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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - August 25, 1875, Postville, Iowa Lume Iii. Postville Alla Makee Corowa aug. 25, 1875. Number 22. Be Postville review i Tif Blishel Evert wednesday. A at Post lilo Alanm Picc county Iowa j5v w. A Bureick. a. St owe attorneys no Law Oll Ici War Leput. F join Advance. Pools not in Advance a. I. I til Ntim l Iii Priviti a Ami Jolon , Low i a. Stan tit Desius Rin Din Moil Oliu Jace. Also it full i ply of a a school Book Kij t on Iii to. J. K. Rumps. Proprietor of i in key 011 Hurlet Alsop. Always i t Tull to Utti Hil to tin we titty of the Pimp to. Inyl fam Dou Lii As co. Pc in cry i j i us it Tinl i ii i ii a and Dali Lii All kind of confectionery. Wry thing kept in i Mem a Anil Pricen the to Echt of All. I m. Clark d co. Dual re in fur Hurc. Mrs n. A. Still Fth dealer in millinery a Oil. Iti hta it i tit and Conli Clio Iury. La Tutor in lumber of nit Ukwu. K. J. Ivory dealer in jewelry a All kind. N. J. Ricky dealer i groceries notion 3cv. John to Toni Vesta Grant and Toniee Tioney. J. Craft furniture and repair it Blip Liin ont. Painter. A r. Tlioinjihoi., work done in Ruml Tyi. Ca Leihn hardware Ini Mare it. Dealers in liar tru Urr so Spoo. In us and Llin Viii. . Molt healer in lumber of every Ilem i option. C. A. Douf Lnch tint it jul fish Ohio. Or. J. To Molt dealer in Mil my , a Lellio Al Broh. Dealers in nil he Man i Mem Hundlo and Grain. A. V. Dry Var ltlackiinlt1ihii and in Suliin Iluigi on Kliott notice. . Of i Gene play Iel i and surgeon. Ollilee Over voc vhf Tont. Dealer in Selnt machine la ii the. Bent manufactured Var. Thu Howe. 2 j Waii Riih on Iho Road Conn Tirilli. In ii i ii. I. Lam lion to Unith Ami repair shop any thine you want Ilone in the lieu can till Iii be Donzuso pm in. D. Pill Foras and . I Uhtof in Rock hold. Olla cd Flykt Ilner v3n4yl l r it. Ii. Knirr Oculi St. To cols i Cuti hum i Tionko no Tho Eye. i Itu Olla re no Riecl Conri univ Ili or Kou Iii of i Tiu visit Liml Cli Iloh Post Villi Wii 7ii-Hyl j i a Raj Lin Oil. Pm Olioli Lar of the Mitt in Ulii la lol. Till Lii it or Forth Trivit Lynu Tali Ali. I Iii Mai l it in tic Uriel Loui. La h. , dinner in millinery Irue of the Lutes to up i i he Iyo on Hii nil Liu Llvy this la the Jil Acu to Miike Yoiiro chalet 1 of. Be in ii eur haul Irani ten in pit. So All i . be Iii ail. I Villi Ali of Onalle. A. . 1 opt motor Al tie meat Iii Riel near Hie la Lek hotel i. A. Ilof Ranii i Siml Steloi Zelier. All work Warnin Teil. Hunt Tim do stint 01 Mill a Hoit will vat it even v two to tumult \ Lusyl John 33��ir jv., dealer in Tinl fancy Loui Miti i i. Iii of Poi to j. Ii. K a a & co., Sikiri Siml ii our pall Iii Ilene. Tip in the Bent Pinkl e to anger. Hall in Leils fico. Proprietors or lilo Miami elevator. 1 enl Mill Iii Donn Melioli. Xiv. S m Flitner. Ii Turnner aunt. Kei Newth Tho Best Coin Paneh in exist a in e. Lulu Lenil jr., prop Lelor of tic Unity , of Poulto Mott lumber Ollilee. I., Allen proprietor of Allen n Dray . All order promptly Atteln la to. Lluisi coed & Ouvry. Popr Lelih of one of thu Lieut livery Slaboc i in n Lothern lows. Ii. A club Minim Facuri a of Boob Mill Liliose. Your repair Lnu. Come on with a. I. Abbott Painter. All contracts for Houie. Pull Lnu Litton Ileal to with Iii Omati ice a. C. I. Enl Liluain very Anil Sale stable Tho lit St of the aim and cur a i Auk Alwyn on hand. Jacob . a nine repair let Ilung on Liport Polloc la nurse shoe Iii a a Iiene Allty i Lii own priv Lelau Ami . All Oal Lii either Day or null it promptly attended to. Pm per Sale fair Opkis at Postville september 14th and 0wsk3 Hupt. 17tii. Luis re tech on . 