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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1849, Page 1

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 10, 1849, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaOffice of the Paul &akad1n0 Rah Road company by paid Adelphia dec. 2qih, 1648. N Otice i it hereby the rates of freight and toll on Coal transported by this company will be As follows from january 1st, 1849 \ to from Richmond until inns i 1949 1 60 _ Philadelphia do Ltd it. I to inclined plane until do cd i, Nice town a Quot Germantown r a Falls of Schuylkill Manayunk constr Hockery and Plymouth r. R., turn get Raue below . Thurrl shown or Bridgeport ,. Tort Kennedy Valpey forge Ruffin Stville Royers Ford i. Pott Stotyn Doug Law a Volle Bautin town reaming. Between Reading a and mobs Volle Moh Reviue Hamburg Orwigsburg a the. Freight and tolls on Coal. Philadelphia during the months of june july and August will be from . 170 1 65 h5 and on and after sept. 1st, to december just 1619, 1 60 1 75 1 �5 by order of the Board of managers. S. Bradford Secretary. Dccsv48-53.tr. By Chmand and sch. Haven Hiners Wiite and line of passenger cars via. Mine Nill Railroad. Daily sundays excepted on and after wednesday november 15, the line iri Ilbe Runas Follo Tva. Viz morning train. Leaves Schuylkill Haven at a Quarter of 7 of clock a. 2i for Minersville resuming leaves Minersville at 7j of clock. In time to connect with the cars fur Philada. Afternoon train. Haven for miners vice and tre Mont. Immediately a iter the arrival of the Philadelphia train. Returning leaves Tremont at 3 o clock and miners Volle at 4 of clock p. Fare. From Rchull kill Haven to Minersville a a a to Tramont. A Minersville to Tremont 8>ai baggage at the owners risk. A we. T. Clark pettsvu1c,oct35m9-44 proprietor. Phil a., Reading amp Pottsville rail Road. Change of hours. 1 and Pottsville a a general advertiser. frets of toe Earth he cd ,0, to our use and . Johnson. Vol. Xxv. Published every saturday by Benjamin . Shiv Pascal Iron work Vry. Philadelphia at Elded Wrout Mulron flue., suitable for Loco end inc rollers from 2 to 5 Inch. In Rita meter. Also Pino for Gas. Team and other Popows extra a Trono tuba for Hydraulic presses hollow pistons for Pomps of Atwara engines rec. Manufactured and for Sale by a or a = a a murr1.1, Tasker it Morris warehouses. E. Corner 3d and Walnut ata., Willada. Philada nov. 33d 1845 47�? saturday morning february 10, 1849. A. Office of the 8chpylkii.i. I . Navigation company f v1� i a i to. December old l8l8. To fact a a hereby Civen that the following rates of 11 iou Ambo Coal transported on the canal and works of the Schuylkill navigation company for the year 1619 from no. 7. Mount 8rhuylklll Carbon a Haven Eta. Per ton. Cts. Per ton. 35 cts. 50 1 40 a Winter arrangement. On and after wednesday novft�bw4�ttlal6,a Pas Enger train will leave the depot Ento Broad and Vine streets Philada. Daily except sundays at 61 a. Returning leaves Pottsville at 6i, a.1. Both Rains will Stop at All Way stations. \. Hours go arrival at principal stations up train rein Philada. I Doten train from Pitariu. Arrives ,9,33 arrives Atsch. Llavet 8,37 hrs Noxville 9,5f a port Clinton 9.06 pout oven 10,32 Reading ,17 port Clinton 12,10 sch. Haven 12,4� pot Taville 12,so 1 Reading. 1 Pous Iown a pm Nixville a Norristown Philadelphia �,5�?~ 10,43 11,10 11.13 12.5v Aad Philadelphia a 50 and #3 Putis Ville and rending #1 40and#l 20 Reading Ami Philadelphia #2 25 and i 90. No passengers can enter the ears unless provided with tickets pounds of baggage will be allowed to each passenger in their lines and passengers Art expressly prohibited front taking anything As baggage a but their wearing apparel which will be at the risk of Tbs Wner. No freight will be taken by these lines. Phila., oct.26,1616._____43-_ to kill. Road. Arrangement for the freight and. Passenger cars on the Little i Schuylkill Railroad. Al he passenger train leaves port Clinton Dally 3un-x Days excepted on the arrival of the morning train on the reads Railroad from Philadelphia Arr Vinent Tam qua in to Suosio Dine. Loaves Tamaqua it half put one of a look. P.m., in Lime to c connect at port Clinton with the afternoon train on the Reading Railroad from put Sivill. To Philadelphia. port Clinion. 75 cents to Philadelphia �3 50. The freight train leaves Tai Aqua daily. Sundays excepted at 0 of clock a. M., and port Clinton at 4 of clock . A passenger car runs in connexion with the freight train i that passim ii Gros fur Philadelphia can take the morning train of ears on the heading Railroad at port Clinton. Fare the same As in the other train. J 011n a n d e us o a Tamaqua.oct26-4l general agent. Orwigsburg 15 13. Hamburg. 35 22 a Mohrsville 35 32 All houses 40 37 Reading 45 42 Uris Novillo. 55 52 Laurel Hill 55 53 Pott Stotyn Landing. 55 52 Royeras Ford. 55 53 Pha Nixville to 60 57 Paulding s dam co 57 Lumb Orvllle 60 57 a Valley forge 60 57 port Kennedy 65 62 a Norristown 65 a 63 Conshohocken 70 65 Spring Mui 70 67 Manayunk 75 72 the toll to Philadelphia will be As follows. My. Carbon. Sub. Ilavern. It. Clinton. March april and May. 65 cts. 62 cts. 53 cts. June july and August. 75 72 63 sept. Oct. Nov. I dec. 85 82 73 the Coal shipped from port Carbon to the above Points will be charged one and a half cents per toil More the in Sanitate. The Haige will be made Perl a of 2340 lb#., and an allowance of five per cent will be made on the weight shipped to cover wastage. Dec-3t1-l-ly3 Frederick Fraley president. Port Clinton cts. Per ton. 13 23 23 33 43 43 43 43 49. 48 48 48 53 53 59 �8 63 Jos. Hoji Urray a passage Agency. Arrangements for 1849. B. Bannan. Pottsville sole agent. Oldest Ajo a the de9t established passage office in the United states. The subscriber respectfully bees leave to tender his sincere thanks to his numerous friends and the Public for the very Liberal support he has received for upwards of Twenty years and solicits a continuation of their Confidence. The despatch with which is Nis engers have been brought out and the promptness with which hit very numerous drafts have been paid at the different Hanks arc he flatters hit self a sufficient guarantee t a the Public for uie faithful performance of any future contracts entered into with him. The following Are the regular line of pack et8, which sail punctually 011 their appointed Days,7iv which passengers will be brought ont without delay o r disappoint Cut Viz a stoves 1 stoves stoves wiste8 is com1ko. Solomon Hoover a Contr of Ifo Neffian and Railroad streets a pottsv1lle, announces to his friends and Cost me and the Public generally that a has on band the most elegant assortment of stoves Ever offered in this Community embracing till the newest. Aud most approved patterns. He Par uvua.r5lca.g attention to mcgregors Patent i Arlor Heater which is pronounced Thebes stove now in use both for con fort Honoray and health. I have the exclusive right of making these stoves in Schuylkill county. Also. Cast Iron radiators p00&Quot stoves a Superior article for hotels. Willis air tight conking stoves for Wood or Coal a Superior article for families. Parlor and chamber stoves together with a Large assortment for All purposes All sold at unusually Low rates. Of a Japan Ned assortment not and panned Ware is very Large and embraces an the articles in families which he will warrant to be of a Superior Quality. A kinds of tin and 8hcet Iron Ware manufactured to order at the shortest notice spouting. As he is prepared to execute tin roofing and spouting he invites those in want or such work to give him a Call a he pledges Mosel to do it and better than it has Ever Bee Donc in this place before. To in Public Are toe Atland exam Inelli Stock and Zudse for themselves. £oct7-4l piiila., Reading do Potts Vil Hall. Road. E i 00 1 10 1 30 rates of freight on merchandise. On and after Anri �5t, l is iinds will be forwarded with despatch at the following rates of freight he tween Potis tlle and the Points below stated per ton of 2000 is. A i bet Tsewu Pon Trille i Bett Tea Pott Arille a and skua. And Reading. , Bitu Oiin Nus . Hand Iron Ore 2 00 Sud iirick.4. A j blooms in me Timber Stone. 1 Rosin tar pit cd. Raw a a Turpin line Mart grind u Stone nails spikes scrap f and pig Iron Browmi ran j legs Gnan Ltd and bar Iron hour. Salt. In Ltd bark raw tobacco Salt Berf j a and pork lumber Grain f Iron coming sugar to -2 75 lasses reent . Pota 1 toe a Alt Petre Brimstone and Rye chop. J floor per bbl. Oil groceries vinegar whiskey machinery cheese lard tallow rags leather raw hides paints White 4 1 and red lard oysters hemp j slue and Cordage steel j bran and ship Stute j raw Cotton and Wool cigars. Fresh meat fresh fwd. Dry a troops drugs and medicines foreign liquors wines and teas Glass China and i Queen Ware poultry con i dec ternary books and Sta 5 00 tonary spirits turpentine j. Eam Phine burned Toftee i hats and Caps boots and j shoes bonnets feathers frets hops spices Furni a Tare by weight. Jno additional charges for commission storage or i waiving or delivering freights Atanov of tho company a depots on the line. Apriu5, 49. 