Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
4 Aug 1875

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Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
4 Aug 1875

Read an issue on 4 Aug 1875 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Review.

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - August 4, 1875, Postville, Iowa Trio Flowers. Thoy no Thor toll for spin and yet their Rob a Havo won a. Splendor Yovor soon within Tho courts of Solomon. Tints that Tho Cloud rifts hold and Rainbow Gossamer Trio Violet s tender form unfold no Queen is draped Liko Hor. All Lio Avon and Earth and sea Havo wrought with subtlest Pernor that clothed in purple who might to this Little fading Ilo Wor. To who must toil and spin what clothing shall we Wear ? Tuo glorious Raimo it to shall win life by pcs us Ivory where. Ood s inner Upavon hath Sun and rain and space of sly Olio to through for us his spindles run his mighty blot los by. His Soat less Volturo Whito to wraps our spirits in he Waves bin Laluo Stobs of Light for tin who toil and spin. Lucy Larcom a ii bal of u Orr. Farm Garden and household. Us i us it Capon to clean and Ristoro the enc Timity of Cane chair Bottoms turn the choir Bottoms upward and with hot water and a sponge Wash the Cane work Weli to that it is Well soaked should it to dirty use soap let it dry in the or and it will be As tight Ami firm As new provided none of the canes Are broken. The easiest War to hold pearls in order to Drill or otherwise Cut them is to lit them loosely in holes bored in a piece of Wood. A few drops of water sprinkled about the aperture cause the Wood fibres to swell and hold the gems firmly. When the Wood dries the pearls fall out. Guns and aides May be easily Eleane d from Lead by the following if a Muz zoo loader Stop up to nipple or communication Hole with a Little Wax or if a Breech loader insert a Cork in Tho brooch rather tightly next pour sovino quicksilver into Tho barrel and put another Cork in the muzzle then proceed to Roll it up and Down the barrel shaking it about for a few minutes. The Mercury and Tho Lead will form an amalgam and leave Tho barrel As clean and free from Lead As Tho first Day it Camo upon them. The four Side stake for supporting roses and other plants May be utilized As labels by painting say six inches of the top White whilst the remainder looks Best Green. This top May then serve Tho same purpose As Tho above named . Vermin in fowls. There Are at least three different kinds of lice which infest poultry and their quarters. To do not now include icarus that produces what is known As v poultry itch and scabby or scurvy legs Etc there is Trio Large Louse found for the most part in the Heads of Young Chicks. This is quite destructive to Tho broods and by some it is supposed to be Tho Parent of Tho gape worm. Whether this supposition is True or not this Louse will certainly destroy Young Chicks unless it is removed and Tho broods protected from its attacks. Then there is Tho common body Lousy found mostly under Tho wings and the More inaccessible parts of the Akin. These Are perhaps the least noxious of any of the Dif Ivo Reut kinds but they evidently annoy Tho fowls and should not be allowed to remain on them. The third class of Lico is Tho Small red mite found Only in Tho House or roosting places and nests. These Are perhaps Tho most annoying and troublesome to the fowls of All and Aro More numerous than either of the Otho kinds they May be found in nearly All roosts and houses that Havo been used by fowls owe or More years where special care Lias not been exercised to exterminate them. They stay in crevices Oil Tho roosts or Walls and nest boxes during the Day and creep upon the fowls and feed at night. They Aro Seldom found on the fowls during Tho Day except on sitting hens. These Aro the ones tha Are so annoying to Tho brooding hens1 forcing them to abandon their nests. They to sometimes found in Groat numbers in Tho neglected quarters. N. V. Herald. Ten drops of Tho preparation added to a pint of drinking water kept Cool. We need hardly say that it is our opinion that with plenty of fresh Puro water healthful fool and Cool Shade the visitations of cholera would occur but Seldom. F. W. Flyers i poultry Argus the Revenue. It Furci of the youth interim i cel Nln. Nav conc Chicken t Hollern. This name is Given to almost any disorder that plays havoc among our fowls. Or. Wright concludes that Many cases have been termed cholera which had no claim whatever to that title but were clearly