973 for minis from $1 o $200 each. In i.1vk Stock 4s3 puke Llsms Speed Depner Tinct a trios Ofosu supt. 1. Over $1,000 in purses. $10 to $2 00 each. Ladies 171 even Nutini including Gold and Silver medals and Cash premiums $1 to 10 Pauli. Prize is . Four classes 3 Gold medals or , Throe Scot us premiums of .00 Webster b diet Merj. 12,00 Liberal premiums in All departments. A prominent feature of the 1 air is Tho Sale department which opens with Tho in Iilo of the Senrt Lorti Herd 20 uni urls of j. S. King on tuesday at 12 a. Followed each Day by other sales. Competition unrestricted. Farmers merchants mechanics manufacturers artisans and representatives of other industries Are invited to contribute and ii Tupule. For Premium lists Booth entries or other information address the her Tarj. Samuel my Dock pres., Gari Villu Iowa. J. K. Collett Sec. Ii Sugarek Iowa. 21tl it is talked that the Lown Eastern is certainly to to extended to Tho Luland neighbourhood six Miles West of Elk Dor this season. Tho company is not icly engaged in Cross ties it Beulah for Tho Extension and for Tho Branch to motor. Spiritual lectures. Mrs. Ii. Morse will Cive two spiritual lectures at City Hall Over Bayless Douglass & drug store Post vice on saturday evening and sunday aug. 21st and 22d. Mrs. Morsa punks under spiritual intelligences. Subjects May be selected by the audience. Admission Leo. 20tl history of Iowa. We Liao received from Tho publisher messes. 11. H. Russoll & co., Iii Dij. Wisconsin Sample pages of us illustrated history of Iowa by prof. Charles it. Tuttle author of several other Stuto his Torch la order wins of two centuries etc., etc., assisted by Daniel s. Durrie a. M., librarian of the Wisconsin state historical society. This work gives a full and Complete history of Iowa from its exploration Down to 187rincluding Tho following a lengthy arid carefully written sketch of Pioneer life in Iowa a description of Tho physical and antiquarian features of Tho Teni tory i account of the French and indians in Iowa including explorations missionary adventures and fur trading expeditions a narrative of the Indian wars in Iowa a narrative of Tho civil and political events in the history of Tho territory from its first settlement to the organization of Tho territorial government in less an account of Tho administration of each of the governors from Robert Lucas history of i Jive. The publishers have sent us authority to take subscriptions for the new history of Iowa in Postville and if any of our j t l cynl3 g inclusive Mcloud readers Here desire this work to will i get c pie cyclopedia of legislation take their mimes. Iti is to work Tomt j ,, Tho Pori Oil Niimoto nil a or o a i should be in every family in the state no get p jftw3 in i 0f the state City bakery. Postville driving Park. The track in being put in Good condition. L Runmin Rotous Dri Riny act allowed. I parties interested can procure season pickets at reasonable rates by applying j the Une resigned has opened thu above to John , Postville. Horses in. Bakery in Postville mid is now prepared training can be kept on the Gio iinds us j to furnish Tho citizens and Sorro Tinlin Good Shingle roof stables will soon to country with Choie ready fur use. Matter How Many Public libraries we May have. No Lowcau can afford to do without it. Call and see specimen pages at this office and leave your order. -. A a Elkader journal is be in enterprising citizen who will Send to an office several Hundred Miles away for a Job of letter Heads or cards which can to printed at Homo equally As Well and at prices just As Low if not lower Aud suppose he saves 20 cents our people May i t a Bill of dry goods or groceries is Little he tiper by sending to Chi Aciego for it but to by no moans advise him to do it. It is u poor Way to support Homo institutions. An account of Tho educational growth of the state giving