29-tf capt 58. Days of 6a1l150 Foos a. A , Cornish Nye Hunt Knight Luce Moore Ornish nyc Hunt Knight lure Moore hii land Beith 5a.mes Patrick Henry Waterloo to lir Pidan Henry Clay new ship Garrick new world John ils kiddy. Roscius Ashburton West Point Siddons . Ca . Patrick Henry Waterloo Sheridan Henry Clay new ship Garrick new world John r so Teddy Roscius admin Rynn West Point Sld Jons. A cob. In addition to the above regular line a number of splendid ships eur is the Adirondack , rap Paha Pinck Liberty. Hot is. Patrick Samuel Hicks Columbia and Niagara will rothme to sail from Liverpool weekly in regular Ssuan thereby preventing the least possibility of delay or detention in Liverpool and for the accommodation of persons we Hong to remit Money to their family or friends. 1 have arranged the payments of my draft Titan tho following Banks it 7. 11 a a 26 a a 26 feb 6 Jure 6 a 11 Quot 11 a 26 a a 26 March 6 july 6 11 11 1 it a 26 a a 20 april 6 Aik. 6 11 a it 1 26 a 20 Days 3\iuio from a t by 21 june 21 20 a 26 mar. 11 july he a 21 2 a 26 a 26 april 11 a a Iff ii a 21 a a 21 Quot 26 Quot 26 May la 8ept 11 21 21 i a 26 a 2r a Juno in oct 11 opt. 6 a 11 a a 26 oct. Fit 11 a a 26 not. 6 a ii a 26 Deer fit 16 a 31 per. Ort 21 a 26 a 21 a 26 dec. 11 a 21 fire fire fire the old adage a Lake time by the Forelock a one by its Plain common sense and when. A the chill winds of autumn begin to blow giving notice of the approach of. Winter every porn debt Man will at once make provision against told weather. Knowing that the people Fotou Sivilie have a commendable regard for Comfort convenience and Economy Long amp j Ackson have just started Belr new store in Centre Street opposite Trinity Church with an extensive assortment of Tare or and cooking 8t0ves, among which will be found All the old and approved styles and a number of new does adapted particularly to the wants of the Coal Region. We have he pleasure of introducing to this neighbourhood pierces american air tight cooking stove with Brick top oven. This stove which is of recent invention bids fair to us Percide every other kind now in use. Daring the past year it has into Public favor with unprecedented rapidity. Also stewarts summer and Winter air tight cooking stove. This stove which is equally adapted to Wood or Coal has received Silver medals atthe fairs of the american Institute new York of the mechanics Institute Boston of the Franklin Institute Philadelphia and of uie mechanics Institute Wilmington Delaware. A number of their stoves Are now in operation in this Region and have Given entire satisfaction. Call and Tramine our assortment of parlor and giant bar stores they Are of ail sorts Elzea and prices. A Large and splendid assortment of sent Iron tin and Japan Ned wart kept constantly on hand. Tin roofing and All work connected with the by mess executed with neatness and despatch and at the most reasonable prices. Long amp Jackson. Watches acid jewelry. Cheaper than Ever. We Luale and retail at the Quot Philadelphia watch and jct cry Start Jio. 90 Java Rte second Sirest Contr of Quarry to . Gold levers i8earatcasetfull jewelled a $36 and up Vaudt. Silver lever full jewelled 15 a a Gold Lepine is k cases jewelled 25 a Silver Lepenes jewelled a a 10 a Silver quarture watches 4 Toto ,?11 e in 10 . 03 desert 010 Tnble-415 other Artic Lesio proportion. A goods warranted to be what they Are sold for. A pc san july on band a Large assortment Orinc Gold jewelry and Silver Ware. Also an assortment of m. J. Tobias so. Co., e. Simpson Samuel so Brothers amp co., John Harrison g. Amp r. Bestey and other in prior Patent lever movements which will be cased in any style desired. Arrangements have been made with All the above named most celebrated manufacturers of England to furnish at Short notice any required style of watch for which order will be taken and he name and residence of the person ordering put on if requested. To. A importer of watches ,oct2�48-44-ly a no. Of n. Second to. 240. And 413 Market Street Philadelphia. The cheapest and largest Assn ments of Gold and Silver watches m Philadelphia. 1 Gold levers fall Carat Case. #30 and Over Silver level full jewelled a a a a Lep Lnch 41 Sliver quartiers Gold pencils 16 and Over 11 and Over 5 to #10 1 50 4 50 t 00 Silver Tea spoons equal to Coin Gold Lens Stiver bolder and Pencil with a splendid assortment of All kinds of watches both Gold and Silver Rich Jewelv it Fri amp a. Gold Chain of the Best manufactures and in fact everything in the watch and jewelry line at much Ess prices than Cau be bought in this City or elsewhere. Pilasu save this advertisement and Call at either v Lewis Ladomus or efts Market Street above i the North Side orto Jacob , 340 Market St., first store below 8th. South Side own have Gold and Silver levers still cheaper Han the above prices a Liberal discount made to the Trade. Philadelphia sept. 23. 1948 a 39 Omo Armagh at alone Uati Don Belfast Banbridge Ballymena Clonmel Javan Feria of. Coot Ohil Drogheda Dundalk 14 i 90 2 35 express line Livingston toward amp express. By pass Exon to Baths x but teen Potter ill Philadelphia a via fori Boston Baltimore Washington Buffalo Canada so Europe. For the accommodation of the Public to now run an express car every other Day Between Potts Lluc and Philadelphia in Conn Errion with our trunk which runs daily for carrying boxes of a. By this arrangement orders for goods and packages left at the no Facein Coltsville will be executed and thai goads delivered in Pottsville in about 30 or 32 hours. This is a great convenience for our merchants and Gold. Silver and notes forwarded and Bills collected. A it orders received for the Purchase of any single article in Philadelphia new York or Boston which will a promptly attended to. Goods forwarded which can he paid for on delivery of the same. Office la Potts file two doors below Bannano a Bookstore and immediately opposite the new episcopal Church Reading e. W. Earius Bookstore. Philadelphia no. 43, . New York no. 6, Wall Street. Boston no 8, court Street. Nsvis-48 Enniskillen. Omagh Kunis. A la Arsi town , ski Bueren Giu Vevay Sligo. Kilkenny Strabane. Kitrush Tralee , Limerick Wexford. Lallina Dungannon Londonderry Waterford Cork , Yuu Dublin. Mallow a . Spooner Atwood is. Co., Bankers London and or. E. 8. Flynr., Liverpool. City of Glasgow Hank and All its branches and agencies. It passages ran also a engaged from Liverpool to Philadelphia in Norm al Baltimore by the regular picket ships on application being made personally or by letter Post paid addressed to u. Hann j08epii Mcmurra i Corner of Pine and out Sis. New York. Or or. Geo. Mcmurray no. 117, Waterloo Road Liverpool. Janl8-j4 a Liverpool and Xen Torh. I ask ase nay. E. To. Kimball amp co., 8x Wall street�?5ew-York. A dunking. Kimball amp. Co.,. informs their friends and a that they have conic need the shipping Anil commission with the general passenger business passage from a pm on Liverpool Dublin Belfast or any part of the old country to to few York Boston and Philadelphia of the most reasonable terms j drafts and Bills of Ese Kange from 1 to any fat count on the Royal Bank of Ireland and its branches. The Days of the regular line of Liverpool Oey Eis. As fixed upon Are the or a and 2cth of every month. Stoves s stoves i the undersigned respectfully beg leave to inform the Public that they have con Mcneel a stove foundry 1-yv-which is now in full operation on Coal a treat next to Henry Jenkins wire screen manufactory 111 Pottsville and known As the Pottsville store works they would therefore Call the mention of stove dealers of this Region and All others a to their stuck of a a a Oves As they feel confident an Supply them on As Renao Nahta terms and with stoves if any to pattern and equal in Beauty and material to those purchased at the Philadelphia foundries. N Kim Dof castings done to order at the Short a i a notice and month Ernst reasonable terms. Hill so. Williams Rio Otto Ville. May 29,1817 22�?iy a. The Public la Gen eral f �2�?misinf.ss. The Bucks county economist Patent air tight cooking stove. The greatest improvement of the Day the a ulue Nhor informs the Public that he has recently secured the Patent right for Schuylkill county for the manufacture ant a ale of the new and a Din Rahle cooking stove called the h i o county. among the Many improvements lately introduced in stoves it is acknowledged on nil Hind that nothing can surpass this in All Hie Points requisite Ami Desira Hie in that be Ceavtry Aniels of House hold Economy. The facility with a Lush it i regulated the regularity perfection and despatch with which cookery and hiking Enn be done at one and the same time and the Small Quantity of fuel con mined Are matters of Surprise to ail win have tried it and gives it tin first rank among ail he stoves yet introduced. It in , to specify its Peculiar facilities if per soul examination of us features