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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - October 19, 1882, Postville, Iowa Labor and. Capital--a-llies9 not a Ziemies vol. 1 Posty ills Alla Makee co., Iowa thursday oct. 19, 1882. No. 10. The District Post. Published every thursday at Postville Alla Makee county Lytwa. M. C. Mead editor and shop Bietow. Terms-1.bo per year 1.00 for six months so cents for three months. Strictly in Advance. Local notices 10 cents per Lino first insertion ii cents for each subsequent insertion of same us tie. A  a fit All Kotica kept standing until ordered out. Collections made monthly. Advertising hates made known on application. The Postville Bank. P08tville.  Iowa. Hall Roberts w s. To treats president. Cashier. S. S. Powers attorney at Law collecting agent & notary Public. Office up stairs in the Brick Block 1 osttilt.r., Iowa. City Dir Coey. Railroad time table. P. M. & St. P. K. E. Trains going East. No. 2. Passenger arrives. I r0 . 10. Stock sex. " .4 25 " " " 12. Freight "11 00 " " " 14. " a i. M. A Uit a in " " " 16. " ". .2 10 p. M. A 20. "  " to 4.r " " f 22. " " .7 05 . Trains going West. No. 1. Passenger 12 is. Time i it. " .12 m " " " 11 freight " .4 2" p. A " is "  .3 55 . A 15 " " .0 fi5" " " 17, " " .1 45 " " 1ft. " " .1 10 p. M21. " " .7 10"  j. F. Wilson for it. It. K. Phillips .1 to sorial artist and proprietor of who key City Barber shop. 1 , Iowa. Miss Katib Nvvf. Miss Osa Ghosh. I fishes Duff & Cross fashionable dressmakers. Postville Iowa. Cutting and fitting Dune neatly and on reasonable terms. To keep the latest styles and guarantee . We solicit Yong patronage. Rooms one door North of Ward Meyer b. C. E. & n. Milwaukee division. Passenger arrives.1 25 p. M. " leaves.,.2 15 " " accommodation 55 p. A. " leaves. 1 cd a. It James Perry agent Postville mails. Arrive daily except sundays from fast at.0 12 a. W. " West  ".5 30 p. M. A South ".1 00 a North Wanton .0 30 " " mails close going West 45 a. M.  East ".5 00 p. M. " South. " a i a " " " North Avau Komi Sqq a. M. Minneapolis time. Semi weekly mail to Elkader leaves tuesdays and saturdays at 7 00 p. At. Office hours form 7 00 a. M. To 8 00 . Money order office. A. R. Phe Soott postmaster. City officers n. J. Beedy �111. Haines b f. Taylor w. S. Roberts mayor marshal recorder treasurer councilmen. R. N. Douglass j. S. Mott r. A. T. Meyer c. Tomah. S. Burling t. B. Easton Postville lodges. Noble Lodge no. 51. A. 0. It. W. Moots every saturday evening in their new Lodge room in the Brick Block. All members of the order in Good standing Are cordially invited to visit us. J amiss Perry m. W. H. E. Babcock Sec. Postville Lodge no. 2g6. 1.0. Of of regular meeting every monday evening. Visiting Brothers cordially invited to be present. H. S. Luhman Sec. J. Me Eit n. G. Brothel love. No. 204 a. F. & a. M. A a meet at their Hall Corner of Lawlor and Green streets on tuesday evening on or before the full Moon in each month. Members of the Craft in Good standing Are Suvit to visit s. S. Powers w. M. I Lison Oan Sec. Churchi directory. . A e. Warner. Post Jar. Preaching every Sabbath morning at Llali inst ten. Sabbath school immediately after morning service. Prayer meeting every wednesday evening at the Church. . P. Loomis pastor Orvices every Sabbath morning at half past ten ev6ry Sabbath evening at half past seven. Prayer meeting every wednesday even big Sabbath school after morning service. Kightlinger Bro s. Will do Stone or Brick make a specially of masonry and plastering. Also practical Well diggers our terms Arp. Reasonable. Address us at Clermont Iowa. Touring Mills Manchester Iowa Franz sch Tultz pro will do custom work or Exchange. The Best grades of Flom kept constantly on hand and warranted As represented give Jie a trial. Franz. Schultz Manchester Alla Makee co., Iowa. A Complete Stock. Are carrying on a Large and Fine line of Dey goods groceries hats Caps boots & slices ready made clothing notions crockery Etc., Etc also a Complete Stock. Dress goods Plain & fancy. Remember friends a a .,1 ,. A. Our Stock is kept Complete in All x Lepai to merits and we extend a cordial invitation to All to examine it. Skelton. & Mcewen. A be clouded Cloud. From the Chicago Sentinel Buffalo mo., sept. 18, 1882.