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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Sep 14 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - September 14, 1882, Postville, Iowa A. Time j Vii " 11. Freight Lii. " a. " it. " "1 " "21 " 12 a m. .12 05 " " " -1 25 p. M. A " " a. M. U f f " " " a i " " 1 10 . " 7 10"" it. F. Wilson a ont. B. C. E. & n. E. R. Milwaukee division. Passenger arrives1 2a p. At " leaves. 2 15 " " accommodation 55 p. M. Loaves i 00 a. M. James Perky aunt. Postille mails. Arrive daily except. Sundays from East 12 a. M.   5 h0 p. W.  South. "1 00 "  " Koi Ali Waukon Gav " " mails close Gogui West Ata an a. V. East 5 00 a in. " South ".isit. / " North Waukon ".4.� 00 a. M. Minneapolis Hijji acc Kly mail to Elkadri leaves tuesday ibid saturdays at 7 00 r. Ii. Office hours form 7 00 a. M. To 8 00 p. M. Money order. Of Iee a. Ii. , postmaster. I y i a Beeby jul Haines b. F. Taylor w s. Roberts mayor marshal recorder. Treasurer you oilmen. R. N Dias lass S. Mott it. A. T. Meyer. Teniah. P. A burling t. B. East ii Postville lodges. Noble Lodge no. 51. A. Of i a meets Evory saturday evening in their new Lodge Koom in the Brick in dolt. All Rem Bora of the order in Good standing Are cordially invited to visit Perky. M. W. H. E. Babcook see. Postville Lodge no. 20g. 1.0. , -. Roj Jimr meeting every monday evening visiting Brothers cordially invited to to present. J. Meyer in g. H. S. Lurman Sec. Brothel love. No. 204. A. F. & for. it their Hall Corner of Luw Loi and Green streets on tuesday evening on or before the full Moor in each month., members of Trio Craft in Good standing Are Suvit to visit us. I. ,. Is. Powers Al. Of. Fri Jimison oui Sec. V. Chair by methodist. Hev. H. Druer 3?. Prea Plung every Sabbath nioi7img at liitle a nest ten. Sabbat i school after morning service. Prayer menting every wednesday at Tho Church. . V. Iloo Nils Pilston. Services every Sabbath morning at half past Tea every Sabbath evening it half a Iassc Toven prayer meeting every wednesday Eyen Ivy. Sabbath Soodol after morning Bervice a inv adv i i Isena eni s. H. S. , attorney at Law to a it a a nth i Mollico up lairs. In i to Brick a clock pustmi.i., . A K. Pill Luijs to sorial artist alkyl of the key to a barn a shop. I ii a. Flo Rinir Mills Manchester Iowa. Franz Schultz pro will do custom a Orka . The Best grades of flour kit constantly on baud and warranted As represented give 5ie a trial. Diane Schultz stall Chester Alla Makee co. Lott. Announcement. T. E. Delamore will address tin people of j3raiiim a Fayette county on sat Joay eve Hopt. Id on " to industries and their monopolies acid their Dom ads let the citizens turn Outi Greet Bank meetings i j is so will address the people of All Makei to Doty As Foll tvs o Maloy scat Bouse mo.i., sept. H Ion Liy aus Cherry Waukon , i , har ers ferry Ija Favette " Milton Draike  Lansing " Lycurgus e. B. Jones award.  Dorchester Union City Denison a English Bench new alb in. Rues 1 v. Find Wod ii lit a Chur a j Sac. You " ones la wed i " i burs i a is " sat of " Iron oct i. wed " theirs of  Tri a " sat i on i i Hon. E. Of Maine one of the men with a National rep tation a ill address the be 6 x be of the 1th, congressional District of lows. Upon the questions involved in tin great struggle of labor and its rights against the grasping exaction of the corporations Railroad and banking which Are rolling in wealth and luxury while labor starves. The meetings will boat 1 o clock p. In. Of each Day unless the local committee still see Jit to name another hour. Cresco saturday sept 1g. St. Auriga. Monday 16. Charles City tuesday new Hampton Vav Edue Day Wauconda thursday " Decd Vali Friday " Postville saturday a Lansing Moha v " Elkader tuesday " w. It. Mead chairman Central Cociu Viltee. 4.s there has been Ucli controversy Over the time of holding goner elections in this state be publish below the act of March 1 5, 1882 be it enacted by the Jinn ii Absemi y. Of the state of Iowa. Sec 573-the general election for state District county and township officers shall be held throughout the state on the 2nd tuesday of oct. In sch Odd numbered year and in etch even Gumbei de year said general election shall be held of the tues Day next after the first Mochty of november approved March 1g, 1882.lawood gkeen3a0s talk. Bob lug Iroll Villi now is Oil tin sh4vui i. Ami without knowing it. Makes ii Good Uree Buck speech. I from Ihu Ohio i a at of Jtkina a Glen. N. Recently. 