will Best satisfy a who May tri make pit Crimm a audit will at fed the undersigned much pleasure to receive Calls and satisfy All inquiries with tel pet t to its Capa Thies and perform Anees. Thu store a ill he put tip if a thirty Days and if found not to meet the expectations of buyers or to perform is represented it Wilt be taken away without charge. There Are three-bi7.es�?nos. I 3 and 3�?arid con rooted to Burn either Wood or Roal. Call and examine ready at the stove and a hot it Iron. Ware manufactory of tie a Tih Erin a in Centre Streit two doors above the Public shool so where also any thing in his line of business May be had on accommodating terms. P�ntsv�f�ct7-1l-tf Abraham or. Clair new watch and jewelry store no. 1� South second Street .4 few doors Belott Market Street pal Ladelphia. Yaap Thomas Aldo invite Ste attention of the i a i Public to the handsome Stock of watches. My jewelry Silver and plated Ware Lum spectacles of All kinds Britannia Ware a. 4cc. Which he has just opened atthe above stand. The Stock comprises n us assortment of Almo it every article in his line and is Olter Edat very my prices lie 1 not to be undersold by any one in the cite. Gold lever watches full jewelled is Karat cases warranted to keep Good Lime #33 and upwards. Gold Pepines #25 and upwards. Silver lever full jewelled a 17 a Pepines 1 12 a. Us artless 5 to 10 a Gold pencils t 25 a Gold pens Silver holders with Pencil i w w. With a Large assortment of other articles equally Low. A a particular attention will he paid to repairing watches. July 4s. 27-ly a a a adv amp ell2ut, n and jewellers and dealers in tub 8amb by will Teselle and retail. Store next door to the miners Bank Centre Street f0tt3vh.le. Messes. B. So e. Keep constantly on. Hand an extensive assortment of watches pm a feb actg every style Price and manufacture la to be found in this country among Thich they May particularly refer to tho celebrated Gold and Silver lev ers of m. J. Tobias 4 co Jos. Johnson Robert Roskel win. Robinson ac., of whose manufacture they have n splendid collection. Also Gold and nil Var anchors and let a a Pines to which they would invite attention. Also a Large and Complete Assort Mentor jewelry and Silver wait a embracing nearly every article properly coming under those clocks in great variety musical fun. By articles of every description. Repairing of clock watches jewelry promptly attended to ,. Messes. in River Ilsc ment to enumerate their Stock Nuoc Spocia Yuliy suffice to say that it has been selected wit ii much cure and discretion and is on of the most extensive to he found in the country. Their Long experience in tho business will fully warrant them in inviting the attention of purchasers in the full they Are Ena Bird to Hellas cheap As any other establishment Here or else. Where. A i erls47.5i-ly. A card a Little so mar. ,. Wholesale and read dealer. To dry. A of ool 8.grc , l1cdors at. Ott a he Mitru Street Neu the Corner of a humping i to which the attention of the citizen Quot of town and country is respectfully solicited John l. Little. Poit3ville,oct93-4ij John to. C. Martin. A Nonor ? a a fake a goods f pm seen tia t djs store a variety of fancy �,.�� n a hair Teeth and nal brushes. Bear s Oil. Of marrow and bears Rease. To Matura in stick and Pota. Tooth and Pearl powder and Many other articles id that line which Are offered very cheap. Step in Aad examine for yourselves. A note 1725-3__john , a Man almanacs the subscriber has in just received a Large Supply of German and Engleb almanacs embracing a general assortment which he will sell wholesale arts retail by the Gross a ten or single at City prices at his cheap Book and stationary stores in plus Jhc. A 7 nov. 25.45. B. Bannan a gets of of Jocsak. For the Minen journal a to Sophy no a. On la Oft i a nil Renoir of her birth by from her Friend l o by do. D. N. Eli to celled a Laree v of Brade China Pearl no Polton Verona Pearl Coburg rough and ready and French lace bonnets at unusually Low prices Large and Small Straw bonnets As Low as37i cts. By a j. Morgan. Market Sheet Coltsville May 20 i a 21 carriages baggies wagons amp a. The subscriber would beg leave to inform his Friend Sand the Public in Fen a a Oral that be has bought nut w. G. a at the Comer opposite Clemens so per Vin s i earn Mill in the rear of the american House where he is prepared to do All kinds of work in the neatest manner. Being Bim Selfa practical Carriage maker in a a Faes to give to his Cusit me. N. the accommodation of the Coal Trade he intends building Baij Road cars and wheel Barrow Oli of which will be build of the Best material. Persons in want of anything in his line will do Well to give him a Call at i charges Are reasonable r june 5.1847. 23 in Wistar a. Kirk. Blacksmith 8hop.�?the subscriber announces to his friends that he has commenced the Blacksmith business in connection with his Carriage establishment and is prepared to do All kinds of work in that line of to a Mesa in the Best style of workmanship at Short notice and at Low rates. I Locasc to read tills. 8bar3�?T new pictorial works l8on 1840. Quot threat Chance for Book agent to Clear from. #500 to #1000 a year. Dooks up Universal Utility. See a a nil Evy and popular pictorial r 11 the most splendidly Illust rated volumes for urn Lues Over issued on the american continent containing wore than four thousand engravings designed and executed by uie most eminent artists a a England and America. The extraordinary popularity Orthe above Volu Taes in every Section of the Union Render an Agency desirable in each one of our principal towns and villages. Just Public thru Sears new and popular pictorial description of the u. States containing an account of the Topography settlement. History revolutionary and other interesting events statistics Progress in agriculture manufactures Ann population. Ac., of each Sutz in the Union illustrated wit i to a Madred engravings of the principal cities places.,buildings, scenery curiosities. Seals of the states ac., a Complete in one Octavo volume of 600 paces elegantly bound in Gilt pictorial Muslin. Retail Price,2.50. A the pictorial family annual 400 pages Octavo Aud illustrated with 212 engravings design Adas valuable and cheap presents for parents and teachers to place in the hands of Young people in attractive binding. It a r r the histor of Palestine from the patriarchal age to the present time. By John Kitto editor of the London pictorial Bible a. Also new editions of Sears pictorial history of the bit de pictorial description of great Britain and Bible and sketches in Contin tal Europe information for the family Hintor of the american revolt a surely new volume on the wonders of the world. A a pictorial family Bible. Each volume is illustrated with a Over Hundred engraving Ami the Bishi with one thousand. Sears pictorial family Magazine a 1819, published monthly in parts of 48 Large Octavo Pogi at one Dollar per year in Advance. I get age tits wanted in every town and county throughout the Union to a Ell a in ears new and popular pictorial universally acknowledged to be the Brut and cheapen Ever published As they certainly Are the Moa Eai Euble. An Active agent May Clear #500 or #1069. A year a Cash capital of at least #35 or#5f will be a Pessary. Full particulars of the principles and profits of the Agency will be Given on application either personally or by Pertef. The postage in All cases he paid. Please address. A a l. A a Robert 8car3. Publisher 0-2nio7 _1�38 Nassau 8t. New Vork. Franklin works. The a subscribers having associated them solve together trading under the firm a co., fat the purpose of carrying on the foundry and a Dittne business at the Franklin works port Carbon re lately owned by a. G Brooke arc now prepared to manufacture to order a steam engines. In amps Coal Breakers and machinery of almost any size or description for mining or o ther purposes a also rail Road and Drift cars Iron or bras castings of and a Izo or pattern. 5 orders Ark respectfully solicited.-�. A 8amuel Sill Manaco. Franklin shovel subscriber Are no prepared to furnish the Colliers and Deal ors of Schuylkill county with shovels fail kinds at Thel went Philadelphia prices. Attention Ispa Ticu. Early called to their Coal shovels. Orders for shovels of any size or pattern promptly attended to. , aug. 14. 1733-ly 8. 8illvmana co Colliery works. Foundry and machine shops. Re Hespah Scriber at their old stand Corner of. H 7 Atul . 