Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
7 May 1887

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Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
7 May 1887

Read an issue on 7 May 1887 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Review.

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - May 7, 1887, Postville, Iowa On arriving it the great or nil Oliero to had that morning Boon interviewed by Tho King we found that it was closely parked with Somo Twenty thousand men arranged in regiment around it the regiments were in turn divided into companies and Between each company n Little path to How Freo passage to the Wladi la Myers to Swiss up Avirl Down. Any Lilun More imposing than the sight that was presented by tills vast and orderly of armed men it was impossible to conceive. There Lioy stood Perry City silent and the Bright Moon Light poured its Light upon the Forest of their raised Spears upon their Majestic forms waving plumes and the harmonious shading of their various coloured Shields. Wherever we looked was Lino upon line of set faces surmounted by Range upon Range of glitter Long Spears. Surely i said to Infa Doos the whole Iima is Miorov Macii Marzahn he an sword but a third part of it one third is present at this Danco once your another third part is mustered outside in Case there should be trouble when killing begins ton thousand Mora Garrison Tho outposts round Loo. And the r st watch at the Kraals in the country. Thou Feest it is n very great i Licy Aro very silent said Good and indeed Tho intense stillness among such a vast concourse of living men almost says Bhugwan asked Infa Doos. 1 translated. Those Over whom Tho Shadow of death is hovering Are silent to answered grimly i will Many to killed a 1 very it seems i said to the others that to Aro going to assist at a gladiatorial show arranged regardless of sir Henry shivered and Good said that lie wished to could get out of it. Toll me i asked Infa Doos. Are we in danger i know not my lords 1 Trust not but do not be afraid. If be live through Tho night All May go Well. The soldiers murmur against Tho All this Wyllo in had been advancing steadily toward Tho Center of Tho open space. In Tho midst of which were placed Somo stools. As we proceeded to perceived another Small party coming from the direction of Tho Royal hut. It u the King Twain and Scraggs his son Anil Vagnol the old and Seo with them flu those who slay and he pointed to a Polo group of about n dozen Gigantic and save go Lii oking men armed with Sii Eura in one hand and clubs in Tho other. Tho King seated himself upon Tho Center Stool Gasool crouched at ids feet and Tho others stood behind. Greeting Wilto lords to clod As to came up to seated waste not Tho precious time the night is All too Short for the deeds Vint must be done. Be come in a Good hour and shall sue u glorious show. Look round White lords look round and to rolled his one we cod Eye from regiment to regiment can Tho stars show to such a sight us this so How they shake in their wickedness All Tonso who have evil in their hearts and fear the judgment of heaven above. Begin i begin i cried out Usignol in her thin piercing voice the hyenas Are hungry Thov howl for food. B genl begin then fir a moment there was intense stillness made a Orrillo by a presage of what was to come. The King la food his Spear Anil suddenly Twenty thousand feet were raised As though they belonged to Ono Man and brought Down with a stamp upon Tho Earth. This was repeated three times causing Tho solid ground to shake and tremble. Then from n far Point of the Circle a solitary v be began a wailing song of which the refrain rang something As follows what is Tho lot of Man born of woman?"1 came Tho answer rolling out from every Throat in the vast company death i gradually however the Long was Takon up by company alter company till Tho whole armed multitude was singing it and 1 could no longer follow the words except in so far As Thoy appeared to represent various phases fears and Joys. Now it seemed to hts Tave sonic now a Majestic swelling War chant and last us All a death Dirge ending suddenly in one heart breaking Wail that went echoing and rolling away in a volume of blood curdling sound. Again th0 8llence fell upon the place and again it was broken by Tho King lifting up ids hand. Instantly there was a pattering of feet and from out of Tho masses of Tho warriors strange and awful log autos came running toward us. As they Drew near we saw that they were those of women most of them a Oil for their White hair ornamented with Small bladders Takon from Tosh Stro Amod out behind them. Their faces were painted in stripes of Wilto and yellow Down their backs Hung Snake skins and round their waists rattled circlets of human Bones Wilto each hold in her shrivelled band a Small forked Wand. In All there were ton of them. When they arrived in front of us Thoy halted and one of Eliom pointing with Hor Wand toward the crouching Ligure of a Gool cried out Mother old Mother to Are Good i Good i Good i piped out Thatason iniquity. Are your eyes keen is Auuso twitch Doc tresses be seers in dark places Mother Thoy Are Good i Good Good i Are your ears open is Nusis to who Bear words that come not from Tho Tongue Mother they Are Good i Good i Good i Are your senses awake is anuses can to smell