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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 19 1865, Page 2

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 19, 1865, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaJunul. A a is when a Gallant vessel containing precious freight and valuable lives is on a dangerous coast prompt watchfulness and the cry in. To a Breakers ahead a May save the Baic. The duty f saving if possible the up 0 state from great perils if not destruction now devolves upon the men who during a Long and bloody four years of War opposed successfully secession. Are led involuntarily to these reflections by the notes of alarm sounded by the Loyal papers of the South. It seems that in every Section of the South of Toon As the leading rebels Are pardoned they become insolent and arrogant to avowed Union men and commence oppressing the free men in referring to the rapid increase of rebel a Quot Quot pers and the growing disloyalty arising from mistaken leniency the Raleigh n. A / a Gress of july it sounds the alarm in the Fol lowing Appeal to the administration. V the fact is that with tie exception of five or a six. The whole press of the state shows clearly and unmistakably its a Mia lir Wuh Linn and its affection for its leaders. La its men in Orth Carolina who a male year ago arrogantly styled themselves a patriots and , and who extorted Money from a trembling people whom they had helped to up share take courage extreme. Leniency of that a la i authority and starting their Organ Here and there for the purpose of making War Covert and Judas like , but. Events ally and violent on the government and those who Hamm a ister it and if avowed to go on and Madera pardoned and placed ups a footing with men who it Are really Loyal the end of the Stife and trouble in Korth Carolina. Is not ?Tst a nug these truths in the ears of the Authon tiea at Washington amp us Baldgh and a al to them of Nava those who Are friends of the government from further rebellion and blood shed a cd?o1 to people. The ghost the Ute. A Jev fast is cd . Geary does not seem to have any sympathy in common with copperheads. The. Harrisburg Telegraph slates that a few Days ago two prominent copperheads of that Tity Vry cd Gen Geary at his residence bad indulged in the talk so common to men of their character the general quietly listened to them for some time but finally could stand it no longer Aud quite surprised his secession visitors by informing them that had Hung traitors for saying less than they had against the country and that unless they left his House at once would kick them out they took the hint and stood not on the order of. Their going but went. A editors . A Epis Cseh Leonard Scott co., new York Are indebted for a copy of their a m. A a s m. N l l. Dwt air Tiili Lunid a revision of the English Rifle the Tunnel through the. Alpa str Ete Lofchie architecture in Spain China and Japan. Swine by Rnea a Atlanta lady Don Gordon s letter from Egypt disc a Lutish of parliment. The English republications of Scott amp co.,.Are among thei nost solid and a san a Reading of the Day. A. Fuss circus will to exhibited in Potto Tille and evening. In addition to. A Fine <oqr? company there 1. A. Rac Angerio enc actg Hona tigers elephant a. Mppopoia-3b0%r&ft/ it attractive exhibition. 4 a Millers minstrels. Turned onic a perfect Humbug. To Yere not Yaupon when recommended them to to. Support of the Public. on to Weir Guardias they Don to Bilie \ i a. A . A v Cricket a match Between the first eleven of Thep Ottoville and Tuscarora clubs took place in tur Carpra on tuesday last which resulted in Ioco Essof the Tuscarora by . Annexed is the score a v a Quot Quot Quot. A tuscan pro / a 1stiknikoabar Fra. V _ Thos morday c Parry. A b Tayc Mcguness. This Border ran out. 16 Btaylor Stichter win Ham serb Parry. A Evans. Atm Bleb a Taylor. A 1 b Taylor Johr Dovey b Parry. V8 handling Ball. Parry. 6 Btaylor. Charlea b tall Are Reilly. 0 h evana0hmgway Michael Butler Btaylor .2 b evan., Ecke Reol h Parry. 0 not . -. A j c nod Ball b Taylor. .2 run out. Y. Davidson not oaf., a b a Taylor. A. Leg Byea. 2.,. A a income will let of found a continuation of returns of income in Bilray kill county the figures show the Giaime Danng the year 1864 of the parties named after deducting .600, National state and local taxes for that year amount paid for rent of Homestead and for repairs. A Niacar Fiille a. Goal weekly. Al maniac. Ts65aug. T. Bises i bits loom chakqe8. 19 so Tubi at 5 2ft san Dav. A 21 Mon hat a 5 22 ticks Hay it 23 wednesday. A 5 24 tii Raday 5 1 g. 15 6 10 6 17 6. Ii glue a 54 poll m t .53 last.q., 13 m. Thew m. ,21 50 Quot first cd. 28. ,?~j A?�47. A 62 . Lirrie Jainab. A in Ian Iowa. T p Cole. C Dover. 6 Bana c Cole. S j Ridgway b Cole. 0 b. Border. R flee toot. 2 b Ond Cole j in Mccool b Cole c Ramsey. Jtj Seph Stichter. Ran ont. George Taylor b Border a. Parry b bolder. Cd Ein Evans o Cole. T f Patterson b Cole. J m Clayton b Cole. 0 run g "4 46 to Rio a 2 21 Mon a a. sunday of the year and tenth after Trinity. Days length 13 Honra and38.minutes. A. A. A. The her. Amp Plumer 1. .1. Will preach in the second presbyterian Church Market Square to evening it 10j and 7j of Elock a. A a l . A a _. In tie list of incomes assessed in Pottsville published inadvertently omitted the name o f Hon. James a Campbell Whoso asses Mentis $6,582 b Reilly b Cole. Byes. Leg byes 6 b Cole .u.a. 5 bcol�.-. A a 3 no out. 5. Boole 1 b Cole. 4 1 b in Job Cole. O b border1 not out. .28 .61 o i a 2oo. 9 it 6o o4 0 a 46. Analysis of a. A. A a runs?Tmaidkns.-. A i kerb. .7s 33 a 2 14?~"�?~�?�72 36 a a 5 . Baus. A cab. Maidens .78 a Quot a 49 _ .78 a43. 2 a Evans .v.x2 a. 3. Potterville. T i tires. Torii Thomas. A orders a. L. . Foster or. Cole. Border Taylor Parry Abraham Enanuel a Austy Geo. Ansly Jno. Beddow m Bick Henry. Beddow Matthew. Bender Francis c. Butterwick h l. Boras 5 Kellar. Bed Bra Francis. Bennett Chash. A bitten Geo Brinias Peter. Bradley Edw. Bright Geo calf rat Isaac a. Clement Mich., Confehr Adam. It Cristn pit Fott. Comeford Martin. Christopher Edw. Davis David. A Danzell a Ftp. Dougherty Lewis.,. Deruff Lewis.,. Dando Isnac. Do vis fall A Dando Stephen. Dunn hand a . Dando Edwin. Dietrich. John. A. Davis Thoss. Evans Rich. Elsen town of. Edwards Fox Jacob. Fonder Helden f k Felix Sami. Fellsburg Ernst. Foley Martin. Fowler Thos. Gartle Jos a. Yeltz Mathins. . Greed Garrison Lewis Gaffin Mich no 1j grief a Sain. Homer Thomas. Harris Morgan. Hehr Geo j Harris win. A. Hughes David 44a 930 9fl 1aic 616 1,520 203 tig 98 1,043 365 65 135 262 53�1 205 945?�127 4 a41 634 Ludwig Theodore. $ and Srtheodore. Lloyd Edw. Lawrence jac8. Lad Benstone link Valentine. Leva Nichie. Loyd Thoa. Morgan Edw. Merkel Minh. Murray Jas maleywrnl.-. Mccry to it. Mohan John. Mathews Moore a Vrinia. Miller a Muir Dalrymple Molly Fred. . Morgan Danl. 1st?�367 l1t5 164 Í90 491 1,159 249 250 a 2s� 1,054 36ft a 155 71 768 ssh 116 339 Nelms Mary 21,943. Quot 26fl Nickel Ernst 963. 42 Nierman f a. 549 744 Oerther John. 2ft3 a,4ft Owens Oiven 31 22,294 osman.jnc.s12s124 a Sman 11/.,. It. 360 Pearce 529 47 Phillips sol a1 34ft Prevost h a. 37ft Purzol Henry. 1.3715 Palmer John. 211 Peg in david3.31 Marseil ss7 Phillips Geo p. A. L00ft Phillips 93 Roehrig Fred a. 870 ungers thoac125 Robins . 3,312 Reynolds. Davis. Wickets. 9. Is. 3 Tuso Zeoba. A Haas. A John son. 1,179 601 a 74 134 273 ."�?T373 its 651 a. So 11 ssh Deuas. Hoch daniel?��?��?��?�1.093 by Youw a m�8ukun Krant of amnesty to the traitors to show them no favor at the ballot Box a must remember the downward a this country took years ago when the Chain of slavery bound the National. Limbs How stronger and. Stronger . Tie dark Power which threatened the liberties it if Ani Erica unfit at last the nation at a fearful Cost began to retrace its Steps. A. Do. The american people Ever reflect upon the successive stages by which slavery came that dark and bloody Demon which it. Was when for years ago it aimed its blow at the nations Ife in the Days when our Falliero compromised with it. It was compari Lively innocent. The slave was not then the brutally treated chattel that afterwards became hut would have been fairly pictured As that careless Happy fiddling being which it has been the Delight of slavery a recent to Pic tire. _ but slavery was itself a slave its Necessia. Ties there jute Only jaws it knew and As. The value of the slaves labor grew As his value \ increased from s?w0 to. §1000,. The chains tightened around him. As the negro under the Eyer widening influence of civilization. Became More of a than and a animal. As voices began to Call for Liis liberation. Harder codes enacted then followed. Laws against agitating the question Oflia Istrice Dom in North Carolina where once Bunja ruin Lundy organized fourteen abolition societies no abolitionists life would have been Safe since 1s4�. In Short slavery As 4iuew it in this decade was a thing that grew and grew gradually out of a Thild seeming embryo. A nettle roots sting Cit observes lord by can but let them Spring up. Into Nettles and the hand will suffer that grasps. a Adeep and important is tie lesson for. Its a contained in these facts nothing can More absolutely certain than that the. President recognition of the poli Lieal caste in the leaves All the nettle roots. In. The ground. Nothing can More certain than that to leave. The Power in the Southern states in the hands of the Whites alone is to ensure a gradual and fall downward path to Southern Socle to which will end in an abyss similar to i Hairom which arc or thought ourselves a just Einer Ging. Iris As illegal As it is unjust and to do it is to say that have not the _ simplest Means of self Prole clips. If con. Guess which cannot believe state to enter without negro suffrage it does not require a prophetic Genius to see what Nitrai happen. As soon As tote state authority the the United states will withdrawn and immediately every such state will pass lairs declaring?1, that no negro. Shall give testimony against a White Man 2, that each negro shall make a contract for la bar for a term of years a that each one who has no such contract shall held a Vagabond and Pul to servitude As a penal result 4,. That negroes shall not instructed 5, that negroes shall not allowed to assemble 6, that it a Crim Isai. Offence for any one to agitate for the political equal. Ity . 