to to diagnosed As disorders of the liver and to be treated according out of Tho shop. Tho same quicksilver i we Are satisfied that Dia Rhoan can be used repeatedly by straining it through Wash leather for the Lead will to left behind in Tho leather and the quicksilver will to again fit for use. All Light Woods May be dyed by immersion. A flue Crimson is made As follows take 1 la of ground Brazil boil in 3 quarts of water add j of. Of cochineal and boil another half hour May be improved by washing Tho Wood previously with 1 of. Saffron to 1 quart of water the Wood should to Pear Wood or Sycamore. Purple Satin 1 la. Logwood chips soak in three quarts of water boil Well an hour add 4 Ops. Pearl Ash 2 Ops. Powdered indigo. Black May to produced by Copperas and nut galls or by Jap Anning with two Coats of Black Japan after which varnish or polish or use size and Lampblack previously to laying on in inn. A Blue Satin 1 la. Of Oil of vitriol Pat in less bottle with 4ozs. Indigo Lay on Iii same As Black. A Fine Green 3 pints of the strongest vinegar 4 Ops. Best powdered Verdigris Poison of. Sap Green 1 of. Indig. A Bright yellow May be stained with Aloe Tho whole May be varnished or polished. A Good Way to clean Black kid gloves is to take a Teaspoon Ful of salad Oil drop a Lew drop of Ink in it and rub it Over the gloves with the tip of a Feather then let them dry in the american. To i a event Clu we crusts . One plan is adopted at Tho factories to prevent the crusts of Tho cheese from cracking and getting in summer when the Ehe Ebo is taken out of Tho press and ready for removal to Tho room for ripening or curing As it is generally Puta circular piece of bin paper Liko Cap paper Cut the full size of the hat surface of the cheese Jyh Laid upon it and then a hot Flat Iron same As used in ironing our Linen is passed Over Tho paper to and fro several times until the paper is fully attached and almost forms part of Tho crust. This of course is done to both surfaces of Tho cheese. The rim is fully covered with a Calico Binder which is put on after the curd has been sufficiently Long in the cheese vat to make it solid enough to handle when it is taken out of the vat Tho Binder placed around it and then put into the press where it remains about the same length of Timo As is Given at . English paper. Convenient . One half Tho pleasure in growing our plants arises from Tho know Lego of their names and whence Thoy come. In fact to Desiro Somo Little memorandum that will remind us every Timo to look at them what their title is what their native country from whom procured and sometimes additional remarks of a explanatory character. An Ordinary Flat surface would have to to too Large and unsightly to we use a four sided stake one and Throe quarters inches in diameter planed smooth and painted White. Thoy should be about twelve or fifteen Nohos in length and pointed. When desired for use rub lightly Over the surface a thin boat of paint and write thereon with a Lead Pencil which will last for two or three seasons diff Tinoly. The four aided stake or Label is preferable As it is comparatively Incon Spirou on gives a greater amount of surface for writing upon and always looks neat. It is especially adapted for Rose Beds groups of flowering shrubs or masses of Hardy Border plants. True it has not the Merit of being imperishable in fact it should to replaced rather too frequently but we like Tho appearance of wooden labels and we Liko to write dysentery and other ailments Are often mistaken for this plague and Tho Bird dosed until it turns up its Toos and Tho carcass is almost As full of villainous compounds As a second class drug store. Drugs that have entirely different and oven opposite effects on Tho system Aro credited with having cured Tho worst cases of cholera Ono funny poultry Man who knew Tho Power of Printer s Ink asked through Tho columns of a leading journal for a cholera cure. He says to has received one Hundred and fifty nine sure cures and Tho Promise of seventeen More. True cholera does not differ much whether in Man or fowl runs very nearly a similar course and in a majority of cases the victim s Days Are numbered. Among the first symptoms Are diary Heck and thirst Tho Birds attacked hurrying to the drinking vessel and frequently never leaving it. The droppings Are first of a greenish character often quickly changing into the Rice water Aud the Sulphur and water discharges not widely differing from those attending the disease in the human patient. Rapid prostration comes ii and Trio fowl