Tould respectfully inform that he has located his military Gap. Manufactory la third Street. No. 96, a few doors below race where lie would be pleased to see his old customers and As Many new ones of Are disposed to favor him with their custom. To still continues to manufacture Mhilary and sport Mcne a articles of every description so cd As leather cloth Felt wbk and Beaver Dreas Caps of a patterns forage Caps holsters for troop body do. Carf Onieh boxes Bayonet scabbards. Sword belts of a kinds. Canteens Knapsack different patterns fire buckets passing boxes tube do. Crashes and tickers plumes Poons pure men a Caps la ther stocks Gan cases Superior Quality shot bags . A. thankfully received and promptly attended to a , -nu.�6jnortb3dstrt.,. Pbfiajaal9.1844 r 2k i .1 Daniclo school. a returns he sincera to amp a aka to the citizens of put Neville for the ueberal Patyi age with which Totcy have favored him heretofore and Repice Tauy infancy them thit he has a pm san cited with him. Or ?. tue a Slih Witos in Tny Lions n a i pcs to give a a to Leoj <33e to Cah Fornola for Sloon shares. V�.�7-Cabtios-Bstbrpmzk a a Lintleman la a practical geology a Ami a atop. Inventor Ofa improved machine for Par Tinc Gold dust has arranged a party to proceed to California he provides tools machines tents Aud a of Tell equip an As or and physician accompany the expedition. There is room for a few More. 916 1 in Cash needed. A a see Philadelphia Ledger or times or apply for particulars to b. Bannan port Viii for to. To. Cochrane. He advertiser 143 Walnut Street. Pec2o-5k-u�3 Philadelphia. Sow is the time to subscriber the magazines for 19401 subscriptions Attu Tedfor a Ewe rip Magazine a Bam mams bookstores . A Priese magazines Are most splendidly embed x listed with and steel enc Raviart Model cottages. Fair icon plates a. They also contain stones. Tales poetry &c., by the Best a Niters in the 93 a year or 25 cents pc the number for january is now ready and Sinskie copies Force i b1, Bannano a deei6-5la chapbook Storrs. The great pictorial or other Jonathan. For cnrist9iasd& new years 40, this Mammoth paper contains upwards of 50 engravings the Wost conspicuous of whirl in Ono Entla eds the Christmas Sleigh this splendid pm cute covers the entire one Elde of this great paper and a itself Worth tho Price of the paper. The Jonathan also Conjoint stories tales ., 12 cents Orten copies for 91 Persona in the country can Havo u by enclosing 12j zentel a a letter Post paid to Bannano so Decis-51. Book and variety store Sio por California and the Gold Region which May Fine French be Ramery of a try. Toilet articles anal al tho a Teleran far ladles and Geo Jemon a. to Qadi a a Bdl a elegant. Card Cut Glass bottles. Dec. 33-52 a Init from this a digress to extract the following Elmunt passages a a higher than human authority has said the lord is known by the judgment which he extent Elk. But Iho judgments which be executes Oro a to no respect Moro striking end emphatic than those with which be visits rebellious and offending nations al is an a opinion too prevalent among us that nations in their National capacity Are in some Way or other Ernise from tho Ordinary obligations to tho Law of god and too Many seem to think that nations May violate that Law with impunity. But aside from the solemn declarations of the oracles of god does not the Bis tory of nations teach us a lesson of deep import and striking admonition upon this subject ? How Fany nations have left in their fid history tho deep record of heavens offence against their Wick Edness and impiety upon what Page of history a Root the solemn moral aphorism inscribed right i Aisne a exile cult a notion but sin is o reproach to any people / let us Appeal to facts upon this All important topic of National responsibility let us Appeal to facts in the recorded annals of a our race and inquire what Are the lessons of instruction they impart. My friends the history of the not silent upon this a abject. The monumental Rains of Empire speak to us As from the Gravo of Oges and warn us that National sins Are suited by National calamities and National corruption by National ruin else Why have such fearful desolation been wrought in the Earth 1 Why have so Many nations been a wept away in the fierceness of to almighty s Wrath Why has the Brand of desolation been placed opon the very face of so Many countries that Wero once the abodes of opulence and Power consult Iho history of gods ancient people. What a Check ered a Cene of adversity of Oal Iono Poi peril and utter desolation does that history present. Why do we behold them after a seder of the most glorious achievements Anda course of the most unparalleled National Success again reduced to calamity and distr say. Their Beautiful City ravaged and burned their Boly Templo pillaged and destroyed Thor luxuriant Fields untitled and Desow ale while tho miserable remnant of what once constituted the a glad tribes of Ifrael a in compelled to Ait Dawn by the Waters of Babylon and weep while they hang their harps upon the