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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1840, Page 3

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - December 5, 1840, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaA rat i a a Digi a so a Quot a db.wt8tah�?T8 off win xxx Folbe Liaos iid it amp Troi Cimeot von a Quot off urfi Ros rom Edge a into notice for Dixie a been offered an puffed Jame of which he Ondy a studly Bem four Deere Joshi but of Allih Athara Umberto been known it most be there a none that Hmer or main Madam so Nfn is Mem amp Sig. L he a a he non esteemed remedies Robt Naco pias had ailed to afford any Relief and a Riiel we a a 8�?T 5� noun Era other Wlla a a of. A Sontha in vain this sins a med has checked every symptom and been product be of the most Astom Shing Relief in the x g i in ,8 do a a proceeding from neglected colds termed can Arram it has been used with in deviating Success and Jin Many instances when a vice ten for an a a Jim grave net use of this Medicine has arrested every shas a a an m red 1,18 ia�?o�101 a Wate of perfect cow sum to on. So prevalent a a Toong St delicate Yoi Rog female a commonly termed do bil Ujj or going Woof decline. A complaint with which. hasp so been used with n prising Success and not Only possesses the Power of checking the Progress. Of this alarming disease but a a the sometime strengthens Ana invigorates the whole s$wmed0ra e / 1h than Eph remedy we have every a Laintz a diseases Eft he liver particularly whim attended with a Tough indigestion or franae ring pans in the Side it Haa also proved very efficacious and of this kind after the most powerful remedies had failed. \ Tigar Ash Las in this complaint it also been used 10 numerous Nat artices with Tkv most singular Success it opens the Chusit rendering j the breathing perfectly fre arrests the will Seldom ail to give Peri uia nent Relief. I Jerew bronchitis a As a remedy in All bronchial. Ads at the commencement of the Ait cd. ,. A coughs and colds in common coughs. Ond colds that prevail so extensively throughout the a Winter it will be found Tiuch Inore effectual than any remedy in use and when colds Settle upon the lungs. Causing an Infra Malibu with paid i n the breast difficulty a or shortness of breathing. Sic. Tile use of this Balsam will suppress such symptoms immediately and atthe same time prevent the a lungs from becoming More seriously diseased j l a i a id croup and whooping these complaints so a Ommon to Young children this Balsam Quot will be found Superior to Ibe Paregori elixir syrup of die various cough mixtures in common use a is it is entirely a free irom any thing the a least injurious kid nay at Alt tidies be Given to children a with perfect safety and with the certainty fit affording. Ahem speedy Relief. 1 i Quot id3 As a family Medicine for Many other complaints this it Bottom will also be found particularly iia enl besides having proved Bri invaluable remedy in All pulmonary Jaffe Tiona it exerts a powerful influence Over Many diseases depending on a depraved condition of. The system add a those who have suffered from the indiscriminate a use of Mercury or other deleterious drugs that often compounded in different quack nostrums will find it a remedy of a great value possessing the Power of Etten Groening and a invigorating the whole system More effect Jal than any lher Medicine we possess. J i a l a. Caution to this Medicine Lias already acquired great celebrity there May probably be some attempts to imitate it and deceive the Public with a spurious mixture to prevent which i would wish All purchasers to observe a he allowing Marks of the Genuia a Balsam. It is put up in bottles of two sizes a each having the words was ii arts Balsam of wild Cherry Paulada a blown in the Glass and a Label on the. Of foist with the signature of Henry Wistar m. A without which none genuine. Prepare for the proprietor by Williams amp co. Get Phila. And sold by and other appointed throughout the United d by r c. Martin j Price $1 per bottle. 