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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - September 28, 1882, Postville, Iowa Labor and capital allies not in Nemea vol. 1. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa thursday sept. 28, 1882. No. 7. The District Post. Published every thursday at , Alla Makee county Iowa. The Postville Bank. Postville. Iowa Hall Roberts w s. Roberts president. Cashier m. 0. Mead Storror and pro Mustor. Thumb -$1.50 per year $1.00 for six months 60 cents for three months strictly in Advance. Local notices 10 cents per line first insertion 5 cents for each subsequent insertion of same notice. Stall notices kept standing until ordered out. Collections made monthly. Advertising hates made known 6n application. City directory. Railroad time table. C. M. & St. P. R. R. Trains going East. No. Passenger arrives Stock sex. " freight " 5 30 4 25 9 00 9 25 .3 45 2 10 .0 45 7 05 if m a. M. It it p. M. T n a. M. To. Trains going West. I. Passenger depart9 12 am. 9. Time for t. " .12 05 " " ii. Freight " 4 25 p. A 13. "  3 55 a. M. 15. " "i.9 55 " " 17.  " 1 45" " 19, " " 1 10 p. M / 11 " 710" " j. F. Wilson , b. C. R. & n. R. R. Milwaukee division. Passenger arrives1 25 p. M. " leaves. 2 15 " " accommodation arrives. .3 55 p. M. " leaves a 00 a. M. James Perry agent. A Postville mails arrive daily except sundays from East at9 12 a. U. West "5 30 p. 1 00 " i North Waukon. .6 30 " mails close a  esl. At a 45 a. Or. Finst "5 00 p. M. " South �.1 30 " " " North Wanton "8 00 a. M. Minneapolis time. Somi weekly mail to Elkader leaves tuesdays and saturdays at 7 00 i m. Office hours form 7 00 a. M. To 8 00 p. M. Money order office. A. R. Pres Lott postmaster. City officers. N. J. Beedy we. Haines , w. S. Roberts mayor marshal recorder treasurer coun0ilmen. R. N. Douglass j. S. Mott r. A. T. Meyer o. Torah f. S. Burling t. B. Eaton s. S. Powers attorney at Law collecting agent k Totoky Public. Office up stairs in the Brick Bloke , Iowa , to sorial artist and proprietor of the key City Barber shop. Postville Iowa. Miss Katie Duff. Miss Oka Cross. Misses Duff & Cross fashionable. Dressmakers. Postville Iowa. Cutting and fitting done neatly and on reasonable terms. We keep the latest styles and guarantee satisfaction. We solicit your patronage. Rooms one door North of Ward & Meyer Postville lodges. Noble Lodge no. 51. A. 0i a. A meets every saturday evening in their new Lodge Hoorn in the Brick Block. All members of the order in Good standing Are cordially invited to visit us. James Perry m. W. Ii. E. Babcook Sec. Postville Lodge no. 266. 1.0. Of . Regular meeting every monday evening. Visiting Brothers cordially invited to be present. J. Meyer n. G. , Seo. Brothel love. No. 204. A. A f. & a. M. Meet at their Holly Corner of Lawler and Green streets on tuesday evening on or before the full Moon in ea6h, month. Members of the in Good standing Are Iii it to visit us " s. S. Powers w. M. , see. Church directory . H. E. Warner pastor. Preaching every Sabbath morning at half past ten. Sabbath Bohol immediately after morning service. Prayer meeting every wednesday evening at the Church. I . F. Loomis pastor Ervoes every Sabbath Moraig at h of Pasic Ieni every Sabbath evening at half past seven. Prayer meeting every wednesday evening. Sabbath school after morning service. Kightlinger Bro s. We do Stone or a Brick work. Make a specially of masonry and plastering. Also practical Well diggers our terms Are reasonable. Address us at Clermont Iowa. Flouring Mills Manchester Tow Franz Schultz pro will do custom work Oil Exchange. The Best grades of flour kept con stantly on hand and warranted As represented give me a trial. Franz Schultz Manchester Alla Makee co., Iowa a Complete Stock. Are carrying on a Large and Fine line of Day goods. To hats of Caps j3qqts or that Bank Aro  the creatures o he Law. The Laws which created hem May by virtue of rights re wed be amended altered or a.  sealed.  to those who Are disposed to com Ilain of the change As a hardship be is tempted to ask what ight a dozen stockholders have receive notes from government t ire late that any other dozen Mejio hot possess in 1813 Jefferson declared Bank notes must be suppressed and the circulation restored to thi nation to whom it belongs. Benton the government ought not to Delegate this Power if it could it was too great a Power to be trusted to any banking company whatever or to any authority but to the High est and most responsible which wa1-known to our form of government. The government itself ceases to be Independent it cease to be Safe when the National currency is at the will of a company. The government can undertake no great Enterprise neither of peace nor War without the consent or cooperation of that company in cannot count its Revenue for six months ahead without the action of that company its Friendship or its enmity its concurrence or its opposition and see How far that company will permit Money to be scarce or to be plentiful How far it will let the Money system go on regularly or throw it into disorder How far it suits the interest or policy of that country to create a disturbance or to suffer a Calm in the moneyed Ocean the people Are not eafe when such a company have such Power. The temptation is to great the Opportunity too easy to put up and put Down prices or to make or to break fortunes to bring the whole Community upon its Knees to the Neptune who preside Over the flux and Reflux of paper. All property is at their Madison in his message of december 2,1816, said but for the interest of. The Community at Large As Well As for the purpose of the Treasury it a Essen tial that the nation should possess a currency of equal Yalu credit and use wherever it May circulate. The Constitution has entrusted Congress exclusively with the Power of creating and regulating a currency of that description. Currency the measure of values whether metallic or paper should be equal to Coin and be issued and controlled by the government and yet Congress has just extended the Charters of the National Banks Twenty years. There Aro eighty five members of Congress who Are officers or directors of National Banks. Could this fact have any inf Foncet when John Quincy Adams entered the House of representatives he owned several shares of the