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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Jun 9 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - June 9, 1875, Postville, Iowa Volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa june 9,1875. Number 11 the Postville review published Ever wednesday at pwt Luc county Iowa by w. A Burdick. Terms $1,50 in Advance. Ͽ�2, if not paid in Advance advertising rates made known at the office. Hurling & Stoto attorneys no Law Loco a car depot. A. Stindt denier in a Nib medic Lnch acc. Alson full Blip ply school Bulku kept Sun stoutly bund. J. K. Proprietor tie key ready to attend to the we tub tic people Phillips oily Harbor shop. On sin a. To is borrow. Always Wilny less Douglas so co. Dealers in drip Fps and Patent Medl Calneh stationery All kinds and school books always hand. T Stiles Justice. Office with s. A. Powers. All kinds business in his line attended to wit i promptness. Ii Watts l Ullh 1 8, author for it woman s Sake from Home Jenny a woman s vengeance etc., Etc Lite. Driven j. C. Dow wagons and sleighs Manlif natured and repairing done. Also All kinds w re in Tho Coop Ramg line. Postville directory. E. Schultz dealer in harnesses whips. Saddles a. All kinds repairing done Short not co and at reasonable ites. De Slie Eho restaurant and confectionery. N. J. Beedy Dalor in groceries notions Sec. John Thoin restaurant and Counce Tonery. J. Ii. Keller llc8taurant,and Dea Crin All kinds confectionery. Very thing kept in its Senson and prices the lowest nil. San cur k o., dealers in lumber All kinds. E. J. Ferry Dooler in jewelry All kinds. Mr�,. Stiles. Doal Caln millinery goods. Dressmaking. Mrs. J. A. Johnson f. M Dalors in furniture clerk it co. J. Craft Furu Ltulio and Repner . A it. Tho Iii Iii Painter. Work done in Good i  Prescott & e is scale rain hardware k Dalors in hardware and tiny. Is. Mot i dealer in lumber every d. F. C. W. Douglas Blanks Mitling Nepal ring and horse Sholing. Mrs. J. T. Mull Doubler in millinery goods a i King. Leitl Lold i Jive Dalors in All kinds mural Mallm and Grain. W. F. Denver Blacksmith Long and proprietor Allen s Dray line All orders promptly attended to. Hancock & Tovey. Proprietors Ono Tho Best livery stable a Northern Iowa b. Wells manufacturer boots and shoes your repairing. Como with a. P. Abbott fainter. All contracts for House painting attended to with promptness. 0. F. Ral Hun livery and sole stable. Tho Best towns and car a lager always hand. Jacob Meyer. Blanks Mitling land repairing Dono Short not co horse shoeing a speciality ii. Brown physician and surgeon. All Nolls Elthor Day night promptly attended to. S. S. Powers attorney at Law in Suraco and ool looting agent. Oil Loo Over b by Lola store. F. Meyer Wagon and Eloin manufacturing establishment impairing attended to pro Molly. Robert s Bros. Dealers in merchandise All kinds and Tarm pro-4uee also proprietors poet lilo Bank. S Van Hooser it Bcott Bra Osmun and repair shop. A work done in Tho test style Glorso shoeing a speciality. N. W. Stiles dealer in sewn in machines and tells the Best manufactured Viz the Howe. 20 wagons the Road constant. Ii. A. Hudson Gniaek Smith and repair shop. Any thing you want done in Tho Blacksmith Long Lino can always be clone at his shop. I. Shepherd m. D. Physician and Strokon. Of Loco Al rat door v3n4yl by r. Ii. Rude Oculi St. Treats acute and chronic diseases Tho Eye. Consultation j ree. Of lace at residence one door South congregational Church postal Lac Iowa 75-Syl j Ferguson. Proper actor the i a Climuth hotel. The Best accommodations Lor the travelling Public. Keni Kuiber t is the Brick hotel. Mrs. E. Schmitz dealer in millinery goods the latest styles always hand. Ladles this is the place to make your Choice selections. Let All in i Ostillo and Vicinity Bear in mind that Mcguire Bros. Are prepared to make contracts with All parties who wish Sand 1 their pit. A St All contracts must be Nigado with Thein per Sonalla. C. I. Putnam Carpenter and Joiner Clermont Iowa. Will Tako contracts furnish material and do n general building business. Satisfaction guaranteed. V3n4yl Postville lumber Yard stauer & co proprietors Tho Prairie do Chieu steam saw and planing ills. Manufacturers und dealers in building Timber shingles lath pickets flooring siding doors san blinds sheeting fencing . No High to will sell As cheap As can to bought in Northern Iowa. Call and so us Foo first door North Tho Railroad. V2n8tf. Good news for All a. W. Stafford having taken Tho Agonoy Tho i Rockford Iron pump proposes to soil 12 Milf front kinds them for Cash Only but so Ohop that All Wood pumps will to kid aside. To will sell Complete pumps for Wells at from $6 to $18, and Galva izod Iron Pipo cheaper than it was Over sold in Northern Iowa. All work warranted for five years. To also keeps wooden pumps and All kinds repairs Don t fail to sail him before purchasing elsewhere. Postville Jan. 1st, 1875. V2n44-tf n. A Beedy dealer in Choice family groceries provisions Green dried and canned