49 of 3il delivery Quot a by the trial lid Gobi to to of a get it Quot a Tenn my a. Borl. In .1, m 8�% to by then at or wigs. The q 7i b is. Of pc Ember next Beag month week. Her crore hereby give to the Cor per the Jose pm of the peace and cops btes of the said lher Gay he said pre it Septa comm shded to he Theo and there at 10 o clock v&Quot.8 a a rebut a m�4 Day. A ill their Rolls records h��ll0.nscx�rainair�,1,, new .r"88"�?T of do those things. Which to their offices Appertain to he a Dune and All those who bound the prisoners to aware or then a Hail be in the jail iof said county a re to be then and there w prosecute them As Ahll be Jagt. A a us 1 j g Wollson sheriff sheriffs office. Orwigg. Borg dec 5,1840, it i g7__ a a 9fat a a common we att. N. B. The witnesses and Jampas igbo summoned to it attend said court requested to serve punctually. In Case of none attendance the Law a Natch cases made arid provided will to end orc a. A i. I18 no be published but particular orders of the court those concerned will therefore govern themselves accordingly Quot. A Supply of uni above Medicine just rce Lead and for a Ala atthe drag store of1 a a h v Johna c. Martin store tuber is a it re quoth. H a re "48�?&Quot a is flyable bit Oad Foi business to Jol i. For one of Niom year Fajyh amp property al present in the Occo Patron of a the subscriber a it usted at the syst locks he j Low , Ori the Schuylkill can Avin sub Oil. Kib Poon a a about 8 Miles Froni Coltsville consisting of a store and dwelling House licensed Asa Tavero. A bake House Butcher shop Sheds and necessary together with any desirable Quantity of first rate firming Meadow and any person of Good character pcs Irons of renting the above valuable property on moderate to Crest Haa it in he Power by making immediate application to s. P. Horning. November �38, a. 48�?3t valuable Coal and other Lando for Sale j Iju a a i Quot a Saur it Jay the 36th Day of dece robber ins will be scud at Public Sale at the Bouse Twil i attn strap cd innkeeper in the township of Wayne to aunty a Schuylkill the a following real is a Pul four acres of cleared land situate Whitt Tonj Pom in i As Safe is venetian co. Yellow chore. Black Lea Spanish brow. Los Ledoil. Green paint a Blek paint Copal a it a ump Taek. tut faint brute saa tools Tine window do or aborted Latte Kilby 91 tos Lyso a a a a Tiye stops. A v a a Dago my Imer annatto logwood. Red Rod Eustic com Wood Brasil Wood. Copperas. Tutsi Ric Cochi need. Verdigris Engtom red Smyera. It. A prices a. »va8j pro megs cinnamon cloves Peppet a Alt ice Mustard Cyanne Pepper amp a. A Patent my Dick xes it or. . Barbera shone Obj Der Heyl s Ems Rocatis a for hones i i respectfully inform ten Ladia and Gen a a Temeo of pout Tom amr thai Vicinity and his old pupils. That be propose forming classes for Dan a cing. Waltzing Gau spading. And Ahey dance Auen As the Gayot the and German the Cachucha and Many other dance ,.�the Yoong la. Dittl jul take Lesona to Ibe aft Moon and the Tient Tern in the evening. ,.motts. Merger will also teach m academies and private Amilie of desired. The sch Olwill open i in tha 16th of november. A h i. 33 for terms and Pait Eulara apply at the Penn a Teacia Natl. November 14,. 48�?St almanac for 1841, German and eng Utah almanac for 1841, by the Gross Dosen or single for tale by Quot a b. Bannan november 10. 7 a a 45-�-. Liquid ipod Eldon British a Oil of Spike Oil i Stone late Viz to. 1. Jur Euile books. A a extensive variety suitable Lor Holiday pres Entik just received and for Sale by h. B. Bannan. 49�?j december 5, at Fala Aki Lodge. A l stated meeting of Pulaski Lodge. No.216, will by Herd on monday evening the 7th inst. Alf past 6 of cock p m. Punctual a tic Ndu free to requested As an election for officers will take place Oik said evening. Dec. 4u�t84q,. 