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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - July 14, 1875, Postville, Iowa Volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co.,Iowa, july 14,1875. Number 16. The Postville review published every wednesday at Loafer Llly Alla Makee county Iowa w. A Bur Dojk. Terms $1,50 in Advance. .$2, if not paid in Advance dui Lulik a. Stowe attorneys it Law Otuyce a car depot. Advertising rates made Jcj Iown at the office. Pm Stville directory. A. Stii Adt Donl Caln drugs end Clui i., ice. Also a full sup ply of school booked Rcpt constantly on hand. J. K. And examine our lists. , Iowa. V2n2tf John Thoma in the West Storo of Trio new Brick Block is prepared to Amish All who desire the Best of cigars Green fruits native wine nuts ice. Tobacco canned fruit Elka Deit Leek. Candies. Sic. Il33.1y. Blacksmith & repairing shop1 i am prepared to do All kinds of Blok Smithing and repairing on Short notice and in a Workmanlike manner. W. F. Beaver proprietor Postville Iowa. Bce charges reasonable. Call and Rivo to a trial n6-Lv. Good news for All 0. W. Stafford having taken Tho Angonoy of the i Bookford Iron pump proposes to sell 12 different kinds of them for Cash so cheap that All Wood pumps will be Laid aside lie will sell Complete pumps for Wells at from a to $18, and galvanized Iron pipe cheaper than it was Over sold in Northern Iowa. All work warranted for five years. He also keeps wooden pumps and All kinds of repairs Don t fail to fall on him Bosforo purchasing elsewhere. Postville Jan. 1st, 1875. V2n44-tf n. A Beedy dealer Inch ice family groceries provisions Green dried and of anted fruits flour feed crockery and class Ware wooden Ware &o., of. Lawlerst., p0st7ilie, Fatwa. V3n5jl of sin tvs Sobkow. I1v Watts i i s. Ground we a cover we Uez a with Snow j Hui and Dala every House top Svery tree and brambly Luul its wintry covering. Margaret Bur lord a Oil Bosforo riot me her health of mind and body shattered beyond All Hope of repair Hud been to the nearest town to Purchase a few bottles of liquors. Tau Only in that poor Way she could Provido for Tho customers who might be easily counted thatis Tuuu to her poor inn. To say inn because it was left entirely to i in her wretched husband s on Jay part in it being to drink Tho greater portion of the lib just s she had wit i so much . Margaret on her Way Home by a path which led through a Liick Wood had suddenly encountered a poor lad who was extended senseless in Tho Snow. A few drops of the Brandy which she had gone so far to Purchase restored the youth to consciousness and furnished hint with sufficient strength to totter Forward supported by Margaret s Arm. With most expressive gestures did he evince his Gratl tudo for the service that had been rendered him but no a word did to speak and Margaret soon acquired the certainty that Tho poor lad was dumb. Arrived at the House of Tho woman who had so Suc cored him he motioned for pen and paper to be Given to him and wrote All that he know of his Young life s history which while the Good Margaret is Reading it to will relate. Of his infant Days he had been told and could room bar nothing. He believed he waa an orphan who had been adopted by a generous Man. That Man was but a poor Mechanic and Means of living having failed him in his own birth Plai a had set Forth with the lad whom to had protected far his companion to Weill through England until he should find Onte profitable employment but on his Way had been sized with an ill ebb which had proved fatal. Hib protege then loft to his own guidance had wandered Forward he knew not whither in until fam Ishing and exhausted he had sunk son salons upon the spot where his Bene actress directed by Providence had discovered and to scud him from near approaching death. When Margaret had read All this what is your name poor boy she asked. And Tho lad wrote "Edmund.1 and that web the Only mime by which he had Ever heard himself called. You shall remain with to poor youth and i will never abandon you exclaimed Marge rot and Tho lad sinking to his Knees grasped her hand and opt upon it Tho thanks and gratitude which Only so he could of press. Adam Burford had been absent from his Homo no uncommon occurrence on the evening that the dumb boy we brought to it by Margaret j and it was not until Tho third Day afterwards that the Ruffian returned Ovid limped into Tho room in which wore his wife Ond the lad Bhe had rescued and was now so charitably sheltering. An involuntary shudder ran through Edmund s Frame As Burford s Odd eyes leered upon him. Novar before Havo i beheld features to horribly repulsive Woythe Ltd a thought and was amazed that his Bene actress Whoso homely face though Doorly lined with Marks that betokened heavy to Itma was yet Radiant with benignity Sahoum to Tho wife of such a Man us now almost with fear he looked rps. Who is this Toung scamp growled Margaret s husband. And the poor wife told How Nho had found Young Edmund and related Hia history exactly As it had Beun disclosed to her by the youth and which was All that to himself knew or could remember concerning Hia previous life. When Margaret had concluded her relation Hor husband said brutally addressing his wife Why did t you leave the follow whore to was ? what have you to do with  Charity Why Don t you look at Home first the Young scamp Shan t stay Here then turning towards Edmund he Sav agony exclaimed