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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1849, Page 1

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Pottsville Miners Journal And Pottsville General Advertiser (Newspaper) - August 18, 1849, Pottsville, PennsylvaniaSurrounding country that be Corinnea _ a business at the old stand opposite Matz s White horse hotel Street in the Borough of Otisville where he keeps constantly on hand an extensive and a Refalvy selected assortment of parlor and costing stores embracing All the old Trad approved sly it together with a variety of View ones admirably adapted to the wants of the Coal Gion. A a t the a improved Complete. Ofle a is a a a Pierce Sarcar lean air tight with Brick top oven a and a Stew arts summer and Winfer air 1 ight a considered by to Boer who Hare tested the probably the very Best Crio Kirg stoves that have Ever been invented. He with Confidence Calls attention to his great variety of parlor Ami cooking stoves which is unquestionably the largest Best and be found in the univ . _ j Fie Auola reps cons Antly for Sale a Large a a. A a Rij Stock of Sheet Iron tin and Japan Ned Ware of the Best Quality and at the lowest Cash prices r0.9,in in and All work connected with that Branch of be Botines will be Moy Yio. Stove cd stfovemittfy�8l Witt ten is Coredio Solomon , pc for of Asre egts and Railroad streets Jeffi ten Pottsville announces to his friends and its to Public generally that he has on band the most elegant assortment of stoves Ever offered in this Alt the newest and most approved patterns. He Par a if ulary tails attention to Mcgregor 8 Patent parlor Ovate it so bib is Best a Tore Bow in use both for comfy a it Roomy and he filth. I have the exclusive right of making these stoves in county. Also Call run radiators Empire cooking stoves a Superior a Nice for hotels. Willis air tight cooking stoves for Wood Coal families. Tart flt sind chamber stores a together with a Large assortment for All purposes All of Wimch will be sold at unusually Low rates. Tin and Japan Ned assortment of tin and Janan cd Ware is very Large nod. Embraces la to articles in fan lied which he will warrant to be of a Superior Quality. All kinds of tin and Sheet Iron Ware manufactured no order at the shortest notice. A roofing amp spouting. Ashes prepared to excrete tin roofing and spooling he invites those in want of such work to give him a Call a lie pledges himself to do and Bette than it As ver Bce Donc in thik place Befu the. The Public respectfully invited local and exam Rehla Stock and judge for . Oct7-1l general advertiser. I will Leach you to Pierce Ihbe towels of the Sinh. And brio out from the Catrene of mountain., Metal. Quot Atli will Alvo a nth to our Banda and abject All Natura to on and . Johnson. Vol. Xxv. . Every saturday by Benjamin Bannan Pottsville. Schuylkill county a. Saturday morning August 1849. Turn bar Yard at Pine Grove. Of ii undersigned respectfully beg leave to inform. Whew customers and the Public of Schuylkill co. Get a is they Huyeon hand now and offers ?�?~eij8lte blk cd of seasoned Lumler for building Cabinet making and Calr making purposes which they will sell cheaper than it can be purchased irom any other place. Flavin 8 on the litre Rem railroads they enabled to deliver Lum rom Pine Grove to most any other place in the Coal Region at reasonable terms. A May 12, 20-2mo , Smittic co. The Bucks county economist Patent air tight cooking stove. Tie greatest improvement of the a get the subscriber respectfully informs. The Public that he has recently secured it get a mint right for Schuylkill county tic amp for the manufacture and Sale Nottre new. K w land admirable stove called the t Bucks county among the Manv improvements Laidly introduced in is acknowledged on nil hands that nothing can surpass this in All the Point requisite and desirable in that necessary article of ious Ehn d Economy. The facility with which it is regulated thy regularity perfection find despatch with which cookery and baking can be done at Otic and the same tune and the Small Quantity of fuel con tuned air matters of stir Pray to who have tried it. And Gires it thu first rank among All the stoves a. It a Sunn Senry however n specify its Peculiar Fibril Ltd a Jit personal examination a fits feature will Best satisfy the inc who May w ii to make Purchase and it will afford the undersigned much pleatus to receive Calls und satisfy All inquiries with i expect to its capacities and perform a Anees. The store will be up fat a thirty Day and if found not to meet the to perform As represented it will be taken away without f charge. There three sizes nos 1, 2 and 3�?nnd constructed to Burn either Wood Cori Call and examine specimen now ready at the Sheet Iron Ware manufactory of tin subscriber in Centre Street two doors above the Public shoo Lxi where al a any thing in his line of business May be had on us commode it tingterni9. Abraham it. Clair. I3rai>y amp. Elliott and jewellers so draleb3 is Tlok same by wholesale aah a ret my store next door to the miners Bank Centre Street. R>tt9vli.lc. Messes. B. Ii e. Keep constantly i hand an extensive assortment of watches Etc of tracing every style Price and manufacture 3tn be found in this country among which they May particularly Reberto the celebrated Gold and a a Ilver levers of m co. To. Johnson Robert Llo Frkic a win. Roli Nixon ac., of whose Manti. Facture they have a splendid collection. Also Gold and Silver Anchovy and let Pines to which they la mind in Vite attention. Also a Large and Complete assortment of jewelry and Silver Veare embracing nearly uttry not iced prop itly Voln c under those clocks in Crea variety in ical fancy articles of every description. Repairing of clocks wat Dies jewelry -c., promptly attended to. Messes. B. Amp a Doem it Sitnic Pessary in advertisement to enumerate their Stockt More specifically suffice to say that it has Heen selected with much care and discretion and is gone of the most extensive to he found in the country. Their Long experience in the. Business will of tally warrant Tlam in inviting the attention in Purcha Sers. In the full con fide Nee that t hey enabled to Hellas a areas Iny Here Csc where. Ajderls47-Slly = l e. great bargain watch and Jet Vechy store. Of a wit eur Gold and Silver watches of every do Cripi in can be had at front rep to fifteen per. Air it. If thin any Olin a Alore in new York Philadel Ediin. Ivr?.uis who wish to get a Good . Perfect Ivr a Cuta cd would do Well to rail at i lie a store of the subs Iber. the Quality and Uriu of his watch s Wirlin Ilia of a ten a Marci. A a a a a Waights the Folly rep Loic prices levers full jewelled is Carat Casta 0� s Ivlev do do do 12 00 g do , jewelled is Iraq Case 23 00 Silver to a in 5 to Silver in from �.7 co upward. Gold pencils from to to in $8 00 Gold Pons with Silver Tny Eland pencils attached for 75 rent. A also a a a Duomo Fiss uti nent of and fashion Abl Jowe prices for below the usual store prices. Old Gold and Silver bought a taken in exr linage. A Lewis u. Buo Obalil. No 111 North second St., rigid door below Itaro Philadelphia. April a �?T49. cd i this advertisement out Ami bring it along you will then lie or. To Guinto the right a tire. Watches and jewelry. It cheaper than Ever. A wholesale and a a fail at the Quot Philadelphia Patch and tic clan Short a a a. 00 sorta Errend Street i Tern qua a Philton Lalii Levere 18 Carat aide full jewelled #30 and upwards. A Silver . Fum jewelled 15 a Gold Lepone is k cases jewelled 25 a a Hilver Pepines jewelled 10 m Hilver Ciu Alicr watches4tos10 Silvei spoons equal to ,Tea. 55 desert 613 table 615 other article in proportion. All goods warranted to be what they sold for constantly nne Hantl a Large assortment offing Gold jewelry 4ind Silver Ware. Also an assortment of m. J Tobias amp co., e Simpson Samuel amp brother amp <?�., John Harrison g. Amp it. Beasley and other Superior Patent lever movements Vav High will be cased in any style desired. Arrangements have been made with All the above a named to Treleani ted manufacturers of England to furnish at Short notice any required style of watch for which orders will be taken and the name and residence of the person ordering on if requested. 1 o. Conrad importer of watches of hip oct2s�?T48-41-.ly no. To n. Second St. Furniture furniture carpets. Venetian a a painted blinds. A. Ssang amp silly Han respectfully announce to the citizens of in Ottsville and the _ that they have opened a furniture Warb room in a Kania Ngu few doors from Centre where they have on hand a Large and fashionable Stock of furniture embracing the latest and most fashionable styles All of which ins been manufactured to their order by the Best makers in our cities. Their Stock embraces a general assortment of All the articles embraced in furnishing dwellings either a lain in the most luxurious manner. Bedsteads ranging in Price from 63 to 650, a and All other articles of furniture in proportion. In their stuck is a to embraced a Large assortment of venetian Blimp sail window Shade of the most approx. De pattern selected with great rare.carpett1ng, bedding and . They have also added to the Stock a lot of carpeting of the various qualities and bedding to which they rail the of those in want of these is our design to keep All the articles of furniture in Schuylkill county and prevent the necessity of persons going abroad in search of elegant articles of furniture. All of Whit h they determined to sell at Lens prices they can tie , with packing Rind Carriage added they therefore earnestly invite those who about linux anti those a i so who require additional furniture to give them a Call a they flatter them Delvca they can give hem any kind of a a fit out they May require at a great saving of funds. A f i1enry Gres Ang. A fit 1 Quot 15lf7 Alexander s1llyman. A 1, a"c.