49. While infer strained roil. 4� Afferty have Jost received q be r1>v re Tocko White Winter strained sperm Oil Vrzich the a to their it tends and the Public As being Superior. A nov. 28. A x 48_ a or just received from new York 2100 lbs Superior smoked beef a 1000 do do new hams. 1000 do do. Shoulders 4000 Dodo Dairy cheese. A 10 Bis do. Small pork. 10 do do no. 1,. Mackrel late fares wit w All or Hills of Ciff. -1 and . Be obtained elsewhere. Nov. 26. A s or .48 Chesnu no 21,Commerce is the most respectable druggist agents in All the principal towns states. L Juhl he genuine Medici need a a i John s. Sole agent for Pottsville. Dec. 5, 1840. Misc hello i 8cbooi Taplie Best now in use a Tresi geography. Supply better bound together with 1 Mitchells a primary a graph a new work just published a Bieh has already been Intro in Philadelphia. Alao Mitchell s geograhp1cal Reader for schools and families Joist received and for Sale by december 5, i Rodgers celebrated pent i a knives1. F Resh Supply of Rodger s , a Mong which his school be r. 1 a a. For beginners and Lucid in the schools b. Bannan. 49�? traded Treasury and knife manufactured for the . Government just received and fun Sale by 5,. Bannan 49 Jap Liin amp a new Supply 1.ble goods just december 5, _ Delanes of those Bea Ili Ful and fashion received and for Salo by. Amp a a. Beatty. I 49�? Miller and Haggerty Piave received their Winter Slock of fresh groceries consisting of a very general escort ment. Which Thoy disposed to sell at a Small Advance for Cash. Nov. 28,. 48_ cloths cloths a Tust received by the subscribers and for Sale at reduced prices for Cash. Superior Brown Beaver cloth do Bluedo do. Do do Pilot do 1 do Brown do. Do also Superior Blue Black Brown Olive Green and fancy coloured cloths Cassimera and Santti nets. a a a Miller amp Haggerty. Nov. 28. 48_. Irish whiskey of a very fun 7 v Miller amp Haggerty. November 28, ,. 43_ boots and shoes. Ladies Fine bushing do leather do. Do French ties a do grecian do. 1 do slippers a. 1 do boots Morrocco and leather. Gentlemen s water proof Boot. Do coarse Dodo shoes coarse and Fine. Children s shoes of every size and Quality just received from new York and for sate very Low by t. Amp j. Beatty. Nov. 28,1 48�? we Bill prepared English p inc Ament Large and Small sheets Tost received and Lor Sale by Quot Bannan. December 5, 49�?j elegant prayer books Djoya Bible just received Anil for Sale by december 5, Bannan. 49 a a he Fri sonic Hii. To know that the elections Rifo in i country have de. Cited that Ovid tip is to be Thi i next president a nid better times being a con Sci ten be of that result the undersigned would be plot see to receive any. Others in the boat building i it >4, either al Home a or a from abroad. ,. I am pc paid to build any n in Ier of boats of and size and Aimont at any Trice. So come on boys let its feel the effect of Victory. H a John . _ december 5, 49�? a i a a steel pens. A Avery Large bus orment from so cents to 86 per. Gross among which the latest and must approved patterns just received and for Safe by a it 5, m i 49�? Latum 25 cents �o83 75 p r a Hundred just re of Cei Ved and for Sale by 1-it-i december b. Bannan. 49�? col a 8ugar, and molasses. To bags government Java Cut see -10. Do Strong a Sci ted Ria do 5 Porto Rico a. Sugar. A a a i. Quot a a a 5 hods. Steam sugar Houise so n. O. Molasses. 500 lbs. Refined loaf and Lump sugar for sale4ow.by a it 4 m 4 l. A i it a Kuk . A deeember4, l a a .49 piano for Sale. Toor ban. Cheap for cd a Good second hand i us apply at Ibio Obice it p to a december 5, 1 m meals -.ock�d�ms. E a 49�?3t b�roclamati3n.