1 and Mark us the North. Erners who go to live in the South will beige most vigorous in defending these enactments As they were in defending slavery before nor will the nation even Eirwen of interfering in any such legislation which will not via Lale any Federal Law cry shame hut As time goes on the Man who shall propose such interference will hooted and mobbed As one who wishes to Huige the land into civil War. And . Piety in the South without naming slavery a. ill Harden into its equivalent link after link of the broken Cli Linwill forged again and so shall go of tin til All the work will have. To done Over again. A these thoughts Are prompted naturally. By the warning cry which a cliches tis from a the Loyal press of the South. If this Crini Inal consummated it frill prove that our people have fought indeed Only a for Empire a and from Triem shall taken away even Liat they have. It is easier to conquer. Others than ourselves orig higher Battle with of own meanness not begins if do not _ conquer now All is lost. New York has had several explosions lately in the shape of Bank stealing by trusted officers and Gold Check forgeries the last Lias sent to the by a wows the wealthy and respectable new York. Private banking House of Morris Ketchum amp co. Moses was for forty years a shrewd observing , Thrifty private hanker reputed Worth not less than $l,00i>00. A few Days since. There was a crash. There Are fraudulent. Gold Hefti fickies a float some one must have forged them a a smell Frollen Quot and there is a general scrambling and picking to Sce who Are and who Are not a the Young Ketchum turns tip missing and tie father summoned Post. Haste to the City by Telegram arrived on tuesday to learn that his son forged Gold certificates and sold. Hypothecated stocks. And overdrawn accounts and swindled right and left to the tune of some two millions of dollars or More nearly All of which. is. Presumed to have lost in reckless luckless Stock speculations and that Ketchum amp co have no Choice but. To Stop the moral in this is Young men Don t make haste to get Rich. Slowly surely and honestly is the Best plan. It is announced that Jeff. Davis will . Tried for treason before a civil court. It. Is immaterial what kind of a court tried the murder burdened traitor if it convicts and hangs him. The miscreant Wirz. The and a Cre Oriville jailor who slaughtered Pur. Poor soldiers by thousand to mlis fac Tiou of Southern Keels and Northorn Coppei. Head should swing beside him. Appointment a the Post master general has appointed the airy a. Klock Post master at upper Mahan Tongo in the place of his deceased father Joseph Klock. Esy Quot. A. -. Discharged soldiers who have claim against the state or general governments Are referred to the advertisement in another column of b. It. -Mccool,.�ttoruejat Law v a Quot the Interior of the i tort House has Bareti repainted and look yen Well. Tie figure the j us Gest platform i was Iii item by or Torrey m a artistic planner. ,. Painful Accident a on a wednesday Lant David son of or. this aged 12-years was by a train it if coat cars on the Tail read near the weigh Scales and Nad a ii Terri his mangled. Sudden George so Ponci aged 38 years of the firm of Thoener a Wernert. This Borough died suddenly in Orwig Sherg on Thura .1 . 1 q in i Nora t aril i t to 10 place of clock. Day afternoon last. The funeral will take place to Morrow Morniing in Orwig Aberg at 16 of a. A a arbitrary arrest a Ope Barclay Opu Busby or of Copperhead. Smut machine a nailed in Titis place was on monday last for refusing to school tax. having been satisfied the obstreperous tax payer was discharged from custody. A coroners inquest was held at Tamaqua Monthe 10th Insi. By Deputy Cormier Beinhart Otibe body of Alexander Gilmore who was Tun Over on tie Catawissa Railroad Coal train acid killed. accordingly. The jury co iterated Quot the employees of the com Pauy Froid any in Glt cd. A a -. A . ,. Another Virt in Vlebel / p. Aims late a. Member of co. D., 48th keg., p. V., died in Salladasburg by chiming co Siuty a on thel2th.iust., effects of Star Yatrou and brutality which endured prison his age at the his death was 21 Yeara months and 26 Days. The . , ,25th instant,.the. Barrack embracing quite n number of buildings containing one Twenty Tho Pisand feet of. A Riiber and located in the rear of the prison will bit. Sold at Public auction. They were erected about two. Years the military then stationed Here. Billiards or. Newcomer the popular Propri. It roof the american House up. Tie lower store of the building As a billiard Saloon and placed it in charge of or Brower a capable and attentive gentleman. The tables two in Iamb or Aro tie Best Tomt could of attained in new York. They Are very Fine. The Saloon is creditable addition to the american. the Borough . St ated meeting of Council was held on tuesday. Evening. Last present messes. Cochran do Sun Giffith it Heffner my Iris Reed Stranch Moyer and Nagle president pro i minutes of previous meeting were read Aud adopted. A the st. Com. favor of crossing in Muul chunk Street at Spohn a tavern and of permitting a calms located in i sub amp cd until the Root a required for str it purposes. A. Com. Of 0ruiuanees reported an the. Storing of Coal Oil within the Bor com. On rebuilding norwegian Creek reported that the work would commenced immediately. A a. A. Special com. On matter of steam fire eng . A a Waal on Tinute. A a. A immunization from j. B. is a in. Refer repairing Plank aug at Callowhill and Taii Road streets st com.f.witb.pow-. . A a Legal firm in new York in Revior ence by pm tie alleged due Voln stoers were referred to Tiju by rough treasurer. Statement of Borough treasurer Yas read and filed i .-.&Quot. A a Ai . A communication from Smoer of soldiers a. Late members of forty Gatli regiment . A who were credited to the Borough asking a that fifth dollars a paid to each of them to equal the amount received by. Their comrades was referred to the com. Of finance , with Iii st auctions to report at next meeting of Council. Tie ordinance Rii Glating the storing of a Jal Oil within the Borough limits was then read a sections and adopted Tomid advertising columns where it was ordered . Published. A on motion of or. Grifith it was resolved that a the instructed to notify of Mah Antang Streid to or. Morris offered the following. I Esow Tad that the instruct of to Holifi the lumber ii each Sid of tie norwegian Creek passing through their property so As to prevent the a of tie Cruz from washing Coal dirt a to tue said .-.greek,. A adopted -. A. A on motion or Jesano Haw Ley was elected assistant so in eve i of the Borough. V.-. On motion of or. Stranch it War resolved that tire chief Burgess instructed to notify persons Ali rough whose properties Little Norweg Mii Creek pisses to remove obstructions and , that the st com instructed to clean the Cienik t Pasi? streets on motion it was resolved that or. Geo. Bright Quot notified ton pair the planking in front of his a warehouse at Coal and non a Gian a of motion clerk was instructed. the. Shollenberger estate acid Michael Sharp to curb and pave. A a. The following Bill were read and ordered to. a paid f a -. Benjamin Bannan. A r a George. Evans. A. B. By or ,. Adam Schilling afredfra�tz/. O . Meniti and st. Lab. . a Heisler Franklin. / in leaner. \viii.v, Harris Edwin to Lioniel Englehard a a. A Hopkins h. Hopkins Llewellyn Heckman Andrew. Harria a Heisler Jos. Haines . Hughes John r. J Heckman Darlh. Jones Jones John Reese. Jenkins trios Jones Thos a. Jenkins Philip Jeffreys David. Jeffreys Alex/.,. Jobes Jos. Jobes Jos a. Jones Watkins Kear . 353 3ft2 1,430 g913,5s2 1,212 657 69 "299 $56 294 Quot 4s4 j.09 a 479?�721 955 410. 193. 151 212 left ii 32 22.36 Reese Geov. Robins Jas it it. Reis cd to Robe than Edw>.,/ Richards . Robinson Robt. Snyder Fred. Schultz Fred. Shusri Eredi. Shellenberger a so Hoheb Ger d a / so Eilenberger Jno Scio Wermich. Shloss Simon. A. Sterner John at. Shloss felix., Stager. Abraham. Serrill Johns. Steele John Hast a fax Robt. A. Skidmore Jos Sanner Englebert. Shyder Mich. Shildon Taylor. or. Turnbull Frank. Thomas . Trayer John. Taylor Jos. Was Thomas Thomas p Trezise John or Thomas Johp a. ignore Edw. Wodlinger John. Williams Thos a. Weaver ,.-, a rear a. / 21,925.Kear. Rich. A. 22.1ft2�?Tw Izeman John ,. Kar Edw a. .22.053 Kyar Qun Nordian .-3.sfts Kear Thoa r. A ?4 al Rev Jas. A. A. Kauffman Sand. / Kiun Sius Job. Loremer Sami a. Kissinger . Lamant David. La holc Philip. La Tench f c Johns Wilinore Pooh nil. Wink Iii Mary Wiest of a. Wernert Edw. Weaver Thoss. Williams go. Wei Humah Ralph Watkins Jas. 963 049 203 31 12$ it 529 55. 265?�359. 137 397 327 230 143 460. S3 .11 59. 304 \ 119 .1 235 8 . 219 113 670. 375 4,213 502 a 199 .516. 343 439739 66 334 4, so. .92. 30 96 903. 3s2 a 725 a50 47 271 1o6 a 331. 343 1,126 a 219. 323 3,tft2 56, -�?