1. A _. A a ill a 1 re a pockets As fixed upon Are the 1st, Goth 11th, 16th, 21st Quot a cd 2cth of every month. These ships Are All of the largest class and Are commanded by men of character and experience. The Cabin arc Alt that can be desired in Point of splendor Comfort and convenience. They Are fur of Sci with every description of stores of the Best Kindi. Punctuality in the Days of sailing will be strictly adhered to. _ packet ships Roscius ,and Garrick arc vessels o the largest class and those desirous to bring out their Friend cannot select finer or safer ships passage can be secured at the lowest rates. A Jyre Orleans line of packets sail weekly. For pos Rageot freight apply As above. E. W. Kimball a co. 65-the subscriber has been appointed agent for this line in Subu Alkih county. Apply at i office in Market Street Pottsville. Der.l6�?T4�-51-iy a. Wilson. J. P. a Tamava omnibus. Tiff. Subscriber announces to the pub Jle that he will rim an of Nihn a Daw on the arrival of the cars at Tuscarora. Re. Turnip for. Leaves Tamaqua every Day at 9 of clock a. And at 3 p. Min time to take the Valley rail nud cars for Otisville at Tuscarora. Fare from Tam Aipia to Pottsville and from Pottsville to Tam Aipia each Way,50 rents. Ticket.10 be had at Jones a hotel Tamaqua and of the conductor of the cars. Tamaqua. Nov. 25-46 _ Stephen Jones. Re Hoval of Smith s Boot avd shoe store. The subscriber announce to his customers and the pub he in general that lie has removed his Boot and shoe store next door below immediately opposite the new episcopal Church Centre Street Pottsville where he will always keep on hand an extensive Stock of Boote and shoes of every variety for ladles misses gentlemen miners . A per a. All of which Are made of the Bce to materials and will be sold at very Low rates to suit the times. A a. F lie keeps al Oon band a Large assortment of trunks Vali a is. Sachs is a ac., All of which be will dispose of very Low. Boots shoes a made to order of the beit materials and repaired at Short Nosir. Pottsville april of 15 William Smith. A a Road and Ca Low Hilf treat Are prepared to Jno i facture lord Erlath Borte Stenotic steam engines a bad pamper Taip Vici andean any for other purposes Baltia s Coal breaking machines with solid roller As Mav be required. A also , and Blet cig cylinders with All Nore sary machinery for blast fam nees. Hot a in pipes of Ibe most approved plans. Cup Ami Ball pah is and is ter to yrs of the very be to coast action. They Par Ticu Baxly i Vjra the attention of Iron master and Par 1 tie engaged in the Iron Trade a to ctr Large Stock of a patterns fur rolling Mills having lately constructed the machinery for two of the Argent Mills in tile a the Wyoming Mill it i key tin ret Tje a lolling Mil at the Montour Iron works. Danji e. They Are fully prepared tor t Iris kind of work together with every variety of general machinery. Of begin ity of their work and material it is enough t it tray that time and Tepe Riestr the most infallible re. Have amply demonstrated the genuine character of their in boots and shoes at the old stand, door to . To. A j. Foster Are now receiving their Spring supplies of boots a 8hoe8, first rate assortment which they now offer at wholesale it in retail at the very lowest Price a. They have a soon hand trunks raises Carpel hag find Satchel sol and upper leather Morocco calf skins Ujj whig and binding 8klns, 8hne makers tools and a shoe find nos. = 4 f hocs manufactured at Short notice.�?. Their Friend and the Public who Are in want of any of the Abo Arri cies Are respectfully j6quc�ted Togli Ethan a Call. May 8.1917. A 19 Victory i vict Okyi Victory William f. John8tdn, tue popular Wilio Caird Date for got kor triumphant i sudden restoration of Confidence in Trade. Five Hundred hand wanted immediately to make the new style Winter coat which for i prance and appearance surpasses anything of the kind Ever presented to the citizen of this country a pattern coat Enn be seen at the immense wholesale and retail clothing establishment of lip Pincott a Taylor Corner of Centre and Mahan Tongo streets Pottsville. Also a Large assortment of Castor. A Phat and figured Beaver cloths French Doc Ikins and English French american and 8ax-ony willed cloths of the finest fabric and manufacture together with a steal variety of Cassi acres Angola Paletou and other novelties for the ensuing season. 1 a most unusually Large variety of Rich and elegant vesting be seen to be appreciated and we cordially extend an invitation to our numerous Cut Tomor and tho Public generally to favor us with a Call in order to satisfy themselves of to Este of this Well assorted clock. 8ik shirt drawers neckerchief suspenders Glove a. Boys fashion oboe cup thing of the latest make Ami finish. Lippincott a Taylor. Corner Maba Tongo streets Octtl-12 a a a a Pottsville attention military store. A the subscriber would respectfully inform his that he Lias located his military Cap manufactory in third Street. No. 96, a few doors below race where to would be pleased to see his old customers and As Many new ones As Aremis posed to favor him with their custom. He still continues to manufacture military and sport Mcne a article of every description such As leather cloth Felt silk and Beaver dress Caps of Oil patterns forage Caps Hodjera for troop body do. boxes Bayonet scabbards. Sword Hells of All kinds. Canteens Knapsacks different pattern r fire bucket passing boxes tube do. Brushes and pickers plume Poons firemen a Caps leather a locks inn cares Superior Quality shot bag. Game bags Drums. A. Orders thankfully received and promptly attended to. We. Chessman no. 96, North 3dstrt.,afew door below rare Pisa Jan. 13,18 4 3. It. A Muir guns Bright a Pott. Town Hall Iron store. A k double and single barrel shot Jun powder flasks shot. Belts. Dupont a canister powder percussion Caps ? revolving pistols single and double pi8tol8. The above Are a Fine assortment of English and German manufacture. Table. Pocket cutlery scissors and razors a Fine of the most celebrated makes rope hemp packing Cordage anvils Bellows vices and Filos blasting tubes for wet places in mines safety Fose Long and Short handled shovels made expressly for our own sales. Building. Materials consisting of locks latches hinges paints Oil Glass of american English manufacture Iron and steel. Hammered and rolled Iron 8heet, flue band and hoop Iron. Tools Blacksmith carpet Erst Shoemakers and saddlers. Saddlery hardware a Coachi trimming. With a variety of ironic options. Taug. 28 47 35 new subscriber having till Day it retd into Copartnership for the a of transacting a be neral wholesale and retail Hus no ii. , groceries pro visions,, and a Kyo. At the Well known York store in the Borough of pairs Ville would respectfully Begie rive to a that they have now on Large and Well a ejected Stock of bar Iron of All Descry prior aug Flat Tyne adult rail1 Road Iron of various Elzea 3uu.imc for drills and lateral Road which they offer for Sale at a Low a raters can be had in the county. Also a Freh atom inf groceries and provisions constantly on hand at very Low prices fur Cash. Also cart Blister and Shear steel Nuil and spikes oils. Flour teed ac., All of Ruhh they would respectfully solicit an inspection of by the Public and reviving As hey do upon a Sti let attention to Hurine to be Able at All times to Accra Monte Ali eur customers. E. a son. P. subscriber would take lii Opportunity to return his sincere thank for the Liberal patronage lie has heretofore received from i friends and the Public generally and respectfully solicit a continuance of the same for the new firm. ,. Pottsville marr.h4.181b.i01 Edw. . Steam Iron railing manufactory and . J Welt sir 9wbuttonwood,. A Thunder ruined manufacture Iron railings it of every style verandas. Gates. Pedestals arbours bedsteads and All dear and architectural Iron work in the Best manner at reduced Price. on and n Supply of. A up re a a roof doors and shutters a heavy Stock of reveal and common hinges. Shutter Bolt store room bolts and All descriptions of builders Iron work. This establishment by far the most extensive of the kind in the City employs none but competent work Ieti Poi esses the advantage of Steart Power and suitable machinery and is under the personal supervision of the proprietors who Are practical men of Long experience affords to its nations the Gnann toc khat their orders will he properly and promptly executed ,ocli4-43-iy ii Eins a Adamson Eow Cne Pivot Ali aug Ericus farmer.t251.egiiap1iic Market reporter a 1,1 Arnu rican Abt Cui turr Commerce Muring science. Art manufactures literature news for county people generally. This journal i cd Pressly Devi cd to the taste and in of rest of country Reader and contributions from Many of Tbs most eminent writers it Thi country and in Europe appear in is columns among wimm May be in nolo Neil Hun. Morris in gang Trch Isoo. Iho Inas ii. Burrow James in Wen. Esq profs la big Aud Bauer of Germany Francis j. Grund Edgar a foe John s , . ,. _ i . A Rinc Jov #2 two Copie #3 six copies thirteen copies #10 thirty copies #29. The person procuring tin arge to number of Pulisci incr Over f Doat any Sinja Post office in the United states t it Cuttit a vile receive u priz to #75 in Cash or let to be sent in by the first of february next and subscription to commence from january 1st, 1849 for the Large fat list in Pennsylvania #30 will be awarded. The Money. Produce cattle Iron dry goods and All other Market throughout the Union Are carefully reported by or. Stro Jse who is thoroughly and practically conversant with mercantile