May to found lying near Tho drinking vessel too weak to walk. The Peculiar anxious look characteristic of cholera in the human subjects is said by Somo authorities to to noticeable. Cramps May Supervene and after some tumbling about the fatal termination occurs and Tho victim needs interment it is Mast Apt to occur in crowded Yards where the Birds Are exposed to the hot rays of the Sun and the sup Lily of drinking water becomes warm and filthy. In Ono instance that came under our observation the fowls had no water furnished them and were compelled to drink from dirty stinking pools around a Largo manure pile. In another decaying vegetable food was Tho exciting cause of disease. A neighbor kept his chickens in two blocks one had Access to n Patch of half Rotten melons and Tho cholera took off nearly everyone Whilo Tho other flock right alongside with the same care and feeding but no Chanco at the melons escaped almost entirely although Only a picket Fence separated them. Treatment if any must be afforded promptly. As the disease usually runs its course in from 12 to 30 hours but Little Timo is Given for treatment. It is almost sure to spend its fury in a few Days and leave Only a few Hardy Birds that stand Tho storm without the assistance of the doctor and if left alone might get through without medicines. Of course the first thing to be done is to remove the cause. Provido Cool Shade fresh water and proper food. Fumigate and Disi foot the fowl houses coops and roosting places. Bury Tho dead at once and the dying might As Well be hurried a Little so As to go with them. Then if you want to give some physio try Capsicum and Venetiou red mixed with soft food for those willing to eat or put a Grain of each into a Bolus or 1 read Pill and make the patient take Ono every two or four hours. If old school enough you May use Calomel and Bismuth Gram doses of each every few hours Brandy with As much water in Tea spoonful doses every hour or two has been recommended. Laudanum ten drops in a teaspoonful of Brandy and water has its advocates while Wright says about sixty per cent ought to get Well if treated in time by the use every three hours of rhubarb five grains Cayenne Popper two Grain and ten drops of laudanum. He also advises the use of Mcdougall s fluid Carolato in five drop doses with Brandy and Wate or tit Al it Ese. Geese Are naturally great wanderers and for that reason they require a Home of their own especially when Harvest time approaches does this need appear. If allowed to run they destroy More than they Are Worth. A Small piece of pasture Laud through which runs n Rook is Best calculated for geese even if Tho Brook in Small they will love it and with Sticks Anil leaves dam it up until they have a convenient place to Wade and dive they l Ove to keep clean. Enclose their Home with a Good Ronco during the laying season which commences As Early As March feed Corn buckwheat Oats Etc. If cooked and fed warm it is much better. Geese also dearly love crumbs from the table such As pancakes and potatoes Cut into Small pieces and fed warm feed this onco a Day and Tho above mentioned As much As Tho geese will eat without leaving any. A Little Salt in their food improves it and also a Quantity of clobbered milk if you have it added after the food is cooked. If you Havo no Nice Little House for the Goose to make her nest in Placo a barrel in an elevated pare of her lot or Home turn it on its Side place the open end toward the South put in a few quarts of Horbe manure Over this put plenty Straw Sho requires enough to Lay her eggs on and cover them with for Sho never leaves them uncovered. Our word for it Giosio will not refuse such a place for her nest at least to never knew her to. She generally lays two litters of eggs each season from five to twelve in a litter. When she shows signs of sitting give her twelve to thirteen eggs to sit upon do not let her sit before Tho Middle of april or better still the first of May. Goslings Are a tender Bird and do not thrive Well in Chil y weather. After Tho Goose has been setting Ono month look out for the goslings they Aro of a handsome Green color As they come out of Tho Shell and sit close to Tho Mother they Are a pretty sight. About that time the Gander will Light As if he meant to kill anything that comes graphic. Some remarkable Rifle practice. Though to Aren tall marksmen from Tho Cradle up As an Irish paper flattering by intimates it is yet True that there Aro a great Many men in this country besides Tho. American team that can draw a very Correct