>.ol.ltl a if tvs 5 3�vwiioi.es. Be and Keivit h a a tax oods a cries. Teas. Liquors a. Jus can Tore on Centro Siree near the Corner Ltd . In Liiro the at Teuton of the citizen of reign and country is respectfully solicited. John l. Little a to Lutoll oct a Mil s. . Passage from Uver Pool. Passages in the Steerage of the first clan Fig bracket ships Mary Pleasants 8henandoah. A it a and Europe tailing from late Pool Abr Ihn Adelma on the is of every month throughout to lib year uan be secured on application to a a Samuel Pleasants. In nil 8. A 3j�, nu3lrc.&Quot in ill a Elihli. Liverpool and vet Xor i passage Agency. E. In. . Amp co., hat Street Xvi Tobe. Dunkin. Kimball is Lite foot. Respectfully informs their friends and if they hive commenced the shipping and commission Loee lher with the general it a engr business Grant inc of pastas from London Liverpool Dublin. Belfast any a a a aunt to i York Boston and i the most reasonable term s. A i Ltd a Jeaa Quot Frorer. Sci to any amount Milf 5ai,.kof a Sciand and its branches. The Days of sailing of Fth regular a in of Liverpool f. A o,9 m,1fixed upon a he it 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st, and 2 it in of every not ii. Thes ships All of the largest class and . Com no and a by men of chair tar and experience. The Cabin occur Mondat on All that can be desired in Point of splendor Comfort and convenience. Thev furnished with every description of stores of the Best kind punctuality in the Days of sailing will be strictly adhered to. J pc kit ships Roscius,,and Harriet vessels of the largest class and those desirous to bring out their Friend Canum Meleri finer safer shins Kinaley on the passage can be secured at the Lowi St rates Jye Orleans Lino of packets sail week la. Format Sage Frei Jarhl apply As above. A i n. A be. A. Kimball amp of. Othe subscriber has been appointed agent for this line in Schuylkill county. ? a "�?�uswi.sitar.v.n Jos. Mail i rav ii arrival. Such cipher having returned from i a vhf the in Roget Stock of goods _Olli Salt m this pm ctn it it no f Tsomis. . Provi spice fruits. I of Ami it i summer hats nys Queens Waro glassware. Lamps. Burning fluid. . It i�?z"5s it inv a rom a a a Kox a kick Bihling m norwegian Sirc Cit below the arcad6, oriere he is prepared to by ii on terms More of avoidable to purchasers than la a e of any other Eria Bli amp Wincn in the Borough of Fott Vilh. A u�6 ask Cut of goods embraces All the new Spring style which various and Timnui Ifni. Menus Anil Duvy i Cape for Sale amp to i ii pc Bohr can save at least 2� per cent. Ii Purchas ing a a c inmans ?lo.tf.j j new cheap store. A Rev s Passaic aeon cd arrangements foil 1k4r. 8. Sannan pottsvilu5, sole agent. Of Dut the bust passage let Klee in the cd item a tates. A 1 a Llev Hibib Scriber pm ctr ult hogs tender i sincere thank to it ii nume Ruut Emu and the Public for the very Jib tol support he has revived of up vans of Twenty . A and so Atlon of their in Indence. The despair it a a an Lia Monger have been Minglu the promptness with Weikh his very Roui it a crafts have been paid at the different Bank he flutter himself n sufficient guarantee to the Public for the faithful performance of any future Cou tical a a rite Iod into with him. The following the regular line packets la ail punctually on their appointed which passengers will be brought out without delay disappointment Viz slut so names a a capt is. Sheriffs sales real by virtue of several writs of by poems issued out of the court of common peas of Schuylkill count will be exposed to Public Sale Vendue on. A. Friday a gift 3is/, 1849, at 4 of clock. In the afternoon at the Public Bonso of Jan sufi Woolri Aceb in the town of Pori Carbon. Schuylkill county vis. A All that certain lot piece of of round situate in the Idowu of port Carbon Schuylkill county bounded on the North by Pike it. East by a 40 feet Street South by a 40 feet wide Street and West by lot of. Fight Contox Mon Pike Street 45 feet and on the 40 feet Street on the Ibe South 42 feet and along the other it. On the cast -142 feet being lot no. 6, in Potts adj a lion to Bald town we to itch appurtenances consisting Ofa 2 Stefy Ihme tavern Bouse with a two Story Frame kit Chen attached Ina to Xvi Story Stone House and a Frame a Hahhn As the properly of Jacob a fat the same Tisne and place Alt that certain lot par8tl off gun and. Situate Intizar Ninsi addition to the town of port Carbon in the county aforesaid hounded in front by a 30 feel wide Street North by land late of Abraham Nii East and South by Millcreek containing about cd fuel in front and in the rear 1c feet being in depth about 60 feet being lot no 1 in the plan of said addition with the no Purdeu amp uses consisting of a two Story Brick dwelling House a one nsitrt3_gtory fr310� Slaughter House Aud Frame i Quot a also All that certain Fot Pic roof in the town of Middleport county Afore Uit i bounded on the West by lot now Litcof Hugh Insley on the East by lot of diet amp Benshi Kcf of routing on Coal Street being lot no 3 in the plan of talk town cout Kinmg in Fronton Sai Coal True rub feet nine in depth 200 feel with tie Appie Nancis consisting of a on and a half Story Frame dwelling i inti a a Ono 3lrasfa�d a half Story Frame Butcher shop and n a Jessa Frame a Tahle As i he property of Andrew at the same time and place. All the right title and interest of Patrick monday in nod to All that certain lot piece of ground situate in Road s addition to the Luarn of port Carbon county aforesaid Botin Dod on the South by the , Cotini aiming in on said River about 100 first with the of a two Story Frame dwelling Honre a Icouls am shoes manufactured by b Towber no. 233 North third St. Paulada. Always on hand mensa double Ami single sole Boon and shoes saw a and pegged suitable for Ron works and Coal pit. ,1�\e c03r&c boots and Monroe. Also half roots sewed and pegged. Bora Bools m. A brogans women Saluot and shoes of Allin n. work of al kinds. Gums Housand unties. Of will fill orders Cliea for Rah approved Erraner. _august4, 1819. A ,o.3 m0 1 1 no. 32 to. Boots and so loser at the i stand door to it . It. Is j. Foster now receiving their Spring supplies of Burts re a a Ingn first rates Irmi it which they offer at whole Sil it ret ill at the very lowest. Prices. Thu a have Ano on hand trunks vases. Carpet Bagi and Satchel he Deand upper leather. Mocorro skin lining and binding skin sync milkers tools and a shout and nos. A b.root?shoes it Hori their of tend and i lie Public who in in want of any of h p Thor a Atakh sat air it fully requested to give than Call. Mav 5. 1m 47. 19 talc rap Lilc a its. Important to the Coal Region. T Rise Comminie it beg leave to that they caveat 1 tended to the duties imposed upon them the to tho surd elision and insist upon standing out for their lights at All hazards. Hho Tild riot it a the mean time hive business in the City which will require their Atto lion it certainly will be no nary to appear Gec reel and Spei tilde by calling on messes. Lippincott pc Taylor and purchasing a suit of clothes from them very cheap and fashionable which for Hearty pod style Surji Assee anything Ever Nile Redin the con airy. A visit to their Well established House a Illnore Tymn reply them for their to Jolo. Clairvoyance a a Tom thumb sin Itlie shoot amp shoe store Rrell Supply of Stock very cheap t the sub Ber announce to liar it numerous Ciomei and tho Public that he has just received at i Boot and a shoe store next door the outfit a of the. Miners journal a Iresh Supply of Boot and shoes of every Varilly for , Goni Lemen children minors tr., Italy of huh made up of the Best Tate ?. Iua cat and Dura hic manner and will he sold at Ratos us suit Tom tinn 4. Always on hand a Supply of trunks Valise Hatch Phi te., which will he sold very cheap. Cali and satisfy yourselves. Vonu and Himes made to Orde. Of the heat material and also repaired at Sciort notice. Pottsville june 9.-2hf. Win Iam Smith a hum a i is Bright a i town Hall Ikon store. Double and single barrel shot in oaf powder flasks shot _ belts. 1. Dupont a canister powder percussion Caps revolving pistols single and double list plus. The above a Fine assortment of English and German manufacture. A table pocket cutlery a scissors and a Zons a Finea inns reel rated makes rope hemp packing Cordage anvils Ilell Owa vices and filis a it blasting tubes for wet places in mine safety fuse Long and so handled shovels made exp Sriv for Mir own Sale. A list lying materials consist nig of locks. , paints Oil Glass of american Etna a and Eugle a a Rizianu facture. 