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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Oct 6 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - October 6, 1875, Postville, Iowa Volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co. Iowa oct. 6.1875. Number 28. Tolj a it few Appeal 10 i Tho citizens of Alla Makee county. Published at l Ost Fullr Alla Makee county Iowa w. A Burbick. in and juice. 2, in not i wiil in Advance advertising rates made known a Lite office. Posty ills directory. Mil you 30 in Hie swy i to sol Joi Al a i Fihaki i the county seat Sci Rialti in n civil Rel a coition or Khallil tin removed Tho a a Tom lilt l�l�4 if Tiu c n u n t y. To tuber Llic grading and bridging will j n year making fight Hundred witnesses a oni Pletos. There is not a do matured indebtedness to Ai it urn Roan i " a us i Iii there is not 11 contract or obligation no j " serving subpoenas und summons will be Lar of Mil Eugo to Wmiko will average 000,00 Road i to Lansing $1,1 officers Iii in any nature hut that thu Money is in hand to pay win a tin w Ork is completed and accepted. More than this when this  int started it was the or Poso to put Down u Wood rail and thu company have thu Means in hand to finish and equip it for business upon thu same making a total of eleven Lipini Rcd and sixty fix dullard and sixty six cents More with Tho comity neat at Landing than at Waukon. Other travelling Lees Tho county has to pay which will in a Creaso to Lii expense to Over fifteen attn Rcd dollars per year. is simply next tuna a tells the talc. I. Ͽ�1. Lark i eaters in Filini Titie. L est Duranl it Lii rot a . K. .1. Ferry dealer Vilry it All Kii id. Valer in Grot in. J. Hartly it notions a e. Jul Lam Allol Letl Anil Hunt Eliom t y. J. Craft furniture Anil repair . A it. Thompson Painter. Lam i dime in loud slyly. Per Scott. A , Lic Alerson hardware i Unaie . Ile Lelier a spoil. Yuesiu a in Lin Rihval Ami tinware. J s. Mull lie Aier in lumber of every description. c. W. Ii a Ial Rill Ami horse Shine Mph. J. T. Molt dealer in millinery a nods v1m dressmaking. Liros. Dealers in All kinds us merchandise and Grain. W. F. Ile Vrr . And rep Alrine Dono on Hiort notice. A. Ruck Walii proprietor of the meat Niar Kul near the Brick hotel i. A. Hoffman photographer Ami retouch or. Am work warranted. Jolt Mold jr., dealer in groceries Atul Tancy a oods. In Aster. Is also Post j. Ii. Steed y co., Stini and Louse in online die to i in the Best Pussy o manner. Hall Roberts & co. Proprietors of Tho steam Ciocu Ilner. Fail Mill in Donn Callon. A 3. Webster. In Irinco agent. Be presents the Best companies in . Of. I Allen proprietor of Allen s Dray Lino. All orders promptly attended to. Llano Ocic a Tovey. 1 Roplh Torfli of aug of Leto lies Stubles flan sort lie in Iowa ii. Well manufacturer of boots and shoes your repairing. L Omo on with a. V. Abbott Painter. All Ron Tonuu for House plan tonic utter mind to with promptness. C. V. In Lubun livery Neil Sale so Nile. The bist often a Atul ear. Rinses always on hand Juul Meyer. and rep Iriny Dono on Short notice. Horse shoeing a special Ltd i. Ali inv Uliys Ciau and . All Calls either Day or Iti Fth Tirton pity attended to. A 3 i of Bull t f Joii Sun. I Owen pc Jolindon. Actor Nova not new insure Mai Anil lol Loiell in agents. Otao la Brick Block our store. F. Fulli Ieuv Ivi Ikon and Gle Luh . attended to Pron itly. Built in g k Stowe attorneys at Law. Oll co Noar depot. J. K. I Hll lips proprietor or Tho key Olty burbs in shop. Toad to attend to Tho wants of the people. Always r c 1,. Fun Tiina slurp onto and John air olo Mont Iowa. A. Stan Cut Boulord in Spruga it doll nos Fco. Also a full sup ply of Soli ool books kept constantly on he ii. National Llo Tol . V . M. Sol Warta proprietors. Of Oil attention poll to Fuoau and Good stable is attic lion  j. Is Ore i m. A. A. Of co Over ii. In Ofili s store. Its Munoo Ona floor West of National hotel. All Call promptly to. Dealer in be Wink Mao Laos and tolls too boat mail Aniot Rod Vlf j Tuo Howe. 20 wag of on 0 Road sonata nut. Tuesday oct a the the voters of Alla Makee county will determine the locution of the county sent Lor the ensuing three years if not permanently. Thu some Ipi cation has been Agil aled in former times in this county and but few new f Cut urea m Tho discussion can to presented now. To do not expect to make converts from among those who Are controlled by sell Isle motives or personal piques and jealousies neither do we expect to reach that class whose ballots Are in the Market for barter or Sale. It is with thu thoughtful and conscientious voter that to propose to reason and if n fact or argument is presented worthy of consideration we respectfully ask that it May have its duo weight in determining his ballot in favor of Tho Best interest of the county. 