Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
16 Apr 1887

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Postville Review in Postville, Iowa
16 Apr 1887

Read an issue on 16 Apr 1887 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Review.

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Postville Review (Newspaper) - April 16, 1887, Postville, Iowa By Al. I orb Ifaf Loille. It is will 1 s ill Cir Olive y. Elmo la before As fur urto not die. A o Mil realy Init it ii. Lint info Idem Siml Oliou scan off Bower cd Piny in no tricks Insko for us m bin for before Youir lir Ulim of Neil Lisco Ilioiu lit of Ali Iii we shall know liliom Iii no Nisku ilium. Tin la flit Irum Trio trn Mispal int Ryo of Lite Willi Trio Bare loss nil Trio Linof i Tirc l fico Lionil shall destroy Yoti Ami go Lii twirl your land his visit Lslie Nicolli shall Lis things Olavs Fust in Jim and Pat Yon up you and your wire Ami children Trio limbic tubes shall to Lac with Yon loudly and make Yon stores. In Ewari this my Terriss did not fall of in effect indeed it was hardly needed so to deeply Scro our Fil Cndia a Lindy impressed Ettli our Powers. Trio old Man Ludo a deep Olicki Naticc and murmured Trio word Ivo oni Koom which 1 All Erward discovered was their Loyal Ranto eos responding to Trio Lia Yoto of Trio zulus and turning addressed his followers. These at onco proceeded to Lay hold of nil our goods and chattels in order to Bear to lick for us excepting ouly Uio runs Hlali Lioy would on no account touch. They oven Good s clothes which were As Trio Reader Lime remember neatly folded up beside him. Lie it Unco Mado a Alvo for them and a loud altercation ensued let not my lord of the transparent Eye Ami the melting Teeth vouch them said Trio old Man. Surely his slaves shall carry the tilling but i Waul to put Vin on i roared to Wal in nervous English. Umb Opi translated. Nay my lord put in would my lord cover up ills Beautiful White lefts although be was so dark goad had a sin a Early we Iii so ten from Trio Oyes of ids serv an Shavo we Xirui Nevil my lord that to should do such a Lii nov hero 1 nearly exploded with and Niom Wil Fine of the men Starlet on with the garments. Damn it roared Good unit Bliok alb Llan Linn st my look Here Good said sir Henry you have appeared in this Roii try 111 a certain flip Neh a mid \ his flannel shirt from hippie up in Trio Orr Luif Breeze and to my astonish Miil hulled into uni Sipa who was walking Aloir Inanc lately behind Ine had very evidently been Liston Iliff with uie a realest in test to my conversation with la Andoos. The expression on his Fuco was must curious and Kavo Tom i h a of a Man who was sir ii i Liivik will pail Al Yuri lilo i in Smilic Thih a Nib a i fort Nylon Back into i mind. All ibis while we hid been pressing Oil lit a Good Rule Down inward Hie Plain by Neal. The mountains to had crossed now loomed Hll a Sii Kivo ius and Sheba s illegals were modestly veiled ii Illah Nous or Oatlie of Mist As to went on the country Jar Row More and morn Lovely. I lie Ven Tollon was luxuriant without lie ii Iro Plohal the Kim is Bright and warm but not burning and a Bierao blow softly Kiln Nof die Mlo Roui slopes of Hie Moini gains. And indeed this new Bud was Little less than an earthly in Beauty in wealth and in climate 1 have Nevei seen Lis like. The Transvaal is a la in  country hut ii unit Vilnit to . So soon As we started Infa Ilii m inn Dis Pate lied a runner on i lilo Peop e of Trio Kraal which by the Way in Lii incl Biry coi Malid of our arrival. This Viau had departed at an exit for Hnit , which Infa Doos had info inked he would keep up All the Way us i exercise much Pine tired Timoni Bis . The result of his Yunsa a now to Vamo Apia run. When we pm wll Lii two Miles of the Kraal we could no coins airy after company of men was issuing from its Siatos and marching toward us. Sir Henry Laid his hand upon my Arm