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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - July 7, 1875, Postville, Iowa Volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa july 7,1875. Number 15. The Postville review published every wednesday at it statue a Yankoe county Iowa by w. A Burdick. Terms $1,50 in Advance. Ͽ�2, paid to Advance advertising rates made known at the office. Stirling Mcstowe attorneys it Law. Of Deco near depot. A. Staadt Scaler in druids Modl Olics ice. Also n full sup ply of school books kept constantly on hand. A k. Phillips proprietor of the key oily Barber hop. Read to attend to the wants of the people. Always bar Lisa Dox Glai k co. Dealers in drugs and Patent medicines stationery of Alt kind and school books always on hand. T Bullas Justice. Of Loco with 8. Al. Powers. All kinds of business in his line attended to with promptness. Postville directory. Dressmaking. Or. J. A. Johnson f. M. Clark m their pit. Tbs All contracts must be made with Vliem per Sonalla. I. A. Hoffman photographer Ami Lle Toucher. All work warranted. Alf. Hunt Tim of mag Lustor will visit postal Lac every two months. V3n"yl John Mold jr., denier in groceries and fancy goods blaster. Is also Post j. B. Reed & co., sign and House painting done up in the Best posse la manner. Hall Roberts & co. Proprietors of the steam elevator. Feed Mill in connection. W. Insurance agent in existence. S. Iveli Tser represents the Best companies John head jr., proper Tolpy of the City Llu cry opposite Mott a lumber Ollice. C. Lallen proprietor of alien s Dray line. All orders promptly attended to. Hancock & Tovey. of one of the Best livery stables la Northern Iowa b. Weill manufacturer of boots and shoes your repairing. Come on with a. P. Abbott Painter. All contracts for Iio Ubo painting attended to with promptness. C. F. Rathbun livery ? and Sale stable. Tho bust of teams and Carriage always on band. Jacob Meyer. Blacksmithing and repairing done an Short notice. Horse shoeing a speciality i. Brown physician and surgeon All Calls either Day or night promptly attended to. Sepo webs of Joom Cui. Power la Johnson attorney at us insure Noe and agent. Leithold a Brick store. F. Meyer Wagon and Sleigh manufacturing establishment. Repairing Atton Dod to promptly. Robert Bros dealers in merchandise of All kinds an i farm pro due also proprietors of Postville Bant. B Van Llo Osar so. Beat Blok Smith and repair shop. All work Dona in the Yert of style. Horse photo log it speciality "  Powers & Prescott o of real estate agents buy and Boll farm land and town favourable terms titles examined and abstracts furnished Call and examine our lists. , Iowa. V2u2tf John Thoma in Tho West store of the new Brick Block is prepared to furnish All who desire the Host of cigars Green fruits native wine nuts tobacco canned fruit Elk a i Ell Beer candies. A. N33-Ly Blacksmith & repairing shop i am prepared to do All kinds of Black Smithing and repairing on Short notice and in a Workmanlike manner. W. F. Beaver proprietor Postville Iowa. Cd charges reasonable. Call and give me a trial no by. Good news for All g. A. Stafford having Takon Tho Agonoy of the a Rockford Iron pump proposes to sell 12 different kinds of them for Cash Only but so Ohop that All Wood pumps will Belaid aside. He will sell Complete pumps for Wells it from $0 to $18, and galvanized Iron Pipo cheaper than it was Evor sold in Northern Iowa. All work warranted for five yours. Ilo also keeps wooden pumps and All kinds of repairs Don t fail to sail on him before purchasing elsewhere. Postville Jan. It 1875. \2n44-tf n. J. Beedy dealer in Choice family groceries provisions Green dried and canned. Fruits feed rookery Wooi i Abler St flour Glass Ware rost7ille, Iowa. V3n5yl of sch borrow by Watts Rill Lipps. He quartly great with his love for her whom he had now come to Boliva his pros Mother his visions of bom lie having by this time faded entirely from his mind was his fear for the Man whom to could not to brought to Coll father. Adam Burford though Bizand thought Day after Day of the agreement concerning the child into which to had ont Rod with mistress Camelford and tha More to re fleeced on the Money part of it the Mora dear and definite did its Congo aloud and in Sid Iona meaning appear to him. Adam Burford was to Reo Elvo Frota mls Tress Camelford a certain sum per year so Long As Obealie a child should live and he under his care but should the child Dlo a while under the guardianship of Augusta agent then was that worthy Man to receive another certain sum per year from his employer to Long As his own life should last. He was to he made secure of that annuity even should he survive the lady who had fixed it upon him and the certain yearly sum which he was to be paid after the child s death was of much larger amount than that which