United states Bank but he immediately sold them on the ground that no representative should have any interest in any matter that might come before the House Tor legislation. Times have changed since then. Now a Large number of our representatives Are Bent to our National and state Legislatures by corporations in which they Are inter asted or by whom they Are retained either to make Laws in their interest or to prevent the people from making Laws protecting the Public interest in Short to protect class interest taxing the Many for the Benefit of the new. Gen. Weaver nominated. Trams Sun Tribune and the Chicago times news and All the National Bank organs in Tho country. The unanimity and precision with which they All move together pronouncing their statements and arguments As if received from a Monitor indicate that they Are under Tho control of a Central Force. That journals of such various characters and interests should unite and write alike in regard to the Greenback party indicates nothing less than the fusing and Transf using influence of banker s Gold. We warn our friends of their utterances. You will find them sandwiched into your agricultural papers your religious papers your Neutral and Independent papers your literary and scientific papers. If Over satan was transformed into an Angel of Light it is at this time and it is so adroitly and persistently done that it will be a wonder if he does not deceive the very elect. The edict has gone Forth to eradicate Green bachism and no Money will be spared to accomplish the advocate. What Aro monopolies As was expected and desired by the Greenbacker Soethe District state anc1 nation Gen. J. A. Weaver was non ii Date by acclamation and amid much Enthus Iasigi. By the National Green Jack convention of the sixth District Leid on thursday last the convention was a Large and enthusiastic one every county being ully represented and the Liet t of Eeling prevailing.  the Genorn. Nade one of his a Strong speeches. Hanking the convention for the lion a so spontaneously and without Soli tation thrust upon him and pledge us himself to make a thorough can ass which would result in Victory Ai lie polls in november. Judge Cook lie present member of Congress Eleele i of the. District was. Present aim Nade a stirring speech in which i showed up clearly and forcibly How be had been deprived of the seat to which he had been fairly and legally elected by the people. He pledge himself to the Hearty support of Gen Leaver and that he would do All in is Power to secure his triumphant election. The Ball is now fairly opened in Jie sixth and whatever May be the action of the democratic convention yet to be held Gen. Weaver is now fairly after Cutts and will head him at the polls. He is certain of an enthusiastic Greenback support and that of not Only thousands of democrats but of hit redb of republicans who Are sick and disgusted with Cutts both As a politician and a Man. Republican newspapers can open out with their abuse against Tho Gallant general aided by a few democratic sheets but the people of this District know Gen. Weaver and they will re turn him to Congress where in the future As in the past he will not Only gain credit for himself but Confer Honor upon Tho honest Independent patriotic citizens who sent him there. State Tribune. Beware. There is no doubt but a comprehensive and systematic movement is under Way to crush out and lie out of existence the Greenback party and ruin its leaders. That it is systematic that it. Emanates from a common Fountain head that its statements and arguments when it deigns to produce any All proceed from one soured is. As Clear As the Sun to any person who will compare the utterances of the n. Y. The Green backers seem to be dealing More gently this year than last with Tho bloated bondholders and old Bug kit blocks. That perpetual ii Ull Legal tender Greenback equal with guld and Silver and receivable for All debts Public and private is also not receiving the merits. This year everything a to be sat to the tune of we Are heartily opposed to monopolies and Greenback writers would do us mud the country a service first by defining what they mean by the use of Tho term and second in Law or in. Fact Shch exist. Cariou Pilot. It appears that the Pilot does not now whore to find a monopoly and Greenback writer to de Ine the term and Point out where Hoy new we a Greeh Baskera Tike to answer civil questions therefore i an Humble member of that Urty undertake to answer All subsidized corporations or individuals Are monopolies. The proactive Tariff Law makes Many Iko Poolies from the fact that it pro acts from Competition the product of labor but does not protect the labourer. To illustrate Iron is protected it $20 per ton against the importer of Iron while the wage labourer who works the Irois is not protected against the importation of wage labourers from foreign countries and if he Home Jabor ers go on a strike their places Are filled by foreigners without paying any duty. But if the corporation basses strike for an Advance in the Price of Iron they Are protected against foreign imports and thus they can always carry their Point. This Tariff is a classed Law in the interest of All who Owh the factory and Necco scarily against the interest of All others. Again the Law that forces the people to surrender any part of their land for Railroad purposes and does not Force the railroads to surrender a part of their Railroad for the people s purpose " on the same up edition creates Many More monopolies. And last but not least the Bondholder has a monopoly on our paper currency. He is the Only person that can increase or diminish it All others when they want its use must pay him usury. And if they do not want its use they must use it anyway when he inflates because it is Legal tender to and from our government. To illustrate we will suppose the first National Bank of Marion owes the government  $5 tax that monopoly pays it in full and has the debt can celeb by simply giving its note but if the Pilot wants to see a Noju monopoly let it put on its specks and Peep across the Public Square there is one of them in Law and. In fact and by the time the Pilot a deciphered its editor will see in it the germ of Many Doty in free Pressi

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