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Postville Review Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1875, Page 1

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - April 21, 1875, Postville, Iowa The Wille review published every wednesday at pop lathe a atom Nikci. Comity Iowa by w. N. A Tyreick. Published every a face in. Tho How Brick Bloor a boor up stairs volume Iii. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa april 21.4875 number 4. One Inch mates a Quaro. Tue tabs and marriages inserted treo. Or oru Enad discontinued Taforo spiral Lon contract Mill be charged Coen Long the roots scale. Auad Sells orients Poyau cd curly. Miscellaneous manufacturer boots and Hora Como with your repairing. . Lott prop Factor Lawn r ii be vie look and w keep a a Paovn pin rom no nil Mii in 11 no Lum Lut main t 5l.tith, Picut Tel spout build any i Lipcer ail Utica anti door a. Us Rutlt attention Farmers tin Miller that used to run Tho Mer Riniti Mills has rented the Mills known pm Lii son s Mills yellow i Iver. Torn work promptly attended to Anil specially. Samuel i1i.oxa.ii a sons. Doe a Alla Makee co. I wit. Postville d5regt0ry. Restaurant Ami k. .1. Urfaly dealer in fir Ore Ijo a. Not no. I. J l la ii ill Olla Hon Vunt Nikiti i v. Stain u o., liners ill Iii Zimm id nit i Inlow. N. J. I in it a ii it jewelry Jill Ichuin. Sirs Aldrin millinery i to. A. Luk nil u Uri in Riklis. .1, a. Johnson i Ili in in f r m. Tin ill if co. Printing. Office. New Brick Block Postville Iowa the review Ico Haa icon refit tue and a Quantity new Type jobbing purposes Mcdoil to its Alcott by Uro Btu a a it one Trio most Oom Plute offices in nor Licin i own. We a to prepared to to every description Plain and ornamental Short notice. Largest st0ck0f Flat papers letter Heads Bill Heads statements shipping tags card Board cd a kept in the county. New bakery. J. 1ikad, opposite Mott s annul Ynnel ims opened i new Usi cry unil is pred to t Urnis i nil in want in Yak Iti a in Liis line lit Trio most Renson Lile prices l Resli Drem and cakes no ways Ikumi v2i i4yl m n. T , Linker. Powers & Prescott o -.��. Kkt at est at i. A a texts Liny Neil sell farm lands Ami town fun Ralile terms titles and abstracts furnished tall and examine our lists. L , Iowa. Viu Jef s Portville kor. Carpenter & Joiner j. Ruff Toul pair it Ihli Lii it . Ali Vel ii Ilav Tlynn Divinc Ivy. Rue her Spoo. I a in cry in Litins Wiite Ati l thu win. Do Iii i a i inv c. By rfcs in incl Mit Liliie. in Dwilis p in Mill Lut by a a a f. W. L us Lii 1 a. Mull Contr notel promptly att Udod a will Tak r.-trict- Audi Funi Isu Walor alb . Khoja it refit Laoc. Of _ do. A. Kellogg dental .,8ur6e0li w Wanton. Iowa. All work . Baton function Phi Tesins motor to. Office Conover House Kunh Herat it tupac Cir Urt Howo Birwe. A Guys at Homo Mou Jay Anil John Thoma in tins West Tore Hie new i Riek Blois i is Pri Iarud to furnish nil who desire the Best Cir. A its. In \ \ re Virs Vuk Vir. Mis to. Toll a. I Akk ill Al a i Iii to n. 1.1 my us. Inc. . A i. L Liv a i in Imi-1 in full ii Lulli a. 0m1 ,\vnl.i. ii a u till . Hotel r. A. Vol Tenn. Ruotol i i lir i a lire Ely disgusted with the Luik wariness my Prospe Tiyi Elo its and the More Titis Aero . Although Imd beep in Siab Torii but a Short time yet it had been Lone enough for 1110 to fall violently in love a Atli a Western it. May was Irr name and Jude the i i at Man slab town her father be was Rich and i poor and although 1 knew Llinat i adored and fell Eon Ildeni that she at least i i a nut hate me 1 yet was too proud to Tell Liy love till i Huil some Way bridged the pecuniary Gulf Between us. Her brother Diek was my intimate Friend and i Faney soap meted my feel warm to in s too it soy 1 knew 1 bad Noth Sivu to kill lies s. S Nurr Anil Nilu a. In Eric Orielly -.itl,,l Lealir in . 3 a Mir jr., in n Ami Faury join la Luxl be Malin i. Ilowit co., tin Ili in up in Lin 11.11 it Prii Zirli Lovret Ellie ii Lilli i Iuli. In la pumps. Wind wills and Frost proof carib All kinds Ropnik rings. Agent for butt attn wind Milf. Also pimps Pinrod. A a i Mitchell. Of Tho huf Tajh Lijuan 1,0-wa. Avill visit Postville the eth and 8th Aoh month for at mor George Bruno up a new restaurant., All those wanting anything in Raf Liff Ewill please give Roe e Call t-w., -.11.-1 e s Wel Tsor. oils lie left romp.-Oile-, ii uni a tit it i la. I Fiu tli., Cit it ii i irolki.