Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
14 Jul 1875

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Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
14 Jul 1875

Read an issue on 14 Jul 1875 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Review.

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - July 14, 1875, Postville, Iowa The review. Postville. Wednesday jilt 14. A v Burdick Ettar. Hard pcs Edw it anti that the democratic Larry of lows f. Their weakness and insignificance Wiro their be is paper press soft a loses its Affif respect and the dignity that should attach to it if it is worthy of being Susan coed As to get Down into the Depths of oui Lett and profanity which that Deane orate Organ the Fayette county Union indulges in in speaking of the nomination of Kirkwood. We give a extract from that paper which is Bot a Sample of the disgusting and Acu Rillous stuff with Winch its columns Art reeking then there Are some 5?,-900 d fools who would vote for the Devil against the Best Man i Iowa if some sanctimonious hypocrite who is fattening off we taxpayers should Tell them that by voting for any other Man they would restore Glare by and the War of the rebellion would have to be fought Ever again. These will of course autote for Kirkwood the salary grabber and of Lourae nothing Short of vigilance on the part of the thoughtful taxpayers can overcome such Odds and Avert Thi catastrophe that not Urf Tlly follows if there Isa respectable Democrat or Liberal in Fayette county he Mutt Blush at the blasphemy and utter want of decency which characterizes this party Organ. The Republican party can furnish no stronger arg Anent for its own retention in Power than this depraved an j utterly reckless course of democratic organs a Fine compliment to the intelligence of the people of Iowa to Ohar Soter be them As a pack of 4-d fools if the intelligent Christian people of Fayette county will suffer the open disgrace at sub ravings Jost keep Rig lit on in this course and the result in october will demonstrate the fact the people of that county have spewed out the party with such on Organ As too bitter a Pill to digest in a respectable political stomach. Reason and argument Are the enly Sac be Refal weapons in these enlightened times with which to combat opposition. Sensational Billingsgate injures any cause in which it is brought to Bear and alike injures and degrades the person and the party using it.   to care whether our borne merchant manufacturers sc., succeed or fail. This line of policy generally carried out will j ruin any town and indirectly at least i injure All who pursue it. We have Long the Shorter. Going to Ltd to i we Are Porry to learn that or. E. J a Perrey is about to leave a to make his since wader a tale Nerer to spend a dol.,. A. Home somewhere in a a Loco sin probably Lar outside of our own town Sim nov to. R. It Oconomowoc. His late unfortunate sate a few cents at the tune by so doric.  business complication have so crippled we those Only who patronise a he the Fae find businm8 he untre. Cd Nelp tis Aid our patronage a Ergative. And he finds it necessary to As nearly m the ratio to theirs As we can j Beek fam of Abor the Peop a adjust it. Lire and let live should be of Post Tyle Hare 8tood by him a Tofu a the the motto of All. The following a article referred to make Yow own place prosperous. How by helping one another. This single rare in itself will be sufficient. If a Man s Bouse Burns Down help Bim erect another. If his Mill Burns up contribute your share to place him on his feet if one starts in business give him a share of your patronage. Don t go away from Home because this has been your custom or because Yon fancy you can save a few pennies by so doing. Interest yourself in the welfare of every tradesman Mechanic and professional Man. Speak a kind word for All. No matter if you Don t Fellowship All their opinions or ways their Success and Prosperity influences your Success a cd Prosperity As Well As the Community. All its members have a common Stook in the Success of any other member. The Prosperity of each Inorg dual promotes the general Prosperity. Especially befriend the Siek the poor the suffering and All the More if the misfortunes As May be the Case with you Are beyond their control. Help those who specially need your help. In a word let each observe the Golden Rule. Let Oech be a neighbor and Friend to every other and the Prosperity of your town is soared. Ii. In his adversity some of them backing him with their names and Money to any desired amount and he of course leaves is with reluctance while he feels it to be need scary to go. He will be greatly missed in the Church the band and in the social Circle and his hosts of friends Here win wish him abundant Success in Bis new borne. Thi last birr her performance. The last Absurdity in the Beecher business is voting the great pastor an increase Oft Alary to the amount of $80,000, Mak