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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - September 18, 1875, Postville, Iowa is Ai of 9 it volume 1. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa sept. 18, 1875. Number 3. Published every wednesday at Postville Alla Makee county Iowa w. N. Bureick. Attorneys it , Oil we mme depot. I. In. I it Nam Carpenter Ami Jonm Uli i Inonu Iowa. A. Standi Poali Rin drub. In do com a fee. Visor full mip ply us Al jiul ii ooh hopi on bum. Terms $1,50 in Advance. S2, l i did in if Dvo i ice advertising rates made known at the office. Postville directory. Loress Maklo mrs. J. A. Jou Rihori v. 1 1. Healers in furniture. Clarks. D. Physician a i suite of. Oil acc i list of ill Csc hold. First door Olsn Lyl John Rico Iii. Restaurant and Junu Equine in. J. Craft a and repair Esta Lii a mint. Painter. A u. Tilo Mikoli work Dune in Good style. I a escort a Dualon is n hardware Una .11 a Cir. J Teti Ehni a. Spoo. Ileal in hard Ali in i i .nw.nv. Oiler in Lunil . Ciery inscription. V. A. I ois j1iikh,Ali l ii la i disc i r ii. Ii. Rutin Oculi St. Treat acute and chronic diseases of the 1 be. Consultation free Ollero it i l s Ilene one door Shulhof Uji Ein Kallonas chinch Postville i Wata Syl j Turgi Ishii. Drop Rictor of the merchants Lutol. The Host no forthe Travellil Puljic. ills the la Rock Lintel. nil ii Chil a mrs. A. Sci Silti in millinery cod the latest styles always id. I. Ulie thin of the place to make Volar elect ions. Alse notice Tho single harness entered for Premium by Lehmitz Bro s. Jiw Ciao in. Miss ii. Averner has just received n new assortment of millinery goods. Call and see them at mrs ssh nit. Old to find. To Day n races. The interest of the Wlizlo fair centers in to any s races especially Tho bicep stakes Nice. This will doubtless draw Tho largest a roved of Tho week is this Raeo is it ways Tho most exciting. Tho following Tiro Tho enteric for the sweepstakes John in than enters Jesse Stowe. Capt. Brooks enters Herod ii. Knox enters brother Baldwin. C. Van looser outer Little fraud. These Hortes tire All fast stoppers and doubtless much Money will be invested and the excitement run High. Tho purse is for of 0 Best i in 5. The other Nice is for horses that nov or boat 3 1 d and following Are the in trios Oregon Mcgregor Kitty. John Kathan sleepy nod. John Foley Flora Spencer. W. Ii. Hancock Lucy. 1. Hammer Mellon. W.1i. Taylor Mike. L urse in 25. First second $30, third $2". Best three Iti live. These races close the fair for 18" a. Org Tara fresh oysters by the can or dish at John Thoma s Husti Durant. D3. W. T. , i Hys Alfill and sur Coli. A Iee Ial Attell Tenn Elvin . Will attend mils Nii it or Dav. Ollice and resilience of insole merchants hotel l o to Villa. Mia. Dealer in Lill in i y j. T. Is a must ii lies i akan. in i in. Dcarr in All of Deli and Valn. Ollai Kritini thu w. F and Lep Lien ver. Ali i Dune on. . Grivi or and Suri inn. Flt inc Ocer Poch s store a rope Ion Viii. Etoral the Ina Illel lie in the Uriel Letite i. A Izolt Linn i Hotnes a her and i. All work larva inc. not tin priv Sistok i i Iii Tiu win visit even Tun nth. V Vii John Moll jr., pc scr in Orinic Vilas and Ancy goods. Master. 8len an a Hoin be manner. .1. N. a. Co., i , dime up in the Best pass Hull a Lirati k co. Proper Letitis of the Fleam elevator. Feed Mill connection. A. S Welister. In Iii Ance aunt. the Best companies ill Cru Telce. Sani 1 Sam 1 All in postal Lac and Vale Lily Bear in mind Bat Mali Lille bios arc Pat pared to malic contracts will All parties who wish Sand trim their pit. For prevention of cruelty to animals get the Zinc and sole leather Collar pads with sweat pads us the red front. A Job lot of team and Bugy whips going at wholesale prices at lied fro it. Darby won the 2 in Raco yesterday. We did not get the time. If we had plenty of time plenty of Money and the disposition to do it we Cut Iid Lyvo won handsomely on the races if we had bet on the right horses. Ive have a few extra copies of each edition of the daily on hand at this office which subscribers and others can have by calling for them. It was impossible to take time to write Tho 1 Ostillo list. A " All Solli ill. Loi tracts must be made with a lieu per Powers & Prescott a ural est at k to Kex i s buy and sell farm lands and town favourable terms titles examined and abstracts furnished Call and examine our lists. 