blood can be purge the Laud of the wicked ones who Compass evil against the King and their neighbors Are to Roady to do Justice of leaven above be whom i have taught who have eaten of the bread of my Wisdom and drank of Tho water of my Maglov Mother we then Gol Tarry not be vultures see the slayers pointing to the ominous group of executioners behind make Sharp their Spears the Wilto men from afar Are hungry to see. with a wild yell the weird party broke away in every direction like fragments from a Shell and Trio dry Bones round their waists rattling As Thoy ran made direct for various Points of the dense human Circle. We could not watch Thorn All so fixed our eyes upon Tho Sanusi nearest us. When she came within a few p ices of Tho warriors she halted and began to dance wildly turning round and round with an almost incredible rapidity and shrieking out sentences such As ". Smell Hlin Tho evil doer i to is near he who poisoned his Mother 1" i hear the thoughts of him who thought evil of to King i quicker and quicker Sho danced till she lashed herself into such a frenzy of of Boito Mont that Tho foam flow in to looks from her gnashing jaws her eyes seemed to Start from Hor head Anil her flush to quiver visibly suddenly she stopped dead and self fond All Over like a Pointer dog when he scents game and then with outstretched Wand began to creep stealthily toward the Soldier before Hor. It boomed to us that us Sho Camo their stoicism gave Way and that they shrunk from her. As for ourselves we followed her movements with a horrible fascination. Presently still cite Plotr and crop Olling like a dog she was before them. Then she stopped and pointed and then again crept on u Pace or two suddenly the end came. With a shriek he sprung in and touched a tall Warrior with the corked Wand instantly two of his comrades those standing immediately next to Hlin solved he doomed inn each by one Arm and adv juiced with him toward the he did not resist but we saw that to dragged ids limbs As though they were Para Lejeal and his Lugora from which the Spear had alien were Limp As those Ota. Imus newly dead  a 4a lie tame two of the villainous exec timer stepped fowl a to maty Lin. Pros Only they Ufret end tt0 turned round toward the King m thu a la i he Shi f a tweaked Huttt fool  r /1 vktill1naglus a Scrugg with a Hurlow / Ivelli Ktal a to pm other had dashed out his brains with his great club. One counted Twala the King Liko a Black Madame Del Argo As Good said and the body was drugged a few paces away and stretched out. Hardly was this done before another poor wretch was brought up Liko Art of to the Slaughter. Tills time we could see Iron the cloak that the Man was a person of rank. Again the awful syllables were spoken and the victim fell dead. Two counted the King. And so Tho deadly game went on till Somo Hundred bodies were stretched in rows to Hind us. I Havo heard of the gladiatorial shows of and of Spanish Bull Lighta but i Tako thu Liberty of doubting if Uliey were either of Eliom Liaf As Horr lilo As this kuku Ann a l cd Hunt. Gladiatorial shows and Spanish Bull lights at any Rale contributed to the Public amusement which certainly was not the Easo Here. The most continued sensation Monger would Light she of sensation if to knew that it was Well on the cards that to would. In his own proper person to the subject of the next event once to Rose mul tiled to remonstrate but Scro sternly rear Steil by Twain. Let Tho Law Tako its nose White men. These dogs Aro magicians and evil doers it is Well that they should die was Tho Only answer vouchsafed to us. About Midnight there was a pause. The Witch tenders gathered themselves together apparently exhausted wit i their bloody work and to thought that the whole performance was done with. Hut it was not so for presently to our Surprise Tho old woman Gagon Rose from her crouching position supporting herself with a stick staggered Oil into Tho open space. It was an extraordinary sight to see this vulture headed old creature Bent nearly double with extreme ago gallic strength by degrees tilt at last she rushed about no most As actively As her ill Oinen pops. To mid fro Sho ran chanting to her self till suddenly Sho made a Dali at a tall Man standing in front of one of the regi moots and touched him. As Sho did so groan went up from the regiment which h evidently commanded list All the sum two of its members seized him nil Brunch Hlin up for execution. We afterwards icarus that Lio was a Mau of Kroat wealth and i in Portano being indeed a Cousin of Ali King s. Llo was slain and Tho King counted one Hundred and three. Then d Agal sprung to and fro gradually drawing nearer Anil nearer to ourselves. Hang me if i Don t believe she is going to try her games of us ejaculated Good in horror. Nonsense said sir Henry. As for myself As 1 saw that old Lien dancing nearer and nearer my heart pos Tiv Cly sunk in my Bonis. I glanced Beham us at the Long rows of corpses and sylvere nearer and nearer waltzed Gasool looking for nil the world Liko an animate crooked stick her horrid eyes gleaming an glowing with a most unholy Lusher nearer Sho came nearer yet every pair or eyes in Flint vast assemblage watching he m Ivein ent Switlik intense anxiety. At last she stood still and pointed. Which is it to be asked sir Henry himself. In a moment All doubts Wero set at