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Postville Review (Newspaper) - January 27, 1875, Postville, Iowa The Post vile review published Lvery we heeda7 at push Lue Al i i Kop comity Lovsin y f. M. Mccormack. Kill Oil and Allol Ltd Katoh. It formal Civ a i annul in ail Nanri. Advertising so file. Ono Inch i Akop a i i inc. Al race. 1 a quark. I Hijii Arnii f he Iruh. Ino Tittl 1% ool Mii. 1 with a w swiih1 Tom. J oni. A year 1 00$ 1 if 2 of 6 to 0 i to j j 1.11 to Fin a i c 00 a so 0 on r. 11 0 on 0 i 3 to i pm t pm 11 ii 12 on an myi of on 05 Inatio 00 i .1._j______1____ i. 1___ local Nuli Cua t out 1 Hue re inn rum. If Gat adv Roll Lii r ill trs Onri Dollar i r her Nero 1-t Iii,.-Jin t Iti Cortlyn ttii.1 Tufty cent 1 for in Rte 1 us bpm in tit ilium Tenn. oa.1, flan urns or , Alvo Pullim in i Wullum Lui a Ettra lit Ono i. L or. Adv Tim imy Mont Fornili in trat Titt til advil. Him i it. Nome i of Lar Allm in a m Iriline f str Aili. Stir rent . a i, l a a r ii of to Itri i to to ii Moo in Iii. All Oil arts Iii in i Nyul u a ii irl Ray. A new serial Story in Rosalio Rathborne on volume ii. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa january 27,1875 number 47. Miscellaneous. Postville directory. Saml san 1 i flier Lac Iii i a Himin i Ali Nuy in i it. K i m i in 11 . Ili a Mill ill i. U1 lie i a Tvr Dillor Iii i a scr ". A Linns ice. A Lii Elk. 12.,l, pumps nth ii to lining Lviv Linin ii til ii in i ii Lii Tiomi my. Immi a win Siml Frostproof St Ipi a. Co., Lull kinds of repairing. Ago tit ii it in ill Lilii i no Ali Luigi i. Fri lint via wind Mill. Also pumps crib Iii in. I Mitchell. L. J. Ferry to Lender 111 i i ii a Iii Lull . La a. , i sir \.w. Stiim. ,. A t in i envy in Mimi Fri v Ilioiu. Of lie health ill treat Lynns town Mill visit i a it Villa till till Lull l i ill if Olill Illus. .1. A. Jolly Mai Iii Kiili or . La Orinis it. Mor Fri i Minim in. In s a Toa j i ii a Sim. J Alii t l s in , Siml tiny i. Him Ositko l Osty Kijik Doltl u s a clip 1 f. M. Lark if i d. / 1 i Iii o in i Lar i i. To car Piil lion Lirl i met Ali in up r atm la Ini int. All Lliso nov Lihi i to. Cranfi. In my lipid will pirn.-.-. A Ivi Iii it till. I " a " a a a a -iwi�iiiii.-i. A to la. Ii n. Limiti. I " tar. Work a. In t.�, 1 it .. U i b Erib j. S. Riopi Virlor i Oil us Tirlich i Spoo. J i a Civ in 1 ii inv Ili null new Iri. A top i i e my Kiln Mir tint lil no Kii Ulf of vim i , . A Atli i a i i Sonji. 1 in. Lom. Iii Liliie Clivi it Osa i la i i in 111 i. J in ii i in i Inion f of a i by it m i i it inn. Photographs m. j l l a . It i Liri Illus Lini Liliy i Lull l Silil Iii. i tin Miili r Jimlu i a to run Tom Mitt i to n Athlinn line Milln Lins i it a tic knt i is a. A. . Wijn a in i Usu Lugo 11. In i ",1 s ,i111" a Kivi l. Cells j i Prii a. ,.-lll, i,, a 111. Lll.-l. I Lui mimic it Toni lil to Siml it i " " " Watts ph2llipp3 Actium or ,-Iii.y. St i. A sons.,. A a ,-,.,. Let i a  i Hii Iii Lar ill Nln to int. A it Uli Piri Insil y i , Uppit Isicc Mutt s i r Ynnel i i 11 i i. Toll i iliilrjr., j hits him Rii t new lik.-1-y, Siml is i i ,.,  i -,.,i,-. I i.-, a i pan i liar Nisi in a it l.i,i. Fur it win Iii s ," Durivou i to Iii in i list tit the must to Isi in in a Ricer. 1 l a Sli if Inni ii Lii s ii Vvs i a Nihil.   " a Lunio Jcrim or in or a in ill Lull s i Mil., to. To ill Tje l a Lilis Lionil in tin lli.vir \ i pm. , Iliili a. S l h Ali l Lii Lai i i Lin .1 n i in tin i Iii item a. Powers & Prescott ,., a to Xhuvi 11. A Rolls it Iii u Knirr of Trot Ami Flor Vii Irp on Slih John Lenil jr., propert Conr of lilo City .ik.ry, Multi Lii Inci null no. Tall. I. Prot to Franr of Alii ii h i a in Al i Only Jioio input by titty Iii Ilio. Ilan Cocle a tory. Imo Prit to x o one of to inf wit 1/vrry Stal los in Noi Tynin Iowa i. Porn i. It it in Clit Linin Ilia Lii Liat Mph Lichty Faith a v incr rain t c. Lokai. A state a i i a l s i ------------"w\v,7i7r------------i Iii n. I in ill in in ii Al Ali i St.", thu in i 1 f h in Liui is Ami to Van. A.-,-Ui. It i it i in i Rimi min j i it i ins title s oxen in Jil Ali l \ in i i ii. Will i Pii Musli Vicli i i ii Niin Liivi Alistra to Anil ni.,1 Chi Imam i our lists. I . V jail to to four columns us Liis very Fittry Tiu Titiro Story will consist of ii out thirty co Iii Iii of Recti Lin int Tor will to i ninth l upon one of the outside in is us to will lick Curti i print our in per Celii dint Home we Liti a it j try of is to do this in order to Milco �.1 " a arte Iii Pii Tronu Mil it thu Minio Lime Ive Inorg Louo Newt. In i it i to t o this Suici i is filly it re i incl ii to i Iii Jjo in o per your for nor paper. Licor in mind Slutt the Suli script inti Price fur the i pc will not he until tin exp Brittion of the Timo of your present . However to will offer the following s. 8. Blanches Postville Iowa. Carpenter & Joiner prompt la it tooled to. Iii i map rial or . Shop Lri Phil Civ. R or. , dental a is a Gen Wanton. Iowa. All wit warn it. Anti function Toni inti Lerret. Onich. Him Var Lilburn hopi Thiemt in rim court hour a Quro. Alvayd Al i Ciuc Mou John Thoma a. P. Allium i Ltd. Al i fur 1 in i Tinl lit it Lynli l la Willi ill a in a. C r. . i ill , my Lili. Tim i. Ref i inn a l i Iii re i in via Liui l. . I i r .1 a  i 1 la i incl Liloni Siml i in in Iii limit lint1 Lnu Lio est store of Tho new Brick " a a Lilek is in i Rcd to run Inch All who desire the Host of a kills , v 0. Van s. S. Rom Cim Aminifu v it Tiiu Idiku Nihi ind Nulu i Lin a ent. Otic Over lilt Limov Biriuk Muiir. R. Meyer Waidron Mill tilt h h Imit Itira Tualii . It paid Mil Allt in it a Pruiti july. Lii Bart a Lar him. In Alief in of All Klmle an i i Anil pro ilium Al of Jiromi ii Noih of l n evil i Lla Lili. S Van Pooh i a Tom ill Iii Lam Ali Siml rep Iii lib i. All Wurl Ilioiu in the Brj to of qty of. Ilor to Hho citius a Huici till Ltd. A. Staf Lull it Alcor in Duruh no if Whir arc. Alfo a full Supply of a tool Imol. La pm rim Huntly on lining. shop i no laser and k. Scott Tiro pre i j k Phil Nipa pared to do ill kinds of repairing at their pin i i Tor of i. Kiy i ii hurl ii ruling. Adv ugh shop Larrt door North of the livery stable. " a " " in l"1" horse Slio ii a new till Iii,.�, Doii in & a. Around if,.,l k resetting 20 cts per Kmioc Loul a in Inin Mil Imti it . Iii a Iiimury satisfaction . 31. Blacksm3th & repair a hop i am prop arcu to do All kinds of la Lek Smithing and Kopi hiring on Short notice and in n manner. W. F. Lima kit l to Rictor i Ostillo Iowa. Ts2?"cliargcs Craso Niblo. Call and give to a trial. Ugly. La i Elt Iowa University. Bay Ette Iowa. To input to Coli Inch of by of local and Satin title. 