1. Bob Ingersoll delivered an Adili i is to an in Niibo in org. With  it knowing it i of made it goo -1 Iree Libi cd speech. From it we clip the following lion go it is Safe in my that the old. Party papers Wil not Coji it to any extent the ballot Box May or May not be the Ark of the covenant. It has Beer the swag of political thieves who use it to Rob the people of their rights. The government does not stand Between capital and labor. It stands Tor capital and against labor All the time. It robs labor and helps other to Rob it what is the government  l is not a theory general forms of is it the working process and administration of Public a lairs the diag. Therefore symbolizes plunder by the government its of Fici Lis and its Mui Toalii s. It in no sense stands or Waves More for Justice thai Justice. It Waves " Tiibi autly Over All alike. It flaunts Over the Capito of the nation a hero More injustice thievery and fraud has been perpetuated against the people than and Aid everywhere else in the country l he Flag symbolizes any thing else a such As the welfare of the people. But we leave Many of the Lap Doodle statements of eloquent acl Iress. To know not what the dreams prophecies and Hopes of the Good and great of till the past were. I. Hey were All realized our present Hoy could riot have bleh very Pieus aut or grand. Look a moment at it few facts which toll in unmistakable language no in Bois. Of condition partly of Glor my shame. The millions of our population holy uneducated wholly illiterate. Fifteen millions owning no Law. And shut Oil from All Access to Allna Vional sources of wealth and Liveli Hood god s gift to All. More than three Hundred and lift million dollars Worth of land Given Iway--200,000 Square Miles of Coal holds Are in the hands of Monon lists the Gold Silver Copper hunk irid All other Earth treasures monopolized. A majority of All the wealth of our great cities owned by five per cent of our population and a majority of till the wealth in the nation is owned by less than ten per cent of the population. An indebted Ziess of Over 19,000-000,000. Our prisons poor houses and charitable institutions Are filled to overflowing. Thousands of our City population during portions of the year Are fed at soup houses. One fifth of our seven billion dollars Worth of the annual product of the country goes to the liquor traffic. There Are fou grog shops to one Church and six bartenders to one preacher. Seventy thousands drunkards go Down to the grave every year. The government collects a Revenue of Over 50,000,000 on liquors. The people Are More heavily taxed than any others in Christendom. Our Congress and Legislatures Are composed of politicians and Mollico seekers and their chief aim seem to be the spoils. The United states Senate is a tire Junto of capitalists that control legislation for their own advantages. Our courts Are becoming venal and Servile to party. ". Business is largely bul a kid of. Legalized robbery on the principle of dog eat monopolies and combinations control . Insoft of the country in their interests. Rings manage and manipulate everything that they can i work men of Kansas will soon have get. Hold of. Ian Opportunity presented to them to for Saliers i Clunie or decrease redeem the past by acting wisely in die Price of All the necessities of lil future. The people must least it l manufactures shoddy and Nutil to forgot personal feelings and part face rations of everything As far As possible. The press is largely Hie Telegraph is made to Servo and gamblers by exaggerating or Snipes sing facts. The West Talent of tiie country is owned by capita its or Corpora ions. but lawyers Are Vita ipod i by corporations capitalists and Roui idels. J men of captivating eloquence an f speech like in Meisoll Are ready to lecture at ."5200 per hour or defend official rogues and Star route thieves. The people have Long enough Boen a Lite used by glittering Riili Siosi and appeals to National egotism such a fug Ersoll piles up on the Ilag. He last period is the Climax of gush and it l y. It is not True in any real Sensi and Ligniti Cwince. Men and women of to liar. an As much ser Vasib is in any other Quarter of the Globe ind their servitude is enforced a heir necessities and All the More degrading and ungracious because to of m 1 y paid. It is degrading be Ause it is sinking myriads into Pov try said starvation. The government has enabled men like Vanderbilt to command a Servi of More than five thousand men. It is compulsory and Carnot be is aped. No chattel shivery that Ever acted such tiresome and e dial voting Guibor As is required by our m unt Fae tories. Their terrible Furnace Home stilled rooms Wii t. Running in a Wear out the Ai most As do the mines of Siberia it is coup Rhory on pain of St Tirva to on. And .death.,.c Ejli it. Yff ill it is inhuman and degrading. Now we do not say that our a Hajj is no or that All in of and under our govern Zient is bad. We wish to show thai hero Are great evils Liat should in a win died injustice that should by i in Tecl and reforms that Are needed ibis cannot be done by looking i of our Fig and glorifying it. Lei is not make a mistake and Call Evjy Ood or till men saints nor All conditions heaven while Hells abound fulsome Praise tends to deceive men a hid Blind them to realities. Vigilance is the Price of Liberty not song and poems to Hor and her symbols. The people need to look at things is they Are to know facts not fancies. To see things As they Are not is to be fooled to see things As they Are is Wisdom and to know the truth. Slave and wage labor. 