rest for Tho old woman had rushed in am touched Uin Hopa Alios Lugo so on Tho shoulder. I smell him out Sho shrieked. Ii him kill him lie is full of evil kill him i stranger before blood flows for him. Slay him o King there was a pause which i instantly took advantage of. Of King i called each. The or Gulch Wynn dottes and Plymouth Oaks Are dominions. A great Gruzs on them continued for Many jeers. Cocks Havo Boon sold As High As $75 to $100." do Lauoy fowls sell As High As formerly no Varlet ios have brought so Munh lately. About to Weity five years Ngo Buff Coo his then first introduced sold As High As $350 each. Thoy Range now from to $5. They no very Large Haud none will miss thee. Good not seek Plano. Farm Home and i a r Den it of the following aay. Place the Mold on ice or in pome very cold j place. Indian loaf. Take one pint of Sony milk Ono half pint of Sweet milk one Tea capful of molasses one half ten cupful of butter two teaspoonfuls of Salora Tuo eur Large Tenn Koonfu of Salt three egg one pint of wheat floor and one quart of Indian meal. Bake in a does tin a in in oven of the same heat As for Oake Tor one and one half hours. The Public Telephone station. Few will nil the e Trion l. When thou few Tongue of Ftp Toni Hirv Oral All thou to Titian 1m fun int. Acid thy Liall know the not. Send in 1mm the pending tre a Orthy Ion j Hnz maj p a blah from every inn Ali nor in in hit the ii in Lek it Kiiren Yar or Tom Lii thou Liml tre or no Ziy Al in to 11 Toi to i us Wurf f 0ti lust lace do Hinnd Gloston on i1 in Looi Werblo Lear Bat ton Tebuu Etili not hear. 80-Iib kind Vole May sin thy Prara i Lutsick near thy use of real f and t Laik of oth r Mavis hat a Throin within thy rest i Ai Inep to will it Praise. Or Utu thoughts it Days. 8 Nepo Al Etrig is Hij name. Talent. Twain. P i Randitt it Era Well that Kout Toiani toil in Jud a or it to k we Walt 1 h to in Ipili Rii Woida Lobo of Avo i fur ter or. Fa1im notes. Corn that is in Tho least degree affected by rust Debould novt a be used. Farmers Are reported to consume 35.-Roo Tous of twice per your on roof bid lug harvesters. For an Early beet Tho eclipse is the Best. It should be grown of old ground to get thu Best results roses of All kinds Delight in High living Aud Suu Shiue Yon Oan not Start them into their Best behaviour avoid Strong food with you Breeding sows is it ii flames the blood Aud produces a fever if condition quiet n kicking cow simply by patting n strop in her Mouth and buckling it tightly behind Hor horns. Tree planting for profit or for adornment requires care Aud Diso diminution As much As raising crops of Hooks and herds. Tho most Beautiful White Tea Roso is the Bride. It thrives Well out of doors to does its Othor self Catharine Atera iut Pink save Tho soapsuds. Pour Thom Over the manure Heap. They will not Only add to thu value of the manner but assist in preventing the escape of ammonia. Carrot seed Oan to put into the ground just As soon As the soil Oan be worked. In last the earlier the better As to must get the Young plants no before hot weather. To make a ton of Oor Fodde Worth us much As the same weight of Timothy Bay Udd to Oor fodder �00 Pound of Grain food. This will balance the account fur value. K Vermont Farmer plants a Sunflower classification of in repels of rigs. American . There has been great confusion in the names of these owing to their being called after the different counties to and estates Obero bred although differing Little or nothing in color or Chirino to Eristio. In consequence of Thia the Agrical nral Soo Iota a in great Britain have recently determined to put an end to these numerous names and now reduce the whole to about eight class is. They have taken All Tho White Swine of the kingdom and amalgamated them to three Breeds designating them is Large Whites Middle whiles and Small in the same manner they Havo named the Black Swine although there is not so great it difference in the resp Olive weights As with Tho Whites Tho three former vary full grown from about 300 to 900 pounds. Some Lew have attained a till larger weights oven As High As 1200 pounds Bat the pork of each is course and of inferior Quality and therefore latterly avoided. Tho three latter vary full Gro a Only about 2b0 to 700 pounds in consequence of their Bing dior Par Tio Lurly adopted to thru out tender lean in Cluj hams and shoulders for smoking and Side pieces for Boon the Berkshire Aud the thu Worth Breeds Are to to kept distinct is now for Tho former have More or less Whito mingled with their Black and the Timworth Ledinh Brown spots on a rather dirty White ground. The latter nov supposed to to descended from thu Large old original berkshires before Tho new improved Breed was formed by crossing them with Tho sent need for they Are marked like them and still grow when kept to full maturity to thei great weight of 800 to 1000 pounds or in a few instances still heavier  at it Gener ally takes from two to two and u half years to attain such growth. The improved Berkshire matures at 12 to 1h months and then varies from 300 to 100 pounds a few though rarely it Tail 700 pounds. To wish Tho above classifications of the Breeds of Swine would be adopted by on own agricultural societies sheep ibid cattle. Farm. Fit id and Quardt a. Any Farmer who keeps eight or ten cows can keep an equal number of sheep without feeling the expense except a Little Pruin to be paid Lor which will be Quioro than of vet by Tho Money received for Tho Wool which ought to weigh 5 pounds end bring on an average $1. 