Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
5 May 1875

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Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
5 May 1875

Read an issue on 5 May 1875 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Review.

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - May 5, 1875, Postville, Iowa Lexington-1775. Written fou the cklkii1uti0n 11v John i. Whittwell. No maddening thirst for blood had they no Hattic Joy was to Iii a who hot against Tho alien Bayonet Ali or Homespun Broast in that old Day. Their feet had trodden Poa Coful Wayn Thoj loved not it Riff they drop and Pafiti Thoy saw not what to no in Plain. That tort would Inaldo Man h Wrath his nral fio. No Booth wore they but Himple Mon Ith vast Ion sikh the future hid Tho meaning of Tho work they did was Strango and dark and doubtful Thon. Swift As Tho Hun Moi Camo Thoy loft the plow mid Furrow split Ding still Tho half ground Corn Gristin the Mill. Tho Spado in Oarth the axe in Cloft. They went where duty seemed to Call they scarcely Allied the reason Why Uliey Only know they could but die and death Wah not Tho worst of All. Of Man for inn 11 the sacrifice unstained by blood have theirn they gave. The Llo Wcroft that Blob mod from their or non Havo Bow ii Lioni Helsch hoi Cath All blues. Their death Nhot Shook Tho Feudal Toner and chatter d slavery s Chain is Woll on Tho buy h dome a 011 a Bell its Echo struck Tho world s great hour. Liat fateful Echo that in not dumb the nations listening to its sound wait from a Century s Vantage ground Tho holier of triumphs Yot to Como Tho bridal time of Law and love. The gladness of Tho world s release when War sick at the feet of 1 Taco the Hawk shall nest with Tho Dove Tho Golden age of brotherhood unknown to Othur rivalries to Linin of the mild humanities. And gracious iut Chango of Good. When closer strand shall loan to strand till meet beneath saluting hags the Eagle of our Mountain crags the lion of our motherland though if curl for it cause Tho Trio to make a better growth. Or. Shaw does not state the use of adding the sorghum and unless Tho Wash is applied to More of the trunk it hardly seems Worth while to add so Many ingredients such a Lime Sulphur and Copperas Wii obo chief Valuo is to destroy fungo id growths. But he says he has applied it ii Toen years with Good Success to is after the round headed Borer evidently in working so Low Down. Farm and household. Small Patch Handy to Tho barn and feed Green a Little and often keep them in Tho barn until 0110 year old after that turn them out into Good pasture and they will take Caro of themselves but Don t Stop hero keep an Eye on to Lien Soo that they have their Salt and plenty of Wator and Shade. If von Don t believe this treatment will Mako Good eaves just take a look into my calf stables and to convinced. A ii Chioini Lor scientists t a very important question has been raised regarding the use of Paris Green for the destruction of insects upon potatoes Ai d other vegetables Many maintaining that it not Only poisons Tho plants to which it is applied but that it also poisons the soil in such a Maimer As to affect future crops. A scientific observer reports that he has detected traces of arsenic in the crops raised from seed which had been steeped in arsenic to prevent smut. If so Small an amount of Poison can so Albect Tho soil As to be taken up by Tho wheat crop what must the result be when it is used in Many Hundred times Tho proportion As where it is scattered Over Fields of potatoes often for successive years arsenic remains arsenic forever and suffers no loss of its poisonous qualities in the lapse of years or in whatever combination it May enter. Or. Dewey prof. Tusen and m. A Dou urd join in warning Tho Public against the poisonous effects of arsenic in even so Small a Quantity As is found in crude superphosphate of Lime used As 1 manure. Their experiments and observations convince them that vegetables thus manured will ultimately lie found to contain arsenic in quantities sufi event to endanger the lives of men and animals. \ Crizit it journal. L i. Lire 1 ii Inoh. Or. G. Walker gives an interesting account in the British Bee journal of a series of experiments 011 inoculation by co Poison. The method of proud Cru was to permit a Bee to iting Lin on Tho wrist care being taken to obtain the largest amount of Poison. On the first Day this operation wag performed twice. The effect was a very severe Sti mix your Oatmeal smooth in cold water then pour into boiling water adding a Little Hae son. Keep