and Remur Kod unit it looked us ton Tali we were going to inight Warni reception. Something in his tone attracted Infa Doos attention. Jet not my lords he afraid he said hastily for in my breast there dwells no guile. This regiment is one under Niv command mid comes out by my orders to grift \ company for act up behind we slay them. It is Tho third part of Tho Leto ",u.", a toward the Kraal till at of a Man Slanco Titer was a War. Many thousand died in it but tvo destroyed Elioso who Emo to cat us up. So Slanco thou Thero Init bean no your warriors must grow worry of resting on their Spears last the whole regiment of Tho Grays so called from their White Shields Tho crack corps of Tho Kukuna Puoplo was marching Boult no its with a trend that Hook the ground at length branching Oft front Salomon i a i As this re Nullo round mid fenced with a Stroug pall Aldo of piles formed of Tho trunks of Trees. At Tho Gateway this foes was spanned by a primitive drawbridge which was let Down by Tho guard to allow us to paid in. To e Kraal was Hail out thru Ali the Center ran a wide pathway at right Millet by other pathways so arranged As to out Trio tints into Square blocks each Block being of it company. Tho huts a cry dome shaped and built he those of the zulus of n framework of Wattle beautifully thatched with Grawi Bat Tut Elko Tho Zulu huts they had doorways through which one could walk. Asti Thoy were Nameli larger and surrounded with a veranda about six feet wide beautifully Pawl with powdered Llanio trodden hard. All along each Aldo of Tho wide p it Jinny that pierced the Kraal Wero i in cd hundreds of women brought out by curiosity to look at us. These women Aro for a unlike race exceedingly handsome. They no tall and destroyed the people that Canto Down upon us but it was a Ovll War dog eat How was that my lord Tho King my half brother had a brother born atthe so my birth and of the sume woman. It is no tour custom my lord to let twins Alvo Tho weakest must always die. Hut the Mother of Tho King hid away Tho weakest child which was born Hist for her heart yearned Over it and the child. Is Twila Tho King. 1 inn ills younger brother born of another wife Well my lord Skafti. Our father died when to Canto to manhood and Tny both or Mohi was made King in his Placo and for a space reigned and had a Sou by his favor i to wife. Wlton Tho Baba was three Yoaw old just after Tho great War during which no Man would sow or reap a Fathio Citro upon the i land and Tho people Norm Rod because of the famine nil Loc Kod round like a starved Hon for something to rend. Thou it was that Gasool Tho Weso wont aft who does not die Graceful and Thor a lures Are wonderfully proclaimed to Tho Puoplo saying Tho King duo. Tho hair though Short is rather Ouvry int Otu is no King and at the Elmo in Iota  was Slok with a wound and Lav in his hut ill a woolly Tho Faturos Are frequently not Ablo to Movo. " aquiline and Tho lips no not unpleasantly then Gasool wont into a hut led out the a is mlle a a 1,1 float african races Twain my half brother and the twin Broth it w st cd 118 most wits to Lola exc or of Tho King whom she had hidden by Rico 1"10 " kneed air. 1 hey Wero All to was bom among Tho eaves and rocks and stripping Tho Ino Clift Waist cloth Oil ills loins shewed Tho people of Tho Kurt inns Tho Mark of the Skorod Snake colled round his Waist whore with Tho eldest son of Tho King is snark ont birth and cried out loud behold your King whom i Havo Savod for you Ovon to this Day Tho people boing mad with hunger and altogether bereft of reason and Tho know logo of truth cried out the King i the King i know that exceed All i Well Broil in Thor Way As the Lui tucs of fashionable drawing room and in thin respect differ from Zulu women mud their cousins Tho Monsal who. Inhabit the District behind Zanzibar. Thor curiosity had brought them out to Soo us but they allowed no Lido expressions