5. The Lumb if an Early Ono Aud sold to the an amusing caricature of a Telephone conversation. The industrious and talented new spa Par writer has not of late been at his Best n Paragraphing and lampooning the it Ephonzo and Central 1 and other mysteries of this Ever interesting system of communication. But. A recant Artole by or. Henry Guy Carleton in the new York daily world is deserving of honorable recognition As the work of an Nurtis tto land and Fertile imagination combined evidently with some exp Arlenee. Thus sweetly sings or. Carleton t s a a Evn entered by Eure of of every town Ana it in the u h Marvel Nui Feret Nave bean we be Iliad by Tho Tanda of people who Oao tent Fly it a wonn aarm Babi to Powk of Hamlin s wizard Oil. Neuralgia Toothache headache earache Catarrh croup 8ore Throat Lima Back 81111 to lilt contracted Curdt rheumatism. Apr Lleni bruises Burnt. Fever for wound old sores. Chol Bilna Frost Biles sore nipples caked Breitb in Alt aches and pains a re not Clr reliever of Uin run tics i rated try k once and Row will a ctr to without ii Tor Tatt or oru Thisu. . Our of Noii free to nil form its uf17anf i company i Cape. Of interest it i Lvi a in Eli a Are to recommend Oil More n aromatic vv1kk. Ii Ells be ter Ami Ulvis Butu re aha in Loii Lima any pm nil. We have Evor for. 0�ri Ali of la �nntlnliall7 to he a a Montuo Jehy. Druk Klau t , Luil. This general inn and the last. From the Runton courier. There is More philosophy in a Brief conversation which was repeated to Tho editor of the courier recently than in Many n upon hereditary and inherited tendencies. An old lady was demonstrating with her Nieolo an under vitalized nervous child about Hor Lack of Energy and holding no for her emulation tits awful vigor of her ancestors. A Why your grandmother the aunt said had a baby born in Tho morning add in the she went up to the attic and brought Down her lax wheel into the Back chamber and Span a Hank of i dare say Sho did aunt Lois was Tho invalid response and i have to pay Tor it. If grandmother had taken decent euro of herself Hor grandchildren my glut have strength enough to Rise up and fall her blessed. As it is i feel Mysel much More like cursing her for ill judge no a lilo can receive Iichi in a v it he Art Nril Merit of Oak n aromatic Ivi Xit ii a infallible cure Fot female complaints. of women Mir Gnu prut to to Wool Irful Curci it hit Milo. U vim Tallis no to toxic Tuik pm churn to Irrl nto  a not Tivo of a Noti or to Indue an injurious reaction Notor a tar Pomroy stimulation. It rams digestion dirt Kos hr4. Benltey blood Hwy build up Tacut a Taro rep Tom Usu Lay Lnu Tho sum for Porfert health. A Catt of your drug a 11.00 yer bottle of Nulf kv.00. Or of w. Gil More & 80n Alomal a Wink co. 1 Villi of Crft. Oldest Ltd Cuil in tit Wulp probably or. La ago them pen n u celebrated Eye Atell Kuva eau a mtg a tit prpr4 Tny Inui pre Erl proft to nth Kumhi tedium a for net Tiff Tury maj and m the Nimby other prep in to Nib out Bitt Miniri inc a a into the Miv Kri the us of of Fatini a u turn portico Ray a tilt i us Funk of Tiyi Irmaa to Uia Tiu. Urn l Rit Mim Imi 4tot k. T. Some mud quiet in their nature and fair seed instead of a Pluto oath Hill of Butcher in april ought to bring and layers of Largo eggs. The ii Rahmas Havo Alojs comma did High prices. The highest paid lately is $50. It is not in Cummon to see brahmas possessing Superior Points As exhibition birth so l is High us that. They am Good layers of Largo Buff coloured Eglia. The Black punish is a Vury old variety they Wirt at Mut the first of thu fancy fowl and Havu retained nil their characteristics. They Lay Large , White eggs but rarely want to sit. The 1 a lands Are tin old Vorry sized More for Beauty than anything else nth us a Good layers but of Small eggs. There uru Siver Spau Ltd Whitn crested Bluck and what is termed a Buff laced Poland. Numerous attempts have Uin made to Breed a White fowl with a Black in st but they have All do game fowls hold their of guv yes. They Are the oldest variety Beans. The Mardy stalk answers Tor a pole and the seeds Supply an excellent feed for poultry. The Vino that Beirs Vitis Hetor Phylla. Win Aud As they Ripen to May often see upon Tho same re attn Green Pink and baie. Nil Raro of soda is the Best fertilizer for Early us of if thu be de clout in nitrogen. It is a very soluble Suhn auce and plants appropriate it very easily. It also performs a Chat Mical survive in the soil Aud Supply us soda As Well a nitrogen. It May be mixed with other kind of fertilizer. As a tribute to the despised daisies nature list l Ringle says they Aro not half appreciated. They never fail in a dry Srulson and they grow nud thrive on soils Nown. People have fought Gami look s 1 where other forage plants would not exist Way Bank to the times of the Canarr. -1in no hat is As far Bank As my it Coll option to tends but probably the fought in the re. They Are bred very carefully for their fighting qualities by Many private parties so carefully indeed that it is ers d Filault to get a single egg. Besides lung bred for the pit great attention has been paid to varieties for show per Pusey. Hese Are higher