fruits flour food Cro Kory and Glass Wato wooden Ware &o., . Lawlerst., Postville Iowa. V3nsyl it was not us a widow Liat . Hartley sought to Long Sinco j it is not As a widow that he donors to with his prefer once urged Rosalio. However that May to no matter,1 coolly continued mistress Camelford you must become the wife Clarence i mail never again become the wife any Man Rosalio with great earnestness Baid. The All love which my heart could Over know lice entombed with him a who first evoked to which Augusta replied by repeating and in Tho same cold manner that which Bho had just before pronounced you must Boe Jiuu the Wil Chireno Hartley 1" you insult to Augusta Rosalie indignantly cried and 1 will Ajr peal to my father to protect me from you would but waste your time and words said mistress Carioli cd with a mocking Smilo. And Rosalio believed mistress Camel Ford had said. Thero is no help for you pursued Augusta with calculated cruelty you must forget Arthur troshum never 1- i never Rosalie weeping interposed. Well remember him then no much As you please sneered Augusta but whether he to forgotten remembered by you will Little affect the destiny which 1-yes, 1 have carved out for you future and As i have already twice repeated to you you must become Tho wife Clarence Hartley i would die first Rosalie exclaimed. Mistress Milford chuckled derisively and then without another word she turned from Rosalio Ami in her usual Majestic manner. Bailed from the room. Of Torriblio women Rosalio mentally exclaimed but formidable As Sho is ran Tho poor girl b thoughts she will be pow Merlees in this to Bend me to her wish. Lot her kill to better that 1 far bettor than those second nuptials to which so wickedly she would for me and Rosalie believed that nhe fully comprehended Why her was endeavouring to compel her to a second marriage. She is striving to secure for herself my father s entire Fortune Rosalio said to herself. And that was True but was not As Alio imagined Tho whole truth was but Tho least revolting portion it. Yes sooner would i die Rosalio repeated and then remembering shuddered at the words she had twice spoken. What have i said my Little Arthur come what May i must live i will live and Sutler All that May befall for his dear Salco she turned into an adjoining room that she might Comfort her tortured Hoart by gazing her Little son. She flew to Tho cot in which a while before she had left him sleeping but to was not that Tho cot was empty. At that very moment Tho child s nurse entered the room. Where is Little Arthur what have you done with him ? 1 Kob Alio eagerly and excitedly demanded. Tho nurse was As astounded almost As her mistress. Sho had Bic said seen Tho child soundly sleeping in his cot scarcely a i Ciuuto before. Like lightning flashed Tho terrible truth Rosalie s brain madly Bho flew through passages that so egued to her As they would never and along Tho cold Stone corridors Down narrow winding stairs till Sho had reached her Cousin s most private apartment into which she wildly dashed. Augusta was seated Thero a Book before her which to All Appo Araluce she had Boon quietly Fri Diug but Rosalie saw nothing cared for nothing that her Oyos flew rapidly round Tho room with Tho Hope that Sho might be in time to recover Hur child she was almost crazed who would not Havo thought to find him Thoro. Arthur my Darling boy whore is to what Havo you Dono with him raved to Balie j then stood with eyes staring wildly and panting and gasping like a Stag at Bay awaiting her Cousin s answer. Mistress Cornel lord Rose slowly and steadily from her chair and with not a feature ruffled her most Ovil face said very calmly and quietly. You will see him again Rosalio when you have Ocomo Tho wife Clarence Hartley and not till then do what you May i opposite Postville drug store. George brute Hab opened up a restaurant. All those wanting anything in my line will please give Rao a Call. N41-Ly. Geo. Bovce. Chapter in. A Moth a s do Cotton. Rosalio Knelt and wept before hot Cousin i with despairing accent pleaded and implored for Tho restoration her Little son Tow fruitlessly will by easily understood. Rosalio by her Kojra and her despair was giving to Augusta s heart the Only species Joy it could know for Sho was heightening Tho Triumph that wicked woman s revenge. Entreaties having foiled As poor Rosalio herself had Felt and known they would Little Arthur s Mother Rose to her foot dashed away her tears and common cod to threaten. There Are Laws she raid addressing Augusta and to that shall you be made to answer for this worst All robberies which you have just committed j the whole world shall know tie outrage you have done to Vba already suffering heart an unhappy widow who you would Render Obi Lelm Cool ton Saau be exec rated fat mistress Camelford shrugged her shoulders and smiled a pitying and most insulting smile. You Are still poor girl Sho said As you Havo always Boon and As 1 much fear you Over will Continuo a perfect Simpleton 1" give Back to to my Little Arthur p