~.379 1,132 344 atm Dennl. Butler John Bonsai John. Brennan Peter., Boggy jute a. Cd Nna a John. Carney Martin. A. Comford Nelch. Davis . A Delaney a amps. Daley Jas Dormer . A Eberie Johnf. Fitzpatrck John. Flynn Jas. Farrell Takh. Farley Terrence a it Farley a Goy Newrn a. Golden John. Gray David. A Glover win A. Glover Jas. A -. Golden Martin. Hart .,a. Hoben Mich. Hobbes Owen. Heckscher a Era. Jones Wmk. Jamest bos. Jones Lewis tones David to. Jefferson Jos. Kerwich John. Kenai Kelley Pitkerwich . Kid Cherhat. A Killgo Urc Robt Kantner Danl Kearn . A. Kelly Marcos. Kelley Mih ,. A Kelley Johna a Leary. John. A. I Ary trios. Lynch Abraham. Lynch Jas i. Lynch John. Laughton m. ,. Lens Rich Quot. Mccready and. Hugh. Mcgrath Nich Mccue Peter. Murphy . Urphy l mules do Mccue a. Morgan John. Mcgarey John. Mccormich Mich. Mcm amp Nann Jas. Marley Micha Mccale Anthony. A Morgan Lloyd. A Maley John to. Maley Mich/.,. Merrim ii refit Alk can a team lip a s95 men la shift Mian Waring. Wra k. 155 Mohan Luke. $1 mimic Mel Danh. -25mcguire 536moore . 145mcdonald alien. 142mnlh8�Edwa Risi Moore . 526 Moore Mich a. A . .969 Mot by John. Etrat Mesbur Jas a 125 Madden John. 6 Mcglun Ariit. Lome a Nejak. Lot Mccabe Fraucis. To Mcge Patk. A 73 Nolan v 145 Nobel Edwa. 2630bri�n�?~wm. 37ft Owens Owen r. 142 of Neil John. A 169 Powell John .8292 ,-.�?� a 34purcell John. 64�?TPrice. Jas. "269 Purcell . Lift. Phelps John.,. -60ft Pursel Henry. .,222�?~pars�l. Rich. ,.699�pric�.Thos.,. 334� Prenk tast Lien. 185 Price Evans j. A. 4s3jphiu>ps John v�21 Price David. �?��?�11 Purcell Martin. A 205 Purcell. Jos. 167 Price the. A. .329 Pugh Danl a. Ftps Philips up a. 296 to John. 96 Reilly Jas.125 Reese . A 50 meet 60 Robinson Taos. 3fto Robertson John. 20ft Rowe Benj 213 Ryan Jan a 453 Richard a. 2s0 Roderick it Rosser. / 4 Ramshaw Thos. 175 Rowe Jas 329 Riffer Wyjas. 204 Rhoads Thos. Sons Riley 187 Sheldon Geo. 262 Slater 7 191 Small Sami. 11. Scyble Quot Philipl. 179 Thomas r. A 773 Thomas Tracey Geo. 479 Thomas Benj / �?�426.trciror Sami. S0�>r\v111iams a 62.whalin . .263 Welsh Mich .52 13$ 274 199999 409 250 st>5 232 289 169 186 102 213 j p. Nock Tarillo pa.,a agent for the Sale of the Wheeler pc Wilson sewing machines i a county. A and her of these Excel ent family machines. Are always kept on hand and can by seen m Billing at his residence in Market Street above 6th., nextdoor to the English. Lutheran Chorch. To accommodate persons using these machines a 311 j of Ipaty of Stachy tie in Educ machine Hll and soap and clarify thread in All numbers and colors especially a adapted to sewing machine use will to kept on hand. Thorough instructions for working these machines will Given to parties purchasing orders by mail will receive prompt attention Cal and exam foe before Purchi gels whew 7 january 23. 64/. A a. 4ftf ?~ 774 1 s9 tit 44$ Walsh. Luke. Williams Thos Wright. Thos. Wade ./., 42 8143�1x3 467 51 513?�600 a it Ltd?�187 201477 626 .953 381213?�200. Ass a 364 133 53 211 sol 15 1 332-1vs . 248 "80 a 8hs-. 150 245 352 569. 426 393. 261. 156 44 a 87. 324 .406 294 261 163 42 609. Ío0 341. 310. -26. 152 262 385 61$ �?��?�844 tee great English Hembdt. 8ir jahe9 clabk>8 it celebrated axe pills prepared from a prescription of sir a Cly Rke m. V physician Extron Lenaiy to the Queen. This Ivell known Meil Cirie is no a sure and Saie remedy for female difficulties . Str Otious from any canse whatever and., although a. Powerful remedy nothing hurtful to the Constitution. A -. To Mark so it is peculiarly suited. / in a Short time bring on the monthly period with regularity Quot . A a in a cases of nervous and spinal affections pain in the Back and limbs heaviness fatigue off slight exertion palpitation of the heart lowness of spirits hysteric sick headache Whites and All the painful diseases occasioned by a disordered system these Pule will effect a cure when All other Means have failed. Tne6kpit.us, Uwi no Var Lukks known to paid where tue on tub 2i> Raoux Ospa phut. Aaa Well Busk amp exd. U 7. For full particulars get a pamphlet free of the. At. Sold by 11 druggists. Price a . states agent John Moses. 27 Cortlandt st., new York. N. a and 6 postage Stamps enclosed to any authorized agent will insure a Bogue containing Over 50 pills by return nov. 5,64. A a. 451y. A candidates. I 11ekgrv offer myself As a candidate _ of a or county commissioner., at. The end suing election. Subject to tic decision of the Niou county convention. John h. First a August 19, 65?33-tc pabicytp., j Hek by onto myself is a candidate _ the let islam ure at the ens Hig elec Tion subject to the decision of riot Union county convention. H. Pinkerton. Reinout. July 29. 6, 30-tc. General not ices. �oii8m a m. ,r win open _ her school Oil monday september Ith in second Street Between Market and norwegian. Anquist 13, . 33-2t a to a Lori it of Matios a of Kisr Michael. Sdll1van. Late of. Detached com 18th Ponna. Cavalty 2d brigade. 2d division Camp Stoneman has not been heard of since last Anent. And info nation of him will think full received by. John Sullivan Ang. L j. Cs?33-2t�?~ st. Clair. Schuylkill co., pm. The Peoples a / railway company 1 Tsih am s. Moorhead major seventy sixth. Remind regiment has. Been mustered out after a Faith Niser vice of nearly for years enlisted sept 15, l<s61y. As a private when Belv .18 years of age and Rose step by Stop to the majority of his commands his regiment in South Carolina an / was with Butler in. Liis movements of the Jamos in 1804 cooperating with Gen. Grant �ii?Tmarchl865 Lajo Moorhead was Cap fired or the rebels and imprisoned for two months Quot exchanged. His career was highly honorable of Hini As a son a of . A. Quot 147-00 48 57 6 on23 86 6 00 491 80 12 77?�43>> .108 79ft283 �17 24 271 142 Mil. 11 0 533. 170 a Asri previous Issue adjourned. $ 734 00. 5,69$ 18 $g432-18 i Elt to of. a it Chard "1?7? Richards Esq., who after a residence of some years in this Borough in the practice of a fits six a. The Law left in 1858 to practice at Quot the. Pittsburg bar was one of to Soldier s whip fell a Vic Liin to rebel cruelty was a member of a new York regiment and being taken prisoner. Was confined in the loathsome to Deli at Salisbury a. A his Quot father of. The a firm a Ofbn-., or co Pittsburg made every exp a Rtin to obtain tidings son but it was not a Shtil with ii a few Days past that could a ser Uin his Fate. Or Richards was., Well Kii own to. Our citizens As a Young mail of ability and of it Nial amiable disposition. A a Bur i Lars. . Fid a top met of a dlr in. Open a Sefc it nth sunday night last burglars entered stine1? Mill in the Orchard and attempted to blow open a by mrchas. Kehrer of this Borough but on which is a powder proof lock of. Or. Kehrer it invention fibres of the thieves were us. Successful decamped wit Lieut taking any thing a fit a c a. Or. Ochre a safes have an excellent reputation which is proved in this instance Well merited. To advise the citizens of this county who need safes of Superior a workmanship not to go abroad but to Purchase of or. K., and thus patronize Home productions which is the Correct principle for revery eur Emu. Nity. To is dept can get As Good an a article mss manufactured else Here. Citizen. Of Minh Rise a . i Many veiling a last As or. Nicholas Birkert a resp Tohle German Iii Casville was stamping in a mind is Villa Street above Centro was struck right Iii by a Ball supposed to have been fired from a carbine . The Ball passed Jiyto his body inflicting a Var painful and dangerous wound. was. Conveyed into the House of or. A sni Tennester a and was finally removed to his reside nce do ,, Afier his wound had received attention from or Halbur st it. 1 there is every possibility that will recover. As no report was heard at. The time . Was struck the impression is that it was carelessly fit do by Somo person in a. Neighbouring this occurrence should urge the enforcement of the Law prohibiting firing within the Borough Lim its. A a. A Sheriff s frite of Deal following property e exposed for Sale at tie. Court House Borough on saturday september 1865. / Quot a land.157 acres. Norwegian township Frame dwelling three log houses and a barn As. The property of Bethel Moore. A a lots and appurtenances Pottsville As the prop erty of Francisjr Parvis. A a a and dwelling minors Yilli As property of Lewie Pfeilsticker. A 7.lot in norwegian addition to Pottsville As the property of John burnish James t lot and Thomas. Yardley business in. Uie Nanio of John. Burnish co a ,. A. A lot and township As the property of Joh Minnig. A Furnace with improvements st. Clair and lot and dwelling morris1 addition top Otisville As the property of. Howell Fisher. A Quot s land 1415 acres with appurtenances Rush a Mahanoy townships As the. Property of Jacob Gerber a in the same Lav the sheriff frill offer for Sale in partition 283 acres of land located in Foster Cass townships v . Death of a millionaire�?mrwilliainh. Johns the Well known Coal operator millionaire arid since 1ss2 a resident of this county died at his dwelling in st. Clair a on sunday evening last of dropsy in the 65th Vear of his age. His remains were interred in the pre byte Rizii cemetery in this Borough ii wednesday last and were attended to the. a Large number of persons. There were Over fifty carriages cortege Sincli was the respect entertained id so. Clair for or a to nuns that All places of business Frere closed Oil to Vedner Day 5f?~ until 2 p. . Or. Johns was Horn in Pembrokeshire Solh Wales and came to this err Antrin 1832. worked for several years after his array in this county As a Miner. In 1846 with Bis brother or. Tsoruas a Johns purchased the Eagle Colliery st. Chair a valuable property. In 1834 Thomae retired firm and William carried it on until Iris death. returned from Europe lately which visited in the Spring to. Recruit Bis of health. It. Is estimated that the value of or. Johns a property at the time of his death Fras 2,000 000, which is inherited by Quot two sons and three daughters. His sons will continue the business. Some idea of the extent of or. Johns a business May gleaned statement of his income in the years stated Pori which paid tax v 1862 i. .1�118.593 63 1863/. 