pursuits. These be Mirt the quotations being Here Rcd by Telegraph except Philadel Phil Date within a few hours previous to printing the papers. A. A specimen Copie amay be seen at any port office. We have to. U Rule a Pheni no copies Lital previously been re lived to accept for the first copy ordered. A monies received arc acknowledged in the newspaper. mul be Nodi eased Post paid. Bowens a North american Farmer of b3-c-tfathenian building Philada. Shovel manufactory r a o Vorhis in Centre Street >0ttavn.i,n, next door below the american House. A 2 the subscriber would calf the attention of a fit amp a operator merchants and Miner to cd a Vav Jufat Oliie his round and Square Point Coal and Oral a Sli vols manufactured by himself and expressly for the Coal Region warranted to be made it the first Quality material and workmanship at Cuy Price. All Urdez thankfully received and Titu ally attended n. R n. repaired. A dec. 2-49-tf ii evry Porter. Gines and machinery. Order Are re per fully Sefl tied and will he promptly for tended to. Davwood a Snyder Pottsville january 17,18 6sly Pottsville Mot works. A e. W. Mcginnie. A d announces to tie Public that he a taken the establishment known As the Potts tlle xon works on norwegian Street where he is prepaid to build ail kinds of steam engines Manu a Tare rail Road cars and machinery of a Mort every de a Heon at the shortest notice and on the Ostrea Savable terms. 1 r r a a a a of persons from abroad. In want of al Deatri engines7 will find it to their advantage to Gire him a Call before Quot reaping else hrs. May a Pire of a ii fire removal nary tiie Suha Cribar having been called upon at a very a Hort consequence of the remove their Puppi. Lent Stork of Boot. Shoes trunks ac., take pleasure in announcing to the Public in gone Rul and their Friend in particular that they have opened in Samuel Thompsons nets four Story Brick building at the Corner of second and Market Street where they will be a Leirer to sell Jhel customer All kind of boots shoes trunk an Carpol bags at wholesale and retail upon the most reasonable Tenns. Sept23-f-33-tf a a Thos. Foster a co. New al Larto yard1 in pottsv1li.e. Tug nth Versher Annona pcs to the Public that to has opened a Marble Yard in norwegian Iai treet. A Backof Fox a Mortimer hotel where he intend keep insult Banda Pirge Supply of Toribi a amp the Slones posts. Ac., ac., of As Good Materia As the City of Philadelphia can prot Duco. And which will be Cree Una in the Best Mechan icon style and at Short notice. He invites the Especial attention of builders and Otom to Call at Bis Yard As be intends keeping a Supply o Maible for Imose work such As window Bills a Monr . Platforms ac.,of the. Very it Cost Maier Lal both of Marble and Brown Slone. T / he has also made arrangements with an cd tel Sive Mable Alante Stahli Mentin Philadelphia to a uppity Marble mantels of every style the Low eat Etty prices. Ill terms w i be round reasonable. 9faicb4.18ie-Io-Lyj Thomas o. Moore. Xci grocery flour. Feed and provision store. R the Suh Scriber announces to the citizens of a a Fri a Fuit Sivile that he has just opened a new Groce >7t by. Flour and feed store at of Goldstand where a a tie will a Way keep on hand a Superior a Fork of Choice groceries provisions family flour th.\, Coffee sugar a. All of which will be selected w Ith great car and will he sold at very Low rate. J e batters Hin self that he ran make it to the my erect of this Community to Deal with him be there a Ore �>.,Irit? their patrol Iago. He returns to Finks to his Omeron ens Tome for the patronage they bestowed upon him in Iris other easiness dec. Ii.4.-50 r. D. Shoener. \ furs. Rich re cd Ftaras Fob a exit. Giiarle8 Oakford furrier to. 104 Chesnut Street a few doors above third a a Giitl nip iia would invite the a lie to Call and examine he. Superior uck of muffs Boas t1ppe�ts, ac., of every variety can Aisling. Of Rich Russia Sable Fiudo a a Bay Martin Norway Marlin Mink Sables Baum no alar tin. Ermine filch Lynx ic., a. The a Jinx have Bias i selected with great care Aud arc made by the Best Woike n in the country. Ladies May re la Rcd Tibai no article will a offered for Sale in Tina establish rant that i not perfect in every Pecl 8rpt3, 4s-a9.6mo Charles Oakford 191 Che? few doorsabov�3d, Phi amp. Patent the a Lesof Carrla a Ges Road Cara and machinery fall kinds tos Averil . Thi article is Are Pard and for Sale by Clemens a of United states at their wholesale and re till hardware Schuylkill re Mealue that none i genuine without the writ ten signature of the inventor and proprietor Chas c c to tens upon each package. A plumbing and coppers Milf business it. The subscriber announces to the Public that he has commenced the plumbing and col per Smith Tiu siness in All its branches in the Borough of pets Vris. And he will to Happy to receive the patronage of the Public. Ilyf Lateia himself that the work he has performed while in the employ of others Lins been Ucb As to give entire satisfaction and will Pecure to him their partiality and favor which he will Endeavor to Merit by strict attention o Hubin esd and reduced rates of charges. Ohi shop is in second Street nearer. Gressang a Cabinet making shop where he will be pleased to receive All orders in i line of business. I ecl6�?T44-51 _ John a. Becker Sal a. 31ander/fire, and thief. Proof chests 1 fire proot door fur Banks and stores Seal and let Ler copying presses Patent 81atelinh refrigerators Waler Futer. Patent portable water closets intended fur the sick and infirm. A a Evans a wat80n to South third St., apposite the Philada. Ere Hange a manufacture and keep in a �?ov25pi�constantly on hand a Large is. A a cols orment of the above articles ,v4it0? we it a their Patent a a porn cd Salamander fire proof Ulf Afes which Are so constructed Pavilas to set at rest All manner of Tew Isar a it a a to a heir being at icily a will re Iai the fire of any building. The outside Case of these Safe Are made of boiler Iron the inside Case Between the outer Cassand inner Case i a space of some three inches thick and i filled in with indestructible material to a to make it an impossibility to hum any or the contents inside of the Chest. These soapstone salamanders we Are prepared and do Challenge the world to produce any Art a tie in the shape of Book safes that will stand is much Herit and we hold ourselves ready at a times to have them fairly tested by Public Bonfire. A a we also continue to manufacture n Large and general assortment of our Premium air tight fire proof Safe of which there Are Over Foo now in ure and in every instance they have Given entire satisfaction to the purchasers of which we will refer the Public to a few gentlemen who Jimye them in use. A Haywood a Snyder Pitt Salme Joseph g. Lawton pot Tihle m r. Vav Ilii Aro can Doylestown pit a. 1 Jtaylor j23 a Wrighta Nephew Vine to. Wharf Aie Sandei Carer conveyancer Corner of Filbert and uth Stair John a Ford. 32 North 3diu i Myers dust. 20 North 3d it. Jame m. Paul 161 South 4rh at. Or David Jayne 8 south3d St in Tibet , 208outb3d St. And we could name a orc hundreds of others if it a a a we a invite the attention of the Public and port it Ilariu those in want of fire proof Safe to Call it Mir tor before porch song elsewhere and we can satisfy them that they Wilt get a better Ami cheaper Matildo is ii retire than at also Ordinary fire proof chests fat Apty Low prices cheaper than they can be a Duehl on Yother store in Phylia Deihla. Quot a a 1 i. A a a v a 1a i. <7 Vid Evans j rtiii3.,. 7.y v a Job Aipa a write a1 apply Una a Ani useful Iiand-d00k3. Geo. 8. Appleton a. let Strein g , Phiania. 1?.fuji Lheu hand Book or us till knowledge in twelve volumes watch should be in the lands of every lady and gentlemen throughout tho country. Each Volura contains m a condensed form is much information As one will find in a a tout Quarto. The Price of these volumes will place them Wonbin the reach of every one. Being Only 2j cents Earh. The Sale of these works has al read reached 36,000 copies and the publisher conf Bunmy believes that Many Hundred thousand May be Durut the present it ear. The following Are the subjects of which a Nib volume ire its a f.i.j�. Of a or Diu Liv in . . Con a. -. A. In i r a and nah inn Voltin Niilo of i a a a Quot a g Quot no observation a on Ibe n Una i. Byan and loan Oen Llorien. A a and Munch Tail Tatt. Con mag Rucj fur the attainment of completo Success in society. Of diff Crotchet manual a hand Book of Crotchet. Useful and ornamental containing new receipts far collars edgings Caps polkas purses do Oyles. Napkins a. ,. A. 1 the ledges Stork Boz companion. A nand Book of knitting no a iii tatting and Berlin work. Con a taming entirely new receipt. A hand Book of the Toilette. Containing Amide directions fur adding to and preserving the Beauty of the person. The fir tide companion. A hand Book of games for evening amusement. A hand Book for the Ball room and evening parties. Giving directions fur dancing al the known dances including the polka