-Editoh Sentinel col. Cloud the Republican candidate for Congress in the thirteenth District spoke in by Halo on sept. Iti. On the political issues of the Day. He arraigned the Devi Ratic and Greenback parties with an a Loquence and Zeal unknown to the Republican party in this part of the a Onnfrey. That part of his speech relating to the Greo backers was Confin id to the to Ivory of Money Iivo cited of them. In the course of he said that the greenbacks proposed of Issue three Hundred and fifty Mill on dollars irredeemable paper Nion a but did not Tell How they proposed to do it. To illustrate the was n which we propose to make Money to took up a piece of paper and said a oing on to illustrate the design. This is one Hundred billion dollars Lay it away in the Treasury and sir. Be Are now or. Editor this is one Point to which j want to Call your attention. It is one of the1 vital Points of the Greenback doctrine. It is one of the great obstacles to the growth and development of the party. The hard Noney ites seem to think that the a Erial out of which Money is to be Nade is to be procured from Nativ by the labor of the individual citizen and sold to the government. Maki this so Clear to every Reader of int. Sii Tinel so he can meet this argument with reason. You illustrated Dos some time ago by two labourers one going into the mines and the other upon a farm. Col loud further said that Bank ire not a monopoly but did not prove t. Also that Banks Are taxable Ami that we obtain about &3,00u, in tin a of Revenue from them annually. Unit Bank notes Are. Money and Are that the government cannot Misuo an irredeemable paper Money. My cited us to the history of Franco i nation that had tried it and failed. Give us Light up ii All these sub oct. Give Lis the lava word. For work ipod All these Points if possible uni oblige a subscriber. W. F. Butler. Answer. Colonel Cloud is most appropriately named. His own mind is either a woefully be clouded or else he is intentionally trying to be Clouch the minds of his Jellow citizens. It is easier to argue with a philosopher than a fool Neilce we Are sorely tried in undertaking to reply to colonel Cloud. If we were a philosopher and a Statsman instead of a demagogue it would not be difficult to reply to him in fact no reply would h be been called for because he would not have been guilty of making such assertions As our correspondent charges him with. The stale vapid and worn out illustration used by col. Cloud in printing on a piece of paper this is a billion dollars and laying it away in the Treasury As so much wealth is too imbecile and idiotic to deserve an answer. The time was a few years ago when such fourth rate stump up ebb gags took but a Man who uses them now presumes entirely upon ignorance of his audience. The Tiu who aspires to the position of congressman with so Little knowledge of fundamental principles of finance As to pretend that Money whether Coin or paper of itself is wealth had better sell out his aspirations and emigrate to the Interior of Africa. Let us suppose that the government. Should weigh out it Lump of Gold big enough to make a billion Standard dollars Lay it assay in the Treasury and right along Side of it should stamp a piece of paper this is Legal tender for the payment of one billion will col. Cloud Tell us How he could get the piece of paper out of the hands of the. Government any easier than he could get the Lump of Soia. So Long As both the piece of paper and the Lump of Gold remained in poses Sion of the government would the government be any the Richer on account of them again suppose the government wanted to use a billion dollars to build a Railroad from san Fransisco to new York and another from now Orleans to St. Paul. 1 1 in the first place let us suppose that it does it with Gold. In order to got Gold it must tax the people must it not1? therefore the people Are out of pocket one billion dollars Worth of Gold. Then the govern quient goes ahead and builds the proposed railroads paying therefore the Gold which it has taken from the people. The government owns the railroads and the people have been taxed a billion dollars. Now then let us build the Road with pieces of paper greenbacks. The government issues one billion dollars in paper and with it builds the railroads. Up to this Point the government owns the railroads but the people have not been taxed. The government then goes ahead and redeems the pieces of paper by taking the people one billion dollars and receiving the pieces of paper for taxes when this is done the government a Vns the railroads the people have been taxed one billion dollars and Tho pieces of paper have been re deemed and destroyed. Not a Par Mcle of Gold used in the latter transaction. Now then in both these cases tin result is precisely the same. Will col. Cloud or any other Man toll us Why the latter course is not just exactly As Good As the former and on the other hand if col. Cloud asks us Why the former course is not just As Good As the latter we answer no because it would be practically impossible for the government to accumulate one billion dollars of Gold for instance during the recent War had the government depended upon in o a the prosecution a the War would have been a failure. Gold skulked away and hid itself in Bank vaults arid old stockings. The government could and did use the pieces of paper and by so doing saved the onion. Had it depended upon Gold the government would have