stationed longer legged Aud More Rugy. Sporting men like a pit Bird to be Low and morn oui part lie exhibition Birds would make a poor show in a pit i h a regular pit last and least How Are the bantams Are used for pots of no particular practical use. Some Home from Japan some from China Aud they Are bred largely in f Toboso servants to whom is justly to b applied the term Superior in its must elevated . While the paint and Clay club eth b Tio Nof pan in Gawat open this Superior Young woman informed her mistress that she Hud a tto Ket and re Quested a special evening out in order to attend the show. For angst i know the contrary it May have been the evening of he opening reception when i am Aure the servant element was pretty generously represented but at least the fact re Mains that at one time or another the girl saw the exhibition. On her return Home she sought her mistress at the first Opportunity Ilene she sold extending her ticket which Ohan oed to be a season Yon must go and see those plot res. To is the finest exhibition i Ever saw. You d better go right off Beranse i shall want to use the ticket again her mistress has a keen sense of humor. She took the ticket invited her most aria out Early and cured i Irakly they Are Sweet Aud nutritious for cattle Aud Kotele and All kind of Stock oat Thom with a relish if you have old Trees that Havo failed to yield profitable crops of fruit dig to soil up thoroughly mud then apply a Good dressing of Well rotted stable manure Aud work thoroughly into the soil. Then if Yoa have Thorn apply a dressing of Wood ashes. If these fail to revive the tree after giving a Good pruning it is about past redemption and should give Way to Lomet big better. I the first planting of anything in Spring c?.b_r81 should to covered very lightly. While the soil is cold from deep freezing or Ioe water during Winter the san warms Oul a Little below the surface. There Isa Lajb Toni store enough in Early Spring to bring seeds up and once they Are germinated the plate will give their roots All Tho needed the soil a very Suu Rylor maid bunion Letti a. A lady living on the Bank Bay has one i love ring b striking Down into if sired by a thoroughbred Down rum would possibly bring $1 More. If thu lambs Are late and not scalable before jul y the prettiest fruit i or August Thoy should bring at least 4. Its berries Aro like 11 Howe if properly fed will to wort i More than when pure hared. The Kuching for a your including Gruin will be Worth $4, Ali Iota a spouse will to paid by Tho Sale of the Lamb leaving the Wool us Clear profit. Deducting one half fur accidents we Havo a Proult of 14 per cent of Tho first Cost and nil up usus paid which in these Days of cheap Money ought to be called a fairly prof table investment the first objection raised against sheep husbandry is dogs. I Gra dogs Are a uni Salon to thu she Huid so they Are to him who raises poultry but we have a dog ii that is pretty Good not As Good As we would wish but still Good enough too Var All risks if one Lilly wants to Kop sheep. We should keep enough sheep in ao1 town and vill Ngu of the Commonwealth to give the dogs u lib Brill education. Thuy will soon learn but As it is now Shoup Are so Seldom seen that dogs think they ought to be put out of the Way a a nuisance As though they Wiro wild by Nsofor vermin. Of course there Are some drugs that no naturally Bud As there Are some bad boys. D with the dogs As we sometimes want to do with the boys kill Thein Aud Plant them for feet under ground the speaker room Mouded dipping every newly purchased sheep in Youh Goud sheep dip to kill ticks Aud cure Scab and to repeat the dipping it thu end of seven or eight Days. If one starts with a Olean is easy keep aug them clean but if either ties or Scab Are allowed to get a Start Talmre is Likely to be a Long Job ahead. Bulla of the neck of sheep Are Psi Ful in several ways. If Tho sheep got out of the pasture they Are found easily if a dig gels in the ringing of thu Bells will Fiou Dos concert him Aud if the sheep run with fright they Are sure to be heard by some one on Tho farm unless Tho pasture is u Long Way off. Ought yes. Six Nassau who this is hotter for their growth. There is time in Spring on ground entirely naked to sow Oats or Soave other rapidly growing vegetable to be turned under in May As a Green manure. Oats Are probably Best for this purpose Aud in most cases a Good seeding will Cost Little Money. At the height of 8 to 10 indies which Thoy will speedily reach in fair soil they furnish an amount of Plant food evenly distributed Over the sur take that Oan not to got in Auy other was to cheaply and the Fertility thus obtained it immediately available. If put Fly hate or other concentrated manner be drilled in with Tho Oats it will Benefit the succeeding crop even More than if saved Aud applied to that directly. Ti1k household a novel i Lum Ruddins. One Pound mashed boiled carrots or potatoes carrots Are Bottol one Pound beef suet chopped flue Oue Pound of too ratio acquaintance and visited Tho excl or mixed with molasses one Pound of Hibi Tion on the girl s ticket. It Berta july 4,\t& Orrente Ono teaspoonful of ground seems As if Thoro was Small danger of a Deoline in Boston culture while the ser vaults thus watch Over the intellects Al Good of their employers. A Olmous detective. Cloven one