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Postville Review (Newspaper) - July 14, 1875, Postville, Iowa Thy not. I Knelt before Tho altar rail one holy foetal morning As to Aud fro Tho Sexton moved Trio holy Plano adorning. Now vases Brigit with Ruby hues he placet on Trio altar and now the Flowers 1 0 gorgeous eight Good Axton i did alter but for one instant let to smell those doors we Ipoh like Vapours from censor rising lift Moll marm they to Only Mado o paper and now Tho Golden candlesticks with candles like to rockets lighting afar quoth to tin maim the candles Are in Tho sockets yet there i see a Huu Drod More with Blob Kod tapers burning o Happy Boos i to Horoho comos. From Sacristy to turning with Basket filled with precious Load 01 Many More for Docking Tho candelabra round Tho said i his pathway chocking "0 lift for to Tho Basket lid i la Only humbly poor la and too Tho blessed wax1." bakes marm not Wax but Only Atorino of sparkle brightly Olive Star in lamp inscribed with latin Sweet Oil Whoso unction guess not marm Tho Gas is Tunod on that in Devotion dims my pious View and speech within me throttles to co those sacred relics them them s Poi Hoo by bottles now Don t you go a okla round your Noso to ibid abuses Well let you know to has those things Boca so because to chooses Catholic world close to the hive is if to Bay " there is the hive Why Don t you see it then Brush rapidly but gently the rest towards the hive. 4th. As soon As the most of them Are in be ready to remove them to their permanent stand. Thus you avoid the coming out of a second swarm and Tho lighting and commingling of two swarms. Thus you get rid too of the few bees always uneasy and flying about Tho swarm and who doubtless Are the ones that find and Lead the swarms off to some hollow tree or log in the Woods. Tieso bees Are rarely Over Twenty to fifty in number often not ten of them. 5th. Remember to Shade Tho new hive from the Sun until Tho hatched Brood is in the new Combs. Precisely Tho reverse effects to those described by or. K. Only a few Days ago a lady complained to me that a breakfast of Oatmeal and milk did not stay her appetite longer than two or three hours and she thought it must therefore be poor stuff containing Little or no nourishment. She reasoned As erroneously As or. K. Does. M. D. Farm and household. Bent cider. M. Louard a lawyer of Andels France has invented a now cider said to be very cheap and of excellent flavor the peculiarity of which is that a Largo proportion of sugar beets is mixed with the apples before pressing eighty pounds of beets Are mixed with 700 quarts of apples or about eleven pounds to 100 quarts. Tho beets and apples Are pressed together then saturated with water left quiet in a Collar for Twenty four hours and pressed anew. This is repeated Soven times. The inventor says to makes 100 quarts of cider for eighty cents which seems rather questionable. Sweet Apple. I crave a Little space in your columns for a plea in behalf of Scot apples. In View of the manifold uses of this class of apples it May be doubted whether they Aro receiving due attention. Tho Economy of their consumption does not appear to be realized. In Tho hands of the skillful housewife they May be put to a variety of agreeable healthful and profitable uses and by these uses managed with skill important items in the family expenses May be saved. A dish of luscious baked Sweet apples satisfies the children for dessert Aud saves the labor and other expense of pies. Baked Sweet apples and milk make the faces of the Little boys and girls round Aud Ruddy. Fine Swoot apples for a baked pudding of any kind hot or cold Aro bettor than raisins. Cider applesauce Mado of Sweet and sour Noplos mingled in proportion to suit Tho taste Aud thoroughly stood in cider boiled Down Ono half is a con Dimont of which Tho appetite never tires. It should not be mashed or stirred at All while cooking but packed for Winter with the least practicable manipulation and kept where it will Fregozo a Little. As wanted for use it is taken from the j a or tub with a Strong spoon or instrument and warmed upon the top of Tho boiling Tea Kettle. Tho Sweet Apple coddled and eaten with Cream is a dish of exquisite luxury. And whore Sweet apples Aro supplied in abundance Tho Heads of families have no need to offer Premium a or other inducements to procure Tho consumption of Largo quantities. They Aro nutritious and used in All these and other ways they largely diminish