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Postville Post (Newspaper) - October 12, 1882, Postville, Iowa To . All communications for this paper Ali old to Acom. Ii uni la Yuin n Ilvio of tilt Ndoc Casally for publication but us Art tide not of Ood Faith of Tho part of Trio writer. Write Only on Bido of Tho paper. By co fill in k1v1i b Marucs Datos. To Hare the la to e and for Iros up n Ami distinct. The widow of a physician died in san Francisco col., recently leaving a Little estate which has been appraised at $7,- 785.50. Among the claims filed against it is one from her physician who claims �$6,600 for two years services. He is a Homeopath is and believes in Small pills but not in Small Bills. In a recent murder trial at Las Vogas m., the defendant s attorney was disgusted with a ruling of the judge and indignantly arose and left the courtroom. The judge sent the sheriff after him and when the attorney was brought Back told him if he did not proceed with the Case he would be sent to jail for contempt. The Case was continued. Is the Public responsible for the misuse of a wooden leg ? mrs. Clark of Chicago proposes to find out. She asks $5,000 As a preliminary. Her a Drunken husband had a wooden leg and coming Home he uns trapped it and a clubbed his wife with it. For this he was put in jail in a cell with another a criminal. The two quarrelled and the other Man seizing the wooden leg Thich was lying near killed its owner with it. The widow claims the amount of damages mentioned above. Sex Secretary Blaine went to Maine when 23 or 24, carrying with him the Liabis manners and tastes of a kentuckian and became a Leader of Yankee. Hosts. Sargent s. Prentiss went from Maine to Mississippi which took him to her arms and made him her idol. His political rival was another Northern Man Robert j. Walker. John Slidell did not look upon Louisiana until he was 30 years old. He was a new yorker. The present United states senator Hawley of Connecticut is a North carolinian. A me. Cook of Philadelphia who died in 1840, in his will bequeathed 6,000 acres of wild land near Roxburgh pa., to the Pennsylvania Hospital and the Pennsylvania Institute for the Blind. For years these institutions have derived no income from the gift and have been satisfied by the fact that it required no expenditure on their part. Recently however Oil was struck on the property and there Are hundreds of applications for leases of the land. The property is now estimated to be Worth from $2,000,000 to $5,000,000. North Carolina boasts of a Semi a aquatic town of which a correspondent of the Atlanta Constitution writes i suppose Morehead City is the Only City in the world without a wheel in it. I do not think there is a Wagon or a buggy horse in the town and very few in the county. Everything is done in. Boats. There is not a Bouse in the county that a boat cannot get within a mile of. Not a doctor or lawyer in the county owns a horse they practice in boats. The people go to funerals in boats and when they arrest a Man they a carry him to jail in a the tide of emigration from Europe to Titis country is one of the marvels of a the age. During the past year ending a june 30, according to the official figures no less than 789,000 foreigners sought a Home in Tho United states. Tor the three fiscal years 1880,1881 and 1882, the arrivals have amounted to 1,-"915,691, or nearly As Many As the total for the eight years just previous. This us More than enough to populate any one of the thirty eight states of the Union excepting Illinois Missouri new York Ohio and Pennsylvania. And the Prospect is that the number of immigrants during the present fiscal year will be greater than during the one just closed. _ bicycles will be interested to know of some remarkable deeds that have recently been performed on that vehicle in England. First was the reappearance of the most popular rider Ever Mcnown in that country the Hon. Ion Keith Falconer after some years of absence and study of arabic and persian in the East. During his absence various unsuccessful attempts have been made to surpass the Brilliant two mile record which he left behind him. Making a Little pleasure trip in the vilest weather from land s end to John o groats a distance of nearly 1,000 Miles by Way of preliminary breather he competed first of All in the five mile championship but had to be Content with second place to j s. Whatton the Oxford Blue. On saturday last he however was enabled to bring his wonderful stamina into use and won Tho fifty mile championship with tolerable ease after some magnificent racing. His time 2 43 55-j, is far and away the Best for the distance As it Well May be. The other bicycling wonder h. L. Cortis has at length succeeded in accomplishing at the third attempt the first Cost him a broken