�?notice is hereby Given that a court of common pleas for the trial of causes at Issue in and for the county of Schuylkill will be held at Orwigsburg county aforesaid on monday the 21st Day of december next al 10 of. Clock in the Forenoon. Therefore All persons having suits pending and All persons whose duty it shall be to appear at said court will take notice end govern themselves a ctr Dinghy. J. , sheriff. Sheriffs office or wigs j Burg sept 28 1829, y a v a 39wilri pan Lual attendance is demanded of the jul Roris and witnesses summoned to attend this court 1 _ 1 a a t i Green and Black teas just received and for sate by. Quot v t. Amp j. Beatty. Nov. 28,_. J a 48_ for Bale a a very Low 2 Small tracts of land on tumbling r huh the one about 4 and the other from 5 to 6 Miles from Pottsville. The one containing 80 and the other 100 Aeres with Oak White and yellow Pine and Spruce Timber they would be sold Eil. Or together or separate. A Public Road is now be. Ing made through the land to Pottsville. For terms inquire of Henry Raush or Joseph Morgan or Risburg. If the above land is net Laid before the first Day of february next it Wijt then be offered at Public Sale at the House of Michael Mortimer in Joseph Morgan. Orwigsburg nov. 28, 48�?1st Fob. In Pinegrove township aforesaid adjoining Lari a of i Snyder it Holmes Nathaniel Heurter and a Public read leading from Reading to Banbury with the appurtenances consisting of a Large two Etory Brick dwelling House log stable Ait other out buildings no. 2. A. Certain Plantation situate partly in partly in Wayne township county aforesaid adjoining tends late Zantzinger amp Deng ter Darnel Zerby Conrad Reichert Michael Fritz Grossman and others containing i 181 acres part wind land Atid about 4 acres Meadow end the rest arable with Swatara Creek running i Wroligh the same the improvements a two Story log Man. Sion Hoasie. Arid a log barn at pies Fht in the tenure of Peter Kremer. A ,. No. 3. A certain Plantation situate in Wayne township county aforesaid adjoining lands of John Snyder John Heffner deed and lands late Michael Fessler Date. Containing 126 acres the improvements a a re a to mansion House # leg barn and Spring House a with a Spring of never failing water a Good Orchard and about 10 acres Meadow at present in tenure of Abr Jiam Fertig or. H no. 4. A tract of Wood land situate in the town ships of Pinegrove and Wayne aforesaid adjoining tends of Jonathan Zerby Johb Zerby John Boyer str Thor amp co Jacob Minnig and others containing sr7 acres. This tract is divided into 7lota of from to 100 acres each and Wili be sold either in the Ole or lots to Suil purchasers. 11 a. The undivided one third of 320 acres of situate in Barry township county aware adjoining lands of Strubhar. Fidler Francis spritzer Benjamin Snyder Peter Bigler John 8. Hiester Esq., by Trimmin Bishor John Filbert and others held in Coo mar by Abraham Fermi a so. Dec. A Ith Henry a Weaver. F Asi tract of to al land situate in Norweg an township county aforesaid adjoining land of Jacob Minnig and lands surveyed to Jacob Zimmerman and lands surveyed to William Hunt Zinger and others containing 53 acres. \ no 7. A lot of Coal land situate in norwegian township county a Foresaid. Adjoining land belong a a my to the swats a Coal company and Lan Stu eyed to John Zimmerman and John Snyder dining of Duc Reano. 8. The undivided three eighth part of 430 acres of Coal Lahd situate in norwegian township county aforesaid adjoining land surveyed to Nicholas Allen and tend of John c. Offerman and lands surveyed to William Graeff. It being part of the Samp formerly held by Abraham Fertig Esq. Dec. In common with Adam Rau Derbab and Samuel d. Franks Esq. Do ceased. No. 9. 300 Aeres of unimproved tend surveyed on a warrant granted to Mio Bael Wenrick. 