236.15100 1864./ a 260.112.63 Quot income during three years.,614,863 26, or. A chins gave employment to Matiy Nien who always found him prompt in of his obligations. To the poor by was benevolent and Loahy it a Sony have owed to his vividness the Money advancer al by him to them to enable them to Corn Mence in mess. was a heavy subscriber to the Stock of the new Iii a Hall nor no in a built in this a prong and proposed to give 85000 to the thud ihc0�karv to Cri it z cow chm a Eli fico in rot Vilu can rellion of the it intern Demner Ticye great. A was the interest manifested . Elections of the so called democracy on saturday last Quot and it Roget a vote a so Lerrin oath was taken by tie would voter Liat lie Lead voted for Mcclellan and that sup ported under�11circumstances, the. Democratic ticket. At tie polls North West it Ard in a this Borough the distinguished representative in Congress of this District. ,. Sperm. Tended the administration in due form of the to Quiette oath Atn Frulan a Esum was adopted at the other put Olls the Engholt the coun in a Midas evening the delegates began to Are at the hotel la. Pc Ger and elevating their lie Eison the portico of the establishment enters the pnssets-bv.-. By pc Bementry discussing the merits of their respective favourites. To Chi Orch of is As . , the. Rovinea Laii in age used must Havo. By in eminently refresh on mph Dav morning at .8 of clock or. F. Hughes delivered a lecture at the town Hall. To which the delegates had been invited to listen without Niones and without Price Quot but to which. Very Tiu a did listen. As they were. Kept away by the ting Itea and office Brakora to imbibe Tari Gloff of prep Ira tier a to i a important Flutina of the Day. Huglon s audience however a Good Manv tin this in reference to. The character of the men who have been Quot placed in office. Year. After Vear by Bis Paft in Schuylkill county. fully endorsed frat has been published repeated v in the columns of the j ii Nerp Judi not twin Rof Terence to the Vasco Lity and Iii competency of Uiese men. A his lecture aside from some twaddle about a the Tvr Dinv of the government acid Tho Mission of the democratic party to save the country was / Good fiut�impotent1 to effect Reform in the management of affairs in a this county by his pm tie convention met in the court House at 10 of clock and organized by electing major j. Wetherill president. Road an address heard Only on Elk Ding portion. One of his ideas quite original in its character was Liat would Conie under democratic auspices when the country would of the i ctr rates achieved Stonewall Jackson and Lee As of those won by Grant and Sherman. the cd a try by Hope that the Day May far. Distant lion Niiva great number of our it eople will co Querid acts which for. Awhile the very a xxi tence of the nation and rendered treason and Holiday but Modem democracy thinks otherwise arid acts on the principle that to armed ii emits of the government did no wrong a arid now that they have been conquered should reinstated in All Quot to Weir old rights and Privilegesnotwithstanding the fact that they entertain still spirit. But.,such is not the opinion of a Large majority of .Peoplei rebellion must and will entirely crus lied even if another contest should Reri dered necessary. The people will riot by cheated out of. Their dear. La beloved right Sliv tricksters or traitors. / a. A after the pre Minary business of appointing committees on credentials and resolutions had been discharge and the. First named commit Teo had reported. The convention voted Vita Voce for a candidate South of Sharp Mountain for the legislature with the following result / a. Kennedy Robinson a 125 a Joshiua Boyer. It. / i or. Robinson was declared nominated. The convention then voted for two candidates North of Sharp Mountain for the legislature As follows f j,090 112 .4 8ft 2171u3 v 2s 75. A ?�4. North cd fat town ship adc�.geo5 l6 Gray Init. Rei Iii Day a. 1 397 Glover Jacob Brennan j warda?�1 . A Brennan j Yany. Lift Lobbs Johnbarrel-Johnlaw Jonson Wra/,./. To task Man. John. Breen / Brinis Thos./. Burk Martin. Bradley ans. Brennan. Jns./. ,.� Brisbin Mich. Brennan. . A Brennan / a. Bra inn Bernard Browne a by Annai Thos. A Brennan . Phil Beddow Griffith Brennan Benj. Bettin ref John�. Brace Morgan. -. . -.brennaiimartin a Black .i-.-. -. A Breen . Brown Owen. A Bergen Mich. To. Brennan Thos. It Brennan . Bolin Tolish Buras Thos. Brennan mlch./. Burnsjr inv. 1. Brophy Edw Boyer John Britton Thos .-., a Brian Terrance. w in a. Brennan Mich or. . Of mar Njo. Brennan Brennan t do. Bradley Kobe pc Burna Mich. A bronuau.?T White. Broi nmn Morrin. Brennan Jas no do. Broadrick Wra./. Brennan a John Brennan Bartels Comeford John Quot Ommi offs i Hunan John./. Carroll Geo. Conners thou / cd of Rieford 1 Colter Thos alo. John. A Coogan. a of Villa Ca now Thos. Carrol Aii loony Cook Michi. A. Carr carrots Chas. ,Cumnnngk Philip. Guirkmicb. Coo can Rich Curran . Curran Cassidy Coli Den John. Crenner Curran John.-., Clancey Thos. Ii Hal Martin.,. Canso no or Jas.-. Convay . Carney John. Derrick 7 ,.w, pee gun Martin. Dudley th�./ Davis Johir. Diff Iteld a duly Dennis Davis Gen Daley Gnu meter so by st pooling John. Do Lau pit. A Dormer the of Dormer Mich. Duncan Thos. Doyle. Jas. Dormer John. Dolan Philip. Doyle Dennis Dolphin Goodman. Dondy. Janies. Daley win. Daley . Done Fly . Day is pm. A Edwards . A. Edwards ,t.,. Edvards. Eddy Peter.,/89t. A 3ft� Lftft-445 a 07 / 7 5s7. -22 a 320 206 321 Gallagher John. 724 Gavin Mik. No.2j/. A a ll9groom. Benj. A 30s�uofl Man Thos. Hejl Hopkins Kvan 802illancock.dayid. 335 a a limn the of. \5h9 jul Iseo Henry. Ham a David. \ Liffman in cry. Harris Stephen. Howell Wea a. Hob i. Jolin hot Shire Daul. Haley Hobe n Mich.-./-. Herrick Mich. Heine say Ricoli. Ii Hughe jolm.,.- % Iloween . Hughes 1a flushes j no 3j7 i Loolu Hari Jas. / Glenn cosy Ilav to a Edw 295�henncs�y a Holman. . Iia Rinch it no 1j Hurley . Healed. Barth. a c a tones Johnson Edw. Jones step a. Ju.dg�, Miles a Miedz Edw. Kennedy Thos.,. Kelley ./. Keating . King Kirkham Geo Lynch John. Lawler Jas. Lynch Edw. Lynch. John-././. Lawler Lues John. To Iwler Phi Martin a Maley John., Maley ans. Moran Jas Morris a Moran Dahl. Murphy a to s. Miller Daul Murphy Edw Murray. Thos. Mon John. Meehan a has. Medavoy much. I o it Iti in 7ft a .47 .31 116 334 a 221. 46 156 30653 10 629 12 a 33 136183 138 fic5 43 34 a 86ft. 24�?~ 240 06 .762. 25t 5 00�?�390 33 182 Otto lft2 a 9. T29martiu Mich a j9moran A 119 Mcgee 104 ,. Í46 Neid put a 109.Nash John,./ /-.318 Nash ans. A 304 Nash Quot Jas. It. A. A 843 Nolan Jas /.-. Log Nash Philip. V./,�?T -. / Jas. .�?�201 no Ltd Edw 143 ?Tlloarmich?�.�?T.�?�/�?��?� 367 a Owens John so Donnell pit. 567 ?Tn.Cal Thos. A 59o Dortu ill Jshii. At.?Tdonpel� 118, of do Nicu Jos. A 80�?Ttool. Mich. So Purcell Jas. A 434 Purcell .-- a .842 Prendergast mar. Stg. Patton kobt.-./. -613 Patton Thos a. A 33s Powers Jas a a450 j�8 ,. To it Roberts Quot Davuli. 275 Ryan John no it. A 276 Ryan. Pat1s1,Ryan Thos. \ 45 Rynn Jas, 271 Penn Andrew. 291 Roberts ii. 289 Rafferty Peter 149 Rieley Terrence. 212 Sterling . �?�.�?�7,580 Short Mich./. 413. Simmons -199 230 / 90 a55 a 18ft 697 lift 173?�-173 632. S4 14.7 167 32418r6r a 30.� .567 $ . 5 04 23 236 .10s 239 -.-4�s a 41 102 a442 a 192 a39ft i / . So169 244 a a44 4 a 1s� Quot 582 / 704 417. 46ft196 10ft 802 .358. -3. 559 Zeizel Casper Aticy Geo. Andrew Jack amp a. Athey Mich a. Artz James. Quot Athey John.,. Armau Isaac. A Adams Geo a. Buchanan . Betz Geo Brennan Mich.-. A Biden Joffs . Burk . Boone Francis. Bressler Peter 0 Scoyne Mich. A Charles world. Tim Coy John./. Coyne jus. Chadwick Benj Cir Roll Martin Quot Cavenaugh Henry. Chi blk Benj a. A doiiuhoopai.-. Dominoe Mich. Dixon win Derr Fidel do Nahoe. cno.1 a Jos., . Evans win. Ellen Adin. Edwards jolm.-. Evans john1. ,. Elliott . Evans a Evans. Robt. Evans . Fairell Dan a. Farrell frames. S fathering ill Jos. Ferguson John. A Greager James. Gaunt Lett Thos.-. Givar Pei er�. Gage John. / i Larter get. A g b. Loughney John. Hendrickson . A Hertzog John. Hotnit Zojac Hora . So. Harter Moses. Jones Edwd. A a ones James Ken into Evi Iti. Kays . . Kip Lewis. Lewis . Linahan Stater . 91 cents. Frailer township. 14ftjl.urkin John. A 249lchrium Geoid / 19gliiwler. Daul. 78nileffler snml./. 378�lon�i Chas. A a. Ass Lim Fison. David. A a 25l-lord Thos/.-. 43 a Lehman jure.,. 779�moore a it it hot. John sold m Nuran . 144mih� .John.y./, .miu�icli-Jac./. 143 Moore Edw. 42. 676. 3 r2 .51 144 i3-s Maurer Geo. Miller Henry. Miller Saml a. Mary Nett Danl. Manley st Donald Alex. 6 Thos. 242 Maher Edw d. 397 Manber John. ,. .76 Morgan Augustus. 4 / 26ft Morgan Jac. 196 Moore ii 449 Miller Jos 31. Munnich . 327 Ney Chas. A 121 Nagle Johari. ,. -.769 of Neal Edwin.,. 1,59ft Opit James it. 395 Prit Chiard Thomas .21 $ Roc Buck tas a. 733�rih� Jacob,./, 222. Rodgers this. 7>oreedy b.,677 Roland Jefferson. 4t.shoits us Albert p a Dot sting Lepry a. A a 25? Smith Henry / 2$stahl a and. 1,. Taos. 228 Spancake John. A 330 in a Geo. 2o Smith-wm./.-. ít�4 Shofstal Jos a. 244 Schucker. Geo. la a Tipton John .110 a Tobias a John 179 Tobias Dennl 1 i25\vatkins David. A 22� Weahry sol -. 230 Warfield. John a 3$� a Percival a v3ftii,Willis Robt/.,. .,74�?T,\vii it Tonc Benj. 411 Weahry. Benj .70,Young John.,. 106 Young g�o�. A. 17�y�ung. Pin. A sati Zimmerma a Peter. 119 576 26 129 96$ 2,455 209 33ft. -442178 a 209 193 of179 844 311. 202. 600 19 332. a 331179 305 2t a it Lei 152 307 445 8s6-88 a. Fat 33g 2,996 447 136 165 379?�-�?