1 herewith submit a copy of has Ard b circular sent i 1802, by the English Bankers and capitalists to the american Bankers and capitalists slavery is Likely to to abolished by the War Power and chattel slavery be destroyed. This i and my european friends Aro in favor of for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care for the labor or while the european plan led on by England is control or labor by ,in0 the . To accomplish this they the Bonds must be used As Tho banking basis. We Are now waiting to get Che Secre tary of the Treasury to make this recommendation to Congress. It will not do to allow the greenbacks so Cit led to circulate As Money and length of time for we cannot control them but we can control the Bonds find through the Bank issuo.",.   commenced a Consi Laoj wits enter of into Between foreign and american Bankers and capitalists to enslave labor. The experience of Wenty years has fully demonstrated How successfully this has been accomplished. The Farmers minors and wage orc Yudico before they can expect to be free. The control of country by the Banks As shown by Tho circular just copied is the Roak upon which the interests of the Labouring classes have been wrecked.  what you sen and feel is bet. The effects of the con piracy entered i to by the of Europe and America before the proclamation of. Emancipation was ined by Abraham Lincoln. The remark was made in the presence of of. Franklin that the War of Independence was successfully closed say rather said he Tho War of the revolution. The War of Independence is yet to be the win of 1812 and 1815 verified his words. So with us the emancipation Freedom Given to the Blacks was simply to change the form of slavery which requires Tho labourer slave to care Lor himself instead of depending. Oil his owner. Tho Battle of which is yet to emancipate labor and give to die labourer the results of his toil is yet to be fought. This Battle will either be fought with the ballot Box or the Cartridge Box. Which Wil you choose it rests with Yon Ami with me to say for in out hands til 1 Power is vested tin election Day. Iod Grant Tho solution of this question May be a peaceful one Bur if the worst comes i for one us ready. J. Is. Sweeney in gout Lubiw mail times. A shod Al to Paziy Joth the old parties lend and lit odorous. I Luis train to or. Curtis in i a speech before the. Ivil service reformers rightly de hues that parties Carnot be Jet pro Vised but ins intimation both the old parties Aro crumbling is. I mild description of their dil Apida led condition. They have been Deal so Long that have become ill party has one principle and Only one. The democratic principle is anything to beat Tho republicans the Republican principle is anything to beat the democrats. There Are i party Linos. What Are they ?. Negro education governor Brown of ii Orgia advocates Nati Ozial appropriations for education irrespective of race or color and Tho new Tori Tribune founded by Horace Gree condemns them. Protection. Senator voorhees., the most demagogic Al Democrat in Congress is i Rabid protectionist. Henry Ward Boocher a Stalwart Republican is i free trader. Economy the democratic sex speaker and the Republican president strike bands in opposing the River and Hai Bor steal and democrats republicans strike hands in carrying it through in spite of the protests of the one and the veto of Tho other. Civil service Reform h of publicans vie with the democrats in refusing to a Republican president the appropriation which he asks for its Greenback republicans from the vote against bunk Charters and hard Money democrats from. The East vote for them. The chinese question Republican leaders Lay up Tho Wall to exclude tie Chingho and democratic labourers carry Stone to build it with it would be difficult to mention a sin Glo National Issue of importance upon which the republicans vote on one Side of the House and the democrats upon the other. A party without this needs no comment. It shows plainly that before the War fairly principles i a body without a. Soul. Both the parties Are corpses the country needs a live one. The Keokuk Post a German re publican paper repudiates him candidate for Congress in us distinct

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