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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - November 24, 1875, Postville, Iowa Volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa nov. 24,1875. Number 35. The Postville review published every wednesday at Postville Alla Makee county Low t. By w. A Burdick. T fat Lea Justice. Of left with h. X. Rowena. All kinds or business in h. Line attended to with promptness. J. B. Fth Modl and dealer in Hoot Ami shoes. Cos Lom work and repairing done to order. Prices Low. Terms 1,50 in Advance. $2, if not paid in Advance advertising Rales made known at the office. Postville directory. Colors in furniture v. 31. Clark de shr he test Aurant and Conleu Tonery. E. J. Artty denier Iii jewelry or nil kinds. N. I. Ceily dealer in groceries notions acc. John Thorn he la Durant and .  j. To Mil furn Tizie and a Contr . A r. Thompson m or Kouo in mid style. I Rescott so Button Una Donre in win cd. To Mitilier & Sizoo. Pen left Hilmert Wurf Hal tinware. 3 k. Molt dealer in lumber of every description. C. , to repairing us us horse Hollik. I , in inn rent nip Here a goods. Master. Is to i of Post j. It Recti kco., so a nud House pal Atlue done Fiji in the fest Pontine no incr. Ilell to. Proprietors of the steam elevator. Feed Mill in i 0 next i ii. A. S wonder. In Arnnon aeon rep ii Teui the Best companion a ill Elmi ire. C. A Allen proprietor of Allen s i Ray line All orders promptly attended to. Ifni Cook i Tovey proprietors of one of the Best Ivory Stubl Gujin pc Ovule in Iowa ii. It Lla manufacturer of boots und shoe your Rpu Orluk. Come on with a. P. A loll Painter All continues for. House painting attended to with promptness. Sand i a Sand i let All in postal Lac and Vicinity Bear in mind that Mcquirt Bros. Am in Elured to Muko contracts with All in Illus who Wlsh Send from their nit. 49" All contracts must to made with them per to paly. A a Xix bitters the Best tonic in use prescribed by one of Germany s1 most celebrated physicians although to Nix bitters have Beon Bosforo the Public but a Short time boy Havo almost super Codori every other article where they Havo been introduced. They Are not n. Humbug designed to evade the liquor Law but Aro a genuine tonic Lehi Contd for medi ool purposes and As such Thuy sound Unchu Ullus. The local Trade of Hun Lafurd alone was Over 43,000 for 1872, and it now extends into Iowa and wit Fungsin compelling Tho Hale St to die nut every other by Sidenb und on Gnu in their menu rapture a Zulu Savuly. They can be put Down us the Best Toniu in the in Birket for these Raith one. 1st. They can to Given to Tho weak Cut und Uriost debilitated people and Almi to u babe not three months old in Small do sch. 2d. Being put up in ooh june spirits they Are Frev l Runi Tell list air taste and Inu Britten who Lime need in of stimulant will not renew their taste i or drink but on the other him it is Well authenticated not that Ninny men o Iii temperate habits in the Vicinity Lloid Furda have by the use of these hit ters Learned to a Stuie. F Runi the. Use of whisky and other distilled liquors 3d for tiny disease to Lett requires Tonio those hitters Are the Best Uriele known. All order promptly tilled. Address u. N.0i11,"ii0use,. 20tf flush Rudd Mimi not. Postville & Waukon daily stage line. J Boswell prop. Stages leave Post Vilic on the arrival of Tho Litster n train every morning Zirri Yinpo in a Nikon fur dinner and returning to pus Villu the same evening. Good trims any Joanl Iii prompt Drivers tin to relied upon. Charges reasonable drug store ---". i am better prepared than Ever t furnish my customers with an endless Ituna Tity of varieties together with a Large Stock of drugs medicines v 1 we to paints oils and glue. Cheapo than Tho cheapest at the old stand. Ido n stantly keep on hand a general Stock of drugs school books stationery1, White Lead window ,put Yeto. Every line of the very beat Quality and at reasonable figures. Tsp part Ioula. Tutte Jolon Given to com pounding prescriptions. A first class assortment of dyestuffs perfumery and fancy at Loles pure wines and liquors or medical purposes. A. Staadt. By ill important change of time of the railway Una & Minn and or. Do Smeu Wasi oni. C. R. Nnoli Idun. and Sale Styblo. The Best of teams and ear Rennes no ways on Hviid. 