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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - September 7, 1882, Postville, Iowa Ital of and capital allies not enemies vol. 1. Postville Alla Makee co., Iowa thursday sept. 9,1882. No. 4. The District Post. Published every thursday at Postville Alla Makee county Iowa. M. 0. Mead editor and Peop Bietow. Tub -$1. 30 per year $1.00 for six months 50 cents for Throe months strictly in Advance. Local notices 10 cents per line first insertion i cents for each subsequent insertion of same notice. T3f notices kept standing until ordered out. Collections made monthly. Advertising rates made known on application. New advertisements. S s. Powers attorney at Law collecting agent pc notary Public. Office up stairs ill the Brick Block Post ill Iowa. City directory. I Railroad time table. C. A. & of. P. R. R. Baiss going East no. 2i passenger arrives. " 10. Stock sex. ". " 12. Freight ". " 14. " ". L i. 1h. 20. .5 30 p. M. .42fi " ". .0i00 " " i 25 a. U. .3 45 " " .2 10 p. M. .0 45 " " .7 05 a. M. Trains going West. No. Passenger depart. Time for t. " freight " 0 12 am. 12 05 " " .4 25 p. M. .3 55 a. M. 055 " "ia5 " " .1 10 p. A .7 10 " " j. F. Wilson agent. B. C. R. & n. R. R. Milwaukee division. Passenger arrives. 1 2fl r. M. " leaves. 2 15 " " accommodation arrives. 3 55 p. M. " leaves .0 00 a. M. James Perry agent. Postville mails. Arrive Sallit Texon to sundays from East at .9 12 a. M. " Vest 5 510 p. M. " so Atli ".1 00 "  " North Waukon. 0 80 " " mails Otoe going West at .8 45 a. I. East ". .5 00 p. M. " South ".1 30 " " ". North Waukon " .8 00 a. M. Minneapolis weekly mail to Elkader leaves tuesdays and saturdays at 7 00 p. M. Office hours form 7 00 a. M. To 8i00 p. M. Money order office. A. R. Vai Sonvi postmaster. City officers. A l Beeby win. Haines b. F. Taylor a. S. Roberts mayor marshal recorder treasurer Cote oilmen. R. N. Douglass j. S. Motoc �14. K. T. Meyer c. Oinah t. S. Burling t. B. Easton Postville lodges. Noble Lodge no. 51. A 0. To. W. Meets every saturday evening in their new Lodge room in the Brick Block. All members of the Ordor in Good standing Are cordially invited to visit us. James Perry m. A. H. E. Babcook Sec. Postville Lodge no. 2g6. 1.0. Of . Regular meeting every monday evening. Visiting Brothers cordially invited to be " a. J. Meyer n. G. H. S. Luhan Sec. Brothel love. No. 204 a. 7, & a. M. A meet at their Hal Corner of Lawler and freon streets on tuesday evening on or to fore the full Moon in Kedah month. Mem Bers of the Craft in Good standing Are Movit tovi3itua . Pov vers we. Ellison Obs Seo. Church. Directory. . A e Wittmer pastor. Preaching every Sabbath Fca Oping at half past ten. Sabbath after morning  praja Ernie Ping every wednesday evening at the Church. . F. Leo Dis fast every Sabbath morning at half past ten every Sabbath evening Sev tin. Pm Ayer meeting every wednesday even Luigi Sabbath school after Moru Ittel Are vice j. K. Philipps to sorial artist and proprietor of the key City Barber shop. Post Imit Iowa. Flouring Manchester Mills Iowa. Franz Schultz pro. Will to c us ton i world or Exchange. The Best grades of flour kept constantly on hand and warranted As represented &1vji me a trial. Franz Schultz Manchester Alla Makee co., Iowa. The strength of a nation. Announcement. T. E. Delamore will address the people of Brainard Fayette county on eve., sept. 16, on the industries and their rights monopolies and their let the citizens turn out Greenback meetings. T. Will address1 the people of Allania Kei county As follows Minard school House Mon sept. Hardin tues. " Franklin Center wed. " White school House thurs. " Volley Fri. Buckland sat. A Cross roads Moh. " Bessville tues. Al Jefferson wed. " All meetings will to in the evening unless otherwise decided by Tho local committees e. N. Clark chairman co. Com. F. M. Fogg of Maine one of the men with a National reputation will address the people of the 4th congressional District of Iowa upon the. Questions involved in the great strangle of labor and its rights against the grasping exaction of the corporations Railroad and banking which Are Volling wealth and luxury Hile labor starves. The meetings a yell be at 2 p clock p. M. Of each Day unless the local committee shall see fit to name another hour. A sept 16. " 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 25. 26. Cresco saturday St. Aus Gar monday Charles City tuesday new Hampton wednesday thursday Friday saturday monday tuesday. W. R. Mead chairman Central old my it tee. Waucoma Decorah Postville Lansing Elk Acter ii 1, at it-1 As inhere has been much controversy time of holding general elections in thi state we publish below the act of March 1g, 1882 be it enacted by the general i the state of Iowa. Seo 07ti-the general election for state District county and township officers shall beheld throughout the state Ott the 2nd tuesday of oct. In each Odd numbered year and in each even a met Breed year fill info general election shall to held of the tues Daymer drafter the first monday of nov0nib u let it be that during the continuance of this War we must have As we have always had a paper circulation and that it must be As it always has been irredeemable. The question remains who shall Issue that paper the government or the Banks i answer the government. I say the govern sent and not the Banks shall Issue that paper for All the reasons and upon All the considerations which can influence the decision of the question. Th.6 government should Issue that paper because it is for its own use and because also let whoever will Issue it the government must Supply the Means for taking it up. If the Banks Issue it they will simply loan it to the government upon its Promise to pay that amount in n Given period with interests. The government should Issue that Pax or because its promises Are safest to Lake and surest to hold. It is the Only party liable for their payment and it is Tho Only party Able to pay. What we Call the Treasury