1 reims Story Puiul 3 rum in or St Viool c oin Mai Zoial in Phirtu Iuit i Pastiu Gnu of Murle and i Inu Artt. Min Lur trioupvrvi.iion of by Elk to to Cali to Winter term dec. 9m san ing term March my. His. J. W. Us sell in Chuio it. For information Tull ret a. Item s. A. Inu Iiah see Ctm a v Hev. S 3. Stokl. Zunli Ieiri main Auer. Or r. A rude Oculi St Aud specialist in addition to Tho treatment of Ohio Usu and acute or in laution of the Evoh urn Nulato l us l Ohnah Opao Itira Story him or Leahy growth on Tho eyes Amau Rosia Etc., he Givah special attention to such Ditcu sctt a a scr Fula neuralgia disease of kidneys Ilam orrhonda or i Iles Dyb Peppitt a to chilblains Urrih Etc. Trie doctor Iwuh had Long experience and brings to hid Aid a thorough knowledge of his Butu cub. Cont station of All Lii to Mill by Huol Booti always on Liam. T Miu a Justice. Onice Slih s. S. I Owitz. A Imit in or Iii Iii i in Lim Olno Ritli Iii Tel to with prompting. J. A. Dow w Nirom Ami Sli i pm Rind Ivy to run done. Aiko All Lind it of world in the i our crime lint. I. Kuh Mif a in Alcor in Llano to it a Lilac. Saddles a. All Siuah of in Paulynn Dunn on f Liol t nut lev hid at ratt a. J. Ii. Keller i Alcor in All kind of . Tkv Grything kept in Ltd , and Cricch the i Owlet n. W. Mii in denier in sowing Mariluch and tells Tho baht Man a factual a Viz the Alluwe. 20 we grim on thu Road . Ii. In. Llu Ditori Finckh Knitli und repair a iop. Any tiling you want done in the Lino can us ways to done at ills shop Elolf so Avi Licy Mercia it Lorn. All kind of work done in the bit Hylo and Ulieno. Olo Thlu Clie api Richau any House fun Iowa. Mrs. , dealer in Kli Liim Ryt Odon the Lutt it styles Alwayn on Lii id. Lulu a thid in ibo place to make your Eli Loo a i Lection. J Fergus sort. Prop Tutor of Tho Murcle Nufi hotel. Trio bit no Roii imoday Tonii for Tho travelling Public. Item Ember it u Tho la Rock hotel. Freo and a candid opinion Given a Jive him \ Call. N5 1 r ii. R. Kudo Oculi St and specialist Tho or. Line jihad Iofik or Pori Locc and Bra to lilt Aid a thorough knowl of go of he in off ton fro. Burling & St owe Atto Nayh it l in Nna collect Luk no ent. Ouick near the depot. Thu Ilam Iraq Hack All Buhl Nobu in their Lino with prompt Cucu and Fidelity. Aleo it part flout Tho Bent of insurance comp utom. To meet again. Tom Tiff. Iif..\rt. La in determined in pm 1 Ioni what lie Loveth lung in ill Mil it Pait. And yet of i la we knew Triin Inonu of All do a Pleve to to Piu t yen part 11 thou when Ollieu d dolt Pine the Lender Hud l i , then know the Tunini Ilii Pivk it Hunt tin Ion ninth Rani i Dii Tho much to Plain. I m when Xvi v Lii a Are a in in Twain tvs can City we Nisi to Neal yes met t . A i Kauts Boon Mali a Clifton sat before windows of her fat iter s inn Timon. A servant it i 1 in she a i i making but a i. One of the Uiligi Cut Inan Tiit . T of articles finial wanted Lur the next Day. Oon in tips Iitto Neveil her mention. She her eyes Ami looked out. The Crimson Lush Ili i Jie Ned on her Bright you i Aee Lis Oli in a tone of deep regret escaped her lips she a round alter an instant of ten sunlit and said Lii Iii i inn not ready to finish this list and shall not head it for an linux vet. 1 f you have Tun thing to attend to ill the meantime you Eiton do or Clifton had been rending ill a Distant part of the i of May Iii help in said Mable and when Flory s Beautiful eyes repeated the wish Ldar yielded. Few if any went air ii from the Clifton mansion dissatisfied. Fiery thing heart could desire or mind suggest in the Way of delicacies and luxuries of the season Mable Oll Rcd her guests lint As her lather had said Many tongues h arc Busy speculating about it and in a Fow hours it was widely in Iii that miss Clifton was giving a Temperance reception. Of ingerly Vable s eyes sought the door on every new arrival of guests. She hid hoped Lor Tho coining of one. Lint tint hours passed on and when it grew Lute in the Day the Hope faded and almost died out. Sin Hud seated herself wearily in an Arm