Tho working of the educational system from the District school to the state University an account of the agricultural Mineral and manufacturing wealth of Tho state a statistical historical and descriptive sketch of each county separately in Tho state giving in original tabular statements the products of each county for Tho last three decades numbering Tho value of farms number value of improved acres of Laud in each county population of Tho towns and cities Mineral wealth Forest wealth educational facilities number and condition of school buildings number Ami value of churches etc., in Short each county is represented by statistics in nil is interests and professions. A biographical directory of Iowa giving Short biographical sketches of All the distinguish Lerother i Tarjick of the Postville de men of the past ail present. St e. Collett Secretary. Powers & Prescott o of heal estate agents buy and sell farm lands and favourable terms titles examined and abstracts furnished Call and examine our lists. , Iowa. V2u2tf Blacksmith 3c repairing shop i no prepared to do All kinds of Mack Smithing and Ulep iriving on Short notice and in a Workmanlike manner. W. F. 11ea\er, proprietor Postville Iowa. reasonable. Call mid give to a trial. V. Good news for All g. A. Stafford having taken Tho Angeney of the Rockford Iron pump proposes to sell 12 different kinds of them for Cash so cheap that Art Wood pumps will be Laid aside he will soil Complete pumps for Wells at from $0 to $18,on i galvanized Iron vice cheaper than it was Ever sold in Northern Iowa. All work warranted for live years. He also keeps wooden pumps and All kinds of repairs Don t fail toll on him before 1 purchasing elsewhere. Postville Jan. 1st, 1875. V2n44-tf i fresh bread i j pies cakes and rusks Anil in fact All kinds of pastry and All j j goods found in u first class bakery. As j a Baker to acknowledges no Superior in the state. Orders for wedding and other parties promptly attended to. In connection with the bakery he bus fitted up a i lunch room i where Farmers and others can take a warm or cold meal with Tea or Coffee if desired. A fair share of patronage solicited. I 21 of l. 1jknckek, review was in the City Thui Day morning on his Way to Lansing to sue about those subscribers that to lost on account of his sympathy Lor w Aukon in the county sent fight mgr nor Newn. Yes we looked Over the ground and made up our mind that we have lost fully one Hundred subscribers at Lansing by not being a Lansing Man every Man woman and child there would have fallen on our neck and kissed tis if we could have been converted to the Faith. We sympathize with them Yea mourn i and weep for them but we cannot reach Tiro about thirty live Miles away important miangi3 of Lilb on thu railway Luna &. Minn and or. Dit Whitn divisions. Commencing monday Muy Jill tint. Exp refit Ufi Zilfi Trulis will Tun through to Milwaukee and Chicago without delay. The work is illustrated by Over of 0 engravings including Pioneer scones portraits and incidents of history. Prof Tuttle has been strongly endorsed As a writer of state histories and we Are assured that this work will far exceed anything he has yet written. Reliable agents Are wanted by 15. I. Russell if co. Madison Wisconsin. Shot . Or. Wuestoff partner with ii t. Dexter in the City meat Market Nashua had had his left Arm to fragments a Day or two ago by the discharge of a double barrelled shot gun which be was taking from a buggy Liutti b Irrell were Ilia charged tic contents missing through the Arm above and below the Elbow. The surgeon in attendance Hud not resorted to amputation when our in Lort Nant or. Simpson left yesterday und it is thought barely possible it May not become necessary though Tho limb will be forever useless. When will poo