1 , . Vin2tf & repairing sop i am prepared to do nil kinds of Black Smithing and Lippi it log on Short notice and in a Workmanlike manner. A. V. Sea eur proprietor i Stville. Towa. Ͽ�ft2?"chtirges reasonable. Call and give to a trial. Ali la. John Lencl jr., proprietor of the oily , oppose to Mutt s lumber Ollice. V Lallen roup Rieter of Allen s Dray Hinc. All orders promptly attended to. In Neon in to nary. Trope motors of one of the Best St Hun Northern Iowa Jin ii. Viu manufacturer of hoots and shoes your i Purl in. Coins on with a. P. Libolt . All contracts for House pall Lii attended to with promptness. I. Ilat Hun livery and Sale stable. Tho inst aft coins and car a Lagos always on hand. Jacob Meyer. I lacks Elihw Init in pairing done on Short loll cd. Lorae he Queini a speciality l. Brown Plieni Tislim nil Siirid Euini. All Calls either Day or Lii Jet Pivoni itly to. S 3 Powers t f Johnson. Pot Vern & John Moi. Actor Nova at , insurance and Colln chg a onto. Toleu in Arlel Block Over store. F. Meyer Wagon and by Liili Long it bonded to Proi Nutly. S Van Loon or Scott Blackmn Atli and Rop ulv shop. All work done in Tho Ileal of style. Horse shoeing a speciality. Rill front Pilch list. A Walters Complete 3f cts. Scotch collars Rich Pairr-1.85. Safety bits 25 cts. Per pair. New double harness Complete if 18.00 to $250.00. New single harness from $8, up to -�150.00. Second hand harness from $3.50 up to $18.00 per set. Smith urn s. Walking Sticks from 25 cts. Up to $5.00 apiece. Sweat i ads Zinc and Solo i n.  Collar pads 85 fits per pair. Fly nets and blankets from $1.85 to $12,00 per pair. Ladies and gents saddles from to $35.00 apiece. Buggy cushions from 1.25 to 12.00 apiece. Buggy tops from $1h. Up to $85.00. Umbrellas from 05 cts up to 5." a piece. Trunks from 85 cts to $50.00 from 35 ets up to $12.00. s Arlo grease largest boxes for 25 ets. Sheriff Blewett and treasurer Uyan in tile is Friendly cull during Tho fair. They Are candidates for reelection on opposite tickets and to should not wonder if both were elected. Something less a thousand came up on the train this morning. Our fair ground reporter came in with his report too late Lii morning. So re. meeting. Hon. Samuel Kirkwood Republican candidate for governor of Iowa will Addris meetings in this Vicinity is Lolowes Decorah wednesday 22nd inst. , thursday 23d do. Dubuque Friday 24th do. 4j orc nip o ii d u n c c. Lansing sept 11.2875. Eur by viev after a silence of something Over Olnee months your old correspondent again intrudes into Tho privacy of your Sanctum and uses the privilege of a Brief space in Tho columns of the ii View. The upward bound passenger train ran off the track about two Miles below this place on thursday last and tip Pirug Over the Steep Bank fell into the River. Tho of the Accident was first brought into town by or. In n islander who was on Board the train and in i Short time seines of our citizens Wero on Tho spot giving Aid to injured passengers. Ono of the passenger cars tipped clean Over turning a Complete somersault and Landing right Side up in the River in about three feet of water. Another of Tho cars was thrown end ways Down the Bank one end being in the water and the other lodged on thu Shore. The engine retained its place Tho Hind wheels Only being Oil the track. This is the first serious Accident that has happened on this Road during Tho time it Lias been running and the company with commendable Zeal propose to pay All the expenses of the injured passengers Nono of whom no dangerous. A Largo number of our citizens propose to take Melvn Tiongo of Tho excursion train and go to the fair to to hold at your place next week. We