-. Opt let Molt Pio Iii Lor All la to. C. R., Allen. A i line. Alloi Ilei a prompt k to toy. Proprietor one us the by it pm a Slaline sin no Lien Lotta. Or a 1j. Poi sri. It Iii a in a limn. Penn spun a. I. Alliott it to for inline i list . Live by nil Salt i i.-t till Tiu terms mul cml u la Tui a i i in iloiif1 i Hort Biol Lccy play ii Fin Ami Kurt Uli Iii Pitini Jelly Uttmi is. All \ in and Kun Lyli a limn a i tiring . Viilu Iii i ii u Pion itly. Or. A rude Oculi St and specialist in addition to the treatment Chroni and acute Ophthalmia Inda Stiim the Eyon granulated lib Fri Iii new cities Pter Gium Fli inlay growth the Oyes Aimi Rosiu Etc., lie Ives special attention to Mich diseases As scr Fula neuralgia Dise ibo kidneys haemorrhoids Pilch Bys Topsia a be chilblains Burns Etc. Tho doctor has had Long cd Perio Noo and brings to his Aid a thorough knowledge Hie business. Consultation free and a candid opinion Given. No acc Tiivi iii9i a Cam h�1iit1,s Bros. It i1  in inor Cli Inilla All lint is and farm pro Iii i Aleo Impi whom i Itvilli Plank. It Van Hooker . Hon Kim the Natl rpm i Hup. All tvs ref Ilono in the Avni a Typ. Loloi e a xxv Lusty. Drug store a i am better prepared than 6rer to furnish my customers with an endless Quantity varieties together with a Largo Stock . By. A Ali. By bugs medicines Van Iii paints oils and , cd eap Jbf than who. Boa Post at the old pops Antly hand a general took drugs school books stationery White Load window qlu8s, Eto. Everything Tho vory Best qual Ity and at reasonable figures. A Jef particular attention Given to com pounding proscriptions a first Cluss assortment dyestuffs perfumery and annoy Ait Iolee Puro wines and liquors a. By at. By l a i lir in lion a ply to Tifilo Viool a. Ken nil a liclii"., 4.-1-. Also it fail tip i Urjil Oil . J. K. I Lilly los pm Leloi tile Kiy oily la nuer Blip. Reni la to Uttend to tile Wiki in Llic people. In yet its your let & i. Penile Lei to lilo a Ami Pali it iia althies Alai Loary All kind mid Sci tool Boolos ii Wurn Lial lil. T Suici Iii Ilco. Of Loco Wotli s. S. Powers. All kinds Biniam fat in ins Lino attended to with i oni Puiesi j. T now Wngo ils mid so Elusim mridul it tinted and repairing Dotal. Altio All i Minim work la Trio Loop i Tia Lino. E. Solium/., Donl Seln psf new a a to lips. Saddles . All kit Len i a Istir ii a Dono a Lioi to no Leo and at reus Naulu . J. Ii. Keller he to to rent Neil dealer in nil Lii Nils Monfee Tinory Kvuei Lhing Utt la its Saeou und Prees Trio lot Reut All n. W. Miles dealer in sewing min lines and tells Trio Best Ruinn met tired Viz Trio Towo. 2q Waif us Lite Road constr Ute. 11.1. Hii Ilson nine Smith and repair Eliop. Any Ali Luff Yoa Wigint. Done in lilo Blauka a Iliili Gnu can us ways to Dono Atli Suliot. Livery Aud Bale stable 1mxoock 8 to be 3f,  to keep a large1 number carriages and sleighs always hand mid Tho beet horses for the Nur Poso conveying parties to All parts the country terms reasonable give a Sawall. Be a san blk formerly owned by 0. Yan-hoq�,3 v2n44-tf, jugs i wan Teliin Kimii seriously trying another location still further West when one morning you Iii i oni my Lod Inis i became conscious an usual Emir Ivicin in the Village. M lignin a women i Irimie 1 to and fro Ami gathered in front a spae Loiis Brijil Iny the main Street. It we the dwelling Floe for lloy Tim a retired physician n Man wealth mid with i family except a Nephew who Liyi a with Liviu. As 1 Appi a Nuhui the House i noticed the Pale and excited faces the assemblage Kiel when i came up to then Diek Hammond caught me by me sleeve. To Oil Zodl Llan Al doctor Llo Ynion Izui been r murdered and my own Cocci blanched. Fly whom is there by do not know the body was just discovered an .1 we Are waiting for the ju.tie.und the pm uner to Nuu a a the , Ere we this turn when the la icings arrived i naj Able to a Aiu permission for Luek Aud to accompany them in their search. Leaving i Oili our at Tho door to prevent unit Side s from gaining Luli pittance we Nisce ruled the stairs unit passed into the sitting room where Tho noun ice was committed. Quietly and systematically the magistrate went to work binding us to keep together in a body and not disturb in the Blig nest i Greo. Anything in Tho room. He first examined the body. It hid Trio bed the Bead and shoulders hanging Over the Edge and Tho Bedstead being Low Fuluio to touching the hour. The Throat was out from cur to ear Anil left Arm was u deep narrow puncture As if made by a i
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