Inge is total salary $100,000 Eliut it seems that it is not Only to plur but very Prift table for a minister to Harbor a feel ing of True inwardness towards a sister of Bis flock and get prosecuted for it in this we do not take the ground that he is guilty of the crime charged god nod the parties themselves alone know the fact though there can be no doubt but he was at least guilty of indiscretions but very few deny this. The jury by their finding do not deny that the charge was proven by Threll witnesses two of which ought to be disinterested comparatively speaking but nine of them accepted or. Beecher s unsupported testimony As True and rejected that of the three opposing As false. Now with Public opinion about equally divided a to  Bis guilt or innocence and with the general it Mission that he was not altogether old melt does it not look like Man worship and altogether out of taste for his our Eli to add this fabulous amount to his salary at this time private donations from Bis admirers to the amount of his trial expenses would have been Well enough but for the Church Assue to assume the responsibility it certainly seems out of place and beneath the dignity of a great religious organization. The Dubuque Timet in commenting Spoa it says of a oars the purpose of this enor Mutu stipend is the defray the expenses a the Tri bet it would have bean in Hatter taste to have put it plainly in that Iab ape. Instead of calling it a salary which bus to imply that a preacher under a Strong suspicion of adultery and not yet vindicated from the charge was five times As valuable to his flock a before his reputation was called to question. If a preacher with an untarnished name be Worth $20,000 a year while oat who has been tried for the be detion Opoke of Tia parishioner s wives and the jury failed to agree As to whether he was guilty tit not be Worth $100,000, How much Muld his services be Worth of be were proven guilty for Tori. Prof. O. A. Matthews principal of the West Union Public school spent a few Days in Postille last Weet the guest of t. F. Johnson Esq. N. Canfield of Bronson mich., has been spending a few Days with Bis son a. A. Canfield of this City. He called twice at the office to make our acquaintance Bat we happened to be out both times which we much regret. He left a neatly printed introduction card which strikes us so forcibly that we cannot resist the temptation to give it entire. It is one of the sweetest purest most touching contributions to literature we have Ever seen and in perusing it one almost fancies he site the Pearly Gates ajar to let the old Veteran into the Joys of perennial verdure where no snows will Ever Shower their blossoms upon his brow. May each one of us when our weary feet Ore almost ready to take the final step into the chilling flood Host other Shore is barbed in the cloudless Sun Light of eternal glory feel As cheery and hopeful1 As our aged Friend. But Here is his card going West to see a few friends with them to enjoy a morning stroll and evening Chat in their Prairie Homes for the last time for the sons of three score and fifteen Winters have showered their blossoms Upun my brow. My Blessing and valedictory leave my last bequest then return to canvass life s dream and prepare for my journey to the land no mortal Bath been. Travelling i always meet those though strangers the windows of whose souls reveal the kindness of their natures and the goodness of their hearts i instinctively exclaim what a wealth of happiness such acquaintance must yield. While to Ortrude personally woul d trespass on social etiquette yes i May pass this Billet which in Low tones will gently Tell the Boon i crave your Nam your place. While penning the last line a soft hand touched me a Low voice whispered please add your Faith and calling that i May Bear the precious memento to my Home and friends that when Iny journeying and the grass tangles in my wonted walks and evening shadows Are gathering round my dwelling i May Oherin and review to cheer and Solace my departing hour in Sweet commune with the spirit of former Days. And please May i say my love and thanks Are Ever yours local Rottert. Yor the Benefit of those who May not under Stead our terms we will say that All local notices will be charged at the rate of 10 cents per line for the first insertion. To those business men who have standing advertisements in the paper but 5 cents per line will be charged after the first insertion. To Oil others 10 cents per line will be charged for each insertion unless the same matter is continued More than four weeks when a reasonable discount will be made. It will thus be seen that standing advertisers get their locals after the first week at half the Price that they would get them without the standing advertisement which in effect gives them their standing advertisements gratuitously. Besides we give All Reglar advertisers an occasional mention free. We have adopted this plan As incentive