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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Oct 26 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - October 26, 1882, Postville, Iowa 1. Labot and , not Tai ice 1llamakee thu Day. Oct. 26, 1882. No. 11. A the District Post. Published every thursday at . Alla Makee Coutv Iowa. M. 0. Mead editor and poor Nikon. T. E. Delamore associate editor. r 0 per y or s1.-.0h for fix uni its a cents for three months strictly i Advance. Foo Cal notices 10 cents Pec line first inner Liou. I cents for Euch subsequent insertion of same notice. Notices kept standing until ordered nut. Collections made . Advertising rates made known on Hsioh. City directory. Tale Postville bark. I lit. People be i in h i1. Postai Railroad time table. C. A & St. P. R. Trains going East. No. 2. 10. 12. 14. L i. 18. 20 passenger arrives. Stock sex " freight " of f0 a m. .4 2.-1 " " .0 00 " " in a. Or. .8 4.-. " " .2 10 p. M. " " .7 05 a. A trains going West. O. 1,11. 1.j.t 17. 10. 21. Passenger depart0 12 a time for t.  .12 05 " freight " 4 25 r. " 1 i5 " " "1 10 r. Or 7 10" " j. Wilson adore. B. C. R. & n. R. Milwaukee division. Hal Roberta president. W s. Roborts cashier Mena Iii ice. There it is Flat s. S. Power attorney at Law Cpl a Ketiku of list Mollico up in Post wrong Tribue. In Hrit k i Lark. T Jav a. J. K. Phillips. To sorial artist and proprietor of a the. A by City 3�ivbrr fs3 a a. I , Iowa. Mis . Div a. Mis. Or,.\ u is. Misses diff a Cross. Fashionable dressmakers. Post jute Iowa cutting mid fitting done neatly mid on reasonable Thermal up the latent Stylet nut guarantee . We solicit your patronage rooms one door North of Waid a. Man cry there Yon have it fair it. 1 Square right in use face 1 a let people Lio damned Snail i. Yard orbit to a Chicago newspaper a Porter Only a few Days ago. After having . Robbed plan i tiered cheated and defray Dod the  people out of More than one Hundred in Ilion Nodars in a , j Jar. Yan Derydt turns upon them and j in their Teeth impudently Bills Thorn o go to hell nor was the language that of in difference As to the feelings of the people whom he has plundered but alien in connection with other Lan in image Iii lured at the same time it was j and keep the of lice in the hands of ult attempts to uie present postmaster who is an a old be Littion and the editor of the ,.newspaper there. Are. Bradford is capacity to Aeq re property the Idow f a Yal ten Osseo sol s against lie ram of the Dier who was murdered in Tho fort spirit of the men who founded the Pillow another Indian Republic the place for or. Yan. Us a of Wilson s go tit love for the sol Dorbit is not in America. His place 1 i. , is within the bound Rios Iasi us o j when or. \ Audi j measure am or lean citizen hive Ian s he g it is charged that Here lie if sore chiefly on duplicity and Dean Gogou cd Invy Lune capacity to acquire ism to keep himself in place and to property qualities men for titles of j h curo Eor by us of a Ihira Tunu nobility. J the of and do Vicic Tatlinger Beo s. Will do v. M. Passenger arrives.1 2" " leaves. 2 15 accommodation p. M. Leaves 1 00 a. James Pei key atut Postville mails. Aee Iye daily except sundays it. From East " Wost  South North it Nikon. Mails close going est it. East " i Onich. " North Waukon. .0 12 a. I m r. M. .1 00 " Csc " a 4fim. .5 00 pm i of " " a 00 a. M. 1 5m, time. A Ben i Tel six 3r a a of Deleur lilo Uay he pays no us imagine him As he coupons every i the outdo his Teeth in a Complete Stock. Are carrying on a Large and Fine line of goods mum Churchi directory. . H. E. Warner pastor. Preaching every Sabbath morning at half past ten. Sabbath school immediately after morning service. Prayer coating every wednesday evening at the . F. Loomis pastor. Ethic or every Sabbath morning at half put ten every Sabbath evening at half past seven. Prayer meeting every wednesday even big. Sabbath school after morning service. Hats Caps roots & is does. Ready made clothing notions crockery Etc., Etc. Also a Complete Stock dress goods Plain & fancy. Remember friends our Stock is kept Complete in All 13epar 1 men is. And we extend a cordial invitation to All to examine it. Skelton Mcewen. I believe in the tax paying portion of the Poni Numnik making the Laws under which to live. 1 Don t believe ill the persons who neither have property nor the cat acuity to act pure it passing Laws for the govern ment of lies who have Large pro i j Ines. alien of. 0, of i Union which to , and let clips of thei Iines Lii ing t he peo Jile be 1" / s the Money comes rolling in a his feet at Tho rate of \0-0, to  pm 100,000 per year he says i o the oiling masses from whose labor  u l a Dollar of in is taken it is my i i lit to Kin you and you can Trio up yours Hosl 1 but there is a still deeper and Tuioi o Damnable meaning to utterances of this great chieftain of legalized Highway robbers. It Means nothing More nor less than that the people who do not possess property shall to disfranchised. If a Man has not Tho capacity to acquire property he shall hot to allowed to have a voice in the legislative Hall if a Man has not the capacity to acquire property in other words if he has not the capacity to Rob and plunder the people according to the Vanderbilt. Code he is not lit to be an american citizen Vanderbilt has tie capacity to acquire property and so had Tho late lamented Jesse James of Missouri Tho capacity to acquire the capacity to acquire property is Tho lowest and most ignoble capacity which characterizes human nature. Tho Export Gambler has the Entac Ity to acquire Tho Speculator has