note is equivalent to a note signed by every individual in the United states and by All their posterity. It has All the advantages Over All other securities rhe Holder always knowing How much of the paper is extant which is rarely known of a paper issued by an individual oi1 a company it has tin largest estate pledged to its resumption its obligation defies All statute of limitation and survives death of generations. Sir we Tiar a Good Deal about the Money Power of our country. Daily to Are pointed to them and we Are Rod they hold Tho purse strings of the daily our financiers our observing men Rush t d the coi Unis of our commercial organs t be How Tho credit of Tho United states stands in Wall Street or Stati or. President those wh6 use incl. Language terribly and almost fatal mis apprehend where lie 11a wealth. And strength of the nation. It is not piled up in the insignificant spots comprising your great cities swollen and distorted As they Are. It lies in the productive Industry and the productive soil of the country. Within the last six months you have gathered from the ranks of that Hardy Industry the magnificent Host which now encircling the monster rebellion prepares to crush it to atoms. From your generous soil that Host is fed and furnished. The Dally pay and the daily feed of that army would in s in months empty your Banks so Rufean that every vault in the country would collapse. While the army remains if the Field you need not resort to Wall Street to h Avo Tho credit of the nation endorsed and should that army leave the Field before the rebellion is destroyed which it never will All the endorsement you will got in Wall Street would not enable you to carry on a country tavern four hours. In the land and labor of the country consists the nation s wealth. E it the country make a note of that fact. To talk of borrowing of your Banks the Money to support your army and Navy is As Idle As for England to talk of borrowing from her National Bank the Money to pay her National debt. There is but one fund adequate to Supply the National finances and that is the property of the nation. Tiie kind of Timber fur a . Originally the Tutor Tern Pacific Railroad was granted 5?820,000 acres of land the present v3itiie of which is estimated at 88,840,000, or a Foncan Stecht and surplus enough it is said to equip the Road and leave a of 38,000,000. Who Faff republics Are not grateful f its frogs Are now issued amount to sj�24,000d a and the whole thing will of bul b e be stocked up to its full v Niue Moru and its patrons taxed Bur ent a pay its Bonds principle act interest and 8 or 10"per Centi on Ltd watered Stock Industrial Banner. The Man in support for Congress must be Square toed and Flat footed on the labor question. He must be in favor of controlling corporations by Law. He must be in favor of paying the National debt and against Watterton s project of making it perpetual. He must believe that the fights of labor Are prior to and above capital. He must be dead set att filst the Issue of an interest bearing Bond. He must be in favor of total annihilation of the National Banks he must to in Favot of a paper currency Issue d by the government and made a full Legal tender he must be a thorough be former he must be so far out of the Republican party that he cannot to induced to vote with them where a question of principle id involved to must be a Lilian who is not now and does not itt mid to commit the Folly of voting Tho democratic ticket. He must be a non fusion Vireen backed working for a principal that he firmly believes to be right and is willing to stand up for alone if need to. Such is the Man to want he should to a Farmer if possible not that Farmers should hold All the offices but because they do not get represented in Congress with sufi a Man standing on a platform and keeping aloof from any unholy Alliance to Are wilting to go through the Campaign and to Defeated again and again if necessary. An Hon test adhesion to right must win. Pc Fri a Vhal Carl Schurz Hay about the Gratien Wickers. Speaking of the Pennsylvania a Greenback convention or. Schurz the platform is from a moral Point of View perhaps,.As Uli peach Ible a document of the kind As has Ever be ii drawn up in America. Of course it 5s a Ftp used that the government shall Issei e currency. It is for this Tho a of to Exi Ste Tod upon this Point is a difference ofe pm in among the Public. But besides this the Green backers denounce monopolies of All kinds and speak favourably of Equality of rights and duties and ask Protection for american Industry against those now notorious and ignorant rascals the pauper labor ers 6f Europe. They also demand in Clear and Uhm Istak Able terms the equitable payment of whatever pen Sions or other claims due to soldiers of the Lato in these Days 6f time serving Toifl i he a Gioi of Tho Taft of politicians a Jfe Ity which Speaks out in this Way on such a subject How Ever mistaken they May be on financial matters is entitled to thi warm acknowledgement of every Friend of Virtrue. On one other that tin also the party sets a Good example to the economist and calculators. It Prono Uncer in favor of the right of labor to. Organize for the Concession to associated labor of a la the rights and privilege s of Assoc Lite a a forty that can j r6cm e so pure a platform As thief can afford to be Small in Nui Zibers. With such principle St defeat at Tho poll is of Little Corpse Quience. State Leader. ,. It is a healthy sign to see h Iii Nofty Adb Ping a ringing platform which a offs fight. There Are never airy up enl Lent votes made by dodging a ques Ibn or Stradf Ulfeg it. We respect a Man whose opinions Are different Irani ours Evik if they differ and o St Radi Bailer. Vav a enjoy a fair Gigli to with a red hot Ojtko Heht. How much More then do we feel like Jethu Erflg when omit own see of adopts a fighting set of opinions due is hot afraid to Sive Alf honest Seuff Ravitts boldly

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