1 Iron and steel. Hammered and rolled Iron shed flue baud and hoop tools 1 Blacksmith a saddlers saddlery hardware pc a Jaci trimming with a Vari Viv of Iron notional aug. 28 47 35 trick Henry Waterloo Sheridan Henry Clay new ship a Garrick. A new world i hmm , Cornish Nye Hunt Knight dats of 8ulix0 from x. Y. John , j Llos Cim a Liberton Wist Point Sld l fi3, sir so nasie4. Patrick Henry Waterloo Sheridan Henry Clay new ship Garrick new world Johnkiddy Roscius As Burton i St Point Siddons. More Lynw land w ii Allen Cobb. . Jan. 0 ii a 211 feb. I ii m of March he ii 26 april 6, a ii a 2� ii 26 Jure 6 a 11 a 26 july 6 a a ii a a 23 aug. Fat a ii 26 May 6 sept. 6 a a a a 26 oct 0 a ii 26 nov. 6 ,. Doing House a a the property of Patrick to is sold by a j. T. Werner a a Hermit office. Leaburg a a aug. Ii 1610. Y. �?33-ts a Sli Riff a a sates of real is tact. By virtue of sundry writs of Vendit Ioni exp Onas issued out of Hie court of common pleas of. Schuylkill county to me directed will be exposed to Public Sale Vendue on wednesday August 39ih, 1849, at tho Public House of Thinh i Wip it in lower a Han tango township. Schuylkill county Viz i All tint certain form tract of Hind situate in. Lower Mahan tingo township. Schut Brill county and joining land of Jacob Kelt a Jamb Knuffman Frederick Swahn and others containing 47 acre a less with the appurtenances consuming of a two Story log dwelling hous and log barn. Seized and taken in a a the property a 26 Deer. 6 a 16 3 t of Samuel Henninger. And will he sold by h j. T Werner sheriff. Sheriffs office Orwigsburg a aug. 11, 1819. We 33-u , , Corni a Nye Hunt Knight , Moore Howland i Coli t -ly3 sail Ixo Ekbom Mvi rpm a. Feby 21 a 26 mar. U a 2f a 26 april ii a 21 a 26 May ii a 21. A .26 a june 11 june 21 26 july ii a 21 a 26 aug. 11 i 2, a 26 sept. 11 a 21 a a 26 i oct 21 a 23 j nov.13 a sit a 21 a a i Jan. 11 a 21 in addition to the above regular line a number of i splendid ships such a the Adirondack Marlon. Hap. Paban Nock i ibo . Sea is. Patrick Samuel Hicks. Columbia and in i Gata. Will in Timie to sail from Liv a up nil wer Eltiy m regular such Jjon the Rev preventing Rill least possibility of Dulny of detention in Liverpool and for he accommodation of croon wishing to remit Money to it it that in family friends 1. Have arranged the payment of my drafts on uie Folby Virnig ban Armagh Clonmel Enniskillen. Omagh. Athlone Cavan Ennis , Bandon for Ruimy , Skib Hereen Belfast no chill Galway Sligo ,. Drogheda Kilkenny Trabue Ballymena Dundalk Kilaru it he Tralee a an Lim Erlric Wexford. Baltina Dungannon i .r., Cork Downpatrick Monaghan Moughal. Coleraine Dublin. Mallow messes. Spooner Atwood a co., Bankers London Nril or. E. S. Flynn Liverpool. -scvtlind.the City of Glasgow Bank and All its branches and agencies a passages can also he engaged front Liverpool to Philadelphia Boston and Baltimore by the regular packet ships on no plication being made per Otin by by letter Post paid addressed in ii. B.\nnan, Joseph of Pine and South its. New York or. Ceo. no. 117, Waterloo Road Liverpool a janl8-�4 site diff h sales real estate. By venue of sclera Horii of Vendit Ioni exp Onas end Levari Facia issued of tho court of common Pinas of Schu Bikih Cmunt to me directed n ill be exposed to Public shoo it Ridino on. Friday August 31a/. 18-19, it 10 of clock in the Forenoon at tin Public House of Mici Uei. Graek. In the Ron Ringhof Orwigsburg. The fit owing it scrib Eil premises. All that certain lot of piece Ltd of ground so male on tie eastward la Side of Dock Street in tho Borough of Quot Haven being no. 32, in addition to said t Etc. It j town no Laid oat by Samuel w. stud others containing in front on said Dock Street 43 Lent and in length depth eat no to of that Width 222 , to a certain 16 feet wide no Hward im the Onvan Marg Road and with a Cenap Aljier 16 feet wide Alley which lend into Llavet Street hounded Norilyn Vardev by bit no. 3�?T South Wardly by lot no. 3.casiiv�rtllv he Hal first above mcuti.-d 16 feet wide Liev and West Wardly by l Ock Street aforesaid with just Jill a the appurtenances consisting of a two 112 g if a a Torje Frau if dwelling House a it it a Fraquio Kitchen a Frune stable. As the property of Michael Seltzer. At the so tic time and place. All that certain farm tract of land situate in Smith Manheim township Rhyl Lrtil Romitz bounded by lauds of win. Emrick and tin Kremer containing so acres in Ltd with the appurtenances consisting of a Rine glory fog dwelling House and fog barn. As rim property of Jonathan Emericu. At the same time and place All that certain Tarm tract of land situate in Purler township county Afore Jjo Esul a i bounded by la Rel of Benjamin Liucy a a a Jsu Egv containing co acre More let with a a a a he he appurtenances Consi Tang of a one a Lull Kos for log dwelling must Ami log stable. As the property of Samuel kuon8 al mag. Amp a it. A a. Did the Ruri tement that Lippincott a trifle i if-j-1 3 1�?T Praml Coj. Sincli .1 Pali , no Anas ii not >�11 a i h in Piloca a a Lac it. Tlj.old. Cal tat poor to carrying out al Irving the. This line. Jato a a. La in present suspense of 1 Lippincott so to 114 Corner Centre and Maha Tongo Strek silo ski. Cagle worjis1, Centre Siresi Putty Villa a next dear Lelou the american House the such crier would the Jit tenting of Sig. Coal operator. Merchants find Miner in exp a a Amine i round and Square Point foal and Grain hovels manuf cured by himself and c to Prev a a a a Oal Region warranted to to made of the twist to serial and Workman ship. At City Price., All urdu i a a Krilly Civco and Utu Alv Atic tiled to. N by shovels be nailed. Pm a la Henry priw7uk. Oeth-42 Polis tlle i boys and children a clothing depot. A �64 cd no strict Philadelphia. The subscriber Leavins had much experience �?~83 it in the Manu Zartur y of boy a nod children a Vii nothing Aminy res to the fit Irens of Potts vile. And surrounding Loop and country that he has a Large Ami varied ass Oquient of ready made a nothing for Young gentlemen made of very Pond material and in the by i latest and uan to fashionable Styf always on hand. He would most Cavite them the it ii it to of Tivie 4tc, to give Lulu a a amp in win n they visit the City Aud examine his Beautiful Stock themselves and be Sarsfi Cuthal the. D is the place Tobe Well suited in children s clothing in make it style finish. Feb 7.-49. 7-Lyj . 30 4 cares nut 3t, below to Mac Portado Pottsville col Hans snap opium. A a a the under signed desire Tofu form the Public Thal Mha old established clothing Ftp hand of or. Fotz door above ite. Maritime a Lintel. Centre Street Uville where he h is Jufith opened a splendid Stock of goods comprising French Btl inn american Quot i cloth of every color and West of England i and desert Pylon. Sun Amer , habit cloths Mim mar cloth. Bom Bazine Black and coloured Cash Archt Codington s Croton cloth Tweed. Amp lamp a. I pasta code 8rckp�.-8up a Black French Cash Tavres and Doeskin French fancy and mixed Henssi i nerf Merino cos Simeth All colors and qualities White and fancy Linen designs cords and Beaver teens of every style and Quality huh Atli liets. All Abades and qualities. V�stixo�.Superior Black satins and Cashmere vesting splendid fancy silk ceilings new designs White and coloured met the Large assortment with a general Var Ety of Goudi adapted to mensa and boys Wear to who Chi theatt tic it a of his Friend and others wishing a Good suit of doth is invited. clofinao.�utiimcr sack Coats doth a coals of All qualities Pant Ria, shirt us suspenders Tocks silk cravats dc., ic., at the very lowest Gash a Vricos. # Peter s. Martz Mav 1949, a ,-92-tf John Donnelly. Maxtfactl�?Trfof Donnelly a upright safety glazed capsules matched 5d Rke Teit .5tatf.s Oil. Kastic place Kinq a of. ¿3 a third Street Philadelphia. These Xit cons justly considered the Best in the United Stales they free from unpleasant a null and can he introduced with perfect safety into All store and dwellings. Warranted to keep 10 years. The blacking is of Superior Quality and Dee from any impair the leather. Country dealers and shippers will al edit to Inglr to a rest 1� Cau Ai d ree for themselves. N. R.an Asso Rusen of matches of various new Soili manuf cutters match a a in round Wood boxes a also packed in Large steal t in rapes to ship to any part of the Donnelly Kite of 20 rank St., now 83 North third 8. March 24.i&is. _ 13-ly lab Bjo a reports vol. 8�?just publish led and for Sale at bannan�?T8 a Law and miscellaneous stores. It supplied. A car babes. The beg8 , Call Ibe nil Nifon of by. Ami i Piirto his Luck of gari�oage8 inti Light Wagg tons Trow in hand a >111-11102, which in will Dio pour if la it a. A ii a of repairing promptly Jere m. Eye former of Union and i rail it and streets a a i House. Dark of Ihu Amei. Rihtar a. Kirk. June 5.1817 -1 Mells Las amp Collins wholesale and retail druggists and apothecaries Centre so acct nth voor to stickler a get crop s hardware stare Rotts Liml. Invite the Partl near patient min of the Citizensni-Vilfo and it Vii in ii Afoo physic Jan Etc Inary their Large and general a a it ii of # drugs chemicals a a j Amii v medicines. Their Stock not ouly embrace the be to drugs and medicines the Market affords but it All the new pharmaceutical and c humic do preparation surgical and denial ins Trumpi Gold foil Patent and family medicines quake so Herb Dye Bluff paints oils varnishes pure Cam Hinc Bax. Putty snuff Best tobacco and Cigar perfumery brushes Combs and Evcic variety of Choice fancy and miscellaneous articles that . Farina for the sick and infant a diet in fart every tiling and anything can be found in Hie general and tvr.ll-a.s3ort a lock which they offer to sell at the lowest Cash Price. N.b.n. A o. Latter client relics from their knowledge and the business one of Ihm. J. T. Nicho . Having held years some of the Moil responsible off tres in England and Paris both a disc ten and operative chemist they would a Irre forc of Cifuo yet lib it the confident Ceant share o Johlic p tonnage an none hot genuine drags and a ran tie had at their establishment. Pc it. and cattle drugs of the be to Quality on the most i pm ito Terin. M?rch3,lol9-16-ly Xii a Orrt Tamari a line. 1 Tuscai. A mfg a Day 2s. A i a sati Sissov. Bitwtiif amp co. M a mtg a cult it 1ng Cue m18t8. Of amp eco a to. 4-11 1 -2 South front Street. Philadelphia. Pure parlor Van it la al Aluin ground and intr Ystal extra ground a a Copperas no. I a a a acid red Lead red liquor lii Luuga Uron liquor. Grange Black sugar of Lead metallic fire proof paint. Metallic Rire proof paint till extraordinary fun satire is ii inn it ii a strata of Rock Ofa by in forma turn. When taken from the mine it it end pcs in appearance the finest indigo and in the cold inflow but it a exposure to the atmosphere in a to rest Lim Turus to Stone state. Geol. Piat Ulit Jeave see it of the impression that this a nth to ite. A Hen in n a squid state ins been Effus a it through u fissure and filled up Unis Lason formation in my Rock. A a Ithna in found up nil finely Kalfon by or. Cli Illon. One v Vork the it nut i it three Tamari a. On the arn�.1 -a-8 i Tuscarora. Tim car leave pm it vice a. 1 �?