this water at the boiling mint for two hours and just before it i thoroughly cooked add a Litlo milk to Ticken and improve the flavor. Stir thoroughly at intervals. In ainu Ive quarts of hour 1 Largo Tablespoon in of butter mixed in the flour 1 Hue tablespoonful of sugar put in the addle of Tho pan 1 Small tablespoonful of Salt about 1 quart of quite wan water two thirds of fresh yeat mix thoroughly the French Vintage of 1874. Tho pall mall Gazette of March 18, says Tho expectations of French wino growers with regard to Tho Vintage of 1874, have not been disappointed. It has Provod one of the most abundant of Tho Century. Indeed since 1800, it has Boon exceeded Oulu three times in 18 55, in 18 30, and in 180 and in Ibl i the gain was vory slight. But it is when to compare Tho Vintage of 1874 with those of the three years immediately preceding that we become fully aware of its exceptional abundance. It exceeds the yield of 1873 by 27,421,000 hectolitres and that of 1872 by 1 3,000,000. The average Price of late years of Ordinary wino in Franco exclusive that is of wino in bottle and of the highly prize cams is estimated by m. Do Rovillo at about 51 francs 00 centimes liven at this Low average Tho gain of Franco of Tho whole Community that is not of the winegrowers by Tho excess of the production of last year Over that of the preceding year was fully .�55,000,000, or More than one fourth of the indemnity paid to Germany. The fact illustrates m a very striking Way How dependent to still Are upon Tho weather with All our boasted inventiveness and it suggests too How immensely the material Prosperity of even the most advanced countries May be expected to to increased by such an and Vanco of Petrological science As will enable agriculturists to foresee and Tako precautions against changes of temperature. But in the meantime Tho extraordinary productiveness of last year s wine Harvest can hardly fail to Lave important political consequences especially As Tho Corn Harvest was equally abundant. It will not Only enable the Rural population to Bear with greater ease the Burden of increased taxation but it will also give the Workman of Tho towns his wine at 11 More reasonable Price. F appears to be beyond a doubt that the Homo consumption of wine decreased very sensibly last year. This was due to several causes among which May be mentioned the very deficient Vintage of 1k73, which necessarily increased the Price in the Early part of last year the considerable augmentation of Tho wine duties required by the necessity to raise so in Large a Revenue and Tho depression of business generally which prevailed throughout the whole year. The abundant Vintage of 1874 will tend to these causes and to prevent wine from becoming so dear As to seriously a Fleet the working classes. As a set off it must be stated however that the Price fetched by a Largo portion of the wine exported fell so considerably that Tho aggregate sum received for the exports amounted to no More than x10,275. I20, against �11,250,000 received in 187.1, when the crop was so deficient. But As we shall presently see Tho Quantity exported is but a very Small portion of the whole and furthermore to Are not told if there was a falling off in Quantity As Well As in prior. In any Case even if Tho abundance of Tho Vintage did not Benefit Tho producers much it benefits the Consumers All Tho More Oil Eliut very a . A local correspondent of Tho Bouton Globe relates this Remini sconce of anti slavery times in Tho year 1849 or 1850, Hon. Manlius Sargent writing Over Tho signature of Sigma in the transcript used in one of his articles very deprecatory language toward Rov. Theodore Parker Boca Uso of his advocacy of the cause of emancipation. Tho nox t Day a Man omitted slave Whoso wife and two children wore still held in bondage in Baltimore and who had been t ant North with a letter from their master stating that if Tho negro could raise 000, to would free his wife and children called at a printing office to have printed Somo copies of said Lotter which was itself somewhat illegible. On receiving Tho copies the Man asked Tho Printer if to could Send him to some benevolent person. That gentleman who had just read Tho article in the transcript gave him the address of or. Sargent at armory Hall where several wealthy gentlemen had desks and wore accustomed to meet daily telling him to say that or. Theodore Parker sent him with Tho request that to would read Tho Lotter. Dial or. Parker Send you to to said or. Sargent. Yes sir said Tho Man who was As ignorant of Tho Joko intended As lie was of