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Postville Post Newspaper Archives Oct 12 1882, Page 1

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Postville Post (Newspaper) - October 12, 1882, Postville, Iowa A la Bor a incl capital allies riot in envies vol. 1. , Alla Makee co Iowa thursday oct. 12, 1882. no. I the District Post published every to taraday at Post it . Alla Makee county. Iowa. T p a do up 1 p0stu1lle. Hal Ilo Borts m. O. Mead Eri Iron and Pei Kittok. To Sham Yrjo por year x1.00 for so Mouths f 0 events for Throe months is Rifelj in aug Tebeje. Local Kwiw it 10 per Lino first 1n�r. Tion 5 Penis for etch subsequent be of tier of Annie notice. J3�al notices kept a Londini until ordered out. Collections undo monthly. Advertising Kales Rando known on application. City Dir Stoey. 11 ail Road time table 0. M. & train to. 2. Var or 111. Met. 3 1-. In Ryuju m. A. 20. St. P. A r. Going East. A. Arrives u r.  a he Mill " i " a. 10 p. M Fco. Trains 1. A lose in 0. t 1. I Rei it going a depart. X1 p it to Tif Iowa. A 3. Bobs its cashier. M. S. Powers attorney at Law Adust pc no tout pm buc. Office up plan rift in the Uick look porftvtuc.13, i a. Tract from a Greech o Blaine i Maine with. Comment. J. X. Phillip-., Gorial artist and proprietor of a the key City Barber 8hoj , Iowa. Vliss 1/ufir. M0ha8le it Oju cum Cross makers. P of 5" p a pest file Law. Cut Fink and fitting done neatly and on terms. A e keep the latest Slyk did guarantee satisfaction. We solicit your of at oui of. Tooms one door North of Ward a Meyer r .7 0. A West. V a m.  i " " " 4 a a v. M. V a. M. A. 5 j0 up. 1 00 " 1 0 " going weft a emf a. Kam "5sc0 p. M " Bough " " " nun at Uicon " a 00 a. M mikneap0l1b weekly mail to Elkader leave3 tuesdays cud at 7 00 r. M. Ijar idea hours form 7 00 a. M. To 8 00 p. M. A Motiey order Oil ice. A. K. Pees Coit postmaster. City officers. Lull Kig Etling air a Bro s. A ill do Stone or Brick make a special to of i la fms Fly m plastering. Bijj x x Tzib l Luji i of i la u our terms dross its la Are reasonable. And Clor Mout Iowa. Our ii Manchestek 1 1& a Iowa Ranz Schultz pro will do custom Woi ii or . Beedy we. Haines i. F Taylor a. Pc. Roberts mayor marshal recorder treasurer councilmen. E. N. Douglass 3. S. My tic i. A. T. Meyer g. Torah v. Ii. Burling t. B. Easton Post Ville lodges. Noble Lodge no. 51. A. Of u. W. Jle Els every Satur Day evening ii their new Lodge room i Rick look. All members of the order snood Stii Diug Are cordially invited to visit us. James Pethy m. W. H. 15. Babcock Sec. Postville Lodge no. 2g6. Exchange. The Best grades of flour kept con stoutly on hand and warranted As represented. Give me a trial. Franz Schultz Manchester Alla Makee co., Iowa. A Complete Stock. Leg Are carrying on a Large a and Fine line of Daliy a oods. 1.0. Of .0 i 1 Roku or la looting visiting Brotleit present. H. S. Lun Iiah Sao. Every monday evening cordially invited to be j. , in g. Brothel love no. 204 a. Of aim. I meet at their Hall Corner of Bowler and to Recti streets on Bie Day evenings on or by. Fore the pull Moon i each Mollt. Iwer i Bers of the Craft m Good standing Are Iirvin to visit is a s. S. Powers w. M. Ellison orb Sec. .Church. Directory. . Enamor pastor. Preaching every Sabbath morning n t half past ten. Sabbath school immediately after in Orall ? Bertico. Pryor. Moesing every a wednesday evening at the Church. Ctok0bb04elonai�-a� f. Loo Iuis pastor Erv Iees every Sabbath morning at half past ten every Sabbath evening at half past ser Fen. Prayer meeting Overy wednesday even ing. Sabbath school after morning service boots t lust Man i hit Les Iny of 1 to United stale. Of \.-Iovica. In. A u far a Llinat i her ram be to. y it a political party hash Nia tie to Iii of thi r arly of the t in i a . A a if there be a lire iter it i pts a of history writ ten i the Annaf Iii Viau Kii -. 1 .-v.1,1 like Jove rior Plai or any other Ulni. In str him be kind enough Vii n int. If there be any e of uis .or., in Hieb Lii unan i riot have but i o firmly and Enlar ired so gratuity to Villi in Liat Periot Inui ii Norani of Liore to Lidit id this Groat chapter of history we Road in lines of blood of the san if a sch of a nation front with civil v. A my its producing classes banlcruptei3 in a horde of Hoar loss bandits win. Only sought to Sti Foulata upon ii Uekes Sirios millions of dollars. V to Sooho goods that conveyed to another Hordi f no loss Groody Btu its ostensibly it Aid of railroads Bat really for m neut Nablo univalent the people Atria irony Einal to one third of the National territory East of the Mississippi. We see written the robber1 a to people and the shame of con los Union by such swindles As the credit Mobilizer the Back action Saia i a grab the whiskey frauds tit pay Mont a contracts the plunder of tin defenceless indians and aleut ii a aids wherein the vote of a state it to Coleel a democratic govenor and a Republican presiden it the Saint time. We see written he Profos bus of a party ele thug a Union a Reform ticket am the president thus elected Assassin Tod As the result of his own Tia Gran relations of the principles he a elected to support. We see written the assessments of a corrupt com Mittee upon funds drawn from the Treasury of the United states for tin purpose of obtaining millions of Mon of to Perteate the Power of the do m infant party thus Tilting a. Traitorous blow at the very vitals of democratic institutions and free government. And now at the end of these Twenty oru years in this blessed year of 18s we find at apposition made up of two or three parties. What do they propose to do the Greenback party proposes to arrest the Power that has plundered a generation of producers of a billion of Money and still seeks to Rob Thorn of five Hundred