Willows and refuse to sing the songs or Zion in a strange land ? had their National advantages the natural Fermi iii of their soil the their defence the multitude and martial spirit of their Troope forsaken them alas they had lost that which was of. More value. Than Martiale troops or wrong Tower they As a nation bad lost the favor and Protection of their god and for seventy Long year were they compelled 10 drag out a miserable bondage in to land of the oppressor. But when afflictions had Pride and obstinacy of heir hearts Hbeo they turned again to the lord then did he prepare the Way. For their deliverance and restore them to their loved Jerusalem to rebuild its broken Walls and re per ple its Desow Alo palaces. Thus might to follow Down the history of this chosen people of god showing the mercy and goodness of him to them As a nation and also his hot displeasure their numerous departures from him till their last crowning of Iofi my tha crucifixion of our lord sailed them Over to exp Taal destruction As a people Sod blotted them ont from among the nation of the Earth. Let not the objector urge that this was a nation of gods own instituting and therefore his dealing with cannot a considered indicative a general control which to exr Citra Over the governments of the Barth. But tel him look Abr amp Dover other nation and other people,1 end see the. Working of the ,1 a Oyhat Means that mighty destruction tix Araugo Street pot vice 1 fio . Of Fertility if Egypt Tbs land of Cheops amp so and Pio Lcmay the Cradle of he sciences of the or tsp Iho place wer la al toiled in age in the very morning of in when hug inn Praise cd old not be bestowed upon the a a Der tand ing of god a chosen instrument for their a Iver Anco Ihsen Bat be a was a killed in Ell the Wei amp Qai of the but where now is that its client what remains of their former great Eai to lonely Pyramid the magnificent sepulchres of its ancient Popat Tiou and the splendid a ruins of us Hundred Gator City Tell a West Egypt was. But barrenness and desolation in the o Gnu a Oppre Sioa cod wretched new in the City and a Rod of tyranny every where Strelch de out Ourer a sparse and degraded population Tell us what Egypt is. God has visited her for her iniquities and she has become indeed the basest of nations. A just across the Medit Erane amp a lies a sterile Promontory encircled by a closer of Isle nor Here and there Aro Roins of temples and towers which seem to indicate that a people of Enterprise and Art once had their residence there. But. present no Marks of Enterprise and Fen of Proa. Perii Are seen. Tho population is sparse degraded. The country is Bleak and but Little cultivated. Tho villages Wear signs of poverty and wretchedness tho Iron Rule of tho ottoman has left the deep impression of moral and intellectual dearth upon All the institutions of this devoted in raid. Tho people seem just awaking from a Long and dreary slumber but will be to work of Siges 0 throw off the deep taint of Mon Amedon Jop Prussio amt restore them to a full appreciation and enjoyment of civilized life. And can to that this is Greece Ever memorable in the history of to world the land of chivalry of science and of song yes even Here once rest ded a people distinguished for ail the High Barsc. Terrifies of human nature to this soil tho tree of Liberty struck firmly its Root and beneath its Broncos flourished every Art and every science was the land of chivalry hero Leonidas with his spartan bund fell Fig Trug for his country bore Cima on a the incorruptible a end Aristides a Iho just a gave just renown to the valor of grecian arms. was tho land of Palm jobs and de a voted statesmen a Here Lycurgus after travelling through foreign lands that to might minutely observe out for his Coniker try a system of legislation surpassed in that Earl i age of the world Only by that of most for tho"7 jews and binding his Puoplo to their Observance till to returned he departed and a seen no More.�. Here too lived tho illustrious Solon refusing the Flover Cinfy of Bis country that be might legislate for her Good. was Iho land of philosophy the land of thales of of so crates and of Ari Toto. to As the bore of poetry and eloquence hero Homer and euripides to song their county a glo�7 these Bills too were made to resound the Sierring eloquence of Demosthen nes rousing the slumbering spirit of patriotism in tho breasts of Bis countrymen and i May not add that the very summits of tho acropolis Loo were Raido to Echo with the Stem eloquence of tho great apostle to the gentiles preaching a Jesus and the resurrection. To the athenians but of glory i passed away and the Long and cheerless night of servitude and wrong succeeded Liu Jiho very face of the country is made to Wear tho sombre Bun of desolation. Do you ask the cause of All this the Pago of in Spratton and there you will read ibo Causo clearly and Dijt icily of if had bean aimed this very exal Teth a nation but sin Isa a preach Tony people. Indeed what portion of Earth cannot Bear wit Ness to the visitations of divine