teaspoonful of ground Oln Damon Oue Teaspoon Ful of ground All spice one teaspoonful of grated Nutmeg and a Little Sale. Boil for three and a half hours. Aronka. Put two pounds of sugar in a bowl and add Salt to taste. Make a Hole in to Middle of the flour and stir in gently on quart of sour milk in which Hus been dissolved halt a teaspoonful of dream tartar and one teaspoonful of Boda the dough should he thick enough to be lifted on the pasteboard and rolled into the shape of the Pau. It must not be kneaded. Bake in a hot oven. J1kkf will Titus. Beef fritters Are Nice for breakfast. Chop pieces of Steak or cold roast beef very Fine. Make a Batter of flour milk and a egg and mix the meat with it. Put a Lump of butter into a Oak Ocean let it melt then drop the Batter into it from a Large spoon. Fry until Brown. Season with Pepper and Aalt and a Little Parsley. Jul like oui oxen. Boil a thicken until the Moat slips easily from to Bones thou reduce the liquor in which it has been boiled to about one pint. Fiok off the meat in Good sized pieces taking off All the fat and Bones. Skim the fat from thu liquor add a Little butter and Pepper and Salt to taste and one half oui Ioe of gelatine. When the gelatine is do Selvid Brug the liquor almost to a boiling Point and then pour it Over the Chicken Soh Hou the liquor very highly As the Chicken absorbs much of the flavor Nobby blot. One Box of gelatine soaked in a pint of cold water juice of for Lemons two ups of sugar add to this one quart of i consulted my watch. In thirty five minutes my Friend would leave his Filoi on Broadway near Wail. I calculated it would take a Spry boy five minutes to reach Tho elevated Road at thirty third struck Twenty three minutes thence to in Otier Street and four minutes thence to my Friend s offi ii giving him just three minutes to spare. I rushed into the of lice and hurriedly explained Tho situation to Tho clerk. To looked at Tho Oblouk looked our his assortment of toys con us Liml a time table and Shook his had 1 told him i would pay thu boy extra for being nimble. Lie said it was against thu ruins. Boys Are ouly allowed to run of to Tedulo tune i suppose a sudden thought Sirok Tho Lurk and to suggested the telephoto. Had my Friend a null out he had. What number f i did not know. By combed Over n dilapidated Book and said it Wai .11,40 1 Nassau. I said it was one Hundred Aud something Broadway. Lie smiled Aud began working the Crank. The following ensued brr or phenol a Punnoli or r or re it la ii Natrul Ninoth Oue four a pause by or or a Hollo you esl Nassau. A a a a an then he rang up i he Telephone Aud walked Bank to a dusk and tired three lion for being six minutes late. Presently by or a Thoro s your Friend to said. He turned the Little Box on the counter around so 1 would whisper to my Friend. I put the Telephone to my ear and the following Onvar Salon occurred Heinol " a z it Zzz z Hill of a us z z splutter a a a Ollok Olio a z Hill of or a a a of a z hello of faint who is it "7, Zzz is that you "7j Zzz speak by a a a a Don t get to close to the phone. A z z out further away 1" a z z z "luuderl1 a z suffering Jupiter hello Hel lol who of of " la that you a a a a i began to feel sad. Eighteen minutes of the precious thirty five were gone. The clerk came Over and took a hand hello Central a pause Hel Loo a pause. To gave a furious grind at the rank and evidently got ventral with whom he held a animated jag handle Conversa then he she we Rogot to learn that Tho chlo ago anarchists have disbanded. We have always thought Thoy should hang Togo thur. Nervous debility Prei Maturo decline it poner la Cal liar sex no to Lily mud by Curt. Lurke Book 10 cent in Slampa in Gnu k i Isik Minnor medical association Oft main Tfir oot a Utulo n. V. Journal a Tbs. I Young woman at i Ine i shh. Orange county n. A. Received a written Valentine one Day last month Winch was Velvo feet in length. The streams on both sides of Lake Champlain pm formerly tilled with Salmon but Uliey Aro totally extinct. In 1h�j, pounds of Salmon were taken at a Al nit e haul of a Aulne near port Kemp null. I lilt miss junes whih u Gin in t r it pm , of at tur Paru us a to if you Wunt rat o very a a z Jomes Jackson the famous state de Tao Tive resides in sing sing and is generally in attendance at the prison. His duties Are to examine carefully the face of every Oon Vlot As he enters Aud to scrutinize every visitor in order to prevent any discharged Oon Vlot from seeing his pals. Occasionally be has to make Long journeys in Pursuit of runaway prisoners or to identify criminals a obviated in Othor status. To never makes a mistake if Onoe to looks n Man in the will know him Tudor any disguise As he tells his Man by the look of his eyes. Onto a a soaped Oon Vlot had his nose pared Down one third but Jackson detected him at Onoe notwithstanding this remarkable change of feature. Or. Jackson is about i feet 8 inches in height about 115 years old of a Light Aud sinewy build a Ltd Blok hair and pier Long Blok eyes and is altogether remarkably handsome. He know about 10,000 criminals and it is simply wonderful that he Dan distinguish the features of every one. On his Long journeys he eats very moderately and always takes one Brandreth Pill at night. When much fatigued by the Jolt aug of the cars of his tiresome trips houses iwo allo ook s porous