the consumption of meat and other grosser articles of diet improve the health of the people and Lessen the expense of . Maine Farmer. Huw Ali sep i of into aunt Lin. In 1797 three Merino rams and five ewes were carried to Australia but so slow did Wool growing i Creaso that it was not until 1807, ten years later that Tho first Bale of Wool was shipped thence to England. But Tho flocks of Australia did not originate from that source. Or. Hayes tells us that Tho development of Fine Wool husbandry in the colonies was Tho result of an Accident. Somo English whalers captured in Tho South seas about Trio beginning of the present Century a vessel proceeding from Peru to Spain in which there wore some 300 Merino rams and ewes. These sheep were carried to Australia and originated the Fine Merino Wool husbandry which to Day plays to important a part in the Fine Wool Supply of the live Stock journal. It 111 cd Iii i Livilla Ril cd. J. S. Parker m. Gives Tho Germantown Telegraph a series of rules to to observed in having bees which to have somewhat Condon cd As follows 1st. Allow no Ono to stir or make the least noise while Trio bees Are lighting. What not wow a Horn or ring a Bell or drum on a tin pan or throw dust or Wator yes Reader just exactly do nothing but keep still. Now i have followed this Rule in Over eight Hundred swarms i Havo lived for myself Aud others and i Tell you the Broad fact i have never lost a single Swann in All that number. Bees will not go two Hundred feet from Tho hive they come out of if you let All to perfectly quiet Aud Thero is anything to Light on. My Beds not Ono out of a Hundred War Nib go oven one Hundred feet before Thoy always Light. So it to with your bees Reader. So will make it a Rulo to have no stirring no noise but All quiet until Thoy arc Well lighted. Thou bring out the hive from the Cool cellar where it Lias been but a Day or two lost it get Damp and Mouldy neat and Cleau and As you of course Havo the strips of boards or Sticks boards having Eloth oto., ready proceed to place your ladder Aud platform in the tree or on the ground and other appliances so that before the last Bee has lit you Are ready to hive them 2nd. Never put a swarm of bees directly into a hive. You ask Why not because if you do the bees May not know it is a Hivo they Ore in but Only think they Havo bad a slight Accident or Jar while yet on their lighting limb or place. So they will leave the hive and go off to the Woods because they Don t know they Aro hives. Hence you will place the Hivo so that when shaken off of Tho limb Thoy lit on they All have to creep buzzing into the hive and All to voluntarily up on the inside of it. Then they will not make the mistake of thinking Thoy Aro not lived but will know Thoy have acc Pei a hive. 3d. You need not to very quiet or slow about making bees go into the hive. You minded Thebes till they lit now is the Timo to change and make them mind you. So a gentle rudeness in shaking off the limb is As Good As saying to them " bees you Havo left your lighting it they Don t go m the Hivo readily Tako a dipper or Flat piece of Shingle or Bourd dip up a few a pint or so and Shako them roughly int term Sot St Pound of suet Chc a Ped Fine Ono Pound of currants or raisins. Tako to lire quarts of wheat flour. Mix altogether. Uso a Little Salt. Mix with cold Wator to a stiff dough. Boll Teliin and bake. Fat with butter. Soit Gin quit cup of butter one cup of sugar 0110 cup of molasses one coup of pour milk two eggs Ono Tablespoon of soda one Tablespoon of Ginger half a Teaspoon of allspice. Four cups of flour. Care or canaries i have raised Groat Many Birds and my plan is this in the first place i Havo them in Separ Ato cages and hang them up close together for two or three weeks until they got Well acquainted. Then i put them together in a Largo ago. If Thoy feed each Othor after they Aro together a Day or two you will know they will mate. If Thoy quarrel you May As Woll separate them for they will do no Good. I take a paper Collar Box and put Cotton in Tho Bottom of it and Lino it with Whito flannel you must sew it fast or they will pull Tho stuff All out Ninko it middling deep cover Tho end of Tho Cago the nest is in with n Poco of thin Muslin or paper. They Don t like to to seen building their neat. Cut up Small pieces of Candle Wick and put in for them to carry up to Tho nest. Thoy like the satisfaction of finishing Tho nest themselves. As soon As she has Laid her number of eggs and goes to setting