Armithe feat of covering Twenty Miles within the hour but at the same time in the Samo contest another Oxford Blue w. K. Adam placed the three mile record to his credit his tune being 8 41 1-5. These performances Are wonderfully Good but the recent Calm weather has been greatly in favor of fast time. An Omaha Man who had been on a re creative tour for several weeks returned one night and sauntered leisurely toward the spot where he had left his domicile. There was his lot and the neighbouring houses proved to him that it was the spot where he had formerly been wont to see his quiet and comfortable Little Home but his House was non est. At the hotel whither he was compelled to repair for the night he could learn nothing to Clear up the mystery though he questioned every one about As Bip Van Winkle did when he came Down from the mountains after his Long sleep. In the morning he Learned that two Brothers had moved his House away to their own lot and he was not Long in having them arrested. The curse of debt. A curious and Little known Experiment showing the resistance of the air in guns is described by prof. Daniel Colladon of Geneva in a recent letter to Melsens. He was Long in the habit of showing it to his classes. It resembles a feat that was sometimes performed by soldiers with the old Swiss carbines. M. Colladon fully charged with compressed air the hollow Iron Breech of an air gun serving As a Reservoir. Having screwed up the gun he introduced a round Lead Ball running freely but nearly filling the bore then placing the gun vertically he seized the upper end and pressed his thumb vigorously on the Mouth the gun was then fired by an assistant the thumb remained in position and Tho Ball was heard to fall Back in the bore. Thereupon after recharging the Breech and with the same Ball he shot the latter at a Ine Board about four tenths of an Inch thick or a pane of Glass and it passed through.  the Experiment Colladon says is without danger if the operator is sure of the strength of his thumb if the gun is More than thirty two inches Long Aud if the Ball is spherical and nearly fills the gun in which it must act like a. Piston. The least uncertainty in the very vigorous pressure of the thumb and the hermetic closure of the gun May entail serious injury to the thumb. While Colladon has repeated the Experiment Twenty or thirty times without the least inconvenience either from Shock or heat a trial of it is perhaps hardly to be recommended. Talk out. A very Small boy with a pitiful lot of pinched features looking afraid to go Home and afraid to be away from Home crept up to a Large gentleman with an aggressive stomach and an obtrusive watch Chain and said please sir buy a Penny paper the big gentleman was lolling in a big chair tilted Back against the front of a big hotel. He glowered at the Little boy and grabbed him by the Arm look Here you Little Rascal what do you speak in that Kitt Enish Way for that won t sell papers. That won t sell anything. Why Don t you Speik right up and sing it out Here s your Penny paper yell it. Then people will think you to got something. Your sneaking Little please sir won t catch on in this loud world. Perhaps you Are half starved at Home. Maybe you Are kicked. But Don t bring that out into the streets. It won t help you any. Be Brave and cheerful. Rustle round Little fellow and chirp it bold and sometime you will be a Man with a sheep f irm or a Silver mine or strike it in Congress. Here How Many have ? three he Well Here s a half Dollar for pm and Don t you Ever Mew round any More. Mewing Don t catch Cincinnati saturday night. It is proverbially hard to define a gentleman. Many standards exist some of them very curious. A gentleman of Washington City in describing a Friend of his recently has perhaps added another and useful definition to the list. Yes he said judge is very much of a gentleman to used to play poker with Joff. Gray hairs should excite respect but they Don t. They excite the query Why at. Earth does t he Dye his Wool or have some one sandpaper his head or. Robert p. Porter of the census Bureau furnishes for the first time for publication some very interesting figures on the subject of debt in the United states. It presents a subject that is Worth the study and thought of every person who feels an interest in the welfare of his country. The assessed valuation which is of course a Low valuation of the property is $10 -897,135,567. This gives to each an average of $336.89. Tho bonded state and local debt is $1,117,8-21,071, or $22.28 per capita. The interest charge upon this debt is $09,364,077, or $1.38 per capita. The Avei age rate of interest is 6 2-10 per cent to Tho above debt is to be added the United states bonded debt bearing interest $1,564,305,200, or $31.19 per capita. The annual