plasters of the Small of the Back which give him renewed vigor and quickly relieve his i boiling water heat to a froth the Whites food and care of la Root hares Palile Farmer. A majority of bolts Are raised from mares that work More or less regularly of farms and White this is trying of thu mares it is remarkable How will they do if Given proper food and euro. Coli tiny Ous hard work each that a Strong Gold aug can soar oely endure should never be required of mares kept for Breeding Pur poses. Before fouling the Mare should not be driven at Mure than a very mod rate gait neither should she be heavily loaded especially when the footing i poor. A week or no of rest should us ways be allowed after foaling Aud she should not be allowed to become very tired or warm. A common mistake among Farmers consists in keeping their horses to rough Tho Spring on Corn and Bay alone. For the Brood Mure this ration is particularly poor As Sho must ?"""v"7 furnish material to grow Muscles Bones jt0" and nerves in Tho Volt. Corn suit ouly it it6, a it fld lacks much of Tho growth making mater a ".i0t,l,6?j " Ament t. 11, but its one sided Ness has in it an ele a 6. Blk the  m8n i a a. To. of ten eggs then Strain thebout log water and gelatine Over the eggs and beat until it conceals flavor with Vanilla Ocolor half of this mixture with extra of Straw Berry put the Pink on top and serve with Rice dream sweetened and Flavoured with Vanilla or boiled Mustard 0mp08 bw0w. One ounce of Dinglasa dissolved in a pint t a piling water and when it is dissolved Strain it and let it stand until it a nearly old j then min with it the jute of six Orange and one Lemon the Whites of three eggs and sugar to taste whisk the whole together until us unite and look like a sponge put u Moid meet of injury. It is heating rather than Cooling. No one feed comes so nearly answering the requirements of a Grain food us do Oats. Together with a Good allowance of Nice Hay Oats Supply the wants of the system mixing foods or More spell finally compounding rations should receive More attention. Very often the Furmer Das to Oats for any of Bis horses and a substitute is very desirable. He has plenty of porn but Oats can not be purchased without paying out Money for them. In this Oase bran and Oil meal Oan Oan be mixed with the Corn so As to Muke a Good ration. The porn f Cru Waheb cheap Tat and beat pro Duoi is while the bran and Oil meal furnish the nitrate or growth producers. Bran and Corn in equal parts by weight furnish about the same proportion of nitrates Aud fat form a is As Oats and a Little less in weight of this combined ration is required for a feed. Six parts porn three parts bran he said he meant the Telephone. I tried again. Hello. A at last my Friend s Vole Clear As a Bell. Who is it i informed him. Wha at i repeated my name of a ant hear Youl i spelled my name letter by letter speak louder it yelled it. At this Jun Otare a crowd began to gather outside. Hello i i replied hello who in hello i repeated my name wha a Rel i spelled it again. Hey i yelled it at the top of my lungs. My Friend was evidently beginning to vol Maliu d by tha Hullo of Tho town was t for Ono what s twin la Olio has in Larli so Tia a it is in to giant to to her. Hho has a tit Nurs nil tit it Nii help her. I am sorry for 1 Liko her. Hut i hat doom t make it any Leas disagreeable for one to he Aro Yuul now of Nho had used or. Satrun s Catarrh item ily. There Touhl have been nothing of the bid sulk for it will Enre Catarrh every Lima a Clira Rette smoking match took Price in Oil by. L , a few ago when o o of the con the to Mars Otto keel fifty cigarettes to an hour another fort Tho like of Voit Minier a prom i oin As aver s 8anapar�l.a. A mex Waii has been Helling to tiie unwary at Sun to i i Nugget of Tia Roll trip eau plug Vliem to in Tollver a i Sunn a or Keith that swearing among Inen Iii Washlo Sahlu in that City e. H Ivy our opinion of a Man that swear among Norristown Herald. Leo. Anti news of in to 1, with us Era Over half ins Baxly Curneil by a or a car mar Lla. A Tottenham inn la rate recently lined him of $1 Foi allowing Snow to lie on to . To Rollo a tramp who was iou it , n. Y., the her my Wai actually Litas of Tea and a Plo. Liar thou i Hutu of " Liberty the world will be a reminder of personal Liberty for age to come. On Jitsing Hiiro a foundation a i or. Pierce s Tolden Modl Cui discovery been priced and it will stand through Tiu Culea of Timo a a Monument to the phys Leal Oil i who boat me Oaly fro Dollan 1 Wai Well an i tit Valiliy a x Ever Fokd j. U. A Kuuku Lin join Man. Creates an appetite with the Fine bottle of Hood s 8araapar1ma, my headache entirely Dan appeared and where before 1 could not to Tutor up an appetite for my meat i Oan not now get enough maw to a Tuty my appetite. 