he would receive so Long As the child should continue to exist. Adam Burford soon came to understand Augusta s covet meaning which after Al was Moat transparent. The Money which was to be paid for the care of Rosalie s unhappy boy Burford was to receive quarterly in a letter addressed to him in an assumed name to the Post office of a town about Midway Between the spot where was situated tha mansion of sir Jonas Bat borne and the Village on the outskirts of which Adam had taken up his residence. It wanted but two Days to that on which might rest Camelford s agent was to receive his second quarterly instalment on Little Arthur s account Whan Burf Ortts crippled leg he said had suddenly again become so painful that he could not place it to the ground. To Lay groaning on his Bod and i neighing against the Ebarp East wind which this time was causing him More Torturo than Ever before. And you know Margaret he addressed his wife there is our quarterly Money will be ready for us at yonder town to. Morrow and hero am i fast and it was part of Burf Era perhaps necessary policy never when it was not absolutely necessary to Montion Naros of Oither persons or places. To Morrow 1 in it really to Morrow we Are to receive that Money to Margaret asked. Certainly i replied her husband. But Adam knew that it would be two Days Ion Gar before Tho wages of his infamy would arrive for him but for the dreadful a Tiposo to had in View it would be necessary that Margaret should be absent from him for not less than four Days. You know Margaret Hor husband continued How Little Money to have to did not say that no sooner was Money in his hands than it left him a Aiu so Margaret As i am fixed Here to my bed you must take the journey and bring Back the and it will be a trying journey for lib tie Artnur for of course i must take him with me said Margaret. Of course you Niubo do nothing of Tho sort what rubbish i he onto Liu Rford is not there Tho woman Down in Tho Village who docs your housework by Anoual not Sho come and stay Here and look alter the child Liilo you Are gone p you will be Back again by to Morrow evening Vou there was no help for it and Margaret must do As her husband desired Hor and so Sho sought Tho woman whom her husband had mentioned a cottage s wife and a homely honest creature to whom Arthur with perfect Confidence might to entrusted and having installed this Good woman imploring Hor utmost care for Little Arthur and after having kissed and embraced a Hundred times the poor doomed boy Margaret set Forth weeping of her Way weeping that for two Day Sho must to severed from Tho child she had Learned to idolize but with no foreboding of the terrible Fate Wlinich was in store for him. Sho had left Little Arthur to Tho Chargo of a woman who would Margaret had not Tho smallest doubt faithfully perform Tho duty for which she had been engaged and utterly without suspicion or thought that Hor Hub spa would seek to harm Rosalio s child since it web Burford s interest As his wife Bolie cd that Little Arthur should to sell cored for and protected. Margaret had departed on Hor enforced and unwelcome journey had been Gono about an hour Long enough to satisfy her husband that she was Well and safely away Whon that villain leaped with a Loor and chuckle from his bed his pain had been entirely pretence and he blundered Down stairs and fully three parts intoxicated staggered and limped into the room in which were Little Arthur and Tho woman to whom just before to had by Margaret been Given in charge. What Ore you doing Hore of shouted to to Tho cottage s wife behind whom the child now shrank and strove to conceal himself the woman told him her business there with which As we know to was already acquainted. I Don t want anybody to mind Tho child i can take Caro of him myself you be off bawled the Rumbau. It was in vain that the woman endeavoured to expostulated with him he would not hear her but drove her from his House forbidding her Ever to return thither. " when this woman mi8.gone, Adam Bur Ford looked around for Arthur and saw the poor Little fellow crouching terrifie4 behind  Large chair in a Corner of the room. "8tey there till i want Yorpp Burford said threateningly to the child and then qui Tod the House. When several hours Soto swarets mistress Camelford s agent returned to the cottage he was consid crabby More Tipsy than when he left it. It wok a dark night without and total darkness within Tho cottage Ted very cold for during Burford s absence Tho fire had died out he lighted a Candle and then saw Little Arthur still crouching in the Corner whore he had been left but now fast asleep. The poor child had cried for his Mother meaning Margaret Burford but not she nor say one came to him. It was past his usual bed time and to continued alone in the darkness and at length quite exhausted fell asleep