gone to pieces. This is an indispensable and an essential difference. To is an argument in behalf of the pieces of up per which cannot be overcome. If col. Cloud wants to learn the rudiments of finance we would respectfully refer him to Plato who said Money is a creation of Law to effect Exchange or to Aristotle who said Money is an invention of Man and not a product of nature or to our own supreme court of the United states which said the United states Treasury notes not redeemable a any other circulating medium Are constitutional Money in time of War or peace or to Cernuschi who says  Money is a representative of value created by Law or to Waron s criminal Law which says the Only True and most reliable basis for Money is Tho Law of full Legal tender for the payment of debts or to John Stuart Mill who says the fatal defect of England s momentary system is found in the that paper must be redeemed in Gold and Silver Coin. The adoption of this heresy by the United states of America has been the source of inh Nite Hahn resulting As it has it a constant sue cession of inflation and panics or to judge Joel Tiffany who says government May put its Royal or Sovereign stamp upon paper affixing its Money value and if it limit the Quantity and fully provide against counterfeiting of it it will have the same currency value As Gold or Silver or any other we might in fact refer him to almost any Standard authority on political Economy where he would find the principles of Greenback ism clearly and definitely set Forth. If col. Cloud thinks Banks Are not a monopoly will he please Tell us who does make a business of control Banks Are in a position to Call in lock up practically every Dollar of Money in the United states. They control All the National Bank currency and can Issue much or Little of it As they1 choose but col. Cloud May say there is nothing to hinder anybody from going into the banking business certainly not but the moment they go into the banking business they Sim ply join the Bank monopoly that is All " 1 of course National Banks Are taxed and Why should they not be Are not All men except bondholders taxed do not farms however pay four times the tax in proportion to their value or in proportion to Tho income which they yield that National Banks do col. Cloud s mind is again behind a Cloud when he says that France tried to Issue an irredeemable Money and failed. Perhaps the be clouded colonel had in his mind the Frenchi ass Ignots which people who know very Little about finance Prate very learn edly about. The French ass Ignots wore nothing More nor less than scrip payable Ira certain confiscated lands which lands when Naoleon mounted the throne he restored to the original owners hence the scrip become worthless. For Twenty years the people of the United states have use a. Irredeemable paper currency and during that time they have made More Progress and advancement than any other Brit Ion in the civilized world a ver made in a whole Century so much col. Cup us for irredeemable paper Money and you May put the fact in your pipe and smoke it democracy captures Ohio. The cause of i ete., Etc. Chicago times. The supreme cause of the government s defeat in Ohio was that it deserved defeat. By its vicious party methods and its constant party meddling it has become offensive onions contemptible in Public opinion. It is regarded not Only As a government of part ism but As a government of Petty ism. It has shown no breadth of vision no comprehensiveness of grasp no capacity of understanding on a single question of National scope or import. It is narrow piddling limited in its ideas of the government function to management of elections the rewarding of party dirty work with Public offices and the levying of blackmail on those who relieve the rewards. It is in All its methods vicious. Tho tendency of its favorite methods is degrading in twelve months it has lost the Confidence and won the contempt of the country. The outcome in Ohio is one expression of Public condemnation of the void riling potty election manipulating office giving and office robbing party government of our latest exam ii of that National curse1 tile party president. Other exp Essio is of pit Lac will speedily Foll do. Arid this is what an intelligent Hindsight looking behind no further than Tho result of Grant s Experiment in reducing the Constitution. To a party election machine should have Tau Guiti the Maine election. From official returns Given in another column it will be seen that notwithstanding the Republican candidate was elected by about 7,000 majority there was a Republican loss of 1,043, As compared with the vote of 1880, and that Plaisted s defeat was the result of a stay at Home Greenback vote of 10,030. This is no doubt largely if not wholly due the Chase split Chicago express

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