Postville Post in Postville, Iowa
12 Oct 1882

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Postville Post in Postville, Iowa
12 Oct 1882

Read an issue on 12 Oct 1882 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Post.

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - October 12, 1882, Postville, Iowa The i ist3igtbc by the District Post. 31. C. Mead editor. Thursday oct. 12, 1882. State ticket afros u 0 the a Kukac i Jaimi a Kitty if Iowa. A. J. To i i Lei a suite Stojin Keokuk county. Auditor stale Wyant Ringgold Comly. Treasurer states Georue Dokr Union county. Judge supreme court m. H. J ores Davis county. Attorney general James a. Run Mahns Kii county. Clerk supreme court e. N Clark Alla Makee Iier supremo court Ujj. H. Illiamson Uduc Lianfun county. For representative in Congress from the 4th District l h. Weller Chic Kasaov county. Congressional committee. W. R. Mead Cresco chairman. J. F. Babcock new Hampton. W. P. Eno Wagner. W. A Newberry Charles Cit i g. E. Heinig West Union. M. B. Doolittle Cresco. E. M. Farnsworth. Dee Orali. D. F. Mccarthy St. Ansgar county tickets Fayette county. Clerk the courts g. E Hennig. Reeb Flor. 3". M. Burnside  supervisor. Finley Smith. Fayette 00. Executive com. S. H. Hysham chem. Brush Creek. D Davis. Fayette. Rob t. Ewing Brush Creek g e. Hennig West Union. James Sculley Waunoma \ f. Leggen Laulile Rick Lickl. A. Addie Brush. Creek. F. Watson,.randalia. B. Hough Olwein. Winneshiek county. For clerk the courts. A mcmarti3sr. For recorder m. R. Farns Worth for sheriff Morris Flemming the question monopolies. Will be discuss Dat the following times and places by Hon. H. Welles Candida for Congress in this disk  an Gustavus Dinois 5.evening Highland. Elkader comma la Guttenberg Clayton. Garnivillo Clavton Center bulls head 1 Mcgregor Howard dist. I Jakeeta. 6.2o clock 6.evening new Albin " Dorchester " Ludlow  " Postville  the concessional 9. " i o.,. " 11. 12.  13. 14, a 16. " 17. 18 19. " 20. 21 a. Committee has when a a system Rio rat senator Allison speaking Tho subject i inane says that the real question is whether those National Banks can afford to Thore in t any them dying that anybody can see. With double capital and interest such As they All receive when they Aro Able to negotiate their notes Tho National Bank that would fail would be a very extravagant institution. National banking is comparatively free but upon the poor Man who has t the Means to engage in it and Alt cannot a Bankers it is an outrage. The legislation that has created Tho system gives to the Man enabled to engage in it u monopoly while it compels the Rio Man to support the monopoly. Tho constitutionality those Banks is doubt Ful and if Tho supreme court is honest every one them a test Case would be wiped out. Thore is no warrant in the Constitution for any currency save Gold and Silver and if in order to meet the demands Trade an extra currency is needed the government instead private corporations should Issue it. With All the advantages which glorious Pii Blic school system and press afford we americans Are foolish thing becomes settled As we accept it whether it wrong and never question its correctness. This banking system is one Tho frauds imposed upon us under the plea Public necessity and until a sense Economy shall be taught us by reverses we will probably not have acquired the Wisdom to frown upon it. The few Are gaining Power in the United states at the expense the Many. We do not blame those Whoso object is to be benefited but censure should be visited upon Towse who permit them achieve their object. This is a Republic and every Man should be kept at his own level. Communism is despicable for when a Man works for property and has earned it he should a permitted the to session it in peace and Security but we should allow to no person a Legal advantage that is not accorded to ourselves. The stouts and boots who want almost half the City Dubuque for giving to. Us a place to which at Best their title a questionable for an ice. Harbor and the Goulds and a am Erbil to and the. National Bank monopolists must be taught to Uncle stand that Uliey do not own nor govern the country and that the Power to which we acknowledge obedience is not Money. The National Bank system is a cheat and americans will one Day recognize the fact and abolish it Telegraph the West Union Gazette after worrying