Plu learn to exorcise care in bundling lire arms Arcio Limp. Cur it. Thero Aro some men who would it strove Tho be publican party to got rid of an unworthy official. This would be As sensible As the sinking of a ship to get rid of a Rutton spar or Tho Destruf Tion of a crop of wheat to get rid of u few miserable weeds. Tho Truo Way Prumis to be much better than for years j 18 to remedy a defect As Hood As Dis com  i of. If a bad Man is found in a i official Tho sooner Tho advices from one Hundred and fifty i Points throughout the Northwest representing ten states and Dakota territory indicate that wheat will yield go per cent of an average crop Oats 7 0 percent and Corn 01 per cent. Kyo and Barley tire reported to show a diminished yield. The crop of potatoes is enormous but inclined to rot. These reports were Gath from Farmers who it is known look upon the Cloudy Side o prospects and Are always expecting much from Little. In some localities however rain and floods have done enough so that Tho probable average of the Grain yield throw igbo the Wott this year will not be much More than usual but prices now s s Row Nus " John. Power in Nuon. Torn Vii it Law. Inner Niveo and Coll Cal in audit. I 1, i k Block Over teltlioldb1 a Toro. F. Ale yer Wal on and �1cil-1i establishment. Topal Riib attended to s Van Hooner the Scott . And repair lion. All wort done in Trio be to of Stylo. Horse Sli Nehib u pc Lahty. National hotel Waukon. Iowa. P. V. F. Solid uru. Proprietors Good a Estloa paid to buo.t., pvt Long ult toiled. _ a s. Are in m. P. ,.poe�cv� Tore. Lus Donot on door wet of National hotel. All Calls promptly attended . A Beedy Calik Inch ice family groceries provisions Green dried and canned fruits flour feed crockery Aud Glass Ware wooden Ware &o., of. Uler at Postville Iowa. T3o5yl passenger on Iowa mid Minnesota and Iowa Dakota div pious arrive it l r. Do l then at 3 3 j i. In. Supper. Milwaukee am a. Clil Yugu it 7 30 a. Sleeping cars Rua Liik through from mercy or to a Chat Chuigo. Returning leave Chicago at 5 00 a in. With sleeping Cor through to Megie Yor connecting at cur got with Moraine Ruiu for Points in Iowa and Minnesota. Passengers Hare amnio time or Buu Poi and breakfast at or Arlo do Lileo making sure Eumice Tio Naboth ways. A. . Carpenter. Leu. I is. And ticket agent. Judge Grant attorney for Tho Ger non bondholders of the Davenport it St. Paul Railroad informs the Davenport Democrat thut Tho Road will certainly to sold by order of Tho u. A court in october next and As soon As certain Clouds to thu title ure cleared off. To ought to have a Bok Fumi sausage factory to manufacture three Hundred d More or less dogs which daily infest our streets into Stulo Bologna Fresco times. Andy Felt has sold his i interest in Tho Waterloo Yorior to or liar Man. His partner. And is compelled to Retiro from the tripod on Coo unto ill health. It was first reported hero that the Warren House was burned but this was found to to a mistake it had a narrow . Position get rid of him. Better. This done Tho party is bettor than Ever. Let publicans should Novor lose sight of Reform but Reform Calls for in Proteman and not a holc silo destruction. Reform by substituting Donio Croy Tor Oak never to attained. It would to a Hovemo or backward. It would to equal to supplanting Tho civilization of Hie nineteenth con tiry with Tho barbarism of the dark . Monday night a Man on Tho train just drawing into Elgin grabbed a Velicu Belo gig to a Travolino Man and threw it out of Tho window into Tho weeds. Fortunately he was observed and it was not Long Bosforo Tho missing article was recovered and Tho would be thief got a of Wollod head instead or. Traveler thinking that the shortest out to Justice

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