Mazurka thu Radowa illustrated with engravings. = the chess players hand Book. Containing a full account of the Best Mode of playing the game. Quot a tif hand Book of i air. Containing tho Laws As Laid Down by the latest authorities and concise rules for playing All kinds of whist at every stage of the Gumc. A the a Oreen companion. A hand Book of courtship and marriage containing Complete directions for Xoung ladle and Young gentlemen. The marriage looking Potase. A hand Book for newly married couples. By the Rev. S. C. Boone. The space of an Ordinary advertisement is too Limi ted to give More hum the titles of the above elegant manual. They will be found to contain information useful to every member of the human family. The press throughout the country have Given warm commendations o the merits of each volume which the publisher intend publishing at the end of each work. The Pooka Are hound infancy to Muslin with Gilt sides and edges Many of them a facing elegantly illustrated a it persons at a distance can have any oud of these volumes forwarded by mail by remitting 25 cent. Toe a i fit Otohei for #1�?and the Complete set of 12 for #2, the let Era enclosing remittances must in All cases paid. A a a Phila. Jan. 26, 1849. A 4-6/ dear Sophy on this festive Day. While Young friends round tbsp throng. My gift receive the honest Lay sent by a son of song. Of Well he wishes thee Sweet child nor for thy of Titre fears for thou Art amiable and mild Sweet Maiden of five years. How Bright a world i round thee new. And has been from thy birth for Blest far Over the crowd Art thou in either parents fathers rage Haat Thouei or known \ or seen a Mother s tears a Home where love dwells is thine own Sweet Maiden of five years. What Hopes what trembling Hopee Aro theirs May naught tho a Hopes destroy for thee dear cause fail their care. Loved Fountain of their Joy. A Meyst thou their tender care repay nor turn their smiles to tears i but be thro1 life As pure and Gay it 1 As the Sweet Maiden of five Yean. A the worm May feed on Beauty a bed. Thy health May Quick decline but be then innocent and Good. A and Joy will still be thine that peace which jest nation Sharii thro sorrows pathway cheers then be thu of life what now thou Ort Sweet Maiden of five years on every sinless Pica sure be Iaan a life a fleeting hours enjoy a no slave to nasal on or to ease be virtue thy employ. A a a and when life a Guiles Joys depart. Thou it soar to be avens i Bright a phere. Where but those dwell who a re pure in heart As the Sweet Maiden of five years. La the last interview. Nere in this lonely Bower where first i won thee i come beloved beneath the Moons Pale Ray. To gaze once More through struggling tears upon thee and then to Bear my broken heart away 1 i Dore not Unger near thee As a brother. I Feci my burning heart would still be thine j now could i Hope my passionate thoughts to smother a a his yielding All the sweetness to another that should be rain. Bet Fate hath Wil led it the decree is spoken a now life May lengthen out its weary Chain for a Reft Foite. In loveliest links Are broken Alay we in clasp them All in heaven again Tea thou Wilt there be mine in you Blue heaven there Ero Sweet meetings Uthe pure and fond t to such Are Given a when the Sweet ties of love that Hetey arc riven j unite beyond. ,0.�? Charm ft0� heaven thou Dost inherit the gift of Angels Umo thee belongs then breathe thy love in music that thy spirit May whisper to me throw urine own Sweet son and though my coming life resemble be desert spots than which my step will Lee tho round thee then wild worshippers assemble my heart Ute Triumph Totne own but tremble still True to me. Yet not when on our Bower the Light reposes in Golden glory Wilt Hoq sigh for me not when the Young Bee seeks the Crimson roses f and tie far sunbeams tremble Over the sea and when at eve the tender heart grows fonder Ami the full soul with Tensive love is fraught. Then with wet lid Over these Sweet paths Thoula to wander. 1 and thrilled with love upon my memory Ponder with tender thought. And when at times thy Bird la Kef voice entrances thu listening throng with some enchanting Lay if i am near thee Lethy heavenly dances Oue gentle message to Ray heart convey i ask but flip so a happier one has taken from my Lone i Firth Charm that makes it dear i ask but this and Promise then unshaken. To inc Chat look of love but of a twill Waken. A such raptures Here and now Farewell i dare not further lengthen these Sweet sad moments out to gaze on thee la Bliss indeed yet it but serves to strengthen the love that now moguls to agony this is our last Farewell our last fond meeting the world is wide and it must dwell part my spirit Otvey thee now its fast wild grueling with up to her while pulse to pupae is beating. A and heart to heart. Farewell Farewell our dream of Bliss is Over All save the memory of our plighted love i now must yield thee to a happier love yet of. Remember thou Art mine above tis a Sweet thought and when by distance parted upon our thoughts a holy spell but the and tears beneath thy lids have a tailed and�?1 alas h we both Are broken hearted Dearest Farewell i the free air and tho blessed Sunshine. dream bad Pat soda the Sun bad Etc the priv Owers faded the cottage disappeared. Of i that Beautiful vision so cheering and so glorious no Trace remained do vestige of Leaf or tree or Bird no letter of Bia mothers Bible do Taxa Jigar of a Mother a Eye. The darkness came around bit and be found Bim Seh there Arpid the the silent streets of that great and sinful City. So. Gathering his garments Moro closely about him to burned along to Bis Home with a prayer upon his lip and gods sunlight in Hie heart. Turning into an obscure Street a few a Leps brought him to the door of a wre Lebed dwelling which be entered. Follow now and behold a scene of want and penury such As May be found sometimes in ibis world a of ours a scene upon which men look with unconcern but on which thank god the Angels game with Joy a Homo where poverty struggle with a by pc hear and is conquered. Before the fire sat a Pale sad woman upon whose features the traces of great love in less were still visible though sorrow Hod sharpened them somewhat and ghastly want done much to dim their Beauty. Upon her High and queenly brow the Blue veins were clearly visible a to blood coursed through them with unwonted her Large dark eyes Wero dim with tears. Some new Sor Row bad started afresh the sealed Fountain of her grief and now As she gazed silently upon the red embers in Ell the utter agony of despair it might seem that Hope had gone forever and god forsaken her. A Mother to said the boy As he entered All drip Ping with rain 41 have come at last and i am tired and a a my son my replied tho Mother a there morsel of food in the ?and her lip quivered. A we must strive we Mast starve god help As a and her tears broke Forth afresh. Thus bad it been for Many a weary with scarcely food sufficient to support life that Mother and her boy had struggled and suffered and wept and prayed and now that the cold win tor was coming on no wonder Bat her heart shuddered and her Cheek grew Pale at the hopeless Prospect ahead. How could they pass the dreary Jagt a and Long nights tho storm Ami tho terrible cold without food and raiment and shelter ? and then where could they go when a be heartless landlord should thrust them from their present wretched dwelling of he had threatened to do on the Morrow 1 verily the gloom and the despair Wero great and fearful and yet even at that desolate hour on Eye looked Down from heaven upon that friendless widow. There by the Hearthstone by the dying embers an Angel hovered an earthly Angel even in the Guise of that cheerful child. For select Sicily. Great rational exhibition a a at Franklin a Hall 9 Fyfo. So Jurta Simla Street Ollir of Elznia. A Limtt to me Only Tousey s a Panorama of Mexico the greatest in Antii Ign the world covering 19,000feetnfcajrrats it tows in the most perfect manner the towns cities mountains Rivers ranches plantations Domestic animal Grain Fields of Mexico habits of the mexicans of the country together with the movements of tho army under Taylor with their mar reps , fording of Rivers trains of pack mules Ami ail the interesting scenery and incidents of the Campaign from Corpus Christ to Buena Vita the whole forming the Mort a Aurine and instructive exhibition Ever in the City. The sketches were taken from nature by one of Gen. Taylor�?Taoffi-4ire a a a a a Oiw Stoa life. It was visited by Over Coo person in new York having been exhibited there for several months in succession Antonc Whon were urn clergy judges and Thot Nort fashion afire people of the City. A. Tickets 55 carats children under 10, half Price a cat this advertisement out and put it in your poem it. Ciu embed. The place fro Tjui Hau 50 North sixth Street Neara Reh / Jaq. .20, 4-Jmo sew lumber Yard. -1 Ryphe subscriber begs leave to info iro his friends and. X the Public in general that be Lias opened a Board