Wroth opon a a tonal sins. Do we East our eyes upon Italy almost a is Greece in ancient Story. The land of classic poetry and elegant literature to do turn thoughts to its Palmiert Days when the eternal c3ty seated upon her seven Bills stretch1 de out Tbs Rod of Universal Dominion toward tho four quarters of heaven and Dowel of inquire Why desolation broods upon Fields onco so Lovely Why Anuj do for Aie ruins and through crumbling niches the whistling wind now sends Forth tho funeral Dirge of departed greatness was to cause Asje nation they Hod tie Par ted from those a fund Ami Qutul principles planted by tho hand of god in the very moral Constitution of Man and which Are tha True and living sources of National Prosperity and but we have bad in our Tioren the example of a nation throwing off tho restraint of virtue and arranging itself in opposition to the almighty a solemn Assembly decreeing that there Wasno god and people bowing Down the Subrino of tho god dc33 of rnai on. Dal not the almighty from his to bronc laugh their Folly and hold them to do a Fisit a no flaming word in the heavens above them attested the hot displeasure of Jehovah anger stood aghast spectacle of Man Quot contending Wii he maker. But the retribution came. The Black of infidel ii idea rolled of its Musky Clouds Over them blotted tho Pale Viar of Haven from their View and confusion such 89 or solar system might Feol were the Laws that Reg Olalo instantly abrogated ensued. The flood Gate of death were opened and Ibe streets / of Paris Ila Weil Down Wilh blood. Thou Trai a Franco compelled to Atturo to her allegiance to god but not till after sho had Given tho most feat no demons ration tha pm a o reproach to any people. Thnh inight to invite you with us to go Over a the history of tho world to Traco out the Locial and National Eon Litun of the people of ovary Pari of tho Globo every Obero Aronld we find National Prosperity associated with National virtue a Mai Hapring and National and a Octal Mii Fortuno associated Wilh moral turpitude end crime. No people can aspire to permanent Prosperity end happiness unless they build upon tha sure Fonn. Dation of to to civil Vinoo. Bat As chri3�?~ians and patriots remember that 1 Loo Are subject to the Workings of tho Saow great Sal Brity of dime nor Fertility cd soil neither tho endless resources of a he country Nair the Lari iries of our Majestic Rivera and Inland areas neither Iho most glorious Contti tuition which the world Over saw nor Imp Reg. Table fori russes and unrivalled troops can guard tho purity or secure the per Mancico of out Politi. Cal institutions unless tho virtue and integrity of our Citrona to preserved end National morality and integrity be regarded in the councils of Llos. Nation. When As a nation to depart from god a Boa to become corrupt in Moralas by Somo sudden stroke of his disc Loasure or by to a on but a Uro undermining of moral corruption god will Root out our nation and take away our Polilli. A al a Epos i verbatim far the s. Yor i Tribune. Iblis Cellam a Lillie remember some where to have Road a a Yeath Hes atm in his Choice Between two Young ladies or Boih of whom to was beloved was brought to a decision by Means of a Rose. happened one Day As All the Ebreo were wandering in 0 Garden that one of the girls in her Basta to Pluck Taw blown Rose wounded her floor with a Thorn bled freely and applying tho per Ala of a White Roe to the wound she said smilingly a a i Sta. Ftp second Venus i have dyed Iho White Rose red. hot moment to of heard a scream Iho other Young lady had ,. Had met with an Accident hastened Back to assist her. The fair ones Sere Ahir had bean called Forth by no worse an Accident than had befallen her. Companion she bad angrily thrown away Tea offending Flower and Isdo so Pertina Cious end fretful a lamentation Over her wounded Finger e that the youth after a Lille reflection resolved on a speedy Union with the least handsome but most amiable of tho two Young friends. Happy would before Rainy a kind hearted woman did sho know by what seeming trifles the affection of those boo she loves May a. Confirmed or a eucled forever. I. I5r editing a Are Many Peis ohs show Themi Elve to think that the editing of a paper w a just no task Alt touch we would Point out the of blowing which we find in the last numb tfx of Holden Dollar mag Asine a. tho majority of readers seem to think that. Nothing can be Coors Oisy and pleasant than to edit a paper but of Ell tho different employment which Man Mke their bread , Tybera la . None to by Riovo that so axes the mind Timo a temper and flesh As Tibai of editing a paper. There a nope that require a nicer oct a. Sounder Judy. . V Hiwot Amaro a on Titbit application a quicker wit a Kinder Berarti a Curtis temper could never succeed As an to tor nor a a Arfow minded aka. Nor end no Ianth one nor a Hasty one a nor an unforgiving one. An id fibr Mist of necessity turn himself inside Jet 40 the pull he amp amp a a by a a hot end is i Vamp a. A i
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