away with you you Young Vagabond a stay another minute in my House and it May perhaps to Worso for Yon Edmund procured his hat and was preparing to depart. Margaret implored that her husband would Buffer Tho lad to Romain if Only for a few Days longer and she would Endeavor to obtain for him in Tho neighbourhood Boino kind of employ Mont. And to Hor Appeal Burford responded if you Are so Averbu thened with Charity you might i think spare a Little of it for your husband and not waste it All on Thia Atrip Ling who can t to of much account i take it or he would Ruvvo bom body somewhere or other to own of Adam his wife said reproachfully. Yes better think of your husband that worthy continued who will soon be in prison and Only for a paltry Hare a you have been detected his wife cried interrogative by. Yes and shall have a three months spell in the county jail. That is Niy sentence unless i can pay a Lino of ten pounds and where am i now to get so much Money they might As Well Havo said ten Hundred i of Adam triad his wife will you never quit your evil ways Don t preach to me the Ruffian savagely retorted unless you can ibid to the ten pounds for in that Case perhaps t might be inc listed to listen to your ton pounds cd claimed Margaret were it but ton shillings i could no5 intr Nib you with to sum Thore is no Lang use for it i bup Poso and i must go to jail at last tis very hard though master Burford should have thought himself fortunate that he had so Long been Able to Koep without the Walls of a prison. Adam limped toward the it grab boy. Why Are you not gone he savagely cried to the poor lad who stood undaunted Day flinching now not n Jot Iwler Tho Ruffian s scowls and frightful Lew do you think i will Havo a Young Nyon decant making himself comfortable in my House while i am shut tip in jail again Margaret entreated and As vainly As Bosforo. There is Only one master in this a Krutso and that s me i think shouted Burford bringing his fist Down heavily on Tho table and knocking Over two or three jugs which had been standing on it. Edmund raised Margaret s hand and pressed his lips to it looked fondly and gratefully on her and walked towards the door. Poor orphan boy Margaret weeping Bald j who will protect Thoet and for answer to his Bene actress to those fears for Tho future which Hor words had expressed Edmund raised hib eyes tru Stingly towards heaven waived one More Farewell to Margaret and was again cast upon thu world a poor abandoned Waif friendless and shelter less. Chapter Xii. A launch. But a few Milos from Tho Hovel dignified with Tho name of tavern,.of which mistress Camelford s discharged agent Wab the proprietor Wae a sea port town j and thither did Edmund on being driven from his latest Home wend his Way. He had Hoard one or two of the very few customers who visited the miserable apology for a Lavern which he had just left speaking together of a vessel which was to to launched in the evening of that Day which again saw Tho poor dumb boy Njane upon Tho world and at the town to which we have but now alluded. To that town did Edmund Bend his Steps he scarcely know wherefore perhaps he had a vague notion that amongst the Many people who would be there assembled it might be his Happy Fortune to discover a new Friend bomb one who would place him in 1, Way to earn his own Honcut living. It wanted but half an hour of Tho time fixed on for the launching of Tho new vessel when Edmund had reached this Soo port crowded with thousands of people eager ito behold Tho promised and most a citing spectacle. Every Point whence even the slightest Fate of him who Hud before ventured on the task was not forgotten old no 0110 offered now. At last a convict had volunteered and would to said risk bin life by removing the last obstacle which held Tho now Vessol to her Cradle on condition that if to safely escaped he should at onco to restored to Liberty. Hib offer was accepted. Hushed almost to breathless silence wore Tho thousands gathered around and gazing with eager eyes waiting Willii anxiously beating hearts As Tho convict was seen slowly making his Way towards Tho Vor Sci. Palo was the Man though seemingly determined to so izod the Hatchet that was presented to him descended with tolerable firm Obs the inclined piano but arrived beneath the immense Vos Boi and beholding How Imu Ignont Tho danger Tho convict s courage in a moment entirely Deso Tod him and dropping to the ground the ago Wlinich to no longer possessed sufficient strength to Wield to exclaimed give me Buck my chains i Havo no desire to die the ceremony was about to to postponed Tho vast crowd Luul almost commenced to disperse when a Young lad poorly clod Little More thou a child indeed struggled from amidst a mob of people by watched up the Catchot which to convict had Cost to the ground and was beneath the vessel even before any Ono could attempt to stay him. With a gesture he checked Ziobo who Wero about to follow and draw him Bock front an almost certain death. While All else trembled for him to alone was Calm to Sank upon his Knees pressed to his lips a locket which to Drew from Hia breast whore it had Boon concealed then with a firm and bold Arm he raised the Hathoot above his head it fell again then was heard a horrible rending and crashing Tho huge vessel glided Forward at first slowly then with Tho rapidity of lightning carried Forward by it own weight and do sending like an Avalanche