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Postville Review (Newspaper) - April 28, 1875, Postville, Iowa The Postville review published Evert wednesday at a Oatville Alla Makee count Iowa m w. A Burdick. A vex Uitz xxx o Baub. One Ruoli Roaina a Square. Samos. J Square. 2 by sat. I Square. I Schiatta. X oot Amu. 3p ool Umu. 1 a i b Wka s win 1 80 3 60 3 0" 5 00 e of id 00 i so 4 00 00 0 00 9 00 10 00 s do 8 m 19 our the Postville published every we4n��a�.y jf0 Efflo in the a a a Brick so -1 bar up Stilt " om.llf&. Hmm in of Jou woo i tul 30 s9 Asoo to of it of 05 00 c5 local Noures ton cent a Law a Ach incas you libel advertising at Legal Tutoa-6n� Collar jew Aquale Tor Tho Brut Luw Omro aau i la out Tor a ick Rube Ofui it insertion. Feutl Ness Ca ils Flo lines or scr Alvo Dollar pet son ant each extra hoc Ono cd a. A Wanco pay rout required of transient adder Auer Tula. Notrea of Draths and marriages inserted free. %3t advortlsara7uts ordered Dalsoon Clauad before  a Perallon of contract Vrell a charged according pc Tho above Azaleah advertisement Prayab a i us truly. Number 5. Miscellaneous u. Woll manufacturer of Boot and . Your repel rings Louic on with lumber . Mott proprietor Foit Viln Ltd vol keen it Fici Penl of till kind of tint a time a. Shiu a ii t a a picket tint Ftp Lull Ldina paper Mij clip end o Sami Doore cd Ali Ratic Flaurant and . N. Bardi a Loren 0rocrrli�, Notum arc. July Tomti Kirthi Ernnt and Conti it Iii in san cur a r t a ruler in lumber of Iii kind. E. J. Ivory Iii Ikic j Jyh nivre in it ulry at nil kinds r ii review Book and j printing. Office new Brick Block Postville Iowa. Attention Farmers Tho Miller that used to run tic Murium Mills has rented the Mills known As Gilson s to tills of yellow Hiver. Cus ton work promptly attended to and u specially. Saj Trei. & sons. 1 00.31 a co., Ludwit. New bakery. J. Head opposite Moit s la incr Yard has opened a now bakery and in res pared to furnish All in want of anything in his line at Trio moot Pricopi. Friuli or Ovid and taken Elway a on hand. V2u.14yl we. Baker. A ii \. W. Stillm it Alt in millinery of him. . Mrs. J. A. Joli inon r. M. Clerk it co. Draft the in furniture. J. A Refl a mid or pull . Powers & Prescott o 11kal state agents buy and sell farm in nah mid town Favori Ilde Termi titles on mind and Al tracts furnished Call and examine our Lints. , Iowa. V2u2tf mid the Urtiew office 1ms been Rufatti d a iian Tity of new Type for jobbing purposed added to Ita already Murgu Block it one of Trio a not compote office a in Northern Iowa. We arc prep Irod to do every description of Plain and ornamental printing on Short notice s. S. Blah Escher Postville Iowa. Carpenter & Joiner contracts promptly a Temidou to. Wil Tabo con Tri Una Furni rih Mato Rulp or unfurnished. Show at Refl donor. Or. A. Kellogg dental up surgeon Waukon Iowa. All work warranted. Satisfaction . Torma rail Orric. Liucc Conover House Southwest porn Lioni Nort �1 Ioctl Hyvl. ilmidw.u., , Hru Cru a & a line. In Linn Luitt Undt no Iii i. J s. Let cur in i input or Evoi Molt y Rhi in plan. . Doc Lisa Ile i ill or nod Livorno . Mrs. J. T. Multi Aler in Milloni in Bodnam l ring Wmk Lnig. Flroa. Dan Lorn in nil ten idol he lined pm i a u rain. To. F. Bonvito Ned i Duni on Short it arc. J. S. Fli Reinie l Liefl Altu tid Sinif i in. Olla re n proprietor of tin f. . Nii of liar Sci us in thu. Uriel Loli a i. A Llor mini. I Linton Crappier and run Meliv a. All work . S. S. Blini Glicr t nerf nit r and Lola a. Contraros promptly Noti Iid Cioa its. Fill Ken fit fits Nativi. Win Mai a to Camri i Flat it Iuie. . Arc. Is by. Largest st0ck0f Flat papers letter Heads Bill Heads statements shipping tags. Card Board cd kept in the county. shop Van linger and v. Soft r,9. Pared to do All kind of repairing it Buir shop grit d""1 North of the livery stable i Homo a not ii a a speciality now Hii och no Iro ii a $,3,, resetting 20 it Eicr Khoe i in Tiffin toil i Para . 