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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - August 11, 1875, Postville, Iowa Volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co.,Iowa, aug. In 185 number 20. In Postville review published every wednesday at Post tulle Allama co county Iowa by w. A Burdick. Burling \ Stow attorneys it Law. Olla cd near depot. V. 1j. Putnam Carpenter and Joiner Clermont Iowa. Tjk11ms $1,50 in Advance. A. Stamat a dealer in Dru ii Miili Duuck Ace. Allon full a up ply Tulip us books Kepi constantly hand. J. K. proprietor the key Ouy Unrur shop. Always Tunu to to attend to the Smitn the put i in by a Nii. Dousing pfc co Doul arc in drug mid putt tit inc lilt Iii Nunt Ioury All Whitn. And incl tool Boukus always hand. Rosalie a i sin a Lvi Sobkow ii Watts i will tit s. .1 t �2, if not paid la Advance t Miles Justice. Of lace with s. X. Power. All kinds he since a in ins Hue attended to with promptness. Advertising rates made known at the office. Postville directory. Die Sarawak link. Mrs. J. A. Johnson f. M. Clark it co. Dealers in furniture. My n. W. Stiles healer in millinery goods. De Shreve restaurant and confectionery. Stuner pc o., dealers in lumber All kinds. E. J. Ferry denier in jewelry All kinds. N. J. Needy tidal Erin groceries notions Ace. John Thorn restaurant and connect lonely. J. Craft furniture and repair establishment. J it. Thompson work done in Good style. Or Cadott & e Taton scale rain Ilner Dure tinware a. Heu Czirr in Spoo. Peelers in hardware and tinware. K. Sci Mriz dealer in harnesses whips. Huddles Ace All kinds repairing done Short notice and at Ronso Tuulo rates. J. H. Keller restaurant and dealer in All kinds confectionery. Everything kept in its season and prices Tho lowest All. In. W. Much dealer in sewing machines and Luiis Tho Best manufactured Ali the Howe. 20 wagons Tho Road constants. Ii. V. Illicit Blacksmith and repair shop. Any thing you want done in Tho Blacksmith Long Lino can always to done Thih shop. I. Shepherd m. D. Physician and 9u110kon. Woolco fast in Rock hotel. First door \-3n4yl it. Ii. Rude Oculi St. Treats cute and chronic diseases the Eye. Consultation free. Of Len it residence one door South congregational Church Job Tville Iown 76-6y\ j l terror. No tone All the household who did not hurry towards Tho Obama Chunoo those shrieks had summoned Thorn. Almost Tho first to Arrivo was Hartley who Caino in time to arrest Young Arthur As having at length such Odood in breaking from Tho woman who had tenaciously Clung to Hrna. To was hurrying from the mortuary chamber. A thief i claimed Hartley Nafeh a Liviu Llvy a Tell flt i Laluo Lluy our vow. Loss you had Voon Hoard to Issue such u a a from Arthur s hand Tho Ebony casket which to had been striving to conceal. Arthur had seen where in mistress Cam Olford s chamber Hartley had deposits i Tho casket which was to to he said opus de Tho Morrow and Bosforo witnesses. To had behold his Mother s grief Hud heard her say what vast importance to Hor was Tho Lottor within that casket. Carefully concealing his intention a for i Rosalio he resolved to obtain that Lotter and Savo her from that something he knew not what which Sho so dreaded and at Tho Meru thought which to beheld her to Inetal spy wretched. To Hall such Odood in reaching oven in Trio Dar Nuas Tho object which he had forgive Mollie sorrow i Hayo caused you Var Volvo to obtain Possession so Wou had since i die to atone Tho bin that i Havo wrought i and after again resting awhile Tho wretched woman resumed but Gresham will to too Pardon to ? no i May not Hope it and Yot to was i the Only being that Earth i Over really loved and i Sho could utter no More for a few Momenta Lay motionless and unconscious and then with a feeble gasp her spirit fled away to give account those terrible acts which in the flesh had been committed. The cry to which Loualie gave utto Ranco brought instantly Back into the room those who Bosforo Hill been sent from it As Well As others Tho household by whom Rosalie s shriek Hod Boen heard and amongst those who now hurriedly and in great alarm entered was a Larunce Hartley himself. Ono Glauco towards Kilisl Ress Carioli Ord s Couch and All saw that still and quiet now and forever web Sho Whoso life had Boon to turbulent and so restless. As All stood around looking that at last Oahu face a servant very quickly entered the room hot stopped suddenly seeing Tho Many persons there. To had understood what it was their presence in that room bet Okonow. Liat would you Why Como you to this chamber Hartley asked rather sternly the Man but Yot in that subdued tone which arises from Tho mysterious Awo we feel in presence Tho dead. I bring replied Tho Burvant Tho Ebony casket Winch 1 Hill Boon desired by mis Tribb came Ord to procure from her private and he held Forth the Binal coffer and instinctively Rosalie s trembling hands Wero extended to clutch it but give it to me 1" Baid Hartley taking it to his own Possession. This e sket to continued contains doubtless. Mistress Camelford s Hist wishes and it is for to to Noo push them. I will open this coffer to Morrow and Bosforo witnesses 1 chapter Xvi.  