1��?T trip third of two Hundred acres of an. on a warrant granted Quot to no. Ii. One eighth of 400 acres of unimproved tend surveyed on a warrant granted to Peter Ere Mer. A 1 no. 12. One third of 308 acres of unimproved tend surveyed of a warrant granted to John Filbert which Abraham Fertig dec. Held in common with John Filbert and Henry g. Weaver. No. 13. One half of 200 acres of unimproved tend surveyed off a warrant granted to Joseph fer Lig adjoining lands of Philip Clowser and others late the estate of Abraham Fertig dec. Sate o commence precisely at 10 o clock a. M. Attendance and Lerma of. Sale made known on the Dayot Saleby i Peter Kre Merfi executor. Pinegrove Nev. 28, 48�?5t n. B. Persons desirous to vies the premises will please to Call on Peter Kremer in Pinegrove township Godfrey cordial Bateman drops Turlington Balaam Harlem Oil Balsam do Maltha Golden tincture Spring Oil. A a. Pm red my a. Cologne water live under water Bay rum Bear Oil Lemoa Cream bears or a. Naples compound. Sofa Cream lip Salve. Tooth powder. Macisaak Oil Pearl powder. Jayne hair tonic toilet Pew Ler. Iof amp Ehatt. Fua. Tooth a Niu Brutha. Together with every other article in his ii in a a of which he disposed to sell at Tair prices add respect Lully solicit o share of Public patronage. Physicians and storekeepers supplied with 1 indicia is it a Small advanced on City prices. A a John s. C. Martin it door to Mahan Ungo St. Pottsville. Nov. 28.16m 48.,f. Of physicians prescriptions carefully compounded at All hours. V a. Insolvent debtors the subscribers a have applied. To the judge of the court of com Mon pleas of Schuylkill county for the Benefit of i the several acts of Assembly passes for the Relief of insolvent debtors and that Judy shave appointed monday the28lb Day of decent or next at 10 o clock in Trio Forenoon at the court hons in Orwigsburg for. The hearing of us and our cd editors when anal where they May attend if they think proper. Emanuel Hoffman Adam Hoffman Joseph bean Isaac we1dman Samuel say. Joseph Zoll. William shredder Philip Haber Patrick Rooney Ralph Lee John Daly John l. Menn1g George m. Totten ,. November 28,1840. 43_ Merino 8hawl�,&c. N Upina a Superior Merino shawls Purchase Froin the importer at a Small Advance Janst received and Lor Sale cheap. Also French and English Mermes Plain and figured Moulin do lanes and figured Sanouv cloths Date. ,. P a a . W. Earl. November 21, 47 a hew store. Filhe subscriber respectfully in Lorins the Public a that he has1 opened e Stere in Centre Street 3 doors below f. Fit j. Beaty a store Corner of nor wee Ian end Centre streets where he offers for Sale a general assortment of. A dry Good groceries one ensnare amp a. I All persons desirous of purchasing goods cheap for Cash respect idly invited to Call and exam Ine for themselves. A a Ward Hughes. November 21, \ 47�?tf a. Votice \. A 1�n the matter of the account of join m. Bicksl a a Assignee of Daniel a Trust birth Eben fit of creditors. A no. The subscriber has it a a a pointed auditor to eur Dit the above account make distribution of the Bueti in the hands of John a Quot Bickel assign Iee to those legally entitled to the same will meet for that the american Almanack and repository of useful Kowie Dreford Lefiti. A a a a just received and for Sale by. A. october 10. 45 we of Aldie Selk Cecil. Well Kyo no Kaifas in a Toto the gtd Ray a a mind Affe Ritsi to dlr Selim Sod put Ronald to tel of the to ill rite oae ted Public Tsiou Ali Janus re. A Beneficent Mdse t61 Hope again to to Bla to gite the staff the , was his a fade 1 seven years he Ataii Cipares with if faction a be renewal of associations wit for due a a a of for ivies with either of which an or. Duri Eghia protracted Hadiat Quot >2 we 8�ty Miu Jated if sympathy and Efird feet Jirred Glose and tedium of a sick Airi Tenanty of to Tom not to com room were much a i Tabor Inq. Frise sobs Riber respectfully a informs the pubic per Era Fly that he has a shop m Centro Street Over Flor. Sister a new store Potts. A lie where he will continue to make gentlemen swearing a. Parcel which he will warrant unrivalled As to work Manship and uniform Success which has invariably attended the subscriber in every Branch of his Art makes him confidently anticipate a continuation of Patron by a a desire to please end assiduous attention to business. A b3�?