chair when the same greeting that had fallen on her ears so Many times that Day a Happy new year miss Clifton caused the Bright Light to return to her eyes the Beautiful hush to her Check As die arose to l a Civo Farnest Lih Lisus. There was rare express iou i i his eyes when he receive in i nun her the greeting which seemed us if seeking an answer to Tho suspense of years. Her heart was bounding with new Hope. Elgar Livingston Siml drawn Flory to the window. They were looking oat on the passes by. Keeling along thu sidewalk shouting und sing a Drunken song Camo Edgar s Friend of Tho morning. Flory turned from the sickening sight Edgar followed saying lint for you and miss Clifton 1 might have been one of that party Dud going to Miilu lie Iii l your slumber to night should be peaceful you have not bullied to Cloud either brain or heart of tiny of your friends to Day. Locopo my warmest thanks for having saved to from feeling Edgar saw an expression in Ernest s eyes that Iii Inlo lit in think it would be Piile us agreeable to All Partick if to would Triko Flora Buck to Trio recess of thu window to the Primo or anywhere out of hearing just then. A few moments after his line voice Watts blended with hers in u Well chosen duet. Thou Ernest told it Oblo of the love that had been hers Ever since to know her. "1 Taino Ono night to Lay my heart before you y of had Many guests und offered them . Y of noticed not that i place Duniy Glass untouched upon the table i loft curly. I dared nut woo the heart of Ono who hold such n fearful temptation before a. Why you will know when i toll you Tho Lerr Blu truth. My Only brother wont Down to a drunkard s grave Tho woman lie loved loading him on. For a time Mother and 1 won him from thu fatal passion. Iio was doing Well. To believed to would full ill the Bright Promise of Early youth. A grow to Lovo a Beautiful girl. She was wild and thought loss and Ono night at a party in her father s House she urged him to drink. One Glass Ivory Ono takes wino but you boo said lie resisted. She taunted him about having to abstain entirely because to Hud Tho self control to use wine in moderation lie yield cd Tocop total Tho fatal Glass from her hand and drank first moderately and thou on and on in Tho old fearful Way until Tho end Camou re ipod life and a Mother s broken heart. Do you Sundor i fled from you Evory hour a Jijoo mourning to return yet daring not. To Duy i heard what you wore doing. Earnestly thanking Ood tint Light Hud dawned upon you i hastened hero to Lay my heart Bosforo Tho i Over loved. Mablo will you to mjg wife Llor heart was too full of Joy so could not Tell him in words How Puppy so was but her Little hands Lay still in his she raised Hor eyes a moment Anil to saw Trio Lovo of years beaming Thoro. Iio needed no answer. Judging from Tho Low Tonos into which Tho voices in Tho other room Hud fallen 1 think that Somo other hearts must have found their Giatcu. Marketing farm produce. Every person in Tho habit of purchasing farm produce of whatever Imaino or nature it May be before making Tho Purchase of to article or Kio i first examines into ther Pality of the article. That is he endeavours to ascertain whether it be fair clean and free from any foreign substances. If of the fruit kind Ali cider it be fair in size smooth and free from worm perforations bruises and of leaves and pieces of branches. If of Grain whether it is clean and free from foul m l a i. I f of the products of the Dairy whether it be Sweet clean and of that Peculiar Deli i oils 11.tvor common