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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Dec 29 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - December 29, 1875, Postville, Iowa Number 40. Published every wed Buceba at in Stville Alai Sikeo county Lown w. A Bureick. in Advance. $2, if not l uld in Alliance advertising rates made known at the office. Directory. Postville Himeji Rizii us i. F. M. Clerk Bra com in furniture. T Stylea , Onich with n. S. R i worn. Aii Kinilau of Burlue in i. Line at univ lot ill prompting. J. 11. Schin Litt manufacturer Neil Ilen Ler in flu uni ill hop any Ali Lair you want Ilam la the Burkum Othilie Linn can always i be Ilous All. Qiliu i. I. Miil Hurd m. A a. Physician an1 so Indcox. Ollero Fluor went if lever Floii h old Frame Tore. Vol Nygyl w. T. Boughton. Ami surgeon a Perll Uit Callnn u Ven to guru it. Will Nulli in a ill til Uhl or his or in Lri her let and Dinoy Yoon i lust la Alio Post. nud Liming put Nulty to Olio lip in a a beat Naal. R a \ e nmn Lier it -1--- a a a t Hull in Lirria = Sii la Cru in Litun of Tiu Ului Ini Elevi Tor t end Mill in Jennie ii. Jim is a Cut a up Iii Urarro at eni. F in in Culat Cileu. \ 4 my bitters the Best tonic in use phesck1bkd 1iy on ii of Germany s most Cele Bra Tod physicians although the Nix Iii turn have been Boford the Puhto but u Short time Hoy have Almo Ivory Othur a Retialo whore they Hugo been introduced. They Are not a Humbug do Hignut to evade the liquor Law but Uro u Genuino tonic lest Neil for Modiel purposes Ami As Sueh they stand unequalled. Thu Licul Trendo of Hus Bufurd alone Wuh Over $3,000 for 1872, and it now extends into Jowa and vis Connin compelling the nub is to out every other by Siuess and engage in their manufacture exclusively. They can be put Down As the Bent tonic in the Market for these Recua of 8. 1st. They can to Given to the weak out and most debilitated people and also to a babe not three Mouths old in Small Doc Al. 2d. Being put up in Cologne spirits Thoy Are Freu from All a ote . Jetco Vito Inay five oat u Tim hint will not renew their Tasto for drink but on the other hand it is u veil authenticated fact that Many men of i Temperato i Bilte to Tho Vicinity of jul afford have by Tho u80 of these bit Tern Loar nod to Ubati Ruvii from Tho use of other distilled liquors 3d. For any Distaso that requires a Tonio those hitters Nve Tho Best article known. A.11 orders prompt Civ filled. Address b. a oust i Jota hush Ford Minnesota. Auti Ilkson Incont Rosarion i of the Hort run Iova agricultural sul j qty As amen diet it Tuv. Inst annual Mercl Iliff dec it 173. 1 we tie in la Roby in i Iii i kit ii Inlet tin mini in nil try la " f i thu Iowa com i pct i int tin Ottini Pitit it of Allami Kuc of Uptou buy it it am mint Lii in Jart 2. The i Vitul of Len not cd i Uil t Tuty Thi us nil do nut. 1 Ait 3. Taif nil Tail muck us ill a in Lvi i into so Mac r i a Viii Tuc or Ullern i Ucli unil i Ali a nov i by nil. By limit to Oua Row in nil Trifi Tinubu 1 of ttii1 to Tork hmm to Tor Tiv or by Ellifi a. Art 4. Any i Roon mity by copy n Attock tilt to a nil nifty Bitt tit ill Liy amyl no Antn j try it Ury orihu1iionrhinitltin Tiu us Eft to Arnty a Lvi l Thirn aim hit of Stock tit in l our tin any Iii r of to Lew built