to its proper element Tho sea which half opened of though about to engulf it but that was Only a Salute of Jye come Ulitt Yssel Rose again and proudly settled. Itself upon the Ocean for which it Hod been created. But As the huge vessel glided on a cry of terror and of anguish resounded that almost child that courageous b of had disappeared but when the loud of dust had dissipated then was he seen standing Oal Fly and placidly and shouts enthusiastic and Joyful arose from thousands voices i modestly and still calmly Thia boy approached Tho Admiral and received from his hands Tho recompense that had been so nobly Mornod. Then Wero the shouts redoubled and the Brave youth seemingly confused with his of Humph returned to. And was lot again amidst the crowd from which lie had so recently issued to prove himself a Little hero. In it necessary to should say that to who Hod acted with such Noble valor was Edmund Tho poor dumb boy. When had Boon Drovon from Herthe lad whom Margaret Hod found and oho Rahed when to had Boon dying of cold and hunger his protect Ress wept As though Tho Fountain of Hor tears could never be exhausted but nor tears and her upbraiding wore lost Spott her brutal1 husband. With that poor boy s misery to Solace she said i should have found courage to support my own i was becoming again attached to life and you could not understand she continued vehemently and confronting Hor husband you could not understand that to adopt that orphan might Havo Boon accepted As some slight expiation for Tho murder you have Adam Burford with a horrible imprecations and clenching his Fiat threateningly commanded her to to silent but Margaret not heeding added you Havo slain Tho child who had been confided to our care Havo driven away Tho orphan whom Providence had sent to us miserable Man that poor boy was perhaps heaven s Pardon for your Many Crimo news of Tho Brave deed which Edmund had performed flew like wildfire and by the following morning Hod come to the knowledge of Burford and his wife and both by Tho description which was Given of him recognised in Tho Young hero of Tho launch Tho poor dumb boy. Margarot was alone when Little Edward suddenly appeared again before her and throw a purse of Money into Hor Lap the Money which at peril of his life to have seen him earn and Wab hurrying away again that he might not to seen by Tho brutal Adam Burford it was not for himself the boy feared but for his Bene actress. But Margaret would not Buffer him again to leave her she hold him fast As brio exclaimed of stay stay you shall Leavo to no Muff Jiuzo what May again you shall not be driven from Jne i and Edmund Lirow himself into her arms and Clung about her neck. I know All about thib Roney said Margaret when both of them Hod grown a Little cow told but Why do you give it to muh a Edmund made her understand that ten pounds of that Money was to save her husband from prison and the remainder waa for herself for her great goodness and Charity to a poor orphan from whom heaven Hod seen lit to withhold the Power to Spirik thu gratitude with which Nis heart was filled. Dear boy said Margaret tenderly i will accept. A Loam the ten pounds which will save Iny husband Fioroni prison for Icom Panion hip with Tho inmates of a goal would add to the wickedness and depravity with which already to is possessed but for the rest i would starve rather than touch a Coin of it and will hide it carefully away till shall come the time for its fit and profitable and Margaret lost no time in Well concealing Edmund s treasure. Then the boy with her and holding i hand Sho sought her husband and found she Hud expected that Bhe should Dir King and smoking. But to was alone and Rose up and with As usual an oath on his lips limped towards his wife uni Edmund As he saw Thorn enter Tho room in which to had been seated. A moment said Margaret and listen to How dares he to return after i had sent him away the Ruffian shouted. He has brought you the ten pounds necessary to save you from a gaol said Margaret and her husband uttered an exclamation of Delight. But you shall not have Tho Money proceeded Margaret unless Yon consent that he will remain an inmate of our House to he my Only Joy my Only Comfort yes yes i agree muttered Burford i shall contrive to make him useful and and i Don t want to go to gaol he finished with a chuckle and a Leor. Then suddenly a thought seemed to strike him and what has Tho follow Dono with the Money he got for that Job to lustily and greedy inquired. It waa deposited in Safe hands before he returned to this House Margaret responded very significantly and with a disappointed growl like to a dog that considered itself defraud of of a Savory Bono Burford limped from Tho room. Left alone with Edmund his protect Ress embraced and wept Oyer him but thin time Thoy were tears of Joy which Sho waa shedding. This poor dumb orphan had brought to Hor Tho Only gleam of Lut Pinesa which for Many weary years she had been permitted to know. Amur Guyot was standing before Edmund gazing fondly and admiringly upon him and thinking How vory handsome he was und that his face reminded her she could not Tell wherefore of some Othor face that surely she had somewhere seen As gazing on Edmund and tanking thus Sho stood suddenly Sho Sturton and with a blight scream fixed her eyes with an amazed sex session o i. That locket which already be 

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