you must take Tho male Bird out of the Cago and Koep him out of hearing of Hor or she will leave her nost. After they begin to Lay you must not move them any Nitro than you can possibly help. I never Tako my Cage Oil the Nail after Sho lays Ono egg until Tho Birds Are out. Food them Canary seed and very hard boiled egg and a Small Quantity of Homp Send and plenty of fresh water. Keep them in a moderate room. T. M. Cousin. the Western Rural of june 5th is a letter from j. L. B. Kerr haunting Tho Virtu of of Oatmeal porridge. Or. Kerr seems to reason somewhat in the same manner that a Learned judge is said to have Doue who thought that buckwheat cakes must be very strengthening and supporting because after breakfasting on them he could sit on the Bench until late in the afternoon without experiencing any feeling of hunger. A very slight acquaintance with the principles of physiology and dietetics would show that if a certain kind of food keeps off Tho feeling of hunger for an unusual time it by no Means _ proves that food to to strengthening and supporting it would merely show that it remained in tha stomach an unusually Long Timo. Nothing More. A Tough Beefsteak or a piece of Salt junk is not so quickly disposed of by the stomach As one of Delmonico s famous Tonder loins but which contributes most to the body s nourishment if that food which will keep off the feeling of hunger longest is the most strengthening and supporting then heavy bread is better than Light and Tough meat is better than tender. Oatmeal i have no doubt is very wholesome food but its hunger staying qualities prove nothing at All. I May add that Many people after eating Oatmeal porridge experience War on Christian principles. One of the conditions of a treaty with Mexico if is said was that any future War which might break out Between Tho two countries should be conducted on Christian principles. Now we All know that this is an ago of progressed that All sorts of improvements Are constantly taking place in All sort of matters but War on Christian principles is entirely the latest and if carried ont will we think prove Tho greatest of them All. Just imagine it. We think to can Beo two armies drawn out in Battle array. A fair Field is before them. Tho ranks Are formed the positions taken the great guns us timbered. Tho general is just about to give the order to tire when an Aid comes up and respectfully reminds him that the War is to be conducted on Christian principles and it will not do to Firo. " very True very True says the commander in chief but what Aro Thoy i have Road Vau Bau and Schelter and Turenne. I Havo read Tho lives of old conquerors and have studied the campaigns of the greatest soldiers but i never happened to Coile across those i principles in any work upon Tho military Art. Do you know anything about it colonel " " nor you major " mor i either. I really Don t know How to begin. I suppose it would not do to shoot. Suppose to Sond for the the chaplain arrives. " do you know anything about this fighting on Christian principles " of yes it is the easiest thing in Tho where Aro your books " Hore and the chaplain takes out Tho Bible. Really says Tho general we we ought to Havo thought of that before it is a bad time to commence Tho study of tactics when Tho enemy right be Foro us but i suppose to bound by Tho treaty. What is the first thing or. Chaplain " thou Shalt not kill. Thou Shalt love thy neighbor As thyself " " but these Are not neighbors. They Are i " Tho Samo Book tells us a Little further on that Tho Opportunity to do Good to a Man makes him our " will you go on or. " love your enemies. Do Good to them that Liao you. Pray for them who despite fully Uso you. If a Man smite you on one Cheek turn to him the other " but while to Are praying for the Moxi aus they will be firing into " no they Are bound by the treaty also. It works both " then what is the Uso of our arms " this is also provided for in Tho Samo Book. Bond your swords into ploughshares and your Spears into pruning Hooks " then i do not so As there is anything for us to do " nothing unless you Sond and ask the mexican general if to needs anything in Tho Way of medicines or provisions or clothing. I rather think Tho treaty requires this of us. And i Don t know but to ought to Send them a few school masters for i understand they Aro a shockingly ignorant Forrest s divorced wife. Ii Hull for Dower she or Cal Van 803,000 of Tho

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