Stltt like cos Sou Itow. La Foro wine sums what terrible words were those for poor Rosalie. That fatal letter would then to read before witnesses who would be Milo to know her As a bigamist while she Tho wife two living Hus Bauda must sink with Shamo before Elioso who would to without pity for her. Flight that night would to impossible to her Tho whole household would to astir. And Hartley How could Sho remain to Hittle his presence Whon to had Learned Tho humiliating truth v How find courage to behold his agony perhaps to listen to his up tidings Tor it might to that to would Boli Evo that letter a Mere trick. Mistress Camelford could not now confirm its truth. But flight for Rosalie before Hartley should ulivo seen that letter was now in to Aniblo Aud Bosho must endure Tho dreadful ordeal that wits awaiting her. Could Arthur help her v to was ready for aught that might to demanded him 1 no j he could but pity Hor Rosalie said and then she asked her son if to Roinen Breed that Ebony casket. Certainly Tho dying lady had said it was for his Mother that it contained a very important letter and to had observed How anxious Rosalie had Boon to obtain Possession that casket How terror stricken Sho had looked whoa Hartley had secured it to himself. Yes exclaimed Rosalia for should Clarence Hartley Road that Lottor while i am yet near him i should Dio Arthur i should die night had again arrived. A single Light glimmered in Tho Cham Bor where mistress Camelford Hod so lately died and where now her Corpse Lay cold and Stark. A Poinan watcher Well accustomed to such employment and which for her Hod Long since lost All terror was seated comfortably in easy chair and fast asleep. A Wir Dow which looked Tho Gordins was slowly and noiselessly opened by some one who stopped into Tho room. Tho Suddon gust i grind which entered As Tho window was thro Tro open extinguished the Light which had been a table near it and instantly Thoro was Tutu dark pc 3 within that chamber death. Soon Tho sleeping woman was aroused by some Ono jostling against her and starting suddenly to her foot clutched in Trio darkness this Midnight intruder. Scream after scream was pooled Forth pc crating to Tho cars every i Arnato i marked the spot whore Tho casket had Bacn placed by Hartley but his escape with it had Boen Ronde Rod unto Siblo by Tho Means which to Havo just described. A wicked ungrateful boy Hartley Cori Tranod surprised and Hurt you believed do you not that there were jowls within this casket Arthur starred not gave no sign but if features Wero tranquil to was firm and self bib Messud. A 11 Havo pity your youth added Haij Bey but go instantly from to no not yet cried Losalio not for to is no thief merits not should rest Ana then looking towards Ai Tafur whom Bhe would not reach bless you Darling Sho Osul Kumud for that which you have striven to accomplish uary a was dumb with Amoco hint and a strange wonder was in thu Eyota All who now had listened to Rosalie. He sought that casket to " for to a letter which to know was 1 enclosed Rosalio added and in a moment Hartley had forced Opoka Tho casket. Anil then Rosalie clutching Hartley s Arm said to him imploringly Andje Ery humbly . In Tho name heaven read not that letter till to shall to All who there until this moment had looked Aud listened now silently and wonderingly withdrew. On a sign from his Mother Arthur too had quilted the apartment and a it Olio und Hartley alone were left within it. Hesitatingly trembling by his thoughts fires aging some strange calamity some Leavy woe Hartley draw the let4cr from Trio casket. He saw that it was addressed to Hin Bolf and in Rosalie s hand. But Why thus strangely delivered to him ? to feared to break the Seal read Rood Rosalie faintly said sinking to her knew and heaven knows that i have not Boen guilty and that she alone was culpable who now lies yonder still und cold bereft further Power for Good evil hero the letter was at last opened. 1 cirt Lcy saw that it was dated More than twelve years Back some weeks before Rosalie Hud become his wife and Trio Ink with which it had been written Hod faded and grown not so Pale As Wim now the Iwu him who read those soul crushing hues to the Hist word and was stunned to immobility petrified aghast with horror. To Hod been Tugado to wed the wife a living Man Tho wife his Friend his Roh Trio bad never rightly belonged to him. Of 1 All was horror infamy  Turco wretched victim Tim and Mistron Camelford Alono had been guilty not for one moment Hod to a doubt that. And to know not and it muttered not to him now to know wherefore mistress Maui Elford had wrought such terrible evil. But now was Rosalio s constant badness All accounted for j no wonder she had to Seldom smiled upon him that his most devoted love had failed to Lomako Hor Happy for she Ltd been tricked and forced into Bis arms Hod been unceasingly mourning the husband Aud Tho son Shu Hud believed Wero mouldering in the Tomb. Clarence Hartley fixed a lengthened gonzo it was to be his last look 011 Koni Ilie who still was her knee before him and sighing heavily faltered Forth Farewell Rosalie not Long shall i remain a Barrier to a happiness which soon for you will to Ruu Ewud Rosalio now raised her tearful Oyos towards Hartley and was about to speak but he waved a despairing Farewell to her and was gone from her sight. Within thu next hour to had quilted the House. Soon tidings Como that to had purchased a commission in Tho army a Continental War was thou raging and in Tho very first Battlo wherein to had been engaged he perished. Life had become utterly hateful to him and to had sought thu Buttle Field As the easiest and thu noblest Way to to rid it. But a Fow words More Are needed to conclude our Story. Master Adam Burford received not his most fitting doom for he escaped Tho scaffold but he was sent to Leer far away from his own country for the term his natural life having been concerned Iii path Iii affray in which a gamekeeper had Boer shot. Immensely wealthy became Rosalie and Well and nobly did Sho employ her riches. Rightly a inherited the fur Tymu left by continue Page 8

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