and Lumbat Yard at the Corner of High fit Reet and mount Carbon Railroad in pot vile an to Haywood amp Snyder foundry Wber crho of will keep a constant Oak him Lofky Pine to Ltd Poplar lumber having three saw Minua pricing he. Flatter by Radej Hist he will be enabled try Soppy Bis Henits with to description of lumber for mining or building pure Ibsen Onishe most rain Mablei is and by the prompt at i ton tax a Ord if ensure a continuance of the won. I-1 Maymil it 1 via 3tepheem�t ,yv so a on , a of fire to j Chiw Lolong shawls of a Anous it Yin a a orb tide first door have is i. And Quality of a Rale by a Joira wiuo.i-, off cd. A Fra . . Beatty co the cheerful heart. Isa i cannot Choo of but mar vol is the Way in which our lire a on. From Day to Day Carama airing a Lcy a on in the human heart and yet like Shadow jetting them depart. A a miss . How the Little news boy plodded along the desert etl streets on that new year a eve tho cold rain was beating fiercely opon him end a few tattered garments served to protect him from its Rege. All Day Long had he been out amid the storm Sod was now returning weary and hungry Home. The Street lamps were lighted end Asho passed by them you could see by the gleam that his face was Pale and emaciated could see that Young As Bowa it something had been there al ready to attenuate Bis features and give him that wan and desolate look which can be Given Only by some great a affliction some pinching want or overwhelming grief. Yon could Tell al a glance that a dark Shadow was resting Apon his pathway a a Shadow out of which there seemed just then hut Little Hope of escape. Born amid poverty and wretchedness and left fatherless while yet in be Cradle his life up to that hour had been nothing but min Erys and the whole record of that life wee written it his pole face and tattered yet with Ell this As he passed along a close observer might have noticed a strange Light in his Clear Blue Eye an expression of kindly cheerfulness such As we May not often see in this world of care and grief for gods Blessing was upon Hrmz the Blessing of a a cheerful heart. The of Row of his life however deep end abiding the gloom upon Hia pathway however dark and fearful dimmed not the Light that burned so to hotly and yet to steadily within. I Ike the Vestal fire of old it grew not dim but threw its rays far out Over the great gloom around him even now the cold storm beat upon him unheeded. A thera Are waking dreams that come upon As when we least expect them Bright dreams of Luve and Home end heaven Beautiful visions of Fantore All glorious with its Burden of song and gladness a and each s vision of Sach a future now filled end crowded and he Send the heart of that forsaken boy. Ife was dreaming Asho walked along of better Days to come of the time poverty in Bis path Ajr should depart and the Beautiful Flowers Aronld a Ptg up to bless him with their presence a of a Bright Home far away from that great City upon whose cheerful Hearth the Firo should not go out and where hunger should never haunt him More. And then into Thal dream of a better life to that vision of a cheerful Home far off among the Green Hilis Carao a Plet saut face the face of his beloved Mother. He could Berea the sat by the lattice quiet evening hour Reading to tac rec Bible Irth Thiol at red rays resting like t glory upon her brow while the Rose Leaf trembled at the window and the Titi a violets folded them celts to sleep. Very pleasant was the picture there mating before the Gazer Thal ragged child. Vety Glo Pou. The Panorama of. Green Bright Fly Wera and singing Hirday very Beautiful Takt Bumble cottage half covered by the clustering foliage a and his heart thrilled and heaved with Ftp Tuioi Feror known before it Ucb rap lore such jocks the stricken poor can never Kook a save when Eov Good Angel cores it Jown from tie Blue heaven and beckons them Eway from the of tools of woe and want in Bieh they suffer to a yes Atli has ire Angrys though their forms Aromo Alicd but of Uch Clay a fashions All though Harp Are wanting Ami Bright Pinto a folded. We know to Lippi by the love Light of their a Mother a said he a we will not starve. God has not forsaken us. There Aie belter Days to come Mother a =1 saw it in a dream Aud in it i a chem your own Deor self and you were singing a Pleasa Tiong away in that bees eds borne. Of Mother cheer up cheer up a when the Litchf boy Lay Down upon his wretched Couch that night to was changed. His Here a great despair bad transformed him from a suffering child into a Strong hearted Many from a weak and helpless dependent into an Earnest thoughtful worker henceforth his path was on of duly alone and no allurement to it Ever so Bright could turn him from it. Before him glittered forever a guiding Stor and his intense absorbing gaze from when neither the cares nor tho pleasures nor the vanities of life could be for an instant diverted. Existence had for him but. One Obj i and his utmost energies were taxed for its attainment. A a never did Iho Bud Rise in greater splendor than on the new year morning following that night of hunger gilding the Spires and dooms of the cily with its rays. The streets were already rapidly filing with the Gay crowd Sec King pleasure and men walked As though new life bad been Given them by the general a Thrity Ond the bracing air. In the most crowded Street was the newsboy but not the disconsolate wretched lad who had plodded i Way through the storm the night before to a desolate Homo and a supper less you would rot have recognized him Asho hurried along eagerly Diorent upon his avocation and his Facell Radiant with the great Hope that struggled at his heart. A a that night Joy visited the forsaken fireside a. Hnz a ptts a be landlord his rent and still had sufficient lift wherewith to Purchase food. It was a merry new year for them. Years Camo and went. Great changes had taken place. The boy Hod grown to manhood High honors were conferred upon him. Wealth flowed into his coffers Bis Praise was upon every Tongue and at this very hour upon the Banks of the Majestic Hudson bin mansion stands conspicuous among a thousand others for its taste and Ere Cance. He has but one companion his aged Mother a the lonely we Dow whom we saw some years a go. Is Zig Mourt fully in Ibe fire and Wal Ching it flickering Light. His influence was Felt far and wide and the poor and wretched of every class Cloice Octan. J sonnet. A there it a nobler Sirl Fetuao clashing up exr a nobler peril than the Lute a eld a tis when with Trust in As ashram a Mijat Universal hisses scoff and sneers to Man of truth with brow Sereno appears. And stands Furty singly forthe right appealed to the eternal Umpire nor will yield one backward step from policy or fears tithe Savage Bandit nay tho brute is Steala against bristling danger even table worm up Eara beneath the foot his tiny sting to crave a pc Nomad vengeance but immortal years a Are full of glory for the Christ Tike brat of i who dare to suffer wrong that Tzyy from wrong Teaf i for the Cabins in be married and unmarried ladies tho situation of amp married and unmarried female it must be confessed is Vry unequal the former having greatly tho advantage in the earthly happiness and the world makes the a Stet Iowa a till More unequal than nature j intended it. At married woman is considered in tho noun of life while the single woman in looked upon As patted. J a gain tho wife has less necessity to depend on intellectual pleasures As a res orc a against Ufa last a nude of sunni. She has duties to perform. It. Her station in life be what it May to which the single woman cannot turn to vary tho mom Tooy of her existence Thoj Matrod if sho be a Mother will find a sufficient stimulus to keep of her revive Reni Duclion which it is Ona of woman a sweetest privileges Joher offspring tho knowledge and accomplishments which she Leain de in her own youth. I i what pleasure can be higher or More unalloyed to the bestowed re what sight Mccre enduring to the behold of a than a Matron of cry whose brow to Shadow of rime Biko that on the dial has passed yet Lef Ripitch of the sunlight of life behind Iead a ing her fair daughter to emulate Iho Grace of which Aho herself is so fair a pattern ? or to Mark a son in All the Pride Ufi Youthful manhood paying Back with love lil loj Short a of adoration the cares of her Whoso go Dale instruction first lured him to seek tho Wido paths of Linow Edge and St Whoso Noii Bis infant prayer was first breathed j other feelings grow cold other memories past a Way but the Gentoo Imago of the Mother who Baa watched our childhood her love her unwearied Devotion forever to mirrored in the human heart. A j of death of a on feels to hts Dewih of a child As a Mother feel1� it. Even a father cannot realize it thus. Oliero is a vacancy in i Home and a heaviness in his heart there is a Chain of association that comes Roond with its broken link there Are them orca of endearment a keen sense a if log a weeping Over crushed Bope and pain of wounded at faction. But