11un1ness 1mpoutance. The most important claim set up by Lansing for thu county seat is on the ground of its Greatti business importance that it is the leading commercial town of Tho county. Admitting this to be True i does not follow that the county business must he carried to an extreme Point and Remote form the Center of population to keep company with Tho produce and lumber Trade. It would seem sufficient for our Farmers to travel Long distances Over rough roads to Market their product without being compelled to submit to Tho sumo inconvenience for the transaction of business at the county scat. Loss than eighty rods farther cast would place that ambitious City out of Tho jurisdiction of Iowa Ami within Tho limits of Wisconsin in Point of location Postville now Aikin and harpers ferry have i util claims and either Point will Nocom Monto the people of Tho county As Well. From Tho earliest settlement of Northern Iowa Lansing has enjoyed the prestige of being a leading Grain Market but this advantage is rapidly and surely passing away and it is Only a question of time when the Rich country that has contributed to its growth will to supplied by other Market facilities. It is but a few years Sineo Tho entire Trade of a Amateo and Wiki Cheiu counties in Iowa und part of Houston & ii Moro in Minnesota sought a Market there with present railway facilities this District is now narrowed to lets then one half of Tho county of Al am Keo with Tho m Aukon Road in operation Tho urea of territory tributary to Lansing will to loss than two townships and these thu poorest in agricultural resources in Tho county. Tub wait Tow Cal go. I ratios in Tho interest of Laming Hayo Busy from thu Start in disparaging Tho Enterprise of building the Avn Ukon Kail Road. Individuals and thu press of that town Havo resorted to Ivory falsehood within the Range of their invention to Dis Brodit it in Tho minds of Tho people. It is hoped thereby to hold Tho Voto and Inu Ronco of Tho people living Long Tho route and whose Trade will naturally to diverted to this new Channel. The has been a Oporto of simply a county seat movement and As soon As Tho Oleo Ion has passed will to abandoned. That it is a Taliama and not within Tho Power of its projectors to or Irry Forward to Oom lotion. If there Uro those Nilu encode by these statements Disiro to know the truth it will to an no septable duty on of any of Tho Otto tvs of Tho rond to Mavko a full show this original plan and will do u at an i a " of expense that the taxpayers Early Day if negotiations for Iron Are not i wil1 liav0 t0 yearly for the luxury of successful. The court . At Waukon Tho county already o moving the county seat away from Tho i Center to its extreme Eastern Border. I fifty thousand Folt county Well Milt and court ii Siisi Eon Van gently divided into a court room jury j room offices for sheriff auditor clerk Ile Corder and treasurer. There Uro also . It will to Well to consider the fact in this connection that when you have voted Tho county seat to Lansing Yon have for Tho use of treasurer and recorder Twu 110 a unit Bouse or jail at that Point. Here secure vaults which have Cost Over two j comes in an outlay that is sure to follow thousand dollars. Klicsu Are fixtures of not less than fifty thousand dollars. Do you dispute this Point our an Hority is Trio county officers themselves. They suy that with the present accumulation of records necessary furniture &c., the old building at Lansing is entirely inadequate to the present demands of the county even without vaults und that a new court out o will Ruvvo to to erected immediately if thu county seat is removed. This with the increased expenses of conducting thu county business will pile up a Mountain of taxes that will weigh heavily upon Tho tax payers of Tho county for years to Como. Milf Giitl be of location. In speaking of Tho county scat contest in our Issue of May 20th, among other things we said j to deem this subject of vital import 1 to Niico to the people of Alla Makee county and we shall deem no space used in a. 1 Gurment on either Side wasted. We