30. I Blacksmith & repair shop i am prepared to do All kinds of Black Smithing and on Short Nativo and in a Workmanlike Ninnor. W. F. Be a Ell proprietor Poh Villi Iowa. Job charges reasonable. Call and Rivo to a trial. Ulily. Up kit Iowa univer bit s. Bayete Iowa. Complete Poitr flan of Mudy r a local and 8 Levi title. I Rapat Iury a Tut i Wismar Helmut. Tun Itie Zoial depart no i it of Max in mid Al no Hartfi. Under Tho bunt Rvl Loii of i killed t vac lion Winter term dec. 0th Spring term March a h. Luv. J. W. I Diu Prei Ali Pitt. Or information a xxv 8. A Crit try t 3u1v. Hilf 8. Sri us our thick mutineer. Piali i m lib to John la nor jr., in of civic and fancy in ,1 my Pobi j. It. Tirril a n., Stien Nii l a Ioimo plan tent Emu up lit the wet Powl la r. of lit Alvani cd valor. Vicil Mill in Ron it i Iii. A. A a of Lilker Ait it. Kepi of flite Trio Lipf to rom no Iii. In Vuu Liiri. John Llanil jr., proper Molnr of tin City a Korv ont Ingle Lumbi of leu. Niti it ecu to. In Cocu 1 Toviy. Propriety of of one of the Brosl Mwry 3tabi n Jin n Ortli Cri Iowa. Pili a in Clatl Sinif dry Good hat a. P. Amiott. Pill Tor. All cent Earth for Liolin Uttof Licud to with . C. I. Hal hum Mapry and Sale Sinmor. Tin by lit of Tui Luik and rur Rigi h always on . land Ivy ii ii Louo on a Horl in ecu Ioro he out n i. Brown physician and sur pm. All Callon Elthur Day or no flit Iota try Uttel Midved to. Atom pm it Law and collect his agent. Oll co Over Leith old Brick Toro. F. Meyer Wii on and he Citro . Sci Alrik att Cut d to Prum Blly. Knt Frt Trok. Deale Rrt in Marc Bandhu of All Kiln in \ farm produce aug propel store of Post Vullo Unnik. A Large Stock of Envelo Pes of a i l. Grades just received orders by mail a 3utepkve prompt attention. Callad to. A 8jwind.miw.saha troit proof or. Wakyn k Roma at. Iler i0ppo8it3�jfiiiq&ifuij4bf i a Seq Stork. off r�t8 a seen up i or r. A rude Oculi St and specialist in addition to Trio treatment of Cironi and route Ophthalmia or Inba mation o the eyes granulated lids films Opalou it Iob Pter Gium or Fie growth on Tho Eves Ania Rosis Etc., he gives special attention to such diseases As scr Fula neuralgia disease of kidneys haemorrhoids or piles dyspepsia ague chilblains Burns Etc. The doctor has had Long experience and brings to his Aid a thorough knowledge of his do Siuess. Consultation free and a candid opinion Given. Is pm give Iii a Call. Drug store i am better prepared than o per to furnish my customers with an endless Quantity of varieties tug a Largo Stook of i _ drugs medicines varnish h paid fits oils Asp tub. Cheaper than Tho cheapest at the old stand. I constantly keep on hand a general Stook of drugs school books Stu Tio pry Vui Lead window theve re be to Quad. Ity and at reasonable figures. A�p��fe4�riit Ipin Jiyen to of fms pounding a a a first Luss assortment of dyestuffs perfumery and Flnoy Utholee pare wines and liquors pm a. Stavast by s Van Iio Oher & Scott Nril repair Kiwi. All work Ilone in Tho Bent of style. Llorme Lioi int n Pecl Willty. A. Stanill Day Hynek rust a Shah Iii is und with it Whito fico Milf hidden in the tolds of a Liidi d veil but Little Ono we Iny in such a figure to nut diet yell tax pairs of yes remained station in Man like they a�,.ly a a woeful hid like woman an recognizing a strip Iii music in her Vul wore awaiting Ith Nea Ngoin. W in Lier the per anti a rested How incr waa Ilij dressed by her Iloilo 1lfit 1, for on Tho Sweet voice Eon Tiiu it is Mirk Twain s innocents haul to not Only gave her a Gilf a but aided Mark Twain and i innocents be in need and you , pass on As Cju Iok As Possi \ it ivies Helen i Tipy first Experiment Jii Selling books in if stood lib if rooted to the rough