1 am at present talking my second bottle wad feel like a Din runt William lambing tit i u. A. It Noe Hialit wit Hood s Sarsaparilla sold try All drug Guu a ill for 13. Fra Pard Only by 0.1. Hutu a co., Lowell Tui Ivor Fortl Llu Annaa Coll and school of Short ii and. By Cal Bulva ataur of fms i tha Teadt nit exponent if bupinrh8 education la it for thai at a . equipped and centrally local a to a Moet enter Png int. and Mao Afao Tarlop of a Var d.000 far no Nualart wort Rama a to Dahil trocar map. 111. Hot corny to lieu if sch nuke Al will Cusik All Klynt of Bard or Oft Runn i Hil Imti a a Bun Lona. Cai Jolott no pain or orc Nica. I Rhc Tii stantly will not soil Iii Itilio and at it fit lit 10 to a i a euro Pulca Hunt by mail or Ephod on Rue Elpi of liw., teak ii Tif tit to of Liim a not re mix Only in Jos. Ii Ito Kolln l Ruut Flat Stu Ipolyi Luu or. Mcnamara s hbd1va1. Roll ten. A uni com Imi. Foi id. Onra n new dual Dlapa. A 4 a vital Wear Alai Oai latal not ski car Ata a a Omar Raaz. Arr Balta tie., Laa Eaul a Ore War Villi u a so in await Asifoa la in a Kaaawa Sill. Aaa Eatlo Una. A a a. in rat a to a by pfc. W _ Chichester s English pennyroyal pills Tho Ollna and Only of Mulno. Lui Tauta he a re or into a oui urn jul for "4 Taba aug Omar in item to a in Hwi u Crim my Mark Ril Kvital Al Quai a a a re l Bluda Pat Tot " Irhn a Ilia Tak a Mthm Lau ulry work Rrt uns mall la a orm Ofui a a re sitb3r�. Frai Clitias eel to . Steam laundry Madison wis. Ciul m the Robinh nit the North want. For i Tirol Cultra Keirn Liik Ivi Foa ims Nunu to . Acid Tjw pitch Iiko-i., 1 Puiul Nln Street and Loii la Conan. 1802. Toti Plait invoice of Ramlu i i Uin a 6c. Cist Era came t yet to Niay. 1 qua out or thru for to to Adit a snarl had Socail a the of Vurnor for company of Mollia to in Vonta riot. Luva Ulm Ady recall Ltd Over . In c. Aun lbt a Lncoln neb. Andrei. R.w.tanill&co., Chicago. At aay sat pm it ass \ t4malkf it a Turtu a Atoka Cut Mazov Suav m j the Victor 0, thu a it to Flor. Will aim1 Indian i la. Claim v i i h v"1"" cure. Lor Blind or i i i jail i v i Aarau Hill. Fries us i. A Diu Guu or mall a try Iamb my q co., . i. A Scio add i tur if you want real of and Oura at your Homo enc for Ino doses one Dollar Musawar Pedro our Rte arb s a h , la Aba i a a lackuk., we Tux Oola. La a a a a la. . A rust lure . Sherman. Trular of Mitru Fuoua. It aroa4way.mevr Yorawa r re i pj1\ i attorney., Waal Ngod do. I n i Uii ski . And . To a Khz. Eth " " 1"". I hts new town or Ili Jaum la. It it. Can. Ulu i Lou apply , wlm. Loki Lue in Colo. A9i Tex auf. rtt Loc Aja i Lite nol tinder Tea Torae a ret. Aiu Reaa Juif Braw itar a Batazar Bala Holder Xouy Luff. Detectives Waniata avar county Frawd Man to act to Dot Tor aurrar�i8rvte�. Ripon a Naxoia min a in Ohann a do to t1tb Bureau. A arc Aula clue Taataai o. Pensions. Metro Hong if Crim ii urn 4, Loci Mph maj Oua. Amaua. We Al Deb 8 pastilles so mall. . Kwiw Muir. A f3 and one part ground Oll Oaka also fun Ruthh i re ii a a Puarly the. Saiso proportion of the food 1 8nflt,r 1 would hear Artillea of offal b Elemente and Oak is Ted with Rood results if Oaie is taken to not Inore Aue the Oll Ouke beyond the danger line. For general use Thia last mixture 1b not to Good a substitute for Oats As the former. A Little More by weight a required of this mixture for a feed than of Oats. Very Little Oil Oake Aronld enter the no Tion of the Mare before foaling. Green foods Are adapted to keeping both dam and Volt in Good condition whenever practicable they should be allowed to run in the pasture together Oreen fodder abound to fed in the barn if tha maw is not frequently out in the pasture. If the Mare is a poor Milker Tea proportion of bran should be in creased. Where a great Many chores make the time in the Field each Naif Day furniture changing places with violence then be rung me up again sharply. By or re i answered and this message with fearful distinctness i am going out-for-a-walk-you-g0_n do hire a Hail snap and the Telephone closed. I rang him in furiously. He returned and you shed Hla remarks in language which would not look Well except in vary Tine print but the substance was an invitation for me to go to a Zertan place where the Only Merit the Oll mate possesses is that it never changes the. Year round. I begged him to stay and hear me. I told him it was most important he i should meet me we would lose millions if he failed All in vain. My Only res the Garden . Francis Brill. Hempstead Long Inland . Iso s cur turns we i Ai tit. Ooi Iku syrup. Tanto mod Vaa Lima hold by Dru Slata. 1 a neb to Bede , Hlf Lull i Laclaw this p.p.1,01 uti Nuta. On Paca Whan in Chicago will find it on fit. At 4 Loa Randolph st., had a ency of lord & Thomas. Up Tum ass the see Here i pay to polity ton Naif on 1000 Ari Olu Bend fir eat Alkue. La Moa to st Mph co cinc to. Ilk w18. Pub onion. H-10 a swab. Alanl it Vlok a Azov. Tuna am. 1 Slicker Don t Raija your a a ?fs5r Waier Prool Loat Ever made. In Rohber Olav to. Flab hand a ohm id will Yoa Drain the Vorron rather Short it is usually Best to keep Ponse was a hollow mocking laugh Foi the Colt in the barn or adjoining lot while Lowed by the Soan of frying As though the Mare is in the Field. But where the i were connected with the Astor House mate is absent full half Days she is in Kitchen about the hour the orders for rotated by the Large Quantity of milk in flapjacks Are coming in. The newer and the ooh is. Compelled to Tea clerk then said it would be 15 cents. I take All this milk when the Mare is Beati wanted to know Wutt would be 151 de if both mares in the team Hare celts a a its. Uliey Nina liar play together and not he Sal that was the is Ala pile Fot if kit a Turon Ujj h the Telephone. Wilby did the women of this country use Over third to Minim casket of Procter & Gamble t Caox spa in 1m6 ? i tit body Huml

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