bound will not accommodate one tenth of .,1, Civo thu coining contest will decide Tho to people who Havo occasion to visit the 1 " ii estion whether our county seat is to be county scat. Iroma Large part of thu j county it will require a full Day s drive to to iltll1 on my to a my Jcj from vat reach Lansing and another to return of a p100 a a a to occasioning in Homo requiring full two Days and often terminable difficulties and untold expense three to transact county business. W ""1 " in fac 11 permanent fixture Waukon can be reached by team Ami re i fusing and Postville Aro both rather turn in one Day from any part of the fortunately situated for county seat county and 1.8 11 Large part of Tho people j Bonoist it the one instance because Tho Aro Farmers and own teams this is an important consideration. The Cost of . The Cost of the extra travel in Timu that cannot be moved. At South Lan j sing Distant from the business part of the town stands Tho former court House. In this there is no sheriffs office auditor s office or vaults and no room for them in the building. Tho removal of Tho county scat involves Tho necessity of a now court House the expo so of which will have to be met by the taxpayers of Tho county. Tho City Council of Lansing has pledged to the county Tho use of a City lockup now projected. This is Puro fiction. The men making up that body Are stupid asses or they understand that they can give no Legal Force to such a pledge it would not by binding and could not to carried into effect. . One of Tho prominent arguments used by Lansing is its accessibility by rail and River. Both of these routes skirt the extreme Eastern Boundary of the county ground that their Trade came from the people who were into rested in holding thu county seat at Waukon and it would be shabby treatment of Tom to thus seek to undermine and destroy their rights and Best interests. And the county scat being already located As nearly As practicable to Tho geographical Center of thu county Lansing Hud to valid claims upon it. Siml at it. For our part to Havo no Desiro to sen Lansing lapse Back to Tho condition of Mcgregor and other onco flourishing cities which having arrived it Tho Nemo of their greatness and gradually falling into premature decay. But our a sire in this regard cannot Chango the result. Kex Perico has demonstrated that just As soon a railroads get behind these Small River towns their glory hns departed and thereafter Tho struggle for a Bare existence is a herculean one. If the narrow gauge ran from Waukon to Lansing Tho latter City would save a Little of its prestige but with its Eastern terminus Twenty Miles below them there is absolutely no salvation for the bus Inch and Prosperity of this grasping City. Again our sympathy for Lansing and its business interests might induce us to second its ambitious desires Wero to not in doing so not Only producing Tho same result to a less extent perhaps upon Waukon and not Only 011 Waukon but 011 the entire Western half of u10 county. Deeply As we May Dep Bro thu future a my. , a Pooler in Tho Luteal Stylow we Yon baud. If luos this Lathi a Luke a a m a your. To io6 old Olin no Jolt v i Iii of Tho affairs of Tho company As they have no Shordt that they desire to you goal from . To will Stato hero that the nearly completion of the fjfqadis&nas8o�d. Of fact univ Middle and Money cannot be estimated in dollars i and cents. Very citizen of Tho county has occasion to visit to county offices onco or twice in each year und Soto More frequently. A Farmer from Post or any of the Southern or Western tiers of townships cannot visit Lansing and to Turu taking Timo during business hours at the court House in less than three Days. This will to equal to a tax of fifteen dollars for every trip made counting his Timo at what it is Worth on his farm team and hotel expo sos added. Tho tiers of townships indicated comprise More than Ono third of to population of Tho county and Tho item of extra travel will amount to thousands of dollars annually. Fifteen Jeluk Duel dollars annually 1 Oil . Another item of of Pons that will be incurred by Tho removal of the county Goat to Landing will to in i Loag of jurors witnesses and officers Fous. The added distance from Waukon to each township in Tho county is 130 Miles Tho average dist Noo about in Miles from Lansing to each township it is 255 Miles Tho average distance is about 14j
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