interest upon this has now been Cut Down to $69,461,244 almost exactly the same figures As the annual interest charge upon the state and local debts. The per capita interest charge on the National debt is therefore the same Viz $1.38. Combined the annual interest charge on National state and local debt is $138,825,321, or a per capita charge of $2.76. Now then the average number of persons to each family is six according to the proportion of votes cast to the entire number of inhabitants. This gives to each head of a family $16.56 to in the shape of interest Money on National state and local bonded debts. It is equivalent to the Burden of a $415 4-per-cent. Mortgage upon every Man s property or labor. This let it be borne in mind does not include the Burden of. Current expenses nor the annual Cost of collecting and disbursing this interest. It is so much for a dead horse every Ordinary expenses of the United states government last year Over and above Tho $09,401,244 calculated As interest on Bonds amounted to $191,251,-643. This amount includes current expenses and the Cost of collecting and disbursing Tho annual interest Money. This item is almost Throo times As much As the item of annual interest. Estimating that the current expenses of state and local governments and the Cost of collecting and disbursing Tho annual interest charge on state and local is in the same ratio As that of the National government it adds to the interest Burden of $16.56 the further sum of $49.68-or a total of $60.23 in the shape of interest Money Cost of collecting and disbursing the same and current expenses. In other words it costs Heads of families $60 24 each annually to run the National state and local governments and the interest upon the bonded debts. This is equivalent to the Burden of a mortgage of $1,102, at 6-per-cent. Interest upon the Back of every a family. It will be observed that the amount of property at Tho assessed value to each person is $336.89, or $2,020.34 to each family. But the above item of interest Money and current expenses is a $1,100 mortgage bearing 0 per cent., upon that $2,020.34 in other words the tax eaters and interest suckers have a 6-per-cent. First mortgage upon every Dollar s Worth of property for. More than half of its assessed value. A Man who happens to own a Homo or a farm Worth $2,000 can Best appreciate these figures by supposing that some person should demand of him that he mortgage it for $1,100 at 6 per cent. Nor in passing should be overlooked the fact that probably not one Man in ten owns $2,000 in property. Still Tho taxation business is so arranged that the men without any property e copt perhaps barely enough household goods to keep House i a most of the taxes. This $1,100 , in such a Case becomes a mortgage upon his labor instead of upon his property. For instance a Man owns a House valued at $2,000. It is taxed to state county Aud local debts. The owner pays the taxes but when he rents it he charges it up to his tenants. If a merchant has i Stock of goods he pays the tax but charges it up to Consumers. So that in the end it comes out of labor. But the above does not Tell half the Story. Over and above the bonded indebtedness above described there estimated to be upward of $12,000,000,000 of corporate and private debts which Bear interest. How is the on these debts ? take for instance $4,001,000,000 of Railroad debts. The Railroad pays the. Interest to the Holder of the r in. Road Bond s and then charges it up in ext a freight and passenger rates. But says some one if it is charged up in Frodigh rates the merchant and Gra Iii Shii per pays to it of it. A. But what the merchant pays he adds to the Cost of the goods which lie Sells Aud if the Grain shipper pays it he deducts it from the Price which he pays the Farmer for the Grain. So that in every conceivable Case labor foots the Bill. If this $12,000,000,000 of private and corporate indebtedness bears 6 2-10 interest also the Burden of annual interest is augmented by $742,000,000 every year. This divided among the Heads of families makes an additional Burden of $92 per year or a total Burden of upward of #158 each. Compare this sum of $158 with the average of labor and Ono can easily accurately and forcibly see what an enormous curse the debt which exists in this country really is. If a Man is receiving $1.50 per Day and works 300 Days in the year it amounts to $450, and his proportion of the debt curse is $158, or More than one third of All to receives. To gives every third Dollar As a penalty for living in a debt cursed country. And again every item of this debt is a part and parcel of the great machinery which enables the few to accumulate and control Tho wealth of the country. It is a perpetual Aid to the process which is going on of transferring the labor products of the Many into the Possession of the few. What is the remedy ? instead of contracting Tho currency As is in opposed by Tho new administration expand it. First off and wipe out National state and local debts and then off and wipe out All other debts and then keep Money enough in circulation to do the business of the country on a Cash basis instead of a credit Sentinel. Historical facts. President Grant in his message of december 1873, said during the last four years from 18 59 to 1s73 the currency has been contracted by the withdrawal of the 3-per-eent. Certificates compound interest note7 30 Bonds outstanding on the 4th of Mirch. 