Tho Namo of Tho party who sent him. " Woll let to read it said or. Sargent. Then attaching his name and putting Down 820 there said he Tell or. Parker that i. Bear the slave no ill will but am As willing to do something for him Asho is. But Stop said he you Moy Como Back hero at 1 o Clook there will Thon to three other old movies hero and i will get Twenty dollars Apicco from he did so and Thoy each responded with a Liko sum. The Man then called upon Tho Printer saying Gorry sir can you Send me to somebody else or. Parker s address was then Given to him with the remark that or. Sargent had sent him. Or. Parker was surprised to see such names and under the circumstances especially that of or. Sargent and immediately gave him Twenty dollars. Tim sent him to Wendell Phillips Ana Tho result of the joke for that Day was $120. The Man subsequently obtained Tho sum required and was soon Tho Legal proprietor of his wife and children. Ner Finif Erysipelas with the Ordinary cup of Resli yeat mix san Ptons of info a motion. After a kneading with the bids and cutting it few d a these symptoms having Dis a pm. Set ito Rise Over night no per rid he caused the insects touting in Tho morning let Rise a second time 11 a  a puck s accession. In buttered pans. About take in a moderate Lur and a Quarter. Tho Neek showed that Tho Poison been absorb Ltd into Tho system. A Day Ard to g in Vedt Veo Thev Are boiled on them which were tended by sym anti sugar t11 in to b few i Tho potatoes Poi he water in which add flour. ? water Tou Isof less intensity. After the then when this mixture almost old put Teeth sting there was Only a slight Itoh in a Gill of yeast. It this Rise until it ing sensation for a Short Timo in the in foams Well Theu in. When is rises mediate Vicinity of the wound and Tho again put it into a to. Keep in a cold effects of the inoculation boomed to be place satisfactory to prevent Crity to animals fight hours Shou be a Day s work Ohio has this to on a dog churn to dog to to allowed Ono Day in Tho we to " Ever dog have his by. Oil Rhonl Lor t no pcs Iii answer to a subscriber w. A. Aldrich Elyria say about Oil meal in the Ohio far Mer a subscriber wants to know if Oil life preservers a meal is Good for calves and How it is dogs to guard again sudden cramps fed. I answer it is Good and will Batto a Fine for in pig bogus Wate hoi How mine Are fed an How cared for on watch dogs. To Luloh dog s honest until one year old. I have three apart bark has often be raised against Tho ments for calves each about a freon feet Rook and Mangor on himself. Let Newfoundland cramps watches Square with rank and Mangor on Ono Side for feeding Hay and meal. I let them run Loose and keep them Well bedded in the summer with sawdust and in the Winter with wheat or oat Straw. I Havo Twenty pm stalls for us ------1------1 ,. --11 tying up cows which Aro so arranged Gen is the great destroyer of Iron Anu j t. Sli my a Maii door Tho calves moisture is Tho inducting Causo. Horcar . Geo. W. Shaw furnishes the following recipe to Tho Western farm tour Nal one gallon Strong soft soap Ono gallon thick sorghum. Mix and add one gallon of rain water with one Pound of Copperas dissolved in it. Bring this to a boil Stiring meanwhile. If too think to use with a Brush add Strong Lyo. If too thin sift in Lime or bettor Sulphur. Clean the dirt from the tree to Tho depth of two inches remove the Borer and then apply the mixture to Tho tree from the ground up eight or nine inches. This should be done in Tho month of june for the Borer oggy Aro turned in with their mothers twice a Day and help themselves to All Tho Good Rich new milk they want. This in continued until they Are four months old. I commence feeding meal As soon As they will begin to Liok it which is when they Aro feb in two to three weeks swindle Protection of Antrom their nephews and u pieces. Cushioned Toad Sils would be highly appreciated by ads after a punish boys what Brighton the frogs Aud make them Juu sudden shocks Aro sometimes fatal a nervous organization.  