itself sick Over the uncertainty i. Hoagland s resignation winds up with. We do not believe there is any. Power that can persuade Many the Square toed democrats this District to vote for such a blathers Kite As Weler. Bla a a a a Theisla ther Bla ther skit be a skit be be be. If you can t help us please Don t help the Bear Why not Send it out. Pomeroy s Groat West. There Are now in Tho Treasury vaults at Washington l 5,000, 0, bran new Silver dollars laying Idle and no More use to the people Tho United states than they would he were they buried in the Bottom the sea. In addition to this amount Silver dollars there Are 825,000,001 Worth fractional Silver currency making a total 120,000,000 Silver Coin now Idle in the Treasury the United states. Silver is accumulating there at the rate $3,000,0.00 per month. Were those who control the government the United states in sympathy with the taxpayers and the hard pushed Over burdened continually striving Husi Noss element that needs More Money in order to carry business profitably it would at once Call in at least 8100,000,000 Worth United states Bonds and give out 100,000,000 Silver which won let Stop the interest upon ?100,000,000, which the people now pay to bondholders it would give the bondholders $100,000-000 in Money and As Money is no use to a Man except for the purpose paying debts buying property loaning it to persons who would pay interest tier it would stand to reason that this amount Money would quickly go into circulation among the people Aii help business exactly As an army new recruits helps the veterans who Are in the Field holding Tho fort but at the same time starving to death. When every business interests in the country except loaning Money at usurious rates is suffering common Justice demands the putting Money Idle in the Treasury at once into circulation. Lib Gove Rymont which holds Back Money which can thus be put m circulation is As criminal in the treatment the business element As would be the withholding troops from an army fighting at the front criminal and treasonable to the country at Largo. The government actually has More ?100,000,000 in Silver com lying there Idle. It can give no excuse for keeping it there except a desire to protect bondholders. If the Bonds continue out Long enough they will absorb All this Silver so that it will in reality be taken out not to encourage Industry by promote Enterprise but to Reward untaxed idleness and this is the Groat trim Effort and object the present government the United states. Challenged . Up Degraff to discuss Vyche measures he has supported in Congress before the people and he declines to do so. A u the congressional Coin swill pay . Upde-8tait$100il lie will Mee . Well Erin discussion the monopoly questions at Mcgregor pop Tville Cresco and Charles City after , before election dividing the time equally opening. one hour followed in speech . Hours closed in halt hour i speech and to alternate with speak is each evening. -. Aiby order congressional com Mittee w. R. Mean a chairman. The Republican press the first congressional District this state Are publishing the letter accept Anee col. Alexander Wilson As the Greenback nominee for Congress they make a great display the fact that said settee is written without accuracy from a grammatical 6r. Ortho graphical standpoint. Words Are Nii spelled arid capitals Are improperly used. New we Are not a Green Backer but this much we say in regard to col. Wilson we would rather have his character unsullied As it in with absolute ignorance the rules grammar spelling than to be possessed All the Cul tire that other Wilson James f. With corruption. The republicans would better study character More and remember that education is Only a Blessing when it add Power to do Good. Fayette county Union. Labor can elect every officer the government pledged to its own interest it can do As it has in the past Rob it own household by voting1 the old party ticket. S if our Law makers forge any More elfin for work Pagnien it will be the fault the Workin Nien thei selves who vote them into Post. Clio ice outs. L rom our exchanges the Northern Pacific land steal had the Active support updo Grafl a measure so inf anxiously corrupt that it alone ought to consign him to sure and certain co Plain dealer. \ Liall Tho present party in Power be uprooted and overthrown shall it remain Thore nothing