addres i she t Silica just co. Of Deco with 8. S. I a wars. All kinds of Husi usaa in Hia Hue att used to with promptness. J. C. Door wagons and soul Gas Manofu Tuitt and re Parlins Dioio also All kinds of work in Trio Coo Pering Lino. E. Selim to Talir in , we spa. Saddles ice All Klinl. Of repair lug Doue of Short Uotko mud at reasonably rates. J. Ii. Keller Rottan raut and dealer in All kinds of confectionery. kept in Ita season and prices Tho lowest W. Miles in be Wynn machines and if i is the Best Man Ufa tired vat \ the Uwe. La wagons on Tho Road Coul Tantle. Ill Hudaon and repair shop any thing you want done in to. line can always to done at ills a Loop. Livery Aud Salo stable Hancock % t0y$y, we keep a Large number of carriages and sleighs always on band Aud the Best of horses for the purpose of Oon voting parties to All parts of the country. Terms reasonably give us a Call. Lef stable formerly owned by o. Van-uooiet.-?a v2n�4-tf. Foniri instant the spilt. And stung Hor to the i Wiick but without Ward she turned to go. I no timing her Cin Vii Iriti it Cue of Trio Guni Leui Iii roue Ingli us 1 tin Doir for her. I with a slight Bliwise 1 the attention und Glenr Dun Lino impressed with a fooling to could incr account for walked out " the Alfue Aud followed her. I say Simm Rem red one of Tho others a i were too Hiil on that feminine. Slio did seem a Idy and i think you brought tears to he Well 1 replied Jimmons Sho should t have come bothering about Horo with her conform to books and then we have so Ninny Amiem the pod Lloris i did you Ever hear suet a voice remarked another. and ringing As a gentlemen hero jut in crusty Sim you tease we will return to Tho business that has Hiou Glit us thus recalled to their Benses Tho subject was dropped and Duanine s no Sonco fur the first time noticed. They wait a but Ono moment followed another and no Datini inc appeared. Strange muttered is Inous and he Rose und looked uneasily out or Tho door. I believe said he that dui Vitinu has followed that woman. Humph she seems to have unsettled you a half hour passed and still no Dru Mugue returned to vowing vengeance on his absent head Tho Husi Noss was gone through As Best it could to without him. Meanwhile what was Henry Domaino doing just what Simmons said he was following that woman. He certainly had no intention of doing so when to on cd the office door for tout to had heard Hor gulp Down a sob had seen her wipe away a tear and for Tho life of him could not have helped going after her. For nearly half in hour Sho walked about thu neighbouring blocks but at lust to Tho Young Man s great Relief entered a Livgo House on Nassau Street. What was there in this woman whose Faco he hit 1 hardly seen that so a completely charmed him was it Tho Olen it hearing that in spite of poor clothes proclaimed Ker a lady or was Tho Tono of her thrilling voice still ringing in his ears and carrying him on " Henry Domaino asked himself none of these questions to simply followed Hor never once taking his eyes off Hor Graceful form. Mounting Tho stairs she had just ascended to watched her in and out of every office in Tho House and toward Tho exit door. Now is my he thought is she reached it. Madam to ventured with a slight Bow i Dellovo i Seo Mark Twain s last Book in your band do you offer it for Alo. R j Sho a cognized him at once As Tho gentleman who had so kindly opened Simmons door for her but with her Olour eyes she read the kindly motives to his and sold him the Book. In two minutes Murk Twain bad changed owners and Henry Dumaine had experienced a now sensation be bad fallen in Lovo. It was a new sensation indeed for him to new that to Only realised it after its fair origin bad passed out of his sight Aud a strange vacuum came into his Broast. Lie would Bavo Given anything to thought to know something