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Postville Post (Newspaper) - October 26, 1882, Postville, Iowa The origin and Progress of civilization with a l Lun Lor its perpetuity. I from the National View primitive society or Mankind in a state of nature subsisted by the Eliaso from the fact that their population was Small and the area of the Earth s surface Large. What is called civilized society is the natural effect or outgrowth of Tho Power of fecundity in Mankind As Well As in Tho animal kingdom. This Power of generation in mini made agriculture and the arts and sciences not Only possible but essential. These were evidently not designed from any Quick preconception nor intended to improve the race but were the unavoidable re suits of an Over populated Hunting ground. In stating what society ought to be it is necessary to form some idea of what society Lias been such for instance a a the aborigines of North America. There is not that spectacle of human misery existing among Tho Indian tribes on our Frontier that present themselves in the most populous and civilized portion of the Union so that the. State of society which we Call civilization has actually promoted Tho a general happiness of Man is a Del Tahlo question. As poverty does not exist in the Nahial state and by observation we know that it does exist in civilization we conclude n Priori that Mankind As a whole has not been Mato really elevated by our boasted civilization. The life of an Indian is a perpetual Holiday when contrasted with Tho Labouring Man of America and on Tho  other hand lie appears abject when compared with the Rich who Roll in affluence and ease. Civilization therefore has operated to make one part of society More affluent and the other More wretched than would have been the lot of either in the state of nature. Reasoning then that civilization elevates the Rich and degrades the poor and that in proportion millionaires increase poverty and its handmaid a crime increase in like ratio or As one has it it " one millionaire grinds a thousand to Beggary and the que Ion suggests itself what advantage is civilization to the poor ? two self evident truths arise and claim pre Eminence in the solution of this question 1. That it is always possible to go from the natural to the civilized state but that it is never possible to go from the to the natural Sta a from tin fact that Man in a natural state subsisting by Hunting requires ten times the Quantity of land to Range Over to procure for himself a livelihood than would supp it him in a civilized state when the Hind is cultivated. Therefore when a country becomes populous by the Aid of labor in agriculture the arts find sciences there is a necessity of preserving things in that state because without it there cannot be sustenance for More perhaps than a tenth of its 2 on lotion. The thing therefore now to be done is to remedy the evils Ami preserve the Benefit that May have Arisen to society by passing from the natural to that which we Call the civilized state. 2. The result of civilized society As Well As the order of nature in physical science is that wealth t Dees precedence and riches go to the surface. The object of All revolutions whether religious or political has been to reverse this order and equalize society. Viewing the matter from this standpoint Tho first principle of civilization should have been and ought still to be that the condition of every person born into the world after a state of civilization commences ought not to lie worse than if he had been born before that per of. But the facts show the condition of millions in every country to be far worse than if they had been born before civilization began or had been born among the indians of North America at the present time. In the course of this review i will show How these circumstances have happened and Endeavor to pave a path outward to an Ideal state of society. Before proceeding to do so i must halt Long enough to disabuse the Reader s m and of any intent on on my part of suggesting communism As a remedy for our w where All things Are held in common. Is was practice among the Early in is Titus if Tho new testament can be credited among probable things and in Eom Muni ins at the present time but i will Endeavor to show that what should to done must now be done by legislation. Our happiness or misery depends upon Tho direction of legislation and As opinion must necessarily precede legislation though not be mistaken for it it stands us in band to form Correct opinions As to what constitutes the sum of human happiness. Taking it for granted without argument that a representative form of government or a Republic is preferable to a hereditary or monarchical form it loaves a Clear fiend for what i am about to Bug Gost. For if the monarchical form of government was universally prevalent nothing of Short of political revolution would suffice to bring us even where we Are. But happily for us and future generations this much of our work has already been accomplished and As to whether we owe any tiling und for a Rich Harvest to be extracted from him and returned Over the railroads owned and monopolized by Eastern capitalists who Are being protected and built up by Hie fostering hand of the government. The new England Grain and stuck jobbers make their annual Tours through the great West to View the Golden harvests on the vast Prairies made productive by the same hands that were driven thence by starvation and sex Parto legislation. They View those productive farms with about Hie same intent that Farmer d is his Apiary. He determines about How much Honey lie pm extract from the hive without starving the Colony until they Are ready for work again the coming season. But i need not illustrate further for the evidences of the extremes in civilized society i a