� two journeymen and an apprentice wanted. James p. Creane. November �10 45_ feathers. T 1ve geese feathers for Sale by e. A amp. A. october 24, 43�? a Weir cheap Cash store. Frame subscriber Das just opened in Centre Street a a a a Lew doors above norwegian Street an entire new and elegant assortment of goods consisting of a a by j goods i Quee tinware groceries j hardware amp a. All of which were purchased at Auch prices Fly will enable him to offer them at an unit rally Low Price. His design is to sell cheap for Cash he can assure the Public that Cali will be sufficient proof to confirm the assertion that be will not be exceeded by any in cheapness. A All Arel respectfully invited to Call and exam me the a so Ort Menend prices being cent idiot his words will Noi suffer irom such a course. A a a 1 , october 31, a 1 44_ i Willigis juvenile piano in structer9 1 Jost received and fur Sale by a r 1 1 also Burrow s piano primer. October 17, b. Bannan. 42 new fall and if inter goods. Just received by the an scribers an assortment of suitable goods for the present and approaching season consisting of prints from 33 to 6$ cents per Yard. Bleached att unbleached muslims from 23 of 6$ cent cloths Cassimes and Satt nets. Pilot Beaver and Bear skin limes Chicks Merino Tibet St in Ltd toilet vesting. Merino ticking checks Gingham. Brocha Belvidere Tibet 4r Plain shawls tarns hosiery. Blankets Sec. ¿�c., ail of which they Well sell on their usual terms cheap for Cash. E. Q. Amp a. Henderson. Oct. 3. 40_ purpose at Bis office in the Borough of Orwigsburg of monday the 7th Day of december a. D. 1840, at 11 of clock in the Forenoon and where a ii persons interested May attend. James Hgt Graeff auditor. Orwigsburg nov. 21, 47-i-3t. 5 dollars Reward. I port Carron houses to rent from the Jirel Day of april next. Tavern House and premises Carns of Kcal end Jackson streets in the most Central bushmen part of the town. Two Small dwelling houses to ted lot in Coal Street one Small dwelling Bous Wiltil Argeous lot in Jackson Street Ono shop or office Witt other apartments in Jackson Street Ono store and dwelling House in Lawton s addition with counters and she ving completed Corner of Market and Secund Street a first rate business stand. \. A also cheap ready Iliade Winter a a clothing. Prices to suit the times fhe advertisers have on band and Wilise livery cheap for Cash. I super doable milled English Beaver cloth overcoats full tried �18 of 20 double milled frock cats made in the Busl style �o0s a a ,. 816 to 18 heavy English Pilot cloth Over coals 12 to 16 do f do frock do 10 of 14do Harrington cloth Over Coats,1 of 8 Blue Black and fancy coloured dress coals. 10 to 14 a do do do extra superfine West of eng. I tend cloth dress Coats 814 to 18 superfine Biu Niblack and fancy coloured cassimere pad tax $7 to 6 superfine do de Buckskin Cassimer 5 to 6 i ost at Man Ersillo on saturday novembet7. Also. 1� Possession gov a a 14th, a pocket Boot containing 30 dollars in .i88 8, �wellln6 Hollie amp Patten song. I addition in Spruce Street a Fine Prospect from thin houses one dwelling House and ofom Hes in so she Street Lawton a addition. A for Sale. Bank notes one Dae Bill ofi7 Dollar signed Jacob Constantine and 1 note al 8�,.signed David Price. Whoever retards the said Pecket Book to the sub Scriber in miners vice or informs him where he can obtain it will receive the above Reward. A n. B. Ail persons hereby notified not to re. Chive the above notes. It a Edward Yvo a Myers a 1 nov.21its mahogany Elor Sale by the subscriber in Orwigsburg a very Fine lot of mahogany veneers and boards. A Joseph Morgan. Orwa a a Borg no. 28,48-41 Little i Schuylkill and Susquehanna. Rail Road company. T1� a Boal meeting of the stockholders and an election for officers for the ensuing year will be held Jin monday tho 7th Day of december next at 5 o clock pm at no 7 sooth Street Philadel Ofaria. Thom Ashay amp Sebreta Phila. Nov. 28, a Ecret Ery. 48�?2in�?