More of her but to follow n lady to her Homo was not in his code so resolutely turned his heels in thu opposite direction and Voss by wished what others Havo wished to i Foo him that Thuro was no such thing is women and that Avo Hud choked j herself on that everlasting Apple. And Helen she too Cyperione of a j change a sensation of in Pines came Over her and she walked on wondering How it could be so. She bus Only sold Gnu Book and her profit Small. It # a year has passed Awny since Tbs episode of Simmon s of Lico and the two hearts thai for a moment became one throb and beat is strongly us then. Tho momentary lovers still exists. Their footsteps have Tro i Tho same streets and their eyes often routed on the sumo object but they have never met. New York is a Little world in which people Only meet by appointment. Henry Dumaine has not forgotten Tho j event of that hazy morning a year ago. More than ouse has to Ini Ikonom his i pen As a Little Conn in Hanuk passed him swiftly by or a voice in Tho throng j about him sent a tone like a Distant Coho through his heart. But of the Many Tonus that had hurried footsteps and quickened his breath on the Busy streets Amie proved to be the original of his memory and sub Dri Iii is and he has it last become weary tired of chasing after ladies who when to saw their faces proved wrinkled ugly or Block and not the one he sought. " shall never Sou her again he Sun patiently through la Long hour to sat the corrected mistakes jarring discords and fearful repetitions falling in Huedon on his love Strickon cars for Helen s voice wan ringing above Thom All. The lesson at last was concluded and Tho teacher turned to leave but As she did so Henry Dumn Inu s eyes followed her and his heart beat wildly. It is unnecessary Reader to particularized is to the Way Henry managed in introduction the love a Kings that followed and Tho Orange buds fresh in their scouted sweetness that Woro Woven shortly afterwards but rest is scrod that nil these things transpired since. Lovo will go where it is Bent Job printing in ill its branches if Salt Ancl no mrtle of reasonable term. In All order for Job work or Cadrett Law Seui by mall Mil rec Leo As prompt attention As if Yea parties Kallod into thou. " a Bach Lor s conf Salon. Ii a a Nudest Trayes. Married i not if i know myself and 1 rather suppose 1 do but i came very near it Las summer and i la toll you confidentially of Courso How it . I with up the Hudson it Cross Ink Manor visiting my Botond Cousin Doc arcs Wink who had just mine Hoina from India with n pocket full of Money and no particular idea How to spend it. So to bought the old Manor House put up Quarter of an Aero of conservatories levelled Oft a croquet Lawn und filled Tho place with Ooi Ninny. Joe is an exceedingly Agre Eab o follow and i rather liked the idea of spending the summer in the country with no Bills 1 i to pay so i did t hesitate to accept his to him Eli and i la give up and make in end of it lie did looking no More will flux ions eyes nicer every slender girl that chanced to be dressed in Bliek. Meanwhile what had become of Tho fair enchantress Helen Percy with Tho amen mulled trials of poverty crowding about her filling As they Over do the entire time of Tho doomed to to poor she had but few moments to Spond in dreaming. In the struggle for bread even her old luxurious Homo in the once Happy South was hardly recalled Tho faces of her father and Lover Whoso Bones Lay beneath Sunin do sorted and far away. , guv Tou a Suilun win friends o f invitation at once mrs Joe was exceedingly agreeable in her Way too a dark Bright Little crop into with Cheeks like nachos and great bewildering eyes and Sho had a sister is like horns two peas. Deuce pretty girl that miss Middle ton Joe said i Tho first night i arrived. Think so said Joo. Well i