of wonder or Savage criticism to puss their lips As to trudged wearily in front of Thorn not even Whon old Infa Doos with a surreptitious motion of Tho hand onto l out Tho crowning wonder twas Notson for in Iota my brother was the of poof Good s Beautiful Wilto logs did elder out a twins and was the lawful King. Apil Wiite , tumult at its height 4motu Tho King though to was vory sick came crawling from his lint holding ills wife by. The and and followed by his Little son Ignoll the lightning. " what is the noise to asked Why cry be Tho King i Tho King " he a Twala lit own brother torn of Thoy allow the feeling a a intense admiration Iii ii .evidently1-mastered to War minds to find Rex Prejs of. Thoy fixed their dark eyed upon the to snowy Lovo Noss Good s skin is exceedingly Wilt and that was All. But this was Quito enough for Good who is mod est by nature. When Vve got to Tho Centero Tho Kraal Infa Doos halted at Tho door of a Large lint Tho ame siting ii our ran lilo la it Dod at a distance by to him and taking Hlin by Tho hair stabbed i Oirc-10 o 1blh 1 0nw-Hhn through the heart with his knife. And being tickle and Over ready to Wor Shalfi i to rising Tun clap Peil their Tiff Toals King i now to know that Tate is Kingi " and what became of his wife and Hor a on lposlfvdi4 l Ala kill them top Wiwi i Lufti when the Sov withal Hor. Lord was Lead Sho Sehzad tie child with a Jerand ran a a two Day lifter pro Bhe v to 0" wet Widm Iier and Lions Aero Roins in we entered into the 1 wot d give her my Lac a too now that her a fish a pro to unit to Topsy prepaid for wow wafer pm by to. Wytort coaches of tanned aulos were ����.��,.�-i--.�.i-.��.-."� i to rest on and water was i Wash. In. P hard it shouting outs do Osiab fifty Al Ftp Tho attention of our admiralty should to called to the matter and Tho French authorities requested to Choonoo some less suggestive spot. The following word. In in in of n. Lavonora an a remedy fur those Rte Lealo diseases and weak Newi a Peculiar to women must to of Lylei st to every sufferer from Bufuth maladies. They no Lair e nipples off spontaneous express Iii i h which Alvo to their Evenso of Gas Hurt of for Tho inestimable Boon it health Xiv Holcli Lias been Rin Tond 10 Thi Iii by the us .0i mis world i Aiumu Mcanany. John k. Or rial of my wife Siml Leen Pio i with female we writes my wife hint been i furring for of Ort jul Llaneta and had pow out one Limi Lipil Ilot Lars to rth Sll or. Pletts. ont a Clef. She took lir. W i Evi jrrpsv6rft� Ivi and it did her Onoro h nil tier Medicine Plain Toller Lilym Phit claim during the three years they had Liten practising upon mrs. Al Ronny. a of Ivel Feltl in. I"., i or tit i was n leu Cor thin hearing Down pains and Nln Denton Una la Nerow my Linek. Three bottles of your i Ivorite prescription restored me to perfect Hearth. I treated with Iii. For 1 nine months without recce Ioir any Lien tit. The favorite Prescript on is the greatest earthly Boon to lid poor suffering greatest earthly Boon. Mrs. f. , tin Fly cotlage.,0., frit a i took i Livi a Chi tales of your 1 a Vonte i refer Pylon nod one Pottle of your la Uetro i ant doing my work and Lingo been for some Triue. I Lingo Ltd to employ help for shout ext run it Ursu lord f Eon Imenit it talc _ left your no Alicino. I Ivo had to Wear it Rajni Poiter Roo it of the time this i have Laid aside and 1m a Oll As i Ever j mrs. May go gases of Viii Ira old Tica co. A jul few writes Vino  i Uvo rile prescription i bus worked wonders i Fly to write " several Bot uus of Tho a Ivorite 1 have re gun Etc triv a Eulilli wonderfully to he astonish Mont o myself and i can now be o i my feet nil Day i Tho Duryca of Why household. Who Els Iuni Braska Omaha Ueo. The discovery of diamonds hire within i the last few Days seems to Havo unsettled All prior opinions with regard to Tho Purchase of Tho lands by the parties stated. J. S. Kysor has discovered