Bead on Small objects at Long Range. One of these is a elderly virginian named Beckwith Whoso exploits Are narrated by Tho Richmond whig. The old gentleman fired Soven times with an old Flint lock find Only missed his aim one. His i first attempt was at a potato held by Bis son Between his thumb Aud forefinger at a distance of fifty Yards. Tho Rifle cracked and Trio potato fell shattered in several places. One of Tho Small pieces was then thrown into the air Tho Marksman keeping at the same distance Aud again Tho shot told. An Inch Aud a half Auger was then produced Aud a Hole bored in Tho Ronco behind which was fastened a piece of White paper. At Tho distance of sixty Yards the Marksman sent a Ball Clear through Tho aperture piercing Tho paper at Tho fourth shot from sixty Yards distance Tho bowl of a pipe which the son was smoking was crushed. At the fifth shot n Copper cent was thrown in the air and hit. Tho sixth and seventh shots were delivered at a blackened five cent Nickel piece thrown up by Tho son standing about thirty Yards Oil. At Tho first attempt Tho shot missed. Tho old gentleman showed considerable mortification and Laid Tho blame on a bystander who at Tho critical moment squeezed loudly. Tho not attempt however was an on Tiro buc Cobb. Tho old Man declined any further trials of his skill Aud when offered a sum of Money to repeat his first feat of shooting a potato from his son s hand to refused saying he did t Caro to try any such Experiment rules his weapon was freshly cleaned. Tho customs receipts have steadily declined during Tho last two years. At Tho close of the fiscal year ending june 30, 1874, Tho receipts were in Tho neigh boyhood of 188,500.000. The following year Thoy fell off $25,000,000, and the sum total of the receipts for this year show a still further falling off of Somo 87,000,000. The Causa of this is explained partially by Tho commissioner of customs upon the ground of the Stato of business throughout Tho country. Thero is also a growing system of smuggling that adds Groat difficulties to the collection of Tho customs revenues. One of Tho easiest and Tho most secure methods of Srug glug is through the mails. Valuable laces no thus smuggled with impunity Thero will to presented to the next Congress a proposition to make postmasters cd offi Cio custom House Oili cers authorized to open suspicious letters and packages but this proposition if carried would give such Opportunity to tamp with Tho mails that it is not Likely to be received with favor. Ono of the favorite plans Mitno treas Ury department to Aid Tho customs revenues is to Havo Congress re enact the tax upon Tea and Coffeo. In the fiscal year ending Juno 30,1875, Tho receipts from the duty upon Coffee alone amounted to $10,1 00,098.77, and in the year following Tho year of Tho repeal Over 87,000,000. With Tho production of Tho Tariff Thero was no Cor responding reduction in the Price to the consumer so by the abolishment of the Tea and Coffeo tax it is claimed Tho government has lost an annual Revenue of Over $15,000,000, without a single consumer being benefited. The 8 kecei1ts. Tho customs Bureau has now All of Tho figures for Tho fiscal year ending june 30, 1875. Tho following is a Tabic prepared in the Treasury department where Tho warrants Aro held of the receipts from customs Revenue by Mouths As compared with Tho monthly receipts of last year. The following Are the Coin receipts Mouth. 1874 and 1875. 1873 and 1871. July.8 11,77 j,1k7 b7 s 14,735,005 24 August. 10,157,251 72 18,338,880 21 september. 10.200,083 10 10,847,100 81 october. 12,082,405 05 11,087,480 go Novoni Bor. 0.757,005 80 0,200,084 0e do combo. 0,103.000 3 1 0.000,008 00 january. 11,082,248 00 13,508,872 1 1 february. 15,810,777 00 14,047,880 78 starch. 15,018,000 04 15.273,134 48 april. 13,804,342 80 13,704,077 53 Mav. 11,047,110 38 12,311,000 88 Juno. 10,070,851 03 12,000,724 40 total.8157,030,080 38 $182,072,287 04 internal it Evenue. Tho following Aro Tho currency receipts from internal Revenue As com pared with the receipts of last year the Montana. 1873 and 1871. 