Hope they May have u Good Timo and come Back prepared to 6ettle Down to every Day life once More after having convinced a Large number of your citizens that it is for their interest to have the county seat relocated at Lansing. Tii ulv yours. Dick. Tho weather opens Cool but Pleus it for tin last Day of the fair. If you go on the fair grounds or if Ami slay in town you will hid de. Sheely Yoost the ready to iter to the wants of the inner Man. Look for de s Corner South of depot or for his stand on tha fair grounds. Tl3 furniture. Musio Rolls for carrying Sheet music a neat and convenient article at Calvin n instruction Calvin s. Books of All Kirn s at f. M. Clark. Dealer in furniture Postville a cd news Foh All g. W. Stafford having taken Tho Agency of the a uck Zorij Iron pump proposes to sell 12 different kinds of them for Cash so cheap that All Wood pumps a ill be Laid aside. To will sell Complete pumps for Wells at from a to $18, Mill galvanized Iron Tippo cheaper than it was Ever sold in Northern Iowa All work warranted for five years. To also keeps wooden pumps and All kinds of repairs Don t fail to 3ti.ll on him before purchasing elsewhere. Postville Jan. 1st, 1875. V2n-14-tf upholstering Carriage trim iving harness repairing made a specially and at red . J by calling on , ii e. T. Smith you i will find boots &. Shoes & hats & Caps  cheaper than heretofore at Clermont Iowa. D3 notional hotel Wii Ukon Iowa. P. Y. & v. M. Schwartz proprietor. Good attention paid to guests and Moil tabling launched. 1mr j. S. Oreo in m. 1. Oftle Over ii. Poe Ali a store. Ono door went of National note. All Ealla promptly attended to. N. A Beedy dealer in ii ice family groceries provisions Green dried and canned fruits flour feed crockery and Glass Ware wooden Ware &o., a. Lawlcrst., Postville Iowa. T3u5yl All kinds of Cotic Dionery at we hostile or retail at Keller s. 03, for Choice groceries go to d3 a Eddy a. Best assortment glassware in town at Beedy s. D3 Choice English breakfast Tea at Beedy s. D3 buy your groceries at Beedy a and have then delivered to any part of the City free of charge. D3 try some of those fresh fre Ucli prunes at Beedy s. D3 a Large Quantity of very Best Quality of apples just received at Keller s. Will Bell to parties on the fair ground at less than Mcgregor pries. D3 Fino sewed Boot it shoes made to order by . It e. T. Smith Clermont Iowa. D3 -. It , always Koch a Largo Stock of Bradley & Metcalf boots it shoes fils of Reynolds & bouts Fino sewed shoos. Clermont Iowa. Len Vlic a swim Ilell lung of Tho Aboye company will appear Tor Ono night Only at the congregational Church in Postville on tuesday evening sept. 21st. This company has Given an entertain Mont in Postville before and is Well spoken of by the press and people generally. Admittance cents. Children 25 cents. 13 i or Niora Alt Englun Don t fail to Call at Tho red front opposite elevator for Oak tanned leather farm harness Complete win anted five years at $28 per Sot or any thing else you want in their Mammoth Stock of goods mentioned in this paper. Schimitz Bro s. Com Erial hotel Corneil Sheen and Reynolds tt8. I Stville Iowa. H. S. Humphreys. Proprietor. This hotel has just Boon Eroc cd Tho rooms Are nil Largo Well lighted and supplied with new furniture throughout. A Good Samplo room for commercial Trasel cars and Good stabling attached. A share of patronage solicited. Iowa keep constantly on hand tables bedsteads. Lounges cribs stands Spring Beds mattresses Mirror plates picture frames mirrors pictures Oval & rustic frames moulding of All kinds and repairing done undertaking Nade a specially. Hearse connected a store and shop it ii. P. Dawes old stand Lawlor Street Postville Iowa. Livery Aud Sale stable Hancock $ to be y. We keep a Large number of carriages and sleighs always on hand and Tho Best of horses for Tho in Roposo of conveying parties to All parts of Tho country. Terms reasonable give us a Call. A Cyl Stablo formerly owned by 0. v2n44-tf
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