�19 Dock . And 4 . The cach till Lea. A i a a it a qua at 7 j and ii of cd Ock a. M. Adj 4 a Cly a Chi a a fare 50 Cental tickets can be a Nap i Jones of the com Luctus of 7 Lars. . So a phew i Silica. Alumina. oxide of Iron Lime Lime magnesia Carbon Sulphur water. Loss a Kjel >e3. Summer arrangement of u. A mail line of coach lies from Reading. For Harrisburg leave the Man ion House Corner of Penn Aud fifth la., daily except bunday at i0j of clock. A m. on the arrival of the morning train of car from Philadelphia f also for Lancaster from the same once daily except sunday it 9 of clock a. M. immediately of the arrival of the morning trim of care from Pottsville. Patio Herr leading Lancaster Litiza in this line will be to time to connect with the afternoon train of Cara for . Also for Easton three time a week from the same office at 7 of clock . monday wednesday and Friday and three time a week i Enis Eagle hotel formerly Weldyn a at 5�?TDock, a. A Viz tuesday thursday and saturday on ctr coaches have been placed upon the lines and every attention will be paid to the Comfort of travellers i Ajohn n. Miltimore amp Nephew Reading april 21. My. �?T17-4mo3 proprietor. Men wanted to travel As agents for the i a history of the mexican War. F he subscriber has in pres and will shortly pm a a Lih the history of the mexican War. With Dlo graphical sketches of the lives of general Taylor Scott Worth. Wool Twiggs. Quitman and several others of the most distinguished officers. Illustrated by numerous engravings and portraits. By John Frost l. L. D.�?~. A number of enterprising and intelligent men of Good charade offered profitable employment in circulating by subscription the above work in the state of Pennsylvania. The terms which very Liberal will be Given on application to the subscriber postpaid. A a a this work will never be told in the bookstores but exclusively by agents Ata reasonable and uniform once. . A. Bookseller and publisher 134 York St., aug 4,1649. S2-tf new Haven Conn. Edwin Clinton whole Sale Brush manufacturer Foo. 36 a Subj feb Rte Street a rive Noons Adove cities set. A Coz bide vnilads., where merchants and dealers will find a tal times a Good assortment of ail articles Zoroy Une of business made up in All their various styles of fashion and finish. My prices sur that they will by found to the interest of those merchants who will Fatout sit with t Call retire Chieung elsewhere. July 21,1819. S0-3tt 54 06 24 00 j2 05 12 5 a 2 31 0 42 1 50 0 ii. 5 00 j. 0 41 a 1 a o 100 00 i for use it is ground to powder mixed with linseed applied with a Brush the same As paint to Wood Iron tin Zinc canvass paper amp a. Dec., which in a Short time my to 8tons. Which is fire proof 1 f la particularly adapter and car decks Railroad Bridges Fence &e., a a roof coated with this article i equal Tot he hot of slate al 1� vast saving of expense. Every Var Ety of Iron tor cup Otelo weather writ be prevented from artist orcorros.c.1� a 11 a co a pm Ete Stone covering. 8chool 8atcb.areraac rom by covering boards paper. As it a susceptible of a High polish it has been used to great advantage by Carriage painters and Cabinet Makus. Harrison Brothers amp co. April 28 17-tfl no by South front t.philada. Quot John c. Bau a compound fluid extract of Sarsaparilla. This article is employed with great Success and by the most eminent physicians of this City foe the. Cure of tire following diseases a 8crofula Kings evil rheumatism cutaneous diseases syphilitic affections Tetter and ulcers White swellings tic do Lourent cancer goitre Brooe Occle a drilled seek spine a disease. Chronic diseases of the lungs to counteract the destructive effects of Mercury jaundice ily Perth Rophy enlargement of the Lauri palpitation and trembling in the Region of the heart and stomach. Enlargement of the Bones joints ligaments also All the various diseases of the skin such of Tetter ringworm Biles pimples carbuncles it. Dyspepsia and liver complaints nervous affections drop Sical disorders and diseases originating from an impure Stoto of the blood and other fluids of the body in Short All diseases where a change of the system is required. Price 50 cts. Per bottle. It prepared nil Why the proprietors John c. Baker a co., wholesale druggists no Loo North 3d 8t. Below race pallada importers and wholesale dealers in drugs medicines chemicals Patent medicines. Perfume Ries. Surg Cal instruments. Do Gist glassware paints oils Dye stuffs and window Glass also a new and Superior article of imitation of plate Cassata Bouton fifth the Price of English French plates any size to tithe compound fluid extract of Sarsaparilla for Sale by a Forens amp Parvin Potts Yire w. L. I Cisler Forl Carbon Jamesb Falls Mineral due. A feb Marv 10. Is49. 7-y_ Snyder a a Gnu amp Barton j7t7ttt1, b0at�?obu1lder3. Espy Lotvin co Slu Fol Uniula county a. A. Inhere we bad a on hand a Force Lut of seasoned lumber and prepared to build and deliver boats of the largest class for the sch Yuhl canal than any others connected in of Trade and built in the most Subiron al and durable manner a jutre2�?T49�?23-Flmf t a a Althe same timeand/..-Ali that certain Messuage and tract of land situate in a Pyle township Roi Foty us said bounded us Follins beginning it a Stone,1 thence by of Joseph Fertig. Month Twenty two degrees East fifty four and four tenth perches Toa Stone South sixty Fiir Ami a half Degies West on and 8-10th perches to a a Lone alien cd by other land Jacob Kae Sclier North co dec ret s. Cast 13 Purcio a to a Stone thence by land of John Clay North Twenty degrees East sever y six perched to a Stone thence by land of Frederick Ifa Ifo intr in 04 degrees West perches to the place of beginning containing Fiacro and 100 perches strict measure with the Ces consisting of a two Norv Fraquio and log dwelling House Cirii a one Story log Kitchen attached a Diunte a Loop Anda Frame stable. As the properly of Jacob a Ericier. At the same time a cd place. All hint certain farm tract of land situate in South Manheim township Schuylkill county bounded by lands of John m. Bickel Jacob Hassmer and others containing 21 acres More less Vith the appurtenance consisting Ofa two St nov tog dwelling log barn. Alan. All that certain tract of form land situate in tie township and county aforesaid bounded by lands of Lenry Brimmer Jacob Massinger Bernard Webber and others containing 53 acre More less. As the property of Samuel Wildermuth. At the same and place. Alt that certain tract parcel of land situate in Union township county a Forest iid Hou tided by i her la Ndu of Thomas sell touch Juba Baiguy and Joseph Snyder containing one Orre and two and a h if pitches strict measure Svitilthe a two Flory log dwelling a at that certain tract piece of land situate in a nil a township county aforesaid bounded by lands a mtg a it a late of Conrad Foos. I Etc Eisenhower Joseph any de a and other cont Amine 41 acre strict measure of which there Thoni 10 acres cleared. Ask the properly of Thomas Slough. At the time and place. All that certain lot it it piece of ground Situ ate in the Borough of Wissburg in unit aforesaid bounded on the North by lot of mar Artt Geiger on the East by a20 Alley South by a lot of Giurgu Neisa Emler and West by an Alley containing in Width 53 feel. Moro Orli 3, and in depth 120 feet with tin appurtenances consisting of n two Story framed clans House. Ashe pop. Erty of Henry Geiger or. \ seized taken in execution and will lie sold by sheriff s Olin. wigs j. T. Werner sheriff Burg aug. 11, 1619. J. A 33-ts Street a the Borough of Pottsville county aforesaid hounded North Wardly by said Centre Street a to Cas Wardly by lol oots late of a Montgomery a outwardly by Railroad Street arid Northeast sadly by lot of Suas Faugh containing in Width on Centre Street 30 feel More less and in depth about 230 feet with the appurtenances consisting of a two Story Frame dwelling House and a Frame dwelling House As a the property of John Meyers. A a tie same tons and Plant All that certain lot piece of ground situate on the North Wardly Side of East norwegian Street in the Borough of of Ottsville county aforesaid adjoining Tot now late of George Russel East Wardly other part of said Becca Rigg West Wally being 21 feet Mure less in front and 100 feet Muro Orless. In depth with the consist ingot a 3 Story Frame dwelling House with a basement Story of Stone in the rear. As the property of pm. H. Ii. Russell. A Thi same Lime and place. All that certain lot piece of ground situate in the Borough of flu Enville. Conn to exp Rosald bounded in front by the mine Hill Aud amp buy Kin Haven Railroad on the tear by the River Avest Branch North by lot of we. Christian and South by lot of . Gebler contain in Width 50 Eccl and in depth 200 feet with the appurtenances consisting of a 2 Story to dwelling Bouse, a base ment Story of Stane. As the a Rouen of James Roxal the same Tima and place. All Bat certain lot piece of ground situate in the Borough of Minersville county aforesaid bounded in front by the i Nellil Ami a Pichu Yiki la hard a Railroad on the rear by the West Branch West by lol of James Fox. South by lot of. George Reese containing in length about ,-tjk24u feet Nore less and in Width about h q a i 69 feel More Lesa with the appurtenant Hhd Ces consisting Ofa two Story Frame dwelling Huso and fran in stable. Asuienron->�?