the Mother feel that one a been taken away who was stiff closer to her heart. Herbs has been the office of constant Mitiu twerion. A every tradition of feature has developed before her yrs. She Bat detected every new gleam of intelligence. She has been tho Refugo of Hia fears the Supply of Lus wants. And when he i life As it were die9. H with Ell tho memories of it a portion of her own w can to give it up these Leaocia Lions a the timid hand that Hae so Offen taken hers in Trust and love How can Bho fold them on his breast and give him of to inc cold a a a of death the feet whose wanderings she has watched to narrowly How can she see Terri straightened to go Down to the dark Valley the head that Aho has pressed to her lips and bosom that aha hts watched in burning sickness and peaceful Alvin Ber a hair of which she would not see harmed of How can she consign it to the Ehi Raber of the grave the form that rut one night has been beyond her vision or her knowledge How can she put in away for the Long night of the sepulchre to see it no More 1 j Man has cares and toils that draw away Bis thoughts and employ hem she a a is in loneliness and All these memories All Iheme suggestions crowd upon her. How can so Brar All this ? she could Noviero it not that a her Faith is As her affection and if to one i Moro deep and tender than in min to other is More simple and spontaneous and takes confidently hold of the hand of god. I isto rival. The Battle of Hohey Linden. 1hbiu.1xo 5aqbat1vb. By j. T. Upadhy. Towards the Danube mov nearly forty Miles Wopart. River the space Between t the Iser and inn is i key flow from the Alp in paralleled lines and As they approach tho icon Bedocs on Eleva ted Plain covered chiefly with a sombre dark Pink Forest crossed by two roads Only while tho Mere country paths hat wind through it her and i hero give no Epact to Tea Trebing columns. Moreau bad. Advanced across ibis Foresto the a do. Where on tho 1st f december he wis attacked and forced to retrace Bis Steps and take up his position on tho farther Eide at the Village of Hohenlinden. Here where Ono of the great Road debauched from the Woods be placed key and Grooby. I the austrians in four rca�3ivo a Olu rans plunged into the gloomy Wilde Ineas do a a in to open Plain of Hohenlinden urn marching along the High re Way Thi signing to Mee the Central Colad while thou a Ough amid the Anil kind mine Anion a him with their Ine. I Hank pm Hank Godf fur every suffering a on or limn Ivan coins up from the deep a Hedow of despair into Iho sunlight Ond. Turning . I. Word of cheer to the groping million beneath g id thank god. That altered Here end iher.-, throughout the world in Many in Humble Home May in found men end women unto whom life p a a Cut. But Totilo of love or Hope or Joy. And it who along Smid it. Desolate paths without a murmur sustained and a rare jblc8wj by Lilia al one a cheerful c&enemie3�?havtynu enemies go straight on and mind them not. If they Block up your path walk around them of their spite. A Man who has no enemies is Seldom Good for anything he is Mado of that kind which is so easily worked that every one has a hand in it. A Sterling character Ono who thinks tor himself Ond Speaks what he. Thinks is always sure to have enemies. They Are As necessary to him As fresh air. Thoy keep him alive and Active. \ celebrated character who was surrounded by enemies j to remark a they Are Sparks which if you do not blow will go out of let ibis feeling while endeavouring to live Down the scandal of those who Are bitter against you. If you atop to dispute you do but As they desire and open the Way fur More abuse. Let Tbs poor Fellows talk there will be but a reaction if you perform but your duty and hundreds who were once alienated from you will flock to you to acknowledge their error. A a Tae Liue i Havo seen of the world and known of the history of Mankind leached me to look upon the Errata of others in sorrow not in anger. When j Lake lha Bui Orv of one poor heart that has sinned end suffered and represent to myself tho struggles end temptations it has Pax cd through tho Hertaf. Of the world hat has hut Little Charity tho Deso. Lalion of the minds Sanctuary tar Capening voices within health gone happiness gone even Hope that remains longest gone i would Fain leave the erring souls of my fellow men with him from whose hand they came. A a statue had been erected to the genies a celebrated Victor in one of the Public games of Greece by his fellow cities eos of Thrasos we Are told hit in excited so Strong la the envious hatred of one of his rivals that he went to it every nigh and endeavoured to throw it Down by repeated blows fill at last unfortunately enc a yes soul be was can bed to death . Of the self consuming misery of envy. A truly what happens to every Envin Man he easy pe.h�p�, throw Down Ufa rival. Go but he Erua hed to his soul beneath ibo al re which be overturns. To deeply Opples Strewe find a sediment at the Bottom of t he Eop which a Bittera the draft be Hare Quiford with to much either Side made their Trees As they Bast could. It was a Stormy december morning when bets seventy thousand men were swallowed irom sight in the dark defiles of Hohenlinden. The Day be. Fore it had rained he Volly add the roads were almost impassable Bat now a furious Enow storm darkened tho heaven., arid covered the ground with Ono White unbroken surface. The by paths were blotted out and to sighing Pines overhead drooped with their snowy burder to above the ranks or Shook them Down on this Heads of the soldiers of the artillery wheels Soto against their trunks. It was s Strongs spectacle Toboso Long dark col. Uris out of sight of each other stretching thro the dreary Forest by themselves virile the falling Snow silting Over the ranks made ithe unmarked Way still More solitary. The soft and yielding Moss broke tho tread of the. Advancing hosts Obilo tho artillery and ammunition and baggage wagons gave Forth a inf Ltd Anond that seemed prophetic of Somo Mournful catastrophe i he Centre column alone had a Hundred Conon in t s train while behind them were five Hundred wagons the whole closed Jop by the slowly moving cavalry. J thus marching it came at obo i 9 of clock upon Hohenlinden and attempted to Debauch into the Plain when Grouchy fell upon it with such fury that it was forced Hack int. Iho Wood. In a moment tho old Forest was Aliva with echoes and its gloomy recesses illuminate al with the Blaze of a. Tillery. Grouchy grand eau and Ney put Forth incredible efforts to keep this Immens a Force from deploying into the open i wild. Tim two former struggled with the Energy of desperation to bold their ground and although the soldiers could not eee the enemy a lines tho storm wee so thick yet they aimed of the flashes j that issued from the. Woods and thus the two Jornales fought. The Pino Trees were Cut in two hike Reeds by the at. Tillery and fell with a crash on tho austrian columns Obilo the fresh fall ii Snow turned red with flowing blood. In tho meantime Likiche Pansa who had been sent by a circuitous route with a single division to attack the Cher Aye sir ear bad accomplished Hia Mission. Though his division had been Cut in two and irretrievably separated by Iba austrian left Wing the Brave Gedral comi nod to Advance Ond with Only Torce a poured men fell boldly on forty thousand austrian a soon As Moreau heard the sound of Bis Cannon through the Forest and Ibe alarm ii spread amid the enemy ranks he ordered Ney and Grouchy to charge full on the austrian Centre. Checked then overthrown that broken column was roiled Back in disorder and utterly routed. Campbell the poet stood in a Tower and gazed or this torrid ble scene and in tho midst of the fight composed in part that stirring ode which is known As Faree the English language is spoken. J the Depths of tho Forest swallowed the Strong liner Harts from sight but still there a hued Forth from its bosom shouts Ond yells mingled with the Thunder of Canon Ond Oil the confused noise of Battle. 1 he Austria were utterly routed and the frightened cavalry went plunging through too crowd of fugitives into tiie Woods fihe artillerymen not their Trocea and leaving their guns behind mounted their horses and galloped away and that. Magnificent column a if tent byj some violent explosion was buried in shattered fragments on the every Side. For Miles Limo White ground was sprinkled with Iho dead bodies and a faint he Bau tie left the Forest the Pino tree Eglin Tood a Elm and silent in tho wintry night i coding cries and groans issued out of the gloom in every direction a a offerer answering sufferer As to Lay and Zirrith red on Ibe cold Snow tar Runty Houk Eod Mea were scattered there amid tho Trees wite broken carriages and wagons gun spread a perfect wreck around. 1 Lytfi greek advice Faraj tubers oftentimes not because we do not know what we ought to do but because we do know. And a res it a in our adv Isare a help for a Weik Wili it fat a Ever. V
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