1 Jacob in Oyer la Nokhm thl Nir Iii id Repner Lek Piloun on Short notice. Seoi Nelly. Fat Musj pump wind Mills and Frostproof Tuneff and All Kin ils of re pairings. Agent i or . Also up inns a  Brownt a a. \ thy Lela a and . All Calls either Day or night promptly attended to j. Al s p6fftb� a a to f Jon or. Powers in Linton attn Nevii it Lave Inshan be and vol local in a que. Oll co in Lilek Block Over a Althol la store. "  " of Merer Wim on and sle Luji Estivill ashment. note ruled to . Bunlang , attorneys it Law Edloe near depot. A j. A i la lips a prep motor of the key oily Barber shop. Always rend to attend to the wants of the people. A a a a  i_1___  o. Putnam Harp Oritor and Joiner Oleri out . Ifim f Iohd Riu midiwi$$8&r Ullin  full sup ply of kept on hand to ton i Isaq a tuft Britlon Hul Illin uhf in lion. Not Lynnl hotel Erp iroc. ,0 Mitchell. 1. A , proprietor to to ill a "�4 ii i. Luwi in keep ii h�rari4sortmo, nil Hinds of Pine Humber. Sol Jim ,,i l Leskets Layn a pour in4.chldn tfo.9n�ll oort at he links a a i /.-. I a .1 j. Wa8hi�gtox i i 8tbi1h8, Chicago in of tattered by the state for the Porpot a of gov link Tea Best Polibio try it me lbs a cml a .pkbomo5e�% Omine Noling monday May Atli inst. Express paid Denver trains will run Tai Ouirt to Milwaukee and Chicago without delay. Piwin Tfir on town ant. Menno Antii and Iowa did Dakota Iii leu it Pidu l Hitmi it 3 81 p. Sup put Cut Lingo fat 3 i u. In. Snip Lii curs running through worn i Are foot a l a jul Elj a. leave a Longn at f on p. In. Ski Pinko air Jar of wlm to Mcl Lri Noi. it mgr Cor with to Niino Antn Lorl Onitt in Iowa and Minnesota. Lingo urn in time for supper my Uon Hooili wily a. A. V. Ii. A Arpen Ter. I n. . Mid Tiu iut Airi it v a r i Ety and grocery store. -i1y John Moir. In the new building a full assortment of a  groceries of All kinds. Glassware stoneware Woodenware Yankee notions a a. &o., kept can Strolly on baud l of Vullo May so 1876.Harper s illustrated weekly. A Complete pictorial history of the Best cheapen and must successful family paper in the notices of the press. Harper s weekly is the Ablest and most powerful illustrated periodical in this country. Its editorials Are Suho hurly and convincing and carry much weight. Its illustrations of current events Are full and fresh nud prepared by our Best designers. With a Eiroku Latsiou of 150,0 9, Tho weekly is read by it least half a million persons and its influence As an Organ of opinion is simply tremendous. The weekly maintains a pus Tivo position and expresses decided views on political and so Olal courier journal. Its papers upon existent questions and its inimitable cartoons help to Mould Tho sentiments of Tho commercial Harper s weekly stands at the head of illustrated journals in the United states in circulation editorial ability and Pito trial repository Cincinnati. Terms postage free to All subscribers in the United state. Harper s weekly one year $4 00. Harper s Magazine weekly add Bacar to one and dross one year $10 00, or two of Harper s periodicals to one person one year $7 00, an extra copy of Oit Bor the Magazine weekly or Bazar will be supplied Gratis for every club of live subscribers at $4 00 each in our remittance or six Ropius for $20 00 without extra copy. Postage Froc on All Tho above within u. S. Back numbers Cun to supplied at imy time. The annual volumes of Harper s weekly in neat cloth binding will b