too apparent to be gainsaid. The difficulty does not lie in a Lack of illustrative evidences so much As a remedy for the evils themselves. We have observed that an armed political revolution is unnecessary in a popular government but a revolution of opinions through the ballot Box is our Only remedy for these evils and the sooner the masses of starved discontented and oppressed people can see and appreciate a remedy As effectually is they do the disease i have no fears As to the final result. We appreciate the evils and disadvantages under which we labor i tit what shall be the remedy we have already observed that every Lanty owner owes the government or the Pepple who Are Tho government a ground rent or tax for the Laud originally belonged to Vliem in common and As everything we have must come out of the ground whether it be Money or anything else it should Bear its equal proportion of Tho Burden with the ground from which it was taken. We often to St that Laws Are framed upon that principle of Justice which affords the greatest amount of go us to the greatest then since the greatest number among us Aro poor it follows that All legislation should be in their favor. However it does not come within Tho province of Law to say directly that an individual or a corporation shall not own More than a certain amount of land nor be to sussed of More than a fixed amount of Money nor have More than a stipulated income but legislators Are empowered to say that this land this Money this income May can and of right shall la. Taxed. And not Only taxed but that the tax be graduated for instance land valued at ,000, $1,000 Cash or an income of $1,001should to taxed so much and each additional thousand be taxed not Only in arithmetical but in geometrical progression so that an individual under this plan c uld not afford to be a millionaire and thus be kept below Tho financial Timber line of society thereby elevating millions out of the Miasmatic swamps of poverty. The Rich will doubtless think this system unjust but their being interested parties should prevent their having anything to say in the legislating that innumerable number of Loyal toadies to parly May say it is unfair and a few a pledged voters May think it too severe. But when we look the Field Over we can see no one seriously objecting except that class who have political Hopes and aspirations for office. To chide the Man who invests $5 for a Lou Isi him lottery ticket which oilers one Chancy in 500 to draw Tho capital yet there Are thousands to Day who have political aspirations that one sober thought would teach them that if it is the presidency they seek they have but about one Chance in 25,00y a mob and in the Battle unit ensued was shot dead. David Murphy a relative of the murdered woman was also killed. Dispatches from Evansville furnish Tho following particulars of the Lynching. Tho first intimation of Tho disturbance which resulted in Redman s death was received by night turnkey hat Maglior at the jail at 2 10 this morning. At that hour a communication was received by him through the Telephone from Ullmer s brewery that a masked mob had a wed up the Street. The turnkey immediately notified Newitt who hastened to the jail. Hat Machor after notifying no Witt wont to the sheriff s residence to give the alarm. Sheriff Kerth and deputies Mauntel and Mii Rtin and Tom Kerth jr., were on Tho Alert prepared to defend the jail and Tho prisoner. Newitt soon arrived mid went into the clerk s office i to Telephone for assistance. Lie heard Tho clattering of Tho horses hoofs coming up the bowl dered streets and hurried Back into the jail. Sheriff Kerth was at i he front door of Iho court House when the mob or Rived. Tin1 mob dismounted picketed their i Anima a left u guard to cover their Retreat in 1 captured All the citizens who happened j to lie Tiitu cited to the Sceno while a portion of the mob a e n dive for jail. Kerth fired at Vliem but they did not filter. Thoy j took him a prisoner and were into Tho jail Yard in u Jiffy. Two blows were sufficient to break in the outside wooden door and a the mob we a in Tho jail Hall. New to Martin 1 and Tom Kerth to opened in a brisk tire. Which was responded to by the mob. Who Pord n fun Glade through Trio door. Chisel and Sidge were soon brought and i willing bunds went to work and in u Twink i Ling the jail door was open. Newitt ran Buck to Hodman s cell and sad to him i have done nil 1 could for you they will got and he replied give to us revolver and i will kill some of win n the jail door was opened the mob rushed through the of Ridor to Hodman s cell and in a in ii Ute it was opened and Hodman in their Hinds. They tied his hauls with a Strom Lope mrs led him out Tho Otheo Isail tins Timo wore trying to escape from and get assistance so As to capture the mob or some of them. Newitt a Iuni to got into the Slier it s re Ideno and run up stairs to the front window which to opened and blew his whistle. Then the mob followed him and threw him downstairs. When he got up Tho mob were bringing Ltd Smau out of the front door. They wore ordered to halt when their Leader replied we Are from Posey county and came after lie Maii and we Are going to have an alarm of fire having been Given out in the City tip Ohe Niiori egg no Iii to a idly up the Street and Siri n the i ugly into which the Nib Hud i iced lie Louii overturned ii. This threw the mob into s me i i re a when one of the eiders said put him on this order was countermanded an 1 orig wore Given to kid him of the spot. One of Ali band seized a Sledge Hammer mid dealt Ilomin a Powei Fui Bow on the head few line him to the Grund. At thi Point chef of police i nto Holl arrived on the scene. One of the mob ran up to him and said go Newny from Here Prit Heil we Don t want to kill you at the same time snapping a