tilt nil a Brlity Muy inti Iii a it Tork lilt Ltd mid j i Inbur t f tin Fiu of a Fiji Atli fit try a nah g into Chetri ii fairy u mini in Hihumi Iii to Tom no of Hon life it int of trip in it Ual tin Nice it rum a Henru of a Toik fun. Any Lily inem Lut to a other person who f Fili Aldur Lii tin it str 1s74, imvi1 and pah in to Cahl a i it cultural society in a t Onn Slont my mini us ii ii Liall be i Stith Al to apply tin j Juno ii a Jay Niit a waft the Purl to Fol a aha re or Shait of mock i tin incorporation prove ill 1 sup ii Piir rhumb halt Avail Liln Milf of thin on or i foil the Lut Day til Miu airy 1877. And Hohlt Romany or count Lii h he i liken of mild nitric i \ to nil m i Way an shown by Tho Curtly Luau of the Jiro Jii r Elthur Hal be untitled to apply the Fumo in Lam Pii Irlia of Hunt in lit Multi to the animist of lofty per us it of Faizi blur on Paylun the i Lair fifty Pur Tri tit in cite a Prividi d the Haiti i mile. Of my n if hot Lii fit it shall Avail Iii Milf of to blk Prev Luciro on or by roof the it Day of Jamiar 1s77. Lint if .1 s 1mott Iota Mhz of. I t Mott ii o Clark j s a Wei a to and at Ronso Nault figures. H s l Otil i. I j it Odrich a ii Uio Nih u Van a. . J , k j & tent to 0 1 ntf3?" la Noti in la of a a Olally j l i Orlett n w Stilt a or Coit 3t Knutton to Tif top Ltd 1.1 Luthold Laroc r a relay or Inthir of to lick arc ii Milrud or Liall Puy my in url of certain Tiou a i Xci util by them to i m Hanak a then imy of old Parth Hal fall by i Sluk in it to liver opt Ion to re cd Lvi Lull paid Stock for thu amount w p he by them and it a la Ait s w Courmon i j Goodrich ii ii will Hall Lynh tolf p 1 i buy uni .1 t Stone i Man or of Lulu rofl ctn Hii Uii be required to pay any t Parol certain i men it Roto Foro a a a cuu Why to Tom to j v Llull thru any of Imam Par Liim Liall hit enl Ali d Al j Mieir option to ecu leu Lull paid Tutock in a am tint i Ahl by them. I Art it. To lie never any member of a coid Ety a wlidn1 to withdraw fruit thu Haiduc he shall part Kevil to tie Gacitu Ury a written Appl Lallou ten Day prior Otlie annual meeting i Vilich cml he heard and. Pas Eil on at fold inert Iii and shall be the Lirot wlm i in order. Tho nip Bloant Hull not lie Giitl tied to a vote it Nail Meelius. On the Krait let of Laid application the fold applicant Hall he entitled 1 to Reever from the society the Annil of Cath x. \ a . Life membership ticket nut included Actu i ally paid to Ilion society by talk retire Lair Memoir for bin Stock Muhitch Lucu for by i in provided that j no Money Liall to drawn by a Puli retiring Maui bar i until nil the Ilidio blvd the pm of thin society Khali have. \ been paid and until Mich Ruth hit Ini her Hhall have paid nil rainout in due from hint to thin society Art 0. The of Llord of told hoc lety shall can Nln to Ofa Viet Udeta Alec Pter Dunt a Chi Lari trea Nurith and Ely it i ii Ector of whom t a in Eldont or in he Ute Hutto the Valuo Prenol dual und Liblit dlr atom of hrs a i Viva rim Fri i tet elect id by tie stuck Liu Lotrn it Tiu aunt ii Inee tetik a Nothe solely Aud the de rotary Ana treasurer a Lull to elected by the dare out and my be by Buin removed of . And Luuki a Dunau at both president Yudt cd Pren Locut any old of Tolj d Dareol i Ora May rot ii to Tutu a quorum for tie