amidst the bombings to to awoke by Burford who pulling him roughly from his Corner said Como along Moungun i want you now 1" she is not far off and i am going to take you to her hic coughed the Drunken villain. And As he spoke he lifted Arthur in Hij arms and with his ample cloak entirely concealed the poor boy. Little Arthur cried and str Golod an d his captor struck him with no very gentle Force and with a horrible threat. The boy ceased trying and Lay Muto and trembling in the Arm that hold him like a Vico. Burford staggered from Tho cottage and skirting the Vii Hugo Caino Toa Stone Bridge which on Ono Side conducted to it and which Bridge crossed a River the Lato heavy Rains and boisterous winds Hod rendered swollen and turbulent. Arrived at the Center of the Bridge Burford placed the boy upon the ground and the Moon for a moment emerging from Tho of ads which had till then of soured it and of if to worn Tho murderer that heaven was watching him in flip crime he was now about to of melt i Little Arthur caught a glimpse of the River below Tho Row of Whoso Waters had already terrified and appalled him. Tho poor child had understood Tho Fato that was intended him for uttering scream after scream to attempted to Fly from Tho Bridge of course vainly for with a stride or two and with loud and Torribio imprecations the Drunken monster again seized Little Arthur and holding him aloft approached Tho parapet of Tho Bridge Tho hut despairing cry which Tho child Hod Oom mooned was kit incompletely uttered and suddenly he was Vilont. As Burford standing close Rosido the parapet of Tho Bridge was about to hurl Little Arthur away from him and far Down into Tho angry Waters a loud Hallow Thoro Hallow 1" and Wlinich seemed almost Rosido him smote upon his ear. Tho sudden bound caused Burford violently to Start the arms which had Boon about to hurl Arthur away relaxed quilted their hold of him and los lie r boy fell and disappeared from his Usu Ussin s sight. Tho villain stayed not to hear Tho splash of too child s body As it reached Tho water indeed it is doubtful if on so wild i night such a bound could Havo been heard but limped away with nil the Speed to could Muhtar from the Bridge and its n mutter of course by the opposite Way to that from which had proceeded Tho Shouta that had so Nhor nod him. When mistress Camelford s agent had loft Tho Bridge a considerable distance ice Hind him and found that to was not Pur. Sued to chuckled and said to himself yes that s safely Over Tho Young one s carcass will never Rise up from Tho River in evidence against to the Man Whoso shouts had alarmed Burford arrived hurriedly on Tho Bridge and having reached its Centro stopped and looked about him a Well and As fur As in the dark cuss for Tho Moon was again obscured was possible to him. It Wab from somewhere Henri bouts this Man muttered to himself that proceeded those Strunge cries which hounded like nothing i had Ever before heard and it was about Horo that in that Ono moment when Tho Moon shone i caught sight of what appeared to to in that single glimpse i got of it to to Tho figure of u to placed his Back against Tho parapet of the Bridge and listened and waited and watched for a few minutes but be saw no one heard nothing save the moaning of Tho wind and the roaring of the angry Waters. Leaning As to Havo Dos Eribo to Felt suddenly a very blight touch upon his coat startled to hastily carried his Arm Down to his Side and his own Broad Palm Emo in Contact with a very very Little hand arum jul which his own lingers mechanically and very firmly fixed then to turned himself round stopped and peered through the Bolus trades of the Bridge. Ohall Ine Raiful heaven to exclaimed As he saw a tiny face Aad two mild staring eyes looking into his own for pity and for Succour. This Good Man s Shouta had preserved Little Arthur s life. The child when Bur Ford had Boon startled into suffering him to slip from his hands had fallen straight Down on to the Broad Stone work which ran along Tho Bottom of Tho balustrades on that Side of them which was nearest Tho River and had fallen so close to those balustrades that in the instinct which had led him to grasp at everything or nothing his hands Hod nod on Tho lower and narrow part of the pillars and so had to been stayed from rolling from Tho Stone on which he Hod first fallen far Down into Tho River a Worth and to a fearful and inevitable death. Little Arthur s preserver lifted him with much Core from a position which not a minute longer would he have held and then holding him to his breast to which Tho poor child tenaciously Clung hurried from the Bridge and away with him to his own Homo a fast Asho could travel with a Burden of which to was in Testa cies to to l e bearer. As Adam Burford had known would to Tho ease it was not until Tho fourth evening from that on which