~ to Essae Blitz brass hop colds.1 re a hese celebrated Loxen gee were originally a private prescription film late professor wis do sati net pants 4 to 5 heavy lined sati net Uptou a 2j to 3 first in Lily sati net roundabouts 4 ,4i do do cloth do. -6 to 7 do do Sislian Hunting Coata 6j Fine Kentucky Jean Coats 51 heavy Genoe silk , 5 to 6 superfine English blk. Blue blk. Fancy cot silk velvet Vesta. I. 84j to5j Fine English polled Satin a cd to. D to 4 heavy double hacked Woolen velvet Vesta 3 to4 superfine Bluebond do a 3 to 31 Fine double breast Satt inet Vest. 2 to 24. Valenti Anu Woolen velvet do Lito 2 a general assortment of superfine arabs Wool shirts and drawers Fine Muslin shirts St Colton and Canton flannel Ander shirts and Prowers heavy Marino so Irto dec. Hosiery heavy Germantown Woollen Hose and half Hose Fine Wobito Colton and heavy Lamba full tried Satin and bom Bazine stocks. Extra French Merturi and hair Cord scarfs and 6eharf stocks gloves suspenders shirt bosom collars see. Amp a. A /i-., also a forget to handsome arson Tenent of sit a term in West of England cloths Ond Ca Sime res and a Small Quantity of Well selected French Ctet Hsi a Moi test which a variety of Diamond beater cloths Fot Over Coats of different Shade and finish also heavy Domestic Diamond Bear Gitlis those who pay Cash May buy bargains of Quot Larpin Cottet Taylor Woollen dealers Teod tailors Corner df1 Centre end Maha tango sire Eta november 28, .48�? them precisely according to he Lor we by the go every if be turn Ihu said cow to the o Wner it of i him information where he can gather again Ahau. Be Reifa snably a �?��?.,-rc nor.2� a Joe i24 Box at Jqhn so Martins 43 drag store Potter Iuey of. Just received and a Large and v general assortment of fresh a which will be hold cheap fer Cash of in Exchange for out reproduce a. A / Joseph White amp son 31st, 1840,j 44finaehe4nperipjjil.gf�ti a Perior opt Litof a a me ufind�r80lf, a a. In air Kew goods. It is with pleasure that the subscriber announces to his amp Ura and the pub lie in general that be has just filmed from Philadelphia and is now supplied with a general assortment of o o l def Silv or via to has of a be Superior Quality. Also a assortment of Gold and Silver Patent lever watches Gold a hard keys and guard chains Gold Breastpins of a a Rio is kinds Silver table and Tea spoons Silver plated log Cabin pencils description log Cabin re sors Silver and. Plated spectacles., 1a also clock of every description very cheap for Ali Ofa very Superior a Brlity and which he lifers for Sale on As Mode Rala terms at possible Foffo Ash. Conrad Ruff. November 21 v 47�? farm to be Liet. Be let a farm Petely occupied by Frederick i Man near the old build a head in the Minerville Road two Miles from Pottsville. I an--p�2? c i g w. Farquhar. L0�. 7 a a 41 a cwidrcn5� shoes. Ii. Darge assortment of Phi Ladelphia Matulac of lured children s shoes for Safe by a a a a a Henderson to october 10. V t. 4t_ Talo Able rolling Mill at ital i Ilc Philadelphia county pen Tyi. For Sale or to sent. The rolling millat Manyd fit Didi. Th�48cbojlkitc�na, have he a Hibart , a or Myrko Schuyl tall Riser 400 Manyun and edit Roek trap in a Meatte through the Kotabe Molish fimm the atom manufactured it Xura Pike being. Bp0t7 tha Power to of Foshea trom the water tif the Canill Havig 180 a neb fun. 4er.atbeadof�?T3eetdiameter a the we tel who i i6j 20 feet a wet Atud ground la in rally a therein a Mill Enon i a to Agbing Rolband spa wmttsf84 eqio�ip3 puddling and Nippo for Tda of Eimm Yfim a �ratxfo4�fruadld�kth9eenh�inb a Srur end by Tito a Cufo by Ting i. A a 1 f a a. A a a a a a _ a. A let. A a _ two town Lota in Jackson Street and one. Ditto in Coal Street in port Carbon proper. Apply of. William by Hull general agent Serivo Ner accountant anti Toltec a Tot in port Carbon. Quot november 28. 