but a United Effort the part Tho Industrial element can vet this great and Good s great West. Labor can never be anything but an anxious beggar in an a Stablo state toil until Tho control the volume and value Money passes from the banker to the government. Workin Nien think seriously these Northern. It takes Twenty years for an honest labourer to earn a ten thousand Dollar farm that will net the owner with his labor five per cent per annul. But there Are men who by the stroke a pert can create 40,000,000 capital which the people must pay a tax eight per cent a year. Chicago express. The Republican loaders Ore counting getting the support Green backers the Temperance Issue proclaiming themselves better Temperance risen than the democrats which is false As far As the leaders Are concerned for neither them care for Temperance except As a Means catching votes. They Are trying to induce nationals to Depert their own party and vote for them against the democrats while in the cities they Are courting the Saloon vote by telling the whiskey men that they will help them defeat the amendments when they come before the people. Green backers however Are not Likely to be fooled by a party whose representatives in Congress got drunk at the president s funeral and after charging the Bill for their orgies up to the people were almost Una Inious by renominated by their party Fth their respective Sun. Vote the e democratic ticket and in time pay the Confederate debt. Vote Tho Republican ticket and Perpet Date the National debt extend the National Bank Charters arid pay All the taxes. You pay your Money and take y our Choice. Belle Plaine Union rep Tho charge is made that col. Lien Dorson candidate for Congress in the Dubuque District and Secretary the Republican congressional committee is furnishing Money to Aid Chalmers election to Congress in Mississippi. Chalmer s is the Man hold responsible for the fort Pillow massacre and to has unquestionably carried the shoe string District in Mississippi several times by Tho most no Bush ing frauds. If such men As Chal Mer Aro to to the beneficiaries tin committee Federal officeholders May Well refuse to Honor Secretary Henderson s assessments. Fitl e Price the following a a Imja Burn to Leif since my Cru is ibis Electron Apo. _ 27 stops 0 sets Reeds s9d 17w famous a Beethoven Organ contains 27 stops 10 sets it Beds order now. Eori it by Bank draft Ribco Honey order registered loiter. Belied and shipped without Amoin ent s delay. Factory running Das Aud night. . $30,$10,$b0,8 t free. Addres Bor Cali por Daiziel p. Beasiey Washington new Jersey. Jugl a an dec rely new am Noil Ivaly a Flecklin i Reine y for the a ii a a r and permanent a cure seminal emissions and impotency by the Only Trua tin., Draut App cation to the proud per ii tit Dimiam. Tha hit the attn cd it with i it n incur Ienir be Aud Dott not a to Tarim with the Ordinsky purse Ltd life. The Mil a treatment has by Obj Ibe Uit in tory Carero Cue and it now a pronoun old in co a. Tetra u no Noc icim about hit preparation. Practical air erratic Nab i a posit Raly Eua Ranua that it will Rora perfect Aluir actin. It i by Tny la mu4 a a la in wry i. Full dirt Liam it Utida in Iii War in tit hot. J read far a do Truiti r in Flint Lii out aaunl�1 will Hal line the lie optical thai i hts Taa Bra Loid w Ferhat us Lull i i Leith ditch lift a a a. If kit Mfd. Tutaj for lung. It Harris remedy co. Of q ohemi8ts, Market mid Mth ,-8t, Louis to. " tin owing away votes. Jjon conformist. I what would be. Thought a Man Yho seeing a band hostile men approaching who he knew intended to tear his House to pieces if they could should assemble his family and talk about it and devise mean s to prevent it but when the time action came should join theim and help them pull the House Down about his family s Eais for the reason that he had to use his strength someway and so that it might not be lost thrown away he would help tear his own House to pieces yet just As stupid just As Short sighted is the Greenbacker who in order to save his vote talks Green bachism talks against monopolies National Banks and legalized robber but election Day votes with either the old parties to save his can any Folly than that a Man voting with a party that he knows is aiming to enslave Nim because he would throw away his vote by voting against it ? the labourers will walk up to the polls and Deposit their ballot this fall for the candidates monopoly and then spend the remainder the year cursing their condition. Will they won t they labor reaps the fruits its own foolishness and capital smile s. Banks Issue a rid Rau Road monopolies Are twin monster combinations with which the people must Settle in order to perpetuate the Republic. 