demanded Rosalio Fiero oly. Augusta proceeded As though nothing had been said to interrupt her speech. You Scro foolish to marry Arthur Gresham and to make to your enemy More to believe that i was Ono who with in impunity might to trifled with i give Moback my child Rosalio again exclaimed at once i denounce your shameful crime As i Havo said to All Tho world and will commence with Tho Man into Whoso arms for your own aggrandizement that you May inherit my father s whole Fortune Yon Are striving to Force to yes horrible most unnatural woman Clarence Hartley shall to Tho first whom i will make to know you a you rightly Aro i you will not do that i mistress Camel Ford said quietly and with Hor old ironical smile. By Heavon i will 1" cried Rosalio earnestly. By heaven you will nov claimed Augusta j for if you did Novor again through All your life should you behold your child 1" these words struck terribly Homo to Tho poor Young Mother s heart but Rosalie would not yet yield such a threat Hor Coua i would not dare to full ill no no Sho would not dare Yot it was with very Little show Cour Agu that Rosalie next said you have stolen my child restore him to due tremble for the punishment which will come to you from the Laws which presently i shrill invoke "1 would say that you Wero mad that i know nothing your child smiled a ill til. You have confessed to me Rosalio was commencing. Yes interrupted her Cousin by swoon ourselves that confession was necessary waa to to service to to to Tho world with which you threaten to you would Havo to prove that i had stolen your child and that would be As impossible to you As it would seem in probably to All with whom you might accuse me poor Rosalie groaned and wrung her hands not an atom courage was left to her Only dark and hopeless despair. I would have you wedded to Clavenor Hattley resumed Augusta. As you Havo said Rosalie i must be your Fathor s Solo heiress and to you May cried Rosalie eagerly. Gladly will i resign All right and title to any portion my Fathor s Fortuno if you will restore my Little Arthur to my arms with him i would go Forth and toil and win Tho Means that should sustain us both mistress Camelford smiled again Sho was thinking How import hotly that a hid i eo3alie had just proposed would accomplish Tho vengeance that must be fully gratified. I am striving to enrich you Rosalio not to make you a beggar and an outcast Augusta said As if Sho Felt that Hor Good intentions had been insulted. It in for your Good that i am acting mistress Canic Lford next proceeded and i will not suffer you longer to Trillo with a Fate which would to Moat Onvia Blo and which Thoro Are few women who would not envy you what Havo i Dono to you Augusta have pity to Rosalio weeping and moaning cried. Again Liat cold and cruel Amilo curled mistress Ca Molford a thin and bloodless lip. If you would Havo your boy restored to you Bho Baid listen to to and to ready to Pale and trembling Rosalio gazed Hor executioner and awaited her doom. You will never again except porn apr to your own heart breathe Tho name Arthur Gresham you will consent for All time to Bee your son Only by stealth and concealing from him that you Havo been already a wife Aro still a Mother you will wed with Clarence infamy infamy exclaimed Rosalie. Or As i before have said your Little son is Loat to you for Over concluded mistress Caine Ford. With a shriek horror Bosano clasped her hands to her head and rushed from Tho room. She is about to Appeal to her father Augusta said to herself As Rosalio quilted the apartment and so Groat an Absurdity did that appear to old Camo food s amiable widow that when left Olono Sho fairly laughed outright. Rosalio did Fly to iter father and As Augusta lightly had surmised did Appeal to Niin and greatly shocked was Tho baronet to Loarn that his daughter s boy his Little grandson had Boon stolen from Hor by mistress Camelford b Agonoy and promised Chat his Niveo should to Mode instantly to restore the child to its distracted almost Hoar Brokon Mother. Rosalie quilted Hor father s presence Lom what comforted but alas soon Sho was to Loarn How cruelly illusive the Ray Hope which had Boon Given to oho hoi soon again it was obscured and her Fate Tnador thus far Darker than before. Rosalie had scarcely a moment quilted Tho baronet when mistress Caine Ford a Pear Tod before him. Sir Jonas Oommen oed at once and with a firmness which for a Long time to had not div cod to upbraid his Niece for having Zarod to deprive Rosalio her child and to command that it should instantly be Given Hack to her. Mistress Camelford flatly even haughtily refused to obey Tho baronet s desire. She bras acting she said to Confer Rosalio the utmost Good and her nolo had prom ised to Aid and not to thwart Hor in Tho Steps Sho might find it necessary to take towards Tho accomplishment a very generous purpose. His daughter s child was with those who would take Good care dim and oven Tho next Day almost Rosalio might if so Sho chose since Tor that was needed Only she should Bec Oino the