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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - July 28, 1875, Postville, Iowa I volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co.,Iowa, july 28, 1875. Number -18. The Postville review published every wednesday at pwt Vullo Allin Unico county i Tutti Iii to the Wuriu of the people. Olny Loh Douglin a co. De Olch in Diuk Utu Jui Teni stationery of All Klinl. Swul pm 1io 80bbow, no Watts l t Stiles jilt lip. Olleo Willi s. S. 1 ii Wurfl. All kinds of by Kim a in in Lino Zitti in aril to with promptness. J. A. Now Wmyron tid Suil ii ii Vireil nil repairing done. Aim nil Klinth of Luik in the Coo Pering Lino. . Mrs. J. A. Johnson v. M. Clark in co. Dealers in furniture. Mrs n. W. St lie dealer in millinery goods. Kil so Clio or Maurent and confectionery. San dict k o., to cutlers in Lunior of Uii kinds. E. J. Ferry denier in jewelry of All kind. N. J. Sicily denier in groceries notions ate. John Trio Mai. Nest unmet and . J. Craft i non Louie and repair . Painter. A r. Thompson work done in Good mylar. I Roscott & Liviston dealers. Hardware to were ice. La outlier pc Spau. Dealers in hardware and tinware. Is. Molt Scaler in lumber of every . Julac Lcy Mill Jinx 1 w. Linin Franks Epal Lnu and horse so Nonit. dealer in millinery _ ools. Mott Ilso Dressin Aklil. 13. Sell Metz dealer in harnesses whips. Saddles acc. All kinds of repairing Dono on Short notice and at reasonable rates. J. Ii. Keller res Narant and dealer in All kinds of confectionery. Everything kept in its season and prices the lowest of nil. N. W. Miles denier in sowing machines arid tells Best manufactured Viz Howo. 20 wagons on Road constantly. Ii. In. Hike ii and repair shop. Any thing Yon want Dono in Hue can always to Dono this shop. I. She mired m. D. Physician and 8droeon. Of Loco Hast of Urlock hotel first door v3n4yl or r. Ii. Rude Oculi St treats acute and chronic diseases of the Eye. Consultation free. Ollice at residence one door South of Moog Goat Lonzil Church Fost Vitle Iowa 75-8yl Iii my. Doti Era in All mini id men Hutu Inu and ruin. A. F. Lenver Blacksmith Lnu and repairing done on Short notice. . In enc physician and surgeon. Of Iee Over Pouch i store. A. C. Iliili Enlil. Proper motor of the meat Mark near trick hotel ii. A. Hoffman photographer and retouched. All work warranted. . Hunt. Hub of , will visit Post the every two months. V3n7yl John Mold jr., dealer in groceries and fancy foods. Master. Is also Post i. Ii. Recti k-co., sign and House painting Dune up in the Best posse to manner. Lynll co. Proprietors of the steam elevator. Feed Mill in connection. W. Insurance agent in existence. S. Web scr. Represents Best companies joint head jr., Tro Proclor of City Linker a oppose to Mott a lumber Ollice. C. Lallen proper motor of Allon s Druy Lino. All orders promptly Utton ded to. Hancock k Tovey. Proprietors of Ono of the Best i very stables la Northern Iowa j org non. Proprietor of merchant hotel. Best no Einmo Dallons Forth travelling Public remember it is the la Rock hotel. Mrs. To. Slim Liz dealer in millinery goods the latest styles always on hand. Ladles this is the place to make your Choice selections. A. T. , physician and sur Ireon. it Lenton Erlven in surgery. Will attend Calls nil lit or Day. Ollice nod in like lick opposite merchants hold Postville. San i 1 san1ii let All in Post lilo and Vicinity Bear in mind that act Illare Liros. Are prepared to Wiatte contracts with All parties wish Sand t their pit. U3 All contracts must he made with them per soul la. Powers & Prescott of real estate agents buy and Soli farm lands and town favourable terms titles ovum ipod find abstracts furnished Call and of amino our lists. , Iowa. V 2u2tf John Thoma in Trio West store of now Brick Block is prepared to furnish All do sire Best of cigars fruits nat1vk wine nuts a. Tobacco canned fruit 1iker. Candies. Tkv. . B. Wells manufacturer of hoots and shoes. Your repairing. Como on Wotli a. P. Abbott Payntor. All want ecu for House painting Otto ipod a to with promptness. C. F. Ruthb in livery and Solo stable. Best of teams and carriages always on hand. Jacob Meyer. I Blacksmith Long Laud repairing Dono on