what scents to to a Diamond of ram value and Bril Many limes women Call on tin in family physicians stiff Chur imn Feltie one from drop Coslit another from heart disease another from liver or kidney Diw Are Nti Othet from nervous isl Lon or Proton tilt it another with pain hero of there and in this Way they All present alike to themselves and their f any Rol tits and Indk Trent or Over Busy doctor separate and distinct diseases for which in prefer lbs his pills and potions Wirsu Montr them to of such when. In , they Are Only f on Foi i Curf a by some womb disorder. Tho pays Jinn lion ont of Tho Causo of Sutter Lnor Envoi iraides ids print too until Jarge Bills Are mail. Tiie suffer Tiu patient gets no better tint Protin Bly worse by Tinson of thu delay wrong treatment and cons que it to a plan. It was Nei nity burned and Trio no Irrea soy it is Pouesi Isimal by a evil of Bud Havo been vol Load with an affection of the tit cat from childhood caused by and Havo used vat Iqua reme Ellee Bill have Durer found atty Slitni a pint to in turn to Tito . I. A. Fum Pron i Ikotun a sold Only in boxes. Hen. Mrs. K. F. Menu tax of a o. 7f 77o.t in inn Snyth five years i was a Drc Adful sufferer from uterine troubles. Len Vrtik exhausted the skill of three physicians i was completely Descour Niimd and to weak i could with difficulty Cross Lio room no Ine. T a Efren Tunkl tar or. Mereo s favorite prescription and Urt Nir Tho local treatment recommended in Liln common Hensn mail local adviser i commenced to it Provo lit once. In Turco months i was Jar re thu Currry and Havo had no trouble since. I wrote a letter to my family paper briefly mentioning How my health had Boon restored and offering to Send Tho full particulars to any Ono wilting to for them Ami cd Aina a Semiw Jan Rev la Hiiro ,-,. A. Or i c Fol in reply Lull in Ilvo Rcpt. T Havo received Over four Hundred letters. I have Deser Tusl my Enao and Tho treatment used  Earne suy advised them to do likewise from a a Root Many i Havo received second letters of thanks sent Lair hat they had commenced the two of favorite prescription and sent the 81.50 a spilled for Tho mystical advisor Ana had a pulled the local treatment to fully and plainly Laid Down therein and were much better army of Mcmoli Bot rom tved no persuaded me. To try Poitr Lic Curuso 1 a Rob prejudiced _ min. Foj. V. Phi comr Woltal Lrtil a i " i was troubled Ivich it Imit cer Rhyn it fall Luis of the Sei Rrth of tit tym my bed Elmo wkly our f n int. Luru c sums ing b Neth at Bly i Siuai a Vwolin 1 Loath to do Gal list Sbeih ii in the doctors Sutiri. T ills i Chi. U they would do to no Good. I new Lar told Niv Liu Slaius that 11 in would gel Mio Sonoro of your in Lleini a of would try them Nowaj tit Thoad too of Luy phys Ciji. Jar got inn to x Boll Isof Trio a Vivorio a Rosorio jilt or also of to in it Ivory f,.,-ten uollara., a t. Rook three bottles of i Curci unil Louir no favorite Nyamuon and i have been u sound a Umu for four yearn. I Jujj i to Niv r. Who Nina to of Aid melt Leo hers Lulu a Short time. 1 ulivo. Not Hud to Talie Uny Ito line i of Lor a the outgrowth of a vast experience. I�rl�7 Rooco make Tho Martling War boiled it without of ulnar any Lonh from ton to Mitbo pm Ilioof Witt Uip Pink Luw found i part at Lator a finn Yrtti Trintin Tom to nor a a v of . It and Yon Havo a picture of what this i we a " this season am0n, thu false a at was. A mix . 1 Fiur Ami Yiu Iii i eople terribly blur died mangled line colitis lady ulis. L , i ll., april 11.