48�?tf. Kew goods of every description. A groceries of All kinds. A lass Queens see. 7 a i i cloth quid hair Sci a cups Mackerel Salt dec. All Persona wishing to put Ehase goods a Heap for Cash respect Folly invited to Call and examine for thet Shelve. K so Muel Hart -4i. A a by the Rasof genuine mend lip emitted from every Quarter. This 0>totim he Hope ill Bej Edgefi of Mikuly Bejcy it Bialy Hij to with to make a but the impure of grated old tick bowl a a Gem of t for tech disinterested kind nes we iroc Poteate ble and he could oot announce the re Nman inca of the a Oik without yielding to �1 a a to these Jrie Dahe addres Aea himself Tolj Itotia for their Coni haad support and Hope to have the-Library-.,. Oacle More introduced among their Ftp Ileal Kee ored again with n place on their Centre Tab tel and become e. Welcome weekly via itch he a at la aame. Time very Deai Rosaio extend a and Fornax new friends. From Thearra Geinetta nude dictated by experience the Library it is believed trill in every respect be two proved. The Type will be More distinct then monthly Rhet weekly a cover beside a the cover will by Mode to a a to avoid the extra postage. The science acid a Auchy Nice of to make it a work of Authon Tywond reference. A be. The regularity of it Forgit a publication Noial failure to even Yeara a ii to taken a a Goa Raote Ifor the in. A. Of Lance fhe losses by deviating from this rnj�&rmeily1 too heavy to be forgotten soon and a Little reflection May satisfy any Ona of the Craion absent of the request. The reasons too obvious indeed to require much discussion. Five dollars All that a subscribe risks but the publisher risks thousands by credit Uig. The publisher is in a cry and can a reached we Todut trouble. 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I i by a few Complete Seta of the Library and Odd years to perfect a sets on hand Gifol formate Philadelphia let. 1840 a a ill person desirous of subscribing to the to ova publication will please leave their names at the office. And All those in arrears for former subscriptions a tilt also plea89mfcldischaxgo the same 1 october b.b4 Inan. 4-ftr Votice to creditors. J a Here Emattel Loffman on the �3tk Day of october int. Mado an Aasu go morito All his properly to Lewie. Heltner in treat of Yib Benefit of the prefer Rojee who shall within �0 if avs from the Date thereof protease Quot their respective claims therefore a a taoist in. Dented to the said Elf Nanoz a Hoffman will a take payment and those having Aetna a a Lewis n a p .a,6�?T89ee it Emanuel Hof map. N. B. The assignment and release Foay beae i at the residence of the Assignee at port Carbon. October 10, _ a. ,4fil j blankets blankets a n assortment of,12�-4,11-4,10-4, an end Blanket Lor Sale byj october �10 a i letters of . Goods and Cha ties which were of John Biff hot tete of the Borough of Minersville a atthe c to of a buy in Elf deceased have been Granta of Schuylkill a Fofo , All persons indebted to the Foid Job wac a j Hay Quot a claims against the Etish a vec cased to Tusket know tho Aitho tout delay f Richard Minersville october 2ft, 1846. Liui Neph in Nti Iber a Shingle so ii joint. Boards plastering Lalk and taker lumber for Sale by r r a october 10, -�?T�?~"7. In. _ Din William Grans 8 0&thinc s syrup. Foft children. U to mothers and at a a . A a a a k4i october 10, gloves gig yes ent lemen�?T8 Beaver end Heskitt Gleven a j. A. German and lined ladle he ski kid and Yort to a do lined for Sale by. Do. Fid. A Muslin de lain a a i ,. F�8umj�>�w.�un received ramp i amp duty. Danvie Jya. P 5 a Bacilo to to a pts a St a inform hit a a As ironic ski tto natto of the tempi red with the beat of a a nth and a a a. I it Abos win be attended by Fai Brul Niau no a Isaal Aaste Hpe 8ept�mber4i. 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