for merchants and others to keep their business standing in our columns. Oar urge and increasing circulation fully warrants us in maintaining these prices strictly. Crooked whisky. Among other crooked things which our Lansing friends have been troubled with is a crooked whisky Case and 56 barrels of the " ardent have been locked up by Uncle Sam s agents until further orders. The whisky was bought by Rindskopf bros., Milwaukee by f. Schick & co and an investigation has branded it is crooked on the part of Rindskopf Brothers. Schcik and co. Are innocent purchasers. If it is not released there will soon be a Brace of very Trout by editors at the would be county seat. Make Yoor place prosperous. The following dipped from the lost Issue of the Waukon Standard is equally apply Eagle to potty due and to every other town. We Are much too liable. It Timet to allow fancied self interest to induce o to it away from Boms to buy goods sad other necessaries not seeming oct the Best then. Y. Ledger. At this Day and age the great mass of the people read More or less of the current literature of the Day and in fact to be up with the times All must read Moie or less of it. The great aim should a to discriminate wisely in putting this kind of Reading matter into the family Neirele to avoid the Light flashy and sensational literature to Day the influence of which to say the. Least is enervating and  detrimental to youth. The new York Ledger is and always has been peculiarly free from this Bane of the household always Maio Taing a High moral tone. In fact Many of the most eminent minister of Amerlia have been and a regular contributors and the. Fiction is always pure and  elevating. It has been a. Constant companion in. Our Leisure hours foe 16 years and we should not know How to get along without it. Address Robert Bonner new York. Subscription $3 per Yea. In clubs of four and Over 12,50, Pottage free. Cresco correspondence. July 4th, the 99th Jubilee Day of the pc unix Republic of the occident though no purer in her Liberty than that Republic at the base and up the Steep ascents beyond the Clouds of the wonderful Alps in the Oriental world whose Many battlefields Tell the tale of the Cost of it now priceless liberties where the Battles for this jewel were fou by on crags where the freemen s corpses fell from the Glacier through the stratus Clouds to the Flower bedecked valleys and foaming Waters below or lie on the jutting rocks beyond human reach exposed to the carnivorous Vult aies which seek their prey above the Thunder crash. Hail Dier Helvetia Hail. From thee we draw our eternal principles of right therefore now no More chains clanking on our Brown sunny Fields South North East nor West. Then Hail Columbia s untrammelled liberties Hail. Though it is but eleven years old yet we can nil Hail then As a Harbinger of perpetuity with the help of him who alone can assist us in nursing thee. But or. Editor this pre Lettre has crept into my thoughts Here from the Forue of the tact that we ought of right to acknowledge the Swiss martyrs of Freedom As predecessors of our liberties. We Are isolated they Are in the midst of political enemies on every foot of their frontiers Are religious dogmas the name of which is legion while on our Frontier enemies Are weak and enemies of the old world Are out off by seab Over which armies and Kings cannot pass without great loss and expense. They have a romantic dime Opp dressed by monarchies we a Broad productive one Rich with wealth fall kinds and thank god extends Over.4,000,000 Bailee. They have Only 25,000 Miles. They have been free 500 years we Only eleven. However let us he out the Union forever Hail to the goddess of Liberty at every Angle and Opportunity. Lot us nourish and cherish and Bug and kiss this big heathy Young babe of Liberty Tea Good fathers and mothers while we Aie Herer and deliver the charge Over to. Our progeny untainted by credit room Lior Lestr when we Are carried to the of Toombs the candies teak from our cof Iwon tyrants rejoice and kick up their heels in tartarus speech of tartarus in in orthodox sense Ank a thing outside of the pales of the Brum basis or rather the crowning glory god j creation and the great gain of Mankind. God is love love is Harmony there off Harmony is the origin of himself. Self will not War with self nor will Harmony War against love or any of her attributes else equal Force and resistance would not leave matter at rest though immutable. Let us then As american tune up the great Harp of this Union never resting till every discord be overeat be every state As the strings of the Harp plays its part and then let Yow and i die to live again in the celestial Republic in the Bloom of eternal youth. But having arrived it this like your Postille pleasant Little Prairie City of trans Mississippi looked about some and met Many friends who Are worthy the name i found among other Many improvements changes and Radical reformations