Don t mind tolling that you to m do rather an Isar msrion on no Taid i pulling my moustache. Fact said Joo pulling away it Bis part Aga with a Twink of in his Oyos. Why Don t you go in for Jonnny Middle ton old follow Liioi o b Money there Distant dream Aud the dear those other happier Days a fido vision. She remembered Over would remember the gentleman who bought the first Hook Sho Hud Oyer sold hut with other pleasant memories Tjio Laid it on a sheif of Tho past to to taken Down now und then glanced at and wept Over. The for u living was Hor present duty and would be Hor future Bosho must look Hack neither to Tho right nor to Tho left she said up its Zig Zag path. But Helen s fortunes have improved somewhat Sinco to say her a year Ogo. A kindly Clergyman who found her when even Hopo was at Ith lowest orb and looking her in the face had not Only Takon her to his own Homo for awhile but secured her u few music pupils so Helen was now after a Fush Ion getting along. It mis about this time that Sho had a now acquisition to her Small class in the Shapo of a Young lady of fourteen Whoso great fondness or Musaio was Only exceeded by Hor obtuseness As a Pupil. Numerous Hud been Holen s predecessors Soma of whom Tho Little lady did not like mud sovino who did not like Hor but the present one this capricious Damsel said was a perfect Paragon und Moed so incessantly did thu Young Chatterbox talk of miss Purroy and her perfections that her family were beginning to almost Hale Tho mention of her name and her eldest brother who was no less a personage than Henry Dumaine was heard to remark that to Hood himself and Tho Lovely Poroo might Nover moot Asho know it would to death to him. But oven is he spoke do tiny was taking him by the hand und leading him to his Fate. Tho remark above quoted had taken Plano at lunch and afterwards Henry strolled into Tho extensive parlor for a Short Tveita but he was no More than ensconced in his pet chair an immense Pillow affair than a shrill Ory from his sister announced the not that the Roost perfect of Nusio the abhors had arrived. A sudden fear that to would to dragged in and introduced Camo Over him. Horrors to thought not if i know it and he made a plunge for Bis hat but what tones were those that greeted his ears the Musio teacher was speaking Venabl Jup Torl and All the other it urls be Jao Ulato Bon Euth his breath. Tier Voitel Back to Tho shadowy rooms Szoss of the great chair be wont his hat making several rather Uncertain orioles where to bad dropped it in the Middle of the floor. Tiou and turned Tho Seal ring around on my Little Finger Oneo or twice. Woll you Boe Tho fact in i m not n marrying Man i finally in sword. But if the girls Ici a make such a dead set at Tho it s no fault of yours Yos i comprehend sex hotly said Joo couching a Little. But we Veall got to come to it sooner or later Dionysius it s Liko death or Tho  that is True a a id 1 reflect Ivory and there is a Good Deal of Stylo about miss Cnney. Woll i la take this matter into i said my Cousin Joo dryly. Creswick Manor As ill Luck would have it was crowded with company that week and among Tho guests was a Good looking Young miscreant Evan Hale by name who appeared to to on agg Nwa tingly Good terms with Jennoy Middleton Tho conceit of Puppy i said to myself. But i la put a spoke in his wheal or my Namo in t Dionysius Pewter but Justus was considering where to insert Tho aforesaid spoke Somo Friendly wind blow up a Telegram from Halo s Wall Street office wanted immediately and just As i was rejoicing threat upon Tho very next Day Somo unfriendly wind wafted up a letter for Jon Cyl it s from Evan 1 Doc arc Baid mrs Joe dating up to Hor sister with theopisto. Do toll us what to says Jonroy from or. Halo chirped Genevieve Gossamer a Blu Yod fairy in Muslin and Luo Satin ribbons. Why