transaction o tsp recent Tiu Bent Pulea Hancock pc Tovey. Propel Dion a of one or the Bent livery slab Carlu Rio Rabeni Iowa b. Wolla c of Baliu nud no oct. To your repel Lnu. Come on Wotli m a. T. Anti at. A Paller. All contract for i Luau it Tondow a to with Pool no Tley. C. V. Kolh Buie Sec Larry null Salu stable. Tiu but of Leumi und car a Oliveo us nym on maj or. Aud Ron Ziluk done on Short notice sort a Stu Colne u Puc Sallly Postville & Waukon daily stage line. A Boswell Pimp. Syngoa Olavo Postville on Tho for rival of Tiu Enstein train Ivory morning Urr Yino in but Ikon for dinner and to Postville Tho same of tuning. Good Tennis nay of Athos and ouro Ful prompt Drivers in to Rullod upon. Charges reasonable it Lbrown b try in clan and sur Theon. All Callo either Day or Ujj Luht Tironi Jill attended 9 Row twin t a Bonawit. F. New meat Market a p. Taylor proper. I with to inform Tho people of Pon Tiliti and Vicinity Tomt i have opened a new Market just South of the depot in the building recently occupied by burling a Stowe where i intend to keep a stuck of first class Mats and by fair dealing and strict attention to bit Hinsh i Hopo la Merit and receive a fair Sharo of patronage. Call and Ace me. 35tf b. F. Taylor. Cummi Tong Mumley May 34tli lint. Kip Reid Guanu Iier Tutu. Will run through to Milwaukee Aho Chicago without delay. I on Iowa nud Minne Iota and Low a nud Dakota Divot Iionia arrive at or do Cli Liru it 3 80 p. M. Supper mlle Yukno 11 46 a. M. .?�.�. Sleeping Cam rum Liik through from Millr Rizor to Ubrun of. Returning Leanru Chongo at 6 011 p. M. I i wiui.8l�opliw car Tab touch to my Retior i Avuis a u pro Al ill-111 1 to to in att with Lori Hiitt Iyo Lii for their own number. I l my to to. Farm kits Shol. Beaver a Shortreed blacksmiths Postville Iowa. To now occupy our new Bop just East of Luvirta & Skelton b store and Are Bottei than Ever Prepa roil to do nil Kinda of black8ihituin6 and repairs on Short notice and favourable Torina. To linking the Public for past zboral put i Rongu Iti our old ii actors to respect fully tto licit a continuance of the same in our now shop. Beaver i sh0rtheed. 34tf a a in jul to i a Art 7. The Hoard of directors Chi it have Tho Power whenever they ileum it Noue usary. To no lout or remove an Ishri Latnus pfc relay. Wpm Thull l oath 114 Iowa and Minnesota.  Iii. To Ulo in it tint present fair Gio Uudo near to Kivini which Diall not he i Kirp Ohad of or removed by the Rio Cloty. Tic my or. Tiofio of incorporation May he Cluin de by a vote of two with i do "1 Tiu Vole at any annual Ine Ettril in Elded one ii Kintly notice he Iven of the intend j de Ohart a in a newspaper in aha Intakeo county. F Art. 10. Tho of High roof ply Shalt i not exceed ten Trio Dimind in Lalii and i property of he incorporator to Toek Hoider a Quill not. To liable for any Udet Tomt of debts of the \ incorporation. J aft 11, Thi incorporation beef in on Tho i cd Day of september a 1. I?4, Anil it Lull con nuo Lur Twenty Ybarr and Fihaki be Capallo of m i Iii Wal and Hhall make fund Man our he Jio tru i mint us Tideo Iii proper. \ \ Art l j. Tiu annual meet Titi of Tho in Corpora lieu for the ukr ton of Len o1hcih Ami thu Tranham 1 Tion of other Quimi Icin Mihall hoi Wihl at i wipe on 1 tie in october of Inch