-a shocking Accident occurred in Trio Mino of Cham Bot lain Colliery is. Clair this not Ernson. Miss Berisso Shoul of Bhron Springs n. A a student of Vassar Collego was visiting miss Keiler of st. Clair n fellow student and the two Young Butos in company with a Young Man named Henry Short and Edwin Thompson Ono of Fri i a Axon Urease lasts four times As Losiff is any Ether. Use. It save your Livorse Iana in on. Iichi Tonij How a Tui ii Liao minister la i going to Tipalu to r mud Vouis time is tie a i to Ili in t " " ered Mattel. I to amt country As Well us to Trio United the treatment of Many thousands of eases of those chronic and Dlolres Snir ailments Peculiar to females at Trio invalids hotel Ami hurl Cal Institute fluff no n. Y., has afforded u vast exp Orenco in nicely Milap Tanir and Horii Fehly Eston remedies for lie cure of woman s poo uhor Mala lies. Or. 1 Lorce n i Piorko i is Tho nut growth or a our of this Kri it and valuable experience. or Rei Elvisl trom put leu and front Hybl Tims who have tested it in the More and Otist unto eases which bad hauled to War skill prove it to to Tho most wonderful a Smody eve r Dev Tsi d for the Relief and euro of suffering won Cju. It is not recommended a n Citie All but As u most perfect so Citro for woman s in Nellar ailments. As u powerful. tonic it imparts strength to Trio whole system and to Tho uterus or womb and its a in a Diffen in particular. For overworked worn out debilitated teachers milliners in is Unkei a seamstresses " shop in urls Fousekis Pere Nitro Slnar mothers and Foo Blo women Genie Molly or. I Pieroe s Favorito prescription in the greatest earthly Boon Beinor of an appetizing a Onellia und restorative tonic. It promotes dlr festoon and assimilation of food cures Iii Insen. Weakness of Stool Iii Todd Resquin i Natl no and of r soon Lilbur nil Lioret Nch fun Sny i mud other distressing Norvus symptoms Eom Mouly att Bidaut upon functional and Iri Iulo Den my ctr tin Weet Ira it Frau cd ,t Cruz Foj in a by an Jacl Lenoa Fauhl so wilful l h a and adapted to woman s Elloeta Orkun Pitlon. It is to us and per Loftly. Bar Olcus la its wry its in any of be so Steak 1 to nor to l Rcd Crl it loud la Qto us Alvo euro for Tho most complicate Al Ned Obill Niitme costs of Loop Orliea or Wuu excessive Low inn it monthly Pur Fods painful menstruation unnatural Montvi Slons Inola issus or Fulling of tie 1�jfab, weak Back " female we4iknes�, ,, to Trover Slon k or Lair Down sensations Chion to to in a a Loii Inhui nation und ulcer Tim of the womb pain and to ii dearness in ovaries to Coon ruled with internal l Lii Rickii Png a i or. Serl Don tis a 4mtw re Viiar Imu Seu. of stoic Inch and Nln r Sycip term tween Traen with Tho use of or. Imi no o Tolden weigh ii Lilse of cry Iuno Small Laxa Alvo dowser or. I Teru s l i enacts Elitle Uver liver kidney nud Stu Alder theares. I Luis conch he d use also removes blood Julius Ami Uli Olison a Cun i onerous and Olu Loizu Liumis from tie system a a Volto in the Only mod Lilno for web association no. 003 iria Street Vij Fiji v. Llor Torling for cold. New York thin. Old mrs. Deut Loy in drug store have to got Enny prevention Young Many clerk prevention f old mrs. Bently yes. I Bui Loyton will on tuesday morning drop into Tho Hudson River at Liudi of for a swim to new York eco Minnied by in Llano toss and of Orgo w. Leo. Iho proprietors of Tho Colliery entered old in i Cheru Tell that in our co of the Mino for the purpose of giving prevention is Poltor n n Pound of cure mis Short an Opportunity to in Spock. The for it. Zinimo an ounce oper Tiou of mining Coal. Tho Mino had told a Enn or scrim not been working for a Wook and none but clues nil Ihnn take Ayer sharia Parylla explorers Wero inside at the Timo. In in i not week the visible Supply of Grain adjacent Mino working however wore Al in thu United states and Canada increased Bort Thompson not hot of the Ilam i Iyll Raj bushels of com and i i a j7 Bush and Soverel others who wore making sex of Ryo and Dimin Lahod 8 or ,7l bushels Ami nations of Tho work. They were of wheat. 