Short notice Sili arse shoeing a speciality i. Brown physician and surgeon. All Calls night promptly attended to. Either Day or 8 l Owens  t Johnson. Rowers k Tounton. Attar nov at Law insurance and collecting agents. Chloe in Brick Block Over lilt holds Storo. F. Meyer Wagon Ami Sleigh manufacturing staul Lehmont. Repairing attended to promptly. S Van Hooser la Boott and repair shop. All work Dono in Host of Ety Horse shoeing a speciality. National hotel waukon.lowa. P. V. In v. M. Scuba re proprietors. Oooo attention paid to guests Ond Good . A 18tf j. 8, Creen once Over. Poc Soh s Storo treat of National hotel " tended to. In. D. Residence one door All Calls promptly at Blacksmith & repairing shop i am prepared to do All kinds of Black Smithing and Ilc pairing on Short notice and in a Workmanlike manner. W. F. Weavell proprietor Postville Iowa. Cray charges reasonable. Call and rive to a trial uti la. Good news for All g. Stafford having taken to Angonoy of Oakford Iron pump proposes to soil 12 different kinds of them 12? Cash oily it so olt Cap thu tall Wood pumps will to Laid aside. To will sell completo pumps for Wells at from $6 to $18, and galvanized Iron Vipo cheaper than it was Over sold in Northern Iowa. All work warranted for five Yoars. To also Koops wooden pumps and All kinds of repairs Don t fail to Call on him Bosforo purchasing Els Ohoro. Postville Jan. 1st, 1875. V2n44-tf n. A Beedy dealer Inch ice family groceries provisions Green dried and canned fruits flour feed Cro Kory and Glass Ware wooden Ware ao., of. Lawler st., Postville Iowa. V3n5yl to Hartley Only by thu Clatter of Lionso s hoofs. Not for Ono moment did Cresham doubt to could not. Kosit Liu it in wife whom Hoha Debuen made for Lony Long years to mourn As dead whose loss had Metido him inso Siblo to every Hope to every Joy that had been offered to him j whose Imago As a sacred thing had lain within a heart Whoso very pulsation had been hers web living j had forgotten him had never for Ono moment Couso to think of her and was wedded to another thu wife of a second husband Cro first whose heart had striven to break had sunk into his Tomb. Presently he rebounded shuddering by As some thought More Torriblio than All to fore Soto upon his brain. Mistress Camelford mistress Camol Ford he gasped and buried his Faco within his hands and prayed of heaven to have mercy on him and kill him Thoro and Thon. A v it had been announced to Rosalio that a gentleman had been sent by Claronce Hartley solicited permission to speak with her. Conducted to App Artmont in which she was seated Rosalie Rose to re Civo this visitor and then was silent expecting him to speak. But he did not speak and Rosalio was commencing to fear that a messenger of borne further woe to her was this stranger that he had come to Tell her of Somo Accident that had befallen Hartley. At that moment a deep groan Soto upon her ear and her own Namo was with great anguish pronounced and Rosalie was transfixed and terror stricken. Of if Howerd not dead if he wore not Iead faltered. Another moment a few Moro words spoken and Rosalio know beyond All doubt that Arthur Gresham was living still and tvs again Votoro her. Her first impulse then was to Fly into his inns but she remembered what now sfas and staggered Back and shrunk from Lim j and then she stood and gazed upon aim and to on her with what tortured feelings with what terrible agony Ould depict. Of Augusta Augusta moaned Rosalie As mistress Camelford at that moment entered room not stalking grandly in As formerly would have done Tor mistress Camelford was no longer As we have seen her but or typing Forward with body bowed and wrinkled Faco j wretched work which she had done although is yet repented it not had been spite of All her reasoning and supposed wrongs which had driven her to it a constant torture to mistress Canp Lford u guilty heart had Walc of Hev a Tyr Gnu a a of looking and almost dec Tjit woman. Augusta had heard of Gresham s return had known that to Clarence Hartley s mansion to first would feet a and so had herself followed thither. 