millions More a de monetizing Silver and destroying the Greenback currency. It propose to arrest the stealing of the Peoples wealth by such thieves As the Van Ler Bilts the Jay Goulds and the great monopolies. It proposes to remand to everlasting obscurity the traitors like Hubbell and Henderson who would self tire nation s Honor and Stike a fatal blow at her institutions to secure for themselves political pre ferment. It proposes to stand Between the oppressors and their vie Tims. It proposes to secure to the Labouring Man the just rewards of his toil that his children May be elevated from the surroundings of poverty and vice and made Happy and respectable citizens of intelligent and virtuous communities. Party bigotry there is do portion of Tho Community that have a deeper interest in die general Woli Aro of the nation Dian the Farmers. When we consider their numbers and the Independent position they occupy that renders them masters of the situation. Yet it is potable to behold so Largo a portion of a intelligent and educated class Blind and devoted adherents to party bigotry that would disgrace a horde of tartars. It Don t soom to enter into their Heads that tills is n representative government and to be n rudely made clothing notions crockery Etc., Etc. Also a Complete Stock a Plain & fancy. Imly such they should to Rop Rose led by Mon of their own Olaso. But instead find a lot of dead boat politicians representing the Farmers my working classes and plundering diem ? nth Lessly. One scheme of Rob Hery is followed sunni idly by an Otic  in that there is no time left to Shigato Tho crimes proceeding it. N of Tho banners Are loud in their Onden nation of such Rasca Lity but f what Avail is their condemnation of Tuch venality when they will vote for rhe same men and measures at the Lonest of their party yet All this plunder comes out of their pockets my they quietly submit to an of out of taxation such As no other civilized people have to carry. But their party masters Tell Thorn it is for to Good of the party and that settles ill their scruples. While even uus a is leading off in liberality to tin Quanci rated serfs declaiming the and is a common heritage of Tho Lopoplo loaning Money from Tho a Rioual Treasury at a National into St to the tillers of the soil and col eating the taxes off Tho income. Shore Are we Drifting it is for you armours to answer by your votes. Ion Rig lit every wrong you on restore this Republic to its original purity if you will Only act. Yours for Farmers rights. Samuel Sinnet. In consideration of the payment of he Confederate debt Bonds  slave lots claims and pensions to the Ion Dorate soldiers in consideration of getting All these converted into Bonds the Modey Power will Transfer to allegiance from the Republican to the democratic party. You can swear our Bottom notch on that. M i a jew. The More wealth the people create the poorer the masses will become. Thirty years ago every Man expected to at least own a Homestead. Year by year the number who own their in Homes Are growing proportionately less. In proportion to the population there Are at least one Hundred per cent More homeless people than there were Twenty five years ago. A i a How the republicans carried Maine stuff Tuat foots Ata pud on. Clit eatto Sentinel we clip the following item from to Edt toral columns of the Chicago times of september 9th. There is truth enough in it to entitle it to a Frame set with diamonds an inhabitant of Molino Illinois who is in Pursuit of useful information requests the times to an surer Tho subjoined interrogatories. I. Are there any distinct att l Well le1 v?.1 Felt boat guest mrs in Lessee at the Trent time Between the Keith i in and Ilie Vetn Enra tie. Parties and if so what Tiro they. Is it not to fact the Only or the principal purpose of Tho panics named is to keep or oof Aisi Iho lit o a Job the Patrona Jjo and Tho spoils v 1. No sir. Thoro is no Nanso Itlo Public question on which those organized appetites Are divided against colonel Cash the South Carolina dualist has adopted the new arid improved plan of getting into Congress by help from Republican Headquarters. To is running As an Indore nor ent and has been taken up and in a Erseil by the Hubbell congressional Siom Mitte. It must worry Tho truly Loyal republicans to see Tho Money they have subscribed for political purposes sent off in such directions. Chalmers was bad enough and dash is about a million per cent worse. The former was a Bulldozer an adherent of Tho Mississippi plan ill politics and was kicked out of Congress for obtaining his seat by fraud. Cash it is said was Barbou sly cruel to Union soldiers during the War practice the code because he honestly believes in it As a method of arbitration and lately murdered an old Man whom he had forced into a Tiol. The Republican anxiety to maintain control of Congress makes strange Bod follows. Iowa stats Tribune. In Thersa of a Saloon keeper arrested for Selling liquor judge Flayer at Clinton Iowa the other Day decided that the new prohibition amendment to the Constitution of this state is not it in Force because the legislature has not Asj it enacted any penalty for its violation. E Ven Alabama has caught the popular aspiration to secure just Legisla Tion at the late election having elects de Twenty Greenback members of the Assembly and three senators. Every Granger who votes & rep ii lican or democratic ticket votes. For ten cents extra Tariff on every Blishel of Grain he sends to Market and the. Dime is taken Oitt of the Price of his Grain before it leaves his farm a smart Coon is the old party Granger. A smart Aleck is now Horo compared to the big headed Farmer who to Tarj to Cut. Down his own free press

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