�1.214 71 399 136 133 a 19s 12ft a 3488 263 l 99 l a 508 hair newer has proved itself tri the Moat perfect preparation for the hair Ever offered to the Public. It is a vegetable compound Aud contains no a Njo i Ous t>r�peiitc8 will restore Ghay hair to its Origi Nal color f a. It will keep the hair from falling out a. / it cleans and makes the hair soft Lustrous arid Silken. A a it is a splendid hair dressing . No person old or voting should fail to use it. It to and used by a the first medical. Authority. Str ask for Hall s vegetable sicilian hair Roewer and take no other. A . A. R. P. Hall amp co., a. Nashua n. 1i.vproprietors for Sale Hyall druggists. A Quot a Angust 12,65. A a. / &-s2diilp0btant Tau Chnrei of 9va. Dirm?All so a did is discharged either by reason of disability of service or general orders who think have not received government All the bounties or enrolments which were promised them or to which Thev Are equitably if not legally entitled May and vent a age by immediate application to. The in do a Signet. I would ask Especial attention of soldiers discharged for phys Apical disability within two years from Enlis Luent and enlisted men discharged for promotion. Arid men who have served the greater portion of the time which would entitle them to another instalment of Bomite. All claims Agiri ust the state or general governments. A whether new old. Or once rejected will Exi nimm. And if just May settled. B Bryson Mccool attorney at Law Mahan tango Street next door to new Hall. Quot a ? Brno charges until claims Are collected. A a Quot i invite the attention agents who May have cases like the above. A aug 19, 65. / a Quot / .33� of Schuylkill gouty Tbs subscriber offers for Sale the bout 0f pics a rail War Camp Najr or Scharun Contr. These Bond and interest a a burst Crity As they Are ended by a first met ipad on a railway to. The extent that the same is cow r,., a. 1 set time hereafter May constructed udder by Raj of the rity vested in the company. The Bonds Are for one Hundred Dolias Ftp interest coupons attached payable Ely Bonn at the rate of six per cent dear of county Monid or government. A 1,. F. . Robber Only 15. Is of Ceotra a ,<t?zj i i a 1iketing of inc stockholder. Of the Madera Coal arid Pany will by held at the office of win. R. Smith Rotts Ville pa., on wednesday August Sih at 2 p. M., fur the purpose of electing officers for said company. By order of commissioners. A. Aug. 12. 65�?32-31 r. To. Wallace. Secretary. %tne firm of John. A. Do utter amp lj�ssfc7/.co. Mining Coal on the Marshfield. Property in Smiley town slip has this Day Beratlis solved a Mutual consent by the withdrawal. From the firm of James Roebuck. Thu business hereafter will conducted by Henry Heil amp John. A. Dutto a under the same firm name of . Duitz a co. August 9. Ulft?32-ot Legal i oti executor a ivoti�,i�wt�77,. Of admits Tragiou on the. Of a to a .1/?T5 Zerbey. Late of wet Bruf Wirt. Kill county deceased have been Gra Arci to to a Scriber by the register?notie Hrrt-bv-,g,.e All those indebted to said estate to a j those having Clauris will present Tubeo tor a Danielzyk Okyi a. m. Zerbey. It Pottsville August 19, 65. Zzz to a t3t the Akpha is col it of 5 i Bill Clinnly Emil a to id. I>ec�a�ed?the Ondera Ogimi 4aditor#y pointed by thesud_cv>t�rt.to1ii? of pm z a the hands of the executor of tire said estate a wings tic parties interested at Hia office on cd a Row a Lerv Revti to univ of i Aru . Pottsville on monday. 28th. 10 of clock . Geo. U. Clave i Aruj a of Augir. Zoltay Itle August 12, 65 jvotice?whereas, Ray ire , has with it it just Kii Stavor Png to Catirina left my bed and Board therefore. I hereby notify will persons Ctm Cerue but to Trust the said Eizabeth june Thomas or my acc Airit. As 1 will new debts contracted by Here and any one Trust ring Willolo so at rho if own risk. Quot. Ashland july 5. �?T63 3t-3t James the my a. A. Gun Leraan cared of nervous. Debit qty. Prem at , and tie effects of , will furnish others with the Means of cure. Free of charge this remedy is simple Safe and certain. -. It. 1 a. For full particulars by return mail please address John Biogen Quot Quot Quot 60 Nassau. St., new York., Quot ?~3m Elm Bordy a extract Buchan gives health and vigor to the Frame and Bloom to the pallid Cheek. Debility is accompanied by Many alarming symptoms and treatment is submitted to insanity or epileptic fits ensue. Auril 8. 65.&Quot r 14.6m a whip Kikm wiiiskek8 do Yon want whiskers or. Onsri ices ? our grecian compound will Force them to grow on the smooth est Jice or Elhiu or hair on Bald Heads in six a weeks. Price $1 0ft. A sent by Moil anywhere closely sealed in receipt of Price. Address. A / . Warner amp co. Box 13� Brooklyn by. Feb ii 65/. A by Audi tent and Catarrh treated with Tho utmost Success., by or. A. Isaacs. Oculi st and Aorist Fonn Erly. Of Leyden Holland a. No. .&19 Pine Street Philadelphia testimonials most reliable source in the City and country Gin seen at his office. The medical faculty Are i United to accompany their patients As. has. No secrete in his practice. Artificial ryes inserted without Painno-charge made for examination. A. March 11 a get 10-9m. Tie of Mas is ski notii?1therefore the nervous should use ii Kim but Jim a ext to Poi a. A a april a 14-Cra a. Ivoxiue?All a Rumen and others arc. Hereby cautioned against trespassing farm of the six Scriber township. Schuylkill county or knitting any. Hounds or. Dogs Hunting thereon. Tip car the full penalty of the Law which will a enforced fullest extent. A dogs found running on the premises will shot. A a August 5��?T65�?T. 313t. William s. Kramis. A votive Lair real a Crew office 10th i trial annual Asse it Swient of. Persons Iii the i Fath of Pennsylvania liable to tax on licenses carriages and other articles enumerated in schedule a and on incomes for the year 1864. Having been completed and a Listl Hereof placed in by hand by the assessor for collection notice is hereby Given that the duties arid faxes contained in said lit Are now due a rid Pava blk. And All persons in Schuylkill county charged there with Are require d to ame at the Coll Cipr s Pottsville on Anil after a Yiock Vav flip 7th a any of Anu i.s65, ii til tier Kuay inc it idly of september is63, inclusive. A. the must made in United states treason note.-, Rirs in notes of Banks Luv act to provide a National currency known As National backs a office hot urfi from 8. A. A to fat p. M., / a b?a penalty of ten per cent and a fee of Twenty cents of notice will . those Olio do. Not within the time prescribed by Law.and a Fine of five Hundred dollars or imprisonment for two years or both Are the pedal pics Lor doing business without a quire. James a. 1nness. A -. A. Collector 10th District pm Nna. A aug. 5th, 1865. 31-4t a. In the orphan a coir?�f.ichtttt 1 1 kill,omitye�iltile.�f Thoun cd Ling dacea��i?the Unden in ii a. And�., a pointed by thai said court to distribute the Balaj a the hands of Lewis Reeser Dammis Fintor. Win the. Parties interested at Bis office in myth Stanton to Pottsville on tuesday. 29th August j of clock a. 5l Quot Georji , Pottsville August 12, 65. 32-st i in the copy of Fol nov. To it fiet. I. A it. A. Charles f. Kopit Zuscin John Doii erty. J tie . Auditor appointed or the court a to distribute the balance of the in a ufos Rai Stii by the above i. A in a Smirt to and Amiiag-thuf.frstms.e�titled.thereto?� will meet the Partis tui rom a office in the 15orough of Pottsville on Jion tit the Lay of Liang Vikt a. Ftp. Ís65, at j o clock Iti the Forenoon put make . / John ii baht auditor. Pottsville. Angust 9, 053�3t exec i t o r sgt no tic who reas Litturi a of admin a Marion on of Maria Dei. Bert,.late of North Manheim township Schuve kill county deceased have been granted to writer by the register?notice is hereby Given inde Lrtil to Suid estate to. Make payment and Thoie having claims win pres eur them for settlement. A . . Axe Utor. Joly22, ,65. 29-i it a 195 160 Foley . 157. Feeney Michl. A Foley Mich no a Foley Mich no.2j Foicey. Mich. Fahey-wmv-. a Foyle martirr.&Quot./. Of Rrt Foley Allis butt cell James Florin Taos Goyne . Gibbs Henry. Sweeney John. Smith Thos Sanders Edw. Tovey Thos.,.tracey Mich. In Tippett reuben., 754 Verner Thos. 249 Walsh Jas. When la a Jas. Wade Mich./. Quot Shalari jolt1st3 .208whalan . A 224jwabh-Jas s i Welsh j r./. 241 a Welsh 30s a Tho s./. 2\7j Whalen . / 20l\vateh a 42i Welsh John. /l34welshgtas1,899jwo�lcock Edw. It. 352 a Young John. Reilly township. Adams leyl cft.1 a Cunihan do 473 Mcmullen Alex?� 372 Mcgovern Mich a. Lv>3 Maher . / 265, Meredith Isaac. �?�273 Maurer John. �?�121 149 9147�?~ �?o140 442 / 31413 57785. 420118 142 194. 18 317?�407 m58 a 4sn 69. 160 171 117 164 .119 4 >7 a 57?�29 33212 1 213?�.-76?�936 104. 313 a it -. Foft. 25 50 326. 376 a 20.3 267 -. S Lia a 592329 21ft 134 a 2ftg 79317ft. 79 a 502 a 190?�272 .-234 188 116 134 a 309 .-23ft 705 455 / Lff la a 933. So. 445 113 428 2,211 a 67. -539 42ft 99. 3ft a 119 329 a 3 so. 492 i98 127 .200 14 318 Beurian d no 2�.br Owtis j thu. Brennan put.?z. Brims Anthony Barnard / Heivry Christian. Coleman Cornelius chair cd Hiram Clauser Philip a. Cavari Singh Thos cunning arii m Conley Mich. Cullen. Jas a Cavany. Edw. Cockill Ezra. Cd cd Cill Thos. / Dailey Mich/.-, Quot if Mosev John. Diin Francis Dan of Isaac. Ernst a. Ferris John. In Lori Llu Trey flynn.. In Sheri this. /.-. Faust Jac. A Good Felt a . Hoffman Johari Glutton Wra a. Harris . Llime Jac Haberacker Danl / Ilju Iris Geo. Beneville. Joyce Edw. Jofin on John. King John Brno ii township. Peter t1. Collins,/.,. John m. Cropland. Charles Mcgee. Edw. Connelly. Jthn Dormor. A. 3>. E. Nice. up . Lah a ten. Geo.,f. Wiest tones. A. . / Jos. Haughawout. Job. Schuyler. Psf Billot. A 918045- a / 25 a. 28/27 22v. H?�-6 a 10. 17. 6 i 2d ,. 124. .14857 31./.is messes Copius acid Crosland were declared. Nominated. A a s the. Convention then proceeded of vote tor a candidate for Dietrict afto Nicias follow s / a. A. / psf Baiot. A a 2d a Flat janaos�llis.fr.94/. -. 190 / a. V82. 86 a guv Ftp a que car 13-,. A a. Or. Eilis was declared the nominee. -. / the convention than proceeded to select a candidate for treasurer five ballots were taken a give All but the fourth. were not present Vihn i that was taken Quot 1st Bat 2dbnt 47 49 49 .36 5 3dbnt a 52 5056. 27 -. 