wife Claronce Hartley. Much Moro did mistress Maui Cofoid say my poor doddering sir Jonas in Homo Ivas again convinced said to that his Amoco was a dear Good i treasure and her most ardent wish his daughter s we Karo. But you must confess Augusta said the baronet that it is a very hard trial for my poor daughter to to bereft Hor child if Only for a week two and sir Jonas began to weep and whine something like a spoiled child who Lias somehow lost a favorite toy Asho added and i shall sadly miss my Little grandson to made me laugh so was such u. Diverting Young rogue and As mistress Camelford looked with profound contempt Tho imbecile old Man Hor thoughts wore i Niubo hurry Forward this marriage for Uto baronet is fast becoming perfectly mirth and there must to no ground dispute respecting the will which so Boon As i Nave rendered Rosalie Index Eldont him i shall Conul him to sign. When Throo months Moro three months Torriblio anguish to Rosalie had passed away Sho then consented to Sec again Clarence Hartley. At length Sho Ylo lds was mistress Camelford s exultant thought. And in truth poor Rosalio had begun to waver Hor craving to Boho d and to embrace again her Little Arthur grew each Day More and More impossible appeasement. Meantime mistress Camelford had contrived to keep Rosalie s present suitor in perfectly Good humor with himself and Tho woman whom to loved More deeply than might Havo Boon supposed from his booming tranquil and patient wooing. Chireno Hartley Cimo Day after Day to Tho mansion sir Jonas Rathborne and saw and conversed daily with Rosalie though never was to Long Alono with her mistress Camelford would not Yot Trust her Cousin to far As that. Hartley had several times late in his quiet Way urged Rosalio to Naino Tho Day which waa to to Tho most Happy All his life and hearing him so speak Tho poor girl would shrink and tremble and would to near to revealing All Tho truth s but Sho woul Rothon Soo mistress Camelford with her cold hard Faco would Rhino Moor her boy s peril so Long Asho remained within Tho clutch Buosi a woman would to reminded that Torriblio threat for just Ono moment forgotten which Augusta hold bus bonded above Hor head and then would cower and to silent. Mistress Camelford chafed and fretted that Tho in a Ringo Eho so ardently desired should be delayed week after week month after month it should to no longer postponed that she was resolved Sho might presently behold Tho wreck her every Hope Tho ruin All for which Sho had to Long and indefatigably toiled Sinco More imbecile at almost every hour grow Tho baronet and worse thought to her than even that it was not impossible that Arthur Chain himself might Ero Long return to England and then mistress Camelford stamped and raved at Tho Moro idea what would happen then. On Tho particular Day which to Havo arrived Clarence Hartley had scarcely Takon his leave for that time Rosalio and mistress Camelford Tho door had not Many moments closed behind him when Augusta said very impatiently Havo you Rosalie lost Oil Desiro again to behold your son Rosalio b answer was a Shower tears. Of 11 cannot Wod with him 1 1 cannot groaned unhappy Rosalio dare not accomplish Buch threefold treachery first to Tho Man to whom you would compel to to give my hand second to my own Hoart and last and worst All to him who lies mouldering in his grave far far away and Whoso indignant spirit would appear and Curso to for my shameless renunciation All that was Puro and holy you Aro resigned then Novor again to behold your son ? mistress Camelford qui otly but very Beer qty inquired. No heaven no moaned Rosalie but i Daro not As you would have me buy him Back to to not oven Lor my Darling Little Arthur Daro i be guilty deliberate infamy to a Man who honestly loves to and trusts in the purity my soul. Not oven for my idolized boy Daro i doom myself to undying remorse to a Docoito which i should then known itself forced to perpetuate and should tremble also lest through some out than to it should Ono Day by disclosed for and hero Rosalio walked close to her Cousin and looked her fixedly in Tho face Well x know and so too do you Augusta what would happen then Clarence Hartley would kill to 1 absurd i sneered mistress Camelford. It is the truth As firmly As am i Are you convinced that 1" was Rosalie s response to Hor Cousin s derisive word and gesture and Augusta was Well convinced the truth that which it was necessary she should appear entirely to so impassible Thero is a latent hidden Tiro in Clarence Hartley b breast which if aroused would consume those who hid dared to Brave its fury. Tho key to his True character was Given to me by Ono who knew him Well 1" Rosalie said and heavily big Hod. And mistress Camelford smiled for Sho understood who it was that had Boon her Cousin s informant in Thiu know that Rosalie was again thinking Arthur Gresham rather that to had at that moment returned More vividly to thoughts from which he was Uever entirely Assoni. Continued

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