~3�?ovrty of m. 3 Gebler. At the same time and place a i hat certain Fol piece of routed situate in the Borough of Minorsville county aforesaid bounded in front by Smil Iury Street on the Roar by a 30 foot u id Street on the West by lot now ate of Thomas Hie South by fifth St., containing about 150 fert its depth Rind 75 feet in Width with the a con stirring of 3 Story Stone tavern and a store . In Sunbury Street u Story if Rauie do Effing houses of the rear of said lot. As the property of John Gaynor. At he Feie Lirar and pact All that certain lot piece of ground situate in the thorough of to aforesaid bounded front he ninth Street on the. Rear by uie West fit Lotof Imil lip Jones Arnn the cast by lot of Frederick Turner contain in length i5u feet and in Width 33 feet with the is consisting of a a a a to it Ilon ble two slurry Frame dwelling House i with a two Slyby. Frame As the pfc in Erly of Sasin jul Ball. A a that certain Tot opt can of ground situate in thl Borough of of Ottsville county aforesaid on the North Wardly Side of third str Eunmi being the Norris Easterly half part of a lot marked in and Patterson s the lotion to in it stifle with no 3, being 20 be t front on said third Street and 270 feet Dep bounded on one Side by lot no. 2, hit other Side by the Miter half of lot in the rear by a Public Alley Ami in front he third St., with the appurtenances consisting Ofa two Story Frame dwelling House with a a basement Story of Stottm. A tie property of Frederick Humbert. At the slime time and Clicc a that certain we storied Frame dwelling House with a Stone basement underneath said building _36 foe Klong and 3�o feet wide and 16 feet High besides tire basement Story contains 4 Tooms on the let Story above the basement and 4. Rooms on a the 2d Story above the basement said building in situate in tiny town of 8chu Skift Haven county aforesaid adjoining the Public hour a a of Daniel i Stager near the Laige round Enci House of the Aud rending Flroa d company and the lol piece of grouted and Cumpase appurtenant to said building us the property of John. A a olt Uit. At Theoa Ott time and place All the right title und in Lerest Lenry k Stoutin and to the following six tracts of land Viz Quot 4fl� acres and allowance situate partly luf Railey and partly in Tremont townships county aforesaid surveyed in warrant to the name of John my yer a 2th, 17s4,bounded by lauds surveyed in the names of Nancy Knear Stephen Elluinger Robert Lyon and Oil. A at a a 4hi acres 120 perches and allowance shunted partly in Ratley and partly in Tremont , county Paivi Restad. Curve Neil on a warrant in the name of Sophia Moyer dated May 5tlr, 1791. Bounded by land surveyed i the names of John Mujer Robert j i Vinura John Harris and others. Ado 45i acres a perches situated partly in Fralley and partly in l Rymont Tow Muhip. County aforesaid Siti aryed of Wazani granted to Robert Kinnear Dat to May 5th, 1791, hounded by funds surveyed in the i rim. F fat a Sophia Moyer Joha Moyer John Harria and 8 Oiler a. Also 417 acres 59 perches so mate in Tremont to. County aforesaid surveyed on warrant in the name a it of John Mowna dated May .v.b. 1794, by in heed by surveyed in the names of Robert Kinnear Quot Andrew Carson and nil Iris. A a also 415 acres. 121 perches situate partly in Pine Grove and partly in Tremont tips. County aforesaid surveyed on warm til in the name Nych Remeny , dated aug a 5th, 1761, hound cil by Lamia surveyed in the names of John Harris John , and others. Also 443 acres 31 pen a situated partly Hitro Vincnt partly in Frailey partly in Porter tps.,county aforesaid surveyed on warrant in Thetian.Enfn&Gtui , dated May 5th, 1791, bounded by lands surveyed in the names of Mii Huel John with Anan others conveyed by p Sun and others to Henry k Strong by Durd dated Ostli april 1636. And recorded at Orwigsburg. In deed Book no 16, Page the property of Henry k. Strong. At the same time and place. All the right title an interest of Stephen Scybert in and la All that certain lot piece of ground situate it a the Borough of to to qua county of Schuylkill bounded on tho East by Pine Street West by a 30 feet wide Street North by lot no 6 1 and Smtth by lot no 82, it hiring lot no 3 in a amp Levan s addition to paid Borough containing 23 feel front Ltd �6u feet in depth with the a Annc Nanct w Iho properly of Stephen Sev Cert. At and place al that certain inter piece of ground situate in Morris addition to Antis vice county aforesaid bounded in front by Centre it. Naihe rear by a 30 feet wide a on the West by lot of j. Irish on the cast by a 16 feet Alley containing in Width along Centre at. About 37 the ear 22 feet and in depth about 122 feet with the appurtenances consisting of a irate . All the right title and interest of Jacob Mathews of in and to All that certain lot piece of ground situate in Morris addition to Uville bounded in front by Centre St. On the West by a 10 feel Alley and on the East by lot now late of Lewis Waters con Lam tug in depth Nimit 270 feet and in Width s3 feet n o and 9 a itch a with the appurtenances con sisting of a three Story Frame a it i h it la Ai l 3 two a tory Frame Blick Mith also that one univ Ideal fourth part Ofalt Thatcher of begin onion contain info 274 acre and tho usual at Iowa Cerf i per cent with Pony of jac03 Hoffman. Seized taken to execution and trill be a old by sheriff office Orwig it Jet. Werner sheriff Barg aug. Ii. 1819. J. 33-ta_. Orphans court Sale. Pursuant to an order of the orphan a court of Schuylkill county the subscriber John p. Hobart. Trustee of the estate of David Brown late of the Borough of Pool Triue in the county of , will expos Eta tale by Public Vendue on saturday the 25th Day of August next at 10 of clock in the Forenoon at the Exchange hotel in the Borough of Potts the aforesaid. _. A that certain Messuage Stone tenement and lot piece of ground situate on the Northeast Wardly Side of Centre St. In the Borough of Uville la the comity of Schuylkill contain eng in Frontom Centre St. 30 it. And ext Eudina in depth of that breadth 230ft., less to a 29 feet win Street bounded Southeast Hurdly by ground of Samuel Blunt Zinger Northeast Wardly by the said 20 it. Wide Street by lot numbered on the plan of said 27, and South Wardly by Centre St Afore Ald. Being the North Wardly half a t of lot numbered on tho plan of said Borough number Twenty eight no. 28 with the appurtenances late the estate of the said deceased. Ait pm Lanee will be Given and the conditions of Sale made known at the Lime and place of Sale. But Joir a by order of the court al Oil a a John p. Hobart trustee. Daniel a Ericier clerk. Twig shut Aue 4 1640. 32-4t Patent lubricating Oil. Sci Meyer amp son ton having purchased the exclusive right for manufacturing and vending tire in tent lubricating Oil from p. 8. Deviant co.,, Dauphin Lebanon Columbia Lehigh Carbon and Northampton counting theyan nou Sceto the Public that they have commenced the manufactory of it in the Borough of Putis Ville where they will be Happy to Supply All orders promptly and at the same Rule it can be purchased from Hie proprietor of the Patent right. Thl Oil was patented january 16th, 1649, und its Superior excellence and cheap Ness hag. Already it ecu it tin preference Over All other oils in use for All kinds of Sinton Terv machinery locomotives and cars on our railroads a Aud also for lamp use. A orders left at b. D. Shoe Nero a store in Centre Street will be Proui priv executed. C. F. Norton r. I. Schoenert a Centre it., opposite the Tost office. Pottsville june 16th, 1819. The following certificates show its character a , dec. 4.1813, messes. P. S. Devlan a co.gentlementhe a Lent composition you sent me to have tried and which Youde Sigu As a substitute for the Best Oil in the work Iago machinery has i am Happy to say More than realised my expectation. 1 had it fully tested on a locomotive engine fori Wauday in Rainy weather with flying Over the machine at every revolution Hyat Kitfu Engineer who assure in that it work equal to the Oil with a saving in Quantity of20pe cent this saving together with the greatly reduce Price at which you inform furnish the Arrie will strongly recommend its use on Hail Road Ami i Large Mills and factories we Here Large Quinttie foil used. I hive now no doubt of its entire it tic Cen an under Llinat impression tender you my sincere Congo to Aliona. Truly yours. Wjt. . To res Viltz. Jan. ¿2,181�. Tills is to certify that i have been using p. S Devlan amp cos Patent lubricating Oil for the Lxi a six weeks and can give a on decided opinion. Hint beside it Benigmo much cheaper its per liar superiority Over the Best sperm m tech query which renders it a very desirable article for that purpose. We extensively engaged in Minn game shipping Coal having eleven a tear Reginea of various Capa Crris at work hoisting Coal pumping . Milnes hey too Caff. P. 8. Devlan it co.gentlemen we have he a lubricating Oil on Ull the magi net of tho Reading Iron and Nail works for the last nine Weeksjr Dwe a Feir trial As tire works calculated four thousand tons of Iron and Nall a cranium. The machinery is very heavy the engine one Hundred and sixty Horre Power and tho Speed from thirty to nine Hundred revolutions per Minuto. After the nov irial we ran recommend the Oil As sperm Oil and in Many cases super to any spi Rin Oil used in tho country Viz for heavy bearings and fast speeds such As shafting and fans. A i remain yours ce., a Jame Tab to manager of tho Reading Iron Nall and tube works. _ june 16,�?T19. 