4 st bal. 152 it 77 b. Bult by. 42 Quot Nich , .46. Edw Bradley 48. Conrad Seltzer. 48 a . / .6 m. Stock a. 6 -. A. A. -. Or. Rudy was declared nominated. / a for commissioner or. Benjamin Evora a waa a nominated of the second ballot lie., receiving 58 votes and Patrick Dormer 50.,. Fair cd Nonty Surveyor or. Get. W., Matchin Wae nominated by acclamation. \. Col. . G.,Johnson was nominated for Bro her on the first ballot. The . Johnson. 88 /./. 35 / . Orwig was nominated for d sector of. The poor a and . Lewis Drower for. Auditori resolutions Quot negro suffrage mice. Genation1�?T�bf which modern. Democracy enema to hive great fear advocating leniency to Southern Rol it Eli r add approving of the of Strouse in Congress Ranzau in tie. Senate arid of the fellow they sent to the legislature Glicr cannot read nor write were adopted and the democratic Cou veh Hou adjourned. To Rae about at usual Quot / / a Dan Sori argust.Benj.-. Wieninger John p. Bonner. Jas a Bank Nich././. Brown David. . Brennan Edw Briggs Jos./. Burr. Martin. Cannon. Mich con Defigh Jas or. In by Copgrove Henry. Crow John i.,-c�slow. Owen. Conner . Cowell . Co Nelly Edw. Connelly Edw. Daley Nich. Doran John. Dunn Bernard Doran dooley..Davis Dennl a Davis a i jews Llya. Davis Cven Mich / Deitz Geo. Donahoe Wra Doyle Danl. Dnn Wirig John Doherty this. Davis Evans John 3d. ,. Evans. John 2d/ Eyman thop.,Everhart Fred., Eyang Evans Thos. Sheri Rengel. Fry geor cart Fry John 1stfaulcernhta Farley Thos./. Fox Mich. Fry Taos go Nley film Jas. G Tiffith Alex. A Griffith Johari. Get Small Lewis Gardner Sigmund. Gilroy Mich. Gon Deri to. Gottachalg Henry Hample Lewis. Harria Geo .�?T./. To Wells Edw. Hatton Rob Hutchin d a . Howe la Lewis. Dodgers. Wra. A a Howe a Ephraim. Nug Hesdahl. James David iat Jan ethos to. A James David 2d. Junes 2djones David. Kofl Rathe ./. Kelly . / John. Lloyd later John. Lew the . La nth Hugh. Lynch Jar. A 303 . 246-Mcnelly. Robt. -667 Muir David. 33r> mealy pit. -. 363 Morgan Reilly A?�/.98.meehanjohn., 424 moors Robt. a film / a pc it la go Mem t 2da Sil moot ban Thos. A. A my Eschbach a. / �?�.577. Mcgovern Edw Edw John. A460.Moore Jos. Al Murphy 2ft2.3�enamfa a Rich. Is ,. 212.mcgovern Philip. A 3 Mcgove in t 204 Mccutchen Cut Mcgee John,./3ft Milter Peter. To Mcginty jah., ,. 278 Nichol Soti John. A a 37 of Connor Jere. 715 of Neill Dennis. / .125 Pinkerton Levi. 57 punch Mich. 452 Patton a.  ?�25s Peters Thos/./. 395 Parnell Thos. 192 Phillips 6s Prichard. John. A. 500 Parry Joe. .1 a 2ft3 pm Vul jere120 Quin a Ohrin / 97 Quin Francis Quot a175 Rodgers Thos. A 12jrcilly Mich,.-.,. Is Rowland Boa 142iramage Rich-1.756�roncb . 3,257iroach . A i72scul1eri ., 16li$hrebanjaa�. 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A. 22 Kilmury Andrew $ ,. 4fki Lathlean 19� Lii ferry Hugh a. 223. Lan Dat Nan Philip. 2t5.mccormick . 113 Murphy Jas. 391 Mcdonald. John. L,062. Mister Christian. 231 Malm Ghirin Pyi. 173 Mathews Geo l .�7 Montgomer it John its Mich. Ftp Nachtrieldanv a 4.4wl��c�1k Rich. 471 fifi Ges Mark. A Ftp pm cell . A 1.0o-f Partridge Thoa 3vt-Robison 170 read Josiah h. / 344 Rich Rdse Jos. A a 48 Rowe Orri 1$0 Shivlin Jehu. 4l7.sinscl John z. -435 Simon Quot John. A 46r.simrnan Orri. A 1s3 Starr Johari. S6 37$ so Grill 295 Trezise John or a .155 Trezise Rich. 6 Trezic walter.211 Williams Morgan. A a64. Wilcox d Hgt a. A ,236 Whalin Philip. A fi9 351-William? rce a. 00 Zimmermanj a. 365 a Quot a Coal Thomas 57 cents. Of tar township. 31 004. 88�?T 573. 1>2 106 274 303 a 222�� 5 .163 a 405, .66$. Ill 332 953239. V 34 200. 2$6. 46 120 so. 426 .296 $13 a 40 13. 199 446 43 130 Quot a 75 a 3or 124. 694 69 a Rod 1.252 236 .1,0 10. 037 932 a olt i 133 247 22 the Brit Tel chamber an essay and instruction Foy Young men published by the How.-, Ard association and sent free of charge in sealed envelopes address. Or. 3. Skillin Houghton Howard association Philadelphia put. A -. A feb.il?Tcd. A / a. ly thing of scanty is a Joy forever. Those Whir desire brilliancy of complexion must purify and enrich the by old which Cut in ont bating ext Aitt inva Riahi does collect it is no Patent medi Ciric. Ask. For Hembd lds stake no other z april 8, 65. A 14-6m-. Notice.tliose wishing to become Rich or a ii Recd they wish Ehin did Gend for orig or All of the i Pleyte seven secret charms. To thousands have done a it and How rejoice. They Cost but Little and do much Goodfor further particular Send Starup and get Lull a explanation to Fmayo. Ballston a Jan 15� 65a. A ,/29-�ot� fir to Velve perbeotvpk1. Can 905 had it alien a frill a by for so 5. July ?Tco.-, a .26-tf. If Xvi the largest manufacturing chemists Iii the. World. A a. I am or. 11. T. Mami. Facture of ilrlmitor.?Tb gun Cine Carrara tip is. red the drug store opposite my residence and wa�v8�sccfts�fui in. Conducting the business where others had not been equally so before him. I have been favourably impressed with his character arid Enterprise. A a. William Wrightman. Firm ,. chemists 9th and Brown streets Phila. April 8 65. Quot a. It a / l4-6m f 76-Keating Jas. 873. Keatin gwm -. 404 Kiin tier Geu 1,6 Lankiu John. 113 Lawler a. 8ss Ladden ./. /wler-.thofl 2s0 Mayer Hiram. 224-Moyer a 125 Mach micb/./. .1,354.machjohn� a 43 meal Cju put. --1.57 Martin . A. Moore Mich./. A 174 Mccahey . Z. 392maley Geo 219 Mcgowan Johari. l,s60�moorri . 650. Mcgrath a John. A 691 a Noland John 31 a Orne Jas 122 Obrian Dennis�. A a. 45$�payne Jos. /139 Pryor John s. 1,343 Robertson andrew�?T1 a v399 ree Dadism. A 205�?~ry�n ././, Fiso Ridington. John.70tryan Mich. A. .233 act Vinton Mathias a 52 Ruth Franklin. 189 14s-Ryan Mich. A $3 . 1,37ft shit. Peter.,. A 9ft Stevenson Jas. 10,s77. Saint Les Worth Jos. 1,054 Silver John. A 7s6 a. A 857 Wilson Henry. A a 74 Wiesnet chae?�27 whalm-Mich?T/./. A 97 Weir rhbr/.i-. 23ftwatkiria Wra m. .1,065 Wilson Midi. 20$ Whitehead . A. 3$7rwhittle Chas 15r>r a ,. 1 20ft .146 .69 124. �?�697 232 261 1,u31 .504 104 157. 225371?�86ft 94 a .56 a 293 303 .529 4i 6s� 1 a 201. 16s 466 44d. 1.5 351411 a .15 Quot $55 1$ a 827 112 444. 38 75. 540 179 Lotif tits497351 it a. 279 291?� 150 106 a 469 Helmboldt a concentrated extract Bucu. Is thereat diuretic. A . s extract Quot. A a is the great blood pit Kjier. A a both Are prepared according a to rules of pharmacy and Kemistry. And a the most Active that can made. A Iii $,65�?�/. 14-6m to or potty a to Vuk .-.-�?�. Quot Poi Stville. July 13, 1s65. The informs the citizens of Pottsville and Vicinity that 1ms opened a this Borough a on a lot a of ground above Mckeowne a tavern on the Road and near Tho mint Chi Ron a will keep constantly a Tiff hand Coal of All. Kinds.and sizes and of the let Cost &Quot.ttu�iliiy, of a it the outcroppings of vein so and Hopes to receive a Lair share of Public patronage. It is Nuques. Lio Nabit that a Good cd al Yard has Long been needed a in Pottsville arid the undersigned trusts that Hisen to reprise will bo.�ncourag�daridsustained. A a ,. Ctr al weighed before delivery. A a. Iki xes for. The reception of orders which will a promptly attended to.,will placed at the following Points in the Borough . A Quot american House. A a Quot a. V a Fegers hotel. "1-1 a. Union hotel a. A i Fitz san Dersons drug store a it Ftp ctr to Saml. Morriss store Centre. Street. I. Downey Sbarber shop i. A Heisler a hotel Corn. Miners in id. Z / a. C. bht.iwn�?Ts stir a Market strict. A Quot James Becky a chunk Street. Rising Sun hotel Miji Erville Road. A. A Miller amp Manbeck East a on Egian Street a / Price list of Coal per ton. % broken Coal at the Yard $4 Ftp Denvered .$5 fun egg a Quot a4 50 550 a4�0 . 5 50 a 3 00 it a 40ft. A. A v 2 25/j a "3 25 pc. . A. A a 29-3ra a Quot a. 4 Dulnik that oium kotice.znoticxl if hereby Given that the Hrul end 1 Piini ted by the rugs Star of Schuylkill c Nonty. Admmw., j try tor do Boniv my to of Jacob Butz. Late of Saint Schuylkill county. A deceased. All . Imi-ht� a . To said estate will immediately make payment ar.4 those having claims against the estate will present them fur settlement to. Lewis Weeser administrator do Bante non of the despite of Jacuch Hon deceased. A .pott6villc, july 22, 65�??~ct 4 l lll\i.htuat10n in Oticewbmiv letter of admin stration Ori. The estate of a tit sin. Hermann Krauth. Late of the 103d n y. Vob., Ivy a mis a iry of musters fart Suffy a audit. A tvs terabit off , have. A it Een. Granted to that designed notice is hereto a Given u All those induct cd j to said estate to make payment and. To those a it i in claims to present them without Delav to Quot Julius Ell Ruar a administrator. Polc Villa. Pa., Jelv 14, Lse a. 2s.0t 4 Ivd n01v, May 15,1.sg-t, the court <.rd7r v and direct the treasurer arid collector of Blythe township of receive to town hip Road order for Tho payment of Road taxes for the year. L$6ft, in ill Btl township except Tho a order drawn and issued it ,1865/ for the current expenses of the it end 1865 june 3, 65.z_ygtim a . To a King Titi Johnj vhf cd a below Saie Quot Fiche fi�"1 a boat june Heun och col b Yasui a try boy it thou and eos octet mrs s 0 ass Bei j hit John so my Csuti trios John j to Bce John Rev a old a hem Chris r Sami Bosh sa1 a pm eds i i r k Art Nyji . B Jain John.Sami John or f Sami mrs s g i. J c of Geo s a mrs pre Sam a la. Jota to my a Rev Job Geo Cha Peh Jos i Levi dra Ilir Dar twi Dot 1 Job it Alii Jas Ai old j t 1 car Jar Jer of Chi wide. Get Lei to for Sale and to let. Of r # 41the Hon i in Morns addition now occupied by Thomas it Crick Esq. Also Orie House South and three Honses on. Rear of said -. . For terms eur que Attis office. Pos . Aug. 19, 6ft?33-rf. R Idor 8ai/�?1 new 20 horse a 10x30 Inchwtlh heavy Box bed plate z\kn5 new boilers 30 Inch diameter 3ft Long. For for ii apply to Jcarter Allen a to. Tumi Ivria August 19, of it. A 33-3m. for ihar>e?14 acres of Gar Tjun and farm Iani. Under Good cultivation with valuable . Mente situate in the Borough of Pottsville a in rat it i. Tiou of which May .for-building la its. Korpar tier Lara inquire of a William a . A August 19th. 65. 