8,810,08 8,001,532 10,239,803 0,087,200 0,033,0 3 0,015,082 11,742,048 8,010,020 12,053,8115 12,074,803 0,017,872 11,500,502 a so old tale of the Grasshopper. Tho Story i will Tell As it was told to me without a guarantee of truth. Early last Tiprigan old woman dug up a pan full of dirt in which to Plant Flower seed. She put Tho pan under the stove not onco thinking of Grasshopper Oggs and went out to see a neighbor. Upon returning after an hour s , she found thousands of millions of Grasshoppers generated from Tho eggs by the heat literally eating her out of House and Home. They first attacked the Green shades on the windows and then a Green dust pan. A Green Irish servant girl asleep in one of Tho rooms was the next victim and not a vestige of her was left. The stove and stove pipe were next eaten and thou the House was torn Down so that they could get at the Chimney. Boards joists beams clothing nails hinges door knobs tinware plates everything in fast the House contained was eaten up and the last the Good woman saw of the place two of the largest hoppers were Bitting up of end playing mumble Tho Peg with a carving knife to Seo which should have the com. 1871 Aud Mon tub. 1875. 0,223,053 August. 8.440,777 september. 8,350,2011 8,333.247 november. 8,004,755 december. 0.402.208 january. 0,720,181 february. 0,172.130 March. 11,185,107 april. 10,183.207 my. 0,011,318 june. 0,178,310 total.4110,715,570 $113,012,400 Tako the sum total of Tho Coin and currency receipts for Tho year ending june 30, 1875, and for customs mud internal Revenue and the total receipts of Tho government for Tho last fiscal year Are in Tho neighbourhood of 270,-000,000. This will to increased several millions by Tho miscellaneous receipts. Thi official summary of figures bears out Tho statements published in those dispatches last month. Thero will to practical deficit in the Treasury accounts on Tho close of Tho year in the neighbourhood of .$20,000,000. Immense Oysler hell Mounds in Maine. Prof. W. D. Gunning writes to Tho Bath to times in regard to the Shell heaps at Dama Riccota. To reckons that within a area of 100 rods in length and 80 in Width Thero Aro piled 101",000,000 bushels of Oyster shells. An 2 All that refuse thrown Down by human actors Ono dome shaped Hillock is nearly 100 feet in height. To thinks that Tho Mill tit Udo of eaters May not Havo been Groat but that Trio Hillocks Tell of time rather than number. Within Tho memory of Man the Oyster has not lived in this River. Stone gouges Arrow Heads Bone Needles pottery Aud Copper knives Are the Only human relics found among Tho shells. No geological vont of any moment Hab occurred since Tho formation of the heaps. The Wie Kaset Oracle save it is rumoured that a human Skeleton has been recently picked up in the Shell heaps. Arr vol of a Murine Novelty. From Tho n. Y. Herald july 18th. The new screw Steamer Montana of the Williams & Guion line which arrived at this port yesterday afternoon after a passage of about eight Days and half from to Sandy Hook is perhaps Tho Pioneer of a new Tyle of Ocean going passenger Aud freight steamers. Sho is Clipper built her sides being smooth to offer the least resistance to the water. Her Model de Guod by or. Stephen b. Guion Tho managing director of the Lino and Tho superintendent Engineer is Peculiar in the formation of her ends and her sides she having a Long hollow Bow intended to throw the water off instead of allowing it to Como aboard the ship while Tho sides Are As nautical men torm it Tumble Homo sides having a fall in of seven feet of each Side from the turn of Tho Bilgo this formation is calculated to Combine great strength with safety As the ship is much easier in a Seaway than Tho usual Model. _ Tho following Aro her principal dimensions length Over All 495 feet breadth of beam on main deck 45 feet depth of hold 33 feet. She Lias four decks including the Hurricane deck. Sho is Brig rigged and can show a Largo amount of Canvas when she has Hor Staysail Aud try sail Sot. Her enthusiastic commander says Sho can bail like a Witch and believes to can beat anything crossing the Atlantic. Sho came across working her engines at Thiee Quot or Speed with an Avo Rago of fifty revolutions of her screw which gave a la sult of fourteen knots an hour. With sixty revolutions it is computed Sho would Mako sixteen knots. Her engines Aro of Tho direct acting compound class with Ono High pressure Cylinder inverted two Low pressure cylinders horizontal with surface condensers. One Cylinder is of go inches diameter Aud two Are of 113 inches with 42 inches stroke. The engines no of 900-Horso Power nominal but maybe worked up to 4,200. Hor Shaft is 23 inches in diameter. The Saloon is situated Forward of Tho funnel and i8 sumptuously fitted. Sho can accommodate 72 Saloon passengers 198 in Tho second Cabin and 1,200 steer ago passengers Aud All the modern improvements have been adopted for their Comfort. Her commander James Allport guard was formerly on Tho Wyoming