8 in bushels of outs and 2 11, startled by a heavy explosion and know 781 bushels of Barley ing that thu party bad entered Tho other miss Carrie Bartlott formerly connected with Tho Minneapolis Tribune has i to got a and abandoned newspaper work for the pulpit and is now a Cuil Triau preacher at Sioux full d. T. Slope they hastened Thoro to investigate. About 150 Yards Iron Tho foot of Tho slope they Cam upon the messes. Short and Thompson and Tho two Young ladies lying upon the ground Somo of them unconscious Anil All frightfully burned and mangled. They were taken i out As Secody As possible medical nt-1 Tendance was obtained. Miss Keller s Floo was burned beyond recognition. Iler Skull and thigh was Fra tue and her a nolo crushed. Sho did this evening. Miss Shoul had her leg badly fractured and wbb terribly bruised and burned Bat May survive. Short s head is n mass of outs and contusions and in is badly bruised. He romans unions pious and his Roo Ivory is doubtful. Thompson in i painfully but not fatally burned kills. To Lilly Alvo families items Erbil homeless i nos Ziuko vi\., april 1j,-t/i disastrous fire at Spring Arden jirl8 it Ternoois do stroked Frame houses rendering thirty Flo families homeless. Thollke started in factory and was Censed by Tho boiling Over of a a Tevlo of fat. Tho Goa a auts of Tho houses had barely to pub to Ostapo with their lives Lynnd worn unable to Bavo any of their inn behold goods. They Are All an Jutt Nilvo breath is Mont distressing not Only to Trio person in Lect de if to have any Pride bet to those Wotli whom he Cornea in Oon nut. It is a Dol Cato matter to speak of. But it has parted not Only for Jozius but Ivers. Lead breath and Catarrh Aro usop Ruhle. Or. Base t Catarrh itch indy euros tin worst cases As thousands can it is Tad that the he heat Salner paid a Metlio Dut ministers in Tjio new Ciuferi Iiene is $l,w0 Ami House of a Rivurs Guaito Lille Trio average Hirlu Duir Oinui Ruit is to. It is Bellevou hat thousands h Iii w Ailo Pulask Das mail ii Aud exploring Are to be energetically prosecuted. Several books of county records la Iowa which Hail Long been lbs Lair Wero recently found in n Davenport Saloon whore Urey had Oeun pawned for liquor by a former of Wall. Toll Lral Tempo Ranco l Artlus. It would be the most Myartt nolo thl nit in Trio history of Tho world if the Jutla Jur Kwa Moxlow nor to food Plant should sub Statuto the iwo of Sam Uraula and take Trio wind out of thu sails of the poll Leal ter Speraneo parties. To Cru u the cwt of authority Tor Tho Stato nut amt the Del Utu is bolter in Tulud Wotli it and the liquor dealer Luu to keep it or lose ids custom. It u a powerful f a or that Ihor eur make Juntas much Money on it Anil pay no License. Also Usu women and churches Back it to tint utmost 1-Spci Lally to women Sweet is Rev Niro especially to ," said the Birtcil tit Luuri Fly. Ltd la Roii. Surely be to had humor Ivich a tie Ole such were to. Put ten to Are that of y won Psi , Llinat Aro end Rylis i oui in or tie a own to enily Rreves. Tejere Liujie for Thos who suffer no Ini Ilter How Twilly or to lir. U. V. 1 it rce s i a Vurlla l a Cir Littion Huff la tin notion it is a Bli Sillik t Tjw Celii to Icom ii nil to Nien too for when women Bumer thu is Askew. In Boring a Well Luiu l no drove limit ral i county Ste iou of a temperature Hulen Iurii i to noun potato was us Siuk at a depth of sixty fee a Helow the snug fortunes May to Hail by All who Aro i Tell Feut ail euterpe Sui to Eui Haracc thu inti which Are Olte red them. Hulu it & co., Portl Tiu Maine have Soini Puiia new to offer i the lao of it Ork which you can do for them and live at Home a Hervor you two local esl. Protits Iii Ini Tiue nud Evory worker is Suro of Over $5 a Day so Crul Havo made Over join a Soglo Day. All Ages both sexes. Cup Tutaj not required you Aro suited Freo All particulars free. You had better write to to Lien at ouzo. Zard Oil concerts Wiki is enormous. The company Mittins it on the Market offer Tho Enol us $5,000 if Thoy can hid in Yuling in it Intro deleterious Tului common bitter Root and Winter Rreed. To thank god it cuu do so