2�-t illness Slos Pital. The undersigned respectfully announce hat in has of far arranged his Puii for the is a miners i Spital thai it will be opened for the reception of Palm Enla of inc Jirol of april 1919. Tire object of the institution is to secure to person engaged in mining operations proper medical Aid Ami treatment at the smallest possible expel a. With this View the proprietor has procured for the purposes of the Hospital a farm on which is a Lane and convenient House in an heared airy and Cal the position on the Road leading from to Tsvilik to Minorsville about 2 mile from the former place. Persons paying three Dollar ppr annul in Advance will be entitled to membership and to admission in the Hospital in Case of injury from Accident sickness and to support and medical treatment during said of additional charge. 1 jul Vands who May desire admission in to the Hospital will be received in Liberal terms. The poor of the Borough of of Ottsville not in. The Hospital will be treated by the attending physician Gratis Ahiah Oscho Nlay be disposed to Avail themselves of the advantages of membership May apply to the undersigned at his office in vat kit Spottsville. March 21,1349. 13-1 Yaj g. W. Knuble 51. D. Written at my mothers grave a q. D. Pych tics. .Ibe trembling Dew drops foil upon the abutting Flowers like souls at rest the stars Shine gloriously Sod All save sol bleat. A j j Mother love thy Gravo the viol i with its blossoms bloc and to mild Waves Over thy head when shall it wave above thy child 1 a j a Tulsa Sweety Flowers yet must i its Bright leaves to the coming tempest Bow 1 a dear Mother a a thy Emblem dust is on thy and i could love to die 1 to Sun the plumage of pay sinless years and mourn the Hope to childhood dear Wuh bitter tears 1 it Aye my i linger Here a lonely Branch upon a blasted tree whose last frail Leaf untimely Sere went Down with thee 1 Oft from Shore a /1 communion with the past 1 turn Quot and on thee the Only Flower. In memory a . And when the evening Palo bows Tike a mourn Ron the dim Blum wave 1 stay to hear the night winds a ii a around the grave. Where is thy spirit flown 1 i gaze above us a took is 1 Maged there a 1 listen and thy gentle tune it is on Ibe air. Of come whilst Here i press my brow upon thy grave and in Thoi Inrid a and thrilling ones of tenderness bless bless thy child yes bless thy Weening child. Y and Over thine religions holiest shrine Job give i spirit indented to Blueml with Thi in. Ante fnsded1�?�?� Burr.cea you swear to bit identity v .�?Ti can. A is her to a. A i a a Ans.  so was 30 years old pm the 20th Day of april t Burr.�?~wheo did Yoo last see b in v. Ace.�?Tat her own Boose about a fortnight Iaione a 1a. Burr.�?~when did you Leo apr Shloba to that meeting Toa Ltd a. Tea boric ated a to the costion was repeated and was a of thumb Day of May it. W a when a he Iva fast cd Deijs Burr. Geol Emo Coli need be Tucio to us a a i have brought shia lady Beiro it of a of important witness a Beta Tepu Iotta counsel bad pleaded eloquently la beat of of the bereaved Lueband who bad c9�8 4 the peril of sea Only to retard end and his hot Ijo but who will picture to you the jew lei bending her daily toil devoting her Best year to the Drudgery cd sordid poverty supported Only by to Hope of in husbands return 7 i Vjio who paint the View i. And the Lenster then 3. I Las Liopo and she Faa compelled a it to bal into herself to iced a widow p when can depict All his without Awakening in Yorr hearts the warmest sympathy for the descried a Rife end the site rest Acorn for to mean end it Difut wretch who could that trample upon the heart whom a had worn to love and Cut Rish 1 a need not inquire into his motive for acting so base a part. Whether it was love of gain licentiousness base Indi Crenco it he is too Voloa thing to to governed matters not Sysu claw _ s Hho witness she who now stands before us we i a the Frank As govern men. A let us now ask fearless brow of a True hearted worn her Wick of these two hat been in let in a a to be i Fath select talc. A trite Story. Many years ago i happened Lobo one of the referees in a Caso that cd cited unusual it Ernst in our courts from the singular nature of tho claim and the Story which it disclosed. Tho plaintiff who was Captain of a ship which traded principally with Iho Votsi indies had married very ear turning to the a Ady a a Tono Whoso Ewort nose was in strange contrast with tho do Maul accent which bad just characterized Bis word Hobo. A ought her to relate briefly thecol a Lions of her Early life. A Ligh flush passed t ver be Prood Aud Beautiful Faco As she replied _ first recollections of a an Alliie furnished spa raiment which my Sist Emad myself shared with mar Mother. She used to Carr it Odt pm Efery saturday evening the work which had of Ceope de her during the week and bring Back employment for the following one. Saving that wearisome visit to. Hor employers and her regular attendance at Church Ahe never left the Bouse. So often a poke of my father and of the anticipated return but of length she ceased to him Boush i observed she wept Mora than Ever. I then thought Ehy wept because we Scro poor for it sometimes happened Bot of support was Only a bit of bread and. She w is accustomed a to see by the Light of the chips Owhi a she kindled o warm her fam Ishing children Bee Aoto she could not Purchase of a Candle without depriving us of our morning meal. Such was our poverty when my Mother contracted a second a triage end the change to a was like a sudden Entrance into Paradise. We found amp Home end i. Father a she paused. I i a would you exc Ifo off torn child Agamiri met a cried the plaintiff As he impatiently waved i Harrd for a to be in Cal a Ai a the Oyes of the i Taney flashed fire of Abb a poke. J j. By of not Ray father excl Simp Ehk vehemently a whet Call you Ray father a you who basely left your wife to toil Ond you children to a Beggary never never a behalf there in my father pointing to the Obj Tantod defendant Ribero is the Man who watched Over my inf array who % was to Ray childish sport and the Guardi of of my Yot to. There a the Man when clans my affections and shares my Home there is my father. T Onder selfish Ijar nil a Ely .Pecl a i Knpp Rnea. a a a i know i n ii it. Tho be year of i. H i a a a ,. Ill Howo Mitiff a Tooa . I a .t. I to be extremely Beautiful and no icis Lovely in he a a character. After living with her in the Mast uninterrupted Harmony for five years during which time two daughters were added to the family be aude nov resolved to resume his occupation what Chi he had relinquished on his Manaige and when his Youree est child was but three week old roil Donee Mure for the West indies his devotedly nit ached to. Him borrowed deeply at i absence Ond found her Otily Comfort in the 60-Riety of the children and Iho Hopes of his a churn. But month after month passed away and he came not nor did any letter those insufficient but ,., ,. #. Welcome subtitles arrive to cheer her Fl.H�Ndanlf and tho plaintiff went Niaj a a k��.,. a Lowed by the contempt of every Hon Prairie person life have been spent in Lawless fryc pm from social tics let him seek elsewhere fur comps Iota of i decrepitude nor dare insult the ashes of my Mother by Daues of kindled from her desert d i. She Drew her veil hastily Oto and bar of she poke and moved a in to la. A a gentlemen said Burr of have no Morolo say. Juhe words of tho expressed in the wok before you he words of truth you have Frum woman s pure lips to i for you to deride Mccu Diug o tho of nature and the decrees of Justice Ai a a i need not say that our Decio in m favor Montgomery s Patent holler. The attention of tic Lilic generally to resp fully invited to this valuable improvement. Sex silk i to is Sale of Ileal la Tate. By virtue of sundry writs of Fieri facial and la Onri Facia Obj vend Ioni e.xpnna�, issued out of i lie com l of common of a buy Kili county and to it me directed will be exposed to Public Sale Vendue on Stu Ruffy. September 1st, 1819, a at 9 of clock in the Forenoon at the Public House of a Fig Jackson m the of Roub la Ottsville the following premises Viz All that Eenan i a Bice it of ground Raate in the Bor Ugri of Pottsville Schuylkill county on the South Side of Maha Taneo Street containing in front of said Mann Taffo Street 60 feet Anu to depth-14 Feci Ami 0 inches marked in the plan of in Nti amp Pallera Oti s lot no. 14, bounded soul Liws Star Day by it no. 16 in said plan by a 20 feet wide amp Mey Northeast Wardly by Mahan Tago Street aforesaid hiring the South Wardly of 2 certain lots marked nos. 12ai.d 14, in the Pian aforesaid which aral am and in if and Burd Pai Turson and wife by la denture dated Ibe 1st Day of january. 1830, and recorded at Orwigsburg in deed Book no ii Page 171, conveyed to Job whip subject to a reset vation of the coat right to Thos. Fulls. 