0 3t g stove Chestnut Tea july 22, 65/ wanted. Not it few. Of tie worm do a Oil Ders int afflict Mankind Quot arise. From in options of theblood. Ii�i.mimii.?T6 sex tue it is a remedy erf the Rit most value april $�?��?T.65 a 14-cm. Ileum Boydte fluid exp incl Bucu is pleasant in taste and. Odor free from All injurious pro a Fertie and Imri Veriato. In its action. April s,.65l4-6m to i ii riff Kurich the Bloomil. Fiul Llean Cor Alexiou. Usic ht.amitoi.?Ts Conlen thu ate a .Uuvextbaot on Boule equals in strength one Gallor iof the syrup or decoction. Apri 18. �?T65. 14-6m hair Bye i1air i air Quot Dye. Is the Best in the world. The Only True Dye Ila Nile ssh instantaneous Itel Jable a part Klucens a splendid Black or natural Browne remedies the ill effects of bad Dye?,., and frequently restores the original color. Sold by al. Druggists. The , wa. Batchelor 81 viral ted a situation As bookkeeper orto if in to charge of a store. 1 nine years experience with one of the largest goal Corrip Anies in the Meirion having charge of their store and kept the books address Rox 62� Hazleton , to. A August id?T60?33�.2tb v a \ \ int k2 do second hand Iron Safe of mod rate size apply at this office. It a tick to or x Sale a Fine first . In Good in Braiu or. A Der and nearly new. Will sold at n Sac Riiho but Tab present owner who has quit the business aug two Horae Spring Wagon. A can inquiring Nurtha. 1 Washington hotel Schuylkill have u. In Hast. August 19?T6533 1 f. . Bast i a my talk of affable told left i lot8. Will sold at the Augusta Lotel at Pic Kiir. Railroad company a works on saturday. I Hugh Dav of september. 186.v a Lim Teil a Utah a town lot located in cakes addition to suit mar Sale to commence at 1ft o clock a. M., when editions writ made known by a l. Sunbury aug 19, 65?33-4t d. L. Brawn. . The i sri Clit. I i Fie it in l i Job to k Fin a la August 12, ?65. 23 3t Tanto. A Good Salesman at wholesale notion House 227 North third Wii Phil Nicl Phil. None experienced hand and one vrho can influence a Good Trade need apply. A Good Given. / a arig.12, 65?32�3t. Wante o?a Good second hand engine thirty horse Power with one double flu boiler. Addrosa Mcdowell amp Baechtel Hagerstown my. V a aug. 12?T65 a. A. A32-61_ bar Triy Street new York / Jannary 7,1865. A my. A c lear smooth suit Auri follows the list of helmikh.� a Concis in try tki ext Urr sarsaparim.a-. It removes Black Spote pimples and All eruptions of the skirt. A ?T65. Quot 14-cm. A Quot bookkeeper having Tiina a would of ten or close ,.gamine or. Write them up on reasonable terms having practical exp Uri a Eric and Good reference. Address b. �\v., Rox Gil it. I. Ottn Villa Pon Zaug. 12, 65?8241 for 8aee or to Eamea tray. Al a land situate a riff Amile West of Llewellyn in Branch and Reilly townships s in Jimiy. Cou failing 430 acres having a run of Jyh Iii a if s mile on the following veins Viz the Gate Yeats Srp Kirk. Black mine Tunstel. Faust and Salem. Tartei wishing to Purchase or to lease will make Niph Catiti to Joshua Lippincott. Richard Smith lust j. Dundas Lippi no i it to a exec fors of the estate of Janies Dundas. A la Reid no at 1 ill in Lynul ml., fbilmln., or to Cit Arles m. Hill real a Tate agt., pot Ritty. August 19. �?T65. 1 a 33 of Quot for naive?T�?a tight respectable and profitable. A. Kiu Innala a Ivo or a Ftp a in incas. Reason for Selund health. Apply to the editor of this paper. A August 12, �>5. A Quot Iti Arkino. Wanteda partner to Start chemical a works 1 in this neighbourhood. A ii who would to furnish one half the capital required to put up the works. Vapne hut one who Umlor stands the business need apply address. David a Evans a Potte Vihn . A. A Quot a miotk?T65. A a. A a / -.32-.2t?�. A a All marriage. Notices must accompanied Ecith 2ft cents to appear inthe a Tunnat. A / a Gray Illar baldness dnn draft. Any by sense of the scalp?no disco Ket Caw Coa Rio a. Gnu to. It if Sot a Dak. A hair color restorer London a done a Lon done. A a London i mde do London. The. A Roeln gee at a by meet a hair color. Restorer a hair color Restorer?� a hair color restorer hair color restorer Quot a hair color. Restorer. Bright�?irwinat Belle Foite on the Lgth Ull by Rev. Or Linn to Fly i .0. Bright of Pottsville. To Jane Irvis youngest daughter of John Irvin Esq . A Wilh�Ms-Griffith?on the 29th of july at Gil Beriou by Rev. E. Crompton. Or. . . A late of the 48th rvgf., pm v., and miss eur Isoa. Guif Fitzi of Gilberton ,. A a Quot . /iser�?mealing?at the English . Parsonage Minersville. Sunday evening. August 13tb. ? a 0. Shindle. Is. Jam a Weise Bjo miss. A Beauno both of mind Raville z Quot to aisted a Forir male and teach a f v a Era to take charge of Public schools in coning him township Colin ibo a oti tyi for a term of ten. Month to commence in september 1865. An Exantil nation of held in the school you eat Centralia near Ashland August 24, 1$65. A a Augusta. 65?31-3t Jno. W.,Bedford, secy. a it �.�?one female teacher to take charge of a Public the Borough of Middleport a Schuylkill a Choo will commence Ltd tic 1st a ii sept Riiber. Applications will received until. The 2i�t inst. By Ord i of the Board of directory. A. A aug. 5, 65. 3t-3tj William Herman so cd a 32-21. A two Story Frame dwelling House on front Street in the Borough of st. Iris a Clair. Apply to. John Seitzinger at. A August 12. 65 32� it tri / ixoi4 Sanije. Two new steam engines wifi nully. Fly wheels six Inch bore of Cylinder. A or oly to Richard sub bold. A a / Eagle works Norristown. A. A August 12. 65. A a ipod waive . F the Shenandoah Lotel in j the Shenandoah Branch of the Maha r a Noy Coal Fields. Schuylkill a on the Lehigh and Mahanoy rail a Road and Ori a Branch of inc Reading rail id apply to 1 p. Sheafer agent forn Wner. A a grist .12, 65. ,.32-u. A do Kaale t i Quot pm ftj/hist?for Sale two new. Pumps eight in Rhet. Quot Diame Erv six feet stroke fitted up Complete bras Valvesac, apply to Hnz Burrol a la 1 / soil to 4th Street Philadelphia or John. Nortoft Agtpiitston. La Yemc county. Aug. 5. �?T65-3mt. Simple announcement of deaths f ree. Those a. Com pained with notices etc., must paid for at the rate of a cent i per line. A. A a Burlingame a in this Borough 2d inst Frank Rohs Only child of Edwin a Burlingame aged ,3 years and 9.months a. A Evans?in st. Clair. On the 17th-.of july for and in v� August 16th, Between. Pottsville and port. Carbon a pocket Book contain a. A a ingest so a of the late Lott Evans la the 31st year. Chg about Thirlo dollars the name of the owner is in of his / a. A a v a the pocket Book a the finder will Ctm stably rewarded by. It is the a win restorer of Kair dark Inoch Juneo. Delicately perfumed a / i. It will cat orc Gray hair to Erig irial color. 2 it Wal Mckelt grow on.haldh��ds.-, 3., restore the natural secretions Quot. 4 remove All Daud stiff and itching a. R. 5 make the hair soft Glossy arid flexible. A a. 6. It will press Rve the original did age. 7\ ,prevent t fri / a s. It will Curc All diseases of the scalp., it i8 Pivot a Dye. ,. A a. �?~afr a color restorer read. A Quot. A ?olo7id<n&Quot a Oliou font a lond by Quot a Loric fms. Ulo Doii Quot a Lon done certificate. Hair color restorer Quot Jln in color. Al Storer Quot hair color restorer Raj air color restorer.1 a hair color restorer hair color of his Fisher?on the let inst in Mahanoy township , Cak Olink Fibber daughter of Charles Troxell aged.2$ years-2 Mouths and 7.Days a -. Hoff a in. Pinegr�,.catharine�, widow of the late John Holt in the 90th year of. Her age. A a. Mulle the 10th of. August. In?Tpinegrove to a shop Ages to. Wife of Dauich Mullen aged 57 years 5 months Aud Lftdaysa a A. A Swartz a on the 7th inst. In Schuylkill Veuy Jacob Putur son of Samuel Swartz aged 5 months and. 22.Days. A A a. A setdel?on the 14th irist., in this Borough Mart a daughter of Daniel b. And Mary a. Seidel j aged 19 months?T. A . Shoener a on thursday. August 17th. Korob 1 sri ormer. Aged 37 years 10 months and7 Days. A . The friends of to lib Decey sed Are respectfully invited to attend his funeral without further notice from his late residence in Orwigsburg , the 20th instant left a m. .-.?~ a Quot . Lost and foun d l ost?on tuesday afternoon. 15th inst., . Neck of a baffle. A Fine Gold neck Chain. A Liberal Reward will paid for its return to Gordon Smith. Corner third and Market streets Pottsville. A. A augite 19, �65. A. 33-h a J094t?on wednesday pocket i Rita Virnig it at mrs. Phillips. East none Arian Street Pottsville. William Williams Eagle Olill. August 19?T65/ a by it try Ítilt�?came to the premises of the 5. Subscriber on tuesday August 15th, 18�jft, v n to Fork Bay mule Black legs and government Brand on his so Nilder and tin s on his neck. The owner will Call prove property expenses and Teke him away or will t>c�old according to Law. A Owen Beltona Ito Tameris Home. A opposite the , near port Carbon a. August 19, 65 73 31. Stimyedcamc to the. A adorn tie Graves of the dead?�. Farm of the. To nut Carbon rolling Mill co. Ori aug. 1st. Isis a Light red cow a horns Crummy the four feet Ali it fro Rii Knees flown face White Bell on her Rcck. The owner will please Call prove , charges and take her away or she will sold according to Law. A. John Conley watchman / -. Aug. 19r 65�?33-3t. / my Carbon rolling Mill. Lost on the evening of Trie 8d inst., in of tii a us al. Isy ont most eminent Guys Lucians and Cleegv?� a Distjwayne amp 8on some ago i began to lose my hair arid continued to. Do so until the Scalp became the Palm of my hand troubled also with a disagreeable itch Irig fever great heat and Ennd Ruff Small pustules would form quire Sorc to the touch. And the remaining it ortion of the hair on the. Side and. A Back of my head became quite Gray. After using a / number of restoratives without Success. 03d my. Head nearly destitute of hair i reluctantly Commeth cd rising London hair Colok restorer and Dressing?� now Candor and Justice compel to Sav to �11, that through its use i now possess a new and bears Tifrit growth of hair. Com Pletchy restored to its. arid Glossy appear a Arica Anil l assertion the world furnishes no preparation equal to this Hud i do. Conscientiously 13�-� say to All who Are Gray or bold hair dry and harsh or 363 a falling. To a use at once this cleanly and delightfully perfumed Isaac l. Marshall -. A a Quot Quot Guin or to rioted stat ii Navy Quot Quot a Phiri passenger car Between Reading and Schuylkill ,. Haven or a the Borough of Schuylkill Haven the 1zt to a to to to r y a to 1/ discharge papers of Henry Burns private co. A 50th 4 Quot. A iiret., p. The finder will in a Uit Ahly rewarded. A mines Viii lie a. By leaving them at the Washington Hall Schuylkill a. Haven or at of the mince journal. Special Sale of coveun.1ient a Islieb at the United sell at Public auction it ?~hniiiproiis City Ryznar and Thler Albi incr mt., bet Coli 11th Aud tilth. Phila do Labia during the month of August. Ls6ft,. A / a hit shred f800 7iiles. A Tiese. Mules a All Senri Ceable and sold Only tor want�?T�use. Buyers Aro invited to examine them it a any tim and every facility will Gwon for a thorough inspection. Roomy Sheds Are provided for Protr Cimon from sail and rain. A it 0 100 Les. Will sold on each wednesday and satyr Ray throughout the month of August com Quot Mem Long at 10 cock. A m. Terrass Cash in government funds. / a by order of . Brig. Gen Ekin. Quot Alberts. An bad Cape and a. Ltd. M.,-Offl�, Quot no 721.Market Street Pheau Elphia a August 5?T65. 3mt. B a ii do a lots for Hafethi undersigned offers for Sale valuable building located in Schuylkill Haven the pro Terry of fhe Chin of George scr dec a Quot for term s. Ac.,.apply to. Henry Zimmerman Potts dec a. .zjrily.29i .65. / 3 >/6t___ m ac1sinekv for �aii�?T.-tt/iih-.-ribcrhas�?Triow.on hand and for Sale Piid id lot f old machinery . A a. Onc-60 horse , is Inch Cylinder� a stroke Wii a 9 foot hoisting drum pump Shaft wheel. Very heavy i. -. .qne-20�hnrsc eng ivc. 11 Inch cylindcr/2 foot Quot Troke. A 12 foot Fly wheel. Suitable for a Mill or u breaker. J one 12 horse engine Inch Colind a Quot 30 stroke a _ a al to one Short stroke engine suitable for Dristin i saw Mill or fan 12 Inch Cylinder 14 Inch stroke x a also two steam engines of 4 Livorse i it Ower catch. Also several heavy pump shafts and wheels of�?.�?�. Ouss Izea . Three Good second baud boilers with fronts and Steo water Ijes. A a a also one 2 foot hoisting drum suitable for a a breaker. Al of a lot of line sharing and pulleys a Jabez Sparks coat Street pot us. A july 22?T$5., a 5teau encilne?for Sale a stove engine suitable for heating a Lane room ii Kin a by steam All kinds off al for cattle by has been removed to the East end of. The a town Comer Quot of Munif Btry Kleet and . A a the Quot undersigned respectfully calls1 the att Utis a. Of a the Public to his Stock of. A a american amp italian Mabbie a Titch is Minlu factoring into Torabymdnumente,. Head and foot stones . Tabic and Bureau Topswindow Imd door Sills. Steps a air posts Schuylkill Haven August 4, 65/. A strayed Gray Mare came to Tolj premises of the. Subscriber in Pinegrove <1 v to Lily 0th, 1865. Right Hind Kanecia acc Elyj Jed the owner in requested to , sold ii cooking by steam All kinds of food for Catl about on third of the Tood a sated. A a Bannan. 493. 62 Turley . Ward rap those. 42$ Williams d 1st. 93 Wallace Archibald. 192�watson trios. 12o� Williams . 396�wadc Henry/.,. /697�wbltfy John ll2�william8.grlffltbs .64�wren Robt. 73.wnlsh Luke. 6lrwelsh John. A. 253 won?~.Peter a. 210 Zimmerman Joe. A 100 Zerbe Jac. A. 31 Zimmerman ii. $7 Zech Tell a 518 a. A a. -. A 421�213 706 441 45s64/ 367 163 125, �?�-466 .7$. 96 big j 69 .261 .542 .146 .-$88226. A z. 83ft Leonard Street pm Fladell Price 75 cents a sir Bott Les. $4/ sold by or. Swayne amp son .330 Street above Vine Philadelphia. Also by a. g. Brown amp son druggists Pottsville. Quot Henry Quot Saylor . A a. / Junell 65./ a. 24. offt Naper Llly Clerfa ses and renovates the blood instill the vigor of. Health a into the system and purges out the Humours that make disease. April8. �?T65. -. / / 14-cm army itchy Teller All Ernst a Ona j. or. Swayney so la Healing Ointment?� a Cdr swayne8 All Healing Ointment?� no Case so Obsta Nate or. Long standing not o92 j cure in a Short time All kinds of Tetter Are permanent123 by cured army itch which is so prevalent it ii ver.161 j Falls to cure. Chronic Erysipelas Salt Rheim ring a / won is Barbera a itch a eruptions covering the whole surface of the body old ulcers of Many years standing that put at Defiance every other Mode of treatment All yield to the Henling properties of the great a vegetable Salve a it a Price 50 cents by sending 6ft cents to or. Swayni amp son 330 Sirwet Pella Delphi a Box lfttj1 will mailed to any part of the United. States free of al charge. A a. A Quot . F42 sold by Henry Saylor drag Glit pot Evlue june 17, 65. A Quot Quot�4- charge Aud take her away or she with railing for cemetery purpose. Lettering of the. a _ 3_�?T3 jew of a tray of. Carao to the premises of the Sab All to a. A. Ted in the highest style of Art and the. Most substantial Mariner lie also ha1� now ready a it Beautiful strip tires made onto of italian mari>l<�,-.consist�ig-of some. Very heat designs for Cerne Tery purposes such As carved Lar Iris Flower vases. Urns Duvet amp a. Please Call and exr Ujiie for yourselves. Prices Are very low?. A fuck delivered at distance free of charge./. A. F. Eisenbrown formerly of North and co. August 12 65?�. A. r a / 32-3m. Of Scriber in Barry township on saturday aus st Vic 6th 1s65, a dark red of. The owner will Call manner lie also a now of Dye a it my bean Tifuh Sil a. Expenses and take hiiri.�way, otherwise a win sold according to . Aug. 12, 65. . Kantner. A 32-3t a jjb8. F. A. Hammkke1y. School for girls Ori a Jiow Day an in the basemen of the presbyterian Chui Mahari Tongo and 3d streets. August 12, 65. a to the Prem Scoof the subscriber Quot hear arc ssh Aon saturday August 5th, 1865, a dark red cow about 4 years old has two White Marks Ori. Her Hin legs horns Small. The owner will Call prove will open to property charges and take her away or she will nsust28th, Sola according to Law. A ill r Iron Corner of. Ang. 11?T65v?.2jit#. Edward Beck. A 32-4fc 100/ 358 .274 144 j49 53 153 new provision Aud go Corby store. A a. The undersigned has opened a store in Market Street three doors above third North Side where will keep constantly on hand. Flour., peed Rafter egg groceries a the patronage of the Public fare . Chas. Schnerr./. Pot Atlle aug12, 65 a. 32-tf Quot lost?two Niev cows i _. One All red Star on 1 forehead and few White spots on right Side the. Other red sides and front White Stripe on. Back arid hinder parts?�. Bell on. Each cow., any person formation leading to vill suitably Wor amp cd or ,. / mrs. Baum a City july 31, 65/. A / a. ,31-3t. S traite o?came to. The premises of the sub Sta Hanoy cold by near Mahanoy City on tuesday july 25th, three Good sized White pigs. The owner will. Rail prove1 property charges and take them away a or they will Sola according to Law ,.a. John a. Harlan East Mahanoy Colliery. Argusta a co. A. A. 3l3t ? Pope Btu at up i. Vate say?one-Lwenuqth let to id attract to Coal land hint a can the top ship. A comity. Ovi town a the Pott a Hainan tract contain ingabouf420acres. t 4n a tract of 22ft acres of Coal and Timber la. Itin Riley township. Quot , Between norwegian and Msj. Chunk streets. Pottsville a desirable Sites of warehouses manufactories. lots on Laurel rtteet.-,.a number of building lots Coal Norw Guj of Milroad and Wai Hington a streets�?ogreenw�hv1 Ai. Edition a Henry c. Ru88el�. Lace Sisereal estate at corp 2nd and Mynhart go its. Pottsville a. A june 10. �?~6?1 new jewelry est Abl Sliment. £5/ st0elk�e& Elliott b2�j of All kinds of Jet Terr it have Juit opened an assortment of watches by mostly of their own manufacture. Mair jew try repaired in Tjie Best a Aanner Warr Autro to j satisfaction. The Public Are invited to rail a c chasing elsewhere at j. S. Elliott sold 3door Blit our to the miners Bank. Atiar. I abcamaf\intituteaciaji�ical in Rind a Normal. 8ch,6�l at Orwin Aberg 9cbuyll<iu county Tinthis institution is open to pupils of both sexes. The design a to afford the al Vantage of a thorough English and. I Iii Cal education instruction ii Given in All the Branche usually taught in academies and seminar in 1. A oath highest grades. For full particulars address. Ai a reiyard?strayed premises aug. 12 65.323t. Rev. L a 8tinb, principals a v of the Norw Egian Coal co a dark a. Brown Mare mule the left Eye sore and scar upon the right thigh the above Reward will paid to any one returning the mule or giving Yufor Fatiori that will Lead to Sci recovery.1 Ii. Burun game agt., Norweg. Coat co August 12� 85 a. A. K.82-3�. Remarks Felt it a chemical analysis After a careful examination of heu Iii lds bark pm Iea Tiona they enjoy our utmost Confidence. consider. Them Safe and reliable. A veers a y ates. Pilai ill us. June 12,1860. April 8, 6$. 14-6m. Is retard a . �?�-., i Usu by paid for the arrest of to in crr ii sons who on the night of August rose.,waylaid and Fly cd up fri us�.�?o4 or. Pm and wounded his horse and a Furto. A a of $jp0 will paid non the pro ecu ion awl c Tion of the Persona Allty of Stich offence. Tiew Vert and Stehli Alkul Coal co a. us fri old Side. August 8th. 1865. Aug. .12, 65 .-�32�4t. Hcs ident Manase. Aug. I us. A Ytje y kit Loii k greek and h1,k pert a?�."�?�.�?T a. Lohss Hyson. A. Tsoh. ,. A . , _ a of very ape Dor ii laity. to of revived Sast 14 a i
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