in a Tine article. And so on we May go through the entire list of marketable products a great Lack is found with Sellers and producers of or and tits in duly preparing their products before placing them on the Market. All like i Uick sales and High i ices. 11 often is the Caso that a sell r being hiked the Price of his product will demand Tho top Price in the Market Fly examination the article May he seconal third or fourth rate. It very frequently happens that purchases tire Ina ii on thu representation of Tho producer or seller when on examination the article will be. Found to to , and not what he desires. In this Caso the a Cucui tuts so Iowa Gucal in Iii Anu or has has been dishonest. In most cases it is entirely in Tho Power of the producer to Correct Tho error. If it be of fruit to can Miike it first Quality of its kind by duly sorting and putting none but fair l Rio from worn Violes bruises Ami leaves into Tho barrel. And if of Grain to Oller Nono but what is free from foul Segodi or any foreign sus Aiice i. In some cases u necessity May pass Oil an inferior article us in Tho Sab of Hay in the Early part of Tho present year when in Many cases the necessity Over balanced Ninny defects and persons to Hivo their cattle from Utu Rva Tim were obliged to pay such prices us Here asked. There Are persons who make it a Ottlo to Odfer nothing in the Market hut what will hour the Brand of first Quality. I need nut suy Snail never have Dillions by in disposing of their products it the tip top Price. A Grout ii Cluro with men is Luck. Of cure in Tho preparation of their products for Tho Market. If a person asks for a first class article do not Palm Oil no inferior article for to will certainly find it out und will forever after watch you or entirely shun you. When a person fixes the Quality of the article he desires Ami you fix Tho Price to Sura that to shall not to Dee Fiyod. Facts about presidents. Thuro Tiro some curio iia facts connected with Tho presidents of Tho United slates. Washington the first president Hud no children. Iio wan to Elc Tod John Adams thu second Preu Idonat had children sons and daughters. Iio wus not re Elee cd Thomas Jefferson his successors Hud no sons but two daughters. A wus re Chosun fourth president Junos Madison Liko Washington had no children lie was to Ole Tod. Tho fifth James Monroe had a daughter but no son. Lie was president right years. After him Muniu John Quinoy Adams who Hud children sons and to think daughters. Tho seventh president Andrew Jackson had Tho sumo futo of Washington and Madison in being so unfortunate us to Hugo no descendants. Martin Van Duron Tho eighth Preu Idonat Hail no sons und was continued in of Lias Only a Siglo term. Oon William ii. Harrison his successor had children of both boxes. Iio Dittl in Ono month after his inauguration. After him came John Taylor who Hud a family of inns and daughters. To was an aspirant for Tho pre Sidony but was Dof Caton. Then Camo James k. Polk Whoso Domestic condition was Tho bump us that of Washington a k on and Madison to had no children. Oon Oral Taylor who followed him did fifteen months after his asses Sion. To had both sons und daughters the thirteenth president. Millard Fil Toro had a Dong her but no son. Iio wus not to old Tod Franklin Poroo when lie Amo to Tho Prosi Dontiel Ohair was a childless Man. So was the if tooth Prosi nut James Buo Nunnun who was a Bohol or. Abraham Lincoln who Suo Coo Dod him a sons and daughters. He was Trio Only Man who had that was Twito Chaser Prosi dont. Androw Johnson