revolver in his free but his hand was knocked up m the fore the weapon was discharged Fly this time several officers were on the ground who without the orders of their superiors opened fire on the rep Lily retreating mob. Tho Knob fired As Thoy retreated. Ther were Well armed. A regular pitched Buttle was fought on 1 Bird Street. Bullets whistled in every direction. Chief to Macholl and detective Newitt who led Tho tight Ngu inst them made an Effort to caption some of them but the firing was so hoi Thoy were compelled to lie Flat on Trio ground to escape death. The result of the Battle was that Hodman was killed where lie was stricken Down with the Sledge Hammer. Over two dozen balls entered his body. It was at that place thut David Murphy a brother in Law of the in rde reel woman met his death. The to i was so nto it on killing Keinan Tiab they fired through their own ranks. It was then that Murphy hound his death. The officers arrested several a f the mob. A dispatch from mount Vernon says that David Murphy one of the mob who was killed in , was Bur de in that City. Five Hundred people attended his funeral. Aft r the fun ral a fun i of .$100 was a sed for a Monument. A Lurge Sun was also sub scribed Foi the Ben fit of his three orphan children. Groat indignation was expressed by Posey county people on account of his death. The toothpick in Public. A a Vav civilized Man woman and child has the ight to use a toothpick but have they the right to use toothpicks to the discomfort of others and to Fine organizations the visible use of the toothpick is a source of disgust. A Man who uses a toothpick in Public shows either that he is not aware of the annoyance which lie gives to others or he defies Good manners and prefers to to set Down indelicate and Gross. The same Rule applies with double Force to a woman for women Are Tho natural and conventional guardians of Good manners. When sensible men Aro in doubt on a matter of politeness or Fine propriety Thoy consult a lady. What then can be said of a lady who carries a toothpick in her Mouth ? she might a Well rinse her Mouth or Brush her Teeth in a Julio. The truth is that the associations of a toothpick Are necessarily indelicate for the toothpick reminds one of bad Teeth or food particles held in the wrong place. The toothpick is therefore a toilet article and ranks with the Toothbrush the Nail cleaner or the ear spoon. These Art cles have to be used but not in Public. Every hand is marred by Une Ean Finger nails but the Naile ought not to be cleaned in Public. Nor should Teeth to brushed or picked in Public. In hotel lobbies there Are always men not really gentlemen and alas occasionally women with a toothpick in their Mouth. Quite Likely these Immis Dio Micro the gun Ovil a am office the commissioner of the land office in his annual report states that the lauds now embraced within the limits of the Public Domain amount to 900,0 0,000 acres including Alaska. He recommends that the pre of i to i Law be abolished As the Home Stond Laws cover All cases now arising. Public sales of land last year amounted to 7,083 acres embracing 5,010 acres near Toledo Ohio which were sold for $hi,7mran average of $ i is per Aero. Lisp Outing Tho forfeiture of Railroad Grants the commissioner says " the status of various Grants for Railroad purposes where roads have not been constructed within the time prescribed by Law was reported to 0 tigress March 2,s last. The absence of legislative action touching Tho renewal of these Grants or declaring the forgo Turo thereof seriously embarrassed Tho work of this office. It is not loomed expedient to certify additional lands to Tho Railroad companies nor to award to the companies lands in dispute Between them and settlers or other claimants pending the determination of o Gruss in the premises. Largo numbers of so tiers occupy such Hinds and it is important to know whether they can receive their titles from the United states or whether they will to required to Purchase from the Railroad companies. Commissioner Mae Urquid submits an estimate for the salaries und contingent expenses of the next fiscal year amounting in the i go refute to , which is an increase of the amount appropriated for Tho current usual year of $ i Al to. Tho increase is distributed generally among the Bureau officers and includes $11,000 for an assistant commissioner. In accordance with an act passed at the last session of congious the commissioner of the general land office is now preparing for publication a volume containing the codified land Laws and the history of the Public Domain of the United Stu and prepared by the Public land commission with All of the subsequent land Laws parsed up to the Day of adjournment of the last Congress. There will be a limited number of volumes published for general distribution and Many applications for to Lien have a Roady been Loc olved from lawyers and persons Wiig aged in the land business to whom the Book win to ii i murder and robbery. A Hunker at , wis., killed by Situu Wynn j of Hoith and Tho link vault Kolilis in. H. C. Mead an econ talc Bachelor who for thirty years has done a banking business at Waupaca wis., was shot d Tad at a rear window of his office a  to sat or Ting at a table. His Noso eyes and part of his brain were torn away by the discharge. The murderers then Cut the w re screen entered the apartment and Rifle t the Mon in Eho pc of several tons and dollars. A dispatch from Waupaca g ves the following particulars of the tragedy or. Mead had b in in the habit of sleeping near his treasures and taking his meals a the hotel und when he did not come to either by Nakfa t or dinner a messenger was sent to learn if he a sick. Hope item knocks on Tho Bank door brought no a in our and the b cd window was u

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