Well without he or Krupp is going to Start a Dally at Essen for Tho duo of his 20,. ,. Of workmen. Horr Krapp knows How to poor people and the loss will fall heavily make big guns but it Retsias to to Soen non them. To nigh the thirty five fam whether a will know How to Moke a Good Hies numbering Over 100 persons Are newspaper without Bho Tor and Many of them Aro being cared for by nol Kobors. The Lossa film is estimated at about $00,000, on which us oof . Soop we a Lii let Woluns cloth apr by care Teri a Waltin or non of cheap wet stiff com in Jimim to Sluti from h to Loa Vleit bucket i. To Piu ii Cal a no Vur i ii sir Hibi article of h nut vat nor yellow. & & ilk or. Jumei l Lark or in one or Tho Hist Utt ii Hwo it from or. Iio Chor to a i no iwo factly wll. I wonder if i shall Ever urow into Konitta in euro i by fms sent Unell dotted my the Avalon Sty Jurf of cure for . Mus Miry Meusner who Rooe utly married a Tiow Auffet a. Cal., Hui $1,000,000 la her own right and ninth in Ronli $5,000,000. Wells hair hai.8am. If Gray restores to original color. A elegant Dre Clug softens and leu stifles. No Oil nor grease. A Tonto cat Oruro. Tops hair com Biff a it strength be a Croatia cd. Heal Scalp. We. W. Ill race n poor wry Lair Uduc dior of Xenia Ohio him fallen heir to $373,000 in England. " Al five by Cutie of Urett town an4 tit in Titi u. S. Marvelous Curt Bavo t it a wit a a is a of thou it Luia a l Niec i in. I . Our sons d Doinik fr�n4. Kaui st mrs a Sells Irp Buu �to., Pau flu ism. Dos Tutt to my Tolm Lor a a Meta ats la la. Pons bread win Mil. Chichester s English pennyroyal pills Tho original and Only a Onule. " a Tel a Uvraj Huab ets Waro of Wetr Tilem Blu a Juar urn not Toru kit hts to i a r Uio Lom a. Of jump " �1l in Edlois. To Tui us no tiber or Jan mall Nuu. co., a fold ua4u�a my aft Tor Obulio Stald of Lorn Gifu eve Rirs Kar. Am for i Teho a or parti Ulm a in ills eel Oil l. Co., us d to be a Boot Basoli. Lit. _ a Toyli i Talmre not Bun it in a a Loop in Atkinson n. Ii., for Al Raj Eno Jenna. Trio torn has tic Post Odiot Blair Tot the sup Wrt of us poor fort lie met eight or ton years. If you Ark losing Xiv a gb1p on life try Wells Ries Hli Bolles r. Oops direct Catarrh Cream Bali in Woit Tii $1000 to any Man woman or child tit Turluk from Catarrh. A Ola a tort lilt i applied into cacti non rat and to Refro Lilu. To co so sent. Al thru Glau Liy matl w Chi. Cd Roulo. Fri i. A la i Letoi Tslia vow Santa Owego. M. _ fever other.--7, ,. I Mounir ambles Jocko in i signed o cent set 1 Kew York Obj has in Odd Ohe Rotor to tourer titty Radlo he from his Tater s Wilts i who Deli glib in fooling people by Ponpug in this country beginning oct. I. As a Wai figure. He is forty Flo years old dresses Well and is often Takon Tor a Wax Ngure As he bits with an umbrella or Oane Noroes his Lap and a program to in front of him Tho superintendent of the museum thinks of putting him in the catalogue. One of u gang of Loe Utterb near mount Varmell 111., out oat a piece at Ioe on three sides and then Laid a saw on it remarking Home fool will go to pick no that saw and in hell he proved to be a Prophet for forgetting his trick a few moments later he himself stepped on the Loo Oake and went Down in Bov ii feet of water. Oswald us a said to have made 1000 dishes of turned Ivory All per feet and Complete in Overy part yet so thin and slender that All of them were included at once in a our tamed out of a Pepper Corn of Tho common size. Hoy wore so Small As to be almost invisible to Tho oyo Thoy were presented to Popo Paul.  a Jacksonville flu., newspaper has this advertisement being warned of approaching death by my physicians i will sell my new $4fi0 piano for $165. I will also a Orloue my organs and bowing a Holnes or rent them. Also american eur cyclopedia people s Gen-1 eral Grant s memoirs and other books i j. 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