that the sombre fight of self interest and self aggrandizement in which a few hoped to win notoriety at the Cost of especially the poor and weaker class have j cleared away and that to All outward appearance the Prospect is now Good to have a sort of an Eden in which All can have a part according to their several methods of being Happy and serving the giver of All Good gifts. I am Happy to state that drunkenness is not so prevalent now As it was while these Angels of mercy were on the rampage up and Down the streets under the leadership of a Little puny looking dispenser of trash who had the Hardihood to Call it by the sacred name of gospel but he is no More and now this people is Happy less inclined to Strong drink and god is Blessing them with health wealth and Prosperity and they Are multiplying and replenishing the Earth rapidly As i conclude from the number of bundles carried about in the arms of the ladies and seme Good looking gentlemen on the 3d Celebration Doy. The Day was a very a propitious one to celebrate. It looked full of mists and Thunder As in the Days of the crusade of inst year but about noon like that crusade the Sun of brightness came out in All its Vernal splendor and heat. Cresco like Portville is on the Onward March and Are morning stars of the 19th Century culminating centers of future greatness. The inhabitants Are a better class iban Jerusalem could Ever boast of in her time and one thousand per centum better than they will average at the present age-1875, april and May. The business men of Postville like Cresco Are second Best to none anywhere i might except a single one a kind of a wheel horse in a masked whisky ring though like a dead Volcano is silenced by the weapons of his manufacture and As soon As he stops the advertising of his miserable rums we will take him by the hand and shake up a new und lasting Friendship till he begins the sell the Bane of Mankind in disguise again. Now i do not mean to be personal in this matter Bat on top of the Earth i know no other one personally who has taken the same coarse if there is and it comes to my knowledge i would if possible be More severe As this is my supposed neighbor. But the poet says there is a Poison drop a Man s purest cup so there must be some one to drop the Poison into the bottle Glass or cup. Here As with you in a brie time the Orn Sonntal Shade and fruit Trees in great multitude almost bide the City a wild waste so few years ago. The Webster House is still in the hands of the chief officer of the pity and is full All the time and As Good As the Best. In a few Days i will give you a Synop Sis of this place including Ziaee Springs Chester and the environs. The rainstorms have been very distr Etive. Roads almost impassible. The frugal husband Man has a gloom on Bis careworn visage that makes me sad. They have been my friends As a Mother of my youth. T be. Reolle colons of their past kindness never was forgotten though the four quarters of the Globe intervened Between us so re gently and the Many probable accidents in. A it tranium of such magnitude your Alla Makee readers Are comparatively strangers to you and 1, therefore Bayles Douglass & co. At their new store in the new Brick Block Call attention to their Complete Stork drugs medicines oils paints varnishes Glass Putty. Lamps stationery miscellaneous juvenile and school books fancy and stick cavities nuts canned fruits Cove oysters. A. 4e. In. Cigars at retail and by the Bou Pretari Priehs car Fulty compounded. Drug store i am better prepared than err to finish my customers with an endless Quas Tity of varieties together with a lamp Stock of drugs medicines va8xis paints oils and glue. Cheaper Bun the cheapest at the 0 i stand. I constantly keep on heed a 2e Era Stock of drugs school books St Tio Ncry White Lead window u to yet. Everything iof the very Best qui Ity and at Rentsc Carilu 5jrures.-. Of particular�. Ion Given to c 4i pounding prescriptions. Ai first Cluj. Assortment of dyestuff in perfumery is 1 fancy Ai tides pure wines and a liquor a or medical purposes. A. Staadt. Y furniture. P. Mclark. Co dealers a furniture Postville. I Oft keep constantly on hand tables Beds teaches. Lounges cribs stands Spring Beds Matress a in error Flat i picture frames mirrors pictures Oval & rustic francs moulding of All kinds and1 repairing a. Nab a special to. Hearse connected pc store and Simp at h. P. In res old stand Lawler Street Postville in wet unto.,1.dosut, they will become weary Aud Sale Sta a with this metaphysical correspondence. Hoping to be pardoned for this intr Union han60gk % to Vel and , and profi wl6 Kee Imge number of can get. Able Aqua gotauco. In the great Drift of and hand and to Best hum att a Entsmi remain As Erer. Yours a of horses for. Tho purpose of con Yang Friend to tatty god. And. Taan Ltd. Here is Zefo and eur Eshete. Unstable fomer i owned by 0 Van . Glathart. &44 Tai

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