Colorado Idaho Nebraska Nevada and has Novor had an Accident of any kind and among Tho subordinates Aro some of Tho oldest Oili cers of the Williams & Guion Fleet us follows or. Q Linn Lato Captain of the steamship Minnesota As chief officer or. Glorig As second officer. Or. Hughes As third officer and or. Johnson As fourth officer Purser or. Robort Thorpe surgeon or. O Lenry chief Engineer or. John White second Engineer or. Kermode and five others John Mitchell chief Steward and mrs. Payne stewardess. Ten years ago Bamba was a Bright egyptian girl being educated As a Eon Vert to christianity at the Mission in Cairo. She married Tho Rajah Duleep Singh and her husband likes her so Well that on every anniversary of the wedding he has sent to the Mission sum in Gold equal to $5,000. The Power of Fortune is confessed Only by the miserable for Tho Happy impute All their Success to prudence and Merit. Disappointed. A coloured Man employed As a deckhand on a propeller was Rushing around town yesterday and inquiring where the polls were polls polls repeated a citizen Why there s no election going on now. Thero Hain to no the Man stood for a moment looking greatly disappointed and then turned for the River with the remark " and now do programme is to find Dat sleek Young Man who said Dey was paying six dollars apiece for Otsel Detroit free press a Nous parisian who had religious scr plot about committing Felo de be compromised with conscience by Educ ing his Little son to pull the trigger of pistol which he held close to his head in play and the we Storian proof Reader hesitated whether he shall per Mit it to be spelt Paris Oide. Why is Barnum like the Atlantis coast because a is the great Amer can Shower. " Stewart s Saratoga . A correspondent writes from Saratoga to Tho Philadelphia times a. To Stewart is just now our biggest lion and a great sensation he is creating Here just at present among the local merchants. You see after spending 8400,000 on his big hotel Tho grand Union to found that to had two Elo Gant stores to let. With characteristic Enterprise he fitted them up in elegant Tylo and is moving in a Stock of Good now the storekeepers Here not with standing that this very Day should to mind them that ours is a Freo country declare that a. T. S. Has no business to Como hereto undersell them and Rulo their Trade but Tho big merchant does not see Tho thing in that Light and laughs at Tho terribly exercised merchants. Stewart is indeed a remarkable to is a Little thin wiry follow with a Pale thoughtful face Light Blu real Estivo eyes Reddish Gray Short whiskers and Vorva quiet in manner. He dresses in Blok and goes peering into every Nook and Corner of Tho store in a Way that makes his employees very nervous. When talking he invariably twirls his eyeglass on his Finger or pats Tho Palm of his hand with a Black Glove. When you speak to him to looks at you searchingly for a moment before Horo plies As if to Road you through a Hubic that arises from his wonderful faculty of Reading human nature. He is not so serious As he Hab been painted on Tho contrary he is fond of a joke and yesterday Whilo superintending the arranging of the goods in his store to frequently laughed at the ideas presented by his managing Man. He Caius up on Friday night and passed the entire Day in his store. Indeed i saw him there As late As 11 30 o Olock at night. That is How to got Rioh by attending to his business in person. Stewart bought Tho Union a few years ago for $550,000. Sinco then to has spent As much Moro upon Tho Structure in and improvements until now it is Tho most extensive and perfect caravan sary in Tho world. To Aud his wife occupy a suite of three rooms in Tho hotel directly Over the main Entrance they have been finely but not lavishly fitted up for him oath window being provided with a Little Balcony nicely shaded by the Fine old tree Eliut extend along the entire front of the hotel. Mrs. Stewart is a mild unpretentious lady with an exceedingly amiable countenance and converses cordially with her friends. They Aro in fast Tho most a demonstrative couple hero and one would hardly in Agino to judge of their manner that they were with Ono or two exceptions the wealthiest people in America. Or. Stewart says he intends expending a further Largo sum on the improvement and enlargement of the Union next Winter. It is one of his pet projects Aud he proposes giving it corresponding attention am Jiam was the first sick Man. Had Hagar in the wilderness. He

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