1 there is no need you should reproach each other after a Whilo said. And Thon explained Liat had Dono in Fow wonks Mode Clear to them that which even before she had spoken the wretched pair had almost perfectly comprehended. My boy my lit Flo Arthur to Alio cried imploringly say that the seeming proof you gave to of his death was false Ivy All rest that you Havo made appear so real and Truo to me t say that that Ono Solano is left to the hearts you have so fiendishly tortured say that my boy is living still and Rosalio Bent eagerly forwards towards mistress Camelford turning from her said with n nervous twitching of lips which belied the assumed coldness of her Tono. Your son is dead and Rosalie with a convulsive cry and wringing her hands despairingly dashed from apartment. You have told to much Gresham said sternly addressing Augusta there is something i Havo Yot to learn i must know if my son has been stricken by heaven or by you if by your hand or through your Means to Lias perished i will to merciless to you As you Havo been to to and mine and mistress Camelford trembled Hor former agent would not dare to speak brio was Well convinced of that for to confess his guilt would to to doom himself to scaffold but might not sub guv a suspicions have been aroused it was Margaret Bur fird whom Augusta dreaded now. Margaret jealously guarded Rosalie s son Hur husband had commanded Hor to to silent concerning boy but Margaret had resolved that to Young Arthur s Mother she would make known that still was living son had so Long Boen wept As lost to her for Over. Finding that to could by no throats Shako his wife s Resolution Adam Burford then condescended to entreaty implored Margaret to be prudent and to obtain for Hor husband u Promise of immunity for his past villainy and to secure for herself a Roward which soon would Havo passed to Adam s hands for having protected and Given Back boy to his natural guardians. To All of which Margaret with booming readiness agreed and Hor husband was forced to appear satisfied. Though in reality Margaret had no intention of making conditions with Rosalie for restoration of her son but had determined to give happiness to the so Long and cruelly bereaved Mother Como what might to herself or to her wicked husband. Margaret Hod but just explained to Young Arthur that portrait he so Ehor shod wag that of his Mother still existed and to Waltom she smartly would conduct him when oven As said this that Mother was herself Bosforo them. Rosalie Hod fled from Clarence Hartley s mansion directly to miserable dwelling of Margaret Burford with no Hopo that her son was living had Como but to question Margaret fully As to How to had died for to Hor too Hail Como horrible thought that to by foul moans had perished. Palo As a shoot and troubling in every Fibre of to Fraino was Rosalie As now brio darted into room in which were Margaret and Young Arthur and then stopped gasping and panting before them. No sooner had the boy s eyes fallen or Rosalie than he sent Forth a wild inarticulate cry and hurrying to Hor to Bank or his Knees Rosido Hor and Clung convulsive old to her Robes and Asho gazed up pleadingly into Rosalie s Faco a Strango thrill through her heart features was looking on appeared familiar to Hor partly indeed brio had divined that a seeming impossibility was about to to accomplished Hor heart had recognized that it could Only by Hor son thus could stir it to its utmost Dep lib. Ero she could falter Forth a question Young Arthur had displayed before her wondering eyes that locket which her Bolf Long years Bosforo Hod placed around his neck had disclosed to her that portrait of herself which surely had been botched beneath guidance of an All foreseeing Providence. It was at this moment that Rosalio s first Hor True husband Arthur Gresham appeared at door of this tavern and remained for a moment and gazing amazed by on its threshold. His arrival Hod not been perceived. Has heaven indeed reserved for to this great Solace to my misery cried Rosalie looking towards Margaret and asking for words which slip old confirm her glorious Hope or crush her lower still with an overwhelming despair. Of can it to ? if it were but possible that this boy indeed could to and Hisiu paused a Pablo to pronounce another word. And Margaret said solemnly As there is