had children of both sexes and was not to Csc cod Grant has both sons and dough Sci a the Postville review Public Bod Evory wednesday morning $1.50 por annul in Advance off co in Tho now Brick look third door up stairs Job printing in All tin Frau ooh whatly and i Lio Apt executed on Rucano Amblo torm. All Orilen for Job work or advert plug ii us he Tho comptroller of Tom currency. Heretofore it has been the custom at Washington to destroy Trio notes by fire thus wasting a Largo Spanti Tity of material from which Tho Bank notes Ore Nintle. Workmen no now engaged at Tho National capital in electing machinery for Tho purpose of redlining Tho notes to pulp and by a chemical process extracting Roin the pulp impurities that it May have acquired in printing circulation Etc. In this Minner the1 United states Bonds and spoiled Noto sheets Hugo been treated fir some Timo past und a Largo amount of valuable material has thus been saved. Tho destruction of circulating National bunk notes by Liro bus Boon so Lar of that it wus deemed us visible Tho sumo system with them and it is expected to u Large profit. The pulp thus saved will again be Mado Over into now Bank Notos Etc. Tho comptroller of the car Ronny. Has also adopted a plan of numbering Overy into of Issue with the designation number of the so wifi National bunk by which it was issued in Ordor to. Of Rodito Tho sorting of such notes when redo mod by the comptroller. Tho clerks in Tho comptroller s office at Washington Haro no occasion How to read Trio name of Tho Bank from Tho note but can sort Thoni numerically without Tho possibility of charging Trio Notos of no Punk to. Tho account of another. It is expected that u Large Baring will to off Ouid by this system As Well As preventing errors through a similarity of the . Tril it. How to won his bet. Ono of Tho Best Loo lying Ami nest sought Young business Mon of Utica n. Y., had his gallantry put to a Novoro test last week. A charming married lady Friend wagered $15 with him that Lio Duro nut Harry her baby through one of Tho most popular streets of Tho City and feeling particularly Bravo to accepted Tho Wager. The baby was Tho prettiest Little seven months old mortal in Utica Ami is Tho idol of its handsome Fathor and Mother. Tho Mol Hor and Othor friends of Tho child were to follow in u cd fridge to Seo that Tho contract was complot of according to Tho terms of the Wagor. Tho supposed Fathor and his elegantly dressed baby attracted general attention upon Tho business portion of the str cot. Tho Gobi Lomans friends Wero not Portain Thoy had Hoard of his marriage and to had Boon seen it Tho opera House frequently of into und each time with a different Ahur mor but this must Hugo been owing to Tho absence of his wife from town. Tho hour Choso was Ono in which to generally Tukos an airing and All of his window friends expo Tod to see him but not with a baby. Then Tho baby commo Nood to got uneasy and it was hard work to hold it out at arms Longti. Throe or four merry Maidens in an Uptown. Residence rustled the curtains in Bitch a manner that Tho perspiring tailor knew that to was soon but he was bound to win and he did. When the Mother co lived her Darling child from the hands of thu Brave one cola and huge drops of perspiration Mourod from every pore of his face ids Nook tie was goo and his Colar unbuttoned. The not time to Barrios a baby through Tho Street he is confident that it will to his own and that Tho other stockholder to Tho of Hevuk. within
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