encourage Trout write poetry. To have seen Somo Buoi Ful Trout line Ere now. Nostrums in the Ltd Mur Kahlo Coord. Tho investigation into the causes of the recent Accident on the old Colony i Imti i a Railroad at Harrison Square by Tho dash at Railroad commissioners develops Tho old their feed is Corn Aud Oata ground mosquitoes i Regulo bout their meals together one third Oats and when to introduce the Gean language into take u grist of wheat to Mill Tho bran is our schools of fish mixed with the Corn Aud Oats which pocket haudek Ercles for crocodiles makes a lighter and better feed for to wipe away their to. Calves than Clear meal and is not so a school in Accoti for adders who ant to make them sour. Also no by rapidly to sum up the feed it amounts to this encourage Tho ild Votion of Plum Corn Oats bran and a Little Oil meal Trees for Tho com font that fastidious mixed in just to make their Coats Shine epicure the eur air who can feed and their skin Mellow and pliable. I upon nothing else. Feed Nice Bright Olover Liny and when badges for Hawks to can Tell one i grass is Largo enough to Cut have a from a Lien Quaw 3 the delusive Silver and breaking his nails in the attempt got mad and went for it with his heels. To was quickly routed by Tho grocer. By and by a prudent woman Camo slowly along Ami seeing Tho Silver gracefully covered it with Corner of Horol Oak and stooped for it. Sho had to pass too looking very viciously in Tho grocer s windows. Theu a Clergyman came sailing along and seeing a Chance to Confer alms 011 the poor he stooped for Tho Silver but when to Roso up again to looked As if to would like to pull Oil his coat and give somebody a Good sound Licking. He was heard to Mur Nur it s Good there is a Fili ally two Fisherman coming in opposite directions made for Tho fraudulent Coin and nearly cracked each others crowns in attempts to reach it. After they had struggled and bit oath other nearly All to pieces they found out that they wore bold and instead of going away they gathered Rooks and lumps of ice and deliberately Broko every pane of Glass in that facetious Gravor s windows and now you Oan go and see Tho wok Aud if you want to know How a grocer can Breur i it ask our Friend if to had any fun on april food b Day. All important hallway Enterprise. We. Bond Ary Belmont of new York k. S. Stevens John j. Scouden of Sedalia and other parties in Texas Mot in Denison 011 the 20th to organize a Cou Pauy old stored by Tho legislating of Texas last season called Tho bed Biver and Bio Grando Bui Road from Denison Texas to Eagle pass a distance of 800 Miles forming when built an important Lino in the International Railroad from Mexico to now York. This Road has a Laud Grant of sixteen sections to Tho Milo. It Rush Wost to Gainesville then Southwest to fort Worth crosses the Texas Pacific at that Point and through Austin the capital. This is an important Euter prison a it Pas sob through the Copper regions of Northorn Texas whore it is found on Tho surface in Large quantities. It has been brought into Denison by the Wagon Load during the past year. The Road there strikes Southwest through Tho cattle regious of Western Loxas. Unusual fact that but 0110 life was lost justly chargeable upon the Railroad company since the opening of Tho Road in 184 5-Twenty nine years. This is indeed a remarkable record and is Only paralleled by the history of Tho fall Biver steamers now run by Tho old Colony Steamboat company. The Stenzi boats running in con option with Tho old Colony Toad Comiti Onode As Tho Bay state Steamboat company in 1810, and with Somo changes in boats and management have run uninterruptedly Ever Sinco. Millions of passengers Havo passed Over Tho bound to and from now York by Tho Ute amors of this route during the Long period of Twenty nine years with Tho loss of but one life jut by chargeable to the Steamboat line. Those remarkable results Aro not entirely due to Good Luck but May to attributed to extraordinary Faro and vigilance Jio Xton traveller. A Crow Story. The Sanilay Mich jeffersonian has this remarkable Story " there is in this Village a Crow belonging to Ely Brown s children. A favorite Abiuso Tuout of his is to Light Down on the clothes line after Tho clothes have been Hung out mud pick off Tho pins and carry them away and Hido them. Ono Day mrs. Brown was hanging out Tho clothes being watched closely by Jim. Soon to began to Tako pins out mud carry them to the top of Tho House laying them Down by Tho Chimney. After taking four or five mrs. Brown remonstrated saying now Jim that won t do whereupon thib Ebony Bird Cui otly picked up a clothes pin and walking Down the roof to the eaves dropped it to the ground and then walked Back got another and dropped it in the same manner and so continued until to had drooped them a few weeks ago ten instalment of peasants with their families who had emigrated to Brazil two years Sinco arrived in Berlin of their Way to their Homos in Wost Prussia. The general Peabody fund to Virginia is Short $10,000. Last year Tho schools of West Virginia received 818,000

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