sunt v express free of expense for $7 00 Uliuli. A con Pluto set comprising minute ii volumes a ent on receipt of Cash at the Rati of $5 2a per vol freight at expense it purchaser. Prominent attention will to Given Llu per s weekly to Tuo ulu Strattion a a the Centennial International exposition. Now supers ure not to copy this adv i. Tie Cmunt without the express orders of Harper & Brothers. Address Harper is Brothers now York. Slip lir h Hale. Stats of Iowa Alla Makee county j by virtue of a special Ono option to a directed issued by Tho clerk of the or Cuit court of said county in favor of Alla Makee county for school fund and he inst John d. Cooper w. K. Martin Geo. Abtey ii. B. Brynn Ellen try an w. J. Sizer y. E. Davidson Geo. Bow Sun Richard vols nov Honvo levied upon and will sell to the highest bidder a Public auction at the front door of the court House in a Nikon in said county on Tho 11th Day of december a. D. 1870 at 10 o clock a. M., the following described property to wit the South half of Tho Southwest Quarter and ten acres of Tho Wost Side of to lib Northeast Quarter of Tho Southwest Zuur Tor of Section 9, township 90, Range West containing 90 acres. Taken and levied upon und to to sold to satisfy said writ of execution and a accruing costs. Waukon nov. 13th, a. D. 1875. Geo. Hew1t, 34 2 sheriff of Alla Makee co. Formi. A a Good i a who a Tatj Terr 3. Sofieh m. A tended to Vvs v. Or Rah. Elude h Ullest. Treats Notoma Ohr Onlo the far it " " ii Uyn goods cheaper than Ever Kivi 2ofitis, Fry Din Iowa Las a Complete Stock of Antis Kwh gr0creie8, 1 a i Suth of rout Jat Long a .  gloves ,8�, 0uabry.4q.ap. Usually kept in to i . i Ipi irn his Stock is All new Gad \ j lid w us ill a 0 i  a-4  newspapers Nob to copy this without Dalroot orders from Harper & Brothers. Address Harper & Brogue is n. Y. Harper s illustrated Magazine unquestionably is the Best sustained work of the kind in Tho world. The Ever increasing circulation of this exam Lent monthly proves its continued adaptation to popular desires und needs. Huston Globe. Tho character which this Magazino for curio to Enterprise artistic health und literary culture that has kept Pace with if it has not led Tia times cause its conductors to regard it with justifiable Onop Leenoy. Tho Magazine Lias done Good and not evil All Tho Days of its Eagle. Tki tems Post go free to All subscribers in Tho United states. In Rorr s Magazine Ono year $4 00, Pic Higi prepaid. Harper s my Uzi Iio weekly and Bazar in am address for one vent Ajilo 00 or i twin id Harper s i Orio Juuls to one add  u0. Cloth oases for binding a Ili ill a perfect ill Strnod literary . Hoo cloth 3 00 half Culfin. Me rulings Ohio of them a Little Tot conning As can be a Mammoth Dolored fun Hun plate a Superb ool Rod put torn for a Slipper and nearly 50 Wood outs of fashions and patterns. The stories Aro i. Lit Best authors All powerfully written. For 1870, in addition to the 100 Shorter stories 5 copyrighted nov lots Are announced Ono of them Tho Days of i0," by mrs. Ann s. Stephens to just the thing for the Centennial your. Cer daily All things considered this Magazine has no equal it its Price. The torts Aro astonishingly Low Viz two dollars a year Tho Post go pro paid by. Alvo publisher i the plus Avo. Cheaper still postage also pre paid Viz three copies for $4.80, with a Superb mezzotint 21 inches by 26 Christmas morning the i nov and. For Tuesta Over offered to the person getting up the club or Biz Rupies dollars Poa Tago prepaid and both extra copy and the Premium in it moving to the got Tor up of club. A for larger Toluba the Priebe Are. Oven lower. Specimens of the Magazine Are sent Gratis if written for to Hobo who wish to got up is the time to subscribe for 1870. Address Charles j. Peterson 306 Chestnut Street Ali Aldolphia. A
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