a heaven to judge me he is your son with what emotion with what delicious rapture Rosalie clasped Young Arthur to her bosom no words could describe but cry she uttered was echoed by another As strange As wildly Joyful almost As was her own and Arthur Gresham advancing exclaimed he is my son also Lio Ailio suffer then that i too May embrace him 7" but Rosalie would ii., Lor a moment oven release from her anus her so newly recovered son. You would take ban for Over from me she said wildly. " Vou would teach him to Foci ashamed of his Mother and i Bott old never see him More. To not go from me Little Arthur do not the Mother to Whoso heart you have conveyed a rapture it had scorned impossible it o or again could know and for son answered this Appeal by clinging oven More firmly to his Mother and by shrinking away from Gresham and causing him a cruel Pang. But never before Lead Young Arthur seen his father. Nothing had prepared him to Lovo that Parent Liilo his Mother s Sweet Imago had rested always near his heart had Boen through All Lus Young life his Dearest earthly treasure Long yearn of suffering resumed Rosalie have produced their Tetri Blo effects upon my Frame the last blow stricken at my heart and glanced towards Gresham has crushed it quite oven restoration of my poor boy Lias come too Lato for All save to Comfort me during Little while Only will elapse Ere 1 shall sink into my grave glad to escape from a world which has been without pity for me and in which but y no fault of my own 1 am unworthy longer to Rosalie i reproach you not for the past for know j not How terribly you were tried v Gresham mournfully said. Of speak not to to feet to not Hoar your voice again 1" Rosalie cried in Tonos of deepest agony for Are we not for Over sundered hero on Earth ? lot me go from you and with my boy seek not now to tear him from me wait but a very Little time and he will then be All your own Gresham was silent,.and Rosalie relaxed not her hold on Little Arthur. Of Hur love for the boy of All that had done for him of All she knew concerning him trusting her husband to the mercy of to Litho were now listening to her Margaret told. And when she Luul finished speaking Gresham implored of Rosalie that brio would Eor Iuit him if Only for a moment to hold in boy within his arms. No no nut now 1" Rosalio witchy cried straining Arthur to Hor bosom. You would not restore him to my embraces i should Heroid him dead to to would Hobo again and then whispered to Arthur do not leave Luu do not lot them tear you from to 1" and this poor Mother was to assured by Hor son b animated arid exp Restivo gestures for she Road in them that to would sooner Dio than be separated from Hor. Cruel boy Gres Liam mournfully said j for a heavy Pang wits at Liia heart. Hoax on has at Hist had pity on to j its by a Miracle caused Ino to behold again the son whom for Tolvo wretched years i had bewailed on dead and now at sight of his father that Sou remains cold and insensible repulses his Tatlier s caresses of heaven i enlighten his reason touch his soul Arthur i cannot live now without your Lovo without that i Havo nothing a Barren desert hour Forth As so Long already it has Beon must this world prove Toino a Young Arthur could not longer robust us Fathor b tears and pleadings his heart throbbed tumultuous la j and suddenly firm though it Trou Iii him,.ho Wrencher he Belf from Rosalio s clutch and flew into  his father s a ins. Rosalie shrieked and Sank upon her Knees. Extending iter arms and wildly imploring that Arthur Hor son would return to them. I am your father and you will Lovo to will you not Arthur will to Zombor that in you is control now my Only Hope my All of happiness Oft Earth a Gresham Liilo saying Titis had relaxed somewhat his hold of Arthur and Rosalio with a Ory of Joy loud and shrill snatched Hor son Back to her own arms and enfolding him Thoro securely hurried with rapidly from House. But hardly had she crossed the threshold when she beheld a form which Toiuo. Transfixed her with a greater terror than most appalling Bectro could have caused Hor. Glare co Hartley was before Hor. And he was seen too by Gresham and 1 in Margarot Burford for they had followed Rosalie