1869, All of which took the place of Legal tenders in the Bank reserves to the extent of $530,000,000." we have had a history of shrinkage of values and Universal Paralez it on of Industry of hard times of bankruptcy pauperism fearful suffering and , similar to that of All other nations when Metal Money idolaters Mure s and shylock have contracted Hie currency in the interest of the few to Rob the Many. The mercantile Agency reports show the number of failures in business in the United states increased in proportion to the shrinkage of the currency. In 1805, with Tho most Liberal currency at Tho close of the late War we had Only 540 failures with liabilities equal Only to $8 579.000. The number of failures increased annually with Tho shrinkage of the currency. In 1868 there were 2 608 failures in 1809, 2,733 failures in 1870, 3,351 failures in 1872,4,000 failures in 1873, 5,183 failures in 1874, 5,830 failures in 1875, 7,740 failures and in 1878 there were about 10,-000 failures with liabilities of $234,-000,000. Tho extensive Railroad strike the riots at Pittsburgh Chicago and other Large cities the Universal suffering and unrest among the people the organization of the Labouring classes to discuss the great subjects of taxation transportation Aud finance and to learn Why the wealth producers were struggling under mortgages upon their Homes paying i h rates of interest deprived of the comforts of life while Tho number of millionaire Money speculators was increasing in the Eastern cities. All those together with the organization i of a new political party called the attention of Congress to the fact that the people were becoming too to be made slaves under the pusillanimous pre Pense of contracting the curency to establish specie resumption. During the period of years previous to contraction the people had been prosperous without Gold or Silver. Thi y had Learned too much to again submit q ii. Fly to the pretence of Bankers and specie basis schemes. Those Public debts if looked into closely Are Only a machinery for mortgaging the labor of generations unborn adding to the constantly increasing Power of the moneyed or creditor interest. In 180 Tho contraction of the currency in France caused hard times and Tho organization of the communes. In 1847 the contraction of the currency caused a reorganization of Tho communes and Tho revolution of 1848. In 1870 the French people had a War with Germany. They wore whipped in War but victorious in peace. They issued $620,000,000 additional paper currency made a full Legal tender kept at with Gold without specie basis employed their population in the manifold industries of the country. The immense increase of the products of the country for exportation enabled them by these products to Purchase Bills of Exchange to this stipend of $1 000,000,000 to Germany within Twenty seven months from Junel 1871, com pm Ting the payment of their National debt sept. 5, 1873. The Largo products of Industry the fruits of a full Legal tender paper currency continued to bring Gold from other nations and gave Prosperity to France. On the other hand Germany was victorious in War and whipped in peace. She contracted her paper currency and de monetized her Silver paralysed her industries by such contraction filled Germany with unemployed and hungry men. Thousands sought employment in prosperous France. Our own Lii Story is similar to that of Germany. We were victorious in War but most unmercifully whipped by Tho specie basis conspire a ors in peace. A Large portion of our paper currency was destroyed our Silver de monetized and an unnecessary interest bearing debt spread Over the american people. This was not the re us inf Accident or of ignorance it was premeditated legislation in the interest of the few to enslave the Many. Partisan leaders seem to learn nothing from history. The worst Congress yet. The forty seventh Congress has adjourned and an almost Universal thank. God has gone lip from All parts of the country. In Tho House of representatives there were 195 lawyers a Large proportion of whom were the retained counsel of the Railroad corporations and Banks and of the