year and at1 it tue in col lot Waali have Onu Vole \ for Oach Nhai 0 of moult owned it Iii in us Mii Wii by j the books of Tho Lucor Pomplon and to that Vou by ballot if prone us or he Nuiya / written proxy of 1 oct a preempt Hettick Holder to tint Iii Vule. Art is. Tiu mock Hull of and Tva Niju huh Mph on the Hooks othe society to annual True thu fur tint of Mcclon of o 111 con., a in Hrubco in Herat in Noettl tuft Prenod Ottto Samuel my id on k Loo pc Tilmont Ami John wob4er. Smith 8 0 Oluric p Douro or or Nanky 11 k Lurk p 0 itally and Jacob , Duro cloth of Riih who Hii Uii hold Thor of lec i Lull Thor stucco Bovit Aref looted and qualified and Tho Turnt annual moot link to the olo Juon of Oft Corr cml. To hold on Ute ii ice Lay of Junu Ury 1876, Flor which Tho it usual Tonj uting Hull to hold i us ii both Way. A. V. Ii. Uarpc1vtrr, Iii. Vam and ticket a up Jit v a r i e and grocery t y store. Estabr ibb a Wal Lutone a store one door South of i Postol Lico , . Tvo Tako pm Caiji e Tho ii Caiiou if the Publia to our new find Chi photo ii or Mont of millinery goods fresh from Tho in Stern i ii roots. We aim to Koop a full Tho latin style and Aro determined nol to to in de sold. Duoss make no a specially. Cull on us Bif Fyrn. Up has Iii. S of a Nom Verl i Odonoh. Torai Boa Denoe on Tor Jit or Mati Oual hotel. A hip Mutu Llull 0 v Atil bum by Louson tciah0lay, in us new of Stoffle building a full As orment of g 11 0 c e. R i e s of All kind. Glassware stoneware Woodenware Yankee notions cd sic kept Eom timely Oil Imanil. A Oatville Muy to lilt. Goods. Cheaper than Ever. A. M. Cort1s, Hardin Iowa Elmo. A Amnaj weak near Eulaa one of f at night Oak and by Golf Ravnaa Wiloh pro. Brick City to Undy and machine desire to Tho attention of Tho Pullo to the foot that Jim now prop Rod to repair All kinds of Mph Nery and do lenoral Job work in Vasor wrought Iron. I Alao Koop on Susla lie took. Of Ala kettles a. Olh0gua\,, dry has a complot of Stook of goods and 0r0creies, f. B. Ii Alden & w. 0.Van Vuk lakh Hugo purchased the House moving Inu Soltino formerly owned by it Mohards As Bollman and Uro prep arid to raise or Movo buildings on Short notion and favourable terms to Havo All the Rio Pessary for doing Tho work expeditiously and Well and solicit any Juba wanted in that line address i1auden & Van a Euid. A Nili put Villon Iowa. Successor to has just opened up a full Stook of millinery & fancy goods such As in Dhoti ties Hughes Oollah culls oo., a. Co and Bod Thorn it mrs. Sohmitt s old stand. 27tf milk mul milk my Jones will non tint to Ruh his i milk Wagon twice today t us Tho . Of his of Stomers. Pure milk full measure and Rona Oziablo prices is his motto p,1 89ns wan Fig milk for extra i boots and us Job. Hats and on pay clothing gloves Quoon sware la adware to nolo and Prokot cutlery Aio. Of. In fast everything Sunlly kept in country store his Ucki Sallner Taniji fresh. Direct from Tho b est Eastorn markit a a please fall and boo the goods a Ltd Loam the prices no trouble to show Only,.will0, supplied Tho same us regular oustomoci.,v i  2itf goods. 34m� and re 8 t a 17 rant Jsoeph on hand cigars Beevi Waie tobacco. J of Ces and of Hoefl 5ulte.a a lbs a Loki Lbert on torn to Wom Awaa

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