from the House. Hartley was on horseback As Whon last to pasted with him j and Hod been returning Home from appointment which to had quilted Gresham to fulfil and at moment to had Boon about to pass Bur Ford s tavern Rosalio grasping boy and to clinging to her Sido Hod hurried Forth. Hartley dismounted and pleasantly greeted his wife and his Friend they were silent. Too go neatly agitated were they both and Ono of them at least too terrified for utterance of words which would acknowledge and return greeting which Hartley had bestowed on them. Hartley looking closely at boy by Rosalie s Side presently exclaimed Why surely Eliut in the Bravo lad so lately vet urdu his life at launch of the new vessel and Margaret answered and told How she had found Edmund and she Laid u Strong Mph Tunis of Bluit name and glanced significantly from Rosalie to Gresham As she pronounced it perishing with cold and hunger that for his Bene actress to procure for her the Means to Avert a great misfortune to had risked Lnu life at launch. But his parents Aro they i inquired Hartley. And Rosalie and Gresham averted their faces from la artly to conceal from Hin the increased agitation which that question had brought to both of them. And Margaret hastened to answer he is unhappily an orphan i Young Arthur was listening wonderingly to this conversation and looking occasionally with great earnestness into his Mother s face and those glances Rosalie dared not to return Only More than once she stealthily pressed his hand. That her terror very great will not be doubted but had resolved that Como what might do what they would with her her son should not while she had life again be taken from her. But thu boy has Given you Somo account of himself and of his parents Hartley next said addressing Margaret and she replied evasively alas sir he is dumb poor boy exclaimed Claronce taking Arthur s Laud and looking earnestly and compassionately into his face and was struck with its Beauty and its very pleasant expression while to Hartley also it appeared As though he How were gazing on features which somehow were familiar to Hin. Addressing Margaret Hartley said "1 of Are an excellent woman and in sheltering this poor boy have acted Margaret cur Seyed humbly and Clarence proceeded Vou have Well Dono your part and will not perhaps object that in the future. I should charge myself with the Fate of this orphan child and Margaret expressed Hor gratitude and Delight at the generous proposal while with thu happiness which was in the thought that so Hur son would to always near Hor was mingled in Rosalie s mind a sense of shame that to accomplish it Hartley s Noble heart must be still further outraged and deceived. Lint still continued silent so too did Gresham. Hartley asked of Rosalie if his proposal concerning dumb boy was approved by Hor and bowed but did not Luiso her eyes to his Faco. Clarence Hartley s Lovo for children As with All really Good men was very great and to had thought that perhaps the adopt Tion of Edmund so had boy been named to him might fill void which Ashu believed was in the heart of Rosa lie. Como hither poor boy said Hartley. And then seeing that Edmund hesitated to quit Rosalie s Side to added. You will soon learn that you have nothing to fear from me while his thoughts wore that poor lad must formerly have encounter of very cruel treatment that he now should be so timid and so fearful. Urged Forward by Rosalie Hor son quit Tod her Side and slowly and hesitatingly approached Hortio said to him i tour conduct at launch of that vessel has proved that you possess a Good and Noble heart that with your own life to i wore willing to repay your obligation to your Jenofa Otruss you Merit i Terege which you Havo inspired and that which worthy Margarot Burford would to unable to do for you another will perform. boy turned his Gazo wistfully and anxiously towards his Mother and Hartley answered to that look yes Edmund that lady will to to you henceforth a protect Ress More powerful certainly but not More devoted than she whom you Are about to and Hartley then passed the boy Back to Margaret Burford her s continue on a afro 8

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