remaining ninety eight members Only Olovson were Farmers and seventeen merchants Tho balance being largely made up of Bankers Railroad men and High Tariff manufacturers. In the Senate the situation was still worse. Out of the seventy six members there were fifty three lawyers five Bank officers three Railroad officials and three High Tariff manufacturers while of the remaining twelve three were professional politicians three merchants two miners two general business one editor and one Farmer it was a monopoly Congress first last and All the time. Any measure in the interest of the people had a hard Row to travel. It killed the inter state Commerce Bill it neglected the postal savings Bank and postal Telegraph measures it smothered the Bill to provide an equitable system of bankruptcy it extended the National Bank monopoly Twenty years by which the right of the nation to Issue currency is Farmed out to a few individuals who not Only thereby make the interest on the Cir. Curating medium but exercise a control Over its volume which should Only to exercised by a government directly responsible to the people it made a pretence of reducing War taxes but failed to do so it squandered the people s Money on Public buildings All Over the country where it was not needed it refused to restore to the Public Domain Tho land Grants to railroads which had been forfeited to them it saddled the reasonable appropriations of Tho River and Harbor Bill with a Load of jobs which cast discredit on the in Tiro measure and it capped the Climax of its subservience to Railroad monopolies by throwing out the appropriation for the Hennepin canal one of the most important links in the whole Chain of our water communication. A Large number of the members of the forty seventh Congress both senators and representatives Are now s e dog to accomplish a re election. Many of them Are backed by corporations who will spend Money lavishly for that purpose. Is it not about time the people some attention to sending men to Washington regardless of whether they Aro democrats or republicans but who will make Laws in Tho interest of the people at Largo instead of a privileged few who through a system of class legislation Are rapidly absorbing the wealth of the nation Justice. Medical Progress. Quinine Morphia strychnine iodine and the Iodides Tho bromides Hydro Yanic acid cod liver Oil and above All chloroform and chloral Are either discoveries of the last fifty years or they have been generally received into practice during that interval of time. The Stethoscope the plex Ometer the speculum Tho ophthalmoscope the and a score of of Hier ingenious instruments have been brought into use since first the British medical association was founded with the result that Tho physical diagnosis of diseases is facilitated to an extent which Gregory Aud Blaine could not have credited and which Arbuthnot and Radcliff e would have ridiculed in lampoons calculated to receive Tho approval at once of the wits at wills and the a philosophers at Gresham s. The application of the Microscope and the test tube in detecting the latent seeds of disease is a Triumph of the last Century the distinction Between typhus and typhoid fevers is duo to physicians still among us and the discoverers of blight s disease and of the malady which bears the name of Addison have not Long been lost to the profession which they adorn. Hygiene dietetics medical police and Public health May be regarded As departments of Tho Healing Art belonging to this Century and hive attained their majority in our own times. Gynaecology and surgery have made rapid advances within the period Over which the addresses of drs. Strange and Wade took a retrospect. Conservative surgery has gone far to supersede Tho indiscriminate use of the knife and Lister ism combined with the Rise of Ancor thetis has not Only robbed the operating room of half its terrors but has reduced most materially the mortality. Finally orthopaedic surgery and other specialities have also made Swift Progress while acupressure As a Means of checking Haemorrhage is among the other Beneficent inventions of the five decades which the British medical association is at present Standard. Delavan wis., sept. 24, 1878. Gents i have taken not quite one bottle of the hop bitters. I was a feeble old Man of 78 when i got it. Today i am As Active and feel As Well As i did at 30. I see a great Many that need such a Medicine. D. Buoye. The latest Book on etiquette says that people who Are. Away from Home should never speak of being hungry. It would also be impolite to pull a Sandwich out of the coat Tail pocket and eat it in another Man s free press. Metal threads Gold Silver and Bronze Are worn in the new Woolen stuffs imported for autumn

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