9 0�corporations walk rough shod Over the rights labor and not one single word protest from those who have secured their votes.  the  business Ely Stem. That make . Go debt the Greenback apr party. Of gift .t6 destroy sectional hatred second to pay promptly to in Tiati Onnel debt ,.,third.1 to reduce the taxes and expenditure.,.fourth to place the coinage Silver the same footing a As the coinage Gold. Fifth to pub stil Ute Legal tender paper for National Bank notes. I Atli to Over throw political corruption at the polls events to secure free ballot and a fair count. Eighth to control by Law and being into subjugation to the interests t f the people All corporations and Mou plies which have corrupt the Public service and v y combi nation and extortion have established absolute Dominion Over Money Over transportation Over invention Over land audit Sibori we demand that the exercise the Power and right eminent Domain shall never be so construed .abridged As to p a event the taking the general Assembly the prop erty and franchises incorporated Cen pan ies and subjecting them to the Public necessity the same As individuals. We dem and that the general Assembly shall pass Laws to Correct abuses and prevent unjust discrimination and extortion in the rates freight and passenger tariffs the different railroads in this state mid enforce Silch Laws by adequate penalties to the Toca tent if necessary for that Phi pose forfeiture to Weir propel to acid frn nth ses. Under the right c i Zient Domain i nerf Der to protect the soil acid the. People Frej United states from the curse land Nio nop by quid the evils which to. 3erfs and. Vast a a the masses ire had Ned Conti. Rental Europe a dem Tod. Tie. Reservation the Public lands including the vast Aiho unt claimed by railroads corporations As Grants from Tho government for actual settlers and we further demand that the unoccupied lands All Bitch railroads a Grants pm subjected to entry for., a Tual Seff lenient at Tia minimum Price placed contiguous Hinds held by the government and that no title to Public Railroad lands shall rest in any alien foreigner until he shall have declared his inti Iii obis to become a Oit Izeh j he United slates and the Only for actual vjjttl6nient. The diseases youth and wan hoop a guide to health with i out Medicine. To aril Sipian 2syear s a experience. Id Mih Poison Yourey Leiu with to rub hut pet tills Book qunck3, presort nylons free and electric licit la Nair $ Uco Welch let roses. Price 23ct�. Address the publisher Box 234, Milwaukee wis. Reliable self prescription one the most noted and successful specialists in the u. Snow retired Ibi Choc Neaf Rev Wittik be Billet to a jobs Jia , Kent in Plain sen u to envelope Yves. fillet. Address d3. Ward & co., Louisiana. To disc Isary. Ziti Tahshaa 1847 a 12.s,.8ft pfc Raotz St. Louis 0. The in charge this old Ami Well know institution arc rat Tillar in cd Sites in Martin be and a Urgero. Years 3sxporlono,s in the i regiment i chronic diseases Lav made their nit ill and ubi lits to much a Perior 16 that the Ordinary practitioner that Tupy Honvo acquired n Nat initial reputation through their treatment com Llund ii is. P Cees without using More urn Poi our us medicines. Young i ten dts bus Middle aim who Are hirer inc from Tho cob cart a this ease that Antles its victims for business marriage permanently cured it Neitie. J ?rtrrey3j ii Loeb Aud invited. Lut quest Ion i to be ,.ht j1 1 Deai Rinc treatment milled fro to any add rpt application rennet Kutr Ildr com rat Penn no a la need Thor Kidi Tavui a and i fran to Thor Njie Uta a. Itu Nola Tanta commune Nilam at tic try Honfi Lei Tut Are j should to " " " i my. So. Butts id North St he St. Loti i 113 Tater St., Newyork. These goods have no equal in Quality and handsome. Style package. Satisfaction guaranteed no pay. Ask your grocer for j. Monroe Taylo r s Gol d medal soda Sal Eratus baking folder and consult your Best interests by giving it a trial you. Wittl never regret

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