Sho had left that his wife returned to the cottage. Her first exclamation on entering it and seeing there Only her husband was i where is the child where is Little Arthur a and Hor looks expressed anxiety oven alarm. Burford endeavouring to assume a doleful expression told his wife that Tho woman whom she had left at the cottage he Hod sent away not being exactly pleased with her and that finding his lame leg less painful he was about to seek a better for Tho boy when suddenly Tho poor child was seized with violent convulsions in Short to gave Tho account of Little Arthur a death to has wife which to have heard him relate to his employer. Margaret was almost palsied with horror. Of Mon tar i you have killed him Sho exclaimed and Hor brutal husband very slightly flinched. To careful what you say to growled and drawing Forth a paper continued Here is Tho certificate of his death All regular. Should i have that if Tho brat had come to a foul end he demanded with Groat bravado. Margaret was overwhelmed with grief mad almost with horror and despair. The certificate of Little Arthur s death which Burford held had Boon manufactured by himself and mistress Camelford had not suspect cd him of that forgery because she had believed he would not dare attempt to dupe Hor. Presently Margaret Rose up and confronted her wretched husband. Can you Lead me Sho said to the grave of my poor lost Darling i Burford sought to Ovado a reply to that question. You Are a Assassin 1 the dastardly Assassin of a poor Little hol Ploss child 1" Margaret cried. Think what you will but Booro How you Tutor your thoughts to other ears than mine if you have any value for your own life 1" Tho Ruffian said As he grasped her Arm till she almost brie cd with pain and looked horribly. I might not have the Power to prove against you this most foul most cowardly and Wio Kod deed began Margaret and her husband chuckled gleefully. And to know that Tho child had so died pursued Margaret would to to increase the agony his poor Mother will endure when she Liall know dear Little Arthur lost to her for now you Are bog inning to look at Tho matter from a sensible Point of View 1" Burford growled approvingly. And besides added ins wife even monster As you due still Are you Una Mapily for me my husband and x dare not strive to bring you to Justice so do i leave you to heaven to whom no crime is unknown and from whose Vong Sauee sooner or liter vainly would Tho guilty Hope to All of which Burford heard num Ovod. Chapter Al a Tell Man yaks. Twelve Yea a and soveral Mon lib bad passed away since Tho events recorded in our last chapter. Llo Saliu had at her own anxious Distro been Hiken by Cire no Hartley to his of Stutto in Scotland soon after the death of her father which Hud occurred Many months later than had been announced to Rosalio that Nover Moro might she Hope to behold Hor Little Arthur. Mistress Camelford Hod Long been mistress of All Tho Fortune which had belonged to her Uncle mud still continued to Rubido in Tho mansion wherein we first made her acquaintance and which also Hail been bequeathed to her by sir Jonas eat Homo. The baronet s mind Hud grown weaker As his end Drew near and he had passed away without regret for the wrong which he had suffered to be Unno Ted because unconscious of the fearful mischief of which to had permitted the accomplishment. Adam Burford was now Tho landlord of a miserable Roadside inn situated near Tho mansion where his late employer still dwelt. To had a great speculation in View and Lead offered to mistress Camelford for a rather considerable sum which he named to be paid to him at Oneo to forego Tho annuity which had been fixed upon him. Mistress Camelford had agreed to Hor former agent b proposition had Given him Tho sum no had solicited i and by a skilfully worded document Hod rendered him now. Orless should he wish in any f Uturo tune to extort More Money from Hor. Master Adam Burford s speculation whatever it was had been a wretched fail ure. Soon was to loft again with scarce a shilling and his hut resource in the utter ruin which he had brought upon himself was Tho wretched apology for an inn in which after More than twelve years we again find him and with poor Margaret who had not dared to leave him still for his companion. Gloomy and wretched and Moro thaa Ever a terror to All by whom Sho was surrounded had become mistress Camelford. Arthur Gresh Aiu had not returned to England and it seemed unlikely to her that now to Evor would return Ana Losalio if not Happy in Hor Union with Hartley appeared at least resigned and almost contented j and Worso than All remorse would torture Hor heart whenever which was very often Bhe Rei numbered Little Arthur. It was again As when our Story Hegan the month of february Onge Mora Jha continued

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