the capacity to acquire i of party when he links and soils stocks. Tho thief who steals a neighbor s horse has the capacity to acquire the shylock Money Loaner Lias the capacity to acquire Tho Highway robber has the capacity to acquire Tho Star route thief Tho whiskey ring thief the Back salary grab thief has Tho capacity to acquire even Vanderbilt has the capacity to acquire property.". There Aro thousands of men who have hot Tho capacity to acquire the world s history shows that the greatest noblest Ablest purest and de unfit ii the position to show Jiow the party Felt at that time in re Gard to him and in regard to Are nomination find election we a Pseud n number of dipping from prominent papers in and out of the District. First is Tho Hardiall a it Pabli. A. W lie ii was at that time edited by ii inca Lig As True a Republican As o or had head in his paper of March 2 -187 i. In he National House of repro Seip natives on monday last or. Baker from Indiana Diiuro juiced a Resolution de Chuing among other things that secession was treason and Viola Tion of Tho Constitution but its passage was Defeated by Tho Democrat majority. Sunset Cox then Herod a substitute which sugar coated Tho rebellion and embodied Tho doctrine of states rights to such an extent that nearly All Tho republicans voted . It was adopted however by the democratic Vole. With Tho Aid of a few republicans among whom was or. Wilson of this District. Singular spectacle that presented by a Republican member from Loyol Iowa endorsing a doctrine which has been found from Jime immemorial a Corner Stone of democracy and which As opposed to the supremo authority of the doctrine of the Federal government did More than anything else to precipitate the rebellion which filled our land with Graves widows orphans and crippled How does this sound to those who Are so mighty afraid of sending a Democrat to Congress from this District for fear of his casting the deciding vote in a. Tied House How much depot Douce can you put in the vote of Avi Sony again from the same paper of a Little earlier Date Fob. A 187 5, in regard to this double faced work and his unfair dealings with his fellow men. These Are extracts from a letter written to the above named paper and is a True expression of tha feelings of Tho party and Puoplo at the time i regret to hear him charged with like acts of duplicity refer aug Shurtz trouble at Marshalltown de elsewhere. At Tama City he is charged with pretending to mrs. Bradford to be her Friend and promising to get her the Post of co at unit place while to was so Rotoly Best men had not the capacity to doing All in his Power to Dei oat her Shutlz to Congress the next is from Tho an Amotai congressman Wilson of the fifth District has raised a Hurricane about his oars by procuring Tho removal of a Soldier postmaster at Marshalltown. A. Rol Dir was wounded in various places and incapacitated for Ordinary work. Wilson seems to have signed his own death now comes that very reserved and. Very ably edited journal the grinned Herald without knowing Tho reason of or. Short s removal it strikes us As a rather bad stroke of policy for or. Wilson to begin to lop Oil official Heads just on Tho ovo of an expected Hoar Tho fort Dodge " messenger s opinion col. Elliot a Hurtz was postmaster at . In the putties of Tho mexi Rafi and our last Wai hero i i de upwards of lift on or Twenty and he is a Eric Ipin to Day. If became Nooe Essary to further the schemes of Jim Wilson who ants to to renominated for a third term that the Soldier be kicked out and he win std Tho Republican party is Days mindful of claims of the soldiers and carefully  protects no cause whatever is Given for the removal of our crippled Friend. Vii out k towing anything of. Tho undertaking of the Case to venture to say that when the la to Are unknown Thoro will to seen lying treachery and duplicity thai would have taken the first Premium Over the elder Judas. Whose second Cousin seems to have got into Congress from that District i o gods How some of Wiir Republican congressman do love i he crippled Soldier. How crocodilian the tears they shed Over the victims of Amie Sonville and How like the brute incarnate Wir z kept up the Lucking of Tho maimed whenever the Maggot of ambition Worms them in Tho Tho above extracts Aro All taken from Republican papers and gives True expression to the feelings of the Puoplo in 187g. Allah s Aro no different to Day. James Wilson is no purer than to was then. He is none less a trickster than six years ago. If he was unlit then and Tho party so de hired he is unfit now. To is the nominee of rings tors and not of the people. His nomination is a Square slap in Tho face of every old Soldier in Tho District. We could not support him six years ago and since then to has done nothing that commends Hinr to favor any More than then. It is evident ill at there has bean a big Blunder in Tho management of the pos Follico Doliar Tuout. It will show Clear profit above ail expenses at Tho Coso of Tho . That is easily accounted for or. Stylus. You know we have had a part of Tho thieves on trial at Washington for Tho last six months am Tho Balanco of them could not handle All Tho Surj dus Cash successfully. Iowa free press. Tho Good work is going Forward in every part of the Union and thousands Are deserting Tho old parties and taking a bold stand for Justice and humanity. Texas is All ablaze so also is Kansas and Nebraska. Mis Souri is stepping Forward gradually and the prospects look very favourable for the nationals of that free press. I

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