i had any idea it had Como to a correspondence Jennell do behave All of you said Jennoy and away Sho ran to read Hor letter in Poco with chocks As Pink As the ribbon How at her Throat. Now i leave it to you if matters did t look rather bad i smoked my Cigar grimly in the Arbor and tried to read Strathmore but was All to no Avail. Evan Hale stalked through All the pages and Misa Middle ton s dewy Brown eyes sparkled in every Wreath of smoke like haunting stars ill go to my room and have a Glass of iced Clarot mused i and thou i l flirt with some of the other girls and make Tonney jealous a that will bring Hor my apartment was in the East Wing of the Manor Home and to Roach it i had to go directly past that assigned to Misa Middleton and at ill Luck would have it Tho door was wide opon and there and on the Dira Ity dropped dressing table Lay the very letter that bad made soon sensation among Tho Gurle that morning jsutj3 3 / s in ill Havo a Peep at it Soliloquy sized i. I d Liko to Seo for a myself what Heyoung villain has Hud Tho Imp donor to Writt-1 All s fair in Lovo or War they  thus meditating 1 tiptoed into the room a pointy Little Bower of White Muslin Pink ribbon Lublin s perfumes and crimping pins and took up the letter. But before i could unfold it Tho so und of Poicon and font tops in the Hall beyond struck a thrill of dismay to my soul. By Jove cried i mentally the sooner i got out of thin Tho Botts. And dropping the letter i made a mad plunge for Tho door. The dour but of unlucky Fatool it was the wrong one and instead of escaping into Tho Ball i darted into a wilderness a Grove to to speak of. Muslin flounced dresses Silken skirts and. Snowy or Pories. Before i could recover myself Tho voices and footsteps Scro close upon to in Tho very room and All to Trent Wae effectually Cut off. I retired upon & told Copic Cage of hooped skirts which Clung around to with almost human maliciousness and Drew Tho door As close As i darod. Nothing on Earth shall induce to to lot any Ono in i muttered both Eon my Teeth is a parasol and ten band Botoe tumbled about my ears. Here was a pretty position though for Dionysius Pewter esq., cooped up Liko a int in a trap among dresses and jockey hats his feet entangled in hoopla skirt and n Sun umbrella booked into Bis Collar suppose any one should Como to the closet suppose the girls should find to Waves dropping suppose but just hero Jennoy Middleton s merry musical Lough routed the dismal procession of up positions. Just lot Ino Seo it Jonney Deaarl coaxed Nelly Powers. Ono look Darling Only Ono no Sonsel cried Jenney. Than s nothing in it but you re really engaged to him Iivo Woolli Loilau " but what will or. Powter Sny or Pewter Index do flashed ont Jenney so Alceto Ricilly that i almost jump of unious the slippers and skirts. A red whisker cd conceited Puppy who Fanoos Tho whole feminine world is in Lovo with him what do you suppose i care what he says though said Nolly Domor by St would have been fun to bring him to the proposing Point just Fiji boy him on hit Knoesel would t to do it stiffly and the Little coquette laughed ont at Tho idea. Perhaps you could manage it Yoor Olf said Jennoy. Wic Kedly. I daresay i would said Nelly. One might do anything with such a fool As the nil How my checks burned. Just band my that Curling stick dear said Jennoy. Speaking with a Cluster of hair pins in Hor Mouth. And now get the Wanito Muslin polonaise out of the my heart gave a great jump and then stood still As Nelly flitted across the room and Laid Ber band in Tho. Knob of my prison Bouse. Dear me cried Nelly what wis the door is won t  ,. Give it a Good pull said Jennoy without looking around. It often Sticks. Nelly pulled vigorously on her Side i held stoutly on mine but As Eril
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