1 an As Aiges. And being the same premises which Scro conveyed by Job Whipple and wife to William Patton jr., by their deed dated january 5th. 1s32. With the appurtenances. At the property of wh.l1a5i Patton a. At the same Ririe and plot mall that certain lol piece of ground situate on Schuylkill Avenue in the Borough of. Potts Vilho commencing on a Curner of tho ads Alley and tunning Southwest Llong a lot owned by Benjamin welter 10b feet thence Southeast to a Lotof Philip Deutzer thence 109 feel to said Rhoads Alley thence along said Alley 30 feet to the place of beginning being part of a larger lot marked with the number 2, sub division of lot no. 2, and numbered with no 3, and the same premises which Yeti Jam Weller and wife by deed dated the 4lh Day of june a d. 1817, granted and conveyed to John 8. C. Martin in fee which deed is recorded at Orwigsburg in deed Book a a a a a Sinott Page 797,mortgage recorded in fsf9book ii. Page403, the appurtenances sm�$3&conjtfring of a one Story Frame dwelling use with a cellar Kitchen. As the property of John 8. C. Martin. At the s ame time and plate al those certain two adjoining lots pieces of ground situate on the Eastern Side of Railroad Street in the Borough of Minow Ville county aforesaid marked with no i and 15, on the Tykp plan of George Patterson s aii Difton to the town of 5ineriviile, containing in front on said Railroad Street 20 feet each and extending of that breadth Lack to the West Branch of the River Schuylkill Gnu id cd northerly by lot no 13, Easterly by the West Branch it the River Schuylkill southerly by lot no. 1c, and was Terry by Railroad al aforesaid being the same lots which Geo. Patterson by deed dated the 16th Day of october a. D. 184, granted and conveyed it Michael Tevlin. As the property of Georic 8. Patterson administrator of Michael Tevlin deceased. At Ike seas time and place am that certain two Story Brick and Frame building situate on West Street Between Sanderson Ormins Sivilio Street and Herrdon Street in the Nonic Jian addition to the Borough of f our Nile n the county aforesaid la m Gian addition to the Borough of f Oti Sirile in the county aforesaid la Fronton said West street26 feet and in depth 26 feet the and Jot piece of ground an Dertil age appurtenant to said building. As the property of Robert Williams. At a seas tin an a plam a that certain lot Tain tract piece a it of land find ate in Branch to with county fore Saul bounded by lands of Jacob Idun la incur. Or. John big Ocner Midland of Ihen. York Ami Coal co. And others containing 100 acre Rune less As of Jacob matiiew8. A a in so Ime and place a the Glt Ceram lot piece of ground silk ii m the Borough of Fine Grove count a a a said. Bounded in front by for not. On Kite North by property of Jubo cd Leonard on the ant by an Alley and on the South by Fot of Gal a Seidel Conta Trinz in Franf on said Tulpehocken Street so feet am in depth 210 feet Mure a les with the . Consisting of two Story Frame House with a one finry Jas Frol Brick kit Bend the ret Aradie. A one and a a a Wijt half Story Frame of Ceoula Frame stable. Also,.Ibe undivided one ibid part of 5s a it acre of fond called a Feather tract is tunic in Pineiro Vrap. bounded by Jiuu of Jas Barnet m to p Bright, Lenin Eckert co. And Ushers. Also the undivided one third part of 92 acres of fond situate in in in Crovo in. County ,lid, bounded by lands of j amp. G Kano and Otic a the property John still left. At the same time and place a that cd Nair two -_1 Tury Brick Messuage and in Dement the meeting House of the second Hocti India Gsg a Church situate in the Borough of Otisville �3= aforesaid Corner of Market and Hilliam it reels i said in from on said Market Street 4 j feet and rim lot and Curtilage appurtenant to said building is the properly of the 2d methodist chit ii. Of Pottsville. At the same time and place al that certain lot of ground Uwate on tho. Northwesterly Side of Mahan tango Sticht county aforesaid containing in front 30 feet and in Dei in 21u feet being the southwesterly half of a lot no 67, As marked and number l in the general plan of said born ngh of Otisville but funded on sour Iwest by lot no and of the Northwest by a�?~2b feet Alley on the Northeast by the Nihar half of said lot to 67, and on the Southeast by Mahon tango St. Afore a do being a be same lot of ground which Geo w Mary his wife granted to Andrew b White Byo dated aug. 18th. A d 1843, As tho property of and slav b White. At the same time and place a those 2 certain lots pieces of ground situate on the Easterly Side of Lui Brnad Street in the Borough of Traer Srill county aforesaid thai cd with the numbers 8.and,9 on the map Pfao of Geo in Attar soul a addition to the town of miners each of the said lots in Fronton said Railroad St. 20 feel 60 feet in the whole Ond containing that breath Back to to West Branch of the River Schuylkill the from line of the said lots to be 40 feet Distant from the mine util11 and Schuylkill havea Railroad bounded northerly by lot no 7, Easterly by the said Branch of Schuylkill southerly by lot no 10. And Westerly by Railroad or. Aforesaid Quot being the tame premises we ten uie said Geo Patterson by deed bearing Date the i gab Day of sep Timber a 61811. Granted a a confirmed unto Alexander Manning As the property of Alexander Manning. A a. At the same time end place ail Ihil certain Iol piece of ground situate in the Borough of miners Ville county aforesaid commencing at the Northwest Corner of Sceo ii and Carbon set. Thence northward a crime which have he a made Durian the Pis year on steamboats both in Salt and fresh water is al?.k those boilers ,.on land have fully tested it Superior qualities As steam Generator and the Greet having of fuel weight and space occupied Over any boiler now in use. A boilers on thl plan May Bow to seen in operation at the establishment of Hecker h Brothers,.flour Mills 201 Cherry St a new York. A Hooper amp Brothers 333 Pearl a St. New York. Mott amp Ayres. Foundry foot of 25th at., North River. Atlantic Dock. Brooklyn new . W. Meir Elf stand 65 untre St. New . 1>. Ruler so co. 44 and 46 Duane St. New York. N. U. Star Burka a foundry. Troy new York. Smith a a Muriett Bai Omore. A Rita Boals a Jonas c. Ile Artt a and a Edward Parson a font of Liberty Street. New York and on Board the Eatow a oath a Jului i. Kiihne Jav new Orleans. For Forther information apply inja3ier> Montgomery a Samuel Ward 15 South will am St., new York. Orto Bell. 4i South third St. June 1g.m9. �?�5-1 above be to if a Riua d along second si.80 foot then Wes Wardly Ana parallel with Carbon St 30 feet South Wardly and parallel with second so 80 Feci to Carbon so hence cast Wally along jargon St. 30 feet to the place of begin log it being pan of the same premise which Joseph jeans by indenture a caring Date to 15th Day of 8cptctn�r, a d 1845, granted to Oharles j Dob bins As the property Ciarles j Dobbins. A Ai Tiff ame time anyplace. All that certain tract piece of land situate tit Norwegia Ttoe i Finch a Tiship. County aforesaid beginning at a Post to Chaco by fond of Jacob Gull to North 22 degree West 186 Perche to a Post thence by land of Geo boy Road Jacob Gunkel North.53 degrees cast 205 perches Toa White Oak thence by fond of Jivco bunk al South 45 degrees East 62 perches of a White Itak sooth 45 degrees weat 112 perches to a White Oak. Piece of ground situate on the northeastern aide of and a ouch 60 decree what Iso perches to the place us itch states an Ltd foreign Patent Agency 5 Dock Street opposite the Exchange. a. \t.t5r. Bullock civil Engineer and mechanician. A offers ii services for the transaction of Ull by Alness connected with the in tent office models drawings and spin liki cations Annily and rattly Rosaile find patents Oban Luck with a Lespin ctr. His thorough theoretical and practice Kamw Ildze of the Mech Nicala i cml it a sum Njo a tint in All cares where he advises it Papfi Carinn for Quot a Patent. In Rase a its not obtained the fee for i . in rett Rand and be will al a Euar Rancu tia isl patents obtain ii tier ouch Hia office trill be sustained by the courts. Many inventors Subj Raftu to tran. Mays and Jos of tune and Money it Liy Knipf Oyhus incompetent Perron to make their if it athui9, Ami frequently have to surrender their patents and get a Burov. A invent Oral at a distance can Send the mode.l9�and a statement of Timeir claim directed to we. Re blocs. A it. Of tent Agency no. 75 Dock a rivet Philadelphia p.t., and tie strictest secrecy will be observed until the Patent i obtained drawing and . Mills and ail kinds of machinery purchased on commission and competent men fur fish to the same in operation in any part of Ibe United states so America and the West indies. A references Hon. Zadour Pratt president of the mechanics Institute new York e. A. A. Bles is. Stillmak attest a co., Novelty work new York. To Peter Morril amp co., columbian foundry new York. A coi amp. Davies Phil Adelphia a. A Adams pc Jarvis. Pitta Tiriro a. Or. Thomas j. Love above Baltimore my. A a air treat a. Taylor. A a a Taii Iel Goss Cincinnati Ohio. A we a apr Butler Chicago Illinois. A a j. N. Miller. Savannah a. A . Vricos Mobile , Washington miss a a Tims. J. Kerb Charleston . A May 12. 20-tfj a. Month lengthened Inlo year yet no tidings were received from the absent husband and after hoping against Hope the unhappy wife was comic ipod to Blitva that he found a grave beneath the Welt i ring Ocean. A 1. Her borrow was a deep and Heartfelt but the evils of poverty were now added to her affliction a tho widow found Hore Elf compelled to resort of some Loy Merit in order to support her children. Her Needie was the Only resource and lor Len years she Laboured Early and late for the miserable pittance which is Ever grudgingly bestowed ii the hum to seamstress. A merchant in new York in moderate but prosperous circumstances accidentally acquainted with her and pleased with her gentle manner not less than her most eid reme Beauty he a ende voted to improve their acquaintance with Friendship. After some months he offered his hand and a accepted. As the wife of a successful merchant she Lioun found herself in the enjoyment of comforts and luxuries such As Ahe had never possessed. Her children became Bis children and received from him every advantage which Wear in and affection could procure. Fed away the daughter mar in father were furnished with me in their new avocation of i they had hardly quilted i bother was taken ill. 8ho died and from that time until the Peak the widower resided with Liew article for the toilet. / Rousselo a vina1gre aromatic sub Cosme Tique it anti met1iit1quk de the Liis Fly Sani Iory Balsamic and tonic prop Cornea of this vinegar Render it far Euperio to Cologne Waie for the of the toilet and the Bath surpassing the latter in its perfume and cheapness and in its greater Efficacy for the promotion of cleanliness and health. Quot this article has been known and Quot extremely used in Europe for very Marty years Wycie it has to a end raid Erable extent superseded the use a Colonge Wetter. The subscriber feels Afu ored that it needs Only it to be made known in tho country to insure it equally Genera . It has obtained the approval of eminent physicians of this City a whose police it Lias been submitted it presents and removes pimple Tetter and asperity of the skin it refreshes and Whiten the skin rendering u soft and smooth it corrects the Clammy Banff bitter taste of the Mouth imparting a Frerer end pleasant breath. A it clean Eland whitens the1 Teeth and hardens the Gams. Frictions with this vinegar promote perspiration Ond assuage rheumatic pains in allay by application to the Temple. It a effectual in removing inflammation of the eyelids an to strengthening us Eye. Applied to a Burn it prevents soreness. It possess Srauy other valuable qua. Jalcs which detailed at Large in the printed wrappers accompanying each bottle just Here Lvcy and for retail at. Kannan�?T3. Choice ter forgery and a Ariely store. F also Ronsel s treble extract for the in great variety Toast be with a very Choice lot of the Best and most approved articles for the toilet a fancy a naps fee., All of to hic will behold Atcitty prices and some less Ottohn Fob is Minersvt�k of the sub Stolber offers for kale by entire Mercao do. . Of div Orous. O b ob e 8 ,,., of which 1 in Cood order. In land in one of Hie Herren Ihn al lev with an Ellen dwelling Otta thed which is. Also for a a. Kor particulars inquire at the a Tore. Novls-47-tfly j ii-zje13enfcs, Minerville. A fifteen Yean Rod and by la Ltd every Comfort h0u roof when their after a few Days period of which 1 tho youngest Diu. Now come Rifo strangest part of the after an Abs it of of Over thirty years during which Timo no Ridings had Ever arrived from hint the first husband arrived As suddenly As he iad departed. A. He had changed ship and adopted another name and spent tho whole of that Tony period on tho Ocean with other trans enl visits a bore while taking in discharging is Roc having been careful never to Como nearer Home Quot than n. Orleans. A by be had acted in this in Parduis Able manner towards his family no a pne could Tell and he obstinately refused All explanation. There we strange rumours o slave trading and piracy they were Only whispers of con Jecture rather than truth. Whatever May have a in Bis motives for Bis conduct he certainly was anything but indifferent to his family concerns when to returned a he raved like a Man when informal of wife a second marriage and vowing vengeance upon Bis successor and terrifying his daughters by the most awful threat in Caso they refused to acknowledge his claims. He turned wealthy and one of the mean reptiles of the Ixo who al ways found crawling Abo it the hails of Justice advised him to bring a suit against the second husband assuring him that he could recover damages. The Absurdity of in titling a al him tor a wife whom death had released from the jurisdiction of earthly Laws was at log to a greed to Liv nil parties to leave tho matter to be adjudged by five forces. Oil was upon a Bright and Beau Riff afternoon in Spring when we met to hear this Mugur Ciao. The sunlight streamed through the Duriye window of the court room Ond shed a Halo around tho lung Grey lock and Brood forehead of the defendant a while tic Narsh features of the plaintiff were thrown into still bolder Relief by the some beam that softened tho Placid countenance of the adversary the pr�tnriff1s lawyer Raade a Roost Esq sent Ipp al for Bis client and Haj we riot been informed about the matter our tier would have Hern melted by i touching pcs Ciprion of the return of thedes Olalud husband and the agony with which now beheld i household god removed to consecrate a Hora Nger Hearth. The celebrated Karoo amp Oti was counsel for Ike defendant and we anticipated Flora him a splendid display of oratory. A contrary expectations however Burr made no attempt to refute i opponent oratory. A merely opened i Book of statute and pointing who his thin Finger of one if the Rige desired the referees to read a while he rtt my a for a moment for the principal a Une t a. We reely firmed Che a so cd Joiy which fully Dpi cited the Mailer in our mind Vojen Burr Deriv nerd with a tall and elegant on his . She was s hired in a simple bit Drefs with a Wreath of Ivy leaves encircling be Jarge. Booner and a Largo veil completely concealing her countenance Durr what pm Raj a few a words apparently encouraging her to Advance anti Hen gracefully raising her veil Dii covered to us face of proud surpassing Fie Suty. Recall eel As Well m if. It were Yta urday How tho murmur of admiration burst from All present. Turning to the plaintiff or. Burr asked in a Low quiet Lorie. A a it. -. A do you know ii adj 1�?T. Ans.do/.Burr.--Vvill you swear to Bat 1 a os.�?~i will to the Best of my knowledge and belief l she is my daughter. Who was at the by. Or. Suit. The Middle Ages. We beginning to find out that the a dirt so by have been Rast with the nay if cd those but a hair own age were not to utterly dark As tin represented. We ascertain that it inf was not that Universal blight upon tho human Quot min which it has been the practice of historians Tocol flourishing condition of their Liyu tin the now to it Lake that measure Wei tor adopted we should est mate 1 with is disparaging a Comparon with the present. But the inventions of our own Day pm tho great Advance of and sciences so far from having a tendency to depreciate Light opon Ond a acknowledge the Vahjen of tii Ose of la Almiddie Ages. A tho appreciation a becoming general. We old enough to remember the rime in when it was thought of liitle moment to mock up Frith Low unseemly edifices mutilate for any amazing works of medieval be hide Jom Toibio religious structures. We need of a refer to tho decorations they have Unis placed and mutilated and to the general aspect of a character of our ministers will not rather a a which were the dark Ages thedae of tho builders and founders Ihlae of the oblige razor and de Glera a it is astonishing that in Chi Wonde Ous _ magnificence should Ever have been viewed with indifference and still More astonishing that disfigurement and desecration should Bye beet suffered yet risen thought themselves Wisn Thor Days and earned Ond ingenious Yod so they were but in respect to tho arts they Wero dark enough and the spirit of puritanism was indeed blight infecting that darkness arid the effect of that blight have not Yel passed away. It my that after a Long period of Worsa than neglect we not Only appreciate bal such to our admiration of those works of past Genius Tref. To Imp Talo hots and study them for a discovery of tho cannons of tho which we Thinht we cannot with Imp Nhy set Asido. We Here speak of those urge Ond conspicuous monuments of Iho mind of the Middo Oges but the increasing admiration Lead t discoveries of yet Orore Hideo treasure to Genius that designed he it Mcture a busily and devotional by employed in a kind of decoration and with a surprising unit a a of feeling and As one sole object to carry out the new Christian principles to make significant a a Beauty of buhnc6s�?T in All outward men Migaj look to with an Awe and rare Abs learn the Sanctity of that one religious arts it Chi Lectura demand that nothing without within should to left a a common unclean a hot Bat to the whole and minutest part this preempt should to legible / and Manifest a Udu All to tho glory a Ait was significant to the religion for w t Ull once was pursued. The work Efi of those Days Laboured with a Loving end Piotis , end lifted Woik of an unseen on it All seeing Eye and not to Ibe applause of men for who was there list value understand oven Whir a Fogleo they Felt the int Cuenco of the i designed Ond exec old inti Ohio part Lithe Manife Tatton of one great f we must no Long Ger speak of the midd n in Somo Kilt which variety of purpose. Die age As a period of Una Verstl Inteli Cottral i dark lei. If it were so it would he a Miracle contrary to a tho intention of mar amp a and the thought has in it it Hind of blasphemy Whf of would Well Taining form of Providence and imply i. A do not believe in the Posztl human it cd universally Retro grading that there i always something doing of a Vii a a s for the ten i a something f , neither oct Spuhle nor Pei Civ present from whose sight were Bidden buried As seed in the Cari up in its proper abundance and in d we want a history of the human mind the a Quot 1 a a Hind of blasphemy Whf of would week n the saa a 1�?an unholy Mility of the we trait. The future it a Progre red by the Arit a lot ring be time.�?. ,.eif Leil from he forgo doing a from events which fascinate us o read of Borios we to be Ketive taking in to Crest things Ofa old violence that have really by refitted the world but Kule so teas a the Leonle in which have accepted them a the i Rise of one nation the subjugation of another dynasties the Dominion of the sword these thu theme of hietofita.,. But in reality All these h stoical actions viewed for their own purposes of Little value while out of All the Lumbu Lenin and Unin a tended Good has Heen Iho result. I tin has been Tjoa ghost some quiet and unobserved work going on whose influence fell More and More by Quot degree a has at length become Predo Minett a Hiwing that the stirring events and charade which had 6gftretmhe%cenrs and moved spectate were but tho under plots anduborjinste/7�raonij